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Posted On 05-22-2018 2:01 PM
Name: Vicki
City/State or Province: Clermont,florida
Country: USA
Comment: I had trouble at first with sentimental phasing. Ti can cry now without pain. Good feeling writing. I always wrote for myself. Stories of the lady in the lake, leprechauns in New York, and planetary travelers. It just fun to read. Now I have to have it mostly read to me. My vision. A question please. What is the Bedwyns family tree - kids and all. Thank you

Posted On 05-16-2018 5:39 PM
Name: Gloria
City/State or Province: Mundare/Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Mary, I patiently waited for "Someone to Care" to become available at Indigo and at the end of April there it was. I wonder where you get your ideas for  your characters, do they speak to you or are they a product of your imagination? I feel there is the concept of fate which sparks the story-line for the majority of your books. Violet and Marcus knew each other previously but they denied their attraction to each other. What are the odds that they would meet at the same county village inn on the same day? I feel fate was instrumental in how I met my husband Danny at a Valentines Dance at a country venue over 30 years ago. We have been married over 25 years and this is both our second marriages. We found our soul mates. I feel your books have taught me to believe in love, to see that people are not always as they appear to be and to acknowledge we all overcome enormous challenges in our lives. I look forward to the next Westcott installment. I cherish all your books, please keep writing!

Posted On 05-10-2018 10:47 PM
Name: Carol Lynn
City/State or Province: Glendale, WI
Country: USA
Comment: I have read 60 of your books & 10 novellas & loved each one. I started reading regencies in 2000 when I retired & got hooked on your books. You, Grace Burrowes & Julia Quinn are my favorites & I've started SAVING those books. I used to donate all my books to our local library but when I started the Survivor's Club, I decided to save the series. One day I was cleaning closets & found the entire Huxtable series on the floor, it must have fallen out of the bag of donations-to-go. I love reading series & don't start them till I have them all. But I often find a character pop up somewhere else & that is so nice. Keep up the exceptional work.

Posted On 05-03-2018 11:52 PM
Name: Iva Rodriguez
City/State or Province: Orlando, FL
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary, I adore your writing, you have a way of capturing me with every story line and plot, so much so that I forget my daily struggles and laugh and cry along with your witty characters. Thank you for creating beautiful worlds for me to escape to when I am having a hard time, or when I simply want to have fun. The Proposal and First Comes Marriage are two of my favorite novels, although I am positive I will find other favorites as I continue to read through your impressive list of works. Thank you again, Iva P.S. I am currently reading Someone to Care and I love it!

Posted On 05-03-2018 5:59 PM
Name: EP
City/State or Province: NY
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Ms Balogh, Thank you for your great books. I am currently reading and very much enjoying Someone to Care and looking forward to Someone to Trust in the fall. But says the latter is last in a 5-book series. I cannot help but wonder what about Harry and Abigail. Are they not to have their own books? And perhaps even Jessica, the duke's sister?

Posted On 05-02-2018 11:53 AM
Name: mary VanSlyck
City/State or Province: Elgin Il
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary: I have just finished your latest, Someone  to Care. Thank you for many laugh out load moments and for such a wonderful hero. He was such a pig and so watching him become more was wonderful.I also liked that he was clearly changed by his wife's death but that story was not hung over the reader's head, making one impatient with him for not speaking up.I like that the couple are older. As I get older I have less patience with young love.
The only trouble with ordering your books is I read them the first thing and then have to wait a long time for the next. Thank you for years of reading pleasure.
Mary VanSlyck

Posted On 04-21-2018 1:11 PM
City/State or Province: Breves - PA
Country: Brasil
Comment: Dear Mary, I do not know if you'll ever read this email, but I'm happy to just write it. Your books are lovely, really. Even in the daily routine between work, university (I'm finishing my course this year) and volunteer work, I always find a place to read a book of yours. When I first met the Bedwyn family series, I thought, "It must be some kind of copy of Julia Quinn's Bridgertons series (I'm sorry to think so!)". However when I started reading I was in love, I had to read all the books in this series and then I looked for others. There's nothing to give me more pleasure than to start reading one of your books. I've read 14 books of yours what makes you the writer who has more works read by me. My English is not very good, so I ended up having to resort to some translations made by fans. I know it's illegal, but what can I do if Editora Arqueiro has taken so long to launch its other works here? Really forgive me. The series "The Survivor's Club" has just been released, with a cover I'm particularly passionate about. I am raising money to buy these books. Since I live far away, and there is no bookstore in my town, it's a bit more expensive to buy books, but as soon as I can I want to buy this series, to have them look pretty on my shelf. You're a wonderful writer! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with the world! Att. Polyanna Stefane. P.: Sorry for grammar mistakes, my English is not very good.

Posted On 04-17-2018 2:25 PM
Name: Kristen
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I am a HUGE fan of yours and have read (so far) 25 or so of your books, and I was wondering if you have ever considered writing a "spin-off" series of the Duke of Harndon's children now as they are entering adulthood? Luke & Anna's story is one of my favorites and in fact I have re-read that series several times. I think it would be interesting to see Joy, their oldest, now having her "come-out" and then also follow the stories of her 3 brothers....please keep writing and THANK YOU for sharing your amazing talent!

Posted On 04-15-2018 9:11 AM
Name: JoAnne Gulliver
City/State or Province: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comment: Thanks so much for your books.  I have had so much pleasure from them.

Just finished A Secret Affair. 

Posted On 04-12-2018 1:17 PM
Name: Susan Gieseler
City/State or Province: Marengo, IL
Country: United States
Comment: Mary, I enjoy your books immensely. Your characters are people that I have come to love. I have trouble putting your books down because I get so caught up in the story, that I must see what is going to happen next. It is always a great treat to find one of your characters popping up in a different series, where I didn't expect them - like an accidental meeting with an old friend. Thank-you

Posted On 04-06-2018 1:35 PM
Name: Lily
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh,

I just finished your Mistress series. It made me feel like I was at the opera, watching Manon Lescaut for the first time again.

I knew, when the second act began, that something was missing. Where were the two lovers, who had run off together just at the end of the first act? How could their romance bloom and wilt off-stage, in the space of a few, silent minutes? Of course, it couldn't. My searches only confirmed what I suspected: there had been a second act, when the star-crossed lovers had lived and sung their passion. Puccini had simply decided to remove it from the final version. But one can still feel its absence.

The same thing happened when I read "More Than a Mistress". I was very disappointed at the beginning of chapter 26, because there was no continuation of the previous scene, no explanations for Jocelyn's last words, an unexpected leap in time and a reference to looking like a bride - and Jane's subsequent embarassment - that I could not understand at all. Then again, how could I, when it implied a wedding scene I had not read? And how I longed for an epilogue!

I have been accustomed to your stories having wonderful epilogues. In fact, the first book of yours I read was "The Proposal". "The Arrangement" was not coming out for a few months, so I went back and read some of your earlier works, beginning with the Bedwyns and the Simply series. I'm just now getting around to reading the Mistress trilogy, and I confess I'm glad for many reasons: the trilogy is now complete with Angeline's story - which was the one I read first and shed light on the other two books -, moreover you have published the deleted scenes, which I read immediately after each book they were removed from. And that is why I'm glad I read them all now and not before: I couldn't have appreciated the beauty of those stories without reading those missing scenes.

Somehow, all this writing about deleted scenes and how the reader can still miss them even if he doesn't know they were originally there, it reminds me of something I had wanted to ask you since "Only Enchanting" came out. While the first three books of the Survivors series had tasteful, beautifully-written intimate love scenes, the fourth book (and, to some degree even the next three) had a fade-to-black approach to any intimacy. We were told that Agnes and Flavian had passionately made love, but we never actually saw them, like you let us see Hugo and Gwen, Vincent and Sophia, and so many others. I wondered if it had been because you had recently changed publisher, or if it had been your editor's decision more than your own. I still liked the books very much (Only Beloved has become my favourite, and the one I re-read most often) but it felt like some scenes were missing, especially - but not only - in the fourth book. Did you write more and had to cut it off?

In any case, I love your books. They are a never-ending source of inspiring thoughts that regularly end up in my collection of quotes. Both your heroes and heroines travel through difficult paths, but it's obvious that every step they took before and every step they'll take after is just bringing them closer. You always amaze me with each and every page you write.
Thank you.

Posted On 04-02-2018 11:30 PM
Name: Judy Strohl
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: Was there a book featuring the Duke of Netherby?

Posted On 03-26-2018 7:34 PM
City/State or Province: EVERETT
Country: United States

Posted On 03-23-2018 3:30 PM
Name: Cassie
City/State or Province: Highland Village
Country: United States
Comment: I came across A Matter of Class a couple of months ago and have been hooked on your books since that day. I'm reading all my library has to offer, just finished A Summer to Remember and The Proposal before that. I'm wondering if it is important to read the series in the order they are written? I do enjoy reading about characters I've 'met' in other books even if it is just a brief part. I am not always able to get them in the order I need, and I am never able to wait to read another! Thank you for many wonderful hours of reading, and many more to come!

Posted On 03-22-2018 10:47 AM
Name: Philip Stehno
City/State or Province: Medina, OH
Country: USA
Comment: I enjoy your books. I’ve wondered what would happen in a sequel to ‘Longing’ when Alex’s daughter comes of age and must deal with her younger siblings and that she also speaks fluent Welsh.

Posted On 03-13-2018 1:27 PM
Name: Lisa E
City/State or Province: Gainesville
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary, Please, please, please e-publish and reprint Tangled. Thank you, Lisa

Posted On 03-06-2018 8:16 AM
Name: Katje X
City/State or Province: Arlington
Country: United States
Comment: I'm currently reading Someone to Love and although I'm enjoying much of it, there's a rather tremendous fly in my ointment. I'm about 58% of the way through, and there's no further mention of Avery's master in martial arts after his very brief mention earlier on. Avery also thinks at one point of how his master inducted him into the wisdom of the "Orient". (pardon the paraphrasing, I did not care to go back to check the specifics) I'm very unhappy with how this unnamed Chinese man is simply a plot device, something that doesn't merit any backstory, any personal details, not even a name. I'm very perturbed that despite probably having spent years with this man during the course of his mastering the martial arts, Avery doesn't realise that a Chinese man is unlikely to induct him into the mysteries of the Orient because the Orient is not a monolith that can be adequately explained by one lone Chinese man. I adore Anna and I'm very fond of Avery and I do very much like them together. I do wish that people of color could merit more than a paragraph or two in your book, especially if they have been of particular service to the main characters. best, katje

Posted On 03-04-2018 2:02 PM
Name: Carolyn Holden
City/State or Province: New Carlisle
Country: United States
Comment: Did you do a story about Gwen Muir from A Summer To Remember. Love your books. Always looking forward to each new one

Posted On 02-24-2018 4:54 PM
Name: Charissa Gonzales
City/State or Province: Manila
Country: Philippines
Comment: Hi Mary! I chanced upon Slightly Sinful and Longing in one of the international traveling book fairs and became really addicted to all of your books especially the Bedwyn saga. I have to buy the rest of the series from Google since the largest bookstores here does not sell your books. Yet. I hope they will in the future. Now that I have finished Simply Quartet, I was wondering if you considered Claudia as a love interest for Wulfric? Also, I never thought I would find a more vicious witch than Portia Hunt until I met the Countess of Hazeltine from Flavian Arnott's story! If I am Agnes--well, nevermind, ladies are not supposed to be violent. LOL!

Posted On 02-24-2018 11:15 AM
Name: virginia matthews
City/State or Province: seguin, texas 78155
Country: US
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh, I just finished reading your "Horsemen Trilogy" series, & loved them very much. Will you be writing a fourth book to the series? Your books are so beautifully written. Our library, here in Seguin, has a wide selection of your books & I have read all of them. I guess I fit into the "hopeless romantic" group. I met the love of my life just before my 16th birthday & married him 3 years later. God gave us 40 years together. He passed away at the age of 63. That was almost 21 years ago. I believe God gives us one great love & I had mine. Look forward to new books from you. You are one of my favorite Authors. Thank you.

Posted On 02-14-2018 9:29 PM
Name: Jack Vasen
City/State or Province: Montgomery, IL
Country: USA
Comment: Found you by accident. Read Someone to Love and thought it was best Cinderella story ever because it explores what comes after meeting the prince. So I read another. I don't think I will ever forget the Bedwyns. I'm still reading more. Thank you for the enjoyment.

Posted On 02-14-2018 5:29 PM
Name: BJ Todd
City/State or Province: Oelwein, Iowa
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you so much for updating your website with your releases for 2018! I highly appreciate it for I do not belong to any media sites (ie: facebook and etc). I have already purchased Snow Angel and just finished it. I loved it, as always. lol. I will look for the next one today. Thanks, again. BJ

Posted On 02-07-2018 12:07 PM
Name: Elena P
City/State or Province: New York State
Country: USA
Comment: Though there are few romance writers I still read, you are one of them. I love the new Someone to series and love rereading my old Mary Balogh favorites; for instance,. I just reread Christmas Bride for the zillionth time and some of the Slightly books after  many years; how wonderful they are! Since my old eyes can no longer squint through paperbacks, and my old paperbacks were flaking away anyway and making me cough, I have switched to ebooks and become quite delighted with them for other reasons too (like reading in bed without disturbing my spouse, and even under the blankets when my nose is cold). But alas, some of your old books are still not available as ebooks. I was wondering especially about Thief of Dreams, which I remember liking aeons ago, and The Obedient Bride, which I don't remember but am told I ought to reread. Will they be coming out as ebooks soon? I hope so! Meanwhile thanks again for all the wonderful books.

Posted On 02-04-2018 5:08 PM
Name: Carol
City/State or Province: New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I have copies of all your books, except one, "The Trysting Place." Any plans to publish it as an ebook?

Posted On 01-26-2018 11:24 AM
Name: Gloria
City/State or Province: Mundare/Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Mary,
I just finished reading "Someone to Wed" the third installment in your Westcott series. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have collected most of your books and continue to purchase your new books as they are published. It would appear that there is no subject matter you will ignore and in the case of "Someone to Wed", you have chosen to examine the effects of deformity and it's stigma. Today's society has not improved in this era, as the media is still focused on perfect, ageless beauty.  It would appear the incidence of bullying has increased on social media as the statistics show a disturbing rise in teenage suicide. I applaud your tenacity to bring these uncomfortable taboo subject matters to our attention and allow us to examine our own prejudices. Well done Mary, keep up the good work! P.S. I enjoy reading your old works contrary to what others have mentioned in this blog, I found an earlier edition of  "A Matter of Class" in the local library and it was excellent. We all, hopefully, improve with age but some things remain the same. Excellent story-telling!

Posted On 01-24-2018 1:58 PM
Name: Bill Boyd
City/State or Province: Portland, OR
Country: USA
Comment: I have been reading your novels and short stories since I picked up More Than a Mistress in 2008. I have read all of your novels and some of your short stories. I have collected hard copies of all of the novels and now I am looking for the short story collections. I have all of your ebooks on my Kindle as well. You are one of the few authors whose books I reread. I have read a few of your books three times.

I eagerly await every new book you write and usually pre-order them. I put the publication date of your new books on my calendar.

I don't have a favorite; I have a favorite dozen! (The Secret Pearl, Dancing with Clara, More Than a Mistress, A Summer to Remember, Slightly Married, Slightly Dangerous, Simply Unforgettable, Simply Love, Simply Perfect, At Last Comes Love, The Proposal, Someone to Love.) Actually making this list, could have easily expanded it to a favorite two dozen. I had to skip by many other favorites.

Posted On 01-23-2018 2:43 PM
Name: Rhonda Bowers
City/State or Province: Hagerstown
Country: United States
Comment: I have been trying to post for several days but have had computer issues. At any rate, wanted to let you know how much I love your books. I used to stand beside the clerk at Borders while she unpacked her shipment to get the newest one when it came out. Kindle has made my obsession so much easier, lol. Recently on Amazon, I came across some books that apparently have been out of print. I did order "The Dream Thief" but was wondering if any of the others might be released as ebooks? Anxiously awaiting "Someone to Care" as well.

Posted On 01-21-2018 5:27 AM
Name: Lisa Cancelliere
City/State or Province: LANSDALE
Country: United States
Comment: I am disabled so can't work so read a lot (no ereader) but just read a book of yours called someone to wed and LIKED it very much. Do you tell if Alex and Wren have children later I had hoped it would be in this book. But if in another what is the book title? Since I liked this book I will look for other paperbacks by you. Thank you, Lisa

Posted On 01-20-2018 1:46 PM
Name: Paul
City/State or Province: Albuquerque, New Mexico
Country: United States
Comment: Ms. Balogh, Awaiting Someone To Care. I picked up Silent Melody for a summer read while vacationing on the Oregon coast and was hooked. Lovely stories, soft settings. A quiet escape from a world gone awry. TY pws

Posted On 01-15-2018 2:16 AM
Name: Amanda
City/State or Province: Houston, TX
Comment: Hi Ms Balogh! I’ve only recently discovered your books and am now happily working through your (delightfully extensive) backlist. I’m currently reading Only A Promise and while I’ve not finished it, I feel compelled to write you of my appreciation. Chloe and Ralph are both lovely in all their imperfection and humanity and I’m looking forward to seeing their relationship grow. However, the reason this book resonates so strongly with me is that I recently found out that my dad isn’t my biological father - after 3 decades of never suspecting otherwise (I don’t have chloe’s red hair as an obvious clue). It came out in the course of some immigration paperwork which is clearly *much* more mundane than running into one’s half sister in a ton affaire, but nonetheless it came as quite a bit of a shock. it’s a little strange to view my parents through a different lens as well. I didn’t have as strong of an emotional reaction as Chloe did in the book; frankly, my dad is fantastic and I find myself quite grateful that this remarkable man decided to raise me. Since real life isn’t as dramatic as novels, this fact has ended up being more incidental in the busyness of everything (No issues for immigration. Plus, I have young kids and it’s amazing how much less energy I have to devote to introspection!). Still, I got to do some reflecting while reading your book and it was nice to have some time and space to further process things and to have a fictional character do some emotional heavy lifting for me. I also liked that you wrote Chloe’s dad as the kind, loving man that he is - just like mine =). Anyway, I wanted to tell you what an incredible job you do in creating these characters and telling their stories. While sometimes I feel that I’m at best a casual romance reader, reading books like yours reminds me of the power this genre can have. I’m thankful that you’ve chosen to write and look forward to reading more of your work. Ps: I absolutely love Graham!

Posted On 01-12-2018 12:35 AM
Name: Sandy
City/State or Province: New South Wales
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary. I am a huge fan of your historical romances and have bought all that I can as ebooks from kobo. I particularly love the Survivors Series. I have read all of the books at least four or five times and am desperate to buy more of your ebooks. I would love to buy all the Bedwyn series books but the only ones available on Kobo in Australia are "No 1, One night for love", and "No 2, A summer to remember". I would also love to buy the Simply Quartet but again they are not available on Kobo. I am not sure how it works but if there is any way that these older series could be added to Kobo for purchase, I would greatly appreciate it. Keep up the great writing!

Posted On 01-11-2018 1:37 PM
Name: Sandy hart
City/State or Province: Belnor, Missouri
Country: United States
Comment: RE: Plz use male narrators ... I am rereading the Survivors Club series. Some of my favs. Whenever I drive I listen to Audiobooks and I would buy your series in audiobook format if they were narrated by a male. I have no wish to listen to a romantic love story unless it is read by a man. There are several excellent male narrators with lovely deep voices out there. If your books were narrated by them I would probably buy them all.

Posted On 01-11-2018 11:14 AM
Name: Bella
City/State or Province: AB
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary, I thoroughly enjoy your books, and am currently reading some of the older ones via Kobo. I love the tasteful covers, too. I have a minor complaint - the constant fluctuation between tiny and huge print bothers my older eyes and gives me headaches. Are you aware Kobo is doing this, and is this really necessary? Still enjoying the book, but I could do without the headache. Thanks and best wishes.

Posted On 01-05-2018 9:02 PM
Name: Isabella Casselman
City/State or Province: Portsmouth,Rhode Island
Country: USA
Comment: Love your writing. I own most of your books. Your characters have complex layers to them along with human failing that doesn't detract from their being. I wait impatient for your next book. Thank you for many hours of enjoyment. My husband has taken to calling me Miss Daisy ( from driving Miss Daisy). Again thank you. PS. I am Hungarian.

Posted On 01-04-2018 4:32 PM
Name: Barb Dwyer
City/State or Province: Ann Arbor, Mi.
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary I have been a great fan of yours for many years. I own many of your books and have also rented many. The one I most recently purchased in paperback is “Someone to Wed”. I’m enjoying it very much except that it is very hard to keep open. It seems that there is not as much space on the page between the center and the print. I know it sounds silly. But, I seem to be struggling to hold the book open. It looks like it was printed by a different company and maybe that’s their way of cutting costs. If possible could they go back to the previous style? Thank-you, for giving us so much enjoyment! Barb

Posted On 01-04-2018 1:59 AM
Name: Janis Deves
City/State or Province: MALPAS Wrexham
Country: Wales
Comment: Dear Mary, I have just read No Ordinary Love on Kindle, and I am sorry to say how disappointed I was with it. I am an avid fan of yours, The Bedwyn and Survivor series are a triumph, so I am disappointed that you should re-release work that I have to say should have remained where it was, early on in the journey of your genius. I have read all the re-release and some of them are quite charming. I doubt I would have contacted you but for the fact the stories only take up 75% of the book, with the rest made up with adverts and first chapters that I have already read. On Kindle you depend on that 'time left in book percentage' to know where you are in the story. So there was I expecting another 25% of entertainment when the story, to my mind, finished abruptly. I am on a limited budget and am very careful what I spend my money on in Kindle, usually it is on one of your novels. This time I feel I could have spent my money better elsewhere. Having said that I thought snow angel delightful and am eagerly waiting the next Westcott book. Hope I wasn't too harsh but it has made me wary about future re-releases. Janis

Posted On 12-30-2017 7:01 PM
Name: Betty Moore
City/State or Province: PEI
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary, Thank you for all the enjoyable hours of reading your books.So many of them are my favorites.You have a way of making your characters so real and I love a good book that makes me cry.You are a great writer and I look forward to reading many more of your novels. All the Best.B

Posted On 12-30-2017 4:29 PM
Name: June Hart
City/State or Province: Evans
Country: United States
Comment: I was excited to see Snow Angel will be released at midnight January 2, 2018. My only complaint is that it is Tuesday. I sure hope there will be an engagement party or wedding so I can explain my late arrival at work Tuesday. I can honestly say to my boss I attended a party that went on until early morning. It worked with Someone to Wed, I just did not say the party was in London and not held during present time. Thank you, Mary for many hours of pleasure. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Posted On 12-12-2017 7:51 PM
Name: Shirley
City/State or Province: Bowling Green,KY
Country: US
Comment: I enjoy all your books but I really could not stop reading Someone to Wed. I never seem to struggle with your character dialogue because the conversations flow so freely. I wrote a review on Amazon but I just wanted to send this to you directly.

Posted On 12-10-2017 10:46 AM
Name: Peg Serenyi
City/State or Province: Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: I was so happy to see Someone to Wed on the Washington Post bestsellers list. Finally you're getting the recognition you deserve. Also I'm pleased that so many of your older Regencies are being reprinted. Too bad for me, tho, I was planning to fund my retirement by selling the almost complete run of your earliest titles that I have. I have loved the first 3 Westcott novels, and can't wait to see where you go with the next one (I love older heroines).

Posted On 12-07-2017 12:35 AM
Name: Diana Moreland
City/State or Province: Tulsa, OK
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading Dancing with Clara through my local library's connection with Hoopla. I read Courting Julia back in early October, and loved it. But I have been a fan of yours for many years. You mentioned at the end of Clara that this was a re-release and if I wanted to see if you still wrote the same then check the others out. YES. I think you wrote just as brilliantly then as you do now. YES. Your writing is absolutely fantastic! I just wanted you to know that I am about to start Tempting Harriet, and I wanted to smack Lord Archibald Vinney...just because he existed. I know he will be the ending man, so I will restrain myself. But you are a wonderful writer that I will enjoy forever!

Posted On 12-03-2017 12:04 AM
Name: Gretchen Withington Armato
City/State or Province: Santa Barbara California
Country: United States
Comment: I have just begun 'Someone To Wed' and am delighted to see the house named Withington! That is my maiden name, and my Withington ancestors hail from Lancashire. It's not very often that I run across the name other than in my genealogy! Can't wait to see how the romance progresses! I love ALL your books!!!

Posted On 12-01-2017 7:11 AM
Name: Illy Abrev
City/State or Province: Mooloolaba
Comment: Hi Mary, Thank you for writing such beautiful and moving books. I love the Bedwyn Slightly series. Slightly Sinful is my favourite. When Alleyne steps outside and his bother's and sister's see him after two months after thinking he has dead moved me to pieces. You gave each one that special moment together. When Morgan sees Wolf in the library moved me - the man has a heart!! It was two in the morning and I was still listening to Rosalyn Landor with my headphones on!! and the brothel ladies and the one eye Sargent - priceless. I love the way you bring your characters back into the books over and over again. Can't for Viola's story in the next Wescott series

Posted On 11-26-2017 10:28 PM
Name: Gloria
City/State or Province: Mundare/Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: I love to read. My first Historical Romance book was The Proposal by Mary Balogh and I was hooked. I was going through a bad period in my life and looking for an escape. Luckily I found relief by reading the exploits of the Regency era. My favourite HR author is Mary Balogh.  I have over 40 of her books and will continue to buy them as they are published. I re-read the stories and enjoy them all over again. I will never part with my Mary Balogh books as they are dear to me as my flower and vegetable gardens. As a Master Gardener I dream about gardens in the winter and read HR books. In the summer I am outside living in my gardens. I have the best of both worlds. Thank you Mary for helping me survive life!

Posted On 11-26-2017 4:41 PM
Name: Susan Boynton
City/State or Province: Vandalia, Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I was lucky to get one of your books at a garag sale this Summet. It was the first book in the Huxtable series. I had never heard of you before. Boy am I glad I’ve discovered you!!! I have read nineteen of your books So faroiw3g....and still going.

Posted On 11-26-2017 9:35 AM
Name: Lynn Green
City/State or Province: Georgia
Country: USA
Comment: Will Someone to Wed be coming out in audio? If so, any idea when? I am vision impaired, and am eager to read Book 3. Thank you.

Posted On 11-25-2017 6:17 PM
Name: Helen Thomas
City/State or Province: POOLE
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: I found The Proposal in my local library and loved it so much I had to buy the entire Survivors series! Have just re-read and still delight in reading them. Am now devouring the Westcott series. I did read on an Amazon review that the series is planned for 8 books. I hope this is true!

Posted On 11-25-2017 3:43 PM
Name: Kerry
Country: US
Comment: Love your books. Please write more strong heroines like Freyja Bedwin.

Posted On 11-17-2017 6:26 PM
Name: Helen Betteridge
City/State or Province: SA
Country: Australia
Comment: Why are all books available on kindle Especialy missing Slightly tempted and Slightly married

Posted On 11-16-2017 3:45 PM
Name: Diane O.
City/State or Province: Asheville, NC
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh--I have enjoyed your books for many years and have recently found audio reading to be a better fit for me that printed books. I was wondering if you know approximately when Someone to Wed will be out in audio. I've really enjoyed the previous 2 Westcott books, and look forward to this one, as well. I hope Rosalyn Landor will do the voice acting. I think her voice and delivery fit your books particularly well. In addition, I was wondering if the third in the "Four Horseman" series will be coming out in audio. It is my favorite of the trilogy, and am hoping to be able to enjoy it in an audio format. Many thanks for the hours of pleasure I've enjoyed reading your books. Diane

Posted On 11-16-2017 2:53 PM
Name: Janice Lee
City/State or Province: Hamilton
Country: Scotland UK
Comment: An avid fan for many years of your outstanding novels and especially the 'Simply' books which have given me great pleasure. I would enquire if you have written a book about Lizzie the sight impaired illegitimate daughter of the Marquis of Attingsborough and step daughter of Claudia Martin whose wonderful story was told in Simply Perfect. Your wonderful talent has given many hours of pleasure to millions . May I take this opportunity of saying Thank you.

Posted On 11-16-2017 8:23 AM
Name: Suzi Q
City/State or Province: Tampa, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Would love 2 more books in the Westcott Series - one about Harry and one about Lizzie. This has been my favorite series of all - and I am nursing Alexander's story now... I don't want to finish reading!! Can't wait for the next book, but want more! I enjoy your writing immensely. It is so easy to get lost in your descriptive style which makes the reader feel like they are right there watching the story unfold. Thank you!

Posted On 11-15-2017 12:45 PM
Name: Bethany Vaughn
City/State or Province: Ames iowa
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I just finished Someone to Wed and enjoyed it very much. But one thing. I was sad that Alex and Wren didnt travel to Brambledean and begin refurbishing the home. I love descriptions of old homes, and would love to read of their rehab, the choosing of fabrics and paints and furnishings, why they were chosen, how people reacted to the choices. Perhaps, in the future, you could revisit Alex and Wren and describe their work on the place and the farm around, and the farmers, as their homes are improved as well. Just a thought. Thank you, Beth

Posted On 11-14-2017 9:35 AM
Name: Melissa Gilley
Comment: I read and re-read the preview of SOMEONE TO CARE, and I've been wondering some things about the part of the story you've presented so far.  From what I interpret from this -- and please correct me if I'm wrong -- Marc is basically walking wounded, even though he's hidden it well; his heart hasn't died, it's just gone dormant, and will begin to awaken as the story continues.  His own family is a burden that he doesn't know how to handle for several reasons, and he may be ready to transfer allegiance before the story ends.  (For some reason, I'm left wondering if the twins really are his?) Viola did refuse him fifteen years ago, being a young wife and mother determined to remain faithful to her husband despite there (possibly?) being trouble in what she believed to be their marriage -- could there be a sort of spinoff of this series if it's revealed Humphrey Westcott had other children outside the bigamist one, too?  I know it's practically a state secret how it ends, but is this Viola's chance for real happiness, and would she and Marc have a child, either their own or following Camille's path and adopting?  You probably won't want to post it in the guestbook, but could you answer any of it without seriously spoiling anything?

Posted On 11-12-2017 10:48 PM
Name: Joanne Cali
City/State or Province: Los Angeles, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I am nearly done with Someone to Wed - and absolutely love it. Such in-depth characterization, and, as usual, lots of wisdom and enlightening comments about life and relationships, and values, and successes and failures - and the reason therefore. love your books

Posted On 11-12-2017 10:42 PM
Name: Mary List
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo
Country: United States
Comment: Just finished "Someone To Wed", loved it very much. Looking forward to Viola's story next year.

Posted On 11-10-2017 9:55 AM
Name: Melissa Gilley
Comment: I wonder if, say, for Elizabeth's future love, it'd be a story about, say, a naval man, a widower with two children, the eldest following him into the navy, the younger, a daughter -- I like the name Lydia; there are so few Lydias in recent fiction -- being boarded among unsuitable yet titled inlaws and needing to be rescued ASAP.  He's most reluctantly accepted  a title and, instead of needing a wife to manage him, he needs a wife to slow him down; he's been managing his family every time he gets leave, and he needs rest!  By the way, he's also just her height, neither smaller or taller, but both his personality and the years he's been managing crew and family make him seem like an older, less refined version of Avery -- his weapons of choice are fighting sticks.  In his family, there are extremely tall people (like his son, perhaps?) and not-so-tall people, and oddly enough, most of the taller ones (except for the son) seem to lack common sense or intelligence.  Just a thought.

Posted On 11-06-2017 4:07 PM
Name: Susan Barnett
City/State or Province: Oyster Bay, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Are “Deceived” and “Tangled” coming out as ebooks any time soon? They are two of my favorites.

Posted On 11-04-2017 8:14 PM
Name: Barbara Jaye
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: Is your newest novel Someone to Wed going to be in audible and, if so, will Rosalind Landor be reading it? When will it be available? Thank you

Posted On 10-29-2017 8:10 PM
Name: Tricia
City/State or Province: St. Louis, MO
Country: United States
Comment: I saw that you have the family tree of the Westcotts posted on your website. Would you or do you have any plans of creating a family tree for the Bedwyns? I would love to be able to reference it. When reading ebooks, it's not very easy to go back and reference the family tree posted in the beginning of the ebooks so have it posted online would be greatly appreciated. I really enjoy your ebooks and look forward to many more hours of entertainment reading them.

Posted On 10-11-2017 9:25 AM
Name: Deborah Fordham
City/State or Province: Chester, GA
Country: Bleckley
Comment: I have just finished the pre order for the 4th book of the Westcott series as I eagerly await November 7th and the 3rd in the series. This is a plea for Elizabeth's story. Mrs. Overfield has captured my imagination. She surely deserves a happy ending. She has endured and can smile and assist in other's budding romances. What's in her future?

Posted On 10-09-2017 1:58 AM
Name: Derryn E. Hahn
City/State or Province: Sydney
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary, Thank you for hours and hours of pleasure, happiness and sadness reading your books. Would you ask your people to please make the Bedwyn Series available as ebooks in Australia please? ATM they are only available as audiobooks which I do not like. Thank you, Derryn

Posted On 10-06-2017 7:01 PM
Name: Sandy McCandless
City/State or Province: Decatur, AL
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for writing the books. I have often been able to escape pain within those pages. They have been a delight.

Posted On 10-03-2017 12:43 AM
Name: Michael Purcell
City/State or Province: Tucson
Country: United States
Comment: Mary's recent novels are wonderful (slightly and survivors' series), and written quite well, but I am disappointed with the early novels just now being republished. Freddie in Dancing with Clara was a villain throughout the story and the ending (if we call it that) was insufficient. I am now reading A Constant Heart, and the villainy of Christopher and Rebecca's response to him are handled in a childish manner. Thank God for your later progress, but these novels stink.

Posted On 10-02-2017 11:09 AM
Name: Barbara Clemens
City/State or Province: Buford, ga
Country: Usa
Comment: Could you please send me the titles of the Duke of Bridgewater's and Sir Francis Knellner's stories? Thank you.

Posted On 09-05-2017 10:21 AM
Name: Mary List
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo
Country: United States
Comment: Mary, has "No Ordinary Love" been delayed for NOOK? I was looking forward to starting that today.

Posted On 09-04-2017 8:02 PM
Name: Arlene Frederick
City/State or Province: South Lyon
Country: United States
Comment: What is the title of the book in which Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle marries Christine and After 5 years of marriage they have 3 children? I have read all the books about his siblings but not the Dukes.

Posted On 08-30-2017 1:14 AM
Name: Terre Jolly
City/State or Province: CA
Country: United States
Comment: I recently finished your Survivor Series and must say it was absolutely brilliant. Many times I feel in a book series that the quality slips as the author progresses through the stories. I don't know if it's boredom or just lack of ideas, but have noted it with many authors. Not so for you, each successive book in the series outshone the last! Truly loved every book, every hero and every heroine. Thank you for a marvelous series with beautiful and uplifting stories.

Posted On 08-28-2017 1:07 PM
Name: Carol H
City/State or Province: Chicago IL
Comment: I ran across A Promise of Spring, and was looking up the rest of the series to read it. I haven't yet read them though. Is Dominic an uncle's heir? The barony could devolve to him if the uncle's direct heirs died first, especially if it came through the mother's family. Just a thought - and it may not have been what you were thinking when you wrote it. I very much enjoyed the Survivor's Club and the Bedwyn books. Looking forward to working through your backlist. C

Posted On 08-24-2017 8:19 PM
Name: Janice O
City/State or Province: Edmonton Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: I've read a lot of your books, but had no idea you live (at least part time) in my home town of Regina!! OMG!! Now I'm going to find any of your books I've missed and read those too! GO SASKATCHEWAN!

Posted On 08-17-2017 2:04 AM
Name: Sandra Torres-Ramirez
City/State or Province: Anaheim, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Love all your books

Posted On 08-11-2017 9:15 AM
Name: Liya
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary, I think I've read all your books and I absolutely love them. My favorite series are The Survivors' Club, The Horsemen Trilogy, The Simply Quartet and The Bedwyn Saga. As a Horsemen Trilogy fan I still hope that someday you will write Claude and Horatia story. I think I've read somewhere that maybe your current publisher will be able to buy rights for The Horsemen Trilogy and then you'll be able to write this book. I can't find anything on this and would like to ask you if it is still a possibility. Thanks for writing my favorite romance novels! Liya

Posted On 08-09-2017 3:23 PM
Name: Vega
Country: US
Comment: The Double Wager is the best!
Vega from Lake

Posted On 08-02-2017 7:50 AM
Name: Ann fox
City/State or Province: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Comment: Dear Mary I love reading yr books but I am having difficulty obtaining an ebook for silent melody. I have just fiinished heartless and am eager to continue the story. Can u pls advise where I can download. I would love all yr books as ebooks. Kind regards

Posted On 07-29-2017 10:05 AM
Name: Sally
City/State or Province: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: I have truly enjoyed your books for years. My favorite character has been Wulfric Bedwyn of the "Slightly..." series. But I must say that Avery Archer is giving him a run for his money! Keep up the good work!

Posted On 07-27-2017 3:56 PM
Name: Carmela V. Criscito
City/State or Province: Nutley, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: I've read all of your series books and love them. Of all the romance writers that I read, you are by far the best!

Posted On 07-25-2017 3:25 PM
Name: Alison Halley
City/State or Province: Dalkeith
Country: Scotland
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have read many of your books and am firmly of the belief that you are head and shoulders above the vast majority of authors or historical romances - particularly the Regency ones.  I have quite a few of your stories on Kindle, and my local library has enabled me to read quite a few more.  They are very good at ordering your new novels on my behalf, but are not willing to access any that are more than about 3 years old.  I therefore find myself in a difficulty when it comes to the Bedwyn series.  They have all the set bar two - Slightly Wicked and Slightly Dangerous.  I have turned to Amazon to buy them in Kindle, but they do not seem to be available.  I am a bit bemused as I see that a lady from America has just referred to being able to buy books from this series.  Please can you tell me if it is going to be possible to get this series on Kindle in the UK?  In the meantime, I am waiting to read 'Someone to Love', which I have been informed my library has ordered for me!  Kindest regards,  Alison Halley

Posted On 07-21-2017 4:06 PM
Name: Marcia Bailey
City/State or Province: Dunedin FL
Country: United States
Comment: I'm starting to worry that I will soon run out of your books to read. I am very impressed by the wisdom of your characters, and I know that they couldn't have that wisdom if you didn't have it first. Again I am very appreciative of how your books make my life better and sooth me. I wonder if you have anyone to recommend to those of us who like your work but may still have to move on to someone else. You can't possibly write as fast as we can read. Thank you again!

Posted On 07-18-2017 10:29 PM
Name: Mary Pradzinski
City/State or Province: Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca.
Country: US
Comment: Dear Mary, I have read the Slightly series in 3 weeks time. My first book was the 2nd one of the series. I immediately bought the others for my Kindle. I cried and laughed as the characters did. My favorite book was by far the last one. I loved them all but Wulfric's story was amazing. I am going to buy the Simply series next. I love the emotion that is evident through out the brothers, outstanding. I hope there are more series like this one in the future. Maybe if you did a series on all of the children of the siblings that would be incredible. Thank you for writing such beautiful stories, I am excited to start the Simply books.

Posted On 07-15-2017 11:21 PM
Name: Rosemary
City/State or Province: Volcano, HI
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished your new Westcott novels - Someone to Love and Someone to Wed. They were wonderful. It's going to be hard to wait until November for the next in the series. You are a wonderful story teller and make your characters feel like family. Thank you.

Posted On 07-11-2017 5:27 PM
Name: Adaire Leps
City/State or Province: Kentfield, CA 94904
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I have been searching out all of your books to read. I find many are not available at my local library but keep finding them here and there. More importantly, I finished Silent Melody then went on to Heartless. Could not put them down.! Luke and Anna were wonderful, but even more so were Ashley and Emily. I am now reading Silent Melody once more so that I could revel in the "what came after" Heartless. I'm glad I read them out of order so that I could sink into your characters one more time. Thank you and best regards, Adaire Leps

Posted On 07-06-2017 5:03 AM
Name: Jay Garnier
Comment: I am bitterly disappointed discover the new Westcott book which I had been eagerly waiting to read is not to be published in Kindle. You did the same with the Bedwyn series the first two books then nothing. So disappointing. I do not have room in my house for any more books so now have to buy e books. Please, please publish all your books on kindle I would so like to read the Simply series. By having your books on kindle when I visit my family I can take all my friends (books) with me and still have room in my luggage for other things

Posted On 06-29-2017 12:46 PM
Name: Judy
City/State or Province: Beaver Falls, PA
Country: United States
Comment: I have read the first 2 ebooks in the Sullivan series and am looking forward to Tempting Harriet which according to your website is due to be published on July 3, 2017. I can't find it on the Barnes & Noble, Amazon (US) or (UK) websites. Has publication/production been delayed? Thanks for the update. My daughter introduced me to your books several years ago and we both continue to read(and enjoy)each one as it is published.

Posted On 06-26-2017 5:03 PM
Name: Sandy Crux
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: My latest book review on "Someone to Love" -- the first book in the new Westcott Family series. Loved it. Can't wait to read "Someone to Hold" and "Someone to Wed." Regards.

Posted On 06-26-2017 8:07 AM
Name: Joan killow
City/State or Province: Chulmleigh
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Hi, I have written to you before and still hoping to see the simply series and the Bedwyn series in e books in England,I have them in paperback form but find it hard to hold them due to arthritis .I like to read them all lots of times,best wishes to you and hope you have had a lovely break.

Posted On 06-20-2017 4:34 PM
Name: Joanne Cali
City/State or Province: Los Angeles, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I really love your books. They keep me happy and interested at night, before I go to sleep - and sometimes carry over into day time. I do hope you write new stories and books quickly (I use the barnes and noble NOOK reader) so I do not run out of them. I think you have a wonderful and often enlightening insight into human behavior and human thought - as well as a delightful humor in imparting their repartees as well as their anxieties, guilty - the full gambit of human emotional reactions to life. I love your stories and hope you keep my nights filled with them. I must admit I am addicted ha ha. Really. Joanne

Posted On 06-19-2017 10:56 AM
Name: Marcia Bailey
City/State or Province: Dunedin/FL
Country: United States
Comment: I really appreciate your books. I am struggling with our political climate, and I have heard that many people are drinking more or drugging more. I choose to read your books as my balm. I like the fact that there doesn't have to be a villain for excitement. I am a retired social worker, and I think that feelings are plenty challenging for all of us. In your books, the people work through many of the feelings that cause them problems, and you have managed to have a lot of different scenarios. Thank you for helping to make the world a better place and my personal life more enjoyable.

Posted On 06-18-2017 2:31 PM
Name: Karen Bunn
City/State or Province: ABINGDON
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Hi Love your books and have nearly all of them in hardcopy. Is there any chance of the Bedwyn series being on Kindle as I love going away in my camper but can't carry lots of books. Heaven is a book beside a lake or the sea.Many thanks for the pleasures you have given me over the years. Karen

Posted On 06-18-2017 12:52 PM
Name: Lucia Smith
City/State or Province: Bristol
Country: UK
Comment: when will I be able to access the Bedwyn books for my kindle - I already have books 1 & 2

Posted On 06-18-2017 8:53 AM
Name: Mary List
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo
Country: United States
Comment: I'm glad you're bringing back all your earlier books. Another book I'm waiting for is "A Gift of Daisies". I loved that one because of how different it was.

Posted On 06-17-2017 7:09 PM
Name: Olga
City/State or Province: Lindenhurst, NY
Country: USA
Comment: I have been a fan of yours for years. I'm so glad that your older books are coming out as ebooks. Was wondering when Courting Harriet would be coming out? I check all the time but it's still only available in paper back. I'm reading dancing with Clara at the moment. So I know I'm impatient and would love to continue on to Harriet book. I have all latest books, and eagerly awaiting the next ones. Thank you for truly making reading adventures soo enjoyable.

Posted On 06-12-2017 11:43 AM
Name: Tal Valante
City/State or Province: Haifa
Country: Israel
Comment: Dear Mary, What if you could reach out and help shape the next generation of best-selling romance writers? My name is Tal Valante, founder of the Re:Fiction website for fiction writers (, and I believe that the great storytellers of the future are now working hard to hone their skills and polish their yet untold stories. They could definitely benefit from your writing experience and wisdom. To that end, I'd very much like to interview you and feature the piece on Re:Fiction. Would you be available to answer a short written interview? Many thanks for your time and consideration. Warm regards, Tal Valante

Posted On 05-30-2017 12:06 PM
Name: Carol VanAuken-Haight
City/State or Province: Hartford, Michigan
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, you are my favorite regency romance author. I just finished re-reading Only a Kiss from your Survivors series. Both times I read it I was puzzled that you raised the issue of Imogen becoming impregnated by Percy but she stated flatly that she was barren according to Dr. Soames. I expected to learn eventually that this was not so but the issue was never again mentioned. Was this intentional? I have never before written a fan letter but decided to do so because when I read Only a Kiss a third time I will at least know the answer. I think this is probably my favorite (because I cried and laughed at the same time). On the other hand, the romance of Lord Wulfric Bedwyn and Christine has been my favorite for many years. Thank you for all the pleasure and comfort your books have provided. With gratitude, Carol VanAuken-Haight

Posted On 05-24-2017 6:47 AM
City/State or Province: London,
Comment: Dear Mary, I have just read your newsletter and hope that you have a great break. I see that you have not picked out the character to feature in your 5th Wescott family series and would like to suggest that Elizabeth.s story would be nice to read, especially if you give her a great love at last, although you may have already done this for her in one of the other stories. I hope that the Bedwyn series come out in kindle format soon, as I love this series. Have a great rest. christine

Posted On 05-20-2017 1:59 PM
Name: Lucy Taylor
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Have always loved your books, particularly the 'Simply' Series. Would love to get them in the UK for my Kindle but they only seem to be available in the US. Is there a particular reason for this. Have requested several times but nothing has happened so far

Posted On 05-13-2017 5:36 AM
Name: Sheree Doran
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: I have nearly all your older regencies and all of the newer historicals. My favourites are the Bedwyns. When will they be released digitally so I can re-buy them all and have them on my kindle as well as hard copies in my library. At this stage I do not want audio books.

Posted On 05-10-2017 2:32 PM
Name: Liz Joyce
City/State or Province: Dartmouth
Country: Canada
Comment: I recently ordered Courting Julia and am loving it. Will the other two books in the series be released as ebooks as well?

Posted On 05-08-2017 10:46 PM
Name: Mary List
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo
Country: United States
Comment: I have enjoyed the "Survivors Club" & your new series. I would love to see your second book set in Wales during the Rebecca Riots reprinted.

Posted On 05-06-2017 8:01 PM
Name: Roberta Bergeron
Email Address:
City/State or Province: Rocklin, California
Country: USA
Comment: Just became fan and now I'm hooked❤️

Posted On 05-02-2017 2:34 PM
Name: Nancy Reid
City/State or Province: Keswick, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary - I love your books - I have read everyone in our local library. Whenever I am in a bookstore, I look to see if they have one I haven't read. On a recent trip to England, I was in Bath and had to go to the Pulteney Bridge, as you mentioned it a number of times in your books about the teachers at the orphanage. When I returned home, I purchased your latest book "Someone to Hold" and was delighted to see the Pulteney Bridge on the cover. Please keep up your wonderful writing - it is so nice to learn what life was like in the 1800's. Nancy

Posted On 04-28-2017 9:26 PM
Name: Paul Almas
City/State or Province: Hamilton, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary, Many thanks for your colourful, creative writing that transports me into the world of the Bedwyn brothers each night as i listen to their stories on HOOPLA. Do you know if anybody has produced a map of Southern England showing the various estates, the trips to and from Bath, Cornwall, Wales, Northumberland and London?

Posted On 04-28-2017 9:37 AM
Name: Mary Ann korsnick
City/State or Province: West Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I've been trying to get A Rogue's Downfall on Amazon. The message says there is no listing. I know it's not available until May 1; however, I usually preorder your books. .

Posted On 04-24-2017 2:04 PM
Name: Gracia
City/State or Province: Oakdale MN
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished reading: Some to Hold". How much fun for me to read this book, as I felt like I was walking in the footsteps of the book. I visited Bath, about 10 years ago as part of a Florence Nightingale tourcommemorating her life. We were there only one day, but were able to tour the Pump Room, Roman Baths, Royal Crescent and other places. Not the Bath Abbey ( a huge disappointment) as there was work being done, so could barely see the outside. We also walked up a long hill( similar to the one going to the Royal Cresent) to tour a hospital, which was originally for arthritic patients a long time ago but now had been converted to one working with head injuries. A fun time for me to read book and so appreciate the fact that I can now add you to my list of new authors. Thanks so much.

Posted On 04-24-2017 1:00 PM
Name: Barbara Balog Sweeney
City/State or Province: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books. I wandered into an aisle in the bookstore and your name as author caught my attention. My Grandmother's name was Mary Balogh and so I was curious. When I picked up your book, I was so excited. I am drawn to the period of time and places you write about. The Jane Austin series is also one of my favorites. I truly believe I lived a lifetime in that peiohd as I am taken there when I am reading. I have read and truly enjoyed your Web Trilogy. I have just completed the first book in the Huxtable Quintet and am anxious to read the next so I bought all five books that I can move from one to the other as I complete one.. There was a reason I was drawn to that aisle in the bookstore. Thank you for transporting me to another time and place with your words.

Posted On 04-20-2017 2:39 AM
Name: Rose
City/State or Province: Oxford
Country: U.K.
Comment: Dear Miss Balogh I thoroughly enjoy your books, but would love to be able to add the Simply series and the Bedwyn saga to my Kindle. Is there any chance that they will be available in this format soon? I'm sure that I'm not the only one who love to see them as ebooks! I'm looking forward to your next Westcott novel too, out in November. Regards, Rose

Posted On 04-18-2017 11:43 PM
Name: Brenda Gleeson
City/State or Province: Queensland
Country: Australia
Comment: I love your books and always have, but I have an observation, if you don't mind too much ? I have just started to read Someone to Love. My observation is with regards Anna Snow's trip to Mr J. Brumford, the solicitor and the sovereign Miss Ford gave to Anna. I hope I have the timeline right, if Anna was 25, then the year was 1812. It would be extremely unlikely that Anna would have been given a sovereign, but more likely a guinea. There had been sovereigns, but they had were minted in Tudor times until the early part of James I reign. The Sovereign did not come back into circulation for another 200 years, with the Great Recoinage of 1816, when the guinea was replaced as the major unit of currency by the pound and in coinage with a sovereign.

Posted On 04-15-2017 5:07 AM
Name: Elena
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Ms Balogh. Lovely to "see" you here. I enjoyed the 2 books of your new series immensely, am rereading Courting Julia after many aeons, and am delighted to see Dancing with Clara and Tempting Harriet are  coming out shortly as kindle ebooks, since my old "keeper" copies are crumbling to dust. Will Snow Angel be coming too?? Those three are among my old favorites. Best to you and your family.

Posted On 04-06-2017 10:02 AM
Name: Jill Nelson
City/State or Province: Co Down
Country: UK
Comment: Hi Mary. I'm really loving the Simply and Slightly audiobooks. Is there any possibility of the two Bedwyn prequels being recorded, especially because of the links to the Survivors series? Also, I would dearly loved to be able to buy both series for my Kindle. I suspect that I am far from alone in this! Kind regards Jill

Posted On 03-27-2017 8:10 PM
Name: Rita Martinez
City/State or Province: Los Angeles, CA
Country: USA
Comment: During a library visit recently, I discovered SOMEONE TO LOVE. Couldn't put it down. I plan on adding the Westcott series to my Balogh series collection. I have them all (and singles, too) They've all been read at least twice. The ones I've passed on were read 3 times and kept for years. I donate them to the vet hospitals, rescue missions, women's "rehab" homes. All this thru my stepdaughter and her church. I love them all: the Slightly, Simply, Survivors, Huxtables I can't part with. Enough said, just keep up your wonderful writing and I'll always be among your top fans.

Posted On 03-23-2017 3:03 PM
Name: Debi Rickard
City/State or Province: NY, NY & Warren, VT
Country: USA
Comment: I finished reading Someone to Hold and your books only get better and better.  I don't know how I'll wait until November to read the next in this series.  I so appreciate the fact that you still write these stories.  I've read every one of your books and I feel as though I'm holding my breath until November.  How special this story was and I've thought that before but this one was even better.

Posted On 03-22-2017 9:06 AM
Name: Beth Rose
City/State or Province: Bridgeport, Oklahoma
Country: United States
Comment: I've read quite a few of your books and I have to admit to being a fan. But I wanted to stop by and give you BIG praise for the book, Someone to Hold, that I just finished reading. I haven't read the first book of the series, so I was kind of in the dark about some of the characters. But you did a such a good job of writing this one so that I wasn't confused about the story line. This is, by far, the BEST of your books that I have read. I was outraged, sympathetic, saddened and humored with this book and the ending made me cry! Good Job, Ms. Balogh!! It was a fantastic book!!

Posted On 03-14-2017 2:43 PM
Name: christine
City/State or Province: london
Country: england
Comment: Dear Mary When will we see the Bedwyn series out in kindle format, I loved reading them in paperback format and pleased to see that they are now coming out in audio fomat, but would love to add them to my kindle library along with all your other lovley stories. All the best Christine

Posted On 03-14-2017 12:09 PM
Name: emery imre Toth
City/State or Province: Delmar, MD 21875
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh, Love your books. You are a great writer !!!! I come also from a century of Balogh's of Transylvasnia, Hungary. Best regards, Imre

Posted On 03-13-2017 10:39 PM
Name: Gloria
City/State or Province: Salina, Kansas
Country: United States
Comment: First of all, thank you so much for adding the deleted end scenes of More Than a Mistress. I also thought, "What happened?" and "This does not make sense!" when I read the original book. I found the deleted scenes at the end of The Secret Mistress. Second, one of your books ends with a gentleman saying that he must leave at once because he must marry his lady who is with child even though they both hate each other. I would like to read that story. Could you please tell me the book title? Thank you!

Posted On 03-10-2017 11:17 PM
Name: frances crouch
City/State or Province: clovis ca
Country: usa
Comment: I have almost all your books and have read them multiple ever I was reading web of love the other nite and there was a character in it named allen my question is, did he marry Jennifer. I loved that little side story in the book about dom and ellen. I think my favorite character of all is wolfric..

Posted On 03-10-2017 3:58 PM
Name: Lori Hagerman
City/State or Province: Westerville
Country: United States
Comment: I just read Only Beloved. It is my favorite of your books so far, maybe even moreso than The Secret Pearl. I love that the characters are middle-aged. Their relationship seems to be more understanding and somehow deeper than the misunderstandings and drama of younger characters. I didn't want the book to end. Thank you for this gift.

Posted On 03-09-2017 12:26 PM
Name: Samhita Pandya
City/State or Province: Mumbai
Country: India
Comment: I am a great fan of yours, and have read almost all your books that are currently available. The Slightly and Simply series, Suvivors Club, Mistress, Huxtables, ... And many others, I love reading again and again. Am eagerly awaiting the rest of the Westcott books. Please do add me to your mailing list. Looking forward to hearing from you, Samhita.

Posted On 03-06-2017 12:51 PM
Name: Sonia Gay
City/State or Province: Yukon Territory
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,
You are, above all else, my favourite author. I wrote to you last fall, and to my delight, I received an answer, when really, I hadn't expected one. That made my day! I love the way you put a sentence together and drive the story forward. By reading your work, I know it has improved mine!
As a new author, self-published, I have now just got my website up and running, and invite you to have a peek at it. I write under the name of S.M. Cross, because I live in a small town, and the name "Gay" is akin to looking for trouble. So I am using my grandmother's maiden name. The website is I hope you enjoy the few things I have on it. One day there will be more. In the meantime, I am writing, and will continue to look for an agent because, as I have found out, the business of self-publication is almost too complicated for me. I'd rather just write.
Keep writing! I am so looking forward to your next book.

Posted On 03-02-2017 1:13 PM
Name: Sharleen Rutledge
City/State or Province: Abbotsford, British Columbia
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh
I have recently started reading your wonderful novels and felt compelled to tell you how much I am enjoying your writing.  Thank you so much for the many hours of reading enjoyment. 
Sincerely, Sharleen

Posted On 02-28-2017 7:23 PM
Name: Lori
City/State or Province: Ct
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Ms. Balogh, I am a huge fan. Can u tell me when Slightly 5 and 6 will be coming out in audible? I just listened to Slightly Tempted and loved it! Would love to have Alleyne and Wolf's stories on audible. Thank u, Lori

Posted On 02-25-2017 8:13 PM
Name: Krystal Froats
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary! I have been reading your books for the last year. Started with The Proposal from the Survivor series. I was hooked! Read up every other book in the series and waited with bated breath for the rest of the series to be published. Since finishing that series, I've gone on to read several other series and am reading Irresistible from the Horsemen Trilogy and soon will be starting your Westcott series. I am glad you have taken a break but also very glad winter will soon be over! Love your historical romances and tell everyone I know about you and your books.

Posted On 02-24-2017 4:28 AM
Name: Ann Morphy
City/State or Province: Angus
Country: Scotland UK
Comment: Dear Mary, I just love your books! I have only one title left to read and I ration them strictly amongst other reading - when I have finished this one I shall probably start reading them all again. The most recent 'Someone to Love' was perfect - deep characterisation, thoughtful and kind, historically convincing and with the pleasure of knowing there will be a happy ending. Thank you so much and dare I say - please keep writing!!!

Posted On 02-24-2017 2:45 AM
Name: Cosette
Country: USA
Comment: You are worth your weight in gold! I absolutely love your books! I am going to write a romantic book yet! I have had ideas to do so since 1987! The Lord Bless You Richly! I would love to meet you, discuss my writing with you and have you sign some of my favorite books by you the lovely author! Blessings, Cosette

Posted On 02-21-2017 3:20 PM
Name: Jill Nelson
City/State or Province: Co Down
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Please, please, please can we have the audiobook of Only Beloved available on It is available on, but not in the U.K. This is very disappointing as I have all your other audiobooks including Someone to Hold and Slightly Tempted. I live in hope!!!

Posted On 02-20-2017 11:38 PM
Name: Colleen
City/State or Province: Wisconsin
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I am a somewhat recent fan of yours, but have grown to enjoy your books immensely. The first book of yours I read was "Simply Love" then I went on to the Survivor Series. I recently finished "Longing" which compelled me to reread and rewatch Richard Llewllyn's "How Green Was My Valley." Beautiful. Thank you. Sincerely, Colleen McMahon Albani

Posted On 02-13-2017 10:24 PM
Name: Patricia Pendry
City/State or Province: Washington
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, Yesterday, on a whim, I bought "Someone to Hold" and read it in one sitting. I was impressed with your writing style, the coherent progress of the story, and the depth and strength of your heroine. I've never been much for reading romance novels, preferring to read well written science fiction/fantasy (Tolkien, Lewis) and historical nonfiction, preferably ancient history (Herodotus, Plutarch, the Bible). I'm dumbfounded by the popularity of books written by E.L. James and Stephenie Meyer. One, James, uses foul language to express shallow emotions and both authors can't write female characters with any depth. If anything, their female characters belong in counseling for domestic abuse. I don't mean to ramble, but want to illustrate how much I enjoyed your book. I'm off to the bookstore tonight to buy the first book in the Westcott series.

Posted On 02-13-2017 12:01 PM
Name: Kim
City/State or Province: British Columbia
Country: Canada
Comment: Happily for me my sister recommended your books a few years ago and I've been a devoted fan ever since that time. I've read most of your books and own many of them so I can read my favourites again and again. I am currently enjoying the Westcott series and being a "mature" reader myself, I also enjoy your stories about some of your more mature characters so I'm looking forward to reading about the other characters like Viola. Having said that, I'd love to read Elizabeth's story - it would be interesting to see how her character coped with an abusive marriage but is able to open her heart to trust again. (And it seems to me she deserves a happily ever after 😊) I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work. I hope you enjoy your break and I'm looking forward to reading your new books when they become available. .

Posted On 02-13-2017 10:20 AM
Name: Karen Arland
City/State or Province: Carmel
Country: United States
Comment: I just finished Anna and Avery's story and am devouring Camille's story. I am already interested in and concerned about the other Westcotts and Jessica. Will you be writing their stories, too?

Posted On 02-11-2017 6:35 PM
Name: Gillian
City/State or Province: VIC
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary, It's great to know you are having a holiday from writing. All your fans constantly crave more and more from you, including me, but in the longer term it is certainly best for you. We all want you to be happy and healthy! I just finished Someone To Hold and was moved by Camille's transformation and willingness to learn and grow. As a teacher myself I loved hearing about Camille's teaching style. If only all children were treated with such engagement, love and understanding by their carers including parents! It's funny when I read a new author who's books are lacking in some (or many) ways I feel like appealing to them to read your books to learn everything they can from you, without losing their own style of course! Thank you Mary for making such a great effort to get all your books out there in one format or another. It must take a lot of your time but we do appreciate it. xxx Gillian

Posted On 02-09-2017 5:24 PM
Name: JM Geier
Comment: Just finished the first two Westcott novels. Really enjoyed them. I have two or three romantic authors and you are at the top of the list. Avery Archer made me think of Wulfric Bedwyn. Thanks.

Posted On 02-09-2017 3:38 PM
Name: Lucinda
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,

I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for requesting the Slightly books be made available as audio books.  I've loved the Slightly series since it first debuted.  While I don't have much time to read physical books as I did then, I've greatly enjoyed some audio recordings of my favorite authors (yourself included) and was sad to see that none of the Bedwyns were available.  Having them now is wonderful and I'm eagerly looking forward to the next three - especially Wulric's book!

Posted On 02-08-2017 11:02 PM
Name: Froxcine M Gales
City/State or Province: Mill Creek, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I have become a great fan since I began reading your books. The first were from my local library, then purchased on my Nook. Your characters are filled with such depth and come alive as if I were right there. I've read most of your books but still hunger for more and I do keep an eye on any new releases. There is one subject matter that I wish you would consider for a future story namely, "Unrequited Love." From my own true life experience I feel only you could capture some of the emotions and turmoil such a story as this could tell. Sometimes we make choices when we are very young that affect the rest of our lives in ways we cannot understand. I believe it could be such a beautiful love story with great passion. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your stories and characters. Please continue to bring new stories to us for a long time. Sincerely, a devoted fan... Froxcine Gales

Posted On 02-01-2017 5:11 PM
Name: Melissa Gilley
Comment: I've been reading your latest series, and I think the very last book should be about Henry.  First, because his military career has made him unavailable to the other plots so far -- Anna's, Camille's, and probably those to follow.  Second, because he probably needs to grow up in order to come to terms with what has happened and, in particular, with Anna.  He seems to have problems with Camille's marriage, and he might with Abigail's eventually, too, especially if she either marries Goddard or the nameless curate mentioned in Anna's story.  Speaking of which, I'd like to see more of the Snows in this saga.

Posted On 01-31-2017 8:55 AM
Name: Rosemary Hudson
City/State or Province: Liverpool
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, I am a new reader of your novels but a very long standing fan of the Regency genre and devoted to Georgette Heyer. It was through a link to her that I came upon your Survivors' Club series which I loved and devoured. That led to your new Westcott books and I was hooked again. Now I await the February publication of the second book. From your web site I learn that you propose two more. Do you yet know how many Westcott novels there will be? Many thanks for the hours of pleasure your works have given me. May you enjoy your writing break My best wishes Rosemary

Posted On 01-29-2017 11:56 AM
Name: June Hart
City/State or Province: Evans GA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, thank you so much for the many hours of pleasure your books have given me. I credit reading your books with maintaining my sanity during several months of being unable to walk. I am so happy you have chosen to have Sullivan trilogy e-published. I have not purchase the paper back of Courting Julia in hopes that would be the next of your books to be e-published. I have read the other two but will purchase all as become available. I am glad you are taking a well deserved break. You have a great talent and I appreciate you sharing it with us all.

Posted On 01-18-2017 10:59 PM
Name: Suzie Hunt
City/State or Province: Slidell, LA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,
  Does "The Secret Pearl" fit into any of your series? I do not see it on your website. I have enjoyed your "Slightly" and "Simply" series very much. Looking forward to enjoying more of your stories.
Suzie Hunt

Posted On 01-12-2017 4:55 PM
Name: Robyn
City/State or Province: NY
Country: US
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh I've been reading your books for sometime and enjoying them. I was a great appreciator of The late great Ms Roberta Gellis before I read your books, especially the "Slightly" series, and you are up there in Ms Gellis' league. Your characters are realistic and your situations are believable. Thank you so much! I am going out of my mind actually. Well before I read the Slightly series, I swear I read a couple of medical romances written by you, .but I cannot seem to find them anywhere! Did you write them and, if you did why can't I get them for kindle? I've lost my paperback versions years ago and, since I travel, I have found that towing a paper library behind me is not efficient. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Posted On 01-09-2017 1:09 PM
Name: Cynthia Moore
City/State or Province: San Diego, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Mary. I recently met you at the Historical Author Retreat in Spokane. It was an honor. I just finished reading your recent release 'Someone to Love'. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wanted to thank you for creating in Avery Archer another hero with similar characteristics as Lucas Kendrick in my favorite story of yours 'Heartless'. To me a shorter, beautiful man who conveys power by the exclusive aura that surrounds him is the epitome of attractiveness.

Posted On 01-07-2017 9:08 PM
Name: Helena
City/State or Province: Arlington, VA
Country: United States
Comment: Ms. Balogh, are you planning a re-release of the Obedient Bride? I loved that book and it is impossible to find, but I desperately want to read it again. Happy New Year and best wishes!

Posted On 12-29-2016 8:07 AM
Name: Anna Anderson
City/State or Province: Leduc Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Ms. Balogh, I discovered your books some months ago, and I am smitten. Wonderful characters, lovely stories! I have just started 'Christmas Miracles' (the Kobo version) and I confess that the first novella, 'The Wassail Bowl' has me confused. Is the name of the estate Wyndham or Wycherly? At the bottom of the page are the words, 'the great hall of Wyndham'. Is John the Earl of Wyndham or the Earl of Wycherly? On page one he is the Earl of Wyndham and the estate is called Wyndham, but when the family attends church together, he is the Earl of Wycherly, and the family and friends who fill the church pews are from Wycherly. Or is John perhaps blessed with both titles? Is it possible to carry two earldoms? Or is Wyndham the name of the house, and Wycherly the name of the estate upon which that house stands? Or perhaps Wycherly is a nearby village? As I say, I am confused. I am 69 and perhaps it is my mind going? Thank you. Anna in Alberta Thank you. Anna Anderson

Posted On 12-27-2016 6:56 PM
Name: Beverly Abney
City/State or Province: Glendale Arizona
Country: USA
Comment: I think I own almost every book you have written back into the old Signet days. I friend discovered a combined edition of CHRISTMAS BEAU with C BRIDE. I pulled out all four of the ones I have and have been enjoying re-reading them very much. C PROMISE has been re-read many times and is a special favorite. (A CIVIL CONTRACT was the first Heyer I ever read so no surprise.) I just wanted you to know that you have given me many many hours of reading pleasure over these many years, and hopefully we will be meeting for many more. Thank you.

Posted On 12-27-2016 5:38 PM
Name: Tom Mowat
City/State or Province: Stony Plain Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: I started reading your books early in your publicated writing career. I waited to become sated with just another romance. Then before I knew it I was immersed in the lives of the characters. Your writing style grabs my attention and the characters become alive. I can't wait to read the next page. When the book ends I am at a loss because l can't learn more about their lives. Then you write another novel and I start all over again. Only a few authors have held my interest as long. Louis L'Amour, Ernest Haycox come to mind. In your last novel Anastasia's " I'm as good as anybody but not better than anyone" struck a chord with me. It has long been part of my personal philosophy. Thank you for many memorable hours of happiness.

Posted On 12-24-2016 9:41 PM
Name: Dorothy Mollise
Email Address:
City/State or Province: Mobile, Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: I love your work, but in my recently purchased paperback of Someone to Love, pages 200 through 232 are missing and pages 153 through 183 are doubled. I am very disappointed to miss part of the story. Sincerely, Dorothy Mollise

Posted On 12-23-2016 10:31 PM
Name: Deborah
City/State or Province: Bethesda
Country: United States
Comment: Someone to Love was a wonderful book and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series. I do have a plot question though... Surely thes Countess of Riverdale's settlements would have ensured that if the marriage was annulled or not valid her dowry would return to her, and she and her children would not be left penniless? Or a suit could be brought to have those funds restored to her on the grounds of fraud. Perhaps you have cleverly woven this into a future book.

Posted On 12-22-2016 2:13 PM
Name: Monique Takens
City/State or Province: Westervoort
Country: Nederland
Comment: Hello Mary , I have a developed a christmas tradition for some years now ever since I first read your short Christmas story - A Handful of Gold . I just have to read it on Christmas eve or day ! I enjoy all of your story's , the full lenght and the short ones , but most of all the christmas themed ones . It's bin a while since you wrote one and I would like to now if you would want to write a new one for an anthology like you used to do for Signet ? Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , Monique

Posted On 12-13-2016 7:58 PM
Name: Ann Heise
City/State or Province: Hummelstown
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary, I have just finished Someone to Love. What a lovely story. It was very clever to put an oriental spin on the tale. Avery and Anna found peace and profound love in their life and marriage. Thank you for my enjoyment that books give me, especially your romances. Ann Heisey

Posted On 11-20-2016 2:23 PM
Name: helen richards
City/State or Province: vista, ca
Country: usa
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I just finished Someone to Love, and I have a question. Can the bigamist retain the fortune and all the subsequent earnings, or would that money revert to the family of origin, since the marriage itself is invalid? Anastasia doesn't need the money, and I think it's a shame that the siblings feel they have to disappear, without any legal recourse. What is the English law on this? Thanks! Helen

Posted On 11-13-2016 11:10 PM
Name: C. Luetkemeyer
Comment: My dear lady. I am retired military, with an interest in the Napoleonic Wars, in particular the Peninsular campaigns. In one of my deployments I was stationed in Rota Spain, and walked a few of Wellingtons battlefields. Now, my wife enjoys historical romance. Thus one day she tossed "Beyond the Sunrise" at me. Bravo! Have you been sharing madeira with Bernard Cornwell? I half expected Richard Sharp to come snarling out of the gunsmoke to commiserate with Captain Blake. What a wonderful piece of fiction intertwined with the Bussaco campaign. I was hooked. Though for most of your writing the Peninsular war is but distant thunder over the horizon, it is there, and people deal with it. The Survivors were an excellent examination of reactions to war and its aftermath on the individual level. I have to say I like the way you slid Wellingtons "Scum of the Earth" into the Westcott opener. And now Henry Westcott is an Ensign in the 95th. One can only hope now Major Blake is around to help? Perhaps Col. Lord Aidan may trot by? But my real hope is for you to take this opportunity to revisit the Peninsular war, and take Henry and his Love over the Tras-os- Montes, thru Vitoria and into the Pyrenees. My wife has MS. Though her world is increasingly limited, she has found adventure and enjoyment in your words. Thank you.

Posted On 11-11-2016 7:16 AM
Name: Gillian
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: Dearest Mary your books have been such a huge joy to me. I'm sure I've purchased everyone available and read them more than once. Your style is second to none! Your characters, dialogue and the emotional journeys so eloquently conveyed are thrilling. I loved Anna and Avery and was delighted in his character. He was quite a departure for you I felt. Following Someone to Love I am currently reading Heartless (swoon!) and I suspect Lucas was the inspiration for Avery. Thank you for your creativity and talent and hard work efthic that provides some many hours of pleasure to me and your other readers. I'm so glad my sister introduced me to your books one lucky day! Looking forward to the next Westcott instalment, Gillian

Posted On 11-11-2016 1:13 AM
Name: Gwen
City/State or Province: The Dalles
Country: United States
Comment: Just finished Someone to Love. Thank you. I have been down because of our Presidential election result. Your books always make my world a little better. I mostly read mysteries now but I wouldn't miss one of yours. Your characters are always great and your creativity in plots always appeals.

Posted On 10-29-2016 11:42 PM
Name: Mary Ann Junewick
City/State or Province: Dayton
Country: USA
Comment: You are the very best romance writer writing today. I have a collection of many of your books and enjoy re-reading them from time to time. However, I will not be buying your older re-published books that are coming out in the larger page dimensions at nearly twice the cost. I will look for the old books in used bookstores or do without. I will not be buying any new books coming out in the larger sizes either. Shame on Signet for this marketing ploy and why ever did you agree to it?

Posted On 10-26-2016 12:51 PM
Name: Jane
Country: Scotland
Comment: I have read and enjoyed all your books and I am now delighted to have the opportunity to buy your old books in e-book format. I hope all your old books will be released as e-books. I am also looking forward to reading your new series and have the first book on pre-order for my Kindle.

Posted On 10-26-2016 5:08 AM
Name: Lieselotte
City/State or Province: Vienna
Country: Austria
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh! Thank you for many years of reading pleasure! I love many of your books. And I am so grateful that they now come out as eBooks. You are prolific, you have a long backlist, and having it accessible again without huge cost is so good! Can you help: the two opposites who come together due to her fear of storms: which book is that? And is it out as eBook yet? All the best!

Posted On 10-22-2016 2:36 PM
Name: Linda Cruz
City/State or Province: Louisiana
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books! I pretty much have all the newest ones and am collecting the older ones on ebooks now. I loved The Bedwyn Saga, The Simply Quartet and especially The Survivors' Club Septet. I look forward to more books coming out (either newly released or older ones on ebooks)!

Posted On 10-20-2016 1:00 PM
Name: Jay Garnier
Country: Britain
Comment: Please will you publish ALL your books as e books I wish to read the all the Slightly books but have no room for an actual book any more. I loved the Survivor books,and wish to read all your books. Thank You

Posted On 10-20-2016 11:19 AM
Name: Laurie Earl
City/State or Province: Utah
Country: Usa
Comment: Is there a story with Portia Hunt and Charlie? I would love to kmow if she ever warms up.

Posted On 10-09-2016 9:45 AM
Name: Barbara Clemens
City/State or Province: Buford, ga
Comment: Could you please tell me the title of the Earl of Amberly's story? I just reread 'A Promise of Spring' and would like to follow up on his and Alexandra's book. Thank you, Barbara Answer: THE GILDED WEB, Barrbara.

Posted On 10-07-2016 10:22 AM
Name: Carol McCauley
City/State or Province: Richmond BC
Country: Canada
Comment: I am a big fan of your novels.  I recently discovered your books after many years of working and as such am playing catch up.  I recently purchased two of your back list novels: The Obedient Wife and The Temporary Wife from Barnes and Noble for the Nook. 

Within the body of the novel in bold and underlined text is: Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter,  Also many mistakes in spacing between words.

I am not sure you are aware of this or if the novels I purchased are unauthorized versions of your work. 

I am looking forward to your new novel: Someone to Love. 


Posted On 10-05-2016 2:00 AM
Name: Anne
City/State or Province: Taroona
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi I have been reading your books for several years & in the past had to obtain older books from the US. I am delighted you have started putting your old books out as e-books. I would love to get the Horseman Trilogy as ebooks but in Australia they only seem to be available as audio books. Is there any chance they may be available here soon? Regards Anne

Posted On 09-28-2016 3:42 AM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: London
Country: England
Comment: Hello Mary, I am a great fan of all your books, and have all the bedwyn series in paperback, and was wondering now that you are starting to bring them out in an audbile version (which I will be purchasing) will you also be publishing them in kindle format. Loved this series and the survivors set of books and have all of those in both formats. All the best, Christine

Posted On 09-21-2016 10:59 AM
Name: Sam
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh I truly enjoy reading all your stories but am constrained by the limited selection available on Kindle. Hard copies are not readily available in my country of residence. While I do appreciate the feel of a book I enjoy the convenience of being able to choose a book or section to reread whenever I want. Is there anyway to get your publishers to provide all your books on Kindle? Many thanks Saman

Posted On 09-15-2016 10:44 PM
Name: sue ehrlich
City/State or Province: pgh, pa
Country: usa
Comment: Your novels are delightful!

Posted On 09-15-2016 2:23 PM
Name: Mary Cary
City/State or Province: K.C.
Country: United States
Comment: I would like to read some of the very early books, and am having trouble finding them. Could I buy them directly from you?

Posted On 09-09-2016 12:27 PM
Name: Janaina Clemente Herculano
City/State or Province: São Paulo
Country: Brasil
Comment: Hello Mary, first forgive my English, I had to use the famous translator. My name is Janaina and I'm from Brazil. Here we have translated many of his books, but unfortunately we have not translated the book that most touched my heart, the book I've read 15 times without stopping, the book that showed me that true love is the heart, the book say it is one of his favorites, SIMPLY LOVE. This year I believe it will make ten years of its first publication, which is a commendable date. Ten years in this story touched the hearts of many people for sure. I can say that it helped me first to accept me as I am and second to see that love is more than he thought, he comes from within and make changes from the inside out, not just to please the partner, but for us to be best for us thereof. And this story has moved me so much I came to ask something to be almost an intrusion mine. As I said here in Brazil we do not have the translated edition then I read the Spanish and scratched a little English edition. I would ask knees, urge that the ten an s publication in the Give the gift with an epilogue of their history. The birth of Megan, the frames of Sydnam exposed in the gallery, the paintings of David and who knows another baby Butler, do not know. You may already have an epilogue written that was not the book. I think this would be the biggest and best gift for fans of this wonderful book, especially the ten years of the book. I would be very happy and grateful to his knees, jumping parachute, somersaulting, all for this epilogue. I need a little more of Anne and Sydnam and everyone needs too. Thanks for everything, hugs.

Posted On 08-21-2016 7:04 AM
Name: Sandi Matsuoka
City/State or Province: Lakewood, Washington
Country: United States
Comment: I just reread The Christmas Bride, just wondering if there is a book that has Edgar & Helena Downes in it to see how their family developed. Thank you for your time!

Posted On 08-15-2016 10:33 PM
Name: Donna Moran
City/State or Province: Chicopee, MA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,
  I just finished reading More Than a Mistress for the second time.  When I reached the end, I read the scenes from from the original, but printed in The Secret Mistress where they belonged in the original book.  I had already read them.  However, I must say that reading them again, where they belonged really added to the emotional impact of the story and my reaction to it.  I did laugh out loud again.  I also cried.  I wish your editor had left them in the original book.  Thank you for a wonderful story with marvelous characters.

Posted On 08-15-2016 3:11 PM
Name: Jane Quant
City/State or Province: Winchester
Country: UK
Comment: Hi, I have just read Another Dream, which I really enjoyed but found it rather rushed. I think there might have been enough to explore for a whole book there rather than a short story. I have read all the Bedwyn series and have started the Simply Quartet. I usually read each book twice before reading the next in the series. However, I'm not really sure where in the order of things Another Dream sits. I read it after Slightly Dangerous, but found Eleanor Thompson referred to by her maiden name in Simply Love - so I obviously read Another Dream too soon. Is there a family tree for the Bedwyns/Butlers/Wyatts? It's getting a bit tough to remember who belongs to whom - especially now that children are appearing at speed. I have loved every book so far and looking forward to reading the Survivor's Club series next. Thank you so much for the novels. Jane

Posted On 08-13-2016 8:07 PM
Name: Donna Moran
City/State or Province: Chicopee, MA
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,
  As I mentioned before, I have just reread all of the Bedwyn series, and three of the Simply series.  I will be starting Simply Perfect shortly.  I read each book a bit slower and enjoyed each even more than before.  The character development in each is so well done. For example, Viscount Whitleaf as an adult is so much like he was as a young man in A Summer to Remember that you feel as if he is the friend whom you have not seen for a long while, yet once with him, you feel as if you had never been parted..
 Again, I have to thank you for the enjoyment I have received while reading them the first time, and more so the second.  It is Simply Perfect for me now, and then, I have no doubt the Mistress series will follow. 
 I am looking forward to the next one starting next month. 

Posted On 08-10-2016 7:29 PM
Name: Donna Moran
City/State or Province: Chicopee, MA
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,
  I was not thinking when I sent my previous note.  I just took out the Simply series and I have read Viscount Whitleaf's story.  I will be rereading it again.

Posted On 08-10-2016 6:56 PM
Name: Donna Moran
City/State or Province: Chicopee, MA
Country: United States
Comment: Once school was out in June, I read Another Dream. I've read many of your books and know how you bring back characters. As I read, I realized that I didn't know any of the people in it.  I cleaned my shelf and found the Slightly series, unread.  I found the Simply series, also unread.  I found Silent Melody, unread.  The Four Horsemen trilogy was also in the unread pile.
  I started with One Night of Love and worked my way through them all.  I dug and found Heartless, which also brought back out Deceived and Tangled.  I reread them.  I could not find the Mistress Series so I bought them again. Once I had read them all, I started the Bedwyn series from the beginning again.  Finished with Slightly Dangerous, I reread the last eight chapters of Dangerous again.  Thank you for an unbelievable read and a character who was developed slowly and beautifully.  I can not decide who I like better, Wulf or Jocelyn.  I do know that I will be reading the Simply series again starting tonight and will move from there to the Mistress series again.
  I want you to know that the copy of Secret Mistress I bought had the deleted scenes from the original.  I am one of those who many times needs an epilogue.  I laughed out loud when reading page 366 in The Secret Mistress.  I absolutely loved them all.  The strong characters, both male and female, were delights. The changes they underwent, and the way it was written made me feel part of the story. Thank you . Thank you.
  I do however have three requests.  Please more on the Horsemen.   Please, please more on the Dudley family.  Please, please, please, I beg of you,  more on the Bedwyn family especially about the Duke and Duchess of Portfrey (I hope they had more children), especially about Eleanor and Michael (I hope they had a child or two), and bring us up to date on Viscount Whitleaf (or have I missed it).
  I don't ask for much do I?
  I go now to organize what goes into school tomorrow and to cook dinner.  While typing this, I thought of The Ideal Wife.  I may postpone the Simply set and dig that out.  It is another one of my favorites that I thank you for.  Will there ever be more about the Survivors?  Passages in those books brought tears to my eyes.
  Thank you again.  I can not get enough of what you produce.  You bring out the emotion in reading.

Posted On 08-05-2016 8:30 PM
Name: sue
City/State or Province: pgh, pa
Country: usa
Comment: Enjoy your novels very much.

Posted On 08-03-2016 6:59 PM
Name: Jane Spigelmyer
City/State or Province: Burnham
Country: United States
Comment: I am an avid reader and have read so many of your series. I am currently getting ready to start on book 4 of your "Survivor's Club" series. I have a question regarding a character in a different series if you could answer it for me. Several years ago I read your "Simply" series. I loved the story about Sydnam and Anne. I remember that he finally had it out with his brother regarding how he was treated when he came back from being a prisoner. I just re-read the "Simply Love" book but that confrontation wasn't in it. I was wondering if it was in one of your "Slightly" series. Since I have just re-read Sydnam's story I wanted to re-read his brother's story again. Can you tell me which book that would be. I have all of your books so I am sure it is in my "library" of almost 1,000 books. Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Thank you

Posted On 07-30-2016 8:04 AM
Name: Bernadette Merrin
City/State or Province: Brisbane
Country: Australia
Comment: Hello Mary, I have just finished reading your wonderful 'Survivor's Club' series which I patiently requested from my local library and read (in order, of course). Thank you for such a terrific series. When it came to George's story, I was too impatient to wait for the book at the library, so I bought it on my kindle. I particularly loved George and Dora's story - it was so beautiful. If there was ever 2 people that deserved happy endings - it was them! I cried many tears whilst reading "Only Beloved" - some happy, some sad. It was great that in the epilogue, you had the picnic telling us about each of the couple's families. Once again, thank you. I look forward to the "Westcott" series later in the year. Regards, Bernadette

Posted On 07-26-2016 11:40 PM
Name: Sharon Yool
City/State or Province: Newark, California
Country: U.S.
Comment: Thank you for writing a story about George. We really didn’t know his story but he was there for all the other walking wounded. He deserved to have a happy ending too no matter that he was a more mature gentleman. Dora was his perfect match proving that love can happen at any age. And you topped it of by giving George a son of his own that he could love.

Posted On 07-26-2016 5:22 PM
Name: Mary T. Fischer
City/State or Province: Inver Grove Heights
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary, Thank you for all your books, most of which I own!! Loved the survivor books most of all I think. Second the Bedwyns, especially Wulfric. My beloved husband also read all your books and we used to read our favorite passages to each other. Miss him. He died last March 17 and I still find myself chuckling over something in a book and turning to tell him to,"listen to this, honey". Your books are a joy. My brother gave me a Kindle so now I can join the ebook group, too. Still love the feel of a book better. Mary

Posted On 07-26-2016 1:46 PM
Name: Angela
City/State or Province: Brooklyn, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, I am a big fan, I can't get enough of your books! Do you have an English version of "Un Romance Irresistible"?

Posted On 07-23-2016 9:30 AM
Name: Marianne
City/State or Province: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Comment: Delighted to learn that your BEDWYN series will be in auto books. Does this mean all of the titles under the BEDWYN series, such as One Night for Love & Summer to Remember, as well as all of the "Slightly" titles? Have waited "years" for all of these titles to be in audio format. Any idea as to the time frame they will be available on Have all of the BEDWYN originals and are on my keeper shelf. Love all of your books.

Posted On 07-18-2016 2:08 PM
Name: Neoma Lavalle
City/State or Province: Oakland, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hello,

I've enjoyed your books immensely over the last few years! I keep trying to find another author that I like as much as you that also writes loves stories set in the Regency era.  To date you are still at the top of my list.  I especially love how you weave some of your stories around a common set of characters, the Bedwyn related books being the best example.  Has anyone ever created a road map to which characters pop up in different books?  For instance, I loved how the Dowager Viscountess Lyngate popped up in Only a Promise.

I was wondering if you were ever going to write a book about Anthony Earheart's friend, Lord Rowling, from The Temporary Wife?  I've always wondered about him.

And I've really, really, really enjoyed your books that tend a little more towards farces.  I couldn't stop chuckling while reading The Unlikely Duchess.  It was hilarious!  I look forward to more of you out of print books being released as ebooks and to any new books or series you have planned.  Thank you so much for the wonderful stories and characters you create!

Posted On 07-17-2016 9:32 AM
Name: Rosemary
City/State or Province: Pittsburgh,PA
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you. Thank you! The Survivor series is incredible. I have been touched by every story. Working their individual ways back to living from horrible war. I especially liked Imogen's story including Percy and his changes. Amazing and wonderful. Your novels are some of THE best that I have read. I am grateful for the opportunity give me to read them. Your short stories have become my Christmas tradition.

Posted On 07-14-2016 1:27 AM
Name: Kathy
City/State or Province: Chisago City, MN
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to complement you on your ability to bring that awful heartwarming/heartaching feeling called love to life. Your stories show the very best part of love, not just the passion and romance, but the comfort and soul deep connection of it as well. I thing your books are fabulous. I laugh, I cry, and I keep reading more. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world, and for bringing contentment to my life, one book at a time.

Posted On 07-12-2016 10:12 PM
Name: Monette Wiliams
City/State or Province: st louis, mo
Country: USA
Comment: "Only a Kiss" is the first book of yours that I have read. I cried!. I don't usually do that when reading a romance novel. I loved the way both the main characters thought out loud...they said things that, perhaps, I would have said. I really liked the characters and the book. I am glad I found an author so much in tune with my thoughts. I am looking forward to reading more.

Posted On 07-09-2016 5:42 PM
Name: Connie van Loon
City/State or Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Comment: "Only Beloved' is the first book I have read by you and enjoyed it very much. I look forward to reading more of your novels. If I may question something, it would be the word "What? which was used at least twice and stood out to me as it did not seem to be an old fashioned expression which would have been used at that time. Perhaps I am mistaken but thought I would point it out. It certainly didn't detract from my enjoyment of the book. Thank you

Posted On 07-04-2016 7:16 PM
Name: Natalina Reis
City/State or Province: Woodbridge,
Country: United States
Comment: It seems I'm a little behind the times since I just now came across your website and blog. I was searching for information about other romance writers like me who believe that romance as a genre is taking a weird--and sad--turn into porn. I love romance (obviously) but I have been so frustrated not only with the books I have been reading but also with the difficulties I have been having with my own book. As soon as readers realize there isn't graphic sex in it, I lose their interest. Anyway, I read an older blog of yours about this ( November 22, 2013) and I was wondering if you would be willing to let me re-blog it on my blog. This is the address of my blog (which unfortunately is crawling with promos for a lot of not-so-good-romances) if you'd like to check it out. I've been craving a good REAL romance so I will be checking one of yours :)

Posted On 07-01-2016 9:50 AM
Name: Cheryl Gracia
City/State or Province: Oak Lawn, IL.
Country: USA
Comment: I just started reading your books about a year ago. You are my all time favorite author. I own many of your books. I am hoping the republications of your older books will be put into print, not just the Ebooks.. I was disappointed to see that is how they are being released. Please tell me that they will be in paperback soon.... Though I know many likes the Ebooks their are still people like me who like the good old paperback to curl up with. Thank you!

Posted On 06-25-2016 5:47 PM
Name: Michele Ja nes
City/State or Province: Maine
Country: US
Comment: You commented in your forward to the reissue of the Gilded Web that your writing style had changed over the years. I have noted that also. My approach has been different. I started with some of your Survivor series and am working backwards in time. I find your writing is more complex today and your characterization deeper. Saying that I just finished The Gift of Daisies and loved it. Since you cannot write fast enough (sorry), I am having to search out used copies 30 years old. Sigh....... I started reading Austen then moved on to. Heyer. You have continued that legacy of fine writing. Thank you.

Posted On 06-12-2016 2:27 AM
Name: Hester
City/State or Province: Brisbane, Queensland
Country: Australia
Comment: Just finished reading the Only Enchanting - This is the best book ever and also the best series I have aver read. Thanks you for writing such beautiful stories. Can't wait for the next series!

Posted On 05-05-2016 9:55 AM
Name: Joan killow
City/State or Province: Chulmleigh
Country: England
Comment: Thank you for all your e-books I have read and 're- read them .Please,please make ebooks of the Bedwyn series and the simply series for the British market I have the books but as I am a lady of a certain age I find it difficult to hold them as my hands have their own ideas.mary you are one of the best romantic novelists I have read.

Posted On 05-04-2016 9:06 AM
Name: Laura Oconnor
City/State or Province: Williston,FL
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished Only Beloved loved it thank you so much for Georges wonderful story have loved all the Survivoirs you have brought them all to life so graciously we have felt their pain and rejoiced in their happiness usually when a new one comes out I read all the previous ones first but for Georges story could not wait so look forward to going back and revisiting them all now they all have their happy ending thank you again can't wait until November for Someone To Love have already ordered!

Posted On 05-02-2016 4:50 PM
Name: Rachel Henderson
City/State or Province: Northamptonshire, England
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: I am so glad you are beginning a new series, because since discovering your books, I have been zooming through every one I can get hold of; Kindle and paperback.  Just now I am re-reading 'The famous Heroine' in a 2-book paperback, so I shall just have to re-read 'The Plumed Bonnet' as well.  (I have just read the 2 books featuring the loathsome Lionel, so had to reassure myself that Francis Kneller's broken heart was mended.
  I felt a definite affinity with Cora, because she's the first character (never mind heroine!) I have ever met who bites the inside of her cheeks. I have done this as long as I can remember, and at 73 I'm not likely to stop. Cora should thank her lucky stars she lived before the advent of photography. I didn't!  It wasn't a pretty sight. Must also say that I like the fact that not all Hs and hs are physically perfect.
   Thank you for having written so many books. Don't stop though, I'm catching up with you!
 Best wishes from  England

Posted On 04-14-2016 2:28 PM
Name: Quinn
City/State or Province: Pennsylvania
Country: United States
Comment: Mary was one of the first historical romance authors I've read, and I thank her for my passion for the genre now! YOU ROCK, MARY!!

Posted On 04-05-2016 7:03 AM
Name: Christine Capon
City/State or Province: London
Country: England
Comment: Hello Mary, I am happy to see that you are brining out some of your older books in kindle and audio format. Are there any plans to bring the Bedwyn series out on kindle and audio (my favourite series to date along with the Survivors Club) which I already have in both kindle and audio. And I would love to see follow up books about the bedwyn children. Please keep writing such lovely books All the best Christine

Posted On 03-25-2016 3:46 PM
Name: Patricia Anderson
City/State or Province: Bellevue, Washington
Country: United States
Comment: I noticed Laura is waiting for audio books as she can't see well. My mother, now over 100, reads these delightful ebooks on her Kindle blacklit Fire. She is slowly losing her sight, but as she does, she enlarges the font and turns the brightness to high. Her font is very large now, but with the largest Kindle Fire, she still has many words per page. I love printed books and have many shelves full of old friends, but I can no longer hold them easily, pocket books not at all. With my ebook, I prop it into a beaded pillow at the right angle, no physical holding required. Ms Mary Balogh, the above two reasons are why I am thrilled to find your beautifully written novels, that I thoroughly enjoy, on e-books. Many, many thanks.

Posted On 03-25-2016 3:23 PM
Name: Patricia Anderson
City/State or Province: Bellevue
Country: United States
Comment: Your work is simply delightfully different with carefully defined central and minor characters and intriguing unusual plots. I just discovered your work with the advertisement of the Black Umbrella. I have now completed the series "Survivor Club", of course minus the eagerly awaited finale. Because you intertwine the characters between all the novels, the SC is a satisfying and even exciting series. Detail of how the characters live, as in "Just a Kiss " while adding pets is fun. Detail is my favorite for example, I would have liked more about how the guide dog first worked with Vincent and how was the race track? If you are limited in pages, less sex! More life events. I like the beautifully and classy book covers. They now make a statement, this is by Mary Balogh. Replacing shirtless men with lovely backgrounds say FIRST Class. My favorites....Heartless with Silent Melody. A treat for your newest readers republishing with ebooks!

Posted On 03-25-2016 2:48 PM
Name: Whitney Petch
City/State or Province: Regina
Country: Canada
Comment: I have enjoyed your books for several years, reading quite a few after discovering and enjoying you by randomly picking up, and devouring, "Slightly Tempted" from the library. I just finished "The Escape", and I am immensely enjoying the Survivors Club books so far! I can't wait to read more, and am very much looking forward to learning about the members not yet written about. I also had no idea, until finishing the book and seeing the note about the donated prize with the "name a character" being won in Regina, and then looking you up, that you are local! I'm a little shocked, and afraid that if I ever run into you at a Safeway or something that I might just have a little freak out! Please forgive me if you ever find someone following you around like a star-stalker while being simultaneously too awe-struck to actually speak to you. And that you for all the hours of enjoyment in your worlds!

Posted On 03-20-2016 11:29 PM
Name: Judy Hoskins
City/State or Province: Safety Harbor, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: I just retread "A Maater of Class" and I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and all of your other books. I look forward to all of your books being available through ebooks.

Posted On 03-14-2016 3:42 PM
Name: Theresa McKone
City/State or Province: Rio Hondo, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Why can't I get Unforgiven on my Kindle? I hate not being able to read a whole series. Please see what you can do to add this to the e books available for your fanatic readers. Thanks, Theresa

Posted On 03-13-2016 8:29 PM
Name: Paula Onah
City/State or Province: Staten Island, N.Y.
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished my first book in your Simply series which was Simply Love. I absolute loved Sydnam. Will you be updating us in the future (if you haven't already done so) on how they are doing and the baby.

Posted On 03-06-2016 3:10 PM
Name: D A Tseed
City/State or Province: College Park GA
Country: USA
Comment: Does Lady Chastity Moore have her own book?

Posted On 03-02-2016 11:07 AM
Name: Ann Laabs
City/State or Province: South Milwaukee, WI
Country: USA
Comment: Hi - I (and my budget) am thrilled to see xore Signet Regencies as ebooks. I haven't found any titles from "The Constant Heart" through "The Ungrateful Governess". Any chance we'll see these on ebook Thanks!

Posted On 02-10-2016 9:15 AM
Name: Janice
City/State or Province: Atlanta, Ga
Country: USA
Comment: Lady With The Black Umbrella is one of my favorite. I still have my copy. I loved reading A Matter Of Class again. It was beautifully written. I hope to see them in another book.

Posted On 02-06-2016 8:27 AM
Name: Gale K S.
City/State or Province: Illinois
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. MB, Thanks again for all the wonderful books. I still think about some of my favorites - Temporary Wife, Heartless, Slightly Dangerous, Simply Love, Simply Perfect, A Summer to Remember, long after having read them. Glad to see you're going to still be doing "some" more writing, live long and prosper, regards, GS.

Posted On 02-04-2016 8:31 AM
Name: Jas
City/State or Province: Brighton
Country: UK
Comment: Dear Mary, I was delighted to see that you have written a novella ('Another Dream') for Eleanor Thompson and that we will have a chance to find out what is happening in Wulfric and Christine's lives too. However, I see that it is in an e-book anthology, 'Once Upon a Dream', and although I have a Kindle, I hardly use it because I really prefer a proper printed book. Do you intend to publish it in printed format and if so, when would that be? Love the books - have introduced friends and family to your work - roll on more news of the Bedwyns!

Posted On 02-02-2016 3:52 PM
Name: Daniella Santos
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I just started reading your books, but I wanted to drop you this note to say that Simply Love is one of the most touching stories I've read. Congratulations and thanks! Writers never cease to amaze me!

Posted On 12-22-2015 12:13 AM
Name: Cynthia Bethune
City/State or Province: Fairbanks, Alaska
Country: US
Comment: I've just finished reading the 'Slightly' series... and while I enjoyed all of them, Wulfric's story surprised me as the most wonderful. For many reason's, but especially the laugh-out-loud moments....beginning with the lemonade and ending up with the launch of the quizzing glass!  I also enjoyed A Christmas Promise...and am looking forward to reading more. Thank you, and happy holidays to you.

Posted On 12-17-2015 7:30 PM
Name: Remi
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful books. I have read and reread almost all of them and I am always looking for the next one! They have given me many hours of enjoyment and I wanted to thank you for that.,narodzenie.html

Posted On 12-04-2015 6:06 AM
Name: Suzan Buckley
City/State or Province: Queensland
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary, Love your work, have read all I think, apart from the Bedwyn Saga, as for some reason they are not available through iBooks in Australia! Any chance you could get that fixed please so I can purchase them? Many thanks... Keep up the great work...

Posted On 12-01-2015 6:31 AM
Name: Laura Soriano
City/State or Province: Valencia
Country: Spain
Comment: Dear Mary: I'm a reader from Spain. I want to thank you for the hours of pleasing reading your books have provided me, and for the great character, in more than one sense, that is Wulfric Bedwin. I see in your website that you have published a couple of Christmas anthologies featuring some of your old stories. I have looked for them in the spanish web of Amazon, but they're not available in ebook there. I'm sure many of your spanish readers, apart from me, would love to read them, so I'm asking if you could please find a way to make them available for us. Thank you again, and Merry Christmas from Spain.

Posted On 11-25-2015 3:53 AM
Name: Judith Bagshaw
City/State or Province: London
Country: UK
Comment: I have read a lot of your books, but I have to say that I think 'Only a Kiss' is the best yet. A really good storyline. Certainly not predictable as most 'historical romances' tend to be.

Posted On 11-05-2015 8:17 PM
Name: David Buckland
City/State or Province: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, Firstly, a sincere & heartfelt thank you - both myself and my wife are avid fans. Apart from anything else, I have always much appreciated your practice of allowing us to re-visit favourite characters from one book when they appear in supporting roles in another. For a hero and heroine from which you were reluctant to part, being able to see them again is enormously gratifying (I am not entirely sure why: perhaps because it validates the ending of their main story?). From time to time, I re-read my favourites, and although it has some stiff competition, this would have to be "The Ideal Wife". I defy anyone not to fall in love with Abby, who fizzes off the page, and (again, against some stiff competition) she would be my favourite heroine of yours. And Miles scores too - a man of sensitivity and intelligence, who has the sympathy of the reader because almost as quickly as the reader does he begin to appreciate (and then love) Abby. So of course it was wonderful to see the same characters appear again in "A Precious Jewel", in which one wished for much of the book to give Sir Gerald a swift blow to the head in the hope that it might make him see sense earlier! Though I suspect that the male chauvinist attitude he espouses for much of the narrative was a commonplace for Regency gentlemen. All of the above is a prelude to asking whether there is any chance that you might revisit these characters? Abby because she was such a delight, and Priss because one would assume that despite her marriage, she & Sir Gerald are going to face problems in terms of social acceptance (and where the Severns could help, of course). In other words, because Priss is different to your average Regency heroine, marriage cannot be assumed to be the "happy ever after" that it might be for most of her sisters-in-print. Of course these would presumably be sub-plots, but the central characters of these two books stay in the mind for a long time, so I hope you do not mind being importuned about their possible resurrection. With grateful thanks in any event for hours of pleasure. Yours sincerely, David Buckland

Posted On 11-04-2015 9:52 AM
Name: Brita Addams
City/State or Province: Rayne, Louisiana
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I wanted you to know that I am a huge fan, having cut my romance novel reading teeth on your books, and have re-read Simply Love more times than I can count. Sydnam Butler stays with me and has since the first read. Disability is difficult, but a fact of life. My daughter has been disabled since birth and she is, like Sydnam, an example of fortitude and a loving spirit. You inspired me to reach for my writing goal and I have been published for five years. I've created several characters with disabilities, and Sydnam is never far from my thoughts when I do. Much respect and love to you. I hope you know what an inspiration you truly are. Brita Addams

Posted On 10-27-2015 1:43 PM
City/State or Province: Littleton, CO
Country: USA
Comment: I love your novels. My wife reads out loud to me and we enjoy your work together. Sometimes we skip over some of the sex scenes. We have read Matter of Class and the Bedwyn Series (the Slightlys and the Simplys) and now we are in the Huxtables. Thank you for putting all your fascinating stories on paper. Love Ray (and Betty)

Posted On 10-25-2015 5:05 PM
Name: Elinor Drake
City/State or Province: Washington
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh, I believe I have read all of your books to date & have always enjoyed them. I tended always in the past to run through them a bit like a snickers bar with a good glass of cabernet. Grin. I just this morning finished up 'Only a Kiss'. I have been puzzling over whether it is a change in my own outlook, or something that has shifted in your writing style. This particular book wanted reading very slowly, it felt more like the reading equivalent of the Slow Foods Movement vs. Chipotle. I do adore Chipotle too mind you, but there is something I cannot quite put my finger on that feels more like a blossoming? about this one. The characters were so immensely likeable & one could really put oneself into their roles mentally...and by the end of the book there were so very many spots where I found myself relaxing just a bit along with them. I suppose I just feel that your books have become more rich and unusual with the years and 'Only a Kiss' really spoke to me of this. I was ever so surprised (of course..grin) at how the chapter of 'Only Beloved' ended in the excerpt you included at the end of 'only a kiss'. I am going to be eagerly awaiting its release! Do please keep in excellent health & keep writing until you are oh, 100 or so might be nice don't you think? :) (ps, I know my note is a bit odd so don't worry about not posting it on the site if it does not quite fit, I saw no way to simply email you on the site!) Have a lovely fall & winter, Elinor

Posted On 10-18-2015 3:44 PM
Name: Christine Daly
City/State or Province: Kitchener, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Thank you for many hours of reading pleasure! I had never read Regency Romance before you were recommended to me last winter. I have now read everything of yours I have been able to get through iTunes or my local library. I started with the Survivors series (my favourite) and worked backwards. You have great characters, interesting plots, and a wonderful sense of humour. I love how characters appear in other novels,. It is like meeting old friends! I went on to read some of Georgette Heyer's novels, and was delighted at her humour, strong female characters, and incredibly lengthy pages of witty repartee! I have tried other writers in this genre, but you remain my favourite. As I get older, I appreciate the value of a happy ending! Again, thank you for the great reads, and I look forward to Julian's story coming out next spring. And, by the way, Hugo is my all time favourite male character! Best wishes.

Posted On 10-09-2015 12:40 PM
Name: Ginger McClure
City/State or Province: Rome, Georgia
Country: USA
Comment: I have read most all of your books with great delight, Miss Mary. I began them with the "Slightly" series, and somewhat out of "order". My favorite is undoubtably the "Survivor" Series. I genuinely hate knowing that after George, it will end. That being said: I want to tell you that I LOVED Imogen's story! I teach, and in my position I have time to read while my students work. I have laughed out loud, frequently while reading this story. And then, gasp! I actually cried in front of my students! I am a voracious reader - I finish your books in (at the most) two days. And to acknowledge that one touched me this deeply; well, I just had to let you know. It was SO wonderful! I want a sequel for all seven of these precious survivors - just to let us know that they are well! Thank you for the depth of heart of Percy...and his family, and his friends; oh, and of course for Hector.

Posted On 10-05-2015 6:37 AM
Name: Claudia Bryant
City/State or Province: San Diego, CA
Comment: Are you going to write a book featuring Eleanor Thompson, Christine Derrick's sister, from Slightly Dangerous and Simply Perfect? She is in only a few paragraphs, in each book, but she is interesting in the way she observes people.

Posted On 09-29-2015 7:45 PM
Name: Michele Janes
City/State or Province: Maine
Country: USA
Comment: Ms Balogh's writing has been a gift, written with multidimensional characters, beautiful staging, and thoroughly engaging plots. Thank you! I keep thinking this book or that book is my favorite then I read a one new to me. Of course, I have new releases reserved before publication. One of my new favorites is A Summer to Remember. I found Lauren sort of likable in One Night for Love. Knowing that Ms Balogh created complex characters, I gave the sequel a chance. I don't think there has been a finer job taking the reader on the transformational journey than the one the reader takes with Lauren. Outstanding! Thank you!

Posted On 09-23-2015 7:03 AM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: London
Country: England
Comment: Dear Mary I have just finished listening to the audio version of Only A Kiss and as always it met all my expectations. I can't wait until George's and Dora's story comes out, only disappointed that I will have to wait until spring of next year, I hope this will also be in an audio format. Is there any chance that you might write the stories of the Bedwyn children, I loved the Bedwyn Series and I would be nice to follow their family through the next generation. Please keep writing such lovely stories. all the best Christine

Posted On 09-17-2015 6:39 PM
Name: Barbara Johnson
City/State or Province: Winnipeg,Manitoba
Country: Canada
Comment: Your books are so enjoyable, the characters have so much depth. I was hooked on Regency Romance when I read the first "Bedwyn" Book. I just finished reading " Only a Kiss", and it was fabulous, but I always say that after I finish one of your books. Thank you for the many hours of bliss.

Posted On 09-17-2015 8:32 AM
Name: Jenn Duncan
City/State or Province: Newport News
Country: United States
Comment: I bought and read "Only a Kiss" based solely on a review written at and I have to say it was the best book I've read in years. I had never heard of you before that, but now I'll be looking for all your books. Your writing is a breath of fresh air!

Posted On 09-13-2015 7:27 PM
Name: Bernadette
City/State or Province: Colorado Springs
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, did you realize when you set out to write Only A Promise what you would end up writing? It is a work filled with subtle nuances, so subtle that the reader is often startled when realizing how wonderfully and imaginatively you have grown your characters through courage within adversity. This is not a "paper back novel"; it is, in fact, a work of literature and one I will personally get to enjoy as I reread it again and again.

Posted On 09-11-2015 2:25 PM
Name: Melissa J. Gilley
Comment: I think it would be great if Valerian and Agnes ended up having twins -- David, for his late brother, and Dora, for her sister.  Or have you planned something else for them?

Posted On 09-07-2015 9:48 PM
Name: Lisa Bruni
City/State or Province: Niles, Michigan
Country: United States
Comment: Just need to say "thanks" for the sharing and caring your writing provides us. I have just finished your latest in the survivors series, and, as always, so look forward to the next (and final...boohoo) book. I read every day and so look forward to those rare days that belong to you. Please keep up your good work and know it will never go unappreciated!

Posted On 09-04-2015 10:42 AM
Name: Marcia Solomon
City/State or Province: Charlotte, NC
Country: United States
Comment: I know of no other author whose books I reread immediately after the first reading as I do yours. Mary, I have every book you've published going back to the 1980s. One of my favorite rakes will always be Edmond Waite, sometimes spelled Edmund in my copy. I have certain moods that require a particular book of yours to give me the "HEART" satisfaction I need. You continue to amaze and delight. And thank you for not adding soft porn to your love scenes. That is a real turn off for me. I always tell people you can do more with a kiss than any explicit sex scene. Bravo for having high standards. I am of an older generation (74) who appreciates character development.

Posted On 09-01-2015 11:17 AM
Name: Lily
Comment: Hello!

I'm not entirely sure this is the right place to post my comment, but since there is no "contact the author" option, I'll settle for here. I'm reading "Only a Kiss" and found an alarmingly inaccurate statement which, apparently, has gone unnoticed by both the author and the editor(s). There is a dog named "Hector" and the hero, Percy, reflects on its name, thinking the following: "The great Trojan hero Hector had shot the mighty and seemingly immortal Achilles in the heel and killed him. " This is, unfortunately, incorrect. Hector was brutally killed by Achilles, who, in his rage, also dragged the Trojan's body around the walls of Troy, to further make him pay for having killed Patroclus. After the war, it was another Trojan prince, Paris, who shot Achilles in the heel. I wish this Greek poem were not so abused, especially by Percy, who is said to have a great knowledge of the classics and even planned to read Homer in Greek. I hope this is just a misunderstanding and will soon be corrected.

Posted On 09-01-2015 1:03 AM
Name: Elizabeth
Country: Australia
Comment: Greatly enjoy your books, thankyou. However I find it very annoying to discover that while many are in audio editions, a great many from Audible, I can buy very few in Australia. Do you licence the audio editions to someone else here (I've looked hard) or do the publishers just consider that sales here aren't worth the effort?

Posted On 08-21-2015 11:04 AM
Name: Angelica Linwood
City/State or Province: Philadelphia
Country: United States
Comment: I loved only enchanting ! I really hope Dora fulfill her dream of having her own children.

Posted On 08-18-2015 7:41 AM
Name: Corinne
Country: UK
Comment: Dear Mary, I have read, reread and thoroughly enjoyed your 'Mistress', 'Huxtable' and 'Survivor' series on Kindle. I see that another guest has asked my question - do you know if the 'Simply' and 'Slightly' series will become available for Kindle on seem to have some issues with their listings presently - sometimes the 'Simply' or 'Slightly' series will appear, stating either 'pricing unavailable ' or 'currently not available in your country'. Then they disappear! I am eagerly awaiting 'Only a Kiss' and then George's story next year. Thank you for so many hours of reading enjoyment.

Posted On 08-17-2015 2:49 PM
Name: Liz Joyce
City/State or Province: Dartmouth, N.S.
Country: Canada
Comment: I recently started reading Frederica by Georgette Heyer -- my first Heyer. I'm loving it. I have A Civil Contact waiting as next in line. I was wondering if you could recommend a couple of your favourite Heyer romances for me to read after I finish those two? Fellow Guest Bookers, feel free to suggest titles, too, and why you like them, if you wish.

Posted On 08-10-2015 2:59 PM
Name: Peggy Schmetzer
City/State or Province: SAINT PETERSBURG
Country: United States
Comment: I love your writing so much, that no other author now appeals to me. You certainly have a gift with words and story lines. I have ordered several more of your books and need to see if my library carries any. Thank you so much for sharing your talent!

Posted On 08-05-2015 2:31 PM
Name: Diane Smith
City/State or Province: Middletown, CT
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, Congratulations on Slightly Married of the Bedwyn Series being named on the National Public Radio’s list of Happy Ever After: 100 Swoon-Worthy Romances. I am eager to read this series but need it to be in an audio format to enjoy. If in the future, the series becomes available in an audio format please post the great news on your website. I or my local library system will be one the first to purchase the entire series. Thank you, Diane Smith

Posted On 07-12-2015 11:02 AM
Name: Nancy Wallack
City/State or Province: Toronto
Country: Canada
Comment: Reread SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS, last of the Bedwyn siblings novels and thoroughly enjoyed it. Intended by you or not, the book seems to echoPRIDE & PREJUDICE, while still developing the inner life and struggles of your own characters. Your book also shows us more of how the cold, stiff man developed that way and how he changed. Much better than most of the so-called sequels or modern adaptations of P&P. Well done, and thank you.

Posted On 07-12-2015 12:56 AM
Name: Jessica Chadbourne
City/State or Province: Orono, ME
Country: United States
Comment: When I first met the Bedwyns in Simply Wicked I fell head over heels in love. With Rannulf yes but even more so with his mysterious (to me anyway) brother Wulfric - who seemed both cold and clearly capable of loving his family. After that I was on a crusade to get my hands on Slightly Dangerous - I had to know Wulfric. And I am so glad that I did. Thank you. Thank you from a 25 year old perpetually single romantic for writing a novel about a 29 year old hopeful heart who not only finds love but also marriage and a family. Thank you because Christine's happiness seemed like a hopeful promise - be yourself and be loved, age be darned. Despite the prevalence of women finding happiness and starting families later and later in life society can make us feel that life ends at 25 for girls. But Christine gives me hope. Wulfric gives me hope. So thank you for my hope.

Posted On 07-05-2015 8:20 AM
Name: Cathy
Country: UK
Comment: Hi Mary I loved the Survivors Club series and couldn't put them down. Anxiously awaiting the final one. I have also just read the Bedwyn prequels and have tried to download to my Kindle the Bedwyn Saga and Simply series which are showing there but say unavailable. Please tell me they will be available soon. Many thanks

Posted On 06-21-2015 8:01 PM
Name: Dianna
City/State or Province: San Francisco
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary !! I really like the survivor's club series but I love  A summer to remember and Mistress series, those books are my favorites ! I was wondering if the Viscount Kimble will get someday a book?

Posted On 06-20-2015 10:22 AM
Name: Marina Vaizey
City/State or Province: London
Country: UK
Comment: First, I am a fan, and have as far as I know all your published books, novels, novellas, anthologies and am particularly addicted to the last four series, and the Survivors series is good.  Reading ONly a Promise, though, I wonder if Ralph Stockwood's courtesy title should be that of Earl; as heir to a Duke, should he not be a Marquess, and his wife a courtesy Marchioness rather than a Countess?  You are always so accurate, so I may be inaccurate of course!  meanwhile I so enjoy reading and re-reading; and London of course is in the throes of various commemorations of Waterloo,exhibitions particuarly of Wellington at the National Portrait Gallery,and the current Duke talking about the renovations at Apsley House....and even a lot of revisionist history about Napoleon!
best wishes, MV

Posted On 06-19-2015 7:15 PM
Name: Sue Wilson
City/State or Province: Tiffin, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Wondered if there was going to be a Survivor's Club book for George?

Posted On 06-12-2015 9:09 AM
Name: Liz Joyce
City/State or Province: Dartmouth, N.S.
Country: Canada
Comment: I just finished reading Only a Promise, and loved it so much. The emotional journeys these characters were on were so moving.

Posted On 06-10-2015 10:50 AM
Name: Mary Fischer
City/State or Province: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Country: USA
Comment: Love your books and own many of them. My bookstore notifies me and holds a copy of each new one coming out! You commented on series ending or going on forever. My choice is finite. I like that it all pulls together and has a closure. Loved Laurens Cynster family books but while I've read all of them , I have re-read just the initial ones over again. They bogged down (to my thinking) when getting out to the last ones and seemed a bit contrived. SO thank you for having a beginning, middle and end of your series! Just bought the fifth Survivor book and can hardly wait for the sixth. Excellent stories and marvelous characters. Keep writing, please!

Posted On 06-07-2015 11:27 PM
Name: Simona Pelei
City/State or Province: Montreal, Quebec
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Mary, As everyone who finds their way to this page, I am a (big) fan! I can't come up with any compliment that others haven't already put to word or that you haven't heard before, so suffice to say that I looooove your books and your style of writing! The first book I read was More Than A Mistress and have since purchased every single title that is still in print, so I am very excited about your earlier books being republished, but my favourite series is the current Survivor's Club. I have always liked that not all your heroes/heroines are "perfect", (or that an unlikeable/villain character in one book, can become the hero/heroine of another) and this series embodies the fact that beauty most often time comes from "within". I particularly favoured Vincent's date; I liked how you had him cope with his particular challenge in life (no easy feat!) and how lovingly Sophia responded to it all (though I have to admit that I kept hoping that his blindness was temporary, I wanted him so badly to be able to see Sophia, kept waiting for him to (ie) get on a horse and have a horrible fall that would have him hit his head in exactly the right way that would somehow restore his optical damage). Which brings me to the one MINOR criticism I have....and it's really trivial when I get right down to it, but important, I feel, at the same time. Vincent's story highlited how important description was the only way he could "see", and so I am particularly annoyed when the cover of a book is not reflective of the description you have given the characters (ie: the heroine/hero is blond or auburn, but the cover shows a dark haired image or vise versa) or they have their backs to the reader (as many of your current titles do), etc. I prefer the inaccurate depiction to not seeing them at all, though I understand that perhaps that is done so that everyone can create their own mental image of the character; but I feel that is wrong, I'm of the opinion that YOU "know" what they look like and that it is important we see them as they "are"! I feel not insisting on that type of accuracy, or depiction of both the hero/heroine on the cover, makes a mockery of them -- why bother to describe them at all (both physically and other character traits) if one is expected to make up their own visual? As I said, it's a trivial criticism, but one I would nonetheless like your opinion on..... Thank you!

Posted On 05-20-2015 11:48 AM
Name: Sue Cocker
Country: U.K.
Comment: I always enjoy your books and look forward to the next publication, but why are they so often delayed? It seems to regularly take an extra 3 months to publish them, so why raise all our expectations with an earlier date? Just add on 3 months - perhaps we can be pleasantly surprised by an early release, rather than disappointed at having to wait again!

Posted On 05-12-2015 11:05 AM
Name: Bob Wehling
City/State or Province: Augusta, KY
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I have read all of your published books, most of them more than once. Your book, Beyond the Sunrise, was a unique experience. I say that because it had a different tone of voice than your other books. Generally, I could read a couple of chapters of any book and tell if it were yours. Not with this one. The characters were very interesting, the action realistic, the research impeccable, but it just sounded as if an "alter ego" wrote it. My favorites of all your books are A Matter of Class and A Summer to Remember. I have really enjoyed the Survivor's Club series and look forward to the last couple of books. Thank you for so many wonderful characters over the years. Sincerely, Bob Wehling

Posted On 04-13-2015 8:02 PM
Name: sandra
City/State or Province: arlington, va
Country: usa
Comment: I always enjoy your books but while reading Longing, I have already consulted Wikipedia on The Chariots, The Scotch Cattle, And The Sunday Schools, which I did not realize were originally formed to teach working children basic reading on their only day off. Thank you so much for the history as well as the entertainment.

Posted On 04-10-2015 11:50 AM
Name: Anna Habetler
City/State or Province: San Diego
Country: United States
Comment: I just finished COUNTERFEIT BETROTHAL/NOTORIOUS RAKE combo book. I enjoyed them very much and was moved to tears by both. The way you portray emotions is amazing and draws me in.The complexity of your characters is part of the genius of your writing. I grew to love Lord Edmond--he is indeed complex. The real person below what the public sees of your characters has reminded me that we should not judge people lightly. We all want and need to be loved. I'm in the process of reading all your books that are available on Kindle. Thank you for adding so much enjoyment to my life.

Posted On 04-03-2015 8:38 PM
Name: Ella
Comment: I have been replacing lost or damaged books of yours that I love with kindle editions. I was wondering why some of your early Regencies, including Red Rose, one of my favorites, is not available as an e-book. Thanks!

Posted On 03-26-2015 4:42 PM
Name: Telma Cristina Bastos Caetano Cordeiro
City/State or Province: São Gonçalo
Country: Brasil
Comment: Hello! I'm reading one of his books : Slightly married. I'm really enjoying it . There are other titles translated into portuguese ? Thank you !

Posted On 03-25-2015 4:09 PM
Name: Liz Joyce
City/State or Province: Dartmouth, N.S.
Country: Canada
Comment: I just started reading Longing, and am loving it. This after just finishing The Secret Pearl for the xxth time. So many of your books are on my To Be Read, Already Read, and Reread piles, not to mention my Beloved Books pile. I mentioned to my husband the other night how much I love your books and that I appreciate the chance to let you know that. "It's like being on Facebook with Jane Austen!" Truly.

Posted On 03-18-2015 11:43 PM
Name: Jetta
City/State or Province: Vancouver, BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Just finished reading "Longing" for the third times. I love this book beyond words to describe. Mary, could you please write a sequence of this book. I want to know what had happened to Alex and Sian, Verity, Iestyn and other characters whom I become attach to dearly. I want to read more about the Cwmbran community and its residents. Mary, I want to say what Verity always said to Alex when she wanted something, please....please...please..." Could you please write another book about Cwmbran and tell us what happened to Alex and Sian's children? What happened to their marriage? Had they run into any problems with society? How did they cope with those problems? Thank you Mary for all your incredible novels. You are my upmost favorite author.

Posted On 03-16-2015 8:13 PM
Name: Megan
City/State or Province: Auckland
Country: New Zealand
Comment: Dear Mary, I wanted to write and mention how much I have been loving your books! I started with the Bedwyn saga, which I adored, and have kept reading from there. Is it possible for more of your books to be made available on the Kindle to New Zealand? We buy from Amazon in the US but often books which are available in the US cannot be bought from NZ. Currently it is mostly only the Survivor series available. The Bedwyn and Simply series cannot be purchased, for example. I'll look forward to being able to buy more of your back catalogue over time. My plan is to read everything :-) Yours Sincerely, Megan

Posted On 03-04-2015 6:06 AM
Name: Christine Capon
City/State or Province: London
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Hello Mary, I love your books, especially the audio versions, are there any plans to bring out the slightly series in audio format, I have read all the books and would love to listen to them. Thank you for producing such lovely stories, cant wait for the next survivors book to be issued. All the best Christine

Posted On 02-25-2015 1:30 PM
Name: Cheri Urbanski
City/State or Province: Lexington, MN
Country: USA
Comment: Releases can't come fast enough! Sorry if that makes you tired and work too hard.

Posted On 02-25-2015 9:22 AM
Name: Melanie Wible
City/State or Province: Suwanee
Country: United States
Comment: Mary, I am waiting, somewhat patiently, for your next book(s). Thanks, Melanie

Posted On 02-12-2015 8:27 PM
Name: Marcela Cardenas
City/State or Province: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon
Country: Mexico
Comment: Hello, I'm a big fan of yours, but it's difficult to find your books in Spanish, I already bought the series "Simply" and "Slightly" for Kindle on Amazon, but read in English is very difficult for me and it takes me a long time, but being a mother of young children I can't afford to lose myself in a difficult reading, I wonder if the "Survivor´s Club" series will be released in Spanish at some point, I read the synopsis and I think that will be of those stories that touch the heart. I eagerly await your response and meanwhile I will read again my favorite one, "Slightly Dangerous". My best regards from Monterrey, Mexico (Sorry for my english)

Posted On 02-08-2015 11:06 PM
Name: Anna Habetler
City/State or Province: San Diego
Country: United States
Comment: Have just finished the Mistress Series and just loved it as well as the excerpts your publisher had deleted along with the Epilogue.Have also read several from Survivor Series--all on Kindle. I have been chronically ill and difficult times make me yearn for romance. Thanks for such tasteful stories that are not just sex; also the heros w/their flaws help me to relate better to my husband. You are a talented writer;among best romance writers. Thank you for many hours of happiness.

Posted On 02-06-2015 5:40 PM
Name: Julie Avery Kennedy
City/State or Province: Rockford, IL
Country: United States
Comment: I just love all of your books. I appreciate your wonderful stories. Your books have helped me get through some serious health problems during the past year. I just wanted to thank you so much.

Posted On 02-06-2015 2:21 PM
Name: dorothy dunn
City/State or Province: Durand Mi.
Country: USA
Comment: Thanks for writing such great books. Been reading you for 30 years. Keep writing and wishing you the best.

Posted On 01-27-2015 5:03 PM
Name: Melanie Wible
City/State or Province: Suwanee
Country: United States
Comment: Mary , I love your books and re-read them when a new one in the series is about to come out. I would love to get the new one Feb. 3rd. thanks , Melanie Wible

Posted On 01-04-2015 5:16 PM
Name: Hope
City/State or Province: Washington
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I love your books especially the Bedwyn series and the simply series. I own all your books and always eagerly await any new publication. Just wanted to know if you would ever write a general epilogue for the Bedwyns and the teachers from Miss Martin's School for Girls. I would love to know what happened after they got married.

Posted On 01-02-2015 7:45 PM
Name: Alleen Hawkins
City/State or Province: Belton SC
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary Just wondering if Dora was going to get her own story. She deserves her own happy ending . I am loving the survivor series. Alleen Hawkins

Posted On 12-30-2014 5:14 PM
Name: sandra watson
City/State or Province: tulsa ok
Country: usa
Comment: I enjoy reading your books. I'm reading only enchanting now and I've read most of your other works some have been bought second hand. I really love phantom of the opera novels have you considered writing something along that line keep up the good work.

Posted On 12-08-2014 8:06 PM
Name: Anne
Email Address:
City/State or Province: Chicago
Comment: Hi Mary! Loved Only Enchanting but at the same time I felt bittersweet knowing that Dora end up alone. She deserves to become a mother and have her own  family .

Posted On 11-26-2014 5:21 PM
Name: Betty Hutcheon
City/State or Province: Niagara Falls Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Love your books. I have come recently to them and now must catch up. I have roots in England--very middle class--yeoman farmers & merchants so I am enchanted. Cheers

Posted On 11-17-2014 11:23 AM
Name: Carolyn Risher
City/State or Province: Del City
Country: United States
Comment: In 'The Arrangement' Sophie's caricatures and illustrations bring such vivid and complete pictures to my mind that I feel they must really exist. I can see every expression of that saucy little mouse and Bertha and Dan so clearly. Are these based on real works? If so, I'd love to know where I can see more.

Posted On 11-14-2014 3:21 PM
Name: Franny
City/State or Province: Seattle
Country: USA
Comment: I love your work! Bedwyn saga & Mistress books are my favorite  ! you are an amazing author!!!! I just finished reading Only Enchanting I was wondering about Agnes's sister Dora.She will have her own book??
Take Care

Posted On 11-12-2014 12:36 PM
Name: Mary Fischer
City/State or Province: Inver Grove Heights
Country: United States
Comment: My whole message disappeared because I could not clearly read the faint letter/numbers on code. Why wouldn't the message stay there and just make me type a new code. Bad, very bad for those of us in our 70s and 80s. I will make sure I get them right this time so I can tell you that as much as I adore reading your books, you make it too difficult for old eyes like mine to contact you.

Posted On 11-11-2014 1:46 AM
Name: Sam Khor
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Hello there Mary! I skimmed through your guestbook and I don't see a lot of people from the Asian region posting here to thank you for your works! I just want you to know that your lovely books are appreciated not only by Western fans, but Asian fans too! I am always amazed that the romance in your books do not always revolve around BIG misunderstandings or jerky/brooding heroes. Your heroes/heroines as well as the side characters are multi-faceted, and I could relate to them. I have bought almost all your books (I couldn't find the old ones. They are out of print). I will continue to cheer you on by buying your books in the future. Please never stop writing unless you absolutely have to! Think of your poor fans like me!

Posted On 11-09-2014 4:49 PM
Name: Ann Dyer
City/State or Province: Sutton, Surrey
Country: UK
Comment: I have really enjoyed all the books you have published on kindle but am very disappointed that your entire back catalogue has yet to be updatedpublished in on kindle. I am sure you have had this comment numerous times already - will all your books eventually be available in this format? I know I could get them in hardback or paperback but have no room left in the house and now have to buy everything electronically for due to lack of physical space - I'm a terrible hoarder and just cannot get rid of any book I have ever owned!! I re-read often, but have had to be very strict with myself and limit new book purchases to kindle format only - very frustrating to find only a couple of books in a series on kindle i.e Bedwyn Family or the Simply series. Please tell me that I can look forward to seeing all your books available on kindle in the near future - updating and completing my library will cost a fortune - but it will be worth it. Thank you for the hours of pleasure I have had reading your work so far. I look forward to enjoying both future and past works. Ann

Posted On 11-09-2014 2:03 AM
Name: Nancy Ellen
City/State or Province: Sammamish, Wa
Country: USA
Comment: I absolutely love Only Enchanting. Flavian is a wonderful character and I did not expect to be so captivated by his story. You have written wounded characters before who touched my heart, but Flavian's story went beyond that. It was beautifully conceived and written. Thank you, thank you. I so look forward to the coming stories of the other Survivors.

Posted On 11-07-2014 10:42 PM
Name: Iris
City/State or Province: QLD
Country: Australia
Comment: I absolutely adore 'The Wassail Bowl'. Thank you for writing it. I was looking forward to reading another Christmas story, 'A Christmas Promise', but unfortunately, the ebook is only available in North America, not in Australia. Anything you could do about that, please?

Posted On 11-07-2014 8:52 PM
Name: Brenda Ramirez
City/State or Province: Atlanta
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary !! I liked "Only Enchanting" but I felt bad for Dora (Agnes's sister) because she gave up her dreams of babies & husband to raise her sister . I think she deserves her  happy ending too.

Posted On 11-04-2014 10:34 AM
Name: Darla Pierce
City/State or Province: Cades, South Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: Hi!  I have been collecting your work for years.  I have just finished your latest book, Only Enchanting, and knew I HAD to comment.  First, I loved the book!  However throughout 1/2 of it, I was hoping you would include a HINT of a romance between the Duke and Dora.  I planned to ask you to consider the idea but I read your comment about having the heroine in mind......hopefully it is she!  I cannot wait to find out! 
Again, I have enjoyed your work for a decade now and look forward to continue to do so in the future!

Posted On 11-04-2014 4:11 AM
Name: Maria Maurer
City/State or Province: Vienna
Country: Austria/Europe
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh!

  Thank you for giving us so wounderful books, I spent the most relaxing weekend reading "Only Enchanting", I loved it!!! I am looking forward to the next books of the survivors, it will be hard to wait, but that builds the character, as I always tell my children. But I have a request, I know that it is imprudent, but I dare it, because I care so much (that is what you do to your readers): PLEASE give Georges Duke of Stanbrook in his books some more children of his own! I know he is older but he is sooo wounderful as a fatherfigur, you cannot waste that. I am pretty sure that you mean to pair him with Dora Debbins and that is wounderful, but also she needs children of her own, being mother to her sister, and a good mother but she also deserves children of her own...Please give it some thoughts!!!!!! Thank you! And greetings from Austria, your happy reader Maria

Posted On 11-02-2014 12:33 PM
City/State or Province: London
Country: England
Comment: Hello Mary, Just finished reading only enchanting and loved it, Can you give us a clue as to the dukes lady, I think Dora would make a loely companion for him they are both lonely souls but beautiful people and I think they would be wonderful together. I can't wait for the remaining Survivors club stories to be published but will also be sad when their stories end. Please keep writing such lovely stories. All the best Christine

Posted On 10-30-2014 5:32 AM
Name: Veera Mäkelä
City/State or Province: Helsinki
Country: Finland
Comment: Hello Mary!

First I want to say, thank you for your wonderful books! They are delightful in how carefully and subtly they are crafted, and they have saved many a long, boring car trip to the countryside.

My second point is actually a question. I am currently working on my Master's thesis in English, and am writing about some of the feminist aspects in Dark Angel, Lord Carew's Bride (possibly my favourite romance novel to date) and The Famous Heroine. At this point in my research I have started wondering, how aware of the feminist criticism of the romance novel and the developments in the field of romance studies in the 1980s were you when you started writing? Do you consciously concentrate on the issues of feminism, or do they occur intuitively while writing?

And as a third point, I would just like to say how much I love the line that introduces Frank in The Famous Heroine. It is so remarkably representative of his character and how others perceive him, and yet so subtle as to be easily overlooked.
Thank you so much for your novels! They give me so much joy and academic inspiration! I am soon on my way to buy Only Enchanting, and cannot wait to curl up with it!

My very best wishes!

Posted On 10-22-2014 10:37 AM
Name: RS Johnson
City/State or Province: Maine
Country: USA
Comment: I have read most of your books over the years and am looking forward to the new series !

Posted On 10-15-2014 4:45 PM
Name: Gail Kurtz
City/State or Province: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Thank you so much Mary for your wonderful list of series.  I have read and re-read many of your books.  I am just finishing "The Escape" and looking forward to finding book #4 in our Medicine Hat Public Library.  I intend to ask if they are bringing it in.  Thank you again for many pleasurable hours of reading.

Gail Kurts

Posted On 09-20-2014 6:52 PM
Name: TJ Casey
City/State or Province: Washington
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary!

I want to Thank You for writing such wonderful books.  Your ability to create an entire world where characters from different books interact (not just in a series) and the way you show different facets of their character from different points of view is what keeps me coming back for more.  Everyone has it in them to be both a villain and a hero and you show that in every book.  I also enjoy the fact that you choose characters that are physically wounded (as well as emotionally and spiritually) as your main characters.  Your books are the perfect blend of fiction and reality and as long as you continue to write I will continue to read them.

TJ Casey

Posted On 09-18-2014 11:26 AM
Name: Amy J
City/State or Province: AZ
Country: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed many of your books over the years, but wanted to say thanks for "A Christmas Promise", which I just discovered at my library.
This is possibly the BEST Christmas romance I have ever read! So many Christmas stories are focused on the romance, and miss the warmth of the season. You have included all the traditional Christmas activities, and used them to bring the hero and heroine together.  And there are shining moments where you bring the true meanings of Christmas out, unafraid to bring the action to a halt for a moment of quiet contemplation.
I enjoyed watching Randy and Ellie learn to let go of their preconceived ideas of the other, and find the inner beauty and character ot this new spouse. And the redemption of the 'villain' was fun to watch, too.
Thanks, too, for using the sexual scenes to further the story, not to sell the book. I'm really tired of skipping twenty pages of intimacy to get on with the story. But every sex scene in this book is important to the developing relationship between the characters, and you don't over-describe them.
Again, thanks for many wonderful reading adventures, especially this one, which is going at the top of my 'buy now' list.

Posted On 09-08-2014 9:42 PM
Name: Lara Jones
City/State or Province: London
Country: UK
Comment: I'm a BIG fan of your work!!! I loved the BEDWYN SAGA, THE MISTRESS TRIOLOGY, HUXTABLE QUINTET (I think they are your best work ever).
I was wondering if in your next  books will you give us  epilogues?? sometimes
readers may need additional information about the main characters to satisfy their expectation that they will live happily ever after.

Posted On 08-25-2014 6:48 AM
Name: Angelique Potgieter
City/State or Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Comment: Dear Mary

I have just discovered your book, on my Gobi no less!! I was a devout Johanna Lindsey fan, but after reading you book, A Secret Affair, I am now converted.

I haven't read a book to the end where there hasn't been a least one spelling mistake or storyline errors, but after reading this book, I must confess, I am impresses. I loved the book and will endeavour to read all your other books.

Keep up the good work.

Posted On 08-19-2014 6:25 AM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: London
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Hello Mary I have just finished ready your Bedwyn series in Paperback and wonder if there are any plans to bring them out on kindle format or as audio books, I do love to listen to the stories, I already have some of your Mistress series in audio format and have just been able to obtain the simply series in audio format. Do you have any plans on writing about the Bedwyn children, I know you do not like to revisit your Hero and Heroine in new stories but it would be nice to hear about their children, especially Aidan and Eve adopted children who already had characters of their own Love your books All the best Christine

Posted On 08-05-2014 3:53 PM
Name: Jenny Thompson
City/State or Province: York
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Dear Mary I would just like to leave a quick message about 'The Escape'. This book touched me in a way I had not expected. I myself was involved in a very bad car accident with a drunk driver which left me on crutches for years afterwards (I was only 21 the time). I have now escaped these but I live with the knowledge that I shall never run again and that movement will forever be clumsy and sore, apart from when I am in water of course, there is nothing like it to lift the spirits... in water I can actually jump :) . I got married earlier this year and a crowning achievement for me was that I (like Ben) was able to do a very slow waltz (luckily a big dress meant that no one could see my flailing feet!!) which moved some of my family to tears. Your portrayal of Ben was very accurate to the feelings and frustrations that I have. It is now 7 years since my accident and I am still getting my life back on track again in so many ways. I still mourn the loss of my early 20's as while my friends jetted off across the globe I learnt how to walk again(I, like Ben, am also determined that there are still improvements to be made)and learnt to accept that I would need a career change. I was shocked when I read on your blog that you simply put yourself in your characters shoes. I was convinced when reading 'The Escape' that you must have spoken to people in a similar situation. You are obviously an incredibly talented woman. Thank you so much for writing this story and in fact the whole Survivors series as it is nice to see perfect love can happen to those who society could perceive as imperfect. After my experiences I never thought I would marry and I thank my blessings every day in finding someone who loved me and accepted me for who I was regardless of mental or physical scars. But as he always points out... he never knew the person I was before and it is the woman I am now that he fell in love with. Anyway I think I have rambled on for long enough. But I just wanted to say thank you so much for writing such a beautiful book which I could connect with on such a personal level. I look forwards to reading the rest of the Survivors Club series as it is written. But until then I still have lots of your other books that I haven't read yet to keep me entertained (I only discovered your works a couple of years ago and there are so many of them) Best wishes Jenny

Posted On 07-30-2014 9:43 PM
City/State or Province: GREYBULL, WY
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books. I love your characters and the continuing stories..I love series. Thank you for all your hard work and creativity.

Posted On 07-24-2014 10:58 AM
Name: Angie Demos
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh, I'm wondering whether the Christmas stories you've written so far will be published in one book ? I currently have "Under the Mistletoe", but as you know, it contains only a few of your stories. It would be wonderful if another anthology could be published of the stories that are not in "Under the Mistletoe", if not all of them together. Thank you and have a great day, Angie

Posted On 07-17-2014 7:52 PM
Name: Hope Morrissett
City/State or Province: Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary; I am a long time reader and a number of years ago I made an effort to collect all of your books to that point (many now sadly crumbling a bit).  So you know that I have really appreciated your stories, especially plots that have characters deal with real issues, especially historically accurate issues.  You, I believe, are the most conscientious about those aspects of your stories.  Now I'm old enough that my eyes no longer function well enough to be able to read print for long periods of time.  I still am buying your books as ebooks when they come out to be able to have them when my old books are dust, but more and more I'm listening to audiobooks.  I had a few of your audiobooks in my wishlist and meant to buy them when I could.  Then several of them simply disappeared off of Audible, shown as no longer available!  Your new books come out on audio, but I really miss your older books, there were so many special and heartwarming stories.  Is there any chance at all that your publishers will go into your back list and start filling out your whole (enormous!) set of stories?  Georgette Heyer's books are getting released on audio bit by bit, so I'm hoping that a similar choice will be made for your books.  Even with so many new romances on the shelves, yours stand out and deserve to be available for all readers, even those of us whose eyesight is going on us.  Also, thank you for your continued productivity; it's nice to look ahead to see that there is more to come.
With scads of appreciation, Hope

Posted On 07-08-2014 10:58 PM
Name: Michele Gavin
City/State or Province: Portales, NM
Country: USA
Comment: Just wanted to say thank you for all the wonderful stories you have given us. When I get one of your books I have to really be careful because I get so caught up that I forget about everything else. Your writing transports me to another time. Again, just thank you so much.

Posted On 06-23-2014 5:13 PM
Name: mamta
Country: uk
Comment: Hi! I would just like to find out whether there are plans to have the Berwyn series out as e books. It would really be nice to have all it books as e books as they are so much easier to read and take with u. If there are no plans then it is a mighty shame as everyone must move with the times. I now only buy e-books so the money I would have spent buying it books will go elsewhere xx

Posted On 06-22-2014 11:07 AM
Name: Evelyn Christianson
City/State or Province: central Iowa
Country: USA

Dear Ms. Balogh,

Please feel free to truncate/edit this if you choose to post it into your guestbook where other reader fans will see it, because I wouldn't want my question to you about Berwick to wrongly appear to imply any criticism of the book itself. I simply have a question about one element of the reading done by Proposal's voice talent, Ms. De Leeuw.

May I ask if you requested that Rebecca De Leeuw, audiobook narrator of The Proposal, read Berwick as burr-wick (“w” voiced) instead of using its normal Brit pronunciation bear-ik, or were Ms. De Leeuw's pronunciations decided upon without seeking your input as the author, either by her or by someone at Recorded Books?

The apparent mispronunciation of Berwick struck me as a rather odd choice, particularly since both the names Ralph and Trentham were pronounced traditionally, very suitable for the when and the where of the novel's setting. As characters in that era and from the locations of the novel's setting, Ralph would indeed sound like Rafe (e.g. Ralph Fiennes), and since these characters are Brits not New Zealanders, Trentham would have a silent h, thus a t-sound rather than the th-sound of anthropology.

Although I've read Proposal and Arrangement in print (as well as virtually everything on your backlist!), as well as “The Suitor” on Nook, thus far regarding audio I've only listened to The Proposal but not yet to The Arrangement. It may be that perhaps my question has already been in essence answered there. I'm preordering The Escape in print and later this summer I plan purchase Arrangement and Escape from Audible. I must confess, print copies are still my favorite while at home or tucked into my purse to while away any stray moments, but audiobooks are enjoyable especially for hands-occupied times such as driving.

By the way, and this has no relation to my question above about Berwick – are you aware that your surname Balogh is in Debrett's now? I happened to be looking up something else when I noticed it and immediately thought of all of your wonderful books and short fictions.

With thanks and respect for your top-class work, for the decades of enjoyment which I've had reading you,


Evelyn Christianson

June 22, 2014

Posted On 06-18-2014 12:22 AM
Name: Tracey
City/State or Province: Buffalo, ny
Country: Usa
Comment: I'm waiting impatiently for Wulfrics story to be available from the library. The time is dragging by slower than my time on a treadmill.

Posted On 06-06-2014 11:02 PM
Name: Tracey
City/State or Province: Buffalo, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Thank goodness I don't sleep much! More time for reading your incredibly addictive novels. I'm just thinking how splendid a film "The Famous Heroine" would make. Really, the scene with the poodles? I was snorting! Have you ever written screenplays?

Posted On 06-02-2014 10:33 PM
Name: Tracey
City/State or Province: Buffalo, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Well you've done it again! Another semi-sleepless night with a Mary B classic. This time it was "No Man's Mistress". Genius stroke of Ferdie's virginity. Made me think dirty thoughts about the kid who bags my groceries. These books are addictive!

Posted On 05-09-2014 12:19 AM
Name: Roxanne Balogh
City/State or Province: Bremerton, Washington
Country: USA
Comment: As you can see, my last name is Balogh, actually I am borrowing from my husband, Wayne, and his mother's name is Mary. She lives in Louisville, KY. His father's name is Louis Edward, he lives in Denver, CO. His family is Hungarian and quite a few settled in Cleveland, OH. Coincidence?

Posted On 05-06-2014 2:26 PM
Name: bibiana
City/State or Province: distrito federal
Country: méxico
Comment: Hi Mary,

My english it's not good. Here in México there are very few books, still, ¡¡¡ I love your hystories!!, and I look forward to publishing the amount everyone.

Each of your
stories is one that makes me happier, ¡¡thanks for writing!
!! My book favorite is "SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS", I love Wulfric Bedwin

Thanks for your time, :)

Posted On 05-01-2014 5:24 PM
Name: Leah
City/State or Province: Farmington
Country: USA
Comment: I love your Simply series and have recently reread them. I kept thinking when I read Simply Perfect that David Jewel and Lizzie Pickford would have a great story. I have read some of your other books but not all, so I have no idea if I am stating something already done. However, if it is not I would really enjoy something about those two.

Posted On 04-26-2014 3:35 PM
Name: Cecilia
Country: Italy
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,

After many recommendations, I tried one of your novels, The Secret Pearl, and I was completely hooked on it. I finished it in two days and I've now started A Precious Jewel. I'm leaving you this message to let you know that I did a little drawing for Fleur and Adam in The Secret Pearl:
Thank you for providing me such a delightful entertaiment in what would otherwise have been a quite lonely week..

Posted On 04-23-2014 3:11 PM
Name: Liz Joyce
City/State or Province: Dartmouth, N.S.
Country: Canada
Comment: I recently discovered your books and have been on quite a Mary Balogh jag ever since :) Thank heavens for my  local library as well as Kobo. The Proposal was the first of your novels that I read (devoured), and since then I have devoured many more. I'm glad reading is a calorie-free indulgence.

Posted On 04-15-2014 3:05 PM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Lancaster, PA
Country: US
Comment: I wish more of your books were available on audio.  I have every one I can find as I cannot see well enough to read well.  Please, please, please, see that more of your delightful stories can be made available for those of whose eyes are going!  Thanks.

Posted On 03-11-2014 5:05 PM
Name: Barbara
City/State or Province: Smithville, MO
Country: USA
Comment: Ive been reading your books for years and am glad to say I have copies of almost every one of them.  I have read them so many times they are getting  tattered.
I am one who is glad to see them published in ebook form.  I have a backup copy  :)   I am looking forward to INDISCREET being published in ebook.  Hope that is coming soon.
My favorites I think are your Christmas stories.  I  read those every year to get me in the spirit so to speak.   They have everything you could want to embody Christmas-family, love,  personal sacrifices for family members, hope, forgiveness and redemption.
Look forward to more of you wonderful stories.

Posted On 03-07-2014 5:16 PM
Name: Katie
City/State or Province: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, I just wanted to say I really enjoy your books!I have read the BBedwyn prequels, The Bedwyn books, and The Huxtables. I am just starting the "Simply" series and I was really excited to see Sydnam has a story. My other favorite character was Hector from "Slightly Dangerous". I was wondering if he has a story or if you have one planned for him? Anyway, thanks for writing! Katie

Posted On 02-06-2014 12:40 AM
Name: BJ Todd
City/State or Province: Oelwein, Iowa
Country: USA
Comment: A comment about E-Book Only Publishing. I know, at one time, you expressed that you know there are a lot of readers who don't like e-books. I have never understood why they would only publish in e-book formats. I personally like holding the book in my hand but, other than that I feel it is not, at this time, a good idea for only e-book formats. Not everyone can purchase an electronic device to read this format, there are numerous formats and no universal device to read them all, and once you purchase this e-book and your electronic device quits working and you lose your file, not only do you have to purchase another device but, you will probably have to repurchase the e-book, again. To bad publishers prefer this possibility for profit purposes. I work with computers and etc. and know that electronic companies think the same way. If there was a way to guarantee performance of devices, I wouldn't be so disappointed when they choose to publish a book in e-book format. This has happened to me recently and is very frustrating because I happen to be a reader that re-reads my books, numerous times. So, if anyone else complains about e-books, it's probably because of one of these reasons. I posted this incase there was anyone out there who didn't understand the disappointment of e-book format only.

Posted On 02-01-2014 1:56 PM
City/State or Province: Hillsdale
Country: USA
Comment: I have been steadily reading through the Bedwyns, the Huxtables, The Survivors' Club and the Simply series. It is very difficult to keep track of all the characters and how they are connected to each other. It would greatly enhance my enjoyment of these books if you could provide a "family tree" of these families. One reads the novels over a period of time and forgets exactly who is who. It would also help if you could put the books sequences on the titles or somewhere, maybe linked to the family tree. Your characterization is very realistic and gives depth to the novels! Thank you! These novels are addictive. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Posted On 12-26-2013 5:48 PM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Munich
Country: Germany
Comment: Hallo again Mrs. Balogh, I wrote to you some time ago. Thanks for answering back then. :-) I´m always happy when an author I admire responds to my message. I found myself coming back today after having finished A Counterfeit Betrothal. It was a wonderful read. I found myself reading some parts aloud, just to see if I could make my voice sound like Sophias´ every time she called Francis a toad, or snake, or...whatever. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I will read A Notorious Rake right after it, just to find out if Edmond is as amusing as Francis. I started reading your books when I was about 17 or 18 years old. A time, where the only romantic books I tolerated were Twilight and The Anita Blake novels (because of the sexual content :-D) Nowadays I pride myself on owning almost every single book you have ever written, except for those written before I was born, but they are coming out soon I heard and I´m looking forward to it a lot. Through you, I started reading other authors such as Hannah Howell and Lisa Kleypas. One could say you have expanded my horizon (is that even the right idiom?) and when I write on occasion I sometimes ask myself how you would write this particular sentence or how you would describe that particular situation. Nowadays I am entirely too unhappy with my life. I´ve had some very big disappointments at my job. I used to love it, now I am not so sure anymore. Reading is about one of very little things that keep me sane. I have been thinking about actually doing something else for a change. And for one of those things, I would kindly ask your permission. I have wanted for some time now to expand my youtube channel where I read my own written stories (fan fictions) and post song covers of songs I love. I am planning on reviewing some of your books, if not all I own and will own once they are out again. I´d like to read some of the passages that were really entertaining, or heartbreaking or made me smile for whatever reason. I would like my followers to perhaps understand my love for your books, perhaps even return it. I would like to share one of the things that keeps me sane and happy when all else fails. One of the things that never fails to cheer me up, is the fact, that your books always have a happy ending. Happy endings is not something I have experienced in my still too short life. Unhappy endings depress me to no end. I would be delighted to hear from you again. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay healthy and happy. Yours Truly Laura PS: Greetings also from my vocal teacher, who doesn´t really speak too much English but still borrows all your books from me. So far she prefers to read your books over any others and claims her English has improved tremendously since then. :-) I will have to go find The Huxtable series and the Slightly series before January for her. They are my absolute favourites!

Posted On 12-16-2013 2:08 PM
Name: Tricia
City/State or Province: Oxfordshire
Country: UK

Dear Mary,

I have only very recently discovered your books; I started with More Than a Mistress and was hooked! I’ve now read a further seven (mainly from the Huxtable series) and have really enjoyed them. In my opinion, writing about the Regency period, you are up there with Georgette Heyer.

 As I read on my Kindle I was disappointed to see that not all of your books are available in this format; is it likely that this will change soon? I do hope so.

 You asked for recommendations for crime writers; a couple of my favourite authors in this genre are:

Ian Rankin; modern day Edinburgh based detective John Rebus; these books have a great sense of place and are filled with sly humour.

C. J. Sansom; Tudor lawyer cum detective Matthew Shardlake; an engaging, principled character who is a bit of an outsider because he suffers from a hunchback (a sign of evil in Tudor times).

 With all best wishes.

Posted On 12-10-2013 3:20 PM
Name: Margaret DeHoff
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: United States
Comment: First off - I think you're one of the best romance novelists out there! Secondly - I just finished reading 'A Christimas Promise' and couldn't be happier. I'm expecting my second child two days after Christmas and could think of no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to settle-in with a lovely regency novel. This was just perfect and so well written. Thank you for a delightful Christmas treat!!!

Posted On 12-09-2013 1:58 AM
Name: Julie Stevens
City/State or Province: Garland, TX
Country: United States
Comment: I have only recently found your books starting with "The Gilded Web". I had to look you up on the internet to find out if there were more stories to go along with this book! Very, very happy to see the titles, can't wait to find out what happens to James Purnell!! Off to the library tomorrow to see what I can find!!I love series books were the reader gets to know the other characters and is able to see what happens with them!

Posted On 12-08-2013 3:47 PM
Name: Patricia
Comment: I am SO glad to have found you, an author I can enjoy reading! Since this weekend is the first time on your site, I have only read a few blog entries. I LOVED your November blog about too much sex in books, these days. I have been complaining, asking what happened to "clean" romance? I have loved romantic suspense/mystery, since I was a teenager, and read authors like Mary Stewart and Phyllis Whitney. You don't have to exploit/be graphic with sex, to write a good book! Just looking at the image on the cover causes me to avoid many books! I LOOK FORWARD TO READING YOUR BOOKS. Thank you!

Posted On 11-17-2013 5:04 AM
Name: Jetta
City/State or Province: Vancouver
Country: Canada
Comment: Thanks for all your wonderful books. I just found your works a few months ago and have been reading your books everyday/night. I read most of your new series, most from kindle, but also borrowed the non-kindle version from my library. I particularly love your early works, Truly is one of my most favorites. Unfortunately I borrowed the book from the library and have to return it soon. Will you, in  a near future, re-publish this book or print it in kindle. I read from several of your fans' comments, they seem to ask for republishing your early books. I hope you will consider the idea. Thank you. My best.

Posted On 10-26-2013 1:15 AM
Name: Barb Kasiewicz
City/State or Province: McCoy, Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: Living in a tiny town of 30 people in the mountains, I have a lot of free time to devote to my love of books, thank goodness. Not onlu having a Kindle to read on, I have 5 bookcases overflowing in the living room and at least one in each of the 2 bedrooms and computer room! Luckily my husband likes to read also, ha ha.
I can lose myself easily in the Regency period, as well as historical novels based in Scotland , Ireland and Wales. Your novels are especially entertaining,to the point that I hate  to turn out the light at night! I love the Christmas ones the best.. Gets me in the mood for the holidays.Keep up the great work,

Posted On 10-08-2013 2:34 PM
Name: Kristin Clark
City/State or Province: North Kingstown, RI
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Whoops! Just read your "Coming Up" area and saw that "Silent Melody" is going to be reissued next year -- yay! Keeping my fingers crossed regarding "The Obedient Bride".

Posted On 10-08-2013 1:41 PM
Name: Kristin Clark
City/State or Province: North Kingstown, RI
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Just re-read "The Proposal". I love your books so much. There is such heart, wisdom, and love to them. I'll bet your former students adored you. I have almost all of your books. Will "The Obedient Bride" be reissued at some point in the future? And, "Silent Melody"? I'd like to have sturdier copies of those two. I have talked up your books to relatives who are skeptical regarding the worth of romance novels. You do the genre proud. P.S. I love the wickedly clever way in which you portray selfish, whiny characters through their dialogue -- it reminds me strongly of Jane Austen. And, I love the high-brow humor you convey through the dialogue of characters you like, such as Flavian of The Survivors' Club. I haven't seen any other author construct humorous dialogue in quite the manner that you do. So enjoyable.

Posted On 10-05-2013 10:39 AM
Name: Patricia
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have just had the pleasure to read 'The Arrangement'.  Once again, you have presented a lovely story which enables one to break away from today's toils and strife. 

I am very glad you did not restore Vincent's sight.  You have made a statement to the effect that people with disabilities can live full and rewarding lives.  Your next novel, The Affair, looks like it will follow along the same lines.  Looking forward to reading it.

Thank you.

Posted On 10-03-2013 8:30 AM
Name: Linda
City/State or Province: Cleveland, OH
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading the excerpt of "The Escape" and can't wait for it to come out. I'm a huge fan of your books since I was introduced to them in the last few years by a fellow fan. I've bought most of the current ones and ferreted out many of the older titles in secondary markets and have loved many of those too.

I'm enjoying the new series and really like the direction "The Escape" takes in the sample for us to savor. Really looking forward to this and to having an update on the earlier couples we've come to know.

Thanks for all your hard work that brings so much pleasure.

Posted On 09-26-2013 10:25 PM
Name: Violet Bilbao
City/State or Province: Quezon City
Country: Philippines
Comment: Good day to you! I am a Creative Writing major in the University of the Philippines. I've been a fan of your work for years, and today I want to ask you about the process of how you write/flesh out the character of your heroes, especially in The Arrangement and Seduction of An Angel, both of your novels which I would like to use for my term paper for my elective (a course which study romance novels). I hope you can send me a message about this. Thank you very much!

Posted On 09-25-2013 2:35 PM
Name: Bob Calhoun
City/State or Province: Tequesta, Fl
Country: USA
Comment: OK. I finally got it to work. I think I have been doing most of my email on my tablets and that seems to be where the problem was. I'll have to use my laptop for this.

Love your books and hate to be a problem so maybe now I can enter some of your games without being a pest. Any idea how I can send a picture or do I need an email address? Let's face it, some of your puns deserve an answer. A groan isn't sufficient.

Love ya,
Bob C

Posted On 09-19-2013 9:10 PM
Name: Jez
City/State or Province: Sydney
Country: Australia
Comment: There is only a small selection of your books available as e-books at amazon_australia. Are there any plans for making more available? I'd really like the full-set of Bedwyn-related novels.


Posted On 09-19-2013 2:05 AM
Name: Jennifer
Comment: I just finished reading Then Comes Seduction and while I really enjoyed the first book in the Huxtables series, I absolutely fell in love with both Katherine and Jasper in this book. Their love and laughter was infectious and I found myself not being able to put the book down. Out of about 100 romance novels (not exaggerating :P) that I own, this one has now made it to one of my top favorites. Keep up the amazing work and thank you!

Posted On 09-18-2013 1:36 PM
Name: Maria Millner
City/State or Province: NEW MEXICO
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary: Once again I would like to say that I've enjoyed your books so very so many other women. Perhaps you don't remember this, but about a year or a little less ago, I told you how my dream was return to England and possibly to Wales as well. I had no idea how I could do it at the time, but I put an enormous historical map of England and Wales in the correct corner of my living room according to Feng Shui...haha, but guess what, it worked. My dear son gave me the plane fare, and I've been able to save up the rest so that on October 15 (my birthday), I'll be flying to England with a stop over in Dublin, and I'll get to spend 9 days in Britain taking day trips on the Britrail from Stratford. What a birthday present!!! I hope that I can also get to Wales least as far as Tintern Abby, which was already a hallowed shrine and touristic treasure even during the Regency period of which you write. You sent me back a note wishing me well, and I just wanted to share my happy news with you. Well, dear, all the best, and keep the great books coming...Maria

Posted On 08-28-2013 11:15 AM
Name: elaine bishop
City/State or Province: Bristol
Country: England
Comment: Hi Mary,

I found it !!!  The quote in "Simply Love".  Page 87 Lady Rosthorn to David.  "The real meaning of things lies deep down and the real meaning of things is always beautiful because it is simply love."

Wow, needed to think about that one a bit but deffinately worth thinking about.  Great book!


Posted On 08-28-2013 10:40 AM
Name: elaine bishop
City/State or Province: Bristol
Country: England
Comment: Hi Mary,

I'm actually here to ask for help.  "Simply Love", I've just read it.  Fantastic book nearly as good as "A Matter of Class" which I think was the best historical romance ever.

Anyway, I am taking an NVQ3, as I doubt you know what that is it's a qualification which I'm taking through work.  Part of my work is to write a review and comment on other reviews for my chosen book.  I choose "Simply Love".  Now I know that the title comes from a quote in the book, something along the lines of everything comes down to simply love.  I've scanned back and forth through the book for this quote and cannot find it.  I thought it was made to Anne by the lady painter whose name escapes me at the moment but it's not where I thought it was.  Please, please can you tell me the quote and the person who said it.  The page number would be great.  It's driving me mad.  I know I read it.

Keep up the good work,


Posted On 08-19-2013 5:10 PM
Name: Elaine
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Author,
The Proposal is the very first book written by you and  I LOVED IT LOVED IT LOVED IT.
I cheered, cried and laughed, started the book last night and finished this afternoon.  Thank you for a very enjoyable  24 hours.

Posted On 08-08-2013 9:18 PM
Name: Lisa White
City/State or Province: London, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books. They were some of the first historical romance books that I read and I have been hooked ever since. In fact Silent Melody is one of my all-time favourite books. I still read it a few times a year, especially when I need a feel-good book to cheer me up. Thank you for writing these amazing books that bring happiness to readers like me. I'm sure I'll still be reading your books over and over years from now and they will still bring a smile to my face every time.

Posted On 08-01-2013 10:00 AM
Name: Ria Cheyne
City/State or Province: Liverpool
Country: UK
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh, I'm a big fan of your books, and I'm also an academic specialising in genre fiction and disability in literature. I recently published an article about your work and I wondered if you would be interested in seeing a copy. The details are: Ria Cheyne, 'Disability Studies Reads the Romance'. Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies 7.1 (2013): 47-53 Abstract As the most popular of the popular genres, romance novels are an important site of investigation for cultural disability studies, a field concerned with the effects that representations of disability have on the world. The article explores the productive potentials of a dialogue between cultural disability studies and popular romance studies. With a focus on selected novels by Mary Balogh, a bestselling author of historical romance, the argument is that the frequent use of disabled characters, and the way in which those characters are depicted, positions all disabled characters as potential romantic actants, and encourages readers to reflect critically upon how they conceptualize disability. Like most articles in academic journals, it's behind a paywall, but I would be very happy to send you a hard copy. I'm also working on a book on disability in genre fiction, under contract with Liverpool University Press, where I discuss your work. I look forward to continuing to enjoy your work (as a reader) and to write about it (as a scholar). Best wishes, Ria Dr Ria Cheyne Lecturer in English Literature Liverpool Hope University

Posted On 07-07-2013 11:39 PM
Name: Judith Anderson
City/State or Province: AZ
Country: USA
Comment: Oh, no.  My message was lost.  I am visually impaired and have trouble with validation codes.

Finished The Proposal tonight, and I was so impressed by how Hugo's struggle with PTSD was written. Having dealt with this I know how the truth of what one is thinking just comes blurting out, unfiltered.

Characters who do not deserve books or happy ending but might deserve each other are the new Lord Muir, Grayson, and Vera Parkinson.  Some disaster might force this to happen.

Posted On 06-30-2013 12:30 PM
Name: Dorothy D'Auria
City/State or Province: Matawan, NJ
Country: United States
Comment: I have become a huge fan after reading many of your wonderful stories over the last year. My favorites are More Than A Mistress and The Secret Pearl. I would like to enter your online contest but am not sure how to do this. I still have much catching up to do but please keep your wonderful stories coming!

Posted On 06-17-2013 4:54 PM
Name: Linda Thompson
Country: UK
Comment: Dear Mary

I was interested to read your comments on the beta male heroes in your novels.

I think it is refreshing to have a hero like this, after all beauty is in the eye of the beholder and good looks will fade but a mans character and personality will be much longer lasting!

I was wondering whether it would be harder for an author to write about a heroine who was a beta female!!

I know one of your characters ( I think she was called Lady Gwendoline) had a limp as a result of a riding accident. The regency high society seemed to set such a high value on good looks and large fortunes!

Have you ever thought of having a hero and heroine who are more mature in years for example.

By the way, I was thinking why I did not like the mass market cover with the guy on the front! I have come to the conclusion that it is because he looks different from the picture i have of the hero in my mind!

I guess, as readers, we all have different pictures of the characters in our minds which is why books are so much better than TV !

kind regards

Posted On 06-14-2013 2:35 PM
Name: Genie Bridwell
City/State or Province: Portland OR
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for your letting us know how you will handle the comments we send to you. It was reassuring to know that you will take such care with our contact information.

I am a new reader and have been reading the Bedwyn series. I just found A Matter of Class and decided to read it within an hour of getting home. I didn't get up again until I finished it. I enjoyed it tremendously and especially liked reading about the past in between chapters about the present. Near the end, I had a sudden thought about a possible ending. I was right! I was so excited for Reggie and Anna and their families.

Now I have a list of all your books so I will be sitting down and reading them, and reading them.

Posted On 06-11-2013 11:17 AM
Name: Despie Stefos
City/State or Province: FL
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mrs. Balogh,

I have begun to read The Secret Pearl, the only one of your many books so far, and just chose it at random among all your stand-alone novels. I noticed however, there's no date as to the setting. Is it Regency ? Victorian ? Thank you for your help.



Posted On 06-04-2013 11:08 PM
Name: Ev Bedard
City/State or Province: Saratoga Sprs, NY
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, I tried to enter the contest on your blog but couldn't figure out how to do it??
I enjoy the series that keep characters alive more than for one book & we learn what happened in lives of other characters.  I really like the Survivers Series because not all are perfect (mentally, physically or emotionally) yet they deserve a lifetime of happiness & love, too.  Thanks

Posted On 06-04-2013 5:15 PM
Name: Sharon
City/State or Province: Weatherford, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I really enjoy your writing, especially the stories about average-looking female protagionists (e.g. Lady Mornington) who are brave enough to be themselves and still get the guy anyway. Yay!

I so wish I had an English teacher like you when I was in high school.

Posted On 06-02-2013 3:35 PM
Name: Jasmine White
City/State or Province: Denmark SC
Country: United states
Comment: Your site is epic and I love it. I'm an English Major at Voorhees College and I was hoping you had some helpful tips for me. I want to be a writer while teaching school.

Posted On 05-31-2013 7:32 PM
Name: Susan N
City/State or Province: Oklahoma
Comment: I love your new website.  It is fabulous!!

Posted On 05-30-2013 1:12 PM
Name: jen
City/State or Province: New york
Comment: I love your books especially the Bedwyn series and the ones in which the Bedwyns show up. I was wondering if you have family trees for your series because there are times that it gets confusing who is related to whom and how.

Posted On 05-21-2013 10:52 PM
Name: May Cottrell
City/State or Province: Joplin, Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: You asked what stories we would like to see printed from your past  and I was not  aware of how many you have written..I have only been reading them for about 2 or 3 years... But I looked at all you have written and I am thrilled that there are so many to find.. So I wish you would start back and have your favorites put back in print... I also have a Kindle ,  so I wouldn't mind getting some on that as well   ....I will be looking forward to anyy I can find.....

Posted On 05-19-2013 7:31 PM
Name: Louise Pacheco
City/State or Province: Oceanside, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I found the scrolling on your booklists impossible to maneuver. One barely touches it and the scrolling runs a marathon. I couldn't get enough control to click on the right book. I much prefered the list on your previous site before you redesigned it.

Posted On 05-19-2013 7:16 PM
Name: Louise Pacheco
City/State or Province: Oceanside, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I've written before and again: I love your books! I've been reading them since the late 80;s.

Books I'd like to see in print again:

Heartless, Unforgiven, Secrets of the Heart, Lord Carew's Bride, An Un acceptable Offer, The Unwanted Governess---in that order with Heartless first. .

One comment: I've noticed that the cover of THE PROPOSAL in paperback is different than the hardcover cover. I LOVE the cover of the hardcover. The cover of the paperback does bother me. Romance has such a bad reputation--it is trash. To me, of course, it is NOT that at all, especially, ESPECIALLY your books. BUT the covers give such a different message than what is IN the book. The hardcover cover of THE PROPOSAL reflects what I feel the book is like. But the paperback edition to me looks like a lot of sexy, 'trashy' beefcake.  I know the author has no say in covers but I would really like to put in my two cents worth here in case it just might create change somewhere. I really wish covers like the paperback THE PROPOSAL were not used for your books. Not only do they give the genre a bad name and perpetuate that bad name, it does NOT reflect what the book is about. I do not read your books for the sex, but for the loving development of a relationship and the surrounding loving relationships. It's the love, real love, that draws me to your books.

Maybe you like these cover types. If so, I don't mean to offend. :)

Posted On 05-05-2013 5:18 PM
Name: Judith Anderson
City/State or Province: Phoenix, AZ
Country: USA

I am so enjoying the dual versions of your older books and getting caught up on things I had somehow missed.

My only issue is that I bought the newly released A Counterfeit Betrothal and The Notorious Rake yesterday and finished them both in less than 11 hours. So, now, what to read next?  When an atmosphere of a book has been so intense, it is hard to switch gears to something else.

The themes about pride and the developed habit of holding on to feeling wronged preventing reconciliation and forgiveness in these two books is so important.

I especially enjoyed the parents story in A Counterfeit Betrothal.

Thank you so much for writing and sharing such stories.


Posted On 04-30-2013 12:26 PM
Name: Bee Ridgway
City/State or Province: Philadelphia, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Hello -- I wrote you a thank you note years ago because I found your treatment of a lesbian couple so refreshingly sympathetic.  Now I'm writing to say that my first novel, THE RIVER OF NO RETURN, which is partly a Regency, was published last week -- so this is another thank you.  Your marvelous prose, your delicate characterizations, your pursuit of the precise, human reason for every action -- all such an inspiration to me -- thank you.  I reread SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS last night to give myself a treat, and it's just perfect.

Posted On 04-27-2013 9:08 AM
Name: molina
City/State or Province: robion
Country: france

Posted On 04-26-2013 7:23 AM
Name: DC
Country: Germany
Comment: The books you write are always entertaining. Thank you for that gift.
My first question that I probably should ask of more than one author:  Is it possible that (just) your short stories, often published in book form with other author's short storiers, be published as stand-alone e-novellas? I'm sure that I am not the only one who is not a fan of the publishing houses that require the purchase of an entire ebook - that one has already read in paperbook form - and have found three of the four authors offerings a waste of one's reading time. It is not only a waste of my reading time, which is valuable to me, but also a waste of the readers' hard-earned money.
My second question: Will your older out-of-print books eventually be published in ebook form? I am currently reading one of Elizabeth Peter's older books now available in ebook form. Although it is "dated" her books remain a delight, filled with intrigue and humor. I'd love to see more of your older novels and short stories available as ebooks/e-novellas.
Again, thank you for the entertainment.
Best regards,

Posted On 04-22-2013 3:50 PM
Name: iris jimenez
City/State or Province: san jose
Country: costa rica
Comment: Love your books.. well the three that I have read! - Truly, A Silent Melody, A Secret Affair. My favorite is A Silent Melody. Please let me know when you're on a book tour, convention, etc., I would love if you autographed "A Silent Melody". - one of your many fans, Iris

Posted On 04-16-2013 10:31 AM
Name: Louise Ringuette
City/State or Province: Kitchener, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Being an avid reader since I was 12 years old, I would like to commend you on the wonderful stories that are classics to be read and re-read throughout the years. I hope that there are many more years of your wonderful work that I can look forward to. Take care of yourself and your wonderful family.

Posted On 04-10-2013 12:28 PM
Name: Beverly
City/State or Province: Burns TN.
Country: Dickson
Comment: A friend shared one of your books with me and I was instantly hooked. Since that day I have read as many of your books that I could buy. I love the way you weave your characters in and out of your different books. Thanks!

Posted On 04-10-2013 5:39 AM
Name: Phyllis Walker
City/State or Province: Days Creek, OR
Country: U.S.
Comment: Dear Mary,

For 52 years after entering kindergarten, my life revolved around school, first on one side of the desk and then on the other.  At last, in 1985. when my husband and I retired and moved from CA to OR, I was free to endulge my yen to read more than just the classics.  Almost immediately, I discovered your historical novels and was hooked!  I just finished re-reading A Precious Jewel and was even more deeply moved by the characters and story than I was the first time.  Thanks for all the years of happiness and pleasant escape your novels have provided me, as well as the meaningful life lessons. 

Most sincerely,

Phyllis Walker


Posted On 04-09-2013 7:36 AM
Name: Inma del Álamo
City/State or Province: Madrid
Country: Spain
Comment: I'm absolutely in love with your books. Will we be able to see them on TV? I would love to see the Bedwyn siblings in a movie. Hope you consider it!

Posted On 03-31-2013 9:40 PM
Name: Suzanne Atkins Noll
City/State or Province: Tustin
Country: United States
Comment: I love your books in all formats! Will there be an audio version of Slightly Dangerous, my favorite?

Posted On 03-24-2013 6:07 PM
Name: Eve
City/State or Province: Phelan, CA
Country: United States
Comment: Your upcoming book the arrangement is only being released in paperback? I would only want hardback to match the first of the series.  Please tell me it will eventualy come out in hardback.  Thank you love your books.

Posted On 03-24-2013 6:06 PM
Name: Patty Hunnicutt
City/State or Province: Encino
Country: United States
Comment: Absolutely love your books! Your upcoming book "The Arrangement", is coming out in paperback, however, Us die hard collectors would love it in hardback to go with our other lovely Balogh books. Please consider hardback :)

Posted On 03-24-2013 11:18 AM
Name: Diane Sallans
City/State or Province: Basking Ridge, NJ
Country: United States
Comment: Mary - I just have to tell you how much I Loved 'The Proposal'! Even tho I know the couple will get together by the end, the fun is to see how they do that. And I do love interesting supporting characters - having Hugo's non-aristocratic family mixed in was wonderful, and his love of his lambs really showed his soft side. It's just really hard to wait for the next installments of these series to come out, so I'll have to satisfy myself with working thru the stories in your backlist that I can find. I hope you will give us an update on Hugo & Gwen (hopefully they will have a baby). Oh, and I like the way you gave the thoughts of both Hugo and Gwen so we knew what they were thinking - especially when Hugo would mentally kick himself when he said the wrong thing or didn't say what he really wanted to.

Posted On 03-23-2013 8:20 AM
Name: Beverley Lear
City/State or Province: Victoria
Country: Australia
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have read your books for many years -- with ever increasing delight. I cannot wait for your "next" book to arrive so that I can buy & read & add it to my collection.You have the gift of a great "story-teller", with the ability to use language superbly!!!

I find that you have "got" me within the first chapter -- I am IN the world of the story & the characters & it is difficult to stop reading until it is finished. I love your "series" - my favourite characters are BEWCASTLE & CONSTANTINE HUXTABLE.

I have read the first book of your new series. the SURVIVORS CLUB & loved it. PLEASE keep writing, Mary -- you are truly wonderful.

Posted On 03-16-2013 1:09 PM
Name: Maggie Shields
City/State or Province: Worcester, MA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I have to tell you how fascinated I am by the "spiritual" threads and thoughts that underpin your stories. I am fascinated by how often what I am reading of about the spiritual nature and life is then reflected in your work as well. Personally I enjoy your stories all the more for those gems.... thank you so much! 

Posted On 03-02-2013 1:21 PM
Name: Snow
Country: Canada/Japan
Comment: Dear Miss Mary, Your book, The Proposal, touched me during my journey of going through a heavy loss and a broken heart. I am still going through the process, and I re-read the book. You know pain, and you know how people struggle when facing one's own combat of survival. Your words have power. I have read several books on grieving, but the Proposal really gave me courage and a change of perspective that other , so called expert books, had failed to provide me. I am looking very much forward to read the Survivers series, especially the one of Imogen. How she will live through her awful guilt and loss, and how her frozen heart will, eventually, learn to beat again. Thank you again. Snow

Posted On 03-02-2013 12:37 PM
Name: Jas Gillies
City/State or Province: Brighton
Country: UK
Comment: Dear Mary

I was just re-reading 'Simply Perfect' and 'The Proposal' and wondering whether you would be giving us any details on the many connected families.  In particular, will we find out more about Frances Edgecombe's baby, whether Wulfric and Christine had another boy or a girl for their second child (and if they have had more children), and the children born to Joseph and Claudia (there is a slight mention of Claudia feeling unwell early in her second pregnancy in 'The Proposal').

I love to hear about the characters ongoing lives and linking them into new books seems to create the ' world of Mary Balogh' with a structure and substance beyond the usual historical romances.  It would be great to have family trees too for the Bedwyns, the Butlers, the Wyatts and. of course, the Huxtables.  It's probably asking too much but they would be great to see.

Eagerly anticipating 'The Arrangement' and the other books in your Survivors' Club series.

I wish you good health, strength and determination to continue writing and satisfy your legions of fans who all want to know what happens next....

Thanks, Mary, for all your excellent work.

Posted On 02-28-2013 11:54 PM
Name: shaheen
Comment: hi mary.. love most of your books..the way you convey some underlying message and a sense of fulfillment on reading some of your books.... i just love THE BEDWYNS ,love is an understatement..i love MORE THAN A MISTRESS.. MISTRESS series..A MATTER OF CLASS,SIMPLY series...HUXTABLES(not the first one though)..DARING MASQUERADE..A CERTAIN MAGIC..THE TEMPORARY WIFE..THE PLUMED BONNET..i love HEARTLESS and SILENT MELODY...IRRESISTIBLE and INDISCREET...and of course THE PROPOSAL...the thing i hate is innfidelity after first sight howmuchever good the story is can't tolerate or like such books and there are some you wrote ...but those are just a readers likes and dislikes ...suffice it to say i love your writing style and can admire books which i don't like for the above reasons..just wanted to convey my appreciation and love..i hope you keep writing in style...

Posted On 02-21-2013 1:56 PM
Name: Marilyn Stroncek
City/State or Province: Mt. Vernon, wa
Country: Usa
Comment: Mary, I am so happy to find you again. I So loved the Jane austen/regency era and found the series in the 80's by Signet (I think?) fun - every month getting 3 or 4 new ones to read. I had a couple favorite authors, but you were number 1. I so loved your ladies intelligence and spunk. Then work seemed to be tooooo much for relaxing reading. So now as I enter my 70s this year I'm enjoying full retirement AND more time to read. I will be printing out a copy of all your books and start enjoyi your books again. Thanks for writing for us all these years.

Posted On 02-07-2013 3:40 PM
Name: Katharine Bigel
City/State or Province: Marina del Rey
Country: USA
Comment: I am a big fan of ALL your books - I think I have read almost all your books. I am particularly fond of the Slightly series with Slightly Dangerous being my favorite. OK maybe A Secret Affair from the Huxtable series. Both awesome complex female characters. I love your new book and series. A Matter of Class is a book I give as a gift. Of your older books, the Lady with the Black Umbrella is so funny. I had not read any "romance" novel since I was young and you have tumbled me down the rabbit hole to discovering all these awesome books that have been tucked under romance which I thought incorrectly was "light" reading. Certainly there is some of that in the genre but your books should really are cross-over. I love the craft and care of your writing and the historical accuracy of your characters thinking and speech. Thank-you for many enjoyable hours!

Posted On 02-04-2013 8:01 AM
Name: Kath Ashley
City/State or Province: Ashton Keynes, Wilts
Country: UK
Comment: I have just finished reading "More than a mistress" which is the first book of yours I have read and I have enjoyed it immensely.  (I was a big fan of Georgette Heyer's novels when I was younger).   I am puzzled though by the phrase "come-out ball".  I have never heard this expression before, only "coming out ball" (never with a hyphen).  I am sure that your historical research is immaculate and I would love to know the contemporary source for "come-out ball".

Posted On 02-02-2013 3:35 AM
Name: Linda Kent
City/State or Province: Rome
Country: Italy
Comment: Dear Mary,
I am an Italian fan of your books. I have read them all, both in italian and in english because you are my favorite romance writer. Today for me is a very important day: my first book (Il profumo delle rose selvatiche) is published by Mondadori. With gratitude and deep humility, I wish to dedicate my efforts to you, my romance teacher.

Posted On 01-30-2013 11:32 AM
Name: Linda Eicher
City/State or Province: Southern California
Country: USA

Hello Mary…

To Start with…like all the rest of your fans…I  L O V E  YOUR BOOKS. I am new to romance novels…but not to history, or to *Jane Austen* and her delightful era…which I am so thankful that both my husband I enjoy together.

 I found quite by chance the first three of your *Huxtable Family*, series of books. It was the New Your Times, BEST SELLER part that caught my interest…at first! I was looking for something new and different and thankfully that is just what I found in your books…and needless to say I’m HOOKED!

I also went to have a look at you as an author, and was extremely happy at what I found there. I so much enjoy finding out that I really LIKE the author, whose books I’ve chosen to read and that I have been enjoying so much. My husband and I laughed together, when I read him the part about how you wrote and published your first book…which I can hardly wait to find and add to my *Mary balogh*, reading list too.  I started out with three of your books, read them like the books were on fire, and after finishing  them, I felt an urgent need to go and buy as many of the others that I could find…32 of them actually, at my chuckling, yet very loveable husband’s last count.

I just wanted to say to you… *Thank You*… you have given me, my husband and from what I have read on your site, countless fans, endless hours of enjoyment…for me, pure JOY!!!

PLEASE…don’t stop following your dream…for all our sakes!

Posted On 01-20-2013 1:15 PM
Name: leide bastos
City/State or Province: sao luis maranhao
Country: brazil
Comment: I just want to say that I love your books, and the best one for me is the serie Bedwyn. I read all the book! thanks very much for make me dream with these perfect men

Posted On 01-17-2013 8:44 PM
Name: Michele
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for writing the fifth Huxtable book.  It was so nice to finally get a glimpse into Constantine's character and for him to have some happiness and closure as well.  Fantastic job on the whole series -- I was riveted.  Hard to tell which of the five was my favorite...  (Margaret's, maybe?)  All very well written with distinctive plots that I never would have thought of.

Posted On 01-15-2013 11:53 PM
Name: Gina
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Thank you so much you have changed my life.

Sincerly your fan


Posted On 01-12-2013 4:11 PM
Name: Michele
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Comment: I just had to write to tell you how much I've enjoyed "The Temporary Wife".  It's an excellent read that I just can't get out of my head -- I've read it twice through this week alone and I still don't want to be done with it.  It has both great pacing and a great story line, with none of the silly redundancy like other historical romance novels just trying to clear the 330-page hurdle.

Before this, I had read the four Huxtable sibling books which were also very good, of course (didn't know there was a fifth -- I will be looking for that one as soon as I finish here!), but with "The Temporary Wife", you've simply outdone yourself.  My new top favorite.  I admire your ability to craft such well-worded stories and I thank you for bringing them to the world.

Posted On 01-04-2013 11:36 PM
Name: becky
City/State or Province: oklahoma
Country: usa
Comment: I have read the Huxtables and really loved them; the Bedwyn's and all the connecting series.  I just reread the Proposal and really liked it as well.  Will any of the characters from the Huxtables or the Mistress series ever connect with any of the characters from the Bedwyn's and their orbiting series?  I realized while reading the Proposal, there was a brief mention of Joseph, Claudia and hee hee Wilma.  I just like knowing they are okay.

Posted On 01-04-2013 7:00 PM
Name: Julia G
City/State or Province: Plymouth
Country: England
Comment: It would be great to see your rereleases on kindle. You have such a great backlist!

Posted On 01-04-2013 3:50 PM
Name: Adrienne Stevenson
City/State or Province: Ottawa
Country: Canada
Comment: We met over dinner at SIWC last October, and I was lucky enough to win the copy of "The Proposal" which you had donated as a door-prize. I had just finished saying to you that I never won anything, and then I did!

It was a very enjoyable read, and I'm looking forward very much to the next books in the series.

Happy New Year!

Posted On 01-02-2013 3:27 PM
Name: Joyce
City/State or Province: Georgia
Country: USA
Comment: I keep the books of my favorite authors, and reread them many times.  Every time I read them, I get to enjoy them all over again.  Thanks to your great characters and stories, I have quite a collection of Balogh books.  I just finished The Proposal, which I enjoyed very much..looking forward to the rest of the Survivor Series.

Posted On 12-29-2012 11:34 AM
Name: Pattie
City/State or Province: New York City
Comment: I am such a HUGE fan and have read all of your books available. I have been waiting for years for Silent Melody (and Heartless). Will they ever make a comeback in a re-release?!?

Posted On 12-24-2012 5:28 PM
Name: Joan
City/State or Province: Devon
Country: England
Comment: Dear Mary,
I have been reading with enjoyment your books in my Amazon Kindle, but cannot find your Bedwyn series available in this format.
Can you please tell me why this is, and if they are going to become available for Kindle readers?
With best wishes for a happy Christmas and a successful new year

Posted On 12-13-2012 1:16 PM
Name: Marti Foster
City/State or Province: Chicago, Illinois
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh, on the weekend of December 7, 2012 I was in an absolute panic.  A crisis had hit me hard and my heart was hammering like thunder in my ears.  When I first got the terrible news I sat down in my chair and worked over time to steady my nerves.  I started taking deep breaths and repeating to myself that I could handle this crisis and there was no need to fall apart even though I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs and run like hell.  It took 24 hours for me to get my heart to beat regularly and when I finally could get my legs to move, they walked to my local library of their own accord.  I was standing in the "large type" fiction section and looked at a title, it was "A Secret Affair" by Mary Balogh.  Never heard of you or any of your books.  I snatched the book off the shelf and took it home.  That night I sat in my bed and started on page 1, when I got to page 54 I nearly leapt off the bed.  I read the paragraph over about 10 times and then I went and got a sheet of paper and wrote the quote down word for word.  My life started to change from that moment on.  What the Duke told Hannah about the word "want" stopped me dead in my tracks.  I have read Ernest Holmes, Katherine Ponder, Gregg Braden, Iyana Vanzant and Neville thoroughly hundreds of times.  But not until I read that passage did I understand that I could change my life by changing my attitude.  Almost instantly the crisis was over.  It took about 3 days for things to turn in my favor and I can't begin to tell you how things are turning around even now.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you simply made it plain.  I am expecting, commanding and demanding that I have the best life has to offer.  I am convinced that I deserve it and I shall have it.

Posted On 12-11-2012 2:39 PM
Name: Mare
Country: United States
Comment: We are so pleased that we have found your wonderful books through a referral. We have added your books to our ever growing lists on Paranormal Romance Reads. It is our hope many others come to know and treasure your work as much as we have.
Best to you!

Posted On 12-11-2012 1:50 PM
Name: Pat
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I read Discreet years ago and recently I re read it. Does Viscount Rawleigh's twin brother have a story?

Posted On 12-04-2012 7:03 PM
Name: Heather
City/State or Province: KY
Country: US
Comment: First of all my sister and I are HUGE FANS! We have read everything from the Huxtable series to the Bedwyns and are now purchasing older works and eagerly awaiting 2013 works. i have recently read and purchased A Christmas Bride/Christmas Beau in paper back from a local retailer. The story as usual was remarkable, but there were several pages of critical information left out near the ending of this copy! I would really like to know what happened and was a little disappointed.
Thanks and love your work

Posted On 12-04-2012 4:27 PM
Name: Gail
City/State or Province: Sacramento CA
Country: USA
Comment: I'm not sure my last post went through.  I was looking at the Amazon website for The Arrangement, and it shows only the Kindle edition.  Will there be a paperback or hardcover edition coming? Author note: THE ARRANGEMENT will be out in paperback and ebook format in October, 2013.

Posted On 11-30-2012 5:04 PM
Name: Juliette
City/State or Province: Paris
Country: France
Comment: I have just finished The Christmas Beau, and must give you my sincerest congratulations and offer my thank yous. I have read several dozens of your books  (and just finished this week the Christmas bride and The Proposal), and immensely enjoyed the lot of them so far (ah! Wulfric ! and Rosthorn !) but I have found this one very touching - and new, which is getting nearly impossible in Regency romances. The idea is new, and you develop it masterfully. They are  both changing so gradually, and you keep  Max beautifully on the edge until the end for us. The fingers of one hand would be far too many for me to count the romances which have kept me guessing at the reaction of a character. - Not that the end is ever questioned, of course. Why would we ever read it, if it was in the slightest. - But we don't know if he will eventually let his resentment play.
Just a small critical remark: his public warm (with children) and benevolent persona is too much contradictory with his demeanour, as she describes it : harsh mien, cold demeanour, taciturn.
I wish you a marvelous 2012 Christmas, you will have deserved it.

Posted On 11-26-2012 1:00 PM
Name: Jean Kay
City/State or Province: Delta, BC
Country: Canada
Comment: I was delighted to meet you at the Surrey International Writers Conference, and to purchase and have you sign a copy of "A Summer to Remember".  I have just finished reading it and I am hooked.  Perhaps your newest fan.  I look forward to reading your other books.  I'm sure I lived in that era in one of my past lives!  It has always intrigued me.  You completely transported me into a world I love - thank you.

Posted On 11-23-2012 2:17 AM
Name: Clare
City/State or Province: Langley, BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Just wondering what happened to The Arrangement which I pre purchased on Amazon and was very much looking forward to getting on the 29th of October. It still lists that as the release date and I'm not able to find anything out about it... Author Note: THE ARRANGEMENT will be out in October, 2013.

Posted On 11-13-2012 7:08 PM
Name: Sheila Roberton
City/State or Province: Kipling, Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Comment: I check out this site a couple time a year to make sure that I don't miss the next Mary Balogh book coming out for my library patrons. Thank-you, Mary, for your entertainment. We are very proud to be able to call Mary Balogh our own.

Posted On 10-26-2012 8:26 PM
Name: Martha Goodman
City/State or Province: Williamsburg, Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, I just started reading romance novels a few years ago... I have read all of your mistres series, slightly series (Bedwin family series) simple series to name a few.  I absolutely love your writing, I look forward to seing the characters of one series on another series... and follow up on their lives even if is just to know if they had children and are still inlove   I just started to read the survivor series and looking forward to the next book,  I am wondering if you will mention any of the characters of the secret pearl on your survivor series.... ?  or maybe there is a follow up book to the secret pearl?   The secret pearl is one of my favorite books.  Please continue writing series and keep inserting those characters from your previous books, do not know of any other writer that is able to do this in such it wonderful way.  Also please have all your books on Kindle or Nook!   Specially the older ones... I want to read all your books!    

Posted On 10-15-2012 2:32 PM
Name: Micheál Ó Coinn
City/State or Province: Waterford City/ Co. Waterford
Country: Ireland
Comment: Just wanted to say how thoroughly fascinated I am by your writing. I have never been so enamoured by a series, as I have by "First Comes..." Truly amazing.

Posted On 10-12-2012 8:25 PM
Name: Kathy Davis
City/State or Province: Los Angeles
Country: United States
Comment: Absolutely enjoyed "The Proposal." I've always wondered what the backstory was behind Gwen's injury and her marriage. Since the Survivors Club books are set in the same "universe" as Gwen, Kit, and Lauren--and the Bedwyns--will we see any other recurring characters? Is "A Christmas Bride" going to be reprinted? And if so, will it include the excellent epilogue that's on the website?

Posted On 10-12-2012 3:12 PM
Name: Mary
City/State or Province: Inver Grove Heights, MN
Country: USA
Comment: Have almost all of your books but today is the first time I've read your bio. Very interesting, lovely mother and sister part of the bio. Blessed with your spouse and children, too, aren't you? When I was a girl I discovered Georgette Heyer and read everything she ever wrote. She was the epitome of Regency English manners, etc. When I read some of your earliest books I felt you were the closest to her style than any other writer. Thank you for your wonderful series! I am going crazy waiting for Book 2 in the Survivor Series and wish you could write just a wee bit faster?? I shall be 70 in two weeks so really feel the series need to come out quicker!

Posted On 10-07-2012 12:03 AM
Name: molly
City/State or Province: missouri
Country: usa
Comment: I have everyone of your book but the proposal. No where had it for sell. I don't really like to buy things on line. I really love all of your books even the older regency ones. I read anything set in this time period. Thank you for writing.

Posted On 10-04-2012 11:46 PM
Name: Carol Roujansky
City/State or Province: San Diego, Ca
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I am delighted that you have a format set up so that readers can write to you.

Recently I was going on a trip by plane. I went to Barnes & Noble and found  "A Matter of Class" on the sale table. Not only did I take it on the trip and enjoy it thoroughly (what a delightful surprise!), but upon returning I have been going to the library regularly and reading up a whole bunch of your books. "Simply Perfect" was one of my favorites in that series (although all were lovely) and I just finished "The Proposal," which was a real gem.

Not only are they great romances, but there is depth and wisdom imbedded throughout. The characters are priceless and often I find myself laughing out loud at the coffeeshop, while having my tea and a good read daily, as I come across some of  their bold and shocking statements. Pure delight and pure wisdom and excellent relationship developments and character transformations.

I look forward to reading more and more and am so happy to be able to write and thank you personally for your simply wonderful contributions to my/our world.

I can already tell that they will make great holiday and birthday presents for my friends.

Love and Support,
Carol Roujansky
San Diego, CA

Posted On 10-01-2012 4:17 AM
Name: Karri Heredia
City/State or Province: Palm Desert, Ca.
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary- My 87 year old mother and I haved loved your stories for years. My mother has recently lost much of her vision and can no longer read. But we discovered the Braille Institute in California and although reading may seem a small thing when facing blindness,she has been comforted by rereading--actually listening to digital audio books of yours that she read in the past. We get them free along with the cassette player that is easy for blind or visually impaired to use. Thank you so much for allowing your books to be made available in digital form. It has brought back a bit of joy to my mothers life. I have read all your books even the older ones I had to search out on ebay or other used stores. I purchase your new books as soon as they hit the store shelves and love them. I especially enjoyed The Proposal. I was amused with the wounded men's banter and the reluctance of Hugo when saving Lady Muir--great story.  Thank you again- Karri

Posted On 09-29-2012 12:26 PM
Name: Stacy Robbins
City/State or Province: Albertville, AL
Country: United States
Comment: Hey! I love the fact that I can get lost in your books for hours and be sad/mad when they end lol I haven't read one of your books that I've disliked yet. Keep up with the excellent work. =)

Posted On 09-25-2012 7:55 AM
Name: Debra Conway
City/State or Province: Hampshire
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: I love your books Mary and have very nearly read them all! :) I did always wonder what happend to Lizzy Pickford though and wondered how she faired later in life. I cannot wait to ready more of you work :)

Posted On 09-17-2012 4:43 PM
Name: Maria Millner
City/State or Province: New Mexico
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary: I want you to know how very much I have enjoyed your novels. I have always loved historical and Regency Romances, and yours are top of the line. Actually, I almost never read anything else now a days. Your books have brought back to me my love and my yearning for the UK and now, thanks to you, a newfound love of Wales. I have always dreamed of going back to England and Wales, but my desire had stayed just a dream until I started reading your books. They have inspired me to really make my dreams of going back to the UK...haven't been there for 31 years...into a reality. I'm going to fight to make my trip to England and Wales come true. Your books are and have been my inspiration. Please keep them coming. Gratefully, Maria

Posted On 09-17-2012 7:50 AM
Name: Janet
Country: Australia
Comment: Thank you so much for all your wonderful stories - they've brought me so much pleasure and relaxation. I've just read an electronic version of A Matter of Class which I found utterly charming.

Posted On 09-15-2012 3:12 PM
Name: Charlotte Dugas
City/State or Province: Elliot Lake, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary, I can't remember when I didn't have a book in my hands, but I can remember when I first discovered Signet Regency Romances in the Yonkers Public Library in New York and fell in love with your books when I was 18 going on 19. Since then I have read with pleasure as many of your books as I can get my hands on, and never been disappointed. Your characters feel like real people I would be happy to know, I cry with them, laugh with them, celebrate with them, and feel like I made new friends each time I read a new one, or even re-read one. Thank you so much for many hours of pleasurable reading, and please continue to delight your many fans!

Posted On 09-15-2012 1:58 AM
Name: Carla Davis
City/State or Province: Thomaston
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary, I am a book reading demon and a fan of Kathleen Woodiwiss, Jude Deveraux & Catherine Coulter and now I've added you to my very short, picky list of favorite authors after reading A Summer To Remember, Beyond The Sunrise & Truly. All of which made me laugh, cry and eager for more of your books. I have just purchased several additional books written by you from Amazon and I intend to write a magnificent review for future purchasers on the books I've read so far. You are quite gifted as a story teller, a very imaginative and creative person and absolutely wonderful at keeping your readers in suspense without losing our interest. I can't wait to read your other books. Keep them coming and we will keep buying (: Sincerely, Carla Davis

Posted On 09-13-2012 9:46 PM
Name: L Sullivan
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I am in the midst of re-reading "A Summer to Remember" and the Bedwyn series. Did you ever write a book about Sydnam, Kit's brother? Thank you for your wonderful romances!

Posted On 09-12-2012 4:09 PM
Name: Lisa Guthals
City/State or Province: Nebraska City Nebraska
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I work at the Morton-James Public Library. We have a paperback copy of "An Unacceptable Offer". We have loan this copy 37 times to other libraries. I can not tell you how many times it has gone out to our patrons. Is there any chance this book will come out again? I sure hope so. Our copy is yellowed and it has come to me for repair again.  We have enjoyed it.


Lisa Guthals

Posted On 09-10-2012 8:10 PM
Name: Elisabeth Cundiff
City/State or Province: Kentucky
Country: USA
Comment: I just read A Secret Mistress, More than a Mistress, and Simply Love.  I think you are an excellent author and hope you continue to write.  I just finished ordering all the other books I could find on so than I can read the rest of your work. I love how your books are light and easy to read.  I have fairly flew through them.

Posted On 09-08-2012 9:02 AM
Name: Marie Evans
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: United States
Comment: I have been obsessed with James and Madelines's happiness throughout their three book series.  I noticed from reading your books that characters sometimes reappear in other books.  Is there a book that refers to their happiness in the future after The Devil's Web?  I need to know that they were truly happy!  Thank you

Posted On 09-07-2012 9:11 PM
Name: Sharon Leonard
City/State or Province: Grand Rapids, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,

I would just like you to know how much I enjoyed your Mistress series.  I'm a voracious reader and my taste in books is not limited to one particular genre, however, I do love a good romance when I find one.  To me they are like mind candy.  I use my Sony Reader almost exclusively now simply because it's so easy to tote around more books than I could every carry.  It was on one of these digital book searches that I came across No Man's Mistress.  It was a suggested read because of something that I had already checked out of our digital library.  I put it in my virtual bookbag and what a sheer delight!  So often I find that romance books can become almost formulaic and when that happens I lose interest in reading the outcome because I can already guess what will happen.  That was not so with your book.  It had humor and suspense along with heart tugging romance.  I was hooked!  I found myself dreading the expiration date on the digital book (sometimes I like to re-read) until I found out that it was part of a series.  I love it when you get to hear the story of secondary characters and how they all relate.  I quickly purchased all three books in the series from Sony's e-Reader site.  No more worrying about some of my favorite characters disappearing off my reader!  Now that I am through reading them I decided to google your name to see what else you have written and that's how I landed on your official site.  I'm so excited that you have multiple series!  I'm trying to decide now which one to start next.  Thank you for sharing your talent and for giving your readers an easy way to let you know how much we have enjoyed your writing endeavors!  I look forward to your future books!

Posted On 09-01-2012 10:15 PM
Name: Diane
City/State or Province: Ottawa
Country: Canada

Hi Mary,


I have been an avid reader of romance lately as a break/escape from the stresses of everyday life. I wanted to let you know that your books not only provide that break and escape, but they also give me, and I am guessing many other readers, a sense of compassion, hope, acceptance and dare I say love that stays with us long after that last page has been read. You not only allow readers to experience romantic love, but your series do such a good job of highlighting love and loyalty within families. You are also so good at showing us that no matter what someone’s circumstance in life may be that we are all worthy of respect and love. These experiences are such wonderful gifts to your readers especially those who may not often have an opportunity to experience these things in their real lives. Books like yours are so important especially now when we consider so many of the alternative forms of entertainment that the modern media is feeding us these days – so called “reality TV, crime dramas, violent video games, etc.


Please know how much your work is valued and appreciated.

Posted On 08-20-2012 3:52 AM
Name: Debra Richards
City/State or Province: Melbourne
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary

I love your books and have just discovered Kindle.  Late starter.  I wanted to buy all you books on Kindle but discovered the Simply & Slightly Series is not avaialble.  Although I have these in paperback & hardcover, will they ever be available on Kindle?

I have recently read The Proposal and cannot wait for Book 2.  It is great you gave Gwen her own story.

Posted On 08-16-2012 10:49 AM
Name: Leena Ahvenainen
Comment: Dear Author,

I respectfuly ask that you make your fans aware of the following facebook page which is attempting to make all your books avaiable to all your fans in digital, audio and print formats regardless of where they live in the world.

Thank you very much for your help

Leena Ahvenainen

Posted On 08-15-2012 2:36 PM
Name: Vickie Westrup
City/State or Province: Sacramento, CA
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,

I am so disappointed when I come to the end of one of you books.  I wonder if I would have been a servant girl or one of the privleged  had I lived during that time.  I love your facebook posts and the way books have the capacity to fill our lives.  The buttons which said, "I read past my bedtime" were something I can truely relate to.  As a young girl of 9 years old I remember opening my bedroom curtain and using the porch light to read by after everyone went to bed.  I have recently become a librarian at an inner city school. With budget cuts, there is no funding for library incentives.  I was wondering if you were in a position to donate some "I read past my bedtime" buttons to our school. I want every child to ask their parents if they can stay up and read past their bedtime.

Thank you for opening my imagination,

Vickie Westup

Library Media Tech

Smythe Academy Elementary

Posted On 08-15-2012 3:44 AM
Name: Bessy Legall
City/State or Province: Brittany
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh, I just wanted to let you know how much you helped me to spend a delicious summer . Last year I red your Huxtable series and due to Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility being broadcasted once again this year on the Arte Channel (Ah, Colin Firth, Ah David Morissey !), I ended to thoroughly explore all your series, thanks to my e-book but I even payed a visit to the biggest english library in Paris, pick up 2 of your new re-edited by 2 stories a bit by chance and was absolutely charmed by Lord  Carew's wife. After second thought, I would say that it reminds me a bit of George Ohnet's Le Maître des Forges when Lord Carew is disappointed and heartbreaked by his wife's deception and feels he has to continue a marriage devoited of the love he thought they shared.
Presently I'm running a bit out of fuel if I can say and I'm waiting with great expectation any re-editing and above all the next book in your new series; In my opinion your were able to find a very particular and specific tune for this new series, It will be very hard for me to wait until 2013!
Also I must say that your works help me to improve my english a bit (even though it doesn't show in this message!)

Posted On 08-14-2012 4:57 PM
Name: Melissa Smith
City/State or Province: Georgia
Country: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed your books since the first one I read and have read all of them. I just want to thank you for the wonderful times spent happily reading, many times divided into minutes or sometimes an hour between all the things a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend does. I knew I could always go back to a place in one of your books. Always looking for a new one!

Posted On 08-14-2012 5:01 AM
Name: Laura Hilliker
City/State or Province: Monterey, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, I just want to say how much I have enjoyed reading your books over the years.  I now read on my NOOK and stumbled onto the Bedwyn series - although didn't read them in order - but loved all 6. I just finished "A Summer to Remember" and am picking up "The Proposal"  tonight.  Can't wait to read the first of this new series and find out what happens to Gwen.   I'm enjoying the new inner strength you're giving the Ladies - THANK YOU!!

Posted On 07-31-2012 3:10 PM
Name: Fabi
City/State or Province: London Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Leaving in an hour to go buy a secret mistress! Can't wait to read it as all your books are wonderful! I just love historical romances because of your books :)

Posted On 07-27-2012 12:03 AM
Name: Mina De Corso
City/State or Province: Hollywood, Ca
Country: U.S.A
Comment: Hi Mary,

I love your books.  I listen to audiobooks a lot.  The only books from any author which I do not listen is the ones which have been read by Anne Flosnik.  She can not do a male voice very well.  I love Rosalyn Landor's voice.  The way she perform and reads a book or become different characters male or female is wonderful.  It really makes a different in the imagination of a reader or in this case a listener to listen to a great voice which can bring all the characters of the book the way the author want them to be.  I become disappointed when I see Ms. Anne Flosnik has performed a book.  She is pretty bad in different accents and male voice.  To me she kills any book she reads.  I stoped listening to Catherine Coulter's books because most of her books have been read by Ms. Flosnik.  Please keep writing great books and have someone like Ms. Rosalyn Landor read them.  Stay healthy and happy.  Best wishes, Mina    

Posted On 07-23-2012 12:02 PM
Name: Nancy Kettenbrink
City/State or Province: Jefferson City, Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: I'm currently reading and enjoying "The Obedient Bride." Thanks so much for posting the correct version of p. 47--it was frustrating to be missing that page, so I was really glad to find that you'd made it available for your readers. For my future reference, I wanted to print out the page and insert it into the correct place in the book. To do so, I had to reformat the page--after multiple "tweakings," I now have the page in a format that will fit into the book. I thought I'd offer to send you a pdf version of that, so that you can make it available on your website for other readers who also might like to print it out. If you're interested in seeing that file, please let me know how I can send it to you. BTW, you're one of my favorite authors! Thanks for so many hours of reading pleasure!

Posted On 07-21-2012 3:24 AM
Name: Patricia Wolfe
City/State or Province: CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I'm re-reading the Bedwyn books and the Simply Quartet, but this time I started with "One Night for Love," which is now available on Kindle, then "Summer to Remember," of course. But I am following the books this time with an online map through the English counties that you describe so beautifully. Now for one of those irritating nit-picking questions that your fans put you through, once in a while. Lindsey Hall is in Hampshire, but only six miles away from Alvesley Park in Wiltshire? And I thought I had read that Alvesley Park was in Hampshire in earlier books, but it is described as being in Wiltshire in the later "Simply" books. I notice that the counties adjoin each other, so that may be the answer. And I just started the last book, "Simply Perfect" so I'll probably forget this impertinent question by next week. But you can see how involved we fans get in the details of your books. I have been thoroughly enjoying following the Bedwyns and all their assorted friends and family again this summer. And I can't wait to read about Gwen's happy ending!

Posted On 07-20-2012 3:19 PM
Name: Mary Cary
City/State or Province: Kansas City
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, I have been searching through the World Catalog of Library Databases for the last few months to try and find copies of the earlier books from 1985-1995 to read; I just keep receiving "not available' notices.  Is there a way to read those earlier books?  I'd sure like to do this.

Posted On 07-19-2012 4:00 PM
Country: United States

Posted On 07-17-2012 10:42 PM
Name: Erica
City/State or Province: Williams Lake, BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Mary, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed discovering you as an "authoress", I have devoured all of your books I have been able to get my hands on and am on the hunt for the rest :) Thank you so very much for the hours of pleasure your richly written stories and superbly detailed characters have given me, you are one of the finest historical romance writers I have read to date...please keep up the good work!!! Erica

Posted On 07-17-2012 1:53 PM
Name: Annemarie
City/State or Province: NY
Country: US
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I first read your book because I LOVE a good love story. But I got much more out of your books then a few hours of entertainment; I also was reminded to have hope for the future. I was reminded that every day is beautiful just because life is beautiful. I was reminded to view choices as a chance to renew and do better ... but to let go of past mistakes.

Amazing. Your books are more than good stories. They are lessons on how to live meaningful lives full of forgiveness, hope, inspiration and beauty.

Thank you Ms. Balogh. Keep writing ... because I will keep reading.

Posted On 07-15-2012 2:06 PM
Country: United States

Posted On 07-13-2012 12:18 AM
Name: Tanya
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I fell love with the Huxables.  I have a love for historical romance, your book have been a pure delight to read. My love for reading has lead me to my dream profession as a library clerk, going to school to become a librarian. It feels nice to be in a profession that you love, keep up the good work. 

Posted On 07-07-2012 9:57 AM
Name: Sheila Phibbs
City/State or Province: Jarvis, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary,

I became a Mary Balogh addict several years ago after reading Simply Magic (for the first time) at the cottage.  I love the Simply series as well as the Bedwyns, the Huxtables and every other Mary Balogh title I have read.  I once told my librarian that you take me to a place that no one else can.  I am now on the hunt for The Proposal and look forward to the Survivors series.  I have often wondered if any of your stories have been made into movies.  I would love to watch the Bedwyns in action.  Thanks for the great reading.

Posted On 07-04-2012 4:37 AM
Name: margaret everett
City/State or Province: auckland
Country: new zealand
Comment: hi mary

just love your books didn't know you have written so many till i found your web site, enough there to keep me reading for months to come

 thanks marg

Posted On 06-22-2012 7:14 PM
Name: Ev Bedard
City/State or Province: Saratoga Springs, NY
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading your novel "the Proposal"--I have read many of your books, but this was my favorite--the characters were original & outstanding.  I have enjoyed historical novels for a number of years & delighted in the formal way "courtship" used to be done.  Perhaps, the mingling of the middle class & the upper class was what I enjoyed  the most.  How could anyone not fall in love with Hugo!  So broken yet trying hard to overcome his past & believe in a future.  Knowing that Gwen had to deal with her own "ghosts" ( & could become whole with Hugo's help) was amazing!  The theme that we all must help ourselves (& love ourselves) in order to love others was touching & believable!  Thanks for sharing your talent to create such an outstanding story!  I will recommend it to my friends. Sincerely, Ev Bedard USA

Posted On 06-21-2012 6:25 PM
Name: Linda LeClair
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi, Mary.  My sister Sharon and I would like you to know how much we enjoy your books.  We started reading them by chance and have been captivated by the story lines and the characters.  I especially enjoyed the Huxtable stories as I am a romatic at heart.  My sister and I are 71 years old and 69 years old so we are not young people by any means.  Since I have joined the Guest Book, you will be hearing from both of us periodically.  Thank you for the great reads.  You have become one of our favorite authors.

Posted On 06-19-2012 7:29 AM
Name: Ann
City/State or Province: Saint John, New Brunswick
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary,

I am half way through A Secret Affair  and I am really enjoying it and thought that I would google you to find out what other books you have writen.  I just went in and bought this book because it was on sale not knowing anything about you or your writting style but I liked the blurb on the back of the book.  Now I feel kinda sad to find out that this book is part of a series because now I'm not sure if I should stop reading and back track and read the others first.  What should I do? Continue and read the others later or stop and start the first one or just read this one?   Thanks So much!!

Posted On 06-15-2012 3:56 PM
Name: Vicki H.
City/State or Province: Macungie, PA
Country: USA
Comment: I always avoided the romance section of bookstores like the plague until a friend of mine gave me one of your "Simply" books. Since then I have read every book of yours I could get my hands on. 

Your books are well written and funny, and the characters are so real and human.  I especially love Sir Gerald Stapleton and his journey to love with Prissy in Precious Jewel.  I really like that he is just an average guy and not the great romantic hero. I was so touched by that story.  I also loved the way Christine turned the coldly arrogant, (but still so lovable)Wullfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle's world unpside down in Slighlty Dangerous. Wulf is my favorite Bedwyn  character, although I loved them all.

I can't wait for your next book.


Posted On 06-13-2012 8:40 PM
Name: Linda Amidon
City/State or Province: Phillipston
Country: United States
Comment: Another wonderful story. Just finished the Proposal and looking forward to the rest of the series. I have read every one of your books with the help of Ebay and the library. I still have all those that I bought. Looking forward to many more stories from your wonderful imagination.

Posted On 06-11-2012 12:29 PM
Name: Joy
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books.  I've read over 30 of them.  You're my favorite historical romance author.  My favorites were the Web series and More than a Mistress and found myself laughing out loud.  I recently finished Silent Melody.  Although Emily cannot hear or speak, I didn't feel sorry for her, but rather I respected her as a strong character throughout the novel.  I really liked the characters of Luke and Anna as well and was wondering if you could tell me if you had written a book with them as main characters.  I'd really love to read that one.  Thank you for all your wonderful books.

Posted On 06-07-2012 5:48 PM
Name: Jane
City/State or Province: Dallas, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful books. I have read and reread almost all of them and I am always looking for the next one! They have given me many hours of enjoyment and I wanted to thank you for that.

Posted On 06-02-2012 6:40 PM
Name: Nadine
City/State or Province: bc
Country: canada
Comment: Mary i  just wanted to say that i really enjoy your books...I find myself re-reading them quite often as i really enjoy your characters and writing style ... I find myself telling my girls that they have to read this book i just found by Mary Balogh ... i think i have managed to find almost all of your books and i cant wait for a new one ... Thank you

Posted On 05-26-2012 7:39 AM
Name: Jill Riffe
City/State or Province: Portland Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I have been anxiously awaiting "The Proposal" since the first mention of it on your site. It more than lived up to expectation, and was a very sweet and satisfying fulfillment of all the anticipation.  I am now plunging back into all of the related stories, and falling in love with each of the charicters all over again.  I hope to keep meeting them in future books. I am extatic to finally find "One Night for Love" available on Kindle.  My "e-set"  for these books is finally complete! I think I have collected all of your books and stories in hard or paperback, and purchace the kindle versions as fast as they come out. I am hopeing that all of your books eventually do. I would also really, REALLY  like it if all of your short stories /novellias, were available seperatly or as "you-only" collections for kindle. I would also love to have a list of them all (just your titles) , so I can figure out if I am missing any. All of the collections and omnibuses make it very confusing. Thank-you for making your books meaningful and thought provoking as well as moving and emotional, delightful and funny. You truly enrich my life.

Posted On 05-25-2012 2:08 AM
Name: Kathy Tharp
City/State or Province: Tucson, AZ
Country: U.S.
Comment: Hi Mary, just want to thank you for your work.  You made me a historical romance fan!  I would not go near the books before - then I stumbled on to A Summer To Remember at a local quick stop shop, and have been hooked ever since.  Your writing is intelligent and far and above the average romance novel.  I love your wit, compassion, and complexity of dialogue, characers, and plots, and I'm frustrated that you can't write faster than I read!  Your books end all too soon, and I become one of those pathetic readers anxiously checking the status of your next writing, then having to settle for some other author until yours is published.  Most of your books are "keepers" and I re-read them over and over when I need that "fix", like my favorite comfort food! 

Posted On 05-23-2012 11:17 AM
Name: steve donoghue
City/State or Province: boston
Country: USA
Comment: Hello! I just finished "The Proposal" and absolutely loved it - wonderful, wonderful work. As it happens, I'm the Managing Editor of the literary journal Open Letters Monthly (, and my colleagues there (worn down by how much and how widely I read, the poor little things!), have given me my own little play-pen on the front page, Open Letters Weekly, where I can review new books to my heart's content. I'm going to review "The Proposal" there and sing its praises, but I'm naturally wondering if you might be willing to do a quick Q&A to accompany the review. Just four or five questions - I've found that readers love it (the one I did with Virginia Henley is STILL getting new readers!). If you have the time, just email me and let me know ... and in any case, congratulations again on "The Proposal"!

Posted On 05-20-2012 11:18 AM
Name: Janie Smith
City/State or Province: Centralia
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary: I have been a fan over 20 years and love your characters, writing style and stories. I wish you would provide us with family tree for your series. This would be so helpful, especially when you have characters making multiple appearances (like Wulfric Bedwyn in your latest book, for example). I would love to see this.

Posted On 05-19-2012 4:42 PM
Name: Carolyne feast
City/State or Province: Worcester
Country: England
Comment: Hi Mary I really enjoyed reading The Proposal though I was surprised when my copy turned up from Amazon with a totally different cover than I expected and with a typo on the back! I love the intro to the new characters but really can't wait now for Flavian's story...please please please write his story next.

Posted On 05-18-2012 1:00 AM
Name: Javier
Comment: have written before, but wanted to tell you how mucn I enjoyed The Proposal and had a hard time putting it down.  I am in love again and this time with Hugo! I fall "head over ears' with all your men, but my favorite is the flamboyant Lord Francis Kneller, as he has such a great sense of humor. I especially enjoyed The Famous Heroine and the chapter where he takes Cora to Hyde Park.  I could not stop laughing.  Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle (Slightly Dangerous) is another favorite.

Posted On 05-17-2012 5:01 PM
Name: Candace Weiss
City/State or Province: Carlsbad, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I really enjoy reading your books. I recommend them to my Mom and one of my sisters' who love to read as much as I love to read. Thank you for all your lovely stories. I hope to keep reading the stories that you have written. I recently finished reading One Night for Love. What a sweet story. I really thought that Lily had such pluck ! I can't wait to read the next book I pick up. Candace Weiss

Posted On 05-16-2012 6:41 PM
Name: Karen Supplee
City/State or Province: Conneaut, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,  I just wanted to tell you I just finished "Heartless" and I loved it.  I tried to buy it for my Nook, but it was not available.  Actually B&N only had used copies for sale.  I think Amazon was the same.  My local library finally located a copy for me from another source.  Have enjoyed all your books, but this one had escaped me.  Loved Luke and Anna.  Does Ashley and Emily ever show up in any other of your books?  I really can't remember them in any of the others?  Thank you for the enjoyable read.  Shed a few tears(especially with Luke in the graveyard).  Will be waiting for the next book.

Posted On 05-15-2012 4:37 AM
Name: ayesha
City/State or Province: islamabad
Country: Pakistan
Comment: Dear Mary, Just finished the simply series.Simply loveddddddd it :). You are one of my favourite writers. You have the wonderful ability to bring character to life and make the reader cry and laugh with them. Just wanted to thank you for all the wonderful stories............ I just wanted to know if you are planning to write about any of the bedwyns' children.Would love to read one about them. Bedwyn series is one of my favourite and wulfric is my favourite hero. Please write another book about bedwyn family....................... Love all the way from Pakistan

Posted On 05-12-2012 11:09 PM
Name: Anita
City/State or Province: North Hills, CA
Comment: Hello Mary,
Happy Mother's Day!
I want to thank you for the lovely story about Lady Gwen Muir in "The Proposal".  This book was a Mother's Day gift to myself and also the time to read it this weekend.  The visits of many characters from your other books in this story were an enjoyable addition ..and I loved that Wulfric still had his jeweled quizzing glass!  You made the story come alive in my head by the way you describe the people and the conversations they have.
I will wait (im)patiently for the next story in this your new series "The Survivors Club"..whose story will be next??

Posted On 05-12-2012 1:48 AM
Name: Jill
City/State or Province: Agoura hills, cs
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, :-) LOVE your characters and books...I read alot of historical romances and while I pass along many castoffs to the used books at the local library...not yours! I have re read several many times, and they stay enjoyable and engaging. I totally agree with another post which said if only you wrote as fast as we read!! All the best...Jill

Posted On 05-11-2012 2:07 PM
Name: Carolyn Gee
City/State or Province: Paragould AR
Comment: Mary , Just read the Proposal, it was wonderful . I am so glad that Gwen found a husband i think her & Hugo make a great pair , looking fordward to the next book on the  THE Survivors' Club Thanks for the Wonderful Books  CGee

Posted On 05-11-2012 11:21 AM
Name: Jacqueline Pigott
City/State or Province: San Diego, California
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary:

I have written before, but wanted to tell you how mucn I enjoyed The Proposal and had a hard time putting it down.  I am in love again and this time with Hugo!

I fall "head over ears' with all your men, but my favorite is the flamboyant Lord Francis Kneller, as he has such a great sense of humor. I especially enjoyed The Famous Heroine and the chapter where he takes Cora to Hyde Park.  I could not stop laughing.  Wulfric, Duke of Bewcastle (Slightly Dangerous) is another favorite.

Thank you again for your wonderful books.

Posted On 05-09-2012 7:42 PM
Name: Jenna C
City/State or Province: Kitchener Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Mary, I just wanted to say that I'm reading A Secret Affair and I've reached the part where she has her guests at Copeland (this is such an important part of the novel, but I dont want to spoil or anyone so I'm going to assume you know what I mean). I've had your book for a few months now and have been dying to read it but being in my first year of college I was too busy to get to it. Now that I havent been able to put it down, I want you to know I am absolutely in love with your writing and will be buying as many of your books as I can get my hands on! Happy writing, All the Best, Jenna .

Posted On 05-09-2012 2:40 PM
Name: Susan
City/State or Province: Phoenix, AZ
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for the particularly excellent stories and engaging characters!   Do you have a favorite book, series, or character(s) from the books you have written?  Which historical romance author(s) do you enjoy reading the most? 

Posted On 05-08-2012 5:01 PM
Name: Tina Aiello
City/State or Province: Charleston, SC
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

I love your books!  My Mom introduced me to you about a year ago and now I grab anything with your name on it as I know it will be an awesome read.   I am a very author-driven reader and love series and connected books.  Once I find an author that I like, I read everything I can get my hands on and I MUST read them in order.  So far I've read: Huxtables, Slightly, Simply, Web, Mistresses, Dark Angel and as many of the singles as I can find.  I have The Proposal on my kindle and will start it shortly.  I hope that you will be re-releasing more of your older books in the near future.

Here is my dilema... I have a long commute everyday to work and back and love to listen to books while I drive.  There is just something special about listening to the characters that you love come to life.  I get my audiobooks from and have listened to everything of yours that they have and can't find anymore anywhere.   Are you planning to release anymore of the older books in Audiobook form?  What I would really love is the Slightly series.  It's my favorite!  Would love to hear from you.

Keep 'em coming!


TIna Aiello

Posted On 05-07-2012 6:30 AM
Name: Katie
Comment: First I wanted to say that I adore all of your books and have been a fan for a long time. I just finished reading The Proposal and loved it. I'm so glad Gwen finally got her story! I was wondering if the first two books of the Four Horseman series were going to be made available as ebooks. Or for that matter if any of your out of print backlist that you don't plan to reprint were to be available as ebooks soon. I love to read your books on my Kobo Reader. Thanks for writing such amazing books! Katie

Posted On 05-04-2012 5:37 PM
Name: Susan
City/State or Province: Phoenix, AZ
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished The Proposal and it was absolutely lovely.  I can't wait for the next in the series!  Which survivor's story will we read about next?  My favorite of your books are The Secret Pearl, Silent Melody, and all of the Simply and Slightly series.  Your books have such heart and warmth - and nobody captures the sweetness of children as well as you.  Thank you for so many pleasant hours of escape into the remarkable lives of your characters.  Hurry, hurry, hurry with the next one please!!!!  :-) 

Posted On 05-04-2012 5:25 PM
Name: Carolyn Gee
City/State or Province: Paragould AR
Country: USA
Comment: Mary , will you every write another book on the Huxtables ? I sure hope so

Posted On 05-04-2012 12:06 PM
Name: Lois Boehl
City/State or Province: Upstate New York
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for providing me with many hours of reading enjoyment.  It's difficult to select favorite characters from among your very memorable ones, but I think Angeline and Heyward, and Hartley and Samantha are among my top picks.  I also loved the entire Bedwyn series and cried both in Slightly Tempted and Slightly Sinful when it came to Wulfric's reaction to his brother's death and what followed.  Wulfric became very real to me over the course of the series.  He is your most interesting male character, in my opinion, and I made sure I had read all the rest of the series before I picked up Slightly Dangerous.  Christine is his perfect foil.  Thanks also for showing parents enjoying their children, though perhaps that was not quite as common in the Regency period and among the very wealthy as you portray. Still, I love those picnic, cricket, swimming, and game scenes.  I also love the carry over of characters from book to book and series to series.  Thanks again for your wonderful books!   

Posted On 05-03-2012 11:29 AM
Name: Murizah
City/State or Province: Perlis
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Whenever I visit your website it is always a pleasure to go through messages in your guestbook - I notice whatever book that a first time reader picks up ( might be the Slightly series, the Simply series , the Huxtables or any of your older stories) she will be hooked forever... like me with the story of Wulfric & Christine in Slightly Dangerous in 2010. As someone wrote just wish that you write as fast as we could finish reading one. Thank you for continuing to write fabulous, wonderful stories.

Posted On 05-02-2012 8:26 PM
Name: Rosemary Windon
City/State or Province: Columbus, Ohio
Country: United States
Comment: Hello Mary!!! I just finished reading "A Precious Jewel", a impulse purchase from a local 1/2 priced used bookseller. Your name looked familiar, but, I tend to read paranormal romances mostly. I read the note you wrote about "Beta" males, and thought, oh great, even the author is unsure. However, once I picked it up, I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN!!!! Such a loving, heart-wrenching, beautiful complicated story! I realize that I (not so secretly) long for my own Gerald. Looking through my books I realized it was similar to another book I loved (a gift from my sister) I searched for it only to find that "A Matter of Class" was also written by ..... YOU!!! What a great gift you have to offer, and I am pleased to say you are now officially on my shopping list. I cannot wait to read more! Blessings, <3 Rosemary

Posted On 05-02-2012 7:16 AM
Name: Wendy Higgins
City/State or Province: Port Richey/Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary...The first book I read of yours was Slightly Dangerous....I found it at the Goodwill and that was it...I had to read the series and kept going. I would have loved to live in that me it would have been the simple life...Thank you for all your great books!!

Best Wishes,
Wendy Higgins

Posted On 04-27-2012 8:03 PM
Name: Michelle Whitwam
City/State or Province: Flat Rock
Country: United States
Comment: I have read almost every single one of your books and am a huge fan, but I have to say that The Secret Mistress is undoubtedly my favorite. Angeline's pain when believing the Earl really did not care for her broke my heart. I felt such delight at their coming together. I will be reading this book again and that is something I just don't do because there are so many other books to read. Can't wait for this new series.

Posted On 04-24-2012 9:55 AM
City/State or Province: GEORGIA
Country: USA

Posted On 04-23-2012 8:11 AM
Name: Becky Krevics
City/State or Province: New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I have written before, but it has been a while.  I have read all of your books. And love them all. Have read the Slightly series many times. I saw a Welsh Chorus on Britains's got talent called Only Boys Aloud.  All I could think of was you. Because of your books, I know that people there do Love their singing.  Please watch it, I know you will love it. Brought me to tears. Beautiful boys, beautiful country.
All the Best,  Becky             It is on Youtube! Auditions

Posted On 04-19-2012 2:07 PM
Name: Karen Feist
City/State or Province: Modesto California
Country: United States
Comment: I will try this first post didn't 'take' because of an invalid validation code.  I wanted to thank you so much for writing your stories!  I was first introduced to your work with Stephen Huxtable's story, and then I acquired the others in the series.  While waiting to read about Hannah and Constantine, I filled in my Balogh library with the Bedwyn family, Miss Martin's School for Girls, and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  I've also treasured the Christmas short story anthologies.  One of my favorites is the one about Roderick and Fanny.  It is so sweet!  I am impatiently waiting for Angeline's story in paperback, and I may have to check Gwen's story from the library.  Space considerations limit my selections to paperbacks, most times.  Again, thanks so much!

Posted On 04-17-2012 4:39 PM
Name: Jacqueline Pigott
City/State or Province: California
Comment: I am absolutely hooked on your books and can't get enough of them.  My friend introduced me to your writings and lent me her books.  I enjoyed them so much that I went out and bought some for myself, even one's I had already read!  Thank you for so much pleasure!  I can't wait for The Proposal.

Posted On 04-15-2012 7:20 PM
Name: Maureen
City/State or Province: Cleveland, OH
Country: USA
Comment: I wanted to post to express how sad I am that you won't be attending the Chicago Writer's Conference.  My mother, Chris, is a huge fan of yours, and was so looking forward to me getting your autograph.  She wants you know that she's read all your books and thinks you're a superb writer.  She thanks you for all the stories you've given, and can't wait to read more.

Thanks, and hope we'll have another chance to meet you!


Posted On 04-14-2012 11:36 PM
Name: Simone
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I was first introduced to your books through a good friend of mine and have been a fan ever since. I especially love the Bedwyn family and would love to read more stories about them. Is that a possibility? Looking forward to reading about Lady Muir. Thanks for all the great reading! Love from New York!

Posted On 04-11-2012 2:34 AM
Name: Kathleen LeBlanc
City/State or Province: Victoria, B.C.
Country: Canada
Comment: Mary , Thank you  for hours and hours of pleasure -- absorbing and contemplating the wonderful characters you write  with such subtlety and finesse, the plots and themes that intruigue, and  the inspiration of  love that always lifts us up...  My heart never fails to soar with the characters.  Perhaps, I am a hopeless romantic, but I enjoy them thoroughly.  I have read and reread and enjoyed several of your books -- most especially The Christmas Promise, More Than a Mistress, and No Man's Mistress. Recently, however, I was touched by The Precious Jewel  and  learning  what a special book it was for you.  A true they all are.  I look forward to read ing many more.  Thank you again for your writing and the gift your novels are to me and so many others.  It must be a very rich blessing, indeed,  to touch the life of so many through your writing.  Kathleen

Posted On 04-08-2012 9:02 PM
Name: Betty
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: United States
Comment: My favorite author has always been Jane Austen and thought I'd never find another author that enchanted me as much as her. But for the past three months you have had me mesmerized with the wonderful Victorian world again but with a deliciously, scandalous twist of the female heroines and their conquests. I absolutely adore the Secret Affair & Seducing an Angel. I can't wait to read another one of your novels. Thank you for making fall in love with reading again;) And I'd like to add that now I have 2 favorite author's Jane Austen & Mary Balogh;)

Posted On 04-03-2012 2:21 PM
Name: Erica
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished reading The Temporary Wife/A Promise of Spring. So I don't to leaf through the whole Web Series page by page, does anyone recall if Perry and Grace Lampman have a second child or if Rose is their only child? I seem to remember there being mention of a son, but maybe I'm making that up. Can anyone out there help me?

Posted On 04-03-2012 6:23 AM
Name: Anne Brightmore
City/State or Province: Lincolnshire
Country: England
Dear Mary
I felt that I must write to you and let you know how much I am enjoying your novel ' A Secret Affair '. I was drawn to this book initially by your surname ' Balogh '. My daughter moved to Montreal to live and work 8 years ago. Susan's neighbour a 73 year old gentleman Joseph Balogh, ( whose parents originally came from Hungary ).Joe has become a dear friend to our family and visits us here in Lincolnshire every other year. I just thought it was coincidental your surname, Lincolnshire & the Canadian connection. I look forward to reading your other books.
with my very best wishes

Posted On 03-28-2012 6:12 PM
Name: Sue Motulsky
City/State or Province: Mass
Comment: I have read (and re-read) all of your books and enjoy them tremendously.  When I was recently re-reading the Slightly series, Slightly Dangerous mentions Wulfric's first love, Lady Marianne Bonner.  I seem to remember that another book revealed her story but I can't seem to find which one--would you please remind me?

I am looking forward to Gwen's story as I have always had a number of suspicions of what happened to her during her first marriage.  :)
Thank you,

Posted On 03-25-2012 7:26 PM
Name: katie costigan
Comment: Mary Balogh!!! I love your books! Love them so much that I have a list of them all i printed up and i mark them off once i read them so i can try and finish them all. I have a question about the book A Promise of Spring and wish i knew how to contact you. Possibly if anyone knows how i can contact her to ask her real quick i'd greatly appreciate a heads up. Thank you, katie c

Posted On 03-25-2012 2:30 PM
Name: Amy
City/State or Province: NY
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the advanced copy of "The Proposal" that I won through a giveaway. I finished it in only a few nights because I had to know what happened between Gwen and Hugo. I will be picking up copies of your other books as well, now that I know how good this one was.

Posted On 03-24-2012 5:00 PM
City/State or Province: DURHAM, NC
Country: USA

Posted On 03-22-2012 6:21 PM
Name: jane lima
City/State or Province: indaiatuba
Country: brasil
Comment: Mary I just want to say I love you, your books and now I'm your newest fan of Brazil, kisses and be happy ...

Posted On 03-20-2012 6:43 PM
Name: Juleen Robertson
City/State or Province: Jensen, UT
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you so much for your wonderful novels.  I love the stories and the characters.  I first discovered you in our local library but found that I had to own all of your books.  I read each book with the hope and expectation of that first waltz.  I love that each plot line is oh so believable and magical and that the character's flaws are so genuine.  I can't wait for the new series. Also, your Christmas novellas help to put me in the mood for Christmas.  Thank you for all of your wonderful work.

Juleen Robertson

Posted On 03-20-2012 12:58 AM
Name: Christy
City/State or Province: NC
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

So many of your books are on my Desert Island Keepers list, I can't even list them all. Thank goodness for Kindles!

I have recently re-read your Web series for the third or fourth time, and I want to add my voice to that of someone below who begged you to write an epilogue to The Devil's Web. I so want to see that James and Madeline find a way to truly be happy together. You leave them making an auspicious start to their new life, but I really want to see them fulfilling all that promise. Please.

All in all, I found the Web series to be one of the richest and most satisfying (to say nothing of aptly named) of any I have ever read. You highlight so many different kinds of relationships and so many different obstacles to happiness in the world of Amberley and its environs. Your insights into the human condition set you apart from the average romance novelist.

Thank you for re-releasing some of your out of print books. It is such a pleasure to open a novel of yours that I've haven't yet read, only surpassed by re-reading it later.
I'm so looking forward to reading your new book about Lady Gwendoline this summer. What a treat to have a whole new series to look forward to!
Thanks for all that you do. I only hope you don't tire of it any time soon!

Posted On 03-19-2012 8:02 PM
Name: jane lima
City/State or Province: indaiatuba
Country: brasil
Comment: Mary, eu amei ler sua bio ,me identifiquei muito com você.Desejo que tudo continue a realizar em sua vida.Sou sua fã agora.Beijinhos e parabéns pelo sucesso.Tem uma familía linda...Jane

Posted On 03-17-2012 12:34 AM
Name: Jennifer
City/State or Province: Saskatoon, SK
Country: Canada
Comment: I have always loved reading romance books. In grade 8 my mom had to fight my teachers to allow them to count as books for my English book report presentations. I have enjoy all of them, but most are not memorable. You are the first author that has made in impossible for me to forget. I have never been disappointed with any of your books. They are wonderful and I enjoy my time reading in the bathtub that much more because of you.

Posted On 03-15-2012 11:46 AM
Name: Gina
Country: USA
Comment: I usually purchase books and do not pay attention to the authors. Very weird. Today after reading your book More Than A Mistress I went to to write a review but didn't know your name so googled your book and it lead me here. I have read many of your book and didn't even realize it. You are a fantastic writer who can not be "predicted". I will from now on remember your name, Thank you for the great books. Gina

Posted On 03-14-2012 6:45 PM
Name: Judy DeRock
City/State or Province: Chicago, IL
Country: USA
Comment: I enjoy all your books have been reading them for the last 3 years.  I just recently introduced your books to my younger sister and she is really enjoying them also.  Thank you for making two retired ladies very happy.

Posted On 03-14-2012 9:58 AM
Name: Debbie Lael
City/State or Province: Bartlesville, OK
Country: USA
Comment: It's been awhile since I've read any historical novels and I'm wondering why.  I've just finished reading "Indiscreet" and "Unforgiven," and am now reading "Irrestible."   I am thoroughly enjoying them.  I am curious, though.  How do you pronouce Gascoigne? 

Posted On 03-13-2012 12:19 AM
Name: Gwen
City/State or Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I do not know if you answer questions here, but I have one.

I just reread A Promise of Spring.  I thought you wrote another book where the female main character is older and the male younger.  If so, I would appreciate it if you would email me the title.    Thanks

I enjoy your books because you donot follow a pattern.  Your characters are very human

Posted On 03-10-2012 9:06 PM
Name: Eveline Schroth
City/State or Province: Winnipeg
Country: Canada
Comment: Ms. Balogh

I am dropping you a note to tell you how much I appreciate your stories.

I have always been an avid reader of fiction - but as I am generally utterly unsentimental (my husband and peers will confirm this) have never broached romance. Given the depressing turn in society in recent years towards complete nonsense on tv, and "fear of terrorism" in the media, I got fed up and decided I needed a little retreat. So, I took up reading romance novels about a year ago.

Although I already have many favorite romance authors, I wanted to tell you that when I am having a particularly down day you are the first author I turn to. Your books are always uplifting and delightful to read. I've recently enjoyed a few with characters with disabilities, which I think is an admirable quirk you've managed to install without upsetting the balance (I hope to see a love story involving Joseph's daughter Lizzie soon!).

I send a grateful nod to you for your efforts.

Posted On 03-04-2012 2:51 PM
Name: Cyndi MacPhee
City/State or Province: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Comment: I hope I can adequately put into word how much I enjoy your books.  About 3 years ago when visiting my daughter in Toronto I was wandering through Chapters and somehow managed to purchase one of your Bedwyn set.  As soon as I finished it I hurried back to the store thrilled to the bone to know there were more of that set available.  I have since collected (never to be given away or traded) any and all of your books and will continue to do so.  I'm wait listed with Chapters for your new release in May 2012! 

I love the escape that comes with your stories, your characters are so very very real and it's such a pleasure to know that underneath they are all good people with kind souls who take duty and responsibility seriously.  I so appreciate how you manage to weave the circumstances of each story to take the reader on a new journey.. even within your family series the stories are all wonderfully unique. 

I'm 60 years old and have read many types of books for many years...yours are the closest to my heart...please please continue to write your wonderful stories and I will continue to collect and reread everything you write.   

Posted On 03-04-2012 2:02 AM
Name: sara goodpaster
City/State or Province: OH
Country: United States

Posted On 03-01-2012 3:38 PM
Name: Maria C.
Comment: I am curious about Miss Portia Hunt. Is she going to be in any books with the Duke she married? I am curious about her story.

Posted On 02-26-2012 3:05 PM
Name: Terah
City/State or Province: Louisiana
Country: United States
Comment: I know I commented here not long ago about reading all the books backwards , but I have to tell you. I have been excited, enthralled, heart broken, and fallen in love with most if not all of the characters in your books. But , I just finished reading " Slightly Married" and I must admit it is the first time I cried from reading a book. It really shook my heart. I am even more excited now to continue the Bedwyn Series. I may have to retread Ms Ann Jewels story because I am just dying to remember which bedwyns had more kids. Especially Aidan and Eve! I do have a question. I know the Proposal is to be re-released. Are the stories slightly different in the new releases? If I read the old release, should I read the new release? Or are they exactly the same?

Posted On 02-25-2012 1:40 PM
Name: Susan
City/State or Province: North Carolina
Country: United States of America
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

I am looking forward to your new book, The Proposal. On your website today it says the release date is April 24. I was thinking about pre-ordering it, so I went to, which says that the release date is May 1! Is May 1 the US release date only, or is there a mistake somewhere? It's only a week so it's not a problem to me, but I've heard that authors and publishers are interested in the sales numbers for the first week of publication, and I would be sorry for you to miss many sales in the first week if incorrectly thinks the book will not come out until May 1.

Posted On 02-19-2012 12:46 PM
Name: avis
City/State or Province: ontario
Country: canada
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I am so glad you are reprinting some of your older titles. I discovered your books not quite two years ago. After reading, A Precious Jewel, A Secret Affair, and my favourite, A Matter of Class, I knew I had to read every book I could find that you've written. But gosh! The Signet titles were not readily available but online selling at 'doubloon-a-joint' prices. Still, I was desperate so I bought them and though I'd rather not have paid that much for a used book, I enjoyed every word I read. Except for maybe three of the Signet and a couple of the newer Mistress titles, and several in the numerous anthologies, I've got them all in my book case adding more as I find them while  just reading away at my leisure and absolute pleasure.

Posted On 02-18-2012 1:37 PM
Name: Sally White
Email Address:
City/State or Province: Burbank, CA
Country: US
Comment: Hi Mary,

I started reading your books a few months ago after reading everything I could find from Jo Beverly.  Finding your books was a good follow.  I really enjoy your stories and how you allow the female characters to be both passionate and intelligent.    I also like reading about families and friends connected in the series of your books. I look forward to reading more of your books as they become available.


Sally White

Posted On 02-17-2012 9:40 PM
Name: Barb Nicholas
City/State or Province: Arvada CO 80004
Country: USA
Comment: I remember "The Temporary Wife" from way back when---one of my all-time favorites. Looking forward to reading it again.

Posted On 02-14-2012 10:35 PM
Name: Susie McDowell
City/State or Province: Fredericksburg, VA
Country: USA
Comment: I have been a long time fan of Mary and have read all of her books.  I'm looking forward to  Christmas Beau/A Christmas Bride, due out in October, and am hoping the book is in hardback.  I have re-read both books every Christmas season since they were published and it would be great if the book due out in October is in hardback.  Keep the great stories coming Mary!  Susie 

Posted On 02-12-2012 10:55 AM
Name: Doreen Docherty
City/State or Province: Garden City
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I enjoy all of your books. I started reading them from my local library but soon found it was difficult to coordinate all the books in a series when I had to reserve them from other libraries. My solution was to purchase your books so I would have them available to reread when the next one came out. My children were starting to complain about all of my books taking up so much room in our home; I have a number of other authors I also enjoy very much and have first read them in some of your anthologies. My husband solution to this was to get me an eReader. My first book on it is was your "Now A Bride". I am eagerly waiting to purchase you newest release, "The Promise of Spring/The Temporary Wife" duo at the end of this month. I remember that one of the first books of your I read were the three that made up the Four Horsemen trilogy. I am able to find "Irresistible" for my eReader; however the other two are not available. Will you be releasing them at some point to purchase either in paperback or for the eReaders? I am so very happy that you have written Gwen's story and can not wait for the rest of the new series. Thank you.

Posted On 02-08-2012 3:21 AM
Name: TJ
City/State or Province: Richland, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary:

I had never read romance novels until my friend Patty allowed me to borrow one of your books.  I was hooked from the beginning and borrowed more until I noticed that I liked them all and began to buy my own copies.  Your are one of the few authors whose books I enjoy so much I will reread again and again.

Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books.  I am trying to collect them all (as I haven't read one yet that I haven't liked). 

I especially enjoy the way you take some of the villains from some of your novels and turn them into heroes/heroines in other novels.  You have a rare gift of showing so many dimensions to your characters and have a way of introducing characters that most authors would shy away from and this is my number one reason I am such a fan.  Your skill of connecting them to so many other characters from other books is amazing and one of the many reasons I absolutely love your books.

Please never stop writing!  Because I will keep buying your books.

Posted On 02-05-2012 11:26 PM
Name: Terah
Comment: Ms. Balogh, I am one of your newest fans when I stumbles across Constatine's story and was surprised to find out I started at the end of the series. 6 months later I have read The Huxtable series and the teacher's of Miss Martin' s school. I had only wished I would have paid better attention to your website and read all the Bedwyn stories first. Seems I'm reading them all backwards! But that has not stopped the suspense and anxious feeling I get even though I know it turns out okay. I hope you have more books coming out, especially series with old characters, todo we may continue to be enthralled! Terah

Posted On 02-05-2012 2:18 PM
Name: mariam
City/State or Province: montreal, QC
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Ms Balogh,


I have been reading your novels for sometime and you are the modern Jane Austen. I love the way you make stories seem real and sensible. You really do take the reader out of the current world to give a taste of fantasy and hope. Im sure i am not the first to call you on your superb talent but I want to tell you that your work is magical. I am in love with the regency era and have done a bit of research on my free time from school and work. Also by reading your novels it gave me a good glimpse of what it is all about. Even though i am 21 years old your books have definitely helped me escape some of my hard and vulnerable times in life and that is why i am grateful to you. I almost never watch television, therefore in order to divert myself in between exams and stressful times i read one of your books. I love books in general and all i do is read almost since i am not very social. My books have become my haven since my childhood. And lately I took all my courage and wanted to give writting a try. I am in university currently, studying in political science and European history, something that does not relate to my artful side, however it has been my dream to give myself a try and maybe someday have a third of your talent if possible. What i am about to propose might seem outrageous but i will take the chance nonetheless, I want to somehow work for you. I would love to see you work and learn and assist you with anything if i could with my limited skills. I am a fast and devoted learner. I love the studies that i am pursuing right now in school but when i think about graduating i cant stop thinking about writing. There might be a lot of places for internships if one looks into it, but my dream is to have you as a mentor. I cherish your work and your talent and could merely have a slight hope to have your consideration.




Mariam Mir

Posted On 01-29-2012 8:54 PM
Name: Cathy Stout
City/State or Province: Milton, VT
Country: USA
Comment: Please put your out of print books on Kindle! I used to own all of them but they were destroyed in a flood.

Posted On 01-19-2012 2:58 PM
Name: Soumi Mukhopadhyay
Country: USA
Comment: I am one of your numerous fans. Your books are beyond romance. Very few authors - even main stream- can capture human emotions like the way you do. Bravo!

Of course no one can write a romance novel like you. I was reading " A chance encounter" the other day. When Elizabeth pledges to Robert about wanting to live life as a maiden aunt to her nephew, Robert raises his eyebrow and says softly "maiden?"...Simply brilliant!!!!

Last night I was reading your novella "A surprize party". Unbeknowest to me my pillow was wet! This from a 40 year old happily married mother of two.

Please keep them coming...I especially like your old style - strong heroins and totally take charge alpha males. Who can forget Wulfric Bedwyn or Joshlyn Tresham?

With regards and thanks from-

A Huge Fan


Posted On 01-15-2012 2:48 PM
Name: Joanna
City/State or Province: Venice/ California
Country: USA
Comment: What a lovely retreat it is to read your books. Your plots are very (to quote Lady Freyja Bedwin), "diverting".
    I have fun searching for books about the Napoleonic War, also those with characters with disabilities are especially heart warming. I can't wait for ther new Survivor Club septet!
You are a powerhouse writer with such a list of books, I wonder if you can name those of your books with disabled characters? I know only of Lord Carew's Bride, Silent Melody, and  Simply Love. Are you able to respond to my challenge?
Thanks for being a writer, most sincerely, Joanna

Posted On 01-07-2012 5:15 PM
Name: Nancy Hughes
City/State or Province: TXYoledo, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Miss Mary, I would like to give you a gift! I just re-read The Talisman Ring, the edition with your Forward, and it made me even happier that you're a favorite writer of mine. You "feel just as you ought" in my opinion. Have you ever read any of these authors? If not, I recommend them. First, Jeanne Ray. Her Step Ball Change may be my favorite, but all four of them are great. Also, there is Marisa de los Santos and her books Love Walked In and Belong to Me. Then lots of Rowan Coleman's books (she's my newest favorite author), like The Accidental Mother and The Accidental Family. The Provence Cure for the Broken-Hearted is a special favorite of mine, by Bridget Asher, and she writes under another name, too. Check that out! I guess in closing, I think you might enjoy Roland Merullo's Breakfast With Buddha. Happy New Year, and thanks for all the great stories!

Posted On 01-07-2012 4:06 PM
Name: LaShondia Griffin
City/State or Province: Baltimore, MD
Country: US
Comment: Mrs. Balogh,

First, let me say: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May your year bring peace and blessings to you and your loved ones. Second, I love love love your books!! I have recently discovered you and my first book was A Matter of Class. After that I was hooked. I am making my way through your booklist (at least the ones I can find at the library) and I just finished the Bedwyn Series. I LOVED them all but I think my favorite was Wulfric's story. Although I am not a member of the ton, LOL, I am the oldest and as such have always felt the need to be more responsible then my siblings. What I wanted to know is something I just noticed when I was researching the Simply Quartet. Is the Miss Martin's School for Girls, the one I think it is, from Freyja's story? And Anne and Claudia, the Anne that was Josh's cousins former governess and Claudia, the Miss Martin that Freyja tormented? I am about to begin this one with Simply Unforgettable. I know I'll love it and I have yet to be dissappointed! Thank you!!


Posted On 01-07-2012 1:58 PM
Name: Margaret Campbell
City/State or Province: LOCKERBIE
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh

I enjoy your stories VERY much and have bought lots of them.I am delighted that "oldies "are being reprinted and have ordered the next ones.

I have just finished reading "Dancing with Calra" and am very happy that all ended well for her.But in the end I thought Clara was MEAN. Imagine she let her FRIEND go off to an uncertain future - no job etc. when a few hundered pounds would have given Harriet security. Does Harriet have her own book?

Looking forward to hearing from you. thank you for such good stories esp. the ones with bits where one must laugh out loud.

Yours sincerely

Margaret (and friends- I  keep telling friends about the books)

Posted On 01-04-2012 7:14 PM
Name: Sara McCutchen
City/State or Province: Spring Hill, TN
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I have been a fan of yours since high school -- I even wrote you a fan letter! :-) Now I'm a mom in my 30s with 2 boys, so I always look forward to your books when I have some alone time. I have a treasured collection of all your old Signet regencies, and I always re-read a few over the Christmas season. My favorite book of yours is The Temporary Wife, and I'm so happy it's going to be re-issued! I plan on buying some copies to pass along to friends. I adore Charity! Thank you for creating the perfect cozy world to escape to, on a cold night with a cup of hot tea!! Best wishes for you and yours in the new year! Sincerely, Sara

Posted On 01-01-2012 9:04 PM
Name: Patricia
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Mary - I want to wish a blessed new year!  You are my favorite RR author and I have enjoyed every one of your books.  My favorite is "The Seceret Pearl"  as many readers have said but they are all just wonderful.  I was fortunate to travel to England and Wales this summer and have enjoyed putting a mental picture to many of your sceens and settings in your books.  Thank you so much for your detication and work to bring all these wonderful characters to life.

Posted On 12-30-2011 7:35 AM
Name: Bettina
City/State or Province: Bingen
Country: Germany
Comment: Hi Mary,

I am also a big fan of your stories. I got a Kindle for Christmas (because my nose is stuck in a book in every "free" minute I have and my bookshelves are always bursting) and the first books I bought were 3 of the Slightly-series, Irresistible and The Secret Pearl (my all-time-favourite!). Of course my husband could not really understand that I bought books I already posess, but the big advantage with the Kindle is, that I can now carry my favourites around all the time and re-read them even if the paperbacks are at home :)
I hope that all of your books will be available electronically soon, especially those that one cannot buy as paperbacks at the moment like Indiscreet and Unforgiven.
As a lot of my work nowadays is done in english, I have to improve my english constantly by reading english novels of course. So reading your novels could be considered as work actually ;-) Thanks a lot for making this fun!

Have a nice 2012 and I am looking forward to reading your new stories next year!

Posted On 12-29-2011 1:36 PM
Name: Kim Haynes
City/State or Province: Walland, TN
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I was fortunate to come across A Summer to Remember and have been devouring your booklist ever since. Is there any chance that Indiscreet/Unforgiven could be re-released in ebook form? I just finished Irresistible and I was blown away by it--I want so much to read the stories of the other Horsemen.

Thank you so much for your wonderful characters and stories! I know no other writer who captures the feelings of people as well as you.

Posted On 12-28-2011 11:20 PM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Comment: The Secret Mistress was just lovely. I found myself truly touched by Lady Angeline's refusal to be bowed down by setbacks, her ability (I would even say determination) to maintain a positive attitude even when things were not going her way. Most of all, I admired her for having chosen, of her own free will, a good man, and this despite the snide remarks of certain members of her entourage. And the not-so-dry-old-stick Earl of Heyward! He was a wonderful creation. Serious, yet unwittingly funny. He was quite romantic, all the more so for being quite unaware of his charms. Thank you so much for writing such an entertaining story.

Posted On 12-27-2011 11:17 PM
Name: Rena
Country: USA
Comment: I really enjoy your books!  Thank you for creating such fun characters.  you have the ability to create lovable characters that make one feel one is visiting with friends when they appear in other books or when rereading books.  One character I would enjoy reading more about is Gwen from One Night For Love, etc.  Is there a book forthcoming about her?  Thanks! 

Posted On 12-26-2011 12:24 PM
Name: nayyera
City/State or Province: bed-sty, brooklyn
Country: us
Comment: I have been subtly encouraging my patients to read your books by donating them to the unit, hoping that the positive stories of the heroines encourage my female patients toward a healthy and happy life.

We have an in-pt rehab facility in bed sty, almost all of the ladies are abused.  The gallantry of the regency period gives them a window to look out of, to dream and yes even to smile.

As a physician, I have noticed that the 'readers' tend to recover quicker than the non-readers.

please donate your gently used books to your local hospital or medical facility...thank you


Posted On 12-20-2011 12:05 PM
Name: Pam Harris
City/State or Province: Pasadena MD
Country: US
Comment: Ms. Balogh:

I am an avid reader and last year around the holidays I purchased "A Christmas Promise" . I normally don't read "season" specific books, but decided to give your book a try. I started reading it a few days before Christmas and absolutely loved itI It is a constant reminder for me of what the holiday season is all about and the simplicity of life "back in the day". Your book started me on a journey of historical novels.

I made a pact to myself to re-read this book every year over the holiday. I am currently halfway through again and am thoroughly enjoying as much, if not more than I did last year.

Kudos to you!

Have a Happy Holiday!

Posted On 12-13-2011 9:29 PM
Name: Katrina Bialobrzeski
City/State or Province: Armed Forces Europe
Country: United States
Comment: Mrs. Balogh,

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading your work. You create characters that are so compelling that I wish they were real and I could meet them and stare in wonder. I started reading romance novels when my husband deployed in 2008 and I have been reading them ever since. My personal collection has well over a thousand books, and I think I own every single one you have ever written. I tell you this to lend credit to the following statement that my most beloved romance novel is Slightly Dangerous. I am in love with Christine and her Duke! I love when she throws his quizzing glass and when she rolls down the hill, much to his dismay. What I love the most is when he tells her how he would not crush her spirit but treasure and protect it. I weep at the thought of the love between these two characters and the story of how opposites attract. Please don't think me too crazed! But I am a sap for a happily ever after and every book I have ever read by you, makes me hunger for more. The Bewcastle family is my favorite of all time however, for they are real, relatable, and truly magical. Thank you for writing your books and for inspiring me to try my own hand at creating a happily ever after for my very own characters! All the best to you and yours and I hope you have a very Merry Christmas as well! 



Posted On 12-08-2011 3:36 PM
Name: Brooke Pinnock
City/State or Province: Idaho
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, You are by far my favorite author! I have re-read all of your books that I can get my hands on, over and over. I have often wonder what becomes of Lizzy Pickford from Simpley Perfect. I would love to know her story when she becomes a young woman. Hint, hint! Thank you for all of your wonderful stories!!

Posted On 12-04-2011 1:55 PM
Name: Nelly Thillet
City/State or Province: San Juan
Country: Puerto Rico
Comment: I am 75 yrs. old and still a romantic. Love the stories and the humor

Posted On 12-03-2011 5:14 PM
Name: Christa Bedwin
City/State or Province: Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Mary, I adored Slightly Sinful and I can't wait to read others. I love how the characters are cheerful, sometimes determinedly so.