Guest Book, 2006
Posted On 12-29-2006 6:33 PM
Name : Myrna J. Des Voigne
City/State or Province : Harbor City, CA 90710
Country : USA
Comment : I really enjoy reading your beautiful books.  Recently I have tried to get The Temporary Wife but it seems it is for sale only on the used book sites.  It is extremely expensive.  Have you any plans for a re-release in the future?


Sincerely, a reader

Posted On 12-28-2006 5:21 PM
Name : Eileen Sullivan
City/State or Province : Springfield, MA
Country : USA
Comment : Thank you for Simply Love, prior to reading this which I received for Christmas (a smart reader puts all she wants to read on her Amazon Wish List) A Summer To Remeber was my favorite of all your novels, but Simply Love is right there with it.  A great Love story of two broken people who together make each other whole.  It was great to run into the Bedwyns again, too.  Keep up the good work, I really like the Simply Series, as well as your other novels, of course.  Happy New Year to you and your family.  Eileen

Posted On 12-28-2006 12:21 PM
Name : kimberly lane
City/State or Province : Missouri
Country : United States
Comment : I love reading your books. I would really like an autographed book. What address do I use?

Posted On 12-27-2006 10:06 AM
Name : Dawn McCullar
City/State or Province : Lumber City
Country : GA
Comment : I first picked up a "Bedwyn Series" book around March or May 2006... I picked up Slightly Scandalous... What can I say but, WONDERFUL???   I was completely hooked!  I have since acquired all of the Bedwyn Series including Kit's story.  I have just purchased & read my first Simply book a few weeks back.  I just happened across The Gilded Web & now have discovered that there are others !!! I can't wait to find all of these.  I don't mind the re-released copies but, I just love to find the first releases... So now I am on the hunt for all of these others! I never realized until I started searching that there were so many other books from earlier history.  I so enjoy reading your books for it seems as if I am back in those times right along with the characters.  I have added to my collections of Kathleen Woodiwiss, Virginia Henley, Johanna Lindsey, Shirlee Busbee, Shannon Drake, Connie Mason, & a couple of others - but, I do believe that I enjoy these more than any other so far. Thanks for the the great writing - it is so wonderful to sit down and begin reading & forget everything but the story you are engrossed in.  It would not be as entertaining if not for the intricate descriptions of each of the characters.. I can just picture them in my mind as I read.  I love it!!!! Thanks so much!

Posted On 12-19-2006 3:20 PM
Name : Jacqueline McVay
City/State or Province : Tallahassee, FL
Country : USA
Comment : I'm a great fan since reading More than a Mistress.  My real favorites are Longing, Tangled, and Truly.  As you try new settings and characters, please don't forget Wales and the Victorians.  I think you have a great big new fan base who would enjoy something new.

Posted On 12-15-2006 8:06 AM
Name : Jennifer Irwin
City/State or Province : Ottawa, Ontario
Country : Canada
Comment : Hello Mary Balogh,


Thank you so much for writing these captivating books full of wonderful characters. I am deeply grateful for all of them though I particularly LOVE the Bedwyn books.

My friend and I are starting to research the significant role that romance novels play in the publishing industry so I'm just wondering if your books are published and easily available in many other countries? If so, which countries are fortunate enough to have them?

Your devoted fan,

Jennifer Irwin


Posted On 12-15-2006 12:24 AM
Name : Tina Frownfelter
City/State or Province : Kalispell, MT
Country : USA
Comment : I had seen the books at Borders for a while. After my vacation this past September, I was looking for a new series and picked up "A Summer to Remember". Since then I've read all of the Bedwyn series and the Simply series. Currently I'm looking for other books (maybe the Web series) to start the new year.

Posted On 12-11-2006 5:04 PM
Name : Shirley A.
City/State or Province : Washington State
Country : USA
Comment : Mary:


Random House has closed their ebook site as of November 30, 2006. However, they do list many other sites where an ebook reader may obtain their ebooks. Of all those listed I have found that is the easiest and fastest for buying and downloading all kinds of ebooks, particularly yours, under the Romance listing on the left.

Powells is a secure site and I have never had a problem with identity theft as they are a huge regular paper/hard back bookstore in Oregon.

When you have their site on the screen, you must mouse click on ebooks at the top, then choose one of 3 ebook formats on the top left. 

 One may scroll down on the left to New Arrivals, Romance or go instead to Advance Search, typing in Mary Balogh under author , choose the format below under Book Class  and click on Start Search to complete.

I have purchase electronic books in Adobe pdf format  for 3 years and they are wonderful to do business with.

Feel free to use this information for anyone else on your mailing list.

I enjoy re-reading your books!!

Happy Holidays, Mary-

Shirley A.



Posted On 12-11-2006 11:28 AM
Name : Julie
City/State or Province : Ontario
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,


Just curious--have any of your books been made into films or TV movies or the like? They're such wonderfully visual stories!


Julie Fletcher

Posted On 12-10-2006 4:01 PM
Name : Linda Stoddard
City/State or Province : New Jersey
Country : USA
Comment : Ms Balogh     I just finished Simply Love and thought it an outstanding book - one of the best I have read this year.   It was wonderful to have the Bedwyn Family appear again and I can only hope that we will see more of them in future books.     Thank  you for all the great books you have written.  Linda

Posted On 12-10-2006 3:41 PM
Name : Emily
Country : UK
Comment : I would like to thank you, very much, for many hours of happy reading, and many more hours of post-reading daydreams of romacne. I've only read four of your books so far (A Summer to Remember, Simply Unforgettable, Slightly Scandalous and Slightly Dangerous) but I can't tell you how enchanted I've already become - and how happy, after browsing your website, at how many books there are left for me to read!


Your name first came to my attention when I read your foreword to an American edition of The Talisman Ring by Georgette Heyer. I'm only nineteen, but I've been devoted to Heyer's books for a good eight years, and was very sad to realise that there was no one quite like her. I read that foreword when I was fourteen or so, thought "Gosh, an author good enough to introduce a Heyer!" and promptly forgot your name entirely until I saw it on a bookshelf here in the UK a couple of weeks ago. I'm in my first term at university and I thought a good romance novel would help a] with the homesickness and b] with the procrastination from my work, so I bought A Summer to Remember.

I still haven't found an author quite like Heyer - but really, I don't need to. Your novels are as high quality and fabulous and romantic as hers. Lauren & Kit's story remains my favourite so far and I am incredibly envious of Freyja's lovely husband, but I can't wait to disover all the other romances you have written.

I apologise, this is turning into a horribly rambling note, but I did want to try and convey to you how very, very grateful I am that you are a novelist. My only problem now is deciding which of your books to buy next!

(Also, I agree with the person below who said that she wanted Gwen, Lady Muir's story!)

Posted On 12-07-2006 11:59 AM
Name : Carmen Gonzalez
City/State or Province : Puerto Rico
Comment : I want to read the history of Gwen, Lady Muir from A summer to remenber. She deserves to found love again. PLease.

Posted On 12-04-2006 12:41 PM
Name : Kathy Coates
City/State or Province : Ontario
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Mary,  Just dropping a note to tell you how much I enjoyed No Man's Mistress, if possibly even more than "More than a Mistress". Ferdinand is such a sweetie!  The glimpses of Jocelyn and Jane's family life are so precious.   "Simply Love" is simply wonderful.  Such a beautiful story of how shared love can conquer physical and emotional challenges.   Waiting for your next "Simply" book with great anticipation. ( Do Sydnam and Anne have a daughter or son?)  Thank you again for many more hours of pleasurable reading.  Happy Holidays to you and your family. kc



Posted On 12-01-2006 6:37 PM
Name : Erin
City/State or Province : Easton Pa
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary, I just read your novella A Handful of Gold it was wonderful. I love your writing style. I even put some of your books on Santas list. Hopefully he will find them.


Happy Holidays,

Erin O.

Posted On 11-30-2006 12:20 PM
Name : Jeannine Viola
City/State or Province : Jim Thorpe, PA
Country : US
Comment : I always liked to read mystery and never could get caught up in the romance novel until I read yours last month.  I can't believe how easy it was to be transported into another era and acually get caught up in the emotion of it all.  I was inspired on how your books are linked together and it seems that you are learning about a whole village and not just the main character.  I enjoy reading your books and have ordered more to finish the series..  I am now trying to find your earlier work as well. 


Posted On 11-29-2006 4:01 PM
Name : Gail Hutchins
City/State or Province : Derby, Kansas
Country : United States
Comment : I cannot express how much I have enjoyed reading your books over the last 17 years or so. I picked up one of your books when I first discovered Regency novels at the age of 19. I have even spent time digging through the dusty shelves of my favorite used bookstore to find out of print copies of your books  that i gleaned the titles to from the order lists at the back of other novels! I tried to pick a favorite story, but can only narrow it down to half a dozen! I have to say that A Precious Jewel, Dancing with Clara,  and The Notorious Rake are a few of my top picks. I have enjoyed your recent series of books also, and can't wait to read more. My husband actually remembered your name and purchased me Simply Love in hardcover as a surprise. (i'm chea...err frugal and only buy paperbacks!) Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Posted On 11-28-2006 7:55 PM
Name : Kathy Coates
City/State or Province : Newmarket, Ontario
Country : Canada
Comment : The first book I read of yours was A Summer to Remember, and was so happy for Lauren and Kit  that I could not bring myself to like the Bedwyns, especially Freyja. She seemed so mean spirited.  Two months later I caved and read Slightly Scandalous, where the true Freyja and the rest of the Bedwyn characters unfolded and I fell in love with them all. I just had to get to know each of them and  read the whole series Slightly series in a week.  All wonderful books, all keepers.  I even decided to read One Night for Love and forgave Lily.  I have read Simply Unforgetable, another great book and looked forward to your future Simply books.  Hope to get some glimpses of the Bedwyns in those too.


I love your website too, especially the prequels and sequels as it enables readers to organize the books in order to be read as well letting us know where a favorite character may make an appearance in another book.  Very helpful and entertaining site.  Thank you for including the unpublished epilogue to More Than a Mistress.  I was hoping Jocelyn and Jane would be able to reclaim the magic of  the den closeness they enjoyed and that they would go to Acton.  Even though I did like the ending that was published as well, I was reluctant to give them up before I was assured they were truly happy.   I am looking forward to No Man's Mistress. 

Posted On 11-27-2006 10:21 PM
Name : Margaret A. Staton
City/State or Province : Santa Barbara, CA
Country : USA
Comment : Last night I finished your novel, "Simply Love."  As a woman with a disability for 58 years I wept over how accurately you captured the/my "disability experience." Having a facial deformity on the scale of disabling conditions is the worst-the research supports this.  You have done an admiral job of capturing in wonderful descriptive words how this look, feels, is perceived and thought of by family, intimates and so forth, BRAVO!!
Many thanks for your sensitive, substantive and loving approach to the subject which I will label "disabiltiy."
Margaret Staton

Posted On 11-27-2006 4:07 PM
Name : joan Wilson
City/State or Province : Riverview, NB
Country : Canada
Comment : What ?? You are going to kill off Claude Adams wife Clarissa from Indiscreet?

Posted On 11-25-2006 7:49 PM
Name : regina dotson
City/State or Province : Dade City, Florida
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary, i have just finished Under the Mistletoe and instantly fell in love with your writing style.  An auther that can make me cry and cheer and wish that the story would never end is a keeper and i hope you keep up the good work and still continue to enjoy what you do, for it shows.  You have a Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year.

Posted On 11-21-2006 9:47 PM
Name : Mary Frances Graham
City/State or Province : Crossville, Tennessee
Country : USA
Comment : I just received my Romantic Times Magazine Issue #275 January, 2007 with the Book Sleuth section seeking a book by Mary Balogh where the hero, Earl of Haverford, must marry a lady who is pregnant with his child, even though their families are sworn enemies.  I e-mailed the correct answer Unforgiven, Jove Regency, 1998, so I'll win a complimentary historical from the magazine.  Thanks Mary!  I loved the 4 horsemen trilogy, Indiscreet, Unforgiven and Irresistible.  I was wondering if you will ever revisit those characters?  I thought you mentioned one time "killing off" Claude Adams wife.  I believe Claude was the identical twin of the hero in Indiscreet.  Did I dream that?  I dearly love all your books.  Simply Love was a masterpiece.  Thanks so much, especially for your Christmas short stories.  I guess the Bond Street Carolers is my favorite Christmas story.




Posted On 11-20-2006 8:14 PM
Name : Joan Wilson
City/State or Province : Riverview New Brunswick
Country : Canada
Comment : Hi there Mary. I was reading One Night Of Love for about the 5th time, and some thing just struck me. When Lily met Neville and the guys on the terrace, They got talking about tall boots, and Joseph said he was only 4 ft 10. or so. I started to laugh and thought to myself why did I not notice that it was the same in SHREK with John Lithgow's character. So I wonder does Mike Myers read your books?? Also there is a new street going in up Moncton going to be called "Bedard" who knows it could be another reader of yours. Just got a gilded web today from Chapters on line so will get to read it soon. Joan

Posted On 11-17-2006 9:26 PM
Name : Valerie Lovegrove
City/State or Province : Port Colborne, ON
Country : Canada
Comment : I signed your guest book the other day when I was in the middle of reading "Simply Love". I had to come back and sign again to let you know that this book is a true treasure that touched me deeply.  It was so full of emotion , compassion and deep passion. The characters were brought to life and it is a book that I know I will read again and enjoy it all over again. It is a pleasure to read stories about people that like us are not perfect but still manage to find a love that is perfect for them!  Bravo! I look forward to reading many more of your books. Thank you! 


I would recommend this book to your readers, it is my favourite and I'm sure many readers will agree with me that "Simply Love" is a must read!

Posted On 11-15-2006 11:23 AM
Name : Valerie Lovegrove
City/State or Province : Port Colborne, ON
Country : Canada
Comment : I just love your books. Once I start one , I can't seem to put it down. I loved the Bedwyn series, the characters and stories were wonderful. I am presently in the middle of reading "Simply Love" and I have to admit it is my favourite . I can't seem to put it down. I can hardly wait to find out what will happen but at the same time I don't want it to end. It is a very moving and touching story.  As always it is a true pleasure and treat to read a Mary Balogh book. THank you.


A fan forever, Valerie Nov15, 2006

Posted On 11-14-2006 11:06 AM
Name : Melanie Gomes
City/State or Province : Boston, MA
Country : USA
Comment : Mary,


I just Love all your books From Slightly's to SImply's. The First time I visited your website I went to the backlist because all the books I read so far held my intrest and so I just had to read the other books you had written. I came across the Web triology but could not get my hands on " The Gilded Web" , which is the first book of that trio. And so I went on and read "The Web of Love" which I enjoyed so much. What I would like to know is does Miss Jennifer go on and marry Lord Pentworth and fall in love? If there is such a book please let me know. Again I love your books and I never new that that era could be so fascinationg. look forward for the Huxtables series.

Posted On 11-13-2006 2:39 PM
Name : Toni
City/State or Province : Walnut Creek, CA
Country : USA
Comment : I discovered your books a couple of months ago and have been searching them out ever since.  Your characters seem so real and even when I feel they will never find happiness, I know there is a happy ending around the corner.



Posted On 11-12-2006 3:30 PM
Name : Helena
City/State or Province : So Paulo
Country : Brazil
Comment : Hi, Ms. Balogh. I'm from Brazil and a huge fan of your books. I'd read More Than a Mistress, No man mistress, A summer to remember, Slightly Married, Simply Unforgettable and Slightly Dangerous and I don't know  which one is the best. 


Now I'm reading The Secret Pearl, through your books I can time travel to the Regency England. You are a very  talented author.

Posted On 11-10-2006 6:06 PM
Name : Polly O'Donnell
City/State or Province : Pocahontas AR 72455
Country : USA
Comment : On your website you mention "e-mail book format"  - what is that?  It is really odd to me that with all of technology we cannot get any book we want, even if out of print. I don't think I will ever complete my collection of yours because I am not willing to spend $30+ on the internet!  I wish you would talk your publisher into putting several of your old books together like they have done with your "Under the Mistletoe".  You are so Jane Austen, I wish they'd make movies of your books!  O well, I am sure you will keep up the good work.

Posted On 11-10-2006 8:50 AM
Name : Arianna Ferguson
City/State or Province : Naples/Florida
Country : United States
Comment : I adored the character "Viscount Kimble" in  More Than A Mistress.  Will you be writing his story soon?

Posted On 11-07-2006 11:04 AM
Name : MaryAnn
City/State or Province : Bedford VA
Country : USA
Comment : I am a great fan of your books and have purchased many of the older out-of-print ones on Ebay, but some of the rarer ones are incredibly expensive. Do you have any plans to eventually release the older titles as e-books? Will any of the older titles ever become available as audio books?

Posted On 11-05-2006 10:52 PM
Name : Emily
City/State or Province : Midland, OR
Country : United States
Comment : I'm reading 'Under the Mistletoe' and I couldnt wait to finish the entire book to say how much I'm loving this book.  I just got done reading 'The Star of Bethlehem'.  Your writing is so engaging and touching, I get so emotionally involved too! and your writing seems so graceful too!  You're stories are beautiful!  I love your stories!


I've also read A Summer to Remember, Slightly Dangerous, The Secret Pearl and More than a Mistress.

Posted On 11-05-2006 5:11 AM
Name : Kirsten Koehne
City/State or Province : Detmold
Country : Germay
Comment :

Dear Mary,

A Summer to Remember was my first book written by you that I read. I still remember that I brought it to Bornholm, a Danish island in the Baltic Sea, three years ago for our holidays there.

Since then my collection of your books steadily grew.

At the beginning of August, 2006, cancer was diagnosed on my tongue and I had to have two severe surgeries to have it removed completely. During my time at the hospital "Simply Love" was published and I read it at once. Together with "Simply Unforgettable" which I re-read after having finished "Simply Love" both novels helped me through a very difficult time. Let me thank you for offering me so much comfort and warmth through your books! They are so very posivitive!

Since I discovered your books I have tried several other Regency authors, but none reach you high quality and the level you set with your novels. I just ordered "Under the Mistletoe" and have already placed my order for "The Gilded Web" I can hardly await reading them.

Thank you so very much!


Posted On 11-03-2006 11:33 PM
Name : Alisoun
City/State or Province : Washington DC
Country : USA
Comment : I found More Than a Mistress during the summer of 2006 and loved it so much that I immediately went to and purchased all the Mary Balogh books avaiable.  My favorites are More than a Mistress, Slightly Dangerous and Slightly Married.  I think your character development is brilliant.   It is amazing to me how I can actually picture Christine Derrick.  I also adore the Bedwyn family especially the Duke of Bewcastle and Aidan Bedwyn.   I was never a great fan of romances until I read your books.  Please continue to do what you do.  Alisoun


Posted On 11-03-2006 7:21 PM
Name : Kelsey Jayne
City/State or Province : New York
Country : USA
Comment : Mary... What can I say, the Bedwyn series make me a ruined woman! I cannot find such great stories by any other author and I am devastated there were only six siblings! The stories are so powerful and I fell in love with all of the characters. I cannot decide which was my favorite.


Really, your books are a treasure, I only wish there were more because I have read them all!

Posted On 11-01-2006 10:42 AM
Name : Doris
City/State or Province : toronto
Country : canada
Comment : hi, mary, how are you? i wanted to write and say that i just love your books.  i read a lot of romance novels, but mostly medieval.  but a few months ago i saw secret pearl in the book store and decided to buy it and i'm glad i did, i just loved the story. i then read "simply love" with anne and sydnam and i just loved those two and i'm now reading about christine and wulfric and love them even better.  i love your writing style, you bring the regency period to life.  you are on my list of favourite authors and i will be reading more of your books (old and new), please keep writing, as they are such a delight to read.


Doris :)

Posted On 11-01-2006 10:10 AM
Name : Elena Mcheli
City/State or Province : Varese
Country : Italy
Comment : HI my name's Elena....


I've been reading Ms Balogh's novel for 3 years by now and Iliterally love them!!! my favourite are those of the Slightly Series.... and the Apocalypse Seires

I have a problem with some books here in Italy: some of them haven't been translated in Italian... so I can't read them (here are the titles hope someone can help me....)"Dark angel - Lord Carew's Bride - Christmas Bride - A chance Encounter and the Wood nymph



Posted On 10-29-2006 1:03 AM
Name : Jan Gauthier
City/State or Province : Peace River,Ab
Country : Canada
Comment : I was so lucky to go into a used book store 3 monthsago.    I found 4 of the "Slightly" series and quickly went through them.  I then ordered the other 2 and then started on the "Simply"  series.   "Simply Love"  is my favorite book of the year.  A book has not moved me so much in years.  I finished it. put it down. then picked it back up later and started at thr begining again.  It is a beautiful work of fiction and I am humbled by it.  Bravo to you!!!!  thank you Mary.

Posted On 10-28-2006 2:24 PM
Name : Donna
City/State or Province : Texas
Country : USA
Comment : Is there any chance that your backist regencies will be made available again? They were so wonderful, but are so hard to find.

Posted On 10-28-2006 2:08 PM
Name : Mike Stoddard
City/State or Province : California
Country : US
Comment : Dear Mary,

Did you really NOT write a sequel to 'Beyond the Sunrise'?  I've been searching for one over these many years.  I LOVE that book (even better than the Bedwyn series).  I love it when you write a historic fiction story that's buried down in REAL history.  You've done such a masterful job of character development in 'Beyond...' -- even the brief glimpses of the Beau.  And there's an entire War left to be survived, with Jeanne Blake following the drum (and getting herself into all kinds of scrapes with the French all across Spain and into Paris).  How can you just drop those characters and all that History?  PLEASE think about going back to 1810 (or whenever) and picking up the story of Lord Wellington's victorious campaign, with Captain Blake wallowing in the mud, etc.

Thanks for putting together a website of your work!

Posted On 10-14-2006 11:30 AM
Name : velma mono
City/State or Province : new york
Country : usa
Comment : Mary i have read just about all of your books that I can order from the library and other librarys that I can get hold of your books the bes ones are Slightly,and Simply stories,I realy that thery are the best I could find I ask have you though of a story about a women and a man have one night together and part and some time in the later years to they meet again but the women has a child from this man and didn't tell him that is the only story line I have not seen you put in not yet but is there is such a book could you tell me so I can get it thank you....

Posted On 10-12-2006 9:33 PM
Name : Anastasia Boldireff
City/State or Province : Ontario
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Mary,


I am a sincere fan of yours and loved your Slightly series as I wrote the last time I signed your guest book.  I went looking for some new reading material and came across two of your other books, Simply Unforgettable and Secret Pearl.  I loved them both!  In the Secret Pearl I was so touched that they both overcame everything and were able to be together at the end of the book and that Pamela was eager to accept Fleur as a Stepmother.  I was very happy how the love concured all in that novel.  It was likewise in Simply Unfortgettable how they had such short time together and had such obstacles to overcome and then the Marshall family welcomed Frances with open arms.  I love your happy endings.  They truly move your soul.  Honestly, at the end of a day (I'm currently still in highschool) after fighting through the complexities of a Biology Textbook it is wonderful to sit down and read a good book.  And frankly, I've never been disappointed with anything you've written and have thoroughly enjoyed all of your writting so far. 

I look forward to reading more of your novels,


Anastasia Boldireff

Posted On 10-11-2006 1:19 PM
Name : William Jacobs
City/State or Province : Thousand Oaks, Ca.
Country : United States
Comment : I love all of your books, but "Simply Love" is not just a great novel in it's own genre, it is great literature. Thank you, and thank you for having the courage printing the Simply series in hardcover.

Posted On 10-10-2006 10:03 AM
Name : Arielle Clestin
City/State or Province : Port-au-Prince, Dpt de l'Ouest
Country : Hati
Comment : Mrs Balogh,


I just started reading your books after hearing a lot of good word of mouth online about you. And I'm hooked, for life, I think!!! I really enjoyed the Slightly series and now am looking forward to the Simply one.

I was wondering if you were going to the electronic format, or ebooks. As an international reader, it's rather a pain to get paperbacks here. The shipping, especially, is very high. So ebooks would be easier for me to buy. Are you thinking about it? I checked out your Signet Regencies and the prices are incredible. Any reissue plans there? Please let me know.

I would also like to thank you for not editing your re-releases, as you mentioned for the Web trilogy coming out again. I hate when authors do that, especially if those original texts made them famous.  So thank you for not retouching your books. I, for one, appreciate this a lot.


Arielle Clestin

Posted On 10-10-2006 6:02 AM
Name : JKMedler
City/State or Province : New Castle, IN
Country : USA
Comment : Hello, Mary,


I've written before, but wanted to say that recently I purchased both 'Simply Love' and 'Under the Mistletoe.' Again --lovely books! I loved them both for all the same Balogh-beauty, the threads of intent that always color your novels, stories ...subtlety, chivalry, character, compassion, and best of all -a good dose of HOPE for the magic of what love can do. Thanks again, Mary, for keeping we readers 'reaching' for the familiar, the surprising, the inspiring ...your work!  

With much love and appreciation,


Posted On 10-09-2006 6:35 PM
Name : Helen Sibbritt
City/State or Province : Sydney
Country : Australia
Comment : I have just discovered the Bedwyns and have to tell you how much I loved Slightly Married I have over the last week searched and found all six books and am very much looking forward to reading their stories, your books will defiently be on my keeper shelf.

Posted On 10-06-2006 12:34 PM
Name : Diane Bryant
City/State or Province : Foxboro, Massachusetts
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,


As much as I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about and meeting the Bedwyn family in your fascinating and beautifully written stories, I must confess that I'm looking forward to reading about the Huxtable family with special anticipation. You see, I am myself a member of the Huxtable family - the Massachusetts branch of the family tree that (as our unofficial genealogist) I've traced back to Devonshire, England. My great grandfather John Huxtable arrived in this country in 1868 on the ship City of Baltimore, but although I know he came from Barnstaple, his parantage has remained a mystery in spite of my continuing searches. I strongly supect that my enjoyment of your Huxtable family stories will be highly colored by my delighted imaginings of some distant connection of my roots with theirs. Thanks in advance!

Diane Bryant

Posted On 10-03-2006 8:30 AM
Name : Antonella P.
City/State or Province : Rome
Country : Italy
Comment :

Dear Mrs. Balogh,

I am an Italian reader who deeply loves your novels. Of course, I can read them only a long time after they are out in Canada or in U.K. and in the meantime I can only dream about them reading the news you write on your website. I have read all your novels translated in Italian and also some in English; I read  a lot and everything interests me, but I find you are outstanding as a romance writer, because you never follow a clich, your heros and heroines are always different, sometimes young sometimes aged, beautiful or normal, innocent or not, perfect or not, and so on. Ive loved the Bedwyns all of them but there are two books which have a special place in my heart: The secret Pearl, for his characters so unusual, real and painful, and Secrets of the heart for the same reasons and because it was my first novel of Mary Balogh! I am proud to be a fan of yours!

Antonella P.




(Please, forgive my bad English) 

Posted On 10-02-2006 11:20 AM
Name : Laura Drewry
City/State or Province : BC
Country : Canada
Comment : Hi Mary - while waiting for my flight in Edmonton, I finished the book I had and went to buy another. The Missing Pearl jumped out at me for some reason. It's my first MB book and now I have to have all of them. I started reading, and couldn't stop. It's been a long time since a book has made me cry, but this one nearly killed me! LOL Fleur and Adam *had* to be together, but we all knew they couldn't be. I'm sure the flight attendant was ready to call for help at one point because I ran out of Kleenex. And then, with only 50 pages left, we landed in Vancouver. Fastest flight of my life! So then I had to race home (which is another 90 minutes up a winding highway) so I could finish it. What an amazing story!! I'm off to our bookstore this morning to find more. I see someone here has posted that they bought your entire backlist - I'm off to do the same! LOL Thank you Mary for such a fabulous story. Laura

Posted On 09-30-2006 6:12 PM
Name : Johanna Beebe
City/State or Province : Willard, Ohio
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary,  I have read all your Simply series and most of your others but Simply Love has to be my all time favorite.  It just touched my heart and my soul.  I have underlined several passages to keep in my memory.  It's SIMPLY LOVE.   Thank you for these stories, they are life enhancing.    Johanna

Posted On 09-30-2006 8:41 AM
Name : Eileen Sullivan
City/State or Province : Springfield, MA
Country : USA
Comment : Ms. Balogh,  I have a short question, I ask to avoid going crazy and tearing apart my attic searching for More Than a Mistress.  I had to start filing my books away after I misplaced my husband behind a veritible wall of books.  The unpublished epilogue I just read seems terribly familiar to me, in fact I would swear it was in my copy of that book.  Could this be possible? I know I've read it before somewhere.  I love the Simply series and was so pleased for Sydnam, keep up the great work.  I am a big and loyal fan of your writing. Thanks for many hours of reading bliss.  Eileen


Posted On 09-30-2006 12:43 AM
Name : Vivian Ogino
City/State or Province : Sicamous, BC
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Mary,


I was just checking my email when your Newletter came through. I am excited to hear about your upcoming visit to Vancouver as I live in the interior of BC and hope to be able to get down to see you. I have (yes! and at great cost!) recently acquired your entire backlist of books (because I wanted them and because I've spent money much more foolishly). If I bring them all with me will you sign them? That aside I also want to say how much I enjoy your books. I haven't read them all yet (in fact some are still winging their way to me), but have enjoyed those that I have read (Longing to the Simplys) immensely.

I am happy to read about your upcoming series and the fact that they will be  published quickly and released in paperback. Also glad to hear about Peter and Joseph getting their own stories. I don't think all of your secondary characters need stories of their own, but feel these two (though we met Peter only briefly) will make good heroes!

Thank you for all the past and upcoming books. Your writing brings fictional characters to life and makes us believe they are real people we want to know more about. Keep them coming!


Posted On 09-18-2006 3:39 AM
Name : katie
City/State or Province : mn
Country : usa
Comment : i am so glad you wrote a book about Sydnam Bulter-Kit's brother.  I just started reading he slightly series and i am enjoying it!  until today i thought A summer to remember was just the start of the slightly series-i loved Kit's character and i felt very unsatisfied with his brother's story-so i am totally thrilled to know that Simply Love is available.  I am going to the bookstore tomorrow to find it.

Posted On 09-13-2006 9:35 PM
Name : Ann M.
City/State or Province : Red Deer, Alberta
Country : Canada
Comment : Hi Mary,

I, too, have never written a fan letter, but I've nearly finished "No Man's Mistress," and had to write and thank you for a terrific read.  I began reading romances about a year ago, and after reading "The Secret Pearl," I was hooked on your books.

I was delighted to find out that you live in Saskatchewan (nearly next door), but I'm surpised that I'd never heard of you before.  As you know, we like to make a big deal of Canadian authors here, but it seems we're limiting it to those who write "literature?"  What a shame.

Has anyone approached you about making any of your books into a movie?  If not, they should--but only if the Brits do it.

Thanks again for all the pleasure you give your readers.


Posted On 09-13-2006 4:16 PM
Name : Doris M. Dee
City/State or Province : Norristown, PA
Country : USA
Comment : I am just finishing reading the "Slightly" series - again!  I love the Bedwyns.  Thank you for their stories.  I wanted to reread them before I started the Simply series!   These books are keepers and I will enjoy them again I know.

I hope we get to visit with them and see how everyone is doing.  And maybe a little more about Wulf and Christine.

Thank you again, keep them coming!

Posted On 09-11-2006 6:12 PM
Name : Debbie
City/State or Province : Duluth, GA
Country : US
Comment : Mary

I really loved the newest "Simply" book - Simply Love.  While the others were at times very amusing and fun this one was definitely a change.  But you certainly have written a book that was perfectly matched to the characters.  Sydham and Anne could not have been the prime characters in a fun, airy, easy romance.  It just would not have worked.  Thank you for knowing your characters so well.  You have handled them beautifully. I am so glad that we can still catch up on the Bedwyn's thru the latest Simply books. I feel like I know them and want to hear about how their lives are progressing, even if they are not the main characters.

This was my first audio Mary Balogh book.  The characters sounded pretty much as I had expected.  Maybe a little stiffer than I pictured in my head, but probably more in tune with the era and stuffiness of their class. It was fun to actually hear their voices as apposed to hearing them in my mind. As usual, I couldn't wait to find out what happened, but at the same time I was sorry for the book to end.


Posted On 09-11-2006 5:31 PM
Name : Sarah Miller
City/State or Province : Durham, North Carolina
Country : USA
Comment : I just read The Secret Pearl (reccommended by someone at work) and I fell in love with it. I am so curious as to find out what happens to the main characters. No sequel or epilogue for it? I adored that book. I plan to read more!

Posted On 09-10-2006 9:50 AM
Name : Mary Frances Graham
City/State or Province : Crossville, Tennessee
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary:

Sydnam Butler is my very favorite character!  I remembered him from

A Summer to Remember and am so glad he found Anne.  It was nice

to be introduced to several of the offspring.  Hopefully you will give us

their stories too.  Thank you so much for the many hours of enjoyment

of reading ALL your books. 

Posted On 09-09-2006 7:27 PM
Name : Deborah Kukal
City/State or Province : Springfield, MO
Country : US
Comment : The number of excellent books Mary Balogh has written is astounding.  And of them all, I think the little novella "Precious Rogue" in Captured Hearts, may be my favorite.  But then again, The Temporary Wife is beautiful...and of course, there's The Secret Pearl...  So hard to choose!  But what a joy to have the gift of all these books--thank you so much!

Deb Kukal

Posted On 09-08-2006 4:37 PM
Name : Christy
City/State or Province : Dublin, Ga
Country : USA
Comment : I have wrote before and just love almost everything I read from you.  I encourage anyone who will listen to read anything they can from you, ecspecially the Bedwyn series.  I have just finish your latest Simply Love.  It is amazing.  It was to me so unlike most of the other books.  Same format man meets, girl fall in love, happily ever after, some what.  But I just seemed to want to cry through the whole book while feeling the pain and wanting to vent their fustations for them, when they seemed not to want to deal with them.  But of course it was as always one of the best books I have ever read just like most of your books.  I was wondering if you have started the next book in this series, and when it is expected to come out.  I hope not late next year. But thank you as always for the amazing way that you bring ME into your characters worlds with your words.  Its my only escape from reality.

Posted On 09-08-2006 7:38 AM
Name : Roylene
City/State or Province : Johannesburg
Country : South Africa
Comment : Hi there Mary

I one day walked into a tiny book store near where I stay and happened to come across one of the books from the Bedwyn series.  My sisters and I are now hooked and can't wait to meet the rest of the family.  Thanks so much for bring them to life and allowing us to be included in their journey!

P.S: Got to run.....have a date with a Bedwyn!

Posted On 09-07-2006 8:07 AM
Name : Marianne
City/State or Province : Carleton Place
Country : Canada
Comment : Although I have been reading a great number of romance novels since I gave birth to my eldest in 1984, I have just discovered you.  Why? It's probably because few authors know how to write good historical fiction, so I usually avoid the genre.  While scouring the "Romance Reader" site, I noticed that your name kept popping up as a consistently great author.  I thought that I should sample your work.  Having just read 4 books of the Simply series (after Free's story, I was impatient to get to Wulf's story), I am compelled to write to you to tell you what pleasure your writing brings.  Like you, I have always been a fan of Jane Austen and works of that period.  Your own novels truly captivate the spirit of those books with an updated sensibility (i.e., your characters actually have sex).  I am eager to read more though I can forsee many projects being put on hold in the house while I savour another Mary Balogh novel.  By the way, I was intrigued by your comment that you refuse to plow through a novel if it doesn't captivate you by the first fifty pages.  I totally agree.  You have absolutely no problem captivating me.  Well done!  I can't wait to read more of your novels.

Posted On 09-06-2006 11:20 AM
Name : Toni
City/State or Province : Connecticut
Country : USA
Comment : I love all of your work.  However, I was most "moved" by Simply Love.  Somehow you were able to capture the depth of love on each of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels of life through this wonderful story.  Thank you!!!

Posted On 09-06-2006 1:47 AM
Name : diane
City/State or Province : vancouver, british columbia
Country : canada
Comment : Mary!!!!

You have now sucked me into the world of romance!!!  Thanks a lot!!!  Now i have no choice but to hunt down all your books and be drawn into the lives of your characters!

Thanks........ i've been enjoying the ride!

Posted On 09-05-2006 5:55 AM
Name : carla romanazzi
City/State or Province : taranto
Country : italy
Comment : Hi, my name is Carla and I 40.  I teach in a primary school and I married with a wonderful man and i have a son, Andrea, that is my life.( I'm from Italy and my english isn't good.) I'm writing you because I want thank you for your books that give me wonderful hours. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Baci from Italy!

Posted On 09-04-2006 9:17 PM
Name : Eileen
City/State or Province : Evergreen Park, IL
Country : USA
Comment : Mary,

It was truly a pleasure to meet you at the Kmart in Oak Lawn Illinois on August 24th.  I am sure that you met many people that day, but I was the one that brought my own copy of Simply Love for you to sign.  I asked how you began writing and you were kind enough to take the time to explain how you started the process.

I am now encouraged to begin my own journey.  I have signed up for a creative writing class and I am also joining the RWA.

You are truly a talented author as you are able to bring character's to life for your reader's.  Thank you for all your wonderful stories.  I have read every single one!

Thank you again!!


Posted On 09-03-2006 5:30 PM
Name : Monika S.
City/State or Province : Neuss
Country : Germany
Comment : Wonderful Stories

Dear Mrs. Balogh,

thank you, for your wonderful stories.

I started with the - in German - translated story "A summer to remember" in July 2006. Till now I have read the 5 translated stories I could get and 8 english stories. The next book I will read is "Simply Love". I'm looking forward to meet the Bedwyns again.

I'm sorry for my mistakes. But it is ten years since I had my last English lesson. It is easier for me to read than to write an english text.

Yours sincerly, Monika.

Posted On 09-03-2006 3:04 PM
Name : Helen Heubi
City/State or Province : Gravenhurst ON
Country : Canada
Comment : "Simply Unforgettable" is simply that for me, because of the added value of the music. You know how to pick them! "Let the Bright Seraphim" and "I Know that My Redeemer Liveth" simply sing themselves, carrying along with their soaring melodies and magical words almost any singer who launches herself into them, from one with a merely "nice" voice (I quote an examiner here) to someone like Isabel B. or Lois M. or your heroine, Frances A. These are unforgettable arias. Your story naturally delights the reader through its appeal to all the senses and the intellectual, emotional and spiritual satisfaction it brings. I saw it, felt it, and above all, heard it - every note. Your description of Frances's voice allows me to be boggled by it too - beyond my imagination, without actually evoking any particular singer whom I have heard. The teaching element with choirs is an added bonus for me, as I have also experienced this, as a chorister and organizer of singing groups. I shall now let you have a pindrop silence ..... before shouting: Bravo!!! Helen (PS: I have marked this private post only, because I mean this message to be a very special, and personal fan letter, but you are welcome to use any part of it that you choose for your guest book. HCH)

Posted On 09-01-2006 12:11 PM
Name : Ana Segovia
City/State or Province : North Bergen, NJ 07047
Country : United States
Comment : Hello Mary,

Just wanted to let you know how much i love your books, i'm always on the look out for them at my local library. Your books make me dream, smile, laugh out loud and sometimes bring tears to my eyes. You're a wonderful writer and am sure a wonderful person. Thank you and God bless you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted On 08-31-2006 10:59 AM
Name : Patty Burns
City/State or Province : North Wales, PA
Country : USA
Comment : Love your books.

Have you finished the how- to write book?  When will it be available?

Any chance the Bedwyns have a whole slew of cousins somewhere?


Posted On 08-29-2006 1:07 PM
Name : Michelle Carlson
City/State or Province : Herndon, Va
Country : USA
Comment : I have just read Simply Unforgettable.  Was the character Claudia Martin in an earlier book?  Will she have her own story in a future book?

Posted On 08-29-2006 4:26 AM
Name : Kelly C
City/State or Province : Oostende
Country : Belgium
Comment : I have been yearning for Sydnam's story since he was first introduced.  It was everything I hoped it would be.

Thank you for giving him and Anne such a wonderful love.  Thank you for making it real, for the beautiful words and for transporting me to another time and place that isn't less than this more tangible one is.

I wish I could reread it for the first time again, as I do with most your novels.  I've been depressed since reading it, for me the  true measure of an amazing book. I just wanted it to go on forever and yet couldn't wait for that last touching page.

Thank you.

Posted On 08-28-2006 3:05 PM
Name : Kicki Gustafsson
City/State or Province : stersund
Country : Sweden
Comment : Dear Mary,

your latest book had me in the tears nearly the whole time it took me to read it. Simply love is a wonderful story, beautifully written, and I'm really looking forward to the next two installments in the Simply series. When is the next one due? It can't be too soon!

Thank you for all the wonderful books you have given us.

All the best
/Kicki Gustafsson

Posted On 08-28-2006 6:58 AM
Name : Annabelle Armstrong
City/State or Province : Baton Rouge, LA 70808
Country : USA
Comment : A professional journalist, having begun writing at age 16 in my hometown, Greenville, Miss., for the famous Pulitzer Prize-winning editor Hodding Carter Jr., I am now in my 60th year. Retired from the Advocate, daily newspaper, I free lance for the Advocate faith and values page AND for La Vie, Louisiana magazine. To my knowledge, I have read EVERY ONE OF YOUR BOOKS. Recently, in Wal-Mart, I bought "Simply Unforgettable," and wondered how I had missed seeing it. NONE of your easily-flowing books is my favorite. EVERY ONE is well-written, meaningful, romantic (naturally) and free of the "smut" that permeates so many "best sellers." I COMMEND YOU for capturing the Regency spirit and for your infinite entertainment of readers everywhere, and I THANK YOU. Most sincerely, , Annabelle Armstrong, writing as much as I ever did, now in my 60th year of journalism, active at First Presbyterian, in community, mother of two, grandmother of four BEAUTIFUL young people. 

Posted On 08-27-2006 1:04 PM
Name : J M Wilson
City/State or Province : New Brunswick
Country : Canada
Comment :  Well !!!............I am so thankful that I finally got my Book "Simply Love" I took so much time in reading it so that it would last longer. I think this is about one of the best ones ever (Behind Wulfric and the  Four Horsemen.) I cried for Sydnam when he was so devastated about not being able to Paint. I cried for Anne When she realised she was pregnant again,....and  when she had to meet her family and ex fiance. I cried when they had the surprise Wedding Banquet. But I suppose when I read it again I shall cry all over again........... Maybe the next book should be funny then I shall cry tears of happiness,. .........Thank you again for writing such  lovable characters I feel as if I know them Personally ..........The way you write about the British countryside is great, it takes me back to when we lived in the North East of England. ........Thanks. JMW

Posted On 08-27-2006 10:39 AM
Name : Mary K Langmead
City/State or Province : Austin, Texas
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary:  I feel as if you and I are such great friends.   I have (I believe) all of your books.  One of my very favorites is Lord Carew's Bride.  He has a disfigurement too and is such a wonderful fellow..  I am so fortunate that you have such a wonderful gift.  Thanks so very much.    Mary

Posted On 08-27-2006 10:39 AM
Name : Marilyn
City/State or Province : California
Country : USA
Comment : This is a first for me, contacting an author, but I seemed to have no choice.  I've been an avid reader from a young age in all genres but am a very late comer to "romance" fiction (almost 60 now).  My mother (in her 80's) has always been a reader of romance fiction which, in my ignorance, I rated right up there with reading the National Enquirer.  Imagine my chagrine.  I became ill back in March and found myself facing a long recovery, mostly housebound with just my wonderful dog Lucy for company, and because I was reading constantly needed new source material.  I began shopping for books on Amazon and somehow stumbled across your "Slightly" series, beginning with Rannulf and Judith.  I'm a very fast reader (sometimes I think that unfortunate), and quickly ordered everything I could find with your name attached.  I've gone through all the "Slightly" series and although I am hard pressed to pick a favorite, I believe Wulfric and Christine will have to take that prize.  I also loved "Simply Unforgettable" and "More than a Mistress" may be my favorite of all.  I've also managed to find many of your older Regency novels through secondhand vendors.  What a joy it has been, second only to my satisfaction in introducing my mother to your work (somehow she'd managed to miss you, God only knows how) and now every time I hear from her, she thanks me for pointing her toward you.  I've gradually begun reading some other romances, but find myself returning again and again to the Bedwyns.  It feels like going home, seeing wonderful dear friends, and time spent with them in the world you created has brought me a great sense of peace and well-being.  I'm out in the world again and my beloved Lucy just can't get used to seeing me without a book in my hand, but loves her walks again nonetheless.  I look forward to the last two "Simply" books, just preordered "Simply Magic" from Amazon, and hope somewhere down the line the Bedwyn's children will get books of their own.

Thank you for all you've given me, especially the understanding that great literature includes the "romance" genre when in the hands of a talented and loving writer who respects their readers.  My only complaint is having to wait for the next book to appear.

Marilyn Baker

Posted On 08-26-2006 3:54 PM
Name : Fran
City/State or Province : Panama City, FL
Comment : Thank you for hours and hours of laughter, tears and enjoyment.  Live long and prosper and WRITE.  My 30-year-old daughter had always scorned my reading of "romances".  I finally talked her into reading one of yours -- never mind which, she then read them all.  I own over 3000 books and your titles have a special place and prominence in the collection.  Thanks again.  Fran

Posted On 08-26-2006 7:14 AM
Name : vera smith
City/State or Province : NY
Country : US
Comment : It's a great relief  that Sydnam and Anne have found happiness, a touching story - loved it.

Does Miss Thompson have a story?

Have all your books and reread them.

Waiting for the next , thank you.

Posted On 08-25-2006 3:06 PM
Name : Gaye Besly
City/State or Province : Columbia, SC
Country : USA
Comment : My Very Dear Ms. Balogh

Once again you have brought me to laughter, tears and contented sighs with your newest, Simply Love.  What a great title!  It was nice to catch up with all of your previous characters and I am looking forward to Suzanne's story...and maybe even a story for Miss Martin.

Thank you for all the hours of read pleasure.  Your name on the cover is a must buy, must read book.

Posted On 08-21-2006 8:15 PM
Name : Velma P.
City/State or Province : Joliet, IL
Country : USA
Comment :

Dear Mary,


Simply Love was a warm, loving story.  I read all the books on the Duke of Bewcastle and was happy to catch up with them again.  I also read The Secret Pearl and although the stories are similar this one was much more in the acceptance of his fate. 


Thanks for the wonderful books.

Posted On 08-21-2006 3:46 PM
Name : Georgette
City/State or Province : Northville MI
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary

i just finished reading Simply Love and boy was it good. i loved the book from begining to ending, who they meet and how they try to matchmaking them while they already don't need any help. i love Sydnam and how act toward Anne and everything else. I want to ask is there's a book about her friend Suzanna and what is the name of it..... keep up the good work and keep them coming.

thank you


Answer (no email address, Georgette): Susanna's story is SIMPLY MAGIC, out in hardcover in March, 2007

Posted On 08-21-2006 1:40 PM
Name : Khanh
Comment : I love your stories(Bedwyn series, Summer to Remember, No Man's Mistress, More than a Mistress, Secret Pearl). My favorites was the Bedwyn series(especially Wulfric, got me laughing and crying) and Summer to Remember. I have never followed up on an author until I read your books. I must say you got me hooked. I just finish reading Simply Unforgetful and I just can't wait to get my hands on Simply Love. Keep up thegood work!

P.S. You really should also write a book about Neville's sister, Gwen.

Posted On 08-20-2006 1:09 PM
Name : Shirley
City/State or Province : Reedley, Ca.
Country : Fresno
Comment : Dear, dear, Mary Balogh:

I received "Simply Love" on Saturday, could not wait to finish it and  promised myself that I will not reread for at least two weeks.  Thank you.  It is a beautiful love story. Now, I qm confused as to which of  your "family" I adore most.  I thought Wulfric and Kit were my favorites but  now feel that  as Freyja said on her wedding day, I love them all for different reasons.I can hardly wait for "Simplly Magic"  Also looking forward to Angie's story   Thank you for all the wonderful hours I have spent with your creations  Since I read about six books a week, I go back to reading past "visitations" frequently and always find something that I missed in the previous reading.


Posted On 08-19-2006 9:48 PM
Name : Linda Kerr
City/State or Province : Miami, FL
Country : USA
Comment : You write such beauthiful stories.  Thank you for that.

Posted On 08-19-2006 4:17 PM
Name : Kathy Carlson
City/State or Province : Oklahoma City, OK
Country : USA
Comment : I've been a fan of yours for many years through reading your Regency novels.  You have a marvelous way of making your characters real people--being both good and bad...heroes and cowards...self-confident and self-conscious; and very, very human.

I recently discovered your "Simply" series and immediately fell in love with the people in these books.  "More than a Mistress" and "No Man's Mistress" came next followed by "A Summer to Remember."  I just finished "Slightly Dangerous" and had to go to your website to let you know this book is one of the best I've ever read. 

Every one of your books have made me laugh and cry...but this one surpassed all the others in bringing out those emotions.  With tears streaming down my face and thinking, What about children?...Christine HAS to have children!, you added that wonderful Epilogue.  Thank you, thank you, thank you...You are a wonderful writer and superb storytelling.  Please keep writing more of these enjoyable books.

Posted On 08-19-2006 11:39 AM
Name : Farah
City/State or Province : Seattle, WA
Country : USA
Comment : Just finished Simply Love and it is simply wonderful!! Love the story of Anne Jewell and Sydnam Butler. Cannot wait till your next book.

Posted On 08-18-2006 7:12 PM
Name : Linda K
City/State or Province : Levittown, PA
Country : USA
Comment : Just finished "Simply Unforgetable".  It was one of the best books I have read in a long time!!!   Have to let you know you are one of the few authors I will buy the book instead of getting it out of the library.  Now I have to run out this weekend to find your next one, "Simply Love".    Keep writing, we will keep reading! 

Posted On 08-18-2006 3:04 PM
Name : mdawson
City/State or Province : Connecticut
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Ms Balogh,

I have just finished "Simply Love" and think you have a real are you ever going to top it?  It was the best novel I've read in a long, long time!  I read at least half the book with tears streaming down my face-and loved every minute of it.

The storyline was excellent, but I enjoyed, equally, the wonderful message that we make life so much more complicated than it needs to least, that's the message I came away with.  Great job!

Best regards, Marge Dawson

Posted On 08-18-2006 12:09 PM
Name : Irene
City/State or Province : Illinois
Comment : Well, I just finished Simlpy Love!  I had a hard time reading through the tears!  I knew it would be one to pull at the heartstrings. I was afraid that I would find it difficult to read because of the main characters' circumstances and pain, but it was wonderful. I think Syndham is the most heroic of any of your characters and I love them all.  When I read your books, there is a pull on my heart much like when I listen to a Puccini Opera. Both always make me cry.

 Now what?  Do I have to wait another year for a story?  I had to go and re-read some of your books. A year is way to long for a Mary Balogh fix. 

Thanks for all the wonderful reads!!!



Posted On 08-17-2006 3:36 PM
Name : jmwilson
City/State or Province : NB
Country : Canada
Comment : Hi there again Mary. Just to say that "simply love" is still not in the local Chapters or Coles. So I had to order it on line so will have to wait another few days to read it. I hope no one will spoil the plot of the story on the guest book before I have had time to read it. J.M.W.

Posted On 08-16-2006 1:01 AM
Name : Nidia Marquez
City/State or Province : California
Country : U.S.A.
Comment : Dear Mrs. Balogh,

I have just finished reading Simply Love it was just such a wonderful book.  Sydnam and Anne seem like such a real couple. 

Since my husband's passing, four months ago, I had difficulty reading novels, my favorite pastime.  I had been looking for ward to reading this book with great anticipation and I was able to thoroughly enjoy it.    Thank you for sharing your gift of writing.


Posted On 08-14-2006 3:37 PM
Name : Angee
City/State or Province : Washington, D.C.
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,

I really enjoyed Slightly Dangerous.  It was my first book of yours I read of the Berwyn Series.

I simply fell in love with Wulf and Christine.  He really did need someone to love him and to make his life complete.  Christine needed and found happiness after being so hurt and cautious with her emotions.  A reader can learn a great deal from characters such  as them.

I am now reading Slightly Scandalous, Freyja and Josh are made for each other.  I adored Josh's speech to Freyja about if a baby resulted from their union.  It brought tears to my eyes.

I must read all of the before books to truly understand about all of the characters roles in the later books.

I hope you do not end the Bedwyn Series to soon.  After all, they do have children.

Posted On 08-13-2006 2:37 PM
Name : Beth
City/State or Province : Pennsylvania
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,

I fell into reading regencies in graduate school, when someone shoved a Georgette Heyer novel into my hands and said "this will keep you sane."  Indeed!  I just read your Bedwyn series -- I discovered your Signet novels, and I am very impressed at how gracefully you have shifted into the historical genre.  It's funny how the requirement for "sensuality" (such a hilarious euphemism) changes the way that romance plots work, and so often authors who write about explicit sex between their characters seem to lose their way in terms of plot.  I suppose that, in traditional regencies, the fact that the characters can't have sex enables them to get up to all sorts of other complicated mischief.  I love the way you are able to add sex -- and you write about it so perfectly -- and not lose all the other intrigue so essential to making these plots work.  You treat sex as another expression of human interaction -- not as an overwhelming or all changing event that tears down the cultural restrictions your characters have to live under.  I have truly enjoyed seeing the variations on a theme played out in the Bedwyn series.

It surprised me to see you tackling lesbianism in the series.  I have a little collection now of romances that treat homosexuality -- often, of course, far too easily or dismissively.  It was actually very painful, at first, to read of the ways that your lesbian characters' urgent need to preserve their love wreaked havoc upon the lives around them.  I thought, "no, Mary, don't do it!  Don't take this easy way out, sacrificing gay characters for the resolution of a straight love story!"  But although you couldn't rescue your lesbian characters from the pain they had caused, nor could you, of course, give them the happy ending or the social approbation that your straight characters enjoy, you did, i think, very delicately and carefully explore the painfulness of their love and the extremity of the choices they had to make.  And you allowed your straight characters to learn from them, and to feel, however briefly, how lucky they were to have, at the end of the day, the approval of the world.  In the end, I thought you handled what could have been a very easy plot device with subtlety and respect.  And you allowed your readers to see, just for a moment, how precious "happy endings" are, and how some people must fight for them -- often causing hurt and damage in the name of personal survival -- and knowing they may never, ever live to see their happy ending smiled upon by a watching world.

Anyway -- this is longer than I meant it to be.  Thanks for keeping on writing.

Best regards,


Posted On 08-12-2006 11:37 PM
Name : Teesha
City/State or Province : Chicago
Country : USA
Comment : hi

i really, really adore your favorite book was the secret pearl and i kept reading that book over and over again. your characters are so real and touching.........i just cant wait to read simply love.........please keep publishing more books..................thanx

Posted On 08-12-2006 4:50 PM
Name : Liz
City/State or Province : North Caroline
Country : USA
Comment : I notice only good reviews are posted on your website.  Let's be honest and give the buying public a true description of all of your books, and let them deceide for themselves whether to purchase your books.

Posted On 08-11-2006 9:31 AM
Name : Tammye
City/State or Province : Waldorf, MD
Country : USA
Comment : I have never read a more enjoyable series of books in my life. I read the Bedwyn series in a matter of days. I just could not put the down. I have to say that Wulf's story was my favorite out of the series. I could not put that book down. I have to say that you have become my favorite author. Thank you so much for your writting.

Posted On 08-10-2006 6:42 PM
Name : Shirley
City/State or Province : Reedley, Ca
Country : USA
Comment : As I was "blessed" with polio , I developed avid reading habits very early.  Now semi-retired and working from home, I have more time to devote to my hobby.  I have read the Bedwyn series numerous times and no matter the current  author, I always go back and revisit them.  I think Wulfric and Kit are my favorites..  Since "simply Love" comes out the day after my birthday, I have a good reason to celebrate. I loved "More Than a Mistress"  and "No Man's Mistress".  You are the Greatest!! Keep writing

Posted On 08-09-2006 2:50 PM
Name : Janet
City/State or Province : PA
Country : USA
Comment : Have you written Gwen's story?  (Sister of Neville Wyatt,  the Earl of Kilbourne)  She is a character that I greatly enjoyed in A Summer To Remember.  

Thank-you for your time!!

Posted On 08-07-2006 6:16 PM
Name : Pat Stewart
City/State or Province : West Haven, CT
Comment : To put it simply, I loved the Bedwyn's saga.  Wulfric & Christine were the icing on a delicious cake.  Please write another book about them, it cant stop there!!!!!!! 

Posted On 08-07-2006 4:40 PM
Name : Lindsey Matter
City/State or Province : MPLS, MN
Country : US
Comment : I love all your stories. My favorite is ' A Summer To Remember ' . When I finished it, I kept hoping you would write one about Sydham, now you have. You are my favorite writer. My grandmother started me reading romances. She told to read you, she said you were a great writer and she was right. 

Posted On 08-07-2006 2:50 PM
Name : K W
City/State or Province : Norman, Okla
Country : USA
Comment : My first book was Slightly Tempted , which I loved.  And of course since then have all 7 of the serie.  Was visiting to see

if you wrote the story of Emily from Heartless and see that you have and also see other titles I have to see if I can find.

And I too have read them several times, and right now will be looking for Emilys story , hope I can find it.  Thanks


Posted On 08-07-2006 7:42 AM
Name : Charlene Morvay
City/State or Province : Union City, PA
Country : USA
Comment : While shopping at Barnes and Noble, I came across books written by Mary Balogh. This caught my eye, as it was my Grandmother's name too. I bought the two-volume book only because of the name and I can't wait to read it. Have been looking for another author to read, as I've about exhausted my favorites.

As a side note, my Grandmother came over from Hungary in the early 1900s. Her maiden name was Fabik, marrying Stephen Balogh and having nine children, the first being my Mother (also named Mary Balogh).

Posted On 08-05-2006 10:40 PM
Name : Cheri Mitchell
City/State or Province : Vista, CA
Country : USA
Comment :     When flu forced me to rest for a few days, I pulled out an old favorite, the Bedwyns and was once again charmed. I laughed, cried and smiled as I read non-stop through all 7 ( I included Kit's story). By that time I was over the flu, but not over my joy in those lovely stories. Thank you again for the hours of joy that you have given me - and also  of the best way to survive the flu.

Posted On 08-05-2006 6:49 PM
Name : Tracy
City/State or Province : Maryland
Comment : I just finished my THIRD reading of Slightly Dangerous. I just had to come and say what a wonderful end to the Bedwyn series. Christine was such a great partner to Wulf, and I just adored their love story. The Bedwyns are a family I will be revisiting often in the future. Thank you so much for such a great series. Your books give me a lot pleasure. I have Simply Unforgettable sitting infront of me, and I can't wait to start it.

Posted On 08-04-2006 10:20 PM
Name : Ronnie
City/State or Province : San Antonio, TX
Country : USA
Comment : Mary :

I started your books by mistake!! Hehehehe, it always happens to me! When I read books by mistake, I end up getting a fabulous book! I read A summer to remember and I totally loved the hero and heroine!! You're really fantastic with your stories!! I'm in the second book of the crazy Bedwyn!! I love Aidan and Rannulf so far!! I'm going to look for more of your books so I can keep a track of your wonderful stories

Posted On 08-04-2006 11:03 AM
Name : Janet Edwards
City/State or Province : Rock Spring, GA
Country : USA
Comment : I love your style of writing and can't wait till each new book comes out. I have read every one and I loved them all. Thanks for being the great writer you are.

Posted On 08-04-2006 12:34 AM
Name : leah
City/State or Province : Lakewood, Ca
Country : USA
Comment : Hi

So glad i came to your site, I too just finished  Simply Unforgetable and then rushed out to purchase Simply Love but was unable to find it. Now I know and time wont pass fast enough.  Thank you for all the great stories.

Posted On 08-03-2006 9:24 PM
Name : jmwilson
City/State or Province : NB
Country : Canada
Comment : When is 'Simply Love' going to be in stores.. I checked 2 book stores today the 3 rd August and they do not have for sale yet. I am really looking forward to this book as I have so enjoyed your books, Thanks a lot 

Answer (you left no email address): August 15. 


Posted On 08-03-2006 7:44 PM
Name : Nadine
City/State or Province : Drums,PA
Country : USA
Comment : Thank you for writing such wonderful, romantic stories!  What I love about you, Mary, is that, even though you create a series (such as the Bedwyns), each story is different...fresh...and new. Not like some other authors that I have read, in which I felt like I was reading the same story over and over again, only with different character names. I also love how you are not afraid to incorporate emotional and physical disabilities within and among your characters. You also create a great balance with regards to the plot; story versus character thought, romance versus intamacy. It's refreshing how you are not afraid to take risks with the characters.

Thank you for writing "Simply Love"...when I first read abount Sydnam Butler, I was wondering if there would be a future story about him and you have answered my prayers. I so look forward to reading it and more of your upcoming novels! Please keep them coming!

Thank you!

Posted On 08-03-2006 2:54 PM
Name : Lisa
City/State or Province : New Lenox, Ilinois
Country : USA
Comment : Mary, I was introduced to the romance novel genre' two years ago when my friends were mortified to find out that I had never read a "bodice ripper".  Well, since that time I have blown through dozens of them and have found you to be my favorite author.  Usually I go to the library and "rent" my books, but yours cry out to be purchased and read again and again.  The Bedwyn series is great European historical.  I fell in love with the characters and didn't want the books to end.  Can't wait to read upcoming "Simply" novels.  I tend to read a modern romance novel now and again to break the EHistoricals, and let me tell you that Nora Roberts has nothing on you dear.  Bravo.  Keep writing.

Posted On 08-03-2006 7:52 AM
Name : Helen
City/State or Province : Perth Western Australia
Country : Australia
Comment : Hi Mary

I really love your books - I have a very large home library which includes the set of the Bedwyn books and More than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress.  I adore your strong heroines and gorgeous heros.  After seeing your website I will be purchase more of your fabulous books.  Although I'm getting towards 400 books I have read the Bedwyn series twice,

You are a fantastic writer and one I truly enjoy - great story lines.

Have a great day


Posted On 08-02-2006 2:58 PM
Name : susan stevens
City/State or Province : swansea
Country : wales uk
Comment : I would just like to say i though11t your books were excellent. I cant wait to read the rest of your books.


Posted On 08-02-2006 12:33 PM
Name : kimberly lane
City/State or Province : MO
Country : United States
Comment : i love all your books. i cant wait for the next one.

Posted On 08-02-2006 10:51 AM
Name : barb
City/State or Province : stevensville, montana
Country : usa
Comment : when will claudia martin's book be coming out?

Posted On 07-31-2006 4:09 PM
Name : Terri Osburn
City/State or Province : Chesapeake, VA
Country : USA
Comment : I fell in love with the Bedwyns and am looking forward to the new series.  I picked up "Simply Unforgettable" this past weekend and already look forward to the next edition.

Thank you for writing such lovely stories.

Terri Osburn

Posted On 07-30-2006 11:07 AM
Name : Sara Hollett
City/State or Province : Halse, Brackley, Northants
Country : England
Comment : So happy to hear that Piatkus will be publishing your books here in UK. It's about time. Only problem is I shall no longer have an excuse for visiting the USA or Canada, other than the beautiful scenery and friendly people.

Posted On 07-27-2006 9:20 PM
Name : Darlene Dunlap
City/State or Province : prattville, al
Country : usa
Comment : I have just finished the the novels on the Bedwyns.  We have shared these books within our office and we have all enjoyed them.

Posted On 07-27-2006 3:24 AM
Name : Michelle
City/State or Province : Kamloops
Country : Canada
Comment : This is my second time signing your guestbook, and may I say your books are still as breath taking as ever! I've been reading your books since I was sixteen and I've loved them ever since (I am eighteen now).  I have just finished reading Slightly Tempted. Oh! How I loved it!!! It reminded me of my boyfriend and I. I'm the youngest of six, you see, and I feel very much like Morgan (plus my name starts with a 'M' - how weird is that?!) with my four brothers and one sister.  Also my boyfriend is very much the flirtatious charmer (much like Gervase).  Another weird fact is that my nic-name from him (and some of my family and friends) is "Mon Cherie" because originally people called me "Mo-chelly" to bug me and it eventually turned itself into "Mon Cherie".   But, that is besides the point. The point is that your book was positively entrancing.  I loved every minute of it in which I couldn't bring myself to put the book down.  And so I must end this message with a thank-you Mary Balogh for a wonderful read.  I can't wait to start my other books I have of yours "Slightly Dangerous" and "The Secret Pearl".  I will keep an eye out for more books of yours.  You are truely my favorite author and I commend you on your work.

Your's Sincerely,

An Admiring Fan: Michelle Colli

Posted On 07-26-2006 4:36 PM
Name : Glenda
City/State or Province : Newfoundland
Country : Canada
Comment : My friend introduced me to your Bedwyn novels and I thoroughly enjoyed my time with  each of them. This past week I read an article from Reader's Digest which mentioned you write from Canada and listed a web site with further information , so I checked it out and here I am. If I were asked to recommend a romance author, your books would be my first choice. Ilook forward to receiving your newsletter.

Posted On 07-21-2006 9:46 PM
Name : Janelle
City/State or Province : San Antonio, Texas
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Ms. Balogh, I just wanted to let you know that just a few months ago I happened to pick up "A Summer to Remember" on a down day at work, and ended up reading the story within a couple of days. I became absolutely obsessed with Kit and Lauren and continued to read the Bedwyn stories. I love every single one of them and I just recently purchased the first "Simply" book. I'm looking foreward to "Simply Love" mostly cause I imagine I'll get to hear more of what Kit and Lauren have been up to. I really enjoy your books and appreciate the uniqueness of what you do in following characters and developing the minor characters in prior keeps you involved in a whole different world. Thank you so much for so many wonderful stories...keep up the good work. I look foreward to maybe finding my favorite characters in some more of your books.

Posted On 07-19-2006 9:22 PM
Name : Isabel Young
City/State or Province : toronto, ontario
Country : canada
Comment : Dear Mary

I have never written to anyone via the internet except my immediate family, however while searching for the dates of your next release, I felt compelled to communicate with you.  I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your books and purchase one when ever I can.  I reread my books and I can assure you that the Slightly series has been read nummerous times.  I'm so glad that the Bedwyn family lives on,  for upon your completion of their story lines, I missed them , however now I get to look forward to the Simply series and know I will be swept away again.

When I was thirteen the teachers informed my mother that I should read that summer to help my spelling and my reading skills.  I started reading light romance books and have continue ever since. Your books are my all time favorites.

Thank you for being you and providing me with such great entertainment.

Warmest Regards

Isabel Young

Posted On 07-16-2006 7:53 PM
Name : Helen
City/State or Province : NSW
Country : Australia
Comment : I can read and reread all of your books, and am always trying to add to my collection through ebay etc. but my very very favourite is "A Summer to Remember"  --- also looking forward to Sydnam's story,



Posted On 07-15-2006 8:46 PM
Name : Arieta
City/State or Province : BC
Country : Canada
Comment :

I loveeeeeeee your book....  I started reading one of your book when I  borrowed one from the library.. then I  enjoyed it so much  and started  searching for all your books written.... my goal is read all of them specially the Bedwyn serries... Love them so much and you're such a great writer...

thank you !!!



Posted On 07-14-2006 9:50 PM
Name : Marie Antionette
City/State or Province : Picayune,Miss
Country : USA
Comment : I want to say ,I love your books.I just started reading them.I was able to get some on ebay and used book stores.We don't have a book store in my area.What few book stores we had,Katrina took.I just recieved the Secret Pearl in the mail today,waiting on Dark Angel.Your writing is wonderful.LOL....the bad thing is I can't put them down.I read Dancing with Clara in one night.It was so good.I love when the handsome men pick the ugly duckling.Thank you so much for taking my mind off  Katrina troubles...P.S.All is well,geting better all the time.....A new fan,Marie Antionette 

Posted On 07-14-2006 6:33 PM
Name : Wendell Weber
City/State or Province : Forest Grove, Oregon
Country : USA
Comment : Mary,

Not my first visit but had to write because of all the postings I see from frustrated fans who can't find some of your older works. Just wanted to pass on that I have had great success buying them on Ebay, even an ARC of "Simply Love" that I got 2 weeks ago. Not sure if you want your fans out there buying from this source so, if this isn't posted, my feelings certainly won't be shattered.

Still one of your greatest fans!

W. Weber

P.S. Reading "Simply Love" forced me to go back and revisit Kit and Lauren in "A Summer To Remember" which I read in one sitting. I'm afraid I may have become a "Balogh Addict", hope they don't put me in rehab.

Posted On 07-14-2006 10:21 AM
Name : Teresa
City/State or Province : Florence, Al
Country : USA
Comment : My five year old daughter asked me this question after having gone to Bible School. "What is a talent?" I told her it was a gift from God that lets us be able to do something well. Mary, you have a wonderful talent to tell stories that captures the readers heart. I have read as many of your books as I can get my hands on. I usually freely let my five sisters read any books that I purchase, but when I lend out a Mary Balogh, they know to send it back.  I will keep them all and eventually re-read every one. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world (that is what God expects us to do with our talent). I am anxiously awaiting August to read Simply Love.

Posted On 07-13-2006 12:18 AM
Name : Dorothy Bell
City/State or Province : Victoria, British Columbia
Country : Canada
Comment : I am already on your mailing list and I really appreciate that, but I was so happy when I received your e-mail today and see that there are new books coming out shortly.  I have read fourteen so far, but I don't know just how to get hold of some of your earlier books - I have tried at all the second-hand bookstores here in Victoria (and there are many of those), but haven't been successful yet.

You are an incredible writer and I just can't put any of your books down - when I start one I know I will enjoy it all the way through, and the happy ending is always so beautiful.  Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!!!!

Happiness is a Mary Balogh book!

Posted On 07-12-2006 9:52 AM
Name : Bob Calhoun
City/State or Province : Tequesta, Fl
Country : US
Comment : Love your books. Almost feel like part of the Bedwyn family.

Am looking forward  to the simply series.

Posted On 07-11-2006 11:32 PM
Name : Rebecca
City/State or Province : DeLand, FL
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary!

I just read your book One Night For Love... I admit that I thought I'd already read this since it was in my *cough* large collection of books! It was such a pleasure reading it that I found myself lounging the day away with this lovely story. I'm really looking forward to reading the sequel soon. Perhaps I'll find that one amongst my treasure chest of books too!! hah! You write so well and I find myself adoring your characters very much. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have some input in the story of our lives? I would live an incredibly exciting, eventful life without a doubt! :D

Thank you for writing such wonderful stories.  You're a great favorite!! One day, I'll get myself in gear and finish the dozen or so stories that I started!  

Warm regards,


Posted On 07-10-2006 7:47 PM
Name : Anne
City/State or Province : Lynden, Ontario
Country : Canada
Comment : Hello, Mary,

 Thank  you very much for the wonderful hours I've spent reading your books, especially One Night for Love, A Summer to Remember and the Slightly stories.

 I really also want to thank Linda in Texas for sharing her story of the hours she spent with her sister. How lovely that the two of you could spend so much time together and share such good books. You must have many more happy memories than sad ones of the times you spent together although I am sure it doesn't always seem that way. I too have a sister, four years younger than I, and I will treasure her even more since reading your letter. Two of the things I most appreciate about your writing, Mary , are your descriptions and how you always leave me with a feeling of the basic goodness and kindness one can find in people.  Linda, thank you again for sharing your story with us.

Posted On 07-08-2006 6:03 PM
Name : Terri
City/State or Province : VA
Country : USA
Comment : Hello Ms. Balogh!

I've got what I feel is an important question. I know an older Regency will be reprinted this year. My question is, will any of your out-of-print novels be reprinted? I'm trying to collect them but don't want to continue paying a lot of money if they will be reissued. If they will be reissued, could you tell me when and which ones? Also, it would be so helpfull if you'd put that info on your web site.

Thanks for your time!


Posted On 07-06-2006 12:48 AM
Name : Linda Kenyon
City/State or Province : Universal City, TX
Country : USA
Comment : Mary, I want to thank you for all the marvelous hours of reading I have enjoyed.  I must tell you however that even more important than my pleasure was the pleasure your books gave my sister during her long illness with Hepatitis C.  She contracted it from a blood transfusion before donors were screened.  I was able to finish reading the "Slightly" series to her before she passed away in January ,2006.  I do realize that romance novels are not considered by some as great literature , but to me anything that can be a diversion for a bedridden, seriously ill individual,  will always be important .  There was a 12 year age gap between my sister and me, but we took many imaginary trips together to Regency England in the middle of the night when she was unable to sleep. Thank you again, Mary for your contribution.   Linda

Posted On 07-04-2006 7:45 PM
Name : marie
City/State or Province : ca
Country : United States
Comment : I so enjoy reading your books, but I'm finding it more difficult to find your older regencies.  I'm hoping that the publisher will eventually reissue your stories so that newer generations can enjoy them.

Thanks for all the great romances!

Posted On 07-03-2006 4:17 PM
Name : Sue McCormick
City/State or Province : Columbia, Missouri
Country : U. S. A.
Comment : I have been revisiting your novels (especially One Night of Love and A Summer to Remember) as I do once a year. I keep feeling that there is an untold story about Gwendolyn, sister to the Earl of Kilbourne. Clearly there is a hidden mystery about her marriage and clearly she deserves future happiness. If you have already written this story, I was unable to recognize it in the reviews of your published books. If it is not already written will you find a way to satisfy our curiosity? Sincerely, Sue

Posted On 06-29-2006 7:17 PM
Name : Yvonne Voll
Comment : Dear Mary Balogh

I love your books and read every one of them.
But I recently moved to New Zealand and had to give up my book collection in the process. My Palm handheld bookreader and electronic books have been lifesavers since then. I hope more of your earlier books will be published in electronic format, and I wish it was unencrypted (You can use encrypted format only on three different handhelds after one another, then you are out of luck, and I already have my third handheld!), then I could continue to collect your books and reread them any time I want.
Keep up your great work!


Posted On 06-28-2006 9:27 AM
Name : Gilly Wheatley
City/State or Province : London
Country : United Kingdom
Comment : I signed the guestbook on this website some weeks ago and was thrilled that you wrote to me Ms Balogh! Since I left that message I have read several more of your books and I just had to write and say that I cannot tell you how much I love them all but especially 'Longing' which is now my new favourite. My mum was Welsh and I felt the longing for the green hills and valleys as I read the book. Not only a wonderful love story but an amazing history too.
Thank you for all the pleasure, laughter and tears that your books have brought me.

Posted On 06-25-2006 10:35 PM
Name : shelley
City/State or Province : Connecticut
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Miss Balogh,

     I started reading historical romances again last year (after about a 15 year hiatus because of getting married, having kids, etc.) and your "A Summer to Remember (Kit and Lauren)"  was one of the first ones I read.  I LOVED IT!!!!  After having read other of your books, it is still my favorite.

   I was even more ecstatic when I found out you had written a whole new series about the Bedwyn's and absolutely loved Freja's story.

  The other stories I have read are The Christmas Bride, The Perfect Bride,  The Secret Pearl, Indiscreet,  More Than a Mistress and No Man's Mistress.  Some of the stories were a little dark (The Secret Pearl, No Man's Mistress) but I enjoyed them overall.  I can't wait to read the Simply series and to look for some of your historical romances from the 1990s.

    I am so glad to find out that there will be a story about Sidnam Butler, Lady Muir, and Anne Jewell.  I'm sure that like most of your readers, I think about those minor characters after the hero/heroine have gotten together and wish that those other characters could also find happines.

Thank you for your sharing your wonderful imagination with us!

Posted On 06-23-2006 2:46 PM
Name : Debra
City/State or Province : Nashville,TN
Country : USA
Comment : Please keep up the great work .  I appreciate your talent & thank you for sharing it with a world that needs daily reminders of grace, romance, kindness, beauty and descriptions of happy endings!

Posted On 06-20-2006 8:02 PM
Name : Ana
City/State or Province : Massachusetts
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,

You are a favorite! i have written before and am here once again begging for an epilogue for an epilogue to More than a mistress (Ferdinand Duddlely's) story and am so happy to hear you are writting about Heywood and no i don't think he's as  dry a stick as Ferdi and Tresh seem to think. I think he's a pussycat and he loves angie even if she does need to take a damper once in a while. Please write more! especially about the horsemen! keep writting you are wonderful! Thank you for all they enjoyment!

Posted On 06-20-2006 1:25 PM
Name : Becca
City/State or Province : Illinois
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,

I love your books! I started reading "A Summer to Remember" and got hooked. I saw, today, on your website that you  will be writing Angeline's story. I'm so glad-she has become a  favorite. Actually, I think Lord Heyward is my favorite. He reminds me of a character Hugh Laurie played in Sense and Sensiblility.  I'm also excited that the second Simply book will have Sydnam in it. Your books have such rich characters and settings in them! I do have one question, though. Why have you introduced the Bedwyns in such unlikeable ways, only to have them by such interesting people, especially Wulfric? I loathed all of them in A Summer to Remember and liked them in their own books. Will Miss Cowper's life ever be written about? My sister and I think the school in Bath is funded by Wulfric. Is she involved with the school?

I feel as though I have rambled on all over the road here, but it is so nice to be able to ask you everything and compliment you .

Posted On 06-16-2006 5:35 PM
Name : Micki
City/State or Province : Baraboo, Wis
Country : U.S.
Comment :       Dear Mary,    I Have read a few of your books and I love them.  I first got into reading with my first pregancy and with my mother-in-law's collection of Nora Roberts and can't seem to put a book down.  So with my husband getting our kids a public library card I got one for myself so we could go together in hopes of the kids enjoying books, So far so good.  I first picked  "The Secret Pearl" and  I had it read in 3 days, and the next trip to the library was to see what other books of yours they have. I found Simply Unforgettable, I just finished it, and I loved it. I can't wait for the next one.  While waiting for that, My hunt will be for "Slightly" series.  I enjoyed History in school and your books remind me of that time period.  I wish you all the luck and please keep the books coming.

Posted On 06-16-2006 4:28 PM
Name : Jeannine Pellerin
City/State or Province : Montral Qubec
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Ms Balogh

I cannot wait for your new book to come out.

You know, I am a member of Gerogette Heyer group and on July 28 thru July 31, we are meeting in London. I am so looking forward to meet fellow members. I know that you also liked Georgette Heyer. As I will be in Great Britain, I will look for some of your earlier books since I cannot seem to find many here in Montreal.

Every time I look at my Bedwyn series on the shelf, I feel like reread them all, although I have already read them two or three times each. I just love these Bedwyns.

Have a  wonderful summer!

Jeannine Pellerin

Posted On 06-15-2006 9:48 AM
Name : Becky Krevics
City/State or Province : New Jersey
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary, 

           I am wondering why your books are spaced so far apart?  It is killing me waiting for  Simply Love to come out.  I know you have probably answered this question before. My only problem with your books is that they have spoiled me for most any others.

   Also, I wonder how many picked up on the fact that Gervase rode right past Alleyne when he was going to check on him and heard Rachel yelling for someone to help her "husband".  Oh, I just love that series, and have read it at least three times.

      Anyway, can only say that I wish your books would not have such a long stretch between them.  Keep them coming!

All the Best,  Becky

Posted On 06-14-2006 3:09 PM
Name : Emily
City/State or Province : Klamath Falls, Oregon
Country : United States
Comment : I've read 4 of your books so far- A Summer to Remember and Slightly Dangerous.  I've really enjoyed them all alot in particular The Secret Pearl and More than a Mistress.  I'm looking forward to reading No Man's Mistress as well as your other stories.   They're very engaging and beautiful love stories.

Posted On 06-13-2006 6:45 PM
Name : Charlotte Elliott
City/State or Province : Kingston
Country : Jamaica
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,

May I say you are my all-time favourite Regency writer?  I love all your novels.  My especial favourites are The Notorious Rake and The Secret Pearl, which I found in a used book store only last week!  I always know that when I read one of your books I will get a moving, romantic story with characters who are wonderfully believable and so very real in their emotions and reactions.

Please continue to write such beautiful stories...even here in the warm Caribbean it's good to read heartwarming stories such as yours.

Posted On 06-07-2006 12:05 PM
Name : Sue J. Williams
City/State or Province : Charlton City, MA
Country : USA
Comment : I found your books in a used book store, and have hunted down as many as I can. I absolutely enjoy so much your writing as it is funny and makes me really enjoy reading. I hope you keep up the fantastic books of the past, and always keep them humerous, as that is so important in a good book. Sense of humor and a lot of romance, good combo.

Your devoted fan


Posted On 06-06-2006 12:26 AM
Name : Ayla
City/State or Province : Florida
Country : USA
Comment : Hello Mary,

  I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your books.  I own every single one I can possibly get my hands on.  I have also converted two of my sisters to Mary Balogh-ism.  My younger sister and I read the Bedwyn series together and spent a lot of time in excited discussions.  Both of us were almost overcome with joy when at last, our favorite character Wulfric, found the perfect woman for him.  My older sister wasn't so sure about romance novels and picked up my "The Secret Pearl" while nothing else was available to read.  She didn't put the book down the entire night!  And of course I am now letting her borrow my Mary Balogh collection.  I enjoy the way you write, your plots, and the intense emotion I feel within your books.  I simply want to say, thank you.

Posted On 06-04-2006 2:32 PM
Name : Rebeca
City/State or Province : williamsburg
Country : United States
Comment : Hi Ms.Balogh. I just dropped in to say I am a really big fan of your books, and I can't wait for the story of Syd and Anne Jewell to come out. However, I have a question from one of your other books. At the end of Simply Unforgettale, Portia Hunt and the Mrquess of Attingsburough seem to be an item. Well, I was very intrigued by Portia, and was wondering if Portia and Joseph wold get their own book, or if Portia would appear as the heroine in any future book.?

Posted On 06-03-2006 10:25 AM
Name : Gilly
City/State or Province : London
Country : United Kingdom
Comment : I have only recently discovered your books and I feel that they are leagues above most other writers in the genre. There is such a depth of feeling that I have to have a box of tissues handy every time I read one!
My favourites so far are 'One Night for Love', 'The Secret Pearl' (now my absolute favourite historical romance ever) and 'More than a Mistress' although I love them all, these have had the deepest effect on me.
I cannot wait for 'Simply Love'

Posted On 06-01-2006 11:47 PM
Name : Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province : Ormond Beach/Florida
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,

Thanks for writing another wonderful romantic story. I just finished "Simply Unforgettable" and  I loved it and finished it quickly. Frances is such a strong, bright, and talented woman. Lucius, on the other hand, grows and changes so much. He's a man many women would  like to meet. I like that he was  supportive of Frances' singing.

You are such a terrific writer. I look forward to Anne's, Susanna's, and Claudia's stories.


Posted On 06-01-2006 6:25 PM
Name : Katherine McGrath
City/State or Province : McKenney Texas
Country : U S A
Comment : Hi Mary  I have moved from MS to TX , lost a daughter to cancer,lost a husband to cancer,had a stroke ,heart by pass and a half dozen other things  since i last left a message on your guest book . I am having a hard time finding your books.  They sure fly of the shelves around here.  I love all your writings and could start all over again with the first publication. I guess you are number one with me . My very favorite author.


Posted On 05-27-2006 12:53 AM
Name : Hayley
City/State or Province : Idaho
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary!!

I have read almost all your books, and have enjoyed them immensly!! I just finished A Summer to Remenber, and it was one of my favorites!! I was so happy to see Lauren find love at last..she was such a likeable character.

Please hurry with your stories of Gwen and Attingsbourogh!!!

Always a HUGE fan,


Posted On 05-26-2006 5:20 PM
Name : Karen
City/State or Province : Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Country : USA
Comment : Hello!!

I must say I am behind the times! I don't get a chance to read as much as I would like, and have just discovered you Mrs. Balogh.  The local librarian was laughing as I checked out every one of your books from the shelf. She proceded to tell me all about you, and your books, and your career!  So- now my house is dirty, my kids are running wild, and my husband is hungry (and grumpy)....I am having a blast!  I had to run out to the book store, to buy the rest of your Bedwyn series!  Thank you for my vacation at home!! I am well fortified, and now prepared to take on summer vacation!!  Thank you!!

Posted On 05-25-2006 10:16 PM
Name : melody bailey
City/State or Province : frankenmuth, mi
Country : usa
Comment :

Hi Mary,

I love your books.  I have been trying to collect all your books.  I recently bought  The Secret Pearl.  I started to read it and there are pages missing. Not ripped out , just missing.  It jumps from page 18 to 51.  Have you heard from anyone else about this? 

Thank you for your time.

Posted On 05-24-2006 10:18 PM
Name : joan wilson
City/State or Province : N B
Country : Canada
Comment : Mary, Do you think there will be a re-release of "Promise of Spring" Perry's story? I went on line to Amazon and it was there but at 135 US dollars way too much for me. Joan

Posted On 05-22-2006 9:10 PM
Name : Donna Nakrayko
City/State or Province : Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Country : CANADA
Comment : Hi Mary,

Imagine my surprise when I read your Bio. that you live in the same province as I.�� You're practically my neighbor!

Please add my name to ever growing list of your fans.� I have only recently discovered your writings and am looking forward to becoming well acquainted with many of your characters and their sequels!�

I started off reading Slightly Dangerous and now must seek out the rest of the Bedwyn family.� I look forward to a great summer of reading your books!


Posted On 05-20-2006 11:59 AM
Name : Nita Henry
City/State or Province : Seguin
Country : United States
Comment : Dear Mary,

I love the Slightly books, especially Eve and Aidan. I do so hope they will have a baby of their own. It would be a shame if they do not, loving children as they do. Will that happen?

Posted On 05-18-2006 10:08 AM
Name : Irene Gray
City/State or Province : Melbourne
Country : Australia
Comment : Dear Mary,

I OVE your books, & after viewing the comments made by other devoted readers I feel that anything I say would be redundant. Your heroes/heroines are 'simply unforgettable' & your books are definite 'keepers' on my shelves. Like a felllow 'Aussie' said it is difficult to find the many books on your backlist but I shall keep trying. I did finish reading "The Secret Pearl" finding Adam & Fleur quite wonderfully drawn characters - so very human and realistic, such elements bringing me to tears at times. It is amazing how your writing immediately sends your reader into the rooms,streets homes & pleasure gardens of the Regency period - it is quite tactile/real to me during the time I am being transported. I really enjoyed the stories of the Bedwyns, esp. Wulfric's & I look forward to reading about his steward on his Welsh estate, Sydnam Butler in your new book to be publish here in Oz soon (Simply Love). After your introduction to him in "A Summer To Remember" his truly heroic character shown in his paotriotism during the Napoleonic war in Spain endeared him to me. I am glad that he has a story of his own. Thank you for giving me such pleasure each time I read your stories which really stand the test of time & against the prolific number of books written by other authors in the Historical Romance genre.

Posted On 05-16-2006 9:37 PM
Name : Nora
City/State or Province : York/Pa
Country : USA
Comment : I love the Bedwyn series. Please, please, please, continue on with the characters and the legacy! They are simply the best historical romance books I have ever read. The characters... oh wow the characters. I could read about them forever!

Thank you for creating these amazing people.

I hope to read more about them...


Posted On 05-16-2006 1:58 PM
Name : Carol
City/State or Province : Plano, IL
Country : USA
Comment : Mrs. Balogh

I just re-read TRULY, the first of your books that I read. It is SUCH a good read. It is a great romance with enough history, sociology and psychology that one feels somewhat educated by the time it is over. . . .and I am always a bit sad when it is finished.

Loved Secret Pearl, one of the few of your backlist that I had not been able to find.

Keep up the good work!!


Posted On 05-16-2006 10:19 AM
Name : missy
City/State or Province : michigan
Country : usa
Comment : hi Mary

i just finished reading No Man's Misterss, and More than a Misterss, loved both books. just wondering if there is a book about lord Ferdinand & the Duke of Tresham sister story and her marriage.

thank you for your books.


Posted On 05-16-2006 8:37 AM
Name : Ana
City/State or Province : Mass
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,

Why was there no epilogue to longing? I loved the characters you created. But Did Sian get pregnant with Alex's child? Why Oh, Why didn't we find out?  Also could you give us an epilogue to More than a mistress also! come on please thanks for all you do!

Posted On 05-15-2006 5:02 PM
Name : Ashley
City/State or Province : NewYork
Comment : I just finished reading your Slightly books. Never before have I been so enthralled in a series(they all ended far to soon). Your characters were in depth and delightful- all of them. I couldn't pick a favorite book or character if I tried. I would gladly read any book with even one appearence from the Bedwyn clan. -Ashley  

Posted On 05-15-2006 11:07 AM
Name : Trisha Tempel
City/State or Province : Henderson, Nevada
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,

     I have collected your books for years.  Throughly enjoy all of them.  The last set I finished were the "Slightly's",  Totally fabulous.  My favorites though have to be your Christmas stories.  I collect Christmas Regency Romances and yours are the best.  I believe I have all of yours, and read them over and over. 

     I am a 62 year young woman with bad back surgeries, and was an English Major at college years ago.  Probably read the Denver Public Library twice.  I told myself after I graduated that I would never read another book I didn't like.  With very few exceptions, I have done just that. 

     Since I am not able to do alot with my back problems, books are (always have been) my travel companions and escape methods.  Yours are my first choices. 

     I always look for your name when I am buying new books.  If yours' is not there I always find something,  can not leave a bookstore without buying, but not as happily.

     Didn't mean to ramble so much,. but I really do admire your talent as a writer and look forward to many more of your books.


                                                     Trisha Tempel

Posted On 05-13-2006 2:08 PM
Name : Karen
City/State or Province : Summit, NJ
Country : USA
Comment : I haven't visited this site in about two years and I am very impressed with the updates and additions. I did not know about the missing page from the Obedient Bride and I am glad to have it.  I also have a suggestion about it:
Is it possible to have the "missing page" from the Obedient Bride put in a printable format and print/page size so that it can be cut out and fit into our original copy of that book? (Hint: a dash line/dot cut line [border] around the proper page size would make it even easier to cut out and slip into the book).  The page would need to be slightly smaller than the book's original page size so it would not stick out at the top/bottom or side.  Just a thought. 
Thanks for all your beautiful writing.  I love to read romances, but it is hard sometimes to find an author who understands that her readers are intelligent and expect good character development and plot lines that fit within the customs and social strictures of the Regency era.  So many authors do not do the research and just paint a veneer of "Regency period" over their work -- so you find heros and heriones in with the attitudes, customs and morals of the 21st Century, saying and doing things that they would not have done, and could not have done in the Regency era.  You are one of the few authors that meet the mark of excellence in recreating an authentic feel of that era to your books every time.  I love your books for that reason and for your gift of making the characters come alive.  Thank you for choosing to be an author.

Posted On 05-12-2006 12:12 PM
Name : Deborah Spier
City/State or Province : Cedarhurst, Ny
Country : USA
Comment : Is it possible for some of the older titles to be reissued? Some of them are impossible to find, while others are prohibitively expensive. What are the chances?

Posted On 05-09-2006 8:44 AM
Name : Ana
City/State or Province : Massachusetts
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,

I love your books i wish you would write more often! i hate when your books end. My favorite is silent melody and all it's wonderful relationships. My favorite is tresham and fernando. I wish you would write more about the Duke. he is facinating and i can't wait to read more about the bedwyns what a family! Can you write more about David inTangled. That was a nail bitter. although i love David i wish he'd get a back bone. it was hard not get aggravated. Thanks ! and for god's sake woman Write!

Posted On 05-08-2006 12:23 PM
Name : Georgette
City/State or Province : Michigan
Country : USA
Comment : Hi Mary

i just finished reading Summer to remember and More than a Misterss and believe me these books are awsome, but my favorite are the Bedwyne family and The Secret Pearl. keep up the good work

thank you


Posted On 05-03-2006 12:59 AM
Name : Theresa Sexton
City/State or Province : St. Paul, MN
Country : U.S.A
Comment : Dear Mary-

Your books are absolutely wonderful. I love  their depth of feeling and how the sparity of your writing makes them even more emotionally intense somehow. My very favorites include Lord Carew's Bride, A Precious Jewel, The Temporary Wife, Silent Melody and The Secret Pearl. I also love your short stories. They are truly the apotheosis of the genre. Your facility with the short story format is unparalleled. My favorite short stories of yours include The Star of Bethlehem, A Precious Rogue, A Family Christmas, and A Waltz Among the Stars.

Besides telling you how much I enjoy your work, I also wanted to mention two things. The first is that I'm sadly disappointed in the lack of early and mid-marriages in your recent work. You used to have these quite often in your earlier works but for some reason they've haven't been used in your latest works. Please think about putting an early or mid-marriage in one of your upcoming books.

The other thing I wanted to mention deals with The Secret Pearl, one of my favorites. There is no other book where I felt so bereft at the lack of an epilogue. Adam and Fleur have to endure so much before they're able to be together. Even after the obstacles are removed, there are still those few pages at the end where each is uncertain of the other. After everything they go through, especially Adam, I would love to read more about the happiness they are finally able to find by being with each other. Please, please, please consider writing an epilogue to The Secret Pearl.

You make everyone who reads your books happier and lighter of heart. Thank you so much for that. It is truly appreciated.


Theresa Sexton

Posted On 04-30-2006 3:23 AM
Name : Mimi
City/State or Province : Los Angeles
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,

Thank you so much for bringing so much joy and pleasure through your books.  I have been reading them--most of the historical romances over many years.  The Secret Pear was new for me and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  It has become a great favorite already.  My all-time favorite is TANGLED, however.  I have read it so many times! I love the character David who is kind and so noble.  I am glad he truly finds happiness in the end.  Your novels are so life like tthat there is a letdown when I am finished.  I always wish it could go on and on and on...

Keep up the great work...I love your books!


Posted On 04-29-2006 2:12 PM
Name : diane
City/State or Province : los angeles
Country : usa
Comment : hi, i just finished reading no man's mistress and i have to say the mistress series are my favorite books of all time. are you going to write angeline's story? i've been looking forward to it for years. i'll be waitng for it as well as your new books.

Posted On 04-29-2006 5:52 AM
Name : julie allen
City/State or Province : melbourne victoria
Country : australia
Comment : You are just brilliant and you can't write fast enough for me ! Keep up the great work !  Julie........

Posted On 04-28-2006 7:14 AM
Name : roberta
City/State or Province : roma
Country : italy
Comment : I've read all yours books translated in italian, and i've spent a lot of time enjoying the company of your characters. Thank you!


PS: Bedwyns are my favourites!

Posted On 04-26-2006 6:01 PM
Name : Mary Bill
City/State or Province : Madison, Alabama
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy all of your books.  You have such a wonderful style with great feeling and it is a pleasure to read and reread your writings.  I am beginning TRULY for the fifth time and wondered if you could tell me how to pronounce Geraint?  I have seen your phonetic spellings of the Bedwyn names and wondered if you could help me with some of these characters.  Thanks so much for being "reachable"!!

Another Mary

Posted On 04-25-2006 10:32 AM
Name : W. Weber
City/State or Province : Forest Grove, Oregon
Country : USA
Comment : Mary,

Probably hard to believe that a 65 year old man is one of your biggest fans, but there it is!

A while back, while on a family vacation, I had run out of reading material ( I like historical novels, especially Patrick O'Brian's British Navy series) and picked up a book that my daughter had just finished. It was Rannulf's story and I was hooked on the Bedwyns.

Realizing that I had started a series out of chronological order I doubled back and with a little research started with "A Summer To Remember" and then the "Slightly" series in chronological order. Since then I have read everything leading up to the Bedwyn family and everything beyond. I just finished "Simply Unforgettable" and look forward with relish to getting "Simply Love" this summer.

My favorite characters are: Wulfric and Christine, Kit and Lauren, and of course, who could not fall in love with Freyja.

Thank you for hours of entertainment with believable plots and characters, sex in manageable doses and wonderful sub-characters leading to more story lines.

Wendell Weber

Posted On 04-24-2006 9:28 AM
Name : Missy
City/State or Province : Michigan
Country : usa
Comment : hi mary

i just finished reading the Secret Pearl, and i loved it was another awsome book by you. I can not wait to read Simply Love. keep up the good work


Posted On 04-22-2006 8:47 PM
Name : Jessica
City/State or Province : Texas
Country : USA
Comment : Hello,

When Heartless first came out I checked it out at the library over and over again because i loved it so.  In the last couple of years I have been trying to buy this book and I cannot find it or order it anywhere.  I jsut recently found out that I cannot buy it from the publisher either and I was wondering if you could let me know how I can get this book.  Heartless was the first book that touched my heart like no other book did and few books have since.  You did a fantastic job writing this book.


Posted On 04-18-2006 4:45 PM
Name : Georgette
City/State or Province : michigan
Country : usa
Comment : hi mary

i finally find Silghty Married in my library, read the book in two days over Easter break. i loved the book. i will be paying the whole series. right now i start reading the Secret Pearl. i can hardlly wait for Simply Love


Posted On 04-18-2006 2:04 AM
Name : M. Fleisher
City/State or Province : New York
Country : N. Y.
Comment : To my mind, there is no questtion that you are the best when it comes to

writing Regency Romances.  I have been read them since the 1980's and am lucky enough to h ave some of the older ones that are no longer in print and that bookstores are charging an arm and a leg for.  There is one thing that I would ask you and that is not to endorse another romance writer's work unless you have read it yourself.  Whenever I see a blurb on a book recommended by you I buy it and often it is pretty bad and I cannot believe you've read it.  I get the feeling sometimes that authors endose other authors works as a gesture of friendliness but to the consumer, it can feel like a betrayal.

Anyway, I didn't mean to sound like I was carping about this.  It was just one little thing I find annoying.  Your books can be sold withouit blurbs!  Keep up the good

work.  Thank you.

Posted On 04-17-2006 4:59 PM
Name : Alma J. Blount
City/State or Province : Fife, Washington
Country : USA
Comment : I just finished the "Slightly" series.  By far, Slightly Dangerous was my favorite.  I'm sure I will read it over and over again.  It would be wonderful if you feel that you have more Bedwyn stories in you.  I loved all of  them.  My next is The Secret Pearl, which I'm starting today.  Thank you, Mary, for hours of reading pleasure.

Posted On 04-17-2006 7:52 AM
Name : Cathy McEvoy
City/State or Province : Columbus, OH
Country : USA
Comment : About 5 years ago, my stepmother got me into reading again.  It was a LaVyrle Spencer book.  I became obsessed with reading.  After finishing all of her books that she had written, I tried to find and get into another author similar to her.  I loved the way she was so descriptive but not repetative. 

After about two years, I "tried" Slightly WIcked.  I LOVED IT! Then I had to go back read Sliightly Married.  The anticipation of the next in the series was unbelievable.  Once I exausted all books that were still on the shelves at the bookstores, I started on E-Bay. 

I appreciate what you used to be before a full time author.  I don't think the writing is too vulgar and I appreciate the fact that they are not "rolling in the sack"  right away. I am not embarrassed to carry my book around, knowing if someone picks it up there is no embarrasing language. 

Now when you ask me who my favorite author is, I say Mary Balogh.  So thank you!

Posted On 04-16-2006 2:42 PM
Name : Anastasia Boldireff
City/State or Province : Ontario
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Mary,

I am 15 years old currently studying in Provence, France.  I am an avid reader as well as an A student.  I love your romance novels.  In grade school I was always whispered about at being "gifted"... I never found out.  I am a year and a half ahead currently in school and since my parents didn't know what to do with me, I decided.  I chose to go on an exchange to France.  I love your books and took all of them with me. I collect most romance novels and have won numerous contests as a fast reader.  I bought your whole Bedxyn series and read it in a weekend.  I confess, I couldn't stop reading therefore didn't sleep.  I was utterly attached.  On top of liking romance novels and reading I am a writer.  After class I always have my classmates running up to me and asking "What happened to this character in the story?  Will she marry the Duke?  etc..."  I find it hard to write as well as study in school.  Should I truly think of becoming an author? Should I keep trying?  I love books and confess that I have a huge collection and I catalogue each and every book I own on my computer.  I look forward to reading new books as eagerly as a child wants candy.   I am a huge fan.  I love your books!  If you have a moment please email me a response.  I was wondering how you did it.  How many hours did it take you to write your first book?  And did you ever get writer's blocks or do you find you're always running out of paper or can't write fast enough? 


Anastasia Boldireff

Posted On 04-14-2006 8:42 PM
Name : Carolyn Bailey
City/State or Province : Copperas Cove, Texas
Country : United States
Comment : Hello Mrs. Balogh,

I just read an excerpt from  Simply Love, and it was wonderful.  My only regret is I will have to wait until September to read it in its entirety.  My husband will be gone all summer on a test near Tacoma, Washington. He plans to take me to Hawaii in September.  I hope he does not get annoyed with me reading Simply Love while we are on vacation.  He will be trying to point out the sights (He did a test in Hawaii back in 2001.) to me, and I will be fully involved in my readings.  I have enjoyed everything you have written.  Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with the world, and I thank God for blessing you with this talent.


Carolyn K. Bailey

Posted On 04-13-2006 1:44 AM
Name : Charity Martin
City/State or Province : Ohio
Country : United States
Comment : Hello Ms. Balogh,

     Although, it seems as though you have been writing for a long while, I have only just discovered you.  I have truly enjoyed reading your books.  They are well written and your characters are simply wonderful.  There aren't many authors who can make me laugh out loud. 

     The first book I read from you was More than a Mistress and I have just finished No Man's Mistress.  Now, I am hooked.  I came to your website to find Angeline's story, only to find that it hasn't yet been written.  I am disappointed that I cannot yet buy it and very pleased to find that there are many more books that I can read in the meantime.  You will surely have me busy for the foreseeable future.         

      Thank you, your newly devoted fan.

Posted On 04-12-2006 11:09 AM
Name : Patti Wyatt
City/State or Province : Mitchell, Indiana
Country : U.S.A.
Comment : Hello,

I wanted to say that, although I love all of your books, and like many others have everything you have written (that I can get my hands on, at least), my favorite of all is The Unlikely Duchess.  I know it is a farce but I love reading things that bring a smile to my face and this one does every time.  I'm smiling as I write this.  I imagine what comes next.  How will Paul and Josephine pull off this marriage without everyone knowing what they've been up to.  Since it is a farce, one can be as inventive as one wants.  

The book Promise of Spring touched a chord inside. You know the one.  A former love, unworthy or not, casting a shadow over a current relationship.  Even knowing what you have is a millions times better than what you would have had, it can be hard to dispel the shadow.   

Thank you for the many books you've written and the many joys you have provided. 


Posted On 04-11-2006 12:29 AM
Name : ruby
City/State or Province : ontario
Country : canada
Comment : dear mary:

i had the honor of knowing you on the third week of march, i was walking through a book store for the second day in a row trying to find a book that would grab me. and then i found huge book that had 2 stories more than a misstres and no mans misstres, and i fell in love with this kind of stories it is april 10 and i already read all your bydwen slightly sieries, secret pearl,one night for love ,and i just finished simply unforgetables.and i can't wait for simply love to come out . meanwhile i bought irresistable and i ordered  a summer to remember.

please keep on writting i specially love your dukes  tresham and bewcastle. keep up the good work and please republish your old ones  thank you and best of luck

Posted On 04-09-2006 8:01 AM
Name : Jacqueline
City/State or Province : Baltimore
Country : usa
Comment : I found Slightly Dangerous in my local library about 6 months ago.  And I have just finished reading it again for the 3rd time.  I now bought  and have read all of the Bedwyn series.

I read just about anything, but I have come to enjoy the Bedwyn series the best.  Especially Slightly Dangerous because of Christine and Wulfric.  I just love the different personallities coming together.  (kinda, like my husband and I!) 

I will now start out to find your other books to read. I read the excert on Simply Love.  And cannot wait for it to come out in August.

Thank you for making my evenings better!!  Jackie 

Posted On 04-08-2006 1:59 PM
Name : Linda Benson
City/State or Province : Winnipeg, MB
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Mary,

I am an avid reader of many types of genres of books, but I like nothing better than reading a "good" romance novel.  Unfortunately, I am getting a bit old, and I am also getting a bit fussy about what I consider to be "good". When I was young I was enthralled by Rosemary Rogers, who seemed to be the first author to write books that had any real spice in them.  Since then I have read many romances, but, for the large part I am usually disappointed in them, find myself skipping pages, or not even finishing them.  Furthermore, I don't even pass them on to my friends to read, but just throw them in the garbage can.

So in my neverending desire to find that "good" book, I picked up a copy of your newly reprinted "The Secret Pearl" in my local supermarket.  It sat on my shelf with the "to be read books" for several weeks until I finally decided to give it a try.  WHAT AN AMAZING SURPRISE!!!!  This is without a doubt one of the best romances I have read in years and years.  It is also very interesting to know that you have written several other novels since this one.  I guess this means I'm going to be very busy scouting out all of your new novels.  Thanks!!

Posted On 04-03-2006 10:08 AM
Name : Georgette
City/State or Province : michigan
Country : usa
Comment : hi Mary

i just finished reading Silghly Dangours and i loved the book. i love when Wulfric climb the tree to resuce his quizzing glass and was fighting with Christine, and also i loved when his brothers and sisters did all they can to get them toghter and the best part when Allyne was telling all of them what he heard about they qurreling with each other, but my favorite was when get undressed and climb the tree and dive into the water and when he ask her to marry him. the whole book was awesome, but i still haven't find Silghly Married in my library to read the last one.  i start reading now Simly Unforgettable so far it is another awesome book. keep up the good work and keep them going


Posted On 03-31-2006 10:46 PM
Name : Jodi Schersand
City/State or Province : Tennessee
Country : USA
Comment : Hello, Ms. Balogh:

I am thrilled to have finally discovered you!  I read "A Summer to Remember" last week, and I'm trying to find any book of yours that I can get my hands on. 

In that book, I was intrigued by Gwen and Sydnam (as were other fans based on comments in other postings in your guest book).  I couldn't get a feel from those comments though, as to whether you are going to write a book with Gwen, Lady Muir as the heroine.  I really had a feeling that Gwen and Sydnam would make an in-depth pairing, but it looks like Sydnam is getting his story told in an upcoming "Simply" book.

Are there plans for Lady Muir in the near future?

Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us.  It brings much joy!

God's blessings,


Posted On 03-30-2006 12:04 PM
Name : Suzanne
City/State or Province : Crofton, Maryland
Country : USA
Comment : 53 of your books, most of which have been read several times, line my bookshelves. I like the way you make the characters come alive; the imagination you display in the various plots; and, in general, the way you write. I look forward to each new book, and hope that the reissue of the second and third "WEB" books will be sooner than 2007 and 2008. I do not have the last one and have not been able to find it. Best wishes and please keep writing!

Posted On 03-25-2006 6:30 AM
Name : Laura
Country : Finland
Comment : I read Slightly Married about three weeks ago. Was staying with a friend and she had it on her bookshelf. Absolutely loved the story and became instantly curious of the Bedwyns. Could not rest until I could get my hands on the next instalment. Have read now five of the books, and by a happy coincidence in the right order as well. Did not know the order beforehand. I still have not read Slighly Dangerous, still waiting for it to arrive (had to order them through Internet). I must confess that this book is the one that I am most eager to read. It was rather clever, Ms Balogh, to wait until the final book in the series to write about Wulfric. He is by far the most interesting of the Bedwyns, and the small clues to his character throughout the earlier book have all been very intriguing. I have read a few excerpts of the book here and it looks to be very promising. I have been wondering what sort of a woman could undo him, but Christine seems perfect.

Posted On 03-23-2006 3:39 PM
Name : Crystal
City/State or Province : Tulsa, Oklahoma
Country : USA
Comment : I just finished reading The Secret Pearl and realized you are now my favorite author. No one else I've read has mastered putting emotions into words as you have. For example, in The Secret Pearl, when Fleur first sees the Duke of Ridgeway, and realizes who he is, I absolutely felt myself in that long, dark tunnel with her. Your books are filled with just such moments, and I'm amazed how easily I'm transported into the characters' lives. I first discovered you with the Bedwyn series, and as it happened, Wulf's was the last I read. I was a little disappointed in the depth of his character, but maybe because he had been built up throughout the previous novels. I don't know which book is my favorite, but I implore you to please, please keep writing!

Posted On 03-22-2006 7:49 PM
Name : Christy
City/State or Province : Georgia
Country : USA
Comment : I would like to start off by saying that I think that you are an amazing writer.  I have never been a big reader until a friend introduced me to one of your books.  Now I read 2 to 3 books a week.  I buy the one of yours I can find and just started going to the library, for the first time in over ten years, to find ones I can't buy.  Thank You for your amazing way with words, and capturing my intrest in books again.  I can't wait for another book.  But I would like to suggest, if anyway possible, that you might consider republishing more of your older books that seem to be hard to come by.  For example: The Temporary Wife, The Obedient Bride, and Dark Angel.  Just as suggestions.  Thank you again for amazing reads.

Posted On 03-20-2006 10:33 AM
Name : missy
City/State or Province : MI
Country : USA
Comment : I just finished reading one of the Bedwyn series (Rannulf's Story Slightly Wicked) it was an awseome book, i read it in two days, and now i start reading (Slightly Scandalous). you write very good and you make it sound like it is real. keep up the good work and i will be reading the rest of this series to see each one story and how they find love espasilly the Duke their oldest brother.


Posted On 03-20-2006 6:32 AM
Name : rebecca grubisa
City/State or Province : melbourne
Country : australia
Comment : Hi Mary,

I love the regency era and I love your books. They are a rollicking good read with enough love,emotion and lust to satisfy everyone. I first read the "mistress" series and then stumbled across wulfric' story. I am now hooked and at the start of my quest to read your whole back catalogue. Thank you for the wonderful writing and the pleasure reading it gives me.



Posted On 03-18-2006 9:20 AM
Name : Marilyn Jennings
City/State or Province : Surbiton, Surrey
Country : England
Comment : I thoroughly enjoy your books and have just finished A Summer to Remember.  However, I am confused about Lily and where she fits in.  I thought it was stated she was the daughter of a sergeant in the Army and then she was Lord Portfrey illegitimate daughter.  Neville told Lauren not to wait when he went to war so had he intended to marry elsewhere?  Is there a previous book to A Summer to Remember where this is cleared up. Thank you for your books - they are all excellent - a really good read.  Marilyn Jennings

Posted On 03-16-2006 6:33 PM
Name : Alma J. Blount
City/State or Province : Franklin Park, NJ
Country : USA
Comment : I absolutely love your books.  I have been a fan of the Regency genre every since I read "Pride and Prejudice" for the first time.  After that I read Georgette Heyer and wasn't satisfied until I owned all of them.  Now my goal is to have every Mary Balogh book ever printed!  When I read your books I don't get much sleep, but it's worth it.  I mentor a few young "20 somethings" and have started one of them on your books.  Many, many thanks.

Posted On 03-12-2006 8:09 PM
Name : Adriene
City/State or Province : Fair Haven, NJ
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary Balogh,

I just wanted to let you know that so far out of all the regency romance novelists that I have read, I enjoy reading your books the most. I just started reading your work within the past two years or so. I have read 16 of your books. I hope you continue to write for a long time to come, and reintroduce some of your earlier works, as well. I just purchased the Secret Pearl a few months back, and it was a great read.

Could you please recommend other regency writers? Thank you for your books. They are refreshing and great fun to read!

Posted On 03-12-2006 2:29 PM
Name : Tinemine
City/State or Province : Mnchen, Bavaria
Country : Germany
Comment : The first book I ever read was Mary Balogh's "No Man's Mistress". I had to write a short review for  a company that recommends books to its customers. I was thrilled. Wonderfully written (extraoridinarily good translated into German), beautiful words, amiable characters and above all, many values that are worth being passed on. Then I bought "More than a Mistress" in English and I loved it from the beginning. I asked my company if I could review the next Mary Balogh book published in German, "A Summer to Remember", and it was so wonderful. I didn't like Freya so, but soon I wanted to know more about the Bedweyns. Now I have all these books in English and I read every day (!) small passages, because they comfort me and they make me happy. I love especially that the main characters love their spouses and their families, are kind, charming and pursue the values they believe in. - I wish the wonderful author M.B. could come to Germany on tour presenting her marvellous books to the thankful German audience.

Posted On 03-11-2006 2:57 PM
Name : Anna
City/State or Province : New Orleans
Country : read other entry. thanks mary
Comment : Hello everyone, I was asking if anyone is selling their Mary Balogh books a few guestbook entrys down. I didn't realize my email wasn't going to show up so...anyone willing to part with a Mary Balogh book please email to I can buy them or read and send back. Thank you Mary for letting me know how the book companies work, sometimes you just want what you want without thinking of the other side of it. I will still write them and hope others do to (look on the inside cover of her books to find the Dell address to write to) I understand why they are putting out the Web books a year between each other now, but I still want to change it. Can't forget about new books coming too. I'm so excited about the Simply series. That I will happily wait for on the edge of my seat.

Posted On 03-11-2006 4:57 AM
Name : Ulrike Horstmann
City/State or Province : Aschaffenburg
Country : Germany
Comment : Dear Mary Balogh, on recently rereading SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS (one of my favourite novels of yours, by the way) I was reminded of how much I liked one of your secondary characters, Christine's elder sister Eleanor Thompson. I love her dry wit and can't help wondering how her sister's marriage into the aristocracy will influence the quiet life into which Eleanor has settled so readily. Could you perhaps consider writing a book about her? A spinster who suddenly has more options in life than she thought would be a fascinating heroine in your hands, I think. And I love your other books about older heroines. With many thanks for all the enjoyment your books have given to me, Ulrike

Posted On 03-10-2006 5:27 PM
Name : Anna
City/State or Province : New Orleans, Louisiana
Country : web tril., anyone selling?
Comment : Ok, so who do I have to write? I can't believe the Web Trilogy are coming out a year apart. The publishers or someone has to be bombarded with letters begging not to release them a year apart. I can handle a little time between books but we won't get the last in the trilogy until DECEMBER 2008!! These books were out years ago, I don't understand why they want a year between them. I would also totally buy an overpriced box set as long as I didn't have to wait. PS: Anyone looking to sell ANY Mary books? I am looking for heartless and silent melody, but I am starving for any other Mary books. I personally have the slightly series and the other books surrounding that series, secret pearl, simply unforgettable, truly, and irresistable. So if there are any books anyone can part with please email. I'll buy from you, or I'll read and send back. THANKS, Anna

Posted On 03-10-2006 12:47 PM
Name : Eileen Sullivan
City/State or Province : Springfield/MASS
Country : USA
Comment : Ms. Balogh,

Please excuse the multiple postings to your guest book, I was having difficulty accessing the comment section.  I am a huge fan of all your books, but I had to share this short moment with you.  I was fresh out of new books to read yesterday, so I started to go through my paperback library for a re-read.  I selected A Summer To Remember one more time, it's my fourth time rereading it. I cried for the last 40 pages.  My husband had to come into the room to see if I was all right.  I explained what was going on.  He couldn't believe that I was still br crying the fifth time I read a book.  He suggested I share this with you.  I love all your books (I am so looking forward to Sydnam's story) but of all of them A Summer To Remember is my favorite.It speaks so well to the love of family and the possibility of redemption.  I love the Bedwyns and the teachers but Kit and Lauren will always be my favorite story.

Thank you so much for so many hours of pure bliss, Eileen Sullivan

Posted On 03-08-2006 6:57 PM
Name : Leah A Kopel
City/State or Province : New York, NY
Country : USA
Comment : Greetings, I am a big fan of yours by the way and have read a number of your books, I especially enjoyed Slightly Dangerous.

Today is the first day I am beginning my research on the regency period however at this time.  No,  I am not planning to write a regency novel. In fact I am experiencing romance novel burnout, too many sweets are not good for one, you know, so I have been taking a novel break.  However I may make an exception as I see from your site that you are writing about school teachers.  That is related to the topic that I am most interested in, circa 1790 through Regency period formal women's education.  

I have always been curious about this and I actually want to read nonfiction on the subject and so far I am not finding anything on the web on that particular subject.  I only began this afternoon so I really should not complain, but I was hoping that maybe you might know of sites, books or articles that hone in on this subject.  Asking never hurt.

Thanks again.

Posted On 03-08-2006 2:06 PM
Name : Kathleen Johnson
City/State or Province : Middlebury,. VT
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Mary,,

Having learned to read at 2 and one half, I have perused many authors and since I read The Sheik at way too young an age, I have been hooked on romances, especially those that involved abduction, seduction and all the rest. In all truth, I had thought that Cattheine COulter was the most interesting writer of historical romances, but I have to say that since I encountered The Secret Pearl which was the first of your books that I read. that you have taken her place.  Since then, I have devoured the Simply the Bedwyns, and have just finished Summer to Remember. I Just wanted to say that having been a professional astrologer for almost 40 years, if there is ever any of that sort of knowledge you would require, please don't hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure to accommodate you. Thank you so much for the enjoy ment you have provided me over the past few months and I look forward to much more. Blessings, Kathleen Johnson

Posted On 03-07-2006 2:38 AM
Name : Catherine Duthie
City/State or Province : Alberta
Country : Canada
Comment : I wanted to post my thanks for your future appearance at the Surrey International Writer's Conference.  2006 will by my fifth conference in Surrey.  I'm looking forward to any and all workshops you present, as you've been one of my favourite romance novelist for years. 

Best wishes,

Posted On 03-06-2006 10:48 PM
Name : Elena Gerasimenko
City/State or Province : Ust-Ilimsk Siberia
Country : Russia
Comment : ! . . 30 . , .  "" -  - ! .   , . !


Posted On 03-04-2006 2:12 PM
Name : Ernestine Franson
City/State or Province : Hope, British Columbia
Country : Canada
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,

Thank you so much for transporting me over the years into the regency world - my favourite ever since I discovered Georgette Heyer in high school and studied Jane Austen at university. 
Along with my collection of various British  writers sits my favourite Canadian novelist, Mary Balogh!   I have managed to collect all your books over the years. Some took a lot of hunting at  dozens of used book stores during our travels through the States and Canada.  Whenever I found one, it was like finding a treasure!
(You've probably noticed that copies of your old paperback books command a handsome price over E-Bay, attesting to their popularity.)
I''ve just retired (high school English), so I can now devote my life to selfish pursuits like reading for sheer enjoyment without feeling guilty. While anxiously awaiting your next book coming in August, I have to content myself with re-reading your other novels.  And I can only describe them all as  being delicious - deliciously romantic, deliciously funny, delicously sensual, and always, always absorbing!
I hope to see you in Surrey at the Conference.  Your talent is amazing - please don't stop writing! I
Best wishes,
Ernestine Franson

Posted On 03-01-2006 4:01 PM
Name : Jodi
City/State or Province : IN
Country : USA
Comment : Mary, I love your books and have been reading them for years! (Am slightly ashamed to admit never visiting here until now!)

If I were to attempt to describe a Mary Balogh book, and when my fingers reach for one and why, I would have to say that your books never fail to lift my spirits, to capture men at their most protective, women at their strongest and yet most complex and (yes) vulnerable? Somehow your stories are always the ones to reach  for when one wants to view the greatest things about the power of love ...they never fail to charm, to enchant, to grant hope!

Love them; love them; keep up the inspiring work, Mary!

Blessings -Jodi

Posted On 03-01-2006 9:48 AM
Name : Cynthia Anderson
City/State or Province : Fair Haven New Jersey
Country : U.S.A.
Comment : I have read all of your books and enjoyed then throughly. I most enjoyed reading about the Bedwyn family
and ther adventures in finding the right partners to fall in love with. I espically enjoyed reading about the
oldest of that family the Duke. My friend loaned me the advanced copy of your Hardcover book due out in August called Simply Love and  enjoyed it a lot and can not wait for the nextTeacher story to come out next year.

Posted On 02-25-2006 3:19 AM
Name : Mary White
City/State or Province : Oregon
Country : US
Comment : I just wanted to correct myself. I meant to say that I'd read Simply Unforgettable! I guess I just can't wait for Simply Love!

Mary White

Posted On 02-25-2006 3:13 AM
Name : Mary White
City/State or Province : Oregon
Country : US
Comment : Dearest Mary,

I really enjoy reading your books. At 17, I've been reading your works for the past four years and as I get older they just seem to get better! I've read A Summer to Remember, the "Slightly" Series, Simply Love, and The Secret Pearl.  The first book I read- the one that captured me and forever changed my taste in literature- was Slightly Scandelous and although it is impossible for me to choose a favorite from all of these books, this one forever remains in the forefront of my mind. Then again, I suppose most firsts do. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and passion with all of us who long for rich, creative, happily-ever-afters! It means so much, especially from someone who also hopes to be an english teacher some day. Thanks again!

Mary White, forever a fan.

Posted On 02-24-2006 9:12 PM
Name : LaDonna
City/State or Province : Pennsylvania
Country : US
Comment : The first book of yours I read was "A Summer to Remember" and the second was "Lord Carew's Bride."  They are still two of my favorite books.  Since discovering you a few years ago, I have collected almost all of your books (and it has not been easy!)  I am missing only 3 novellas.  I have read them all more than once already, and I am eagerly awaiting "Simply Love." 

Needless to say,  you are my favorite author.



Posted On 02-24-2006 6:34 PM
Name : Paulina Gaitan
City/State or Province : Whittier, CA
Country : United States
Comment : Dear Mary,

 At the age of 16 I have a lot of interest in historical romance. My favorite book was Slightly Scandolous. I know Freyja has a fiery attitude but she is still wonderful despite the fact that faith put her with Joshua. How delightful to have a happy ending. I am still searching for all the other slightly series and hope to collect all the simply series as well. Thank you for bringing joy into my reading time.

your fan,

Paulina Gaitan

Posted On 02-23-2006 8:30 PM
City/State or Province : SARASOTA
Country : FL


Posted On 02-19-2006 10:59 PM
Name : Robin
City/State or Province : Oregon
Country : USA
Comment : I have enjoyed every book or yours I've read. I have collected and keep all or your books, most books I pass along once I am done, but  I can not bear to part with yours, they are like old friends. For Christmas I received several duplicate copies, if you could pass my email address to H Hanvy who lost her collection in Hurricane Katrina, I would be happy to help refurbish her collection.  Thank you for all the wonderful hours of enjoyment.

Posted On 02-19-2006 7:09 PM
Name : Jackie W
City/State or Province : Plymouth
Country : England
Comment : Dear Mrs Balogh:

I have been a devoted reader of your books for over 14 years now.  I believe the first book I laid my hands on by you was called "The First Snowdrop".  All your books are exceptionally well written showing depth and emotion.  There have been times when I have been moved to tears; there have also been an equal number of times (if not more) when I have chuckled quite merrily.  I am also able to detect a hint of spirituality in some of your books.  Perhaps it is a lesson to accept life on life's terms and to also be an active and willing participant.  I am not sure exactly what it is but I know whatever it is, makes me look at my own life in a more positive light.

In the States where I am come from originally, I owned various ones you wrote for Signet (Dancing With Clara was also one of my favourites), the super romances published by Topaz/Signet and the Web Series.  The latter one I am hoping you would consider having reprinted as i find it to be an excellent series.  However since moving to England in 1997, I find I am having difficulties finding any of your back catalogue books.  Thankfully, I have been able to find the Bedwyn Series, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and the reissue copy of  "The Secret Pearl".

Finally, I would like to thank you for giving me many years of pleasurable reading.  I look forward to reading your new "Simply" series.

Faithfully yours,

Jackie W

Posted On 02-17-2006 5:42 PM
Name : Dyana Duerr
City/State or Province : South St Paul, MN
Country : U.S.A.
Comment : Dear Mary,

I discovered your books about 4 weeks ago and have read 10 of them already.  I find that I am addicted to your style of writing.  What an incredible artist you are!  I cannot begin to tell you how very much I enjoy reading your books.  Please......  keep writing, and writing, and writing, and writing.......          

Posted On 02-12-2006 5:51 PM
Name : Gillian Collings
City/State or Province : Connecticut
Country : USA
Comment : Hello Mary - I came upon your website while trying to locate some family names - I did not know you as a writer before, but will now run to the library and find your books, I love historical fiction and would like to try the challenge of writing it - I e-mailed because I am a writer, five children's books published,  and a novel under way,  I write under the name Frances Gilbert-  I am also ex UK and post war, although have to confess actually ,exactly war! -  I too am a teacher and have a Welsh son in law and a grandaughter one of whose names is Sian - my husband's first choice was to emigrate to Canada, although we actually ended up here in the US - many similarities so I thought I would just say hello -Gillian Collings

Posted On 02-11-2006 10:45 AM
Name : Alison
City/State or Province : Port of Spain
Country : Trinidad
Comment : Great books love them.

Posted On 02-10-2006 11:59 AM
Name : Bill
City/State or Province : Lakewood, NJ
Country : USA
Comment : Have you told the story of Kenneth Woodfall, Earl of Haverford, from Indiscreet? If so, in what title and pub. date? If not, can we expect it in the future? Keep up your Regency writings!

Posted On 02-08-2006 3:14 PM
Name : Alissa Swartz
City/State or Province : Westerville, Ohio
Country : US
Comment : I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your books. The first book I read was  A Summer to Remember. Since then I have been hooked, especially with the Bedwyn Family Series. My grandmother was the one who gave me my first book, and we love reading your stories and talking about them. It is a great way for us to stay in touch, and gives us plenty to talk about. I can't wait to read your upcoming novels, and I love your website. It keeps us fans updated and excited for the months to come waiting for a new book.


Alissa Swartz

Posted On 02-08-2006 9:49 AM
City/State or Province : SEEKONK, MA
Country : USA
Comment : I wanted to thank you for continuing on writing great historical romances.  So many of my favorite authors are now writing contemporary romance.  I think readers like variety, and we are getting flooded with FBI thrillers with a touch of romance.  Have you been approached on writing contemporary romances?  Good luck with your writing.  Your fan.

MJ Lacerda

Posted On 02-07-2006 4:25 PM
Name : Sherrie Holmes
City/State or Province : Olalla, Washington
Country : USA
Comment : Mary dearest, I just finished my 6th Balogh in a row and I'm currently on my 7th.  Talk about a reading orgy!   We had a storm roar through here last week and I was without power from Friday night to Sunday morning.  There was nothing to do with the power out, so I bundled up in my snuggies (it's winter here!), grabbed a bunch of Baloghs, and began reading.  When the daylight faded, I used flashlights and read far into the night.  It transported me back to my childhood days when I used to read under the blankets with a flashlight. 

I so seldom have the luxury of indulging myself in such a sinful pleasure of doing nothing but lying around the place ,reading.  Here are the books I read during the power outage:

Slightly Scandalous
Irresistible (My very favorite and most re-read Balogh!)
The Incurable Matchmaker
The Notorious Rake (My favorite tortured hero)
Dancing With Clara
The Ungrateful Governess (currently reading)

To be read after I finish The ungrateful Governess:

The Secret Pearl (about the millionth re-read!)
The Unacceptable Offer
The Ideal Wife

I never tire of reading and re-reading your books, Mary.  You are such a splendid writer!  You have given me so much reading pleasure over the years.  I am a forever and faithful fan here in the little backwater of Olalla, Washington.  (Hey, wouldn't that be a cool book title:  Forever and Faithful)

Sherrie Holmes, Holmes, Editorial Services

Posted On 02-07-2006 12:55 PM
Name : Sandra
City/State or Province : New York
Country : USA
Comment : Hello Mary & Fellow Readers,

I have to say, I stumbled upon the Bedwyn series with Morgan's story and simply fell in love with the whole clan and your writing style.  I've read most of your books, but passing through the pharmacy recently, I cam upon the Secret Pearl.  I understand this is from you backlog that was reprinted.  Did you update this story at all or was it reprinted as is?  I can't tell you how I loved this story!  I think it's my favorite one yet - what else is in your backlog and will anything else be reprinted soon?  I alos want to say "YES!" for Angelina's story that your going to be working on!  And who is Lady Muir?  I've read the books she's in, but nothing comes to mind - will you put out an excerpt of her upcoming story to refresh folks like me with fuzzy memories? I'm also looking forward to the Simply series - thanks for all the great work!  Happy writing!

Posted On 02-07-2006 12:36 AM
Name : Tammy Carlisle
City/State or Province : Farmington MO
Country : USA
Comment : I'm eagerly awaiting the Simply Unforgettable series.  I'm drawn into your story-lines, the plots, the characters.  You have an amazing, enchanting way of making the reader feel that they are watching the story unfold.  Every page is worth turning and I cannot turn them soon enough. 

Thank you for all your works and for sharing your gift with the world. 

Posted On 02-06-2006 10:08 PM
Name : JMW
Country : Canada
Comment : Did I miss something about the Bedwyns being in the "Wallflower" series? What is the Wallflower series?I know I was off line for a while,When we were moving back to Canada. But surely I didn't miss something as important as this. Anyway Keep writing Mary, We all love your stories

Posted On 02-03-2006 7:03 AM
Name : Liesel
Email Address :
City/State or Province : Sydney, N.S.W
Country : Australia
Comment : I really enjoy reading your books. i have recently finished re-reading A Summer to Remember and Gwen, Lady Muir caught my attention. I was wondering if there will be a book for her or if there already is one?if not would you ever considering writing one? She seemed such a  fantastic character in both One Night for Love and A Summer to remember that i can't help hoping she will have her own happy ending.....

Posted On 02-02-2006 4:44 PM
Name : Teresa
City/State or Province : Florence, Alabama
Country : USA
Comment : I think you are a fantastic writer and am anxiously awaiting Simply Love. I want to learn more about the Simply series. Are you going to update the website soon?

Posted On 02-02-2006 1:47 PM
Name : Jasmine
City/State or Province : Honolulu, HI
Country : USA
Comment : You know, I am a fantasy and science fiction fan.  I'm a big fan of Elizabeth Moon, Tolkien, Rowling (who isn't -- the woman is a genius when it comes to plots and characters), Tanith Lee, Dawn Cook, C.S. Lewis, etc.  Romance?  Please.  Beneath me.  Until I read your books.  How a romance novel found its way into my little budding library I'll never know.  But it was there, probably left there by one of my friends, and I had been through everything on my shelves at least five times already (a good fantasy novel with a strong and believable heroine is hard to find). So what the heck, I had thought, flipping through the novel.

 I thought of my love for Jane Austen's writing when I read your books.  Your writing is so filling.  When I read your novels, the characters are so tangible to  me.  And you make it seem so effortless. Just the first chapter, I had thought.  And within four hours the book was done ("Slightly Dangerous"). 

 I think you have an amazing talent.  An absolutely amazing talent.

 Impatiently waiting for the next book,


Posted On 02-01-2006 8:07 PM
Name : JMWilson
City/State or Province : New Brunswick
Country : Canada
Comment : Just to say we have a new email... I am still enjoying your books as I have them and take them out often to read again. I must Say out of all of your books I have read Wulfric is still my most favourite. With Aiden a close second

Posted On 01-30-2006 3:44 PM
Name : Heidi
City/State or Province : Prince Albert, SK.
Country : Canada
Comment : As a long time fan of Georgette Heyer,  I  am always looking  for a good regency romance author. Until now, only Patricia Veryan came close. Your stories are wonderful.  The Bedwyn series was particularly well done. Thank you for writing really good stories.


Posted On 01-25-2006 1:41 AM
Name : Lillith
City/State or Province : Decatur, Mississippi
Country : USA
Comment : A beautiful site devoted to a wonderful writer!! Thank you for all the hours of entertainment from your amazing books!!


Posted On 01-22-2006 8:37 AM
Name : T. Cruise
Country : USA
Comment : hello mary,..i was reading some of your fan mail...and one of the letters,from I believe "Sherrie put into words my feelings about your book. 

She said..... "When I want to sink my teeth into a meaty novel that leaves me feeling satisfied in the end, and not cheated along the way, I go to my  Balogh shelf and close my eyes and pick a book, any book.  It doesn't matter what book it is because I  know it will be good.  I don't care if I've read it before, because it's just as good the fifth time as it was the first."

Thanks Sherrie, for putting so well. ..for I have just read Slightly dangerous for the 3rd time..and enjoyed it just as much as the first time.....I don't know itf you have the time to answer your fan mail...I know you have tons..but if you do...I have a question/request....after reading slightly dangerous, as always after reading the book...I find myself thinking about  Christine's  sister ,eleanor, ..I feel she has a story to tell.....I truly hope we will one day hear it....I love your books Mary, from the beginning I have been a devoted fan(have all you books...My very very favorite is "Red Rose)

Thank you

Posted On 01-21-2006 9:57 PM
Name : Brandi Lynn
City/State or Province : Groves Texas
Country : United States
Comment : When I find a writer that I enjoy I can't seem to let them go or get past the magic they bring to me. You have without a doubt opened my heart and mind to a beautiful world that I love to escape to every chance I get. I first read "Simply Wicked" that of course led me to read the other simply novels. Each one was just as great as the one before and the one read after it. I was completely captured by your characters and it was just the way I wanted it to be. When reading I want to be lost in the book. I want to love the people in the story and find it hard to close the last page and open another page to another book. Each story of yours does it to me every time.

I last read "The Secret Pearl" without realizing it was by you (silly me). I was all over again in love with the story and so happy to have picked it up. When I finally noticed you wrote it I was shocked but completely thrilled. You are a great writer, one to read for years and years. Thank you so much for sharing your mind and imagination with us all.


Posted On 01-21-2006 11:30 AM
Name : Heather Hanvy
City/State or Province : St. Louis, MO
Country : USA
Comment : My mother gave me a box of books last spring when I was spending much of my time in doctor's offices and hospitals with my son. It included a few of yours. When I could not put down SLIGHTLY TEMPTED, I became an instant fan. It was my first taste of a Regency novel that wound a budding romance with fascinating historical accounts. I loved it. Your books were quickly put into my keeper collection and reread several times during a very difficult summer.

We then lost everything in Hurricane Katrina and relocated. I immediately mourned the loss of my precious book collection and began comforting myself by rereading my favorites again. Since then, I have read 10 more of your books and try to purchase one every paycheck to build up my collection once more.

Your books have brought me such comfort by catipulting me out of reality into Regency England where I have spent countless hours with the dynamic characters you develop. Thank you. Your talent astounds me. I am so looking foward to the SIMPLY series.

Posted On 01-20-2006 6:54 PM
Name : Linda Stadey
City/State or Province : Burnaby, BC
Country : Canada
Comment : I read all six of the Bedwyn series and enjoyed every one of them.  I found the dialogue and humor superb. I have recommended them to friends.

I have also read "A Summer to Remember" and "Simply Unforgettable".  I look forward to reading the rest of the Simply series. 

All the best,  Linda

Posted On 01-17-2006 10:59 AM
Name : Diana Ticic
City/State or Province : Zagreb
Country : Croatia
Comment : Dear Mary,I

I just finished The Secret Pearl. It's wonderful story and I love it! very much.

Adam is the man from my dream..

I  will try to find and  buy all of your books and read them all.

Thanks for making my days warmer  through the long winter.


Posted On 01-15-2006 8:44 PM
Name : Barbara Hoehne
City/State or Province : Santa Fe, NM
Country : USA
Comment : Dear Ms. Balogh,

You are one of the very few writers whose books I have read more than once--and I have read the Bedwyn and related stories each several times.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the Simply series.

Your writing is excellent and the characters are complex and believable.  I have even been moved to tears!  One character who has made several appearances has intrigued me and I wonder if he, too, has a story to tell:  the Marquess of Attingsborough.

Thank you for many hours of pleasure and lovely daydreams.

Posted On 01-13-2006 10:30 PM
Name : Shawna
City/State or Province : Michigan Center, Michigan
Country : USA
Comment : My first Mary Balogh book was Slightly Married. My husband brought it home one night after scouring the books at the store. He had recently taken an interest in my reading and decided that he wanted to be able to surprise me every now and then with a new book. Imagine my surprise when he did so well ! After reading that book I had to have all of the Bedwyn series(I love them!), and my husband was happy to find them for me. I just finished reading The Secret Pearl. Just as someone else posted, this book had me in tears and absolutely happy for Fleur and the Duke of Ridgeway. It was a beautifully written story. I can't wait to read the Simply series. My husband is on the lookout for those and he knows that anything with the name Mary Balogh on it is the book to pick up !! 

Thank you for countless hours of delightful reading and many adventures of the imagination !

Posted On 01-12-2006 7:19 PM
Name : Jean Buckman
City/State or Province : Louisiana
Country : USA
Comment : I'm sitting in my house that lacks walls from four feet down.  The sheetrock was ripped out due to flood waters from Hurricane Katrina.  The cleanup is indescribable.  It is all very depressing.  When I finally got home after being evacuated for 6 weeks I started to clean up.  I found my stash of books and started re-reading them.  What a joy to be able to escape what my world has become.  I thank you for your wonderful characters and stories.


Jean Buckman

Posted On 01-11-2006 12:10 AM
Name : Marjess
City/State or Province : Smithville TX
Country : USA
Comment : I just finished The Secret Pearl. What a lovely story. I have enjoyed every book of yours I have read. I've  fantasized about Wulfric and meeting him through some time travel thing, and relinquished him to the woman you picked for him, and can't wait to have contact  through your next series. That's getting a little close to obsession. Those Bedwyns are such powerful characters living in a very interesting time in history.  Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

Posted On 01-09-2006 1:08 AM
Name : Jackie S
City/State or Province : York, Pa
Country : USA
Comment : My first book was "Summer to Remember" so of course i've read every book in the bedwyn series and I can't get enough. I love the ribrancy of the characters. I really wish you would continue somehow to tell about their lives. I really loved Freyja and Wulfric for the deep complexity. I wanted to know where their names came from. I love them! Just wanted to shout out and say thanks for creating these wonderful characters.

Can't wait for more,

Posted On 01-08-2006 2:30 PM
Name : Melissa Lampley
City/State or Province : Rockingham, N.C.
Country : USA
Comment : My very first book of Ms. Balough's was given to me by ny husband after he had read a review in the paper. Come to find out it was one in a series: The  Bedwyn's. So, of course, I had to have the whole series. I an extermely glad to have found yet another author to add to my favorites. The bookshelves are getting mighty crowded though and my husband is always asking if I am getting rid of them or not. I was extermely happy to find this site where I can come to find the rest of  the books wriitten by Ms. Balough.

Posted On 01-07-2006 6:07 AM
Country : USA

Posted On 01-06-2006 2:46 PM
Name : Krissy McTiernan
City/State or Province : Frackville, PA
Country : USA
Comment : I have read all of the Mary Balogh books I can get my hands on and love them all. I am one of those crazy readers. When I like one of  your books I will buy them all and read them all. That is the case here. I just read, The Secret Pearl and by far this is my favorite book by Ms. Balogh. Your talent amazes me!!!! Thank you for taking my heart on Fleur's journey to true love..

Posted On 01-05-2006 3:26 PM
Name : Jennifer Kacey
City/State or Province : Indianapolis, Indiana
Comment : I just read a " Summer to Remember" and was disappointed to see there are no stories for my two favorite backdrop characters! I would really LOVE to see the stories for Lady Gwen Muir, Lauren Edgeworth's cousin. I woul also like to see the story of Sydnam Butler, Kit Butler's brother.  I was very drawn in by their characters. I am told just enought to want more, and there isn't anymore...YET I would love a story of those two getting together, but two stories would do nicely too. Let me know if you plant to do one or two!

Anyone else agree?


Posted On 01-04-2006 1:12 PM
Name : Liz Smith
City/State or Province : Gainesville, GA
Country : USA
Comment : Where have I been?  Somehow I think that the book I've just finished, The Secret Pearl, is the first of your books that I've read.  Since I always have at least two books in the process of being read, I don't see how I've missed them, but I'm very pleased to have made your acquaintance.  What a wonderful and absorbiing book!  I can hardly wait to read more of your work. 

   It was also a treat to read your bio and see mention of one of my favorite children's authors when I was growing up in the 1950s.  I think my two sisters and I read every one of Enid Blyton's books about the "Five" who had such wonderful adventures.  We were always fascinated by the use of British (?) words such as "torch" (flashlight, for us) and "petrol" (gas or gasoline, for us.)  Reading about people and events in different places broadened our world  as we grew up in a rural part of North Georgia.  Knowing that you read those books too makes me feel "connected", as does my experience as a teacher (but elementary grades for me.)

   Reading is a marvelous pasttime, especially when I find great authors.  From now on, I think you'll be one of my favorites, and I'll recommend your work to my friends.

Posted On 01-02-2006 9:39 PM
Name : Prags
City/State or Province : Toronto
Country : Canada
Comment : Hi Ms. Balogh!

About a month ago, I read 'A summer to remember', and within the month that followed I finished reading the six books in the Bedwyn series, more than a mistress, and no man's mistress... and I must tell you, I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of them.  Its very difficult to choose one as my most favorite... but if I try very, very hard, I'd say it would be More than a mistress... no wait... Slightly Scandalous... or maybe Slightly Dangerous. I do not know. Well, anyway the point is that you are an awesome writer with a genuine talent for brilliant story telling.

For all others who may see this post of mine, absolutely make sure you read the Bedwyn series. If you do not, you'll miss out on some of the most captivating regency romances... that were needed to be told and retold.

~ Prags