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Posted On 11-27-2011 10:41 PM
Name: Rossie
City/State or Province: Milwaukee, WI
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I just want to thank you for all the wonderful books you've written. I have read a lot of them (I hunt them down on Amazon... not easy to get) and I just can't get enough! I'm so excited that you have a new book coming out in the spring, I can't wait! Much love and I hope you are having a wonderful holidays!

Posted On 11-26-2011 2:28 AM
Name: Eunice Cracknell
City/State or Province: Perth
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary, Thank you for writing so many great books. I have all of the printed versions and re-read them often. What I really need is more of them to be published in audio format. Are there any plans to do this in the future?

Posted On 11-25-2011 12:41 PM
Name: Raissa
City/State or Province: Saint-Petersburg
Country: Russia
Comment: You're the best author of romance novels! Thank you!

Posted On 11-24-2011 11:19 PM
Name: Marilyn Mahuron
City/State or Province: Frankfort,Ky.
Comment: Thank  you for years of enjoyment and pleasure of your novels.

Posted On 11-17-2011 3:20 PM
Name: Tammy
City/State or Province: Washington, DC
Country: USA

Mary – This is my second time posting on this site.  I am thrilled to see that you have a new book, “The Proposal” coming out in the spring.  My only complaint is we have to wait 6 more months and they are teasing us with the title and no blurb about the contents!  As I have said before you are my absolute favorite regency period author.   I really like that we can follow the H/h emotions as they evolve thru the book.  I also love your short stories and any of your stories that involve children.  I love how your books have a subtle sense of humor, especially when describing the hero.  Your books are all lying in various places around my house and I am often picking one up and rereading my favorite parts.  I hope they re-release more of your older novels.  I think the public would benefit since there is a dearth of good regency novels out there.

Posted On 11-10-2011 9:47 PM
Name: Suzanne S
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Comment: Mrs Balogh, I want to thank you for all the kindness and comfort your books have brought me over the years. I look forward to each new book. I love the development of the characters and the lessons they can teach us about ourselves. One favor: I have a number of short Christmas stories you have written in numerous books. Would you be able to gather the ones that have not already been published in "Under the Mistletoe" and put them together in a new book. I have always enjoyed the story, "The Surprise Party" in "A Regency Christmas." Thank you for republishing, "Lord Carew's Bride." It is one I treasure. I wish you a blessed holiday season. Suzanne

Posted On 11-07-2011 3:13 PM
Name: Ana M.
City/State or Province: New Jersey
Country: US
Comment: Mrs. Balogh:

I've been a fan of yours for a little while.  I have to confess that  I am a little nervous writing to you making sure I don't make any grammatical errors, since you are a former  English teacher.  Ever since I read THE SECRET PEARL, I have been hooked by your books.  What I love the most is how your characters seem so real and how easy it is to connect with them.  Thank you for writing all those wonderful stories and making our immagination fly high.

I also wanted to thank you for sharing with us a little of your private life and letting us see the person behind all those wonderful books.


Posted On 10-31-2011 1:51 PM
Name: Lara
City/State or Province: Dubai
Country: UAE
Comment: Dear Mary,

My mom lent me the secret mistress while visiting and i loved it the characters are so authentic I could hear them speaking.  I loved how fiesty the heroine was and the great way you brought them together i am so looking forward to getting the other "mistress" books so i can read more about the duke and his brother...

Thanks for some wonderful down time

Posted On 10-30-2011 5:03 AM
Name: edirin
City/State or Province: lagos
Country: nigeria
Comment: Hi Mary,

you are just an awesome writer!!! your sense of humor shows in your books.. i've read 4 of huxtable series - looking for Con's story now... thanks for bringing laughter to me through your books

Posted On 10-29-2011 3:22 AM
Name: Jennifer
Comment: Hi Mary, I reread the Bedwyn and the Simply series during the last 2 weeks, and after finishing Simply Perfect last night, I was wondering if one day you are going to write a story about Lizzie Pickford? And what about David Jewell? Maybe they are going to be paired up? .... Just wondering... and hoping... :-) Greetings. Jennifer

Posted On 10-26-2011 1:05 PM
Name: MJ
City/State or Province: Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I've commented before though it was a few years ago. I just have to say how excited I am that you're finally able to tell Gwen's story. I find it very funny that an editor didn't want you to write Lauren's story. I hope you feel vindicated since A Summer to Remember is an awesome book and who could possibly NOT adore Lauren?! A Summer to Remember was the first book of yours I read. I very quickly RAN back to the bookstore for the entire Bedwyn Series and then hunted down One Night for Love. And without Kit, we might not've had Sid and I honestly think Simply Love is my favourite book of yours - though it's tough to choose!

I'm looking forward to your upcoming series and I'm also really thankful for all of the re-releases since I'm a relative newcomer to your books and enjoy them a lot. I always know I'm in for a good story when I pick up one of your novels!

Posted On 10-24-2011 5:05 AM
Name: Wendy
City/State or Province: Manawatu
Country: New Zealand
Comment: Pleaes write faster!

Posted On 10-21-2011 5:31 PM
Name: Maggie Forbes
City/State or Province: San Diego
Country: United States
Comment: Have always enjoyed your books. Keep looking for Longing & Truly on Kindle and really hoping there are plans to make all your books available on Kindle. Thanks for hours and hours of pleasure.

Posted On 10-21-2011 10:53 AM
Name: yichen
City/State or Province: guangdong
Country: chinese

I just read your book a  christmas promise and  enjoyed it a great deal.I just wanted to let you know. I really like to read. thank you  very  much!


Posted On 10-18-2011 12:59 PM
Name: Sharon Boalhosa
City/State or Province: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Comment: Hi Mary


You are my favourite writer, I have read all your books, and now have downloaded them via e-books and reading them all again.

Please advise if you intend to write a book on the full romance between Lieutant Penworth and Jennifer Simpson, I liked there story in the Web Series.


Posted On 10-18-2011 12:14 PM
Name: Michael Douglas
City/State or Province: Hampstead NC
Country: USA
Comment: I'm waiting for Lizzie's come out. I read "Simply perfect" and hope you continue the story.
I have most of your books so thank you for the hours of enjoyment.

Posted On 10-10-2011 3:02 PM
Name: Julie
City/State or Province: Amarillo, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished the Slightly series and was sad when it was over.  Every story I read got better and better.  Slightly Dangerous was my favorite.  I laughed out loud at the heroine Christine.  She's by far my favorite, and see the ice melt from Wulfric was a joy.  Is there any possibility of more Bedwyn book, perhaps about their children, in the future?

Posted On 10-09-2011 10:45 PM
Name: Judy
City/State or Province: Temple TX
Country: USA
Comment: a number of years ago a friend loaned me the Simply series and I have been hooked ever since. Thank you so much for many hours of enjoyable reading and experiences I could never have had otherwise. Your books only get passed to friends with the understanding that I will get them back. I never trade them in or give them away. I just purchased The Secret Pearl and am looking forward to indulging in it. Thank you again and please keep writing.WE LUV YOU!

Posted On 10-05-2011 7:56 PM
Name: Sonia
City/State or Province: Casablanca
Country: Morocco
Comment: Thank you so much for all the wonderful time I have already spent with your heroes and heroines since I first discovered your work in 2003 with the SLIGHTLY.. series! I wondered if perhaps it would be possible to host on your website a poll in order to determine the reader's favorite characters/couple? Especially as I searched the WWW and could not find any yet.. It would be interesting to find out who are the most liked male/female character, which pairing is the best, who does the best preformance as a "villain" etc.. For example: My favorite male character through all your books I have already read (and alas I have not yet read ALL of them) is Peter Edgeworth Viscount Whitleaf (Simply Magic). And my favorite female so far is Alexandra Purnell (from The Gilded Web). The best pairing to me is Wulfric Bedwyn Duke of Bewcastle and Christine Derrick (Slightly Dangerous) and one of the character I liked less is the Duchess of Ridgeway (The Secret Pearl).. I hope this suggestion might be in any way valuable to anyone.. :) Thank you again, and keep on with your wonderful work!! LoL (and sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker, though my english has improved a lot thanks to your books!)

Posted On 10-02-2011 5:39 PM
Name: Pat
City/State or Province: CA
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary, I just finished reading "The Secret Mistress" and I loved it, of course! I hope you'll write a longer story about Eunice and Lord Wyndrow. I really enjoyed those characters and would like to read more about them. According to, you have a book titled "The Proposal" coming out in 2012 but I didn't see anything about it on your website. I hope amazon is right. Meanwhile, I'll have to make due with re-reading your novels since I've already read everything you've written. Thanks for all the great stories! Pat

Posted On 10-01-2011 9:33 AM
Name: Claudia Lawrence
City/State or Province: Lebanon, Pa.
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: I discovered one of your books in our local library. The "Slightly...." titles are there and I have read them all.
I am new to computers but typed your name in the search and am delighted to see the long list of your titles. The printable list is great.
Since I can't afford to buy them all at once, They will be on my Christmas list this year.
I enjoyed your bio page. Lovely pictures. Family and love are most important to getting through these times of world turmoil.
Thanks for your books which take me to another time and place.
My husband's family is from Wales.

Posted On 09-28-2011 10:43 PM
Name: Amanda Murch
City/State or Province: Georgia
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to say what a wonderful author you are. Not only do I enjoy reading your books, I also share them with my Husband, His Mother, My Mother, and our Eldest Daughter who is 15. Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to trying to get all of your older books to add to my collection.

Posted On 09-28-2011 4:22 PM
Name: Megan
City/State or Province: Chatsworth, Georgia
Country: United States
Comment: Mary, I have just finished reading 'Dark Angel' and I must say that I am rather thrilled with it. I purchased the Dell Release of the book that also contains 'Lord Carew's Bride'. I have not started it yet, but I am assured that it will be quite lovely. When I was growing up I fell in love with Jane Austen's characters and now, being 23 and having read all of Austen's work, I am so excited to have found well rounded historical characters in your novels. I can imagine becoming quite caught up with them in further books in this series. Thank you for this gift to literature and to me.

Posted On 09-27-2011 7:01 PM
Name: Gail Nichols
City/State or Province: Cameron,Texas
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mrs.Balogh

My name is Gail and I live Texas.I have been reading romance books as a hobby for quite a long time. It is one of my few hobbies in that my disability(Cerebral Palsy from the waist down) leaves me sort of a shut-in. I have read alot of books over the years and enjoyed them for various reasons.But,my favorite ones are the ones that you get "Lost" in you forget your troubles and you forget your surroundings(My surrounds is kinda hard to forget) There are very few authors who can do that for me but after reading your book "Slightly Dangerous" I can truthfully that mot only are you one of them but for me you are the very best of them(the authors) I was so very taken with your story that I could not put the book down. I want to go to the bookstore and buy all of your books at once.My budget would not permit that so I have to comprimise and get one or two at a time.Please don't stop writing those wonderfuly romantic books,and I promise I won't stop reading them.Your #1 fan forever


Posted On 09-27-2011 2:41 PM
Name: C. Lundy
City/State or Province: Nassau
Country: Bahamas
Comment: I was just introduced to your books and have read 3 of the Huxtable Quintet series...I'm looking forward to the others.  You are one of the best historical romance writers I have read.  Keep them coming

Posted On 09-21-2011 8:27 AM
Name: Elaine Gill
City/State or Province: Brewton, Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: I have most of your books and love them. I love the way you also list your series. Its hard to find an author that will do that. I hate reading a book and then finding out I just read the last of a series. Thanks again for all the hours of really enjoyable hours reading.

Posted On 09-20-2011 2:40 PM
Name: Nicole Regan
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your books.  So far I've read two from different series, and look forward to learning more of some of my favourite characters.  Your website is also very helpful in planning for further reading enjoyment.  Thank you... thank you....and ... thank you.


Nicole Regan


Posted On 09-16-2011 10:39 AM
Name: Doris Dee
City/State or Province: Pennsylvania
Country: USA
Comment: I love reading your books, especially over and over again.  I'm getting a little older now and have been purchasing my favorite's on CD!  Will the Slightly and Simply books ever get on audio????   Thank you for so many wonderful, joyous hours of reading.  Looking forward to your next series!

Posted On 09-15-2011 5:04 PM
Name: Lillian
City/State or Province: Elyria OH
Country: USA
Comment: Ah Mary, You always write stories I enjoy reading over and over.  I can hardly wait for the survivor's series and know I will complain, only to myself, about having to wait for the next book.  I so enjoyed the final book in the mistress series.  It was worth waiting for.  "A Matter of Class," was so good.  It has a wonderful thread of the possible through it that makes you know true love can happen.  My best to you and your family.  All your new releases of old favorites have attracted a whole new group of readers to admire your skill.  I still have my old beat-up copies bought at used books stores and thrift shops!  Thank you for hours of pleasure.  Lillian

Posted On 09-13-2011 2:05 PM
Name: Susan Allen
City/State or Province: Wattsburg/PA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,


I absolutely love your books!  I was introduced to your works through a friend this past year and at last count, I have 29 of your books.


My question is this----I just recently read "Irresistible" (absolutely fabulous book, of course) that I purchased through Barnes & Noble bookstore.  I also see that there are two other books that are part of a series----Indiscreet, and Unforgiven.  But B&N tell me that they are no longer in print.  Do you have any plans to redistribute those two in the future?  I would love to read them and have them in my library.  I'm not a big fan of having to buy used books, but I would if I had to.


Let me know and thanks in advance!




Posted On 09-11-2011 6:23 PM
Name: Marcia Kanter
City/State or Province: Edison, NJ
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished "One Night For Love" for the 4th time. It's my go-to book when I need a lift. I still cry when the Duke of Portfrey breaks down when Lily acknowledges him as her father.

Will there be anything further on Gwendolyn Muir; really think she deserves a new love of her own.

Posted On 09-11-2011 6:05 PM
Name: Heather A.
City/State or Province: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Country: Canada
Comment: Hello Mary,

I started reading "A Secret Affair" yesterday and hope to finish it today.  It has been in my TBR book bag for months and I am quite angry at myself for letting it almost fade away there. I was so anxious waiting for Constantine's happy ending and then I just let him languish at the bottom of the book bag. I hope he forgives me. 

Thank you for all the wonderful books you have written through the years.  I have enjoyed every single one. 

Posted On 09-09-2011 1:47 PM
Name: Cheena
City/State or Province: Santa Rosa, CA
Comment: After reading The Secret Mistress, I re-read More Than a Mistress, which is one of my very favorite books!  After finishing it, I went to your website to read the epilog to this story.  Imagine my disappointment  to find it gone!  What happened and why was it removed?  It seemed such a fitting end to that story.

What I love and admire about your writing is not just the focus on romantic love, but LOVE for friends, for family, for community, and the message that love is infinite.  I always feel so hopeful and uplifted.  Thank you, thank you.

Posted On 09-08-2011 4:00 PM
Name: Kiera Bruce
City/State or Province: Nuneaton
Country: UK
Comment: I picked up Aidan and Eve's story on an 'I've-read-everything-I-know-I-like-let's-try-something-different' haul from the library and loved it. I'm slightly miffed that I can't get the books in order at the library (beggars can't be choosers!) but two days ago I picked up Wulfric and Christine's story. I'd seen hints of it from having read the 'Simply' books first and was intrigued by the change in Wulfirc from my first encounter with him.

I read the book straight through in three hours - I literally couldn't put it down - and I'm now re-reading it thoroughly. Out of all of your books I've read, this is my favourite; the story is so moving, the way the relationship builds feels real, and I was honestly moved to tears when Wulfric dove off the tree. Christine is such a charming character and balances his inarticulate upper-class Englishness wonderfully.

If I had to pick a second favourite, I think it's be Miss Martin's happy ending in Simply Perfect. I cried again!


Thank you :)

Posted On 09-06-2011 11:52 AM
Name: Lynn
City/State or Province: texas
Country: usa
Comment: One of my top three, must buy, authors. Don't even bother looking at back cover info, I know I will love it! Keep writing these books, they are treasures.

Favorites? Freya's Slightly Scandalous is at the top of the list, such spunk love her! The entire linked series from One Night for Love thru the Simply series. Love the community she created. But also at the top is the sweetly tender Silent Melody. Wish more authors would include the handicapped in such positive empowering roles as she has. Can't wait for Gwen's story and a new series to fall for!!

Posted On 09-03-2011 10:55 AM
Name: Amy Doolan
City/State or Province: Buckinghamshire
Country: England
Comment: Hello, since the dicoverary of your books this year i cant stop reading them! they are just my sort of books and they leave me gripped right to the end! My favourite book is slightly wicked i dont know why! thanks again!

Posted On 08-25-2011 2:28 AM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Bavaria
Country: Germany
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh

Romance is dead, thought my 18 year old self, although I loved Twilight and those books do have some romance in them.
I live in Germany, so I never read english books until I really wanted to. Most of the time it was just because I didn´t want to wait half a year for the next Harry Potter book to be translated. :-) Or because the new Anita Blake book had just been released on paperback.

Then my mother got remarried and went to live with her husband (she did come back though) While she was in the U.S I accidentally pushed the wrong button on amazon. I just wanted to buy some new books but instead I got draged to the bestseller page. I was bored so I went through it and then your Huxtable series caught my eye. I don´t remember what rank they had just that the covers were really pretty, so I told my mother to buy them for me, along with some other stuff.
She brought me the books and I started reading. Don´t judge a book by its cover, huh? Well, your books don´t need a cover at all, because I´ve been enraptured with them for more than 2 years and I still haven´t finished all of them.

When I finished At first comes marriage, I was grining like a fool and feeling happier than I had been in ages. After that I read the whole series and started another.  The Slightly and The Simply series. I didn´t read them in the right order but they were still great. There was no couple that didn´t fit in my eyes. There was no scene that I had read before. To put it simply, they are fantastic and I love them. Your characters are adorable...even Wulfric Bedwyn turned out to be adorable. Slightly Dangerous looks very used by now, just like Slightly Scandalous and Simply Perfect...and many more.
Today I finished More than a Misstress and it was a great read. Who do you deem more humorless and horrid by the way? Tresham or Bewcastle? (I love them both ;-))

But strangely, my all time favourite will always be Elliott Wallace, Viscount Lyngate and later Duke of Moreland.

I thank you, Mrs. Balogh, for bringing love and romance back into my life. For always having a happy ending in your books. A fact that I have adopted into my own stories. For giving me so much laughter, sometimes even anger or outrage while reading your books. For making me believe in love again, no matter how grim the situation may be.
Thank you <3

Okay, I´ll be going now. There are still some books that want to be read by me and I need to sleep so I can go to work, earn my salary and buy A secret mistress. I am so looking forward to Angelines story. :-)

Sincerely Yours,

Posted On 08-17-2011 4:05 PM
Name: Shale Krugman
Comment: I just finished "The Secret Mistress." It was wonderful to finally read Angeline's story. It was great and amusing. It suited her to a tee. I have one comment though. There is no way Tresh and Jane wouldn't have been there at the end. Tresh loves and is still very protective of this sister. Heyward and him have become friends by this point. Jane and Angeline are also very close. Jane would have been glued to Angeline side. Maybe Tresh and Jane where on thier way, expecting to be there in time.

Posted On 08-17-2011 12:06 AM
Name: Tabitha
City/State or Province: Prince Edward Island
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary,

I've come across Slightly Wicked by chance and read it today while I'm home recuperating from being thrown from a horse a couple of days ago.  I very much enjoyed the book and can't wait to read more of the series.  It definitely took my mind off my sore muscles.  Thanks!  :)

Posted On 08-08-2011 9:40 PM
Name: Nerida Gill
City/State or Province: Canberra
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary, Really enjoyed the first book in the Huxtable series on Kindle but have not been able to find many of your other books in a Kindle search on Amazon. Do you have plans to make them available on Kindle? Regards

Posted On 08-07-2011 11:28 PM
Name: Barbara
City/State or Province: Portland, OR
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books.  I recently retired from my work as an itinerant teacher.  Listening to your books on CD has gotten me many a mile down the road, going from one student to the next.   Since I am now retired, I decided to read your books, especially the ones I've already listened to.   I'm reading my way through the "Simply" books.  They are so wonderful!   Your writing style is very soothing.  Since I already know how the stories end, having listened to them on CD, I'm free to just enjoy the characters and appreciate your lovely words.  Since I started reading the "Simply" series as bedtime stories, I find I sleep better.  I've even had better, more enjoyable dreams!  Thank you so much, Mary!  

Posted On 08-06-2011 9:14 PM
Name: Teresa Carroll
City/State or Province: North Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,
  I love all of your books. My favorite has to be "The Secret Pearl". It is the one story that has me reading it over and over again. It is so compelling and full of emotions. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. You are a remarkable writer.

Posted On 08-05-2011 5:04 PM
Name: Diane
City/State or Province: Minnesota
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,

I really enjoyed the Bedwyn family series...My favorite was Aidan and Eve...I've often wondered about their children...Davy, Becky, and Hannah...

Are there any plans to continue with a story of this family as the children reached adulthood?

Thank you, Diane

Posted On 08-04-2011 3:29 AM
Name: Alicia
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary,

I just wanted to write to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your books. Slightly Married was the first ever regency book that I had read as I was so intrigued by the idea that someone could be slightly married. I then became hooked on the entire Bedwyn series. Sometimes I try to determine which book I like best but it tends to depend on which book I am currently reading. I have also read the Huxtable series which is another of my favourites. I tend to get a bit attached to my favourite characters and love to catch glimpses of them throughout a series. I have also read the Web trilogy, the Simply series and the Mistress books and I have thouroughly enjoyed them as well.

So thank you for writing such great books. They have kept me entertained for many hours and I particularly want to thank you for starting my regency romance addiction!


Posted On 08-04-2011 12:06 AM
Name: Oona
City/State or Province: Mass
Country: USA
Comment: I'm disappointed that those of us who buy the hardcover of Secret Mistress will not get the epilogues, but those who buy the paperback will. I have been looking forward to buying it, but this doesn't seem fair. I hope I have misread this.

Posted On 08-04-2011 12:05 AM
Name: Ilze
City/State or Province: Dundas
Country: Canada
Comment: Just finished "The Secret Mistress" yesterday. What a wonderful book!

Posted On 08-03-2011 7:33 PM
Name: June Capasso
City/State or Province: Yardley, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I just finished The Secret Mistress, and absolutely loved it.  Now I have to re-read the other two books in the series (read them years ago). 

I love all your books, keep writing.

Thank you.

June Capasso

Posted On 08-02-2011 9:39 PM
Name: Brittany Colotta
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your book and to say I'm a HUGE fan is putting it mildly. I have read the Huxtable Series, Web Series and a few others that aren't apart of a series. I am always drawn into and taken to a whole other world that is fascinating. My husband and son know to be self sufficient when I am reading one of your novels. Thank you for all of the great reading and I cannot wait to read everything else you have written

Posted On 08-02-2011 8:04 PM
Name: Sara
City/State or Province: Lisbon
Country: Portugal
Comment: Hi Mary!


Here's a big thank you from Portugal!


About 5 years ago, on my 19th birthday, my friends convinced me to go on a road trip around my country, during the summer months, as a celebration of sorts.


I accepted. And then, about an hour later, I had that interesting moment in which you realise you've just agreed to going traveling with friends.


That ahead of you, there are days filled with hours and hours of golden sand and blue-green ocean (we are known for our beaches), and nights spend in tiny tents beneath silver stars and the darkest blue skys (road trip with my friends means camping)...


You're probably not seeing were the problem was, but you see... I'd noting to read! At all! What could I possibly use to fill away the endless hours spent toasting in the sun in beaches or simply toasting in the heat inside my friends' car and the nights all alone in my tent!


Well, I went to a bookshop near my home and looked up for anything to read, first in my own language, but here in Portugal english books are pretty cheat, and yours are always at such an acessible price!


So, and altough I had never heard of your books before, I remember seeing "A Summer To Remember"  grabbing it off the bookshelf, and then noticing your entire Bedwyn Family collection and looking at all the pretty shining covers and wicked sounding names and thinking: "Oh my! Wouldn't those look beautiful in my bookstands?"


Result: I bought them all, on a whim, and never, ever regretted it.


Today I have all your books, (having had to post order most of them, but still totally worth it) and I re-read them every summer or whenever I feel like it, I've also managed to "convince" (trough a lot of whining) a couple of friends into reading them, I'm proud to say that each one of my friends who borrowed your books from me to read, ended up buying them later on, to keep in their own collections. I know one day those collections will pass to our daughters, when they are the appropriate age, a beautiful legacy, and I just wanted to say how thankful I am to you for bringing such lovable characters and such extraordinary stories into all our lives.


Thank you over and over again


Your devoted summer fan,




Posted On 08-01-2011 10:04 AM
Name: Angela
City/State or Province: Washington DC
Country: USA
Comment: I have just finished the Secret Mistress.  I loved it!!!  I only have one question, Why did it take Angeline seven years to have children? Is it because she needed to mature more?

All in all, I did really love the book.

Posted On 07-31-2011 1:09 PM
Name: Kathy
City/State or Province: Clifton Park NY
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

Just finished 'A Secret Mistress' - all in one day.  I loved it. Having read 'No Man's Mistress' and ' More than a Mistress' it was wonderful to read the character of Angelina and how she developed.  It made me laugh.  Now I appreciate Edward and how much he loves Angelina.  I do still love Jocelyn and Jane.

I don't know who I fell in love with better, the Duke of Tresham or the Duke of Bewcastle.  Love your writing. It is hard to put down.  I tell my husband don't bother me for the day!!

Posted On 07-30-2011 8:55 PM
Name: kerry silwick
City/State or Province: richmond, va
Country: usa
Comment: All I have to say Mary is ~ I wish you could write as fast at I read them.  YOU ARE MY FAVORITE and I cannot get enough of you! 

Posted On 07-30-2011 8:21 PM
Name: Bonnie
City/State or Province: Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

Many years ago I read The Double Wager, and it's humor and tender scenes have stayed with me ever since.  Recently I had the chance to read it again, and I found, to my delight, that Henry was fresh and fun, the children (Pen and Phil) were a joy, and Marius was so witty in his condescension that I fell in love with the story all over again.  I loved the laugh out loud moments - usually in Marius' point of view - when there were droll observations about the Bow Street Runners or his household being able to assist the government in their espionage against the French.  All this to say, thank you for providing such an enjoyable read.  My best to you. 

Posted On 07-29-2011 3:26 PM
Name: Siân Morgan Allred
City/State or Province: Lehi, Utah
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: I fell in love with Jane Austen's books when I was fifteen, then found Georgette Heyer and have all of her books, which I have read and reread over the years.  I have read all your books and enjoy them so much.  I will be rereading them also, whilst I wait for new ones to come out.  Thank you for all your hard work and effort that brings happiness to all of us avid readers.  I was also glad to see that you have a daughter named  Siân, I was born in England to Welsh parents from Merthyr Tydfil, so Wales has always been close to my heart.

Posted On 07-28-2011 6:50 PM
Name: Melanie Morris
City/State or Province: Cheshire
Country: England
Comment: Dear Mary,

Tonight is the first time i have been on your website and i find myself dismayed.  I thought i was well versed in the tales you so convincingly tell and yet to my astonishment i find a huge gap in the books you have wrote that i have not read.  I shall endeavour to correct this wrong immediately.  I was first introduced via The Bedwyn's (and not in the right order), as i'm a book self buyer rather than an internet orderer and followed this series with the Simply's and The Huxtables.  By far, so far my favourite story is The Secret Pearl, though I found the end very frustrating but that is the nature of men generally!  Tonight i was curious about Constantine and was certain he must have his own tale (today i read Seducing an Angel again!), one i must read as soon as I learn the title.  How right i was! But now there are so many more of your books for me to explore... a task i shall set my heart to completing in the speedist of times.

I enjoy your books,  the mix of hopeful romance and anguished reality. I also appreciate that you, out of many of the authors i read are actually from the UK. Although i enjoy the works of many authors i often find it surreal that ties with a land can be explored without the depth of attatchment to place but perhaps that is overly romantic of me.

Happy writing as i will no doubt continue my joyful reading.

Melanie x

Posted On 07-28-2011 1:08 AM
Name: Kika Anne
Country: USA
Comment: I'm begging you, please write an epilogue for Devil's Web.  I just bought it to read because I thought I hadn't read it even though I was nearly sure I read all the books in that series.  After I finished it (again) I realized why I thought I hadn't read it.  It's an amazing story, and I love it, but there's so little time for them to be happy it feels almost like it never happened.  They need a good long epilogue a few years down the road where they're both happy to feel like the story's really complete. 

Love your stories, thanks for sharing them.

Posted On 07-27-2011 6:17 PM
Name: Kelley
City/State or Province: Cocoa, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: I have read a number of your books and enjoyed them all.  Right now I am finishing The Ideal Wife and absolutely adore Abby.  Thank you for bringing so many hours of joy!  I can't wait to finish working my way through your book list!  :)

Posted On 07-25-2011 6:05 PM
Name: Miranda Owen
City/State or Province: NY
Country: US
Comment: Hi,


I just finished reading Seducing An Angel and I loved it. I loved the dialogue, the textured characters, and the family relationships. I smiled a lot while reading this book. I look forward to reading your other new books. I read a lot of different types of romance books(contemporary, paranormal, historicals), but I feel like your books are "romances for grown-ups" - meaning you don't dumb down the story for readers.


- Miranda

Posted On 07-25-2011 5:39 PM
Name: Anesha Knight
City/State or Province: North Carolina
Country: United States of America
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

Please Do Not Stop Writing! Your gift supplies me with hours of peace from stressful days; and when my days are good, your books are wonderful companions!

Thank you!

Posted On 07-25-2011 12:02 AM
Name: Cheryl Sease
City/State or Province: Des Moines, IA
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for adding me to your e-mail list.  I just finished reading "A Matter of Class."  It was delightful and clever, and Reggie and Anna were both so endearing!  It will remain on my "keeper shelf," and I can't wait to read more of your books. 

Posted On 07-23-2011 9:56 PM
Name: mary VanSlyck
City/State or Province: elgin il
Comment: Finished The Secret Mistress and went back to reread the other 2 in the series. In some ways I liked this latest one the best of the 3. You took some standard characters, young debutant, stuffy man and brought them to life. It is harder to keep the stories true to the period. So many writers, not you, say it is set in the Regency period and then create people and situations that don't fit the era. Thank you for a good read. I read it as my birthday present to myself and it was a good day.

Posted On 07-23-2011 4:34 AM
Name: Akichan
Country: Philippines
Comment: I have read A Summer to Remember and I really love the story. It feels like characters were in front of me that I can feel the atmosphere and the emotions each lines impart. I love Lauren's character. It seems that she is continually growing from a school miss to an adorable woman. I find your stories hard to forget. I am currently reading your Slightly Dangerous, and it seems to me that all of your books are a promising find.

Posted On 07-22-2011 8:37 PM
Name: Wendy Hennigar
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just finished A Matter of Class. I enjoyed it. I am Jane Austin Fan and love the Regency period. I am now looking forward to reading many more of your books.

Many Blessings,


Posted On 07-22-2011 2:08 PM
Name: Sunita Khelawan
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary :

I love your books, I have read all the Slightly books and loved them. By chance I read Seducing an Angel and now I have to read them all - I am going on vacation in a week and will hit the bookstore for the full series before I do, I can't wait to sink my teeth into them , I love historical romances keep writing them please.

all the best



Posted On 07-22-2011 9:53 AM
Name: Betsy
City/State or Province: Houston, TX
Country: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed all your books!  Slightly Dangerous is my absolute favorite, I love how Christine cracks Wulfric's shields.  I have seen that the Mistress books are available as audiobooks now.  Any plans for the Slightly series??  I hope so, I would really enjoy hearing them all brought to life.

Posted On 07-21-2011 4:12 PM
Name: ST
City/State or Province: Cambridge, MA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, From an Austen fan, it's so wonderful to have new novels with substance and humor to read! You are a cut above the rest, and I look forward to your next book.

Posted On 07-19-2011 9:45 PM
Name: Allecya Pooven
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: dear Mary, I have just finished reading the simply quartet and I absolutely love it.  Simply perfect is my favourite and I fell in love with Lizzie Pickford almost instantly.  I do hope you will be writing a story on her.  I'm going through the Bedwyns now and can't wait to read about Wulfric.



Posted On 07-18-2011 8:46 PM
Name: Karen Kirst
City/State or Province: NC
Country: USA
Comment: I so enjoy your books!  The Unlikely Duchess  was the first of yours that I read and it continues to be one of my absolute favorites. I've read it probably three times over the years.  The story and characters are cleverly charming. I'm a new romance author and now that I know what all goes into writing a novel, I'm even more in awe of how you crafted it together. Superb writing.

Posted On 07-18-2011 5:46 PM
Name: Rosemary Willis
City/State or Province: Hoquiam
Country: United States
Comment: I became of fan of regency romances many years ago when my mother introduced me to Georgette Heyer. Thank you for continuing the tradition. I enjoy your books.

Posted On 07-16-2011 12:09 PM
Name: Tai Tyler
City/State or Province: rotherham
Country: england
Comment: hello mary i have only just discovered that i have a passion for historical romance and that is since i found your book one night for love 3 weeks ago.. amazing... i instantly had to read all the huxtable stories and i have just finished the bedwyn storys, and am now going to start the simply series, i intend to read all of your books and must say i hope you never stop writing them, i have immensely enjoyed every one of them and will forever be a devoted fan, thankyou for sharing your talents with  us...

Posted On 07-13-2011 10:13 AM
Name: Colleen Edwards
City/State or Province: Edmonton, AB
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary:

I have been eagerly awaiting your new book!  I have had it on my wish list for months and pre-ordered in May.  Today I received a notice from Amazon that your new book "A Secret Mistress" will not be sent this week but has been delayed until the end of OCTOBER!  What happened?  Has there been a problem with your release date.  If so, I will patiently wait but I am extremely DISAPPOINTED!  I have been a super fan for many, many years and all your books are in my "keeper" shelf.  In the great scheme of things, I know this is not a tragedy but DARN, DARN, DARN!  Take care.

Posted On 07-12-2011 10:01 PM
Name: Teresa
City/State or Province: West Richland, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Can you tell us all when Indiscreet and Unforgiven will be reissued? It is so frustrating thaty Irrestible is available when the other two are not. Though I read them both when they first came out, somehow they disappeared from my bookshelves and I'm anxious to read them again. Who needs comfort food when I can revisit an old favorite. Please drop a word of two in the right ear.

Posted On 07-12-2011 5:50 PM
Name: wanda rogacki
City/State or Province: Niceville, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,   I have admired your work for over 20 years. I also loved Georgette Heyer books, Jane Austen, and Carla Kelly.   I have been a writer since I was 9 years old, and wrote my first huge novel, the Lovely Lorena, which to my young soul was the epitome of excellence. It is so improbable when I re-read it now, that I literally have tears of laughter running down my face! I SO admire your ability to convey the reader to the emotions, heart, and soul of each character, and amazingly even the men seem so realistic! I often forget they are in a novel, and I often find myself unable to put your books down. I have just finished re-reading all 50 or so of your novels....I have collected every one. Even the new one about the "matter of Class"....Loved it! Would love some advice on getting published...I have no idea. I write Christian devotionals for my church, and have some collected poems and stories...but would love to write for "real"! Looking forward to the end of July 2011, and the new book.

Sincerely, Wanda Rogacki, a huge fan of longstanding!

Posted On 07-12-2011 3:26 AM
Name: anna
Country: POLAND
Comment: The Bedwyn Saga Just great !!!! I love your books :)

Posted On 07-11-2011 7:01 PM
Name: Jennifer
City/State or Province: yorktown VA
Comment: Mary,

  I was not a reader until just a few months ago.  I have just finished two of your series, Bedwyn Family, and Huxtables. Love them I just bought the Mistress series and cant wait to get started. Keep up the good work. I cant wait for more.

Posted On 07-09-2011 5:41 AM
Name: Valerie Morris
City/State or Province: Chicago, Il
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I have to say that I am so excited about 'The Secret Mistress'. I always felt that with two such strong brothers, she had to be more than the surface character that was shown in the first two novels of the series. I've recently gotten my cousin hooked on your novels. When she starts her conversation with "I hate you" I know that she's found and bought another "Balogh". I just laugh and makes sure she has her series list complete before she starts to read. We both hate to stop once we begin. Thanks for rounding out my summer, and for making up my mind about getting the Kindle. There's no way I'm waiting until 2012 for Now A Bride. Since my birthday was two days ago, it's going to be a present to myself. Thanks for helping me celebrate 50! Keep writing. Your stories are always "keepers".

Posted On 07-08-2011 10:57 AM
City/State or Province: GA
Country: USA
Comment: I said in my last post the 'Simply' series (which I do like) but I meant the 'Slightly series. It is beyond good.

Posted On 07-08-2011 10:41 AM
City/State or Province: GEORGIA
Country: USA
Comment: If you have not read the 'Simply' series you are missing some of the best writing ever! The last book in the series is so great I must have read it ten times!

Posted On 07-08-2011 10:38 AM
City/State or Province: GEORGIA
Country: USA
Comment: I wondered why you 'backed up' and pulled The Secret Mistress out of order since the brother's stories have already been published. Was this a book that was in process and not completed or were you looking for a story line. i just wish it would havementioned something at the beginning to warn me because I have been searching my brain to find Tresham and Ferdinand's books in my memory. I found it this morning on the computer.


Anyway...I love your books  

Posted On 07-07-2011 8:01 PM
Name: Ccarolyn Deripaska
City/State or Province: Woodland Hills, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary< Not fair! I have read every book, stay on your emails for updates and you have a book for ebooks only?????? I like the feel of areal book! I have a who;e section of my romance library just for you! I am so disappointed. But love your books anyway! Carolyn

Posted On 07-07-2011 3:45 PM
Name: Louise Pacheco
City/State or Province: Idyllwild, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, Mary!! I love your books and have been reading them since 1988 starting with SECRETS OF THE HEART. What I would like to know: is NOW A BRIDE going to be published in paperback? I REALLY don't like e-books or using nooks and would really like a hard copy.  Thanks!!!

Posted On 07-06-2011 2:09 PM
Name: Aznira
Country: Malaysia
Comment: I could simply say WOW! The very first novel I read was Web of Love, since then I have been hooked! Truthfully your novels never disappoint me! Yesterday, I stayed up to the wee morning just to finish More Than A Mistress! What a marvellous story-telling you have. I have read all the Huxtable series, I really love Stephen and Constantine stories! Keep producing more dramatic yet such tender loving stories!

Posted On 07-02-2011 12:45 AM
Name: Mackenzie E Kramer
City/State or Province: Shorewood
Country: United States
Comment: Hi Mary, I am a huge fan. I would really like to read your back log of books in e-format. I really want to get my hands on Heartless, but can't find it. Please consider releasing your older books again and keep writing great books. Mackenzie

Posted On 06-30-2011 3:38 PM
Name: Terri Hartley
City/State or Province: Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: Several months ago while I was very sick with pneumonia, a friend of mine gave me a bag of novels to read.  The bag contained two of your books, "At Last Comes Love," and "The Heart of Christmas."  I enjoyed those two books so much that I purchased "A Precious Jewel," Seducing An Angel," "More Than A Mistress," and "No Man's Mistress."  Over the years I have read many novels written by my favorite authors:  Rosemary Rogers, Joyce Verette and several more.  I was intrigued by the detail and story lines in your books and your unique writing style that keeps the reader interested and wanting more.  I'm so glad that I found your books and look forward to your new releases. 

Posted On 06-28-2011 1:03 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: dallas tx
Comment: I think your an amazing author, and very talented at that. The only book I've read and the most resent was your book called "a secret affire", and it was incredible. I couldnt put it down, for the more i read the more I wanted to keep reading. And on that note I am looking for the whole serise so I can read all of them, since i did just read the last one. Please do keep write books such as the one you already have, they are like jewels to the reads that enjoy your books. I know they are to me.

Posted On 06-26-2011 10:10 PM
Name: Aspen
Country: USA
Comment: I have to say, I simply adore your books. I have only begun to read them in the past few months, but I have to say you are among my favorite romance novelists. The out of print books are hell to find, though. All I can say is, hooray for libraries! Even if the older the books are, the more likely to have disappeared... I do believe your Wales books (Longing and Truly) were my favorites. Wales seems to be quite underrepresented in romance novels. I also adored Constantine's "A Secret Affair" and Wulfric's "Slightly Dangerous". Oh, and "The Secret Pearl", as well, just because it is so different from most Regencies. Oh, and "A Counterfeit Betrothal", even though the back of the book was extremely misleading in that it hardly mentioned Sophia's parents at all, although they were really the main characters. (Besides, I love couples who are constantly quarreling. Especially when they are quite silly about it.) "A Precious Jewel" nearly made me cry, even though I never cry while reading, so this is really quite a feat for any book. And I cannot wait for "The Secret Mistress" to come out. And Lady Muir's story, as well. The rest of that series sounds as if it has rather interesting potential, as well. At this point, I begin to fear I am rambling, so I will stop. I could probably go on writing one sentence lines about things in your books I love/adore/admire, but that would probably get quite tedious for anyone trying to read this.

Posted On 06-21-2011 1:54 AM
Name: Pancha Vismrit
Country: Nepal
Comment: Hi

This is me Pancha Vismrit a freelance writer from Nepal staying in Saudi Arabia currently. I read one of your books One Night for Love. It's wonderful.

In Nepal we always wonder that how a writer can manage to sustain by writing! You have become the one to talk about when this thing to be discussed.

Good Luck !

Posted On 06-09-2011 12:11 PM
Name: Tammy
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: USA

Mary - I have been devouring your books the past year.  You are a wonderful author.  I stumbled onto your novels after completing Georgette Heyer’s and found you to be just as entertaining and your attention to detail is awesome.  I love how you stick to the time period and work within the parameters of the numerous and often onerous social rules of the time.  Once I open one of your books I can not put it down and I am transformed into their world.  Once I read all the current ones available in bookstores, I discovered you have numerous ones that are out of print.  And let me tell you these are rare treasures and need to be put back in print.  I had to buy used copies and some are going for over $30, but are well worth it.  The few times when I have run out of your books and substituted for another regency author I have been disappointed.  No one it seems can write quite like you.  I find myself completely absorbed with what is going on in each book and I feel the heroine’s emotions just as if it were happening to me.  You also write with great humor too which is an added delight.  The Earl of Rutherford from "The Ungrateful Governess" and his description of housemaids and governesses, comes to mind.  Many of your characters are so memorable.  And your characterizations of children and the parent child dynamic is wonderful and throw in the Christmas season and it doesn't get any better than that.  I only worry what I am going to do when I finish all your books (I have less than 4 to go).  Usually, when I finish one I turn around and re-read it.  Wish you could (or would!) churn out a novel every month.  Looking forward to your new one in July!

Posted On 06-08-2011 3:29 AM
Name: Nancy Belle-Oudry
City/State or Province: Whitestown, IN
Country: USA
Comment: I have loved all of the Huxtables, the Simply series, and especially the Bedwyns. I recently found Wulf's story and have to say it was my very favorite.  The man fascinated me in the previous books and I had hoped for a special story. Thanks for the beautiful stories and I hope to see many more.

Posted On 06-04-2011 9:07 PM
Name: Sammy
Country: USA
Comment: I absolutely love the Huxtable series!  I am constantly quoting pieces to my friends and lending them the books.  You are a very talented writer and I adore the characters!  They are so easy to relate to and I constantly wish I could meet them.  I have only read this series so far, but am anxious to get time to continue reading your books. 

Posted On 06-04-2011 4:23 PM
Name: Bill B
City/State or Province: Portland, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished The Wood Nymph, which appears to be your 7th book. I enjoyed it very much. The plot is relatively simple but your writing and handling of the characters made it into a much more profound book.

I have managed to track down and buy all but five of your books. I still have quite a few left to read, which gives me much to look forward to.

I look forward to your upcoming books. I hope to eventually see your entire collection published as ebooks. I carry around a collection of your books on my Kindle, just in case I experience a desperate I need to reread one of them, as happened the other night when for some reason I needed to pick up Slightly Married. It started with wanting to reread what Bewcastle said when he interrupted the hearing on the custody of the orphans. I ended up reading the whole book!

Posted On 05-31-2011 11:07 PM
Name: Dea
City/State or Province: ok
Country: usa
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I just finished reading your "more than a mistress/no man's mistress" and have to remind you what a exquiste writer you are! Your characters gave great depth and range, the plots are loads of fun and the sexual descriptions add to the relationship without traipsing into pornography as so many romance writers do these days. Some of the comments the characters make really crack me up! I really appreciate the time and effort you put into your work - each book is it's own masterpiece. Thank you so much for the enjoyment you've brought me. I look forward to your future works of art.

Posted On 05-30-2011 8:00 PM
Name: Kelly Charland
City/State or Province: kirtland,nm
Country: usa
Comment: Your books are a joy to read!  I remember the first one i ever read was Heartless. Anna's story was so poignant  and touching. Her husband, believes her to unvirtuous and demanding her to tell him who she gave herself to, felt cheated; and Anna ashamed of what happen to her, not being able to tell him was just heartbreaking. This was one book i was not able to put down after getting it.  I believe I also read Silent Melody about Anna's deaf sister Emily and it was good too.

This weekend i just finish reading the Gilded web and also the Devil's Web. Two great love stories. I loved how you didnt just write about the hero and heroine, but also how you put in other sub-plots in too. Especially in the Gilded Web the love story of Edmund and Alex, you also wrote about Madeline and James and the beginning of their love story, as well as about Dominic, Madeline's twin and Edmund's brother.  I cant wait to get Web of love and read about Dom and Ellen's story.

I just think  you are a great author and I love reading your books. I think i have read most of them.

i have read the slightly series, the bedwyn series, the huxtable series as well as one night for love and a summer to remember.

There are still a few that i havent read, but i will be looking forward to. I cant wait for your new ones to come out!!


Posted On 05-26-2011 2:37 PM
Name: B. G. Zajac
City/State or Province: Colorado
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I so enjoy your work!  The Slightly series is a favorite and I reread it every so often just for pure pleasure.

B.G. Zajac

Posted On 05-25-2011 1:13 PM
Name: Becky Campion
City/State or Province: cary, NC
Country: USA
Comment: I have read all of your books and love them.  I am so glad you will write Lady Muir's story soon.  I have wondered about her relationship with her late husband and how he really died.


Posted On 05-21-2011 9:27 AM
Name: Lois Roberson
City/State or Province: Kernersville, Nc
Country: US
Comment: Dear Mary,

I am an avid reader of your historical Romances, don't think I've missed one. You have been inspirational to my writing. I am an unpublished romance writer and I would very much cherish an directional advise that you are willing to give. Also is it possible for me to submit to your Agent? Thank you. Sincerely,

Lois Roberson

Posted On 05-19-2011 4:30 PM
Name: Carrie
City/State or Province: Rocky Mount, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

My mother turned me on to your books and I just love them. We both have gotten hooked!! I'm very picky about which authors I read and I'm so glad I found you!! I was looking for another author to read as I have read everything already by my others. Please keep up the great stories!

Posted On 05-14-2011 11:35 PM
Name: Marybeth
City/State or Province: Delaware
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Mary:

I wanted to let you know that I place you (along with Carla Kelly and Lynn Kurland) as one of the BEST writers of my favorite type of romantic fiction - the kind that develops a relationship between the hero and heroine - neither of whom are perfect people.  Their conflicts are real and painful.  As an avid reader and re-reader of Jane Austen, I find myself re-reading your books as well.  Your older books are my favorites, and I have read mostly the Signet Regencies so far.  Your older books are quite hard to find, so I am glad they are reprinting them, although I will miss owning the pretty Signet covers.  :-D

Some of my favorites of the ones I've read are:
Gentle Conquest (My first Mary Balogh "old read" and the second Balogh I read - I had already read Simply Love but that was it.  Awww!  Such a sweet story!  I adored it and knew I had to find more Balogh books!)
A Precious Jewel (I appreciated your honesty about the heroine's situation and the hero's childhood in this romance, which is not a fluffy read - thank goodness it isn't.  I think there should be a warning label on the book, stating that everyone MUST read A Christmas Bride to help everything get wrapped up!)
A Christmas Bride (I am amazed at your wonderful treatment of this couple and the heroine's backstory)
A Christmas Promise
The Temporary Wife
The Notorious Rake (One of the best "reformed rake" stories I've ever read...that plot device normally makes me roll my eyes in most books, but this was tear-jerkingly WONDERFUL.)
Lord Carew's Bride (I am glad you aren't writing a story for the villain like some people want you to.  He is too awful.)
The Famous Heroine (I was so glad Francis finally found someone.  I was sad for him in Lord Carew's Bride)
The First Snowdrop

I just bought a used copy of The Wood Nymph on eBay; can't wait to find out what happens to Mr. Mainwaring, who seemed so kind in A Chance Encounter. 

Thank you, Mary, for writing such lovely books that focus on character development, plot, and relationship-building, rather than focusing on overly witty, overly clever conversation; detailed dress descriptions (although I do enjoy those sometimes); and frequent, less-than-believable love scenes (with too many details) to drive the book forward to its conclusion.  I'm so glad I discovered your books!

I also think it's really cool that you are a church musician and former English teacher, as I am both of those things as well!  (Now I just do church music and teach children's choirs in a music school; I left behind the grading of term papers.)  What voice part do you sing?

Posted On 05-11-2011 10:25 AM
Name: Jean Jones
City/State or Province: Benfleet
Country: England
Comment: Dear Mary, I have now read upwards of 30 books written by you. I cannot tell you how much enjoyment they have given me. I am slowly trying to collect all your books - new and old. I have yet to be disappointed with any of your writings, and look forward with eagerness to your next book. I particularly enjoyed the "Simply" series. I have just finished reading Dark Angel and Lord Carew's bride. Loved both these characters. I am now about to start on my latest purchase 'A Secret Affair". Many thanks for the pleasure you have given me with your writings. Long may it continue! Best wishes. Jean Jones

Posted On 05-09-2011 9:12 PM
Name: Fei Overney
City/State or Province: Cupertino, CA
Country: USA

Dear Mary,

I came across your book “Seducing an Angel” by accident last Christmas at our local library. Since then I have read all Huxtable quintet. I really love the series and read them over a few times. Even though sitting were 200 years in past, the thoughts and emotions are very real and relevant today.  I think this series are not only for entertainment but also to actually give us a chance to reflect upon our own life and marriages and draw some valuable lessons from it.

After one month break, I picked up simply quartet, two of slightly books, “One Night for Love” and “A Summer to remember”.  My favorite is “Simply Perfect” as Joseph and Claudia are older and attractions between them are more mental.  But all your hero and heroine are very inspirational with sense of personal responsibility and no bitterness towards life no matter what circumstance they are in. Once my daughter gets bit older, I will get her read your books as well.

I wonder, about love story for Lilly’s father Lynden (Duck of Portfrey) and Nev’s aunt Elizabeth. It seems to me based on his West Indies military experience and personal tragedy; he would be an early supporter for William Wilberforce’s 20 year quest to the abolition of slave trade in Britain (in 2006 movie Amazing Grace). And the independent, intelligent and progressive lady Elizabeth should be a good friend of Wilberforce’s feisty wife Barbara. They were also married quite late in life   



Posted On 05-02-2011 12:39 PM
Name: Lorelee
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I have just recently discovered your books and your talent.  I have read the whole "Slightly"series and just finished "The Secret Pearl".  I so enjoy your style of writing, of showing the prospective from all character's point of view.  It seems to give the reader a greater understanding of the plot as well as an indepth feeling for each character.  The only thing that I have found that I dislike about your books is that when I start one I know the housework will be neglected and I will lose sleep at night as I am unable to put the darn thing down.  Even after I have finished one of your books your stories still invade my thoughts and I miss the characters dreadfully.  Thank you for your hard work and for being so prolific.  I will be able to enjoy your books for along time to come.


Posted On 05-02-2011 10:48 AM
Name: Melanie
City/State or Province: New York, NY
Comment: Dear Mary,

I just wanted to tell you that I love Wulfric in Slightly Dangerous. I am reading this book for the third or fourth time and I still think he's the best of all your male characters. That quizzing glass, those eyes!!! You are such a gifted writer.

Looking forward to all your latest stuff!


Posted On 05-01-2011 1:53 PM
Name: Sherly
City/State or Province: Gold Coast
Country: Australia
Comment: My first book of yours was The Secret Pearl. From then I start to the Huxtables, the Bedwyns, and others. Recently, I read A Precious Jewel. I finished it in one evening and found myself rooting for both Priscilla and Gerald. (Although sometime I just wanted to smack both of them to the head because they're too afraid to tell each other of their mind!) I'm a historical novels fans. I devoured them any chance I can get. But after reading A Precious Jewel, I just realized that most of the heroes in many novels were always (almost) perfect. They're wealthy and titled, blessed with good looks and body, and most of the times, a rakes. But not Sir Gerald. He's not as perfect as any of them, but through Priscilla eyes, I can see that he's perfect. Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. I found myself with a bit of headache after filling up my waste bin with tissues after finishing the book, but I think it's worth it. It's definitely a book worth read more than twice!

Posted On 04-26-2011 11:34 PM
Name: Patricia
City/State or Province: CA
Country: U.S.
Comment: I'm reading my first ever book of yours: "A Summer to Remember," and of course started wondering about Syd and Gwen's stories. Thanks for answering those questions on your website. But I had to start with this book, because "One Night for Love" is not available on Kindle. I hope it will be someday.

Posted On 04-26-2011 12:30 PM
Name: Norma Harris
City/State or Province: Tigard, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: I believe I have read all your books, but recently re-read "More Than a Mistress" which, In my mind, is the best love story ever. Q

Posted On 04-26-2011 12:03 PM
Name: Kim Loubat
City/State or Province: New Orleans, La
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

I know you have heard it all before, but I love you books!!  I've read all of your current series and several older books.  Looking forward to your new up and coming series with Lady Muir. I've been ebaying to get your older books that are not available anywhere else.  I even got my friend's husband, (who reads romances), hooked on you.  He says you've ruined him for any other romance writer and is more impatient than me for your books.  He says your real situations and problems make other books seem simple and contrived and that you don't throw in a red herring to get the story to move along.  I just had to drop a line to tell you that you're wondeful and keep up the good work. We can't wait for your new books. Yeah!

Posted On 04-24-2011 6:10 PM
Name: Barbara
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,


I discovered you in January when i bought an I-Pad for my trip to Australia/New Zealand.  I found A Matter of Class and read it on the plane.  Since then, I have read every book of yours that is available on Kindle.  My husband feels I am addicted because I read and re-read your books every night.  I don't know why he is so astonished.  I am a retired English teacher after all.

My question to you:  since your next books won't be out for awhile, I wanted to know what authors you recommend who write Regency novels and develop characters in as similar as style to you as possible.  I just finished A Summer to Remember and One Night for Love.  I am currently rereading Simply Love.  I cry, and I emphathize.  I have such a wonderful chatharsis when the couple finally makes love and ultimately marry.

Please advise.  I have quite a few months until your next book.


Thanks so much.



Posted On 04-21-2011 4:16 PM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Tuscany
Country: Italy
Comment: Hi Mary,
I recently discovered your Regency books. I greatly appreciated the Simply series and I have already bought the Slightly series.
Anne and Sydnam Butler romance is the one which impressed me mostly until now.
Thanks for your books. The only problem with them is that, when I begin one of your books, I can't stop till I have finished it!
Best wishes for everything

Posted On 04-21-2011 2:38 PM
Name: Acquinnette Vannoy
City/State or Province: Edmonds WA
Country: USA
Comment: I just wanted to tell you, that I have been a fan for many years. Yet I have always said that there was not a favorite book of yours until now. I fell in love with "Simply Perfect"... I fell in love with Miss Martin and Lizzie... Thank you for writing this book with a special needs child....

Posted On 04-20-2011 5:47 PM
Name: emily
Comment: Hi Mary,
I just discovered your books this year and find that they create a place where I can go and imagine lovely things. I like "Slightly Dangerous" the best of all the books I've read as I especially liked Wulfric's character. I also want to request a story for Eleanor. Even though she didn't make a huge appearance in the book, something about her spoke to me. I do hope you will giver her a story as well.

I would also like to request Rosalyn Landor as your audio book reader. I heard one book of yours read by her and it was simply fabulous.

Thank you for writing books that touch so many.

Posted On 04-19-2011 11:27 AM
Name: Dawn
City/State or Province: St Johnsbury, VT
Country: USA
Comment: Mary is my favorite author.  I always look to see if she has another book out before buying anything else.  They are always well written with a slight twist.  They always make me laugh or cry or think "how clever".  I am especially fond of Simply Perfect as I have a special needs son and her description of Lord Attingsborough's relationship with his daughter was perfect.  I do not know how Mary could understand these feelings if she does not have a special needs child.  All of the worry, the overwhelming need to protect them, the abundance of love.  When Lord A finally told everyone that Lizzie was his child I actually cried.  Of course I have never had to hide my lovely son, and am glad that I live in a time period where I do not have to.  I do hope that Mary will go on to write about Lizzie in the future....I have already decided that she should fall in love with David Jewell.  : )

Keep up the good work Mary, and write faster because I need more books to read!


Posted On 04-14-2011 3:22 PM
Name: Drinda
City/State or Province: Lino Lakes, MN
Country: USA
Comment: I really enjoyed reading A Matter of Class the first time but the second time was even better. I read most books multiple times eventually but this book required an immediate re-read and it was delightful.

Posted On 04-05-2011 12:25 PM
Name: Elsie Rhodes
City/State or Province: antioch, Tn
Country: United States
Comment: I love all of your books.  I think my favorite is Slightly Dangerous.  I know you have a busy schedule but I truly wish that Lady Muirs book was coming out before 2013.  I look forward to your next book, The Secret Mistress.

Posted On 04-05-2011 9:53 AM
Name: Ina Brown
City/State or Province: Johannesburg
Country: South Africa
Comment: Keep on writing these fab stories which I can escape into.  Loved A Simple Affair.


Posted On 04-05-2011 8:37 AM
Name: Mary Black
City/State or Province: London
Country: United Kingdom
Comment: Hi Mary,

WOW - I can't believe I found your site - my Mum has read one of your books!

I am a freelance photographer.

Great site, Mary Black

Posted On 04-02-2011 4:11 PM
Name: Debbie Werrbach
City/State or Province: Sapphire NC
Country: United States
Comment: Mary I have just finished " It Happened One Season". I loved it as I did the previous one. I think the idea to make a contest of the subject line was inspired. I have long been a fan of your books as well as those of your fellow authors. I do have one question though. Once the four of you decide on the story line and go to your computers to begin, do you stay in contact, running ideas between you, comparing notes, talking about your stories or do you work completely separately, coming together only at the end? I wonder how you don't step on each others " toes" but come up with unique characters and interesting stories. Thank you for your wonderful books. I think it is almost time for me to re- read the Slightly Series. It's been awhile and I enjoy them at least once a year. Debbie

Posted On 03-31-2011 10:23 PM
Name: shoua lee
City/State or Province: Wausau, WI
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary!

I just wanted to share a little story with you.  I feel in love with the Huxtable series.  I actually didn't start in from book one but from Kate's book and then backtrack to the beginning of the series.  When I read the first book and you mention Constantine Huxtable I thought what a unusal name.  Totally different.  I love historical romance and have been reading and collecting them for many years now - never once during my reading have I come across a character name Constantine before.  The only time I've heard of the name Constantine was from the movie "Constantine" with Keanu Reeves.

Anyways I looked up the name and really like the meaning.  It was definitely a name that was different enough for me to consider naming a future son of mine.  Last summer I found out I was pregnant with my first child (after 6 1/2 years of being together I didn't even think it was even possible).  Even before we knew the gender of our baby my husband and I were already thinking of names.  You got it I definitely went for Constantine.  My husband and I couldn't agree. 

We didn't get that long of chance to make a final decision when my son decided to enter the world early at 28 weeks.  My husband give in to the name as we needed a name immediately.  Yahh for me, lol.  My son was finally just rel from the NICU after being there for 2 months.  After giving birth I knew that I have chosen a great name for him as Constantine means steadfast, constant and strong.  My son carries all those traits fighting to make it being born at only 2 lbs and 3 ounces.  Today he is almost 6 1/2 lbs.

So I am not sure how you came up with the name Constantine but thanks!  I love the name, what it means and thrilled now to have my own little Constantine to love forever!  And when he is old enough to understand I will tell him how I came up with his name =)


Posted On 03-28-2011 1:43 AM
Name: Robin Powell
City/State or Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Comment: I enjoyed all five of your Huxtable books.  Why is it Constantine's book has two different covers?  I'm glad that Constantine and Elliot finally made up and Con's secrets revealed.

In Stephen's book, Cassandra becomes pregnant, yet there is no mention of Vanessa's pregancy, though in Constantine's book, she and Elliot have a eight month old baby boy.  What happened there?

One other thing.  From Stephen's book to Constantine's book, one year has passed, yet Kate now has a four year old son?  I could have sworn he was just a baby in Stephen's book.  I guess I have some back reading to do.

Posted On 03-27-2011 7:34 PM
Name: Nataliya
City/State or Province: Cincinnati, OH
Country: USA
Comment: My Dearest Mrs. Balogh, I am absolutely smitten with your books. They take me away into my imagination, where I gather spools of consciousness. You see, through your books, I've come to understand a bit about who I am. I'm a closet romantic (who knew); but more important than that, I'm okay with that. The world in which we live does not receive romance rather cynicism is embraced. Your books, their setting, and the language used are a source of light and fascination. I love language, being Russian born; I've come to appreciate the subtleties of the written word. I'm a graduate student who just spent an entire spring break reading an average of three of your books a day. And only yours. This getaway, this enclave of serenity, was firmly established in my pre-teen years when my world was both turbulent and scary. Since then, I've come to and fro in my opinion of romance novels. Why do we do it? What draws us, despite the knowledge of reality? These questions remain to be answered in each on of us. I just want to say; your more recent work is something I really can glean from. The heroines are never weak and dependent; the heroes are not jerks with a superiority complex. My favorite so far is "Simply Magic". Susanna and Peter's relationship is something that is very real, yet ethereal. Thank you so much for the talent and time that you put into each one of your books. Sincerely, Nataliya

Posted On 03-24-2011 2:20 PM
City/State or Province: ATHENS
Country: Greece
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh! I am a great fan of yours, since i read your wonderful romantic novel "Dancing with Clara"! I come from Greece too, like my friend Eirini who wrote to you recently! I really wish you could be translated in greek like so many foreign authors, sincerely not that successful as you! Hope I could meet you, if you ever come to Greece! Best regards Effie

Posted On 03-23-2011 5:04 AM
Name: Eirini
City/State or Province: Athens
Country: Greece
Comment: Dear Mary, I am a fan of yours from Greece. The problem is that I cannot find your books easily and as far as I know none of them has been translated to greek. And I wanted to ask: They have never approached you from Greece publishers in order to transalate your books in greek or that has happened but a problem has occured. I think it is a shame that your books cannot be accessible in my country... I hope to hear from you soon. A! And another question: Which was your best-selling book so far worldwide?


Thank you in advance... 

Posted On 03-22-2011 2:41 PM
Name: Jane
City/State or Province: Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Mary - I am absolutely thrilled every time you release a book.  I hope you will continue to re-release your older work that has gone out of print.

Posted On 03-11-2011 6:57 PM
Name: Lucia Livingston
City/State or Province: Ohio
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh:

Thank you so much for your books.   I was in a really dry spell, being unable to read hardly anything after having always loved to read.  Then when I found your books this summer, I just couldn't get enough and have read over  40 and now I'm so happy to have found more on your web site!   The hunt is on... I've read some other authors, when I couldn't find one of your books, but I like your's most because not only do they touch me so that I cry but often laugh out loud too.  Also, I like how your give little glimpses of the life of that time..the gritter side sometimes, which other books ignore and the other thing that sets your books apart, for me, is that all your main characters are not just the beautiful, perfect people.  You dealt with deafness, mental retardation and mental illness, physical disabilities, etc. I'll admit I have a prejudice against rich, slim, beautiful people and characters......the cookie cutter the waltz can pale, but you make me forget that and I just get involved with the story and the characters and am always sad when the story ends...but love it when I hear about them in another connected story.  Thanks again, and again.  Lucia

Posted On 03-09-2011 12:20 PM
Name: Carolyn Wheeler
City/State or Province: Layton, Utah
Country: USA
Comment: I own all of your books that are available in paperback and have loved reading them!  I am a working mother and don't have a lot of time for reading.  When I sit down with one of your books the house and kids go to pieces.  I have purchased the Simply series and the Huxtable series as audiobooks and put them on my i-Pod.  This has worked out really well because I can get my "romance fix" and take care of the kids at the same time.  I am hoping the rest of your books will be coming out soon.  I would really like to get the Slightly series as audiobooks next.  Thanks for the great stories and romances!


Posted On 03-08-2011 8:18 AM
Name: Anna Smirnova
City/State or Province: Moscow
Country: Russia
Comment: Dear Mary,

I would like to thank you for such a wonderful book "Simply Love". This story filled my heart with love for any human being and with desire to change myself for the better.


Posted On 03-07-2011 12:28 AM
Name: Grettel Ballestero
City/State or Province: San Jose
Country: Costa Rica
Comment: Oh! I've just discovered your books! They're great and I'm looking forward to read as many as I can get. I read "A matter of class" and loved it. And also read "Lord Carew's bride" and left  me craving for more... I know I will enjoy every one of your books. Thank you for sharing your talent..

Posted On 03-05-2011 12:32 AM
Name: Barbara Williams
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Just wanted to thank you for "A Secret Affair".  I couldn't stop reading this story , and my only regret was that it wasn't longer!  I was glad to see things turn out so well for Constantine.

Posted On 03-02-2011 12:50 PM
Name: Marcia Solomon
City/State or Province: Charlotte, NC
Country: USA
Comment: I cannot tell you how thrilled I am that your books are on audio now.  I have every printed book you have written (quite a few and they are my treasure). I have a question regarding the readers of your books.  I started listening when Rosalyn Landor was the reader on (I forget the company name).  Then the books were on Audio Brilliance with Annie Flosnik.  I expect this was due to a number of marketing decisions?  Anyway, while I really enjoy both readers (they sound exactly how I had always invisioned in my head that people spoke during the Regency) I find that Annie Flosnik does not do the separation of men's voices as well as Rosalyn Landors does and I had trouble following who was speaking when it came to the men (when Annie was reading).  Since I drive so much these days I make sure I have an audio book in my magazine player (it holds 6 at a time in my little old Cabrio). I am so thrilled with your success and the endless themes you come up with.  I commend you every time I listen or read.  I have read A Matter of Class 4 times so far and listened once. That was so wonderful.  I think I will be in a deep depression when you retire from writing.  Hugs for all that you do, Marcie.   

Posted On 03-01-2011 11:00 PM
Name: Nancy Berkley
City/State or Province: Hobart, Indiana
Country: USA
Comment: Hi, Mary,

I so enjoy your books.  Have just finished reading "A Secret Affair".  What pleasure and enjoyment !!!!  Love your books.  I am an avid reader and have been since I was 16 years old. I am now 61 years young!  I was introduced to yoour books when I joined abook club.  At that time, the Slightly series was out.  That was several years ago.  I have continued reading your books.  How long will it be before the paperback book of "A Secret Mistress" will be forthcoming?

Thanks so much for all the entertaining hours of reading.  Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


Posted On 03-01-2011 9:03 PM
Name: Mary
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I just have to say I really, really enjoyed your Bedwyn series. My favorite book of them all was Slightly Dangerous, something about Wulfric just touched me. I was wondering if you have given any thought to doing a story about Christine's sister Eleanor? Thus including Christine and Wulfric in the story and maybe some of the other Bedwyn siblings. I am sure that it would be a truly wonderful book since all of your books are wonderful to read.

I look forward to your future books and hope that maybe someday one of them could be one about Eleanor. Thank you so much for the wonderful reading.
Mary K.

Posted On 02-27-2011 10:40 PM
Name: Reem Al-Qatami
City/State or Province: Kuwait
Country: Kuwait
Comment: Dear Mary;

I would like tto express my sincere thanks to you for providing us with such amazing and marvilous stories. I'm an avid fan of yours and been so for years.

You are indeed my best Author along with Nora Roberts. I never thought that I would contact an author ever, knowing how busy you must be with your life and carer, but I have just finished reading your story "A Precious Jewel", I started reading it today and for the life of me I couldnt stop untill it was finished and it is 6.30 am!!! god only knows how i will go to work ;P

The story is sooo moving that I cried when the happy ending arrived. It is truely a remarcable story that shows us another part of life, a whore's life and her reasons for entering it along with her feelings and a simple slow man with a great big heart.

I thank you again for the joy you entered in to my life with your stories and look forward to read your next book.

Yours truely;


P.S: your books are indeed in high demand in kuwait. might I suggest that you translate them in to arabic ?

Posted On 02-25-2011 1:20 PM
Name: Ita Iftode
City/State or Province: Paramus, NJ
Comment: I anxiously await your new (or new to me if they're out of print) books, and when the publication of The Betrothal was postponed or cancelled I felt cheated!  Any chance that it will still come out?

Posted On 02-24-2011 3:21 PM
City/State or Province: ONTARIO
Country: CANADA

Posted On 02-21-2011 4:51 PM
Name: Jenny M
City/State or Province: RI
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading A Secret Affair. A masterpiece!!!!! I love all your books!!!

Posted On 02-20-2011 10:47 PM
Name: Corinne
City/State or Province: MN
Comment: Your books are the reason i started reading anything and everything i can get my hands on. Thank you.

Posted On 02-18-2011 9:37 PM
Name: Betty Clark
City/State or Province: Douglasville Ga.
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary just wanted to say I love your books I have listen to all of the Huxtable Quintet.

Ann Flosnik is one of my favorite reader and she bring your book to life . Listening to

Ann is like being there among the story as it being told listening to audio books

there nothing like I,m not sure I,ll every sit down with a book again as long as I can

find it on audio, It the only way to enjoy a book while on the move.


Posted On 02-16-2011 11:19 AM
Name: Sarah Mackins
City/State or Province: Kent
Country: UK
Comment: Hi Mary,

I have recently written a hubpage recommending your Bedwyn series books (as these are my favourite stories) and was wondering if there was any allowance on using teaser paragraphs to entice people to read more so that I can lengthen the hubpage and better promote your books in the process. Here is a link to my hubpage so you can see what I mean. , I welcome any comments and suggestions you may have for my hubpage too. I myself think it needs something more and thought perhaps snippets of teaser paragraphs from the series might be enough to entice and capture the audience better and in the process hopefully bring new readers your way. Sarah

Posted On 02-13-2011 7:22 PM
Name: Rachel Popham
City/State or Province: MD
Country: USA
Comment: I read plenty of romance, but mostly as a guilty habit. I always start hopeful, but then get upset when I find out that the romance is predicated on a predictable introduction, an almost malicious courtship, and interactions and characters without facets or complexity. Reading Mary Balogh's books, with rich believable heroes, respectable love, and nuanced storylines, has been a relief for me and a redeeming mark for the romance novel industry. Thank you! <3

Posted On 02-13-2011 3:55 PM
Name: Alexandra
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Since discovering your books - thanks to a friend - I now cannot read them fast enough.   I will be keeping all books to read a 2nd time with the exception of 'A Precious Jewel'  I gave that one away as it is the only one to date I did not enjoy.

Posted On 02-12-2011 6:51 PM
Name: Carol Piriti-Farkas Kirven
City/State or Province: Columbia, SC
Country: USA
Comment: I love reading your books!  Today I am reading 'Slightly Dangerous' for about the 10th time.  I interrupted myself to continue some research I'm doing on my grandfather, who was a Hungarian Diplomat in Washington, DC probably late 1800's through early 1900's.  I found one named Andras Balogh!  Didn't find mine yet, however.  Interesting.

Please keep writing!


Posted On 02-11-2011 10:12 AM
Name: Laura Jones
City/State or Province: Ohio
Comment: I just picked up and read It Happened One Night.  As a busy mom it was really nice to be able to quickly read an entire story and know I still had more to go.  I hope you ladies will write more of this type of book.  Of course, I have always enjoyed your books - especially the Slightly and Simply books.  Thank you for writing them.

Posted On 02-10-2011 11:45 PM
Name: Kimberly
City/State or Province: Mont Belvieu, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I am in the process of reading The Huxtable's stories. I have found that after I start reading I don't want to put it down. Very good writing, it really keeps you interested in reading.

Posted On 02-10-2011 3:00 PM
Name: Jennifer
City/State or Province: NY
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books,I wish os so much that you would  turn them into movies.The world needs to remember that love and respect lives on.

My Mother passed a little over a year ago, and I could not sleep.So my grandmother sent me  some books. I could not stop ,your plots are great. They are so wonderful and peaceful. I love the  race to the end!

You are the best  ! I have read  as many of you books I can get my hands on.I love the way your charactors are  so  deep.

Thank you for finally letting Con Huxtable have love. I was so waiting for that.

Please keep writing! You make my day!  THANK YOU Soo Much

Posted On 02-03-2011 11:37 PM
Name: Debbi
City/State or Province: Oregn Coast
Country: USA
Comment: I have enjoyed your books for years and am anxious to read Lady Muir's story and the rest of the new series.  Happy writing, Mary!

Posted On 02-03-2011 5:55 AM
Name: Nancy
City/State or Province: Nebraska
Country: United States
Comment: I just finished reading A Secret Affair and had to tell you that I have so enjoyed your books over the years. I laugh and cry and feel like the characters are friends after just a few pages. It is so hard to put down a book after I finish. I just want to keep reading about their lives and experiences. What a wonderful talent you have for making them so real for us! Thank you for sharing your stories and please know that you have brought much pleasure to many readers with your words.

Posted On 02-02-2011 4:38 PM
Name: Martha Andrews
City/State or Province: Allentown PA
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for all the hard work involved in bringing a book into fruition and giving us so much pleasure and a break from real life!   I had written to you several time for CON'S story and WOW!

Just read "Secret Affair" and loved it.  I'm so glad you found Hannah for Con--they really needed each other and were both 2 halves of a whole! As with all your books, I felt like I would know them and their families sound like everyone's family (if they are lucky).  You even incorporated a little moral teaching for us about allowing people to their own beliefs and life-style.

Thank you again for all the years of pleasure and for the "friends" you've introduced to us.

Posted On 01-30-2011 10:28 AM
Name: Cathy
City/State or Province: Frederick, Maryland
Country: USA
Comment: I was so captivated by the Bedwyn series that I feel a great need to know about Neville and Lily's children! I unfortunately read the different series in the wrong order and could not remember if Lily had remained childless by the time I read One Night for Love and became involved in Neville and Lily's lives. I scanned through the Simply series looking for any mention of them since I had not paid too much attention to them when I read that series and found one mention of Neville and Lily's "children", but not anything about them. Did I just miss it or did you not elaborate. You have to understand that we readers become much too much involved in your characters' lives because you make them so real to us, and we must have all the details! Will you continue updating us on the the Bedwyns and all the collateral characters in your story about Gwen?

Posted On 01-29-2011 8:45 PM
Name: Joyce Arebalo
City/State or Province: las vegas nevada
Country: usa
Comment: Ms. Balogh:  I came to your site to satisfy a curiousity on the pronunciation of your name. I am currently reading "A Secret Affair" It is so hearfelt.  But it is so close to home for myself.  Regarding being the victim of misconceptions and misjudgements.  This story is heart rending.  Your writing so warm and friendly and full of heart. Your talent to express is marvelous and welcome.  Please keep on with it.

thank you

Joyce A

Posted On 01-22-2011 7:45 PM
Name: chantelle
City/State or Province: Baltimore, MD
Country: US
Comment: I just read a matter of class.  PLEASE tell me there is more to come????? !!!! I feel robbed

I LOVED this book and characters.. Watching the relationship of Reggie and Anna develop was endearing.  Good work on the character developement and making me care about them.  I would love to see more of these characters.. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me there is more coming????

Does her father ever accept the marriage? Are the mothers allowed to continue to develop their budding friendship?  What happens when the children (grandchildren) start to come, does this thaw Anna's father to the relationship? Do the fathers discover that Anna and Reggie dupped them?  AWWWWW  I need to know...

Newly obsessed fan!



Posted On 01-21-2011 9:26 PM
Name: Rhonda Bowers
City/State or Province: Hagerstown MD
Country: USA
Comment: Several years ago, a complete stranger in a book store recommended one of your books to me.  Since then I have read all of your books and anxiously await the next release.  You have taken the top spot of my short list of favorite authors. 

Posted On 01-21-2011 12:10 PM
Name: Fran
City/State or Province: Liverpool
Country: England
Comment: Hi Mary

Thank you so much for the pleasure I have had over the years from reading your books. I still have one to read " The Trysting Place " which is just to expensive to buy - do you think you can get it republished, cheeky I know ,!! SORRY!! My absolute favourite is Simply Dangerous, although I think Tresham comes a close 2nd to Wulfric, I always read your books with some tissues to hand - I know I will end up crying, and although I have been married 40 years this year, I still try to hide the tears from my husband.

The pictures of your family are lovely, thank you for sharing them with us.

Best wish to you and your family - please keep writing.

Kind regards



Posted On 01-19-2011 3:43 PM
Name: mimi grenville
City/State or Province: jacksonville fl
Country: usa
Comment: I just want to say that of all my romance books that I have kept and reread over the years, and boy, do I have them,

yours are the best. Your books are the ones I will put down toward the end to postpone finishing. The people

who live in your books are so three dimensional I hate to part ways with them.

Thank you for every one. I just finished A Secret Affair and realized there are no more Huxtables to take to

our hearts. Don't ever retire.


Posted On 01-17-2011 7:05 PM
Name: Carolyn Gee
City/State or Province: Paragould AR
Country: US
Comment: Mary , I have read a lot of your books ,the Huxtable series i have in hard cover  i realy love this serier ,any time i can find one of your books i buy it i know without a doute that it well be Great. The Plumed Bonnet i can not find , but i keep looking , thank you for your Books, they make a old woman smile & dream.

Posted On 01-16-2011 11:34 PM
Name: Kathy Davis
City/State or Province: Panorama City, CA
Country: US
Comment: I have long been looking forward to the book about Gwen, Lady Muir--I can't help but think there must be quite a backstory there. I'm also curious: will the reprint of "Christmas Bride" contain the epilogue from your website?

Posted On 01-14-2011 6:30 PM
Name: Lynn Bruce
City/State or Province: Atlanta,Ga
Country: USA
Comment: I have been a  huge fan of yours for years. All of your books have been "keepers" for me. When I see your name on a book I automatically buy it. The only book that I have not liked that much was A Precious Jewel. I think the reason is that I did not feel that she was forced to become a prostitute. I love your series books and the more of them the better. I have read so many of your books(several times over) that I feel your characters are mutual friends of both of us. That may be why I enjoyed your family pictures so much. Everyone is so good looking! I am happy for you that you have reached hardback status. I may however have to buy your books second hand because I read so many books per week. I am wondering why so many publishers have headless models with flowing gowns on the covers of romance books. I do not like them because they all look alike to me. I used to be able to remember a story just by looking at the cover. Give me a good old embracing couple any day, particularly one with a shirtless male with nice tight buns!

Posted On 01-12-2011 12:30 PM
Name: Joyce Burkhardt
City/State or Province: Cincinnati, Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: I am beyond thrilled that you are writing a new 7 book series.  I am currently re-reading the Slightly books now as I wait for your new stories.  Thank you for the most wonderful stories! Blessings to you  and  your family in 2011

Posted On 01-12-2011 1:10 AM
Name: Richelle
City/State or Province: Regina, Saskatchewan
Country: Canada
Comment: First I must say that I really enjoy your books! When browsing for something new at the book store one day, First Comes Marriage caught my eye and the plot seemed enthralling so I decided to buy it and take it home. The next day I bought the rest of the books in that series! Since then I have started to collect your books whenever I find I have collected enough spare change. I do not have much money to spare since I am attending the University of Regina in the Faculty of Education but I love to read so I am constantly counting my pennies so I can buy another book. I have just finished reading The Ideal Wife and it spurred me to write to you and tell you how enjoyable your novels are.

When I first looked at your biography I was astonished to find you residing so near. To think I may have browsed the shelves at Chapters looking for your books whilst you had a coffee at Starbucks! Authors always seem to be so far away from Saskatchewan. I grew up in a small town (Kipling is about an hour and a half away) and have been reading romance novels for the since I was 12, but most of the authors seemed to come from England or the States. I have always dreamed of writing part of a romance novel as that is the main genre I read. It is nice to know that something great can come from such a small, out of the way place as Kipling, or maybe one day, Esterhazy.
Thank you so much. You are truly an inspiration.


Posted On 01-12-2011 12:20 AM
Name: deborah roussety
City/State or Province: sydney
Country: australia
Comment: Just started to read your work,thanks to Nicola cornick and it is great,thanks I have alot of reading to do know,so looking forward to it.

Posted On 01-11-2011 7:05 PM
Name: Jessica Bennett
City/State or Province: SYDNEY
Country: australia
Comment: Hi Mary...just wanted to say that I am an avid reader of your books....probably would have about 30 of them maybe more....Have not long finished A Secret Affair....and I have to say its one of the BEST so far.absolutely loved it of those books you don't want to end...The Bedwyns are fantastic as well.....I have my personal favourites tho......Am a bit disappointed that each new book you bring out now are in Australia we have to pay $44 for each one of them and are harder to hold up when reading in bed..haha.....Am looking forward to your next book tho...A Secret Mistress...I have read the other 2 that go with it ...excellent of my favourites is A Summer to Remember...I cried a few times in it .. Just keep up the great work.. Jess..

Posted On 01-11-2011 5:55 PM
Name: Catherine
Comment: I just reread "Web of Love" and wondered if you have considered writing a sequel that explored Ellen's stepdaughter Jennifer's romance with the wounded soldier Lt. Penworth. Maybe it could be part of the series you mention here: "Gwen's book will actually be the first of a new seven-part series. Hugo Emes, Lord Trentham, her hero, is a member of the Survivors' Club, a group of five former military officers who were variously wounded in the Napoleonic wars..." With best wishes, and thanks for all your wonderful books, Catherine

Posted On 01-11-2011 1:12 PM
Name: Monique
City/State or Province: Baltimore, MD
Country: USA
Comment: I must say, I am completely captivated by this series.  I love, love love them all.  I have re-read 1st Comes Marriage 3 x.  Thank you for the romance and fire of this series.   I really must say that I did not think I would be a fan of this type of book.  I'm thrilled I was wrong.

Good Work!


Posted On 01-10-2011 7:58 PM
Name: Leslie Anger
City/State or Province: Victoria, B.C.
Country: Canada
Comment: I was given my first book last week, read it twice and went out and got 4 more today. Wonderful reading. Thanks so much.

Posted On 01-10-2011 5:36 PM
Name: Manu
Country: Italy
Comment: Hello!

Last night I finished More than a mistress that I loved perhaps as much as A summer to remember (I am so happy that Lady Muir will have a story, thank you! :D) and Dancing with Clara (two of my favourites) and today I started No man's mistress.

I love the Dudleys (I was in love with Tresham practically from the first page), I'm very happy that Angeline and Heyward's story will come out soon, but I wanted to know if there will ever be a story for Viscount Kimble ?

I have the Bedwyns series there to wait for me as soon as I finish No man's mistress. :)

I love your books, I'm trying to read everything from you (with the weird Italian's publications I managed to read some older books easily, even if I have to close my eyes on the covers... horrid horrid covers in Italy), please don't ever stop writing! :)

I will patiently wait for Kimble... I hope there will be his turn too! :P Bye bye!

Posted On 01-05-2011 6:13 PM
Name: Aleisha Bell
City/State or Province: Sparta, KY
Country: USA
Comment: When I first started reading Historical Romance I found your Slightly Series at my local library. I instantly fell in love with the Bedwyn siblings! My favorite was Slightly Sinful. My husband was looking at me strange while he was telling me that I was the only person he knew that actually laughed out loud while reading a book! Since then you have become one of my favorite authors and I have been searching book stores for any of your books I can find.  You obviously have a wonderful gift for story telling. I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for sharing your gift with us. I am very much looking foward to what adventure and intrigue may come next!  



Posted On 01-03-2011 10:21 AM
Name: Min Young Lee
City/State or Province: Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
Comment: I just came back from Singapore with unexpected things that I didn't mind to buy. I never actually read your books before -- I'm a newbie to Historical Romance fandom -- but when I visited one of the biggest bookstore in SG, despite of many novels they sell I bought yours. Just read the synopsis of your novels made my mind hatched one clear decision, I would totally buy these! At last, I brought 5 of your novels back to home.
I started reading 'A Summer To Remember' this morning, I still can't stop now to read such an enchanting story -- I believe rest of your masterpieces will happened to be the same. I wish you a belated Christmas and New Year, I just can say for you to keep writing, I'm just 14 years old girl with many dreams, one of them is to be a writer like you :)

Posted On 01-03-2011 1:01 AM
Name: Josephine Nakamura
City/State or Province: Guam
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I recently purchased a couple of your books and the first one I read, I got hooked. I am one of those that loves to read ROMANCE novels it does not matter whether its historical or not get lost in them the moment I start. I, Thank you for the entertainment by reading your lovely books and I am looking forward to buy many more in the future. Thank you and God Bless!

Posted On 12-31-2010 10:44 PM
Name: Louise
City/State or Province: Idyllwild, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I LOVE your books and have been reading them since SECRETS OF THE HEART was issued in '88.

Please reissue HEARTLESS. I no longer have my copy and would like to purchase another at a 'reasonable' price.

Posted On 12-31-2010 4:18 PM
Name: Suzy Dubot
City/State or Province: Lormes (Burgundy)
Country: France
Comment: I began reading Regency romances with Georgette Heyer. Some were better than others.
Through the years I have 'discovered' many other authoresses thanks to charity shops and jumble sales and I actually bought your first book on ebay quite by chance! A means to discovering if I like a style of a writer before investing in all the others they have written. I now have quite a collection of authors I enjoy (Regency romance and others) but I come back to you each time hoping for new publications.
I am a committed fan and I join all those who sing your praises for your talent of creating characters who live and breathe even once the story has ended. Thank you for hours, days ... years of entertainment.
Happy New Year!

Posted On 12-31-2010 6:12 AM
Name: Bill B
City/State or Province: Portland, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: More Than a Mistress was the first romance I read by a living author and it got me hooked on this genre full of clever, funny and emotional stories. I have read over half of your backlist and I am collecting the rest of it gradually as I find copies of your books. I have my favorites, to the extent they are available, on my Kindle.

I wish More Than a Mistress was available as an ebook. I would buy it in a New York minute. No Man's Mistress is an ebook. I wonder why More Than a Mistress is not. Must be some copyright thing.

I hope that you move all of your backlist to ebooks as soon as possible. That way I wouldn't have to search for them in used bookstores and could read them now. Although I guess it is fun to hunt for them and a thrill when I find one. Still there are some that I would have as ebooks even if I have already read them. Dancing With Clara is one. That is a masterpiece.

Posted On 12-31-2010 1:45 AM
Name: Kari
City/State or Province: MN
Comment: I love your books! The first ones I read were the Dark Angel/Lord Carew's Bride set. I just finished reading A Matter of Class. I would have to say that you have become my favorite author and want to tell you that you are an amazing writer! Your stories are so well written and I can tell that you truly care about your characters and the way the story plays out from beginning to end. Most romance novels that I have read seem to just wrap up the story quickly at the end but yours go so much deeper and I really appreciate that as a reader. My sister and I read the book A Matter of Class and we both decided it would make an excellent movie! She said she was picturing Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn while she was reading it. She also said it is a book that you could read again and again. That is something very unique since most people read a book and then never read it again. I am definitely going to read more of your novels and want to encourage you to continue what you are doing! Also if you ever get the aspiration to make your book into a movie I would definitely suggest A Matter of Class since the story line is so unique and fun. Thanks for the stories, I am looking forward to reading more!

Posted On 12-29-2010 2:09 PM
Name: Genevieve Callard
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo, MI
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, Thank you for writing such wonderful books. As I get most of my reading material from my public library, I'm giving a donation to them in your honor.

Posted On 12-26-2010 4:22 PM
Name: Sissi
Country: France
Comment: I love your stories and I have only discovered today that you had written a lot more books than I was aware of, dating back to the 90's and perhaps 80's. I hope someday you will consider getting all of your books digitized and available as e-books, especially as Kindle books on Amazon. A lot of these books could only be bought as second-hand copies now, and would be time-consuming to find as well as expensive to ship overseas if you live in Europe. And considering how popular an author you are, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to buy even older titles from you !

Posted On 12-23-2010 3:53 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh, I just read and enjoyed The Secret Affair, the first of your books I have encountered. But as a detail-oriented person with an interest in language development,  I would like to offer a small editorial comment. On several occasions, the Duchess refers to herself ironically (or is described by other women) as a gold digger.  This story is set in 1820s England.  The slang term gold digger did not come into use until the 1920s. That term pulled me right out of the story (although not as badly as a scene in another author's romance, where her characters gathered around and sang "Happy Birthday to You" to the hero, several decades before the song was written.)

Posted On 12-14-2010 2:24 PM
Name: Debora
City/State or Province: Fort Worth, TX
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: In late October I accidently discovered Mary Balogh while shopping at local bookstore. I was looking for something that did not have a lurid on the front cover...funny but true!!! I began with the "Slightly" series followed by "Simply" and soon found myself addicted to Mary Balogh. Her style, her memorable characters not to mention the romance and sensuality captured in each book resulted in my purchasing everthing I could possibly get my hands on!! (Barnes & Noble and Amazon have made a fortune on me!!) I could not wait for "A Secret Affair"(loved it!!). I have just completed "More than A Mistress" and am reading "No Man's Mistress". I have reread so many of her books which is a first for me. I believe I might be the biggest Mary Balogh fan in the state of Texas!!  I love ya Mary!!!

Posted On 12-11-2010 1:53 AM
Name: Margaret Murray-Evans
City/State or Province: Knoxville, TN
Country: USA
Comment: Once again you didn't disappoint...I loved A MATTER OF CLASS!!!!   As I started reading the first flashback, I couldn't figure out where you were going... but... as I read more of the book it made for a very clever ending.  A wonderful love story!


Posted On 12-10-2010 1:40 PM
Name: Amarilis
City/State or Province: Cedar Hills, Utah
Country: USA
Comment: Mary I love your stories!  Mostly I love how you say them with humor.  When I read your stories I laugh and cry all in the same page!  You really are talented in telling a story and keeping me awake into the night because I can't put it down!  Thank you~!

Posted On 12-06-2010 9:53 PM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,

Did you know that Truly is currently selling for $108.32 on  I love your books, but I am not that plump in the pocket, unfortunately.  If I were...I would be more than slightly tempted, because I am quite adicted to your books.  I have been inspired by your heroines who discover or display their inner strength.  People who give love, and who receive it in return.  Of course, the banter, the description of dazzling balls and the historical settings make for fun and relaxing reading.  But what keeps me coming back is overarching theme of the power of love in all its forms. 

Many thanks from a grateful reader.

Posted On 12-04-2010 10:47 PM
Name: Hollie Bosarge
City/State or Province: Daphne, AL
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

My mother and I are huge fans. I just finished reading the "Slightly" series in one weeks time (you would think I don't have a life but I am a 30 year old stay at home mom who stays very busy). That just tells you how wonderful they were. My mom read them first and then passed them along to me. I enjoyed all of them but I have to say that Wulfric's story was my favorite. I couldn't wait to get to his story to see how you warmed him up. You did an excellent job. I am so sad to be finished with the series. I always feel like a part of me is left behind in their world.

My mom and I both agree that Lady Muir and Sydnam Butler each would have a wonderful story of their own. I would like to know about Lady Muir's past life and to see her fall in love again. Also, I just really liked Syd and thought he could have a wonderful love story, someone who looked beyond the appearance deeper into his person. I guess I am just trying to prolong the series.

Thank you so much for making reading so enjoyable. I look forward to reading many more of your books...especially the series.


Hollie Bosarge

Posted On 12-02-2010 2:27 AM
Name: Michelle Colli
City/State or Province: Kamloops, B.C.
Country: Canada
Comment: Well Mary, this is my third time signing your guest book and my relationship with your books has lasted six long years, and I hope it will last many more!

You probably don't remember me, as again, I've only signed your guest book three time (Once in 2004 and again in 2006), and you have about a billion fans! But Maybe to give your brain a little jump start, I'm the girl that just LOVED 'Slightly Tempted" because there were so many things about Morgan that reminded me of my life. Like my 4 older brothers and 1 older sister and a boyfriend so much like Gervase it was unbelievable! (We're still together by the way :) )

Anyways, Just wanted to say that I am 22 now, started reading your books at 16, and every time I pick up one of your books, it's like falling in love all over again! You have no idea how many nights I've spent reading until the wee hours, desperately wanting to read more, and eventually succumbing to slumber. Usually resulting in a mad scramble the next morning trying to find the page I was last at! :)

Last time I wrote to you, you hoped I would enjoy the Simply series, well I've bought and read the lot of them - A++ :) Just thank-you for allowing us to have the privilege of reading your work!

Currently I am starting "Next comes Seduction" I've already read "First come Marriage" of course, and again, I am brought to the point of never wanted to put the book down. My boyfriend often tells me that eventually my books will swallow me whole!

Well, as it stand now, I am currently aching to get back to my book, so I shall do just that.

Thank-you very much again.

Your devoted fan, Michelle Colli

Posted On 12-01-2010 9:00 AM
Name: Keely
City/State or Province: Boston, MA
Country: united States
Comment: OMG How I loved A Matter of Class!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had to tell you right away!!!!!!!   OMG that was a clever, Fantastic story!!!!!!!!!! I got so happy at the end.  How I love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your my #1 Romance Author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  May god give you more years and imagination to write more!!!!!!!!!!

Posted On 12-01-2010 1:39 AM
Name: Evelyn
City/State or Province: West Java
Country: Indonesia
Comment: Dear Mary, When I re-read the Huxtables stories again the past few days, I was wondering what happen with Toby. He was just a small boy loved by his parents in At Last Comes Love, and I did not doubt that Margaret and Duncan loves him, however I was wondering how Toby reacted when his parents told him the truth about his birth. Will he has doubts on himself? Will he feels betrayed? Will he found love someday that will cleans him thoroughly? I do hope that he will tell you about his life someday, and that you just can't resist to tell us his story then. Warm Regards, Evelyn

Posted On 11-28-2010 8:00 PM
Name: Gwenda Ware
City/State or Province: Hamilton
Country: New Zealand
Comment: Hello Mary,
My query - request has to do with ebooks.
For about 10 years e-readers have been availanble in Europe and America - but not Australasia. Because of this publishers did  not necessesarily buy the e rights for australasia/oceania.
We can now buy Sony , Kindle and Kobe readers in Australia and New Zealand - but it is frustrating to try and buy the books. Because of hefty postage and other charges your newest book will probably cost $30 NZ at the local book store. With luck the Kindle edition will be $10 to $15 NZ and I will not need to find shelf space.(A scare commodity in my home)
I love to own your books because I enjoy to reread them.
I find some series or parts of series are available for us to purchase as ebooks and some are not. I don't really understand about e- rights. It seems to me that paperbacks can be sold anywhere - so why not e-books. What does it matter so long as the author and publisher get their cut?
My request:
please ask your agent to fight for the e-rights to sell all your work to us here at the bottom of the world.
Soon there will be more e-books sold  than paperbacks. Probably within 5 years. Sadly, because it is computer tech., people will doubtless try to break the copyright.
I think there will be less piracy if the publishers make fewer regional exclusions.Saying 'NO' is like waving a red rag at a bull.
Regardless of any problems,  the techology is here and the march of progress cannot be slowed or stopped. It is relentless.

I want to be able to sit in the airport with my Kindle and purchase the latest Mary Balough to read on my flight. At the moment this is not always possible.
Gwenda Ware

Posted On 11-17-2010 8:35 AM
Name: Barbara
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: I am a retired English teacher who has always loved Jane Austen.  In my retirement, I have also fallen in love with audio books.  When I finished listening to all of Jane Austen, someone told me about you.   I have now listened to the entire Huxtable series read by Anne Fosnick and the series about the Miss Martin teachers read by Rosalind Landor.  I am enchanted by both your writing and their voices. 

My question to you is this: Will you be able to get either narrator mentioned above to read the Bedywn series at the least, and all of your other books if possible?  I cannot be alone in my love of  these winning combinations for future audio books. 

At the very least, all of your books, not just a limited supply as exist now,  should be available for electronic readers such as Kindle and IPad.  Will that be happening soon?

By the way, my favorite books were Simply Unforgettable, Simply Love. Simply Perfect and all the Huxtables. 

Posted On 11-16-2010 7:04 PM
Name: jcbleil
City/State or Province: erie/pa
Country: usa
Comment: love your books. I reread them all the time. However I have had something bothering me for awhile. I am almost positive that I read a story about Lady Muir that she found happiness. But I cannot find the story any where. Could you or someone let me know what book it is in?


Posted On 11-15-2010 10:04 AM
Name: Mary Beth Brewer
City/State or Province: Houston, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I have never written an author before; however, i read "At Last Comes Love"  yesterday and couldn't wait to tell you how very much I enjoyed it.  It was so refreshing to have the couple married  by thr middle of the book and then read about their falling in love.  It gives "happily ever after" a whole new meaning.  Thank you so much.  I have alsio just finished reading from your guest book (I have been readig for about an hour) and discovered that I am certainly not alone in thinking that y our characters are more wonderful then any I have met before.  I can't wait to read more.

Posted On 11-14-2010 9:26 PM
Name: Mary Benson
City/State or Province: davenport, ia
Country: USA
Comment: I'm so pleased to see I'm not the only one who LOVES the older regencies.  I'm very glad I didn't get
rid of most of mine.  I, too, would love to see them republished.

Posted On 11-11-2010 1:15 PM
Name: Deborah
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,  I have read and loved most of your books but your short story,  "The Best Gift," in the collection "Under the Mistletoe," actually brought me to tears.  The idea that someone so deprived of emotional warmth and support in life as the heroine (Jane) could be the catalyst for the creation of a warm and loving family and holiday was very moving.  Her humility was beautiful, too, and a lesson for us all.  Thank you for a great story.  Please keep them coming!