Guest Book, 2010
Posted On 12-31-2010 10:44 PM
Name: Louise
City/State or Province: Idyllwild, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I LOVE your books and have been reading them since SECRETS OF THE HEART was issued in '88.

Please reissue HEARTLESS. I no longer have my copy and would like to purchase another at a 'reasonable' price.

Posted On 12-31-2010 4:18 PM
Name: Suzy Dubot
City/State or Province: Lormes (Burgundy)
Country: France
Comment: I began reading Regency romances with Georgette Heyer. Some were better than others.
Through the years I have 'discovered' many other authoresses thanks to charity shops and jumble sales and I actually bought your first book on ebay quite by chance! A means to discovering if I like a style of a writer before investing in all the others they have written. I now have quite a collection of authors I enjoy (Regency romance and others) but I come back to you each time hoping for new publications.
I am a committed fan and I join all those who sing your praises for your talent of creating characters who live and breathe even once the story has ended. Thank you for hours, days ... years of entertainment.
Happy New Year!

Posted On 12-31-2010 6:12 AM
Name: Bill B
City/State or Province: Portland, Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: More Than a Mistress was the first romance I read by a living author and it got me hooked on this genre full of clever, funny and emotional stories. I have read over half of your backlist and I am collecting the rest of it gradually as I find copies of your books. I have my favorites, to the extent they are available, on my Kindle.

I wish More Than a Mistress was available as an ebook. I would buy it in a New York minute. No Man's Mistress is an ebook. I wonder why More Than a Mistress is not. Must be some copyright thing.

I hope that you move all of your backlist to ebooks as soon as possible. That way I wouldn't have to search for them in used bookstores and could read them now. Although I guess it is fun to hunt for them and a thrill when I find one. Still there are some that I would have as ebooks even if I have already read them. Dancing With Clara is one. That is a masterpiece.

Posted On 12-31-2010 1:45 AM
Name: Kari
City/State or Province: MN
Comment: I love your books! The first ones I read were the Dark Angel/Lord Carew's Bride set. I just finished reading A Matter of Class. I would have to say that you have become my favorite author and want to tell you that you are an amazing writer! Your stories are so well written and I can tell that you truly care about your characters and the way the story plays out from beginning to end. Most romance novels that I have read seem to just wrap up the story quickly at the end but yours go so much deeper and I really appreciate that as a reader. My sister and I read the book A Matter of Class and we both decided it would make an excellent movie! She said she was picturing Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn while she was reading it. She also said it is a book that you could read again and again. That is something very unique since most people read a book and then never read it again. I am definitely going to read more of your novels and want to encourage you to continue what you are doing! Also if you ever get the aspiration to make your book into a movie I would definitely suggest A Matter of Class since the story line is so unique and fun. Thanks for the stories, I am looking forward to reading more!

Posted On 12-29-2010 2:09 PM
Name: Genevieve Callard
City/State or Province: Kalamazoo, MI
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, Thank you for writing such wonderful books. As I get most of my reading material from my public library, I'm giving a donation to them in your honor.

Posted On 12-26-2010 4:22 PM
Name: Sissi
Country: France
Comment: I love your stories and I have only discovered today that you had written a lot more books than I was aware of, dating back to the 90's and perhaps 80's. I hope someday you will consider getting all of your books digitized and available as e-books, especially as Kindle books on Amazon. A lot of these books could only be bought as second-hand copies now, and would be time-consuming to find as well as expensive to ship overseas if you live in Europe. And considering how popular an author you are, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to buy even older titles from you !

Posted On 12-23-2010 3:53 PM
Name: Karen
City/State or Province: Massachusetts
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh, I just read and enjoyed The Secret Affair, the first of your books I have encountered. But as a detail-oriented person with an interest in language development,  I would like to offer a small editorial comment. On several occasions, the Duchess refers to herself ironically (or is described by other women) as a gold digger.  This story is set in 1820s England.  The slang term gold digger did not come into use until the 1920s. That term pulled me right out of the story (although not as badly as a scene in another author's romance, where her characters gathered around and sang "Happy Birthday to You" to the hero, several decades before the song was written.)

Posted On 12-14-2010 2:24 PM
Name: Debora
City/State or Province: Fort Worth, TX
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: In late October I accidently discovered Mary Balogh while shopping at local bookstore. I was looking for something that did not have a lurid on the front cover...funny but true!!! I began with the "Slightly" series followed by "Simply" and soon found myself addicted to Mary Balogh. Her style, her memorable characters not to mention the romance and sensuality captured in each book resulted in my purchasing everthing I could possibly get my hands on!! (Barnes & Noble and Amazon have made a fortune on me!!) I could not wait for "A Secret Affair"(loved it!!). I have just completed "More than A Mistress" and am reading "No Man's Mistress". I have reread so many of her books which is a first for me. I believe I might be the biggest Mary Balogh fan in the state of Texas!!  I love ya Mary!!!

Posted On 12-11-2010 1:53 AM
Name: Margaret Murray-Evans
City/State or Province: Knoxville, TN
Country: USA
Comment: Once again you didn't disappoint...I loved A MATTER OF CLASS!!!!   As I started reading the first flashback, I couldn't figure out where you were going... but... as I read more of the book it made for a very clever ending.  A wonderful love story!


Posted On 12-10-2010 1:40 PM
Name: Amarilis
City/State or Province: Cedar Hills, Utah
Country: USA
Comment: Mary I love your stories!  Mostly I love how you say them with humor.  When I read your stories I laugh and cry all in the same page!  You really are talented in telling a story and keeping me awake into the night because I can't put it down!  Thank you~!

Posted On 12-06-2010 9:53 PM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: Quebec
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,

Did you know that Truly is currently selling for $108.32 on  I love your books, but I am not that plump in the pocket, unfortunately.  If I were...I would be more than slightly tempted, because I am quite adicted to your books.  I have been inspired by your heroines who discover or display their inner strength.  People who give love, and who receive it in return.  Of course, the banter, the description of dazzling balls and the historical settings make for fun and relaxing reading.  But what keeps me coming back is overarching theme of the power of love in all its forms. 

Many thanks from a grateful reader.

Posted On 12-04-2010 10:47 PM
Name: Hollie Bosarge
City/State or Province: Daphne, AL
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

My mother and I are huge fans. I just finished reading the "Slightly" series in one weeks time (you would think I don't have a life but I am a 30 year old stay at home mom who stays very busy). That just tells you how wonderful they were. My mom read them first and then passed them along to me. I enjoyed all of them but I have to say that Wulfric's story was my favorite. I couldn't wait to get to his story to see how you warmed him up. You did an excellent job. I am so sad to be finished with the series. I always feel like a part of me is left behind in their world.

My mom and I both agree that Lady Muir and Sydnam Butler each would have a wonderful story of their own. I would like to know about Lady Muir's past life and to see her fall in love again. Also, I just really liked Syd and thought he could have a wonderful love story, someone who looked beyond the appearance deeper into his person. I guess I am just trying to prolong the series.

Thank you so much for making reading so enjoyable. I look forward to reading many more of your books...especially the series.


Hollie Bosarge

Posted On 12-02-2010 2:27 AM
Name: Michelle Colli
City/State or Province: Kamloops, B.C.
Country: Canada
Comment: Well Mary, this is my third time signing your guest book and my relationship with your books has lasted six long years, and I hope it will last many more!

You probably don't remember me, as again, I've only signed your guest book three time (Once in 2004 and again in 2006), and you have about a billion fans! But Maybe to give your brain a little jump start, I'm the girl that just LOVED 'Slightly Tempted" because there were so many things about Morgan that reminded me of my life. Like my 4 older brothers and 1 older sister and a boyfriend so much like Gervase it was unbelievable! (We're still together by the way :) )

Anyways, Just wanted to say that I am 22 now, started reading your books at 16, and every time I pick up one of your books, it's like falling in love all over again! You have no idea how many nights I've spent reading until the wee hours, desperately wanting to read more, and eventually succumbing to slumber. Usually resulting in a mad scramble the next morning trying to find the page I was last at! :)

Last time I wrote to you, you hoped I would enjoy the Simply series, well I've bought and read the lot of them - A++ :) Just thank-you for allowing us to have the privilege of reading your work!

Currently I am starting "Next comes Seduction" I've already read "First come Marriage" of course, and again, I am brought to the point of never wanted to put the book down. My boyfriend often tells me that eventually my books will swallow me whole!

Well, as it stand now, I am currently aching to get back to my book, so I shall do just that.

Thank-you very much again.

Your devoted fan, Michelle Colli

Posted On 12-01-2010 9:00 AM
Name: Keely
City/State or Province: Boston, MA
Country: united States
Comment: OMG How I loved A Matter of Class!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had to tell you right away!!!!!!!   OMG that was a clever, Fantastic story!!!!!!!!!! I got so happy at the end.  How I love your books!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your my #1 Romance Author!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  May god give you more years and imagination to write more!!!!!!!!!!

Posted On 12-01-2010 1:39 AM
Name: Evelyn
City/State or Province: West Java
Country: Indonesia
Comment: Dear Mary, When I re-read the Huxtables stories again the past few days, I was wondering what happen with Toby. He was just a small boy loved by his parents in At Last Comes Love, and I did not doubt that Margaret and Duncan loves him, however I was wondering how Toby reacted when his parents told him the truth about his birth. Will he has doubts on himself? Will he feels betrayed? Will he found love someday that will cleans him thoroughly? I do hope that he will tell you about his life someday, and that you just can't resist to tell us his story then. Warm Regards, Evelyn

Posted On 11-28-2010 8:00 PM
Name: Gwenda Ware
City/State or Province: Hamilton
Country: New Zealand
Comment: Hello Mary,
My query - request has to do with ebooks.
For about 10 years e-readers have been availanble in Europe and America - but not Australasia. Because of this publishers did  not necessesarily buy the e rights for australasia/oceania.
We can now buy Sony , Kindle and Kobe readers in Australia and New Zealand - but it is frustrating to try and buy the books. Because of hefty postage and other charges your newest book will probably cost $30 NZ at the local book store. With luck the Kindle edition will be $10 to $15 NZ and I will not need to find shelf space.(A scare commodity in my home)
I love to own your books because I enjoy to reread them.
I find some series or parts of series are available for us to purchase as ebooks and some are not. I don't really understand about e- rights. It seems to me that paperbacks can be sold anywhere - so why not e-books. What does it matter so long as the author and publisher get their cut?
My request:
please ask your agent to fight for the e-rights to sell all your work to us here at the bottom of the world.
Soon there will be more e-books sold  than paperbacks. Probably within 5 years. Sadly, because it is computer tech., people will doubtless try to break the copyright.
I think there will be less piracy if the publishers make fewer regional exclusions.Saying 'NO' is like waving a red rag at a bull.
Regardless of any problems,  the techology is here and the march of progress cannot be slowed or stopped. It is relentless.

I want to be able to sit in the airport with my Kindle and purchase the latest Mary Balough to read on my flight. At the moment this is not always possible.
Gwenda Ware

Posted On 11-17-2010 8:35 AM
Name: Barbara
City/State or Province: New York
Country: USA
Comment: I am a retired English teacher who has always loved Jane Austen.  In my retirement, I have also fallen in love with audio books.  When I finished listening to all of Jane Austen, someone told me about you.   I have now listened to the entire Huxtable series read by Anne Fosnick and the series about the Miss Martin teachers read by Rosalind Landor.  I am enchanted by both your writing and their voices. 

My question to you is this: Will you be able to get either narrator mentioned above to read the Bedywn series at the least, and all of your other books if possible?  I cannot be alone in my love of  these winning combinations for future audio books. 

At the very least, all of your books, not just a limited supply as exist now,  should be available for electronic readers such as Kindle and IPad.  Will that be happening soon?

By the way, my favorite books were Simply Unforgettable, Simply Love. Simply Perfect and all the Huxtables. 

Posted On 11-16-2010 7:04 PM
Name: jcbleil
City/State or Province: erie/pa
Country: usa
Comment: love your books. I reread them all the time. However I have had something bothering me for awhile. I am almost positive that I read a story about Lady Muir that she found happiness. But I cannot find the story any where. Could you or someone let me know what book it is in?


Posted On 11-15-2010 10:04 AM
Name: Mary Beth Brewer
City/State or Province: Houston, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I have never written an author before; however, i read "At Last Comes Love"  yesterday and couldn't wait to tell you how very much I enjoyed it.  It was so refreshing to have the couple married  by thr middle of the book and then read about their falling in love.  It gives "happily ever after" a whole new meaning.  Thank you so much.  I have alsio just finished reading from your guest book (I have been readig for about an hour) and discovered that I am certainly not alone in thinking that y our characters are more wonderful then any I have met before.  I can't wait to read more.

Posted On 11-14-2010 9:26 PM
Name: Mary Benson
City/State or Province: davenport, ia
Country: USA
Comment: I'm so pleased to see I'm not the only one who LOVES the older regencies.  I'm very glad I didn't get
rid of most of mine.  I, too, would love to see them republished.

Posted On 11-11-2010 1:15 PM
Name: Deborah
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,  I have read and loved most of your books but your short story,  "The Best Gift," in the collection "Under the Mistletoe," actually brought me to tears.  The idea that someone so deprived of emotional warmth and support in life as the heroine (Jane) could be the catalyst for the creation of a warm and loving family and holiday was very moving.  Her humility was beautiful, too, and a lesson for us all.  Thank you for a great story.  Please keep them coming!

Posted On 11-09-2010 6:43 PM
Name: Danielle
City/State or Province: Long Beach, California
Country: USA

Dear Mrs. Balogh (whose name I am delighted to find rhymes with Kellogg's),

I just spent two glorious weeks with all the Bedwyns and with Ravensberg and Neville and Lily before that; though it's obvious that I love your stories, and appreciate your detailed, but clear and concise writing style, I want to thank you for something else entirely. Thank you, Mary Balogh, for believing in us, your readers; for understanding that we might want more from a romance novel than pure romance, but an attempt to better understand the human condition, to understand love in its many facets. Your novels do that for me, they help me take a bold look at my own cynicism and fear. I think Morgan Bedwyn said it best when she said that true love and marriage are not about shackles, but about two people setting each other free. That was a particularly brilliant moment for me, reading those words – maybe I've heard them before, but I never expected a character in a romance novel would say them in such a way that I would believe, really BELIEVE such a thing. I always appreciate the way you acknowledge happiness and life, and living with all its hardships and joys instead of "happily-ever-after." I think, though I will never know you personally, that I am lucky to know of you and read your words, that your family and close friends are all very luck people too, and we all owe however it was at that distribution plant who read your first manuscript a debt of gratitude for bringing you into our lives.

And now I'm off to the book store, again! The clerk keeps eyeing my suspiciously, I show up every two days to purchase a new novel. I wonder if he ever thinks me silly – I could just buy the whole lot of them at once, but then there'd be no money left for food or coffee. And I DO love a good latte after 400 pages or so of Balogh!

Best Wishes,

Posted On 11-07-2010 6:11 PM
Name: Natalie
City/State or Province: Granger, IN
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I was just wondering when The Betrothal, which was supposed to be released Sept. 28, will finally be released.  Also, still hoping Eleanor will one day have her day in the sun!

Posted On 11-07-2010 3:05 PM
Name: Roberta Hansen
City/State or Province: Fallbrook, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I have only discovered your wonderful books in the last year or so and have been voraciously reading everything! I absolutely love your writing! I also started with "A Summer to Remember", and went on to the Bedwyn's ,etc. Can't wait to read the Christmas book. Your character driven stories are exactly my cup of tea. Please don't ever stop writing. You have a gift, madame.

Posted On 11-07-2010 12:00 PM
Name: Linda
City/State or Province: Dallas, TX
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I absolutely love your work.  Please, please, when we will be able to purchase more of your older 1980's to mid 90's work.  They are truly great, but extremely hard and expensive to obtain.  Would your publisher consider putting more of the older ones in print again?

Thank you,  -LInda.

Posted On 11-03-2010 9:10 AM
Name: Marie
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Ms Balogh,

I love your books.  I have read as many as I can get my hands on.  Will you re-release any of your first books either in the book or kindle form?  I paid $58.00 for a copy of "The Temporary Wife" and $38.00 for " The Ungrateful Governess" via e-bay.  I am getting ready to retire and will not be able to afford to pay this amount for books in the future.  I just bought a Kindle and will load any book of yours that I have not read so far.  I have read the "Slightly" series books twice and will probably re-read all of your books again. Please consider re-releasing your earlier books.



Posted On 11-02-2010 4:23 PM
Name: beatrice
City/State or Province: france
Country: robion

Posted On 10-27-2010 12:07 PM
Name: Carole
City/State or Province: Mt. Pleasant, SC
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, Thank you so much for re releasing The Christmas Promise. I stayed up until 1:30 a.m. reading the entire book yesterday. I LOVE your Christmas stories and reread the ones I have every year starting around this time. They are especially important to me this year as I recently lost my husband and have so many "firsts" to go through. Your books and stories help me deal with my feelings as well as serve as wonderful escapes. I have the "Huxtables" on audio as well as in print. I have also listened to the "Simply" books on audio. Do you know if more of your books will be narrated? And if they will be released through the program, which makes the audio versions more affordable? I download them to my iPod and can listen to the books while walking, driving or even working on the computer. Thank you again for your books and the wonderful characters you create. Happy Christmas (as they say in the books) Carole

Posted On 10-27-2010 12:38 AM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: University Place, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh -

I just finished reading Con's story and it was such a delight!  I've been reading your books from the first one and keep adding them to my shelves as soon as I can.  I don't think I could pick a favorite book or even favorite series.  Thank you for your lovely, memorable characters and touching, humorous, thoughtful stories. 

Posted On 10-25-2010 7:08 PM
Name: Judy Eleonor R
City/State or Province: Katy, TX
Country: USA

Dear Ms. Balogh,

I have read half of your books at this point and I will continue until I read all of them; it is amazing how you can make people not to stop reading, there have been times that I had gone to bed at 5:00 in the morning until I finished your book; sometimes reading more than 10 hours on a day and reading them more than two times.  But for some reason I can’t explain I like one in particular, “Simply Love” with Sydnam Butler and Ann Jewell.  It just so happens that this year, for my birthday, I got a labradoodle and I name the puppy Sydnam.  Sydnam was 6 weeks old when I got him from a very special boy that I have helped when he needed it the most. We call the dog an angel with a face of a little Diablo because Sydnam will chew my plants and furniture, but put an angel face as if he did nothing.

Posted On 10-25-2010 10:13 AM
Name: Bob Wehling
City/State or Province: Augusta, KY
Country: US

Dear Mary:

Believe it or not, I have read all of your books and novellas, many of them several times. Up until now, I would say my favorites were Simply Love and Slightly Dangerous.  Now I would add to those A Matter of Class.  This is the first time I can ever remember finishing a book and then going right back to page one and reading it again.  Knowing what happens makes all the earlier dialogue more meaningful.  Thanks for sharing your writing with all of us. 

Take care, Bob Wehling

Posted On 10-24-2010 9:08 PM
Name: afifah
City/State or Province: Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary,


Just finished reading CON's story. Really3 love it! My favorite part is when Con hugged Elliot...and cried..;p very touching. I just wish you could somehow write a short add-on  or something on how the Duchess od Dunbarton managed to persuade the King himself...must be great read! Also finished reading bespelling Jane and Iressistible which I ordered through the side story of Lavinia and Eden;p

Keep writing Mary...luv ya...;p

Posted On 10-24-2010 6:40 PM
Name: Paaamela
City/State or Province: Washington
Country: USA
Comment: Mary Balogh's writing resonates with something deep in me. I keep reading her books, her stories, again and again. There are time when I have no desire to read anything else, I go through long periods when I cannot focus my mind on any other writings. I open up one of her novels and I sink into the familiarity of her rythym, her cadence, her word choice, I float bonelessly along with her tight prose, never knocking into an extranious detail or irrelivant event. Ms Balogh's writing is sweet, tight, to the point and always very very poignant.

Posted On 10-24-2010 3:00 PM
Name: Judith
City/State or Province: Winterbach, BW
Country: Germany
Comment: Hello,

first like probably every one how has something to say here in the Guestbook, I love your books! I began with "A Summer To Remember" than the Bedwyn and the Simply series and am totally hooked^^  (even thogh book 2 and 4-5 of the Bedyns are not on my "reread at any opportunity" pile like all the others) now I search for all your older books (what is a reaaal drag here in Germany ;)). But to come to the point of this posting: Is it just me or was there some time ago a page on your website where the conections between the books where spelled out? I seem to remember such a thing (like "In A Summer to Remember the Heroin is the jiltet bride of One Night of Love" and so on and so forth) or am I confusing you? ( I could swear I'm not but thats age for you *gg*) Or is little old me simple to harebrained to find the right page (not that that would have been the first time *whistle*)?

Posted On 10-24-2010 2:02 PM
Name: antonella
City/State or Province: Rome
Country: Italy
Comment: Dear Mary,
I am an Italian reader and I really love your style and your books: I have read all of them!
I've realized that a lot of your stories are set in Bath and even if I know that it's an ideal background  for Regency Romances (first of all "Persuasion" by J.Austen!) your descriptions of this ancient and lovely city are so detailed and beautiful that I think you know it very well. Is it true? They make me wish to visit Bath as soon as possible!
Thank you so much for the dreams that you give us.

Posted On 10-22-2010 12:53 PM
Name: Michelle
City/State or Province: Philadelphia, Pa
Country: USA
Comment: I have read alot of your books. Now I am going in search of some of your older ones. Because I have read all the ones that are in the store now. I can not wait for the new one to come out at the end of the month. I love your books I just wish you would put out some of your older ones. Again I am a huge fan can wait for more books.

Michelle Szydlowski

Posted On 10-20-2010 9:34 AM
Name: Anita Medeiros
City/State or Province: Brockton Mass
Country: USA
Comment: I have been ready your books for years...I love everything you write and looking forward to new books.

Best Luck, Your biggest Fan!!

Posted On 10-19-2010 9:57 PM
Name: Amelia
City/State or Province: Portland Or
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,


I know that I've read a couple of your books years ago ( & have one in my TBR pile), after reading some of your story bits here, I need to go dig them up again.

I really enjoyed your bio with your family pics.  Hopefully if you ever come to Portland for a signing, I'll hear about it so I can go.

Thank-you for an enjoyable read through you site.


Posted On 10-18-2010 9:33 PM
Name: Debby
City/State or Province: Granbury Texas
Country: USA
Comment: I have only just discovered your books. You are an amazing writer, creating such diverse and complex characters. I have enjoyed the way you depict human frailness within a character's strengths. There is so much more depth to your books. Glad To have discovered you as an author, so now I will be purchasing you books!

Posted On 10-18-2010 7:17 PM
Name: charlie
City/State or Province: temple tx
Country: us
Comment: Hi; I am re-reading Heartless, and keep thinking that, way back when I first discovered you, I read a book with the heroine a deaf-mute.  Is that the same girl, and if my memory (not what it used to be) is right, what is the name of that book?  If I am wrong you should write such a b7D9T7ook!  Anyhow, thanks for many many hrs of reading pleasure.  Charlie Grissom

Posted On 10-13-2010 6:37 PM
Name: Chryssie E
City/State or Province: king george, va
Country: usa

Thank you for writing such great books!! Most the time I don't want to put them down. Awesome story lines. It's nice that there is an author you can count on to write wonderful romance! God Bless. =

Posted On 10-13-2010 1:37 PM
Name: Danielle
City/State or Province: Fort Lee, VA
Country: USA
Comment: I just got into reading romance novels in the last year. I am a huge Jane Austin fan, so I was looking for books similar, my mother in law introduced me to your book. It was the first of my new obsession with romance novels and now I have collected and read a good deal of your books. Your writing is amazing, it flows very well while keeping the readers captivated the whole time. I can't wait to read more.


Posted On 10-10-2010 6:28 PM
Name: Beverly J Anderson
City/State or Province: Brooklyn NY
Country: USA
Comment: Very Dear Mary Balogh, I wrote to you in 2007 and was astonished and delighted when you replied to my e-mail. I have continued to love your books and look forward to each one as it comes out. And I re-read the old ones often, enjoying them just as much the nth time. Your website keeps getting more and more interesting too- dont know how you find the energy to do it all- but I enjoy the news and the photos too. You seem to get more stylish and lovely as you get older- a comfort to me as one of your older readers! And a testament to the value of hard work one loves. Delighted with the news of the new books you are working on and planning. And thrilled that you have started re-releasing some of your back titles. Two requests- can have a story for Eleanor, even though she swears that she loves running the school in Bath and has no interest in marriage?. And please can you get A Certain Magic on the reprint list? Its current second hand price is so huge. Thank you for your generous presence and wonderful writing. Best as ever Beverly

Posted On 10-06-2010 8:27 PM
Name: jy
City/State or Province: CA
Comment: i am looking for the book about Lyndon/Elizabeth, what's the name for it?

Posted On 10-06-2010 12:25 PM
Name: pamela
City/State or Province: Houston, Tx
Country: USA
Comment: Is there any chance "The Red Rose"  and "Heartless" will be in re-print?  I had them both at one time, but over the years I loan out; and they were never returned to my library.  I've searched the used books stores trying to find either one again without any luck.  Really would like to read again and have new copy.

Posted On 10-03-2010 10:17 PM
Name: avi
Comment: A Matter of Class...

This is a story that should the next generation even. If you haven't done so already Ms.Balogh, I do hope you'll consider it--and make it longer.

Geez, I would just love to see the Earl's reaction to grandchildren, boy oh boy...

Posted On 09-30-2010 12:00 AM
Name: Annette Rogers
City/State or Province: Dallas, TX
Comment: I just finished reading slightly sinful, and I've never laughed or cried so much from any of your books. Or any book I've read recently! I hate to leave Alleyne and Rachel. Your writing is so full of life, and love and wisdom! It's so vivid and you make me feel so close to the characters. I can't express enough what a talented writer you are, and the stories that you put together are just perfect. I started totally out of sequence with most of your books, and I was hooked from "a secret affair". I try to keep my series down to a minimum because I am a reader that just can't stop...but I couldn't stop reading all of the stories. Thank you for these really great romances. But not just the romance the STORY. I knew when I was almost finished with Rachel and Alleyne's story that I was going to have to find some way of letting you know how much I loved it. Thanks!

Posted On 09-29-2010 1:51 AM
Name: Heather Allison
City/State or Province: Coronado, California
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Hi Mary,

Late this afternoon, I checked out A Matter of Class from the "New Fiction" section of our wonderful local library.  It's now a little after 10 p.m. ( California time, September 28) and I've just finished the book!  I noticed your web site at the close of  "About the Author" at the end of the book and came to the computer to find you.  Yes, I was trying all sorts of different ways to pronounce your last name, so thanks for clearing that up!  Thank you for a delightfully enjoyable book.  Now that I've been introduced to you, I'm sure I'll be looking for more or your writings.  I am in awe at the number of books you have written!

Posted On 09-28-2010 5:13 PM
Name: Taina Lagodzinski
City/State or Province: Chicago, IL
Country: United States
Comment: Ms. Balogh:

It's not an exaggerate  when I say that your books restore my faith in humanity! Thank you!

Posted On 09-24-2010 11:20 PM
Name: Martha Andrews
City/State or Province: Allentown PA
Country: USA
Comment: I know the novel is the tip of the iceberg and that a lot of research and hard work goes into each of your books.  THANK YOU.

I loved the book (one I can't remember the title of) where the servants got together to throw the heroine and hero together till they "got it right" between them !

Your gentle humor and real characters seem to be people that I would love to meet in real life.  You can make a book so perfect without the modern trend of the ultra-explicit sex scenes that I usually skip over, since they don't add anything really to the plot.

Thank you for doing a book for CON from "First Comes Marriage".  I wrote to you before and asked for a book for him and you kindly answered that one was "coming". I see it will be January 2011 when I get to read his story.  Thank you for that also.

Please keep up the wonderful work you do.  You have no idea of how many lives you "lighten the load" for with your novels. (I was a care-taker for my mom with Dementia for four years and your books were a perfect escape for me.) There must be many others with stories like that where your books help them. 

Please ask your webmaster to make it so that if we put the wrong CODE in--it doesn't errase our message! I've typed this 3 times because I missed which case one of the letters is in!

Posted On 09-23-2010 11:41 AM
Name: Rabia Zeba
City/State or Province: New Delhi
Country: India
Comment: Namaste!!! & Hello from a huge fan!!
I have just read one of you novels & I  had to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I get lost in your stories . This is the first time, though that I am writing to any author to express my appreciation.
I must confess, though, that I used to read mainly crime novels & thrillers. Then 3 years ago I came across "The Secret Pearl" at a book stall. It intrigued me & I am now a die hard fan of historical romance, mostly yours. "The Secret Pearl" was written so beautifully, the characters were so real! You really do a marvelous job of fleshing out your characters, they are so believable. What I love most  about your books is that you don't give your characters any shortcuts to happiness, they have to face their problems & work them out. And you do it so beautifully! The situations, the dialogues, the little doses of humour and the sweet sensuality throughout your stories are what keeps me coming back for more!  I usually read through your books in one sitting, so I never start one on a weekday!!!
I have just finished "Simply Perfect" . What can I say, it is simply perfect.  I cannot wait to read the rest of the Simply series (its a bit hard, getting your books here, I usually find them at second hand bookstalls in Delhi, so I cant read any series in the order they are meant to be read). I also loved  "the Gilded Web" & "Devils Web".  "Slightly Wicked " has me hooked to the Bedwyn Saga. But my favorite has to be "Simply Perfect"!!
Thanks so much for these lovely books!

Posted On 09-23-2010 9:18 AM
Name: Anita Medeeiros
City/State or Province: Brockton Massachusetts
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,

I am a book lover border line   I really enjoy your books, I have read the Simply's Quartet, The Bedwyn Saga, The Prequels, The Mistress Trilogy  etc... of course my favorite of all of them was the "The Bedwyn Saga". You are one of my FAVORITE romance writers..I will buy and read anything that you write.. I have to get caught up to you recent series which I haven't had a chance to get to.. and I know are as good as your other work. I wish all the best for you and your family!!!   HAPPY WRITING  

Your BIGGEST FAN ..Anita

Posted On 09-21-2010 4:49 PM
Name: Kelsey Leonard
City/State or Province: Rock Creek,Ohio
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mrs.Balogh,

        I am fourteen years old and my mother finally let me read adult romances. I am starting to read one of your series called the bedwyns saga. I didn't know it was truly a series so i got slightly tempted(btw very great book i love your reading style it capitives me) and slighty scandalous(will be reading say book after i am done with this one). I have a question for you if you don't mind since I am out of order so I am slighty confuse but I read the summaries of the others. I would like to know why did you pulish them that way?By meaning the brothers and sisters not going from oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest. Not saying it a bad thing not all i thought it was strange since all the other autors pulish them that way. It caught my attention i gave you that. I also saw the summer to remember and I would like to know if I should read that to? After all its a prequal to the saga and I would like to but I am not such what it means to this series could you tell me that? I am sorry if I am asking to much I am just a confuse fan. I hoping to read your other series. Looking forward to your message. Thank you for your time.

Posted On 09-14-2010 4:15 PM
Name: Carol Janecka
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: USA
Comment: You are one of my favorite authors, but I've never left a message on any other author's website. Unfortunately, I felt that I simply had to tell you how much I positively loathed two of your characters!! I recently read re-issued versions of A Precious Jewel, Dark Angel, and Lord Carew's Bride. No, it was not your main characters that I loathed. I simply loved them--especially Lord Carew!! But I could literally have done violence to Katherine Blyth when she told Priss how "proud" she was of her for "earning her own way" and THEN when Priss "broke the rules," called her, treated her, and made her FEEL like a whore when Priss never truly had before. The woman was a disgrace!!

I felt equally strongly about Jennifer Winwood's father for CANING her without ever asking if she was guilty of her supposed sin.Then, worst of all, he is never made to apologize or even feel GUILTY. Thornhill should have beaten him as soundly as Hartley later did Lord Kersey!!!

Well, at least you stirred my emotions!

Thanks for writing your wonderful novels.

Posted On 09-11-2010 2:25 AM
Name: Rachell Bailey
City/State or Province: Nacogdoches, tx
Country: United States
Comment: I absolutely positively LOVE your books, i haven't read a single one that i didnt enjoy every bit of it. I am addicted to buying and reading books i can never resist buying one of yours. You are by far one of my most favorite authors. Whenever i enter anywhere that sells books i always look to see if they have one of yours that i haven't bought or read already. I'm currently reading your "Huxtable" series, i'm on the fourth one and i started thinking about constantine and what his story would be like, i can't wait to read it. I wish i had the talent to write so many great stories that people would love to read over and over again. Thank you for entertaining me so much through all the hours of enjoyable reading. I look forward to reading your upcoming books as well as some of your older ones that i might have missed along the way. I will remain as alway one of your BIGGEST fans!! .

Posted On 09-05-2010 6:08 PM
Name: Jeanne C
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: usa
Comment: Sunday, 9.5.2010

I have read many of your books & given them away after reading so others might enjoy them.  This time I borrowed one from the library, Simply Love.  I could not believe how much I could relate to much of the story.

My insecurities come from having lived with an extremely abusive husband (not my current one, thank you very much) & my current husband's face is somewhat deformed due to surgery on one side of his face which involved removing most of the bone structure (cancer).  He also must wear an eyepatch while waiting for eye surgery.  Children either ask him directly what happened to his eye or just stop & stare (until their mom's catch them at it of course).  Many just point & call him a pirate.  This happend a lot during halloween of course. 

What interested me most was the care each of them felt for the other's psychological pain & how it's true that once you're around those with visible deformities, you almost don't see them anymore.  I think psychological deformities are much more visible but also more easily judged to be easily changed just by some effort on that person's part. 

The scenery was described so well that I could actually see some it my mind's eye, probably because I lived near what was called the Pallisades which overlooked river below.  My brother & sister used to hike up there, taking a sack lunch & enjoying the day.

I enjoy all of your books but this late discovery is one I am going to see if I can find as a used paperback  to keep. 


Posted On 09-02-2010 3:41 PM
Name: PJ
City/State or Province: Georgia
Country: USA
Comment: I love reading historical romance novels!!! I just finished the Simply quartet and I just LOVE it! I hope to find more audio books so I can keep on listening to your stories. I just love your humor and your fairtytales!!!

Posted On 09-02-2010 11:01 AM
Name: Ilze
City/State or Province: Dundas
Country: Canada
Comment: Just read your "Upcoming Books" post and wow - you're not slowing down at all!   I loved "A Secret Affair" amd "A Matter of Class" and am anxiously waiting for Lady Gwen Muir's story, as well as the upcoming novellas.   It is amazing how you manage to concentrate so much emotion and character development into your shorter pieces - I have reread "The Wassail Bowl", "Spellbound" and "The Anniversary" (and others - these are just my absolute faves) multiple times and they never fail to move me.

Keep writing!

Posted On 08-31-2010 2:20 PM
Name: Melinda
City/State or Province: Proctor, Arkansas
Country: US
Comment: I love your books!! I always keep my eyes open for new books or ones I don't have yet! Keep up the good work!

Posted On 08-30-2010 11:18 PM
Name: Debbie J.
City/State or Province: TN
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I just finished reading Slightly Scandalous, and It was great.  It was in a hugh box of books loaned to me, by my friend, Linda. Now I am going to tear throught the box, and see if any of your other books are in there. Wish me luck!!


I can tell you have a wonderful sence of humor and adventure. Heck, I would love to have you as a friend or neighbor. :-)   Keep up the good work!  Debbie

Posted On 08-28-2010 5:05 PM
Name: Michele
City/State or Province: New York
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary,

I discovered you about 3 or 4 years ago when i read the back cover of "Slightly Scandalous" in the bookstore. I was curious about it so i bought and I've been a fan of yours ever since. I've read the Slightly sextet, the Simply Quartet and I'm half-way into the Huxtable quintet. I also own other books of yours. I'm only 25 and my friends find it odd that I read historical romances at my age, but I've reacently convinced a few to start reading your books and they loved them. I don't know how you do it, but whenever I read your books, I'm taken elsewhere, to a time of honor, classic romance, and true gentlemen. I have only one question: Have you ever thought of or ever been approached about having your one of your series turned into movies? I think your fans would love it. Thanks for writing so beautifully and don't ever stop.

Posted On 08-28-2010 12:34 PM
Name: Dreama Graham
City/State or Province: Riverdale, Ga
Country: USA
Comment: Hello,

I just finished reading "At Last Comes Love". This was an amazing book. I could not have picked a stronger Husband for Meg. I hope you will revisit this seris sometime in the future an write Toby's story. It would be nice to see the Little boy that stole my heart grow into a man.

Posted On 08-27-2010 4:13 PM
Name: Marie Hughes
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: I have read all of your books and enjoyed them all. Just finished "Precoius Jewel" and it  became my favourite. The leas characters are REAL PEOPLE!! Thank you for years of reading pleasure.

Marie Hughes

Posted On 08-25-2010 6:55 PM
Name: Marie Rogus
City/State or Province: San Diego, CA
Country: USA
Comment: I just read A MATTER OF CLASS, and what a gem of a book.  I loved the twists and found myself looking back and rereading parts of the book as I was going forward.  It was so delightful and once I was done with it, I read it again the next day.  Great job!

I really love your books and reread many of them just for that warm feeling.  I can always count on you for a good read.

Posted On 08-23-2010 8:52 PM
Name: Raymona Kramer
City/State or Province: Tucson, AZ
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Mary -- How are you?  I hope you are well, happy, and writing!  I love your books, have read them all, and have reread most of them.  This is my second posting and contains nothing new.  I just started rereading the Huxtable series preparatory to reading Con's long- awaited story and had to write and beg you to never stop writing your wonderful novels.  Thank you for countless hours entertainment. 

Posted On 08-21-2010 7:48 PM
Name: Julie L.
City/State or Province: NJ
Country: USA
Comment: I've read the first two books now in your Bedwyn Series and loved them! I'm so glad to hear you'll be writing a book for Gwen, for I really liked her and want her to have a man in her life again - can't wait to read it after you finish writing it!  I'm glad I still have tons of Mary Balogh reading ahead of me!  Thank you!

Posted On 08-21-2010 12:19 PM
Name: Kuttke Nebtak
City/State or Province: Athens
Country: Greece
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh, THANK YOU. Thank you for your wonderful stories, but mostly thank you for bringing alive an era that should it influence a little bit our present, it would make it a much better place. Thank you again and please, never stop writing.

Posted On 08-20-2010 10:10 PM
Name: Heather Babcock
City/State or Province: St. Petersburg, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I love your books! I have just finished the slightly series and it was so wonderfull. I had read the simply series first and didnt no that you had written about the Bedwyns. Then I got "Slighty Tempted" and was so happy you did wright about them. It took me forever to get them all but once I did I enjoyed them. My favorite Bedwyn is Freyja and her story was so much fun. I do hope you keep wrighting. Thank You, Heather

Posted On 08-18-2010 12:41 PM
Name: Elaine Carlini-Davis
City/State or Province: Ormond Beach, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have enjoyed so many of your books this year: "Precious Jewel", "A Matter of Class", and "A Secret Affair". Each was unique. I cared about your characters.

I was surprised at the ending of AMOC. I hadn't seen it coming. It was a good story.

Constantine and Hannah were fabulous characters. Their personalities were forged in the fires of their families' and others' opinions. They didn't live easy lives. They definitely deserved their HEA.

Thank you for writing these wonderful stories. I'm looking forward to the upcoming ones.



Posted On 08-17-2010 5:36 PM
Name: Kathy Toliver
City/State or Province: Albuquerque, NM
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading your Bedwyn series and completely fell in love with your writing!!  As I finished each book I was sorry to have to put it down thinking that the next book would not be able to live up to the one I had just read.  But each book was was entirely different but kept me up on the characters I had read about and fallen in love with previously.  By the time I reached the last book with Wulf's story I felt that I was actually there watching everyhing unfold as the story progressed.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I thank you for sharing your talents with us all! 

Posted On 08-11-2010 10:04 PM
Name: Gail
City/State or Province: Philadelphia
Country: USA
Comment: I've been catching up on your series, and hope that someday, you'll give Gwen, Lady Muir, a second chance!

Posted On 08-09-2010 2:01 PM
Name: Rebecca Davidson
City/State or Province: Jemison, Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: I have just finished your series on the Huxtables except for Constatine's story, can't wait until I get to read it. I just wished it was in paperback now so I could afford it. Thankyou for writing for my enjoyment. These are the first books I have read of yours but I will look for some more. My mother-in-law is the one who got me started on them, you may know of her she writes for Harlequin Historical and her name is Carolyn Davidson.She loves your books, too.

Posted On 08-09-2010 1:13 AM
Name: Vickie
City/State or Province: Waseca, Minnesota
Country: USA
Comment: I have just read Beyond the Sunrise and we wondering if it is part of a series.   If it is what is the next book to read?   I really enjoyed reading and hope there is another book with the same people in it.   I would sure like to know what happens with Robert and Joana (or Jeanne).   LIke did they marry and did they have a family and live happy together.

Posted On 08-08-2010 11:29 AM
Name: Kristi Ayres
City/State or Province: Louisville, KY
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary..... I love your work.  You have been an inspiration to me with your words.  I have had the pleasure of reading all of work.  I am in the process of reading Seducing An Angel right now.  I went to the store last night at 1am to pick it up.  I am in the process of finishing my first novel and would love to speak with you about the process in which you had to go through to get your work published.  It would be a great honor to me to be able to have such an amazing author's insight on how to proceed.  I know you must be extremely busy but I had to ask.  Either way, I will continue to read your work and enjoy the stories you create.  Thank you so much for hours of enjoyment.

Posted On 08-02-2010 3:38 PM
Name: Patricia
City/State or Province: New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Hello Mary,

I wanted to let you know i enjoyed reading the Bedwyns and the Huxtables.  I also just read the The Secret Affair and I am overjoyed that you gave Constantine the Earl Title and had him and Elliott  and Vanessa make up.  Please continue writing awesome books.

Posted On 07-31-2010 4:01 AM
Name: Debbie Unger
City/State or Province: Fort Myers, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

First I love your books. They are always entertaining. They contain a mixture of sadness, fun, mystery, of course, romance but also bring out a self reflection. I am presently reading Simply Perfect. As with all of your characters, Claudia and Joseph have unfulfilled dreams and yearn for "Love. I dream of love, of a family-wife and children-which is as close and as dear to me as the beating of my own heart." Ahh, only if... Anyway, I just had to stop laughing and write you.

Claudia and Joseph are at the garden party of Mrs. Corbette-Hythe. Joseph asks Claudia if she would like to take a boat out onto the River Thames. "On the water?" she asked, her eyes widening. (I am still giggling!) "The boat is small," he said. "I suppose we could hoist it up over our heads and run about the garden with it. But our fellow guests might think us eccentric, and I for one have to associate with them in the future."

I have been laughing for a solid five minutes. My eyes have teared up. I am imagining them standing at the waters edge so clearly, then just as clearly I am seeing the two of them, dressed in their garden-party clothes, running around with this boat over their heads running around the garden. Oh my, I have not laughed this hard in a long time and I just wanted to thank you.

Thank you for the laughter, the tears, and the romance. Thank you for writing such lovely books that take us away and into another world.

Posted On 07-30-2010 3:22 PM
Name: Mary Ann
City/State or Province: Jacksonville, Fl
Country: USA
Comment: I have spent my summer completely devoted to your books I started with the Simply Series which was wonderful, and just finished the whole Huxtable series. I love that family and am so happy knowing that Con and Elliott have finally made amends. Which now I think I am going to read the Slightly series because I can't wait to find out about the Duke of Bewcastle and his family. Thank you so much for filling this teacher's summer with such dreamy romance.

Posted On 07-29-2010 3:27 AM
Name: Nathalie
Country: Australia
Comment: Hi Mary,

I absolutely love your books, especially the series. Coming from a big extended family I always remember minor characters and curious to learn what happens to them afterwards. My favourite series so far are Bedwyn family and Dark Angel series. Lord Carew's Bride is such a sweet story it remains my favourite of all time and of all authors that I have read.

Your farce stories, especially The Unsuitable Duchess, are totally lovely. Hope you will have more in this category to come. And looking forward to the story of Angeline and Hayward !

Posted On 07-28-2010 1:11 PM
Name: Chris John
City/State or Province: Northamptonshire
Country: England
Comment: I am a very recent convert to your books and have very quickly become totally addicted. Amazon are making a fortune out of me at the moment but I don't begrudge a penny, although I must admit my husband is beginning to raise his eyebrows. Never mind, we'll ignore him! You have given me such reading pleasure over the last couple of months that I am very pleased to have this opportunity to say thank you. Not all your books seem to be available over here, so I'm  hoping that there are plans to publish some more (or import some more? I'm not sure how it works). I think my favourite so far must be 'The Ideal Wife' though I have to say I love them all. Thank you so much. As one Welsh lady in exile to another - Diolch yn fawr!

Posted On 07-26-2010 7:09 PM
Name: Linda
City/State or Province: Aberdeen
Country: Scotland
Comment: Wow! I have gotten ever so slightly addicted to your books and have been searching so many shops to find more. I have read your wonderful Bedwyn and Simplies series. What a brilliant character Wulfric is - as are all the rest! I can't wait to read more!

Thank you

Posted On 07-26-2010 1:59 AM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Kansas
Country: USA
Comment: Hello, Mary,

I was looking for a new author to read a month ago and came across Simply Unforgettable in a used bookstore.  I couldn't put it down.  I've been scouring the local bookstores for more of your books since.  I've finished the Huxtable series (except for Con's story, which I'm anxious to read) and working my way through the Simply series (can't seem to find Simply Love, which I'm dying to read).  But so far, of all your books, my favorite is Lord Carew's Bride.  Hartley Wade is the most charming and fabulous character!  I'd love to be able to see more of him!

Posted On 07-24-2010 11:05 PM
Name: Jess
City/State or Province: MA
Country: USA
Comment: Your books are amazing. The first one I happened to read (which was only about a month ago) was the 3rd book in the Huxtable Series. I was recommended it and it was the first Historical Romance book I have ever read. And I absolutely fell in love with it! I've read all the books in the series and just finished A Secret Affair and I must say that one was the best. I cannot wait to start reading all of your other books! Thank you for writing all of these amazing books!

Posted On 07-20-2010 10:09 AM
Name: Sue Reynolds
City/State or Province: Union Grove, WI
Country: USA
Comment: I just so enjoy your books. Thank you for your hard work for we all really appreciate it all! I even share my books with my soon to be daughters. Got them hooked too! I wish you luck in all of your projects & new books that are on there way!

Posted On 07-16-2010 7:42 PM
Name: Terry Mac
City/State or Province: Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Very interesting books....a new reader, and looking forward to reading more.

Posted On 07-16-2010 3:58 PM
Name: Heather
City/State or Province: Charleston, SC
Country: USA
Comment: I loved the Huxtable series - I have read the first four books so far and looking forward to wrapping up with the 5th

Posted On 07-16-2010 2:15 PM
Name: Bethany
City/State or Province: Rockland ME
Country: USA
Comment: Love Your stories they are always well written and they keep your interest  Love the series !!!!

Posted On 07-15-2010 9:55 PM
Name: Ashley
City/State or Province: Baton Rouge
Comment: Mrs. Balogh, Your books have inspired me so much; every single one of your romances has been a true joy to read and a real page-turner. I am 23 years old (nearly!) and I dearly love writing myself. I've been writing poetry and fiction since I could hold a pencil and it's truly my dream to be published one day soon like you. Every writer wishes for their work to be adored and read by others, and that's all I could ever ask for. You are truly a gem to the writing world and I'd love to read more of your writing so please never stop; you have a gift and a talent and my mother and I truly enjoy your books ("Seducing an Angel" was a personal favorite). If I could ask, what advice would you give to a budding writer who doesn't know where to start? It would mean the world getting advice from an "idol". I wish you the best of luck in your writing endeavors and thank you so much for sharing your talent and stories with us all. -Ash

Posted On 07-15-2010 11:42 AM
Name: Anita Yancey
City/State or Province: GA
Country: USA
Comment: Love your books, they are really great. Looking forward to more of them.

Posted On 07-13-2010 2:42 AM
Name: cheneen lucas
City/State or Province: panama oklahoma
Country: united states

Posted On 07-11-2010 9:46 PM
Name: Donna Felix
City/State or Province: Laguna
Country: Philippines
Comment: I'm going through the Huxtable series backwards, just finished Stephen's story.. I'm off to read Vanessa's. I dearly love your books. My friend on facebook who is in the states suggested I read your books and I love her for it. We usually don't get your books here but I have a relative who loves to buy me books in the states and ship them to me. Yes it takes FOREVER to come but in the end, reading your books is soooo worth the wait. Good luck!!!

Posted On 07-11-2010 6:44 PM
Name: Davida Levin
City/State or Province: PA
Country: United States
Comment: What a beautiful story A Matter of Class is. I just read the last page and can't bear the thought that there is not to be another chapter. A great story - a great love story. Mary, the only thing that comes close to reading your wonderful books is listening to them via audiobook. I drive to and from work playing the books on my car cd player. Right now I am listening for the tenth time to one of my favorite books Simply Perfect. All Mary's fans must go buy the audiobooks. They are such a treasure. Please keep writing. Thank you. Davida Levin

Posted On 07-10-2010 9:36 AM
Name: Leigh
Country: United States
Comment: I just finished A Matter of Class and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  What a charming story!  Thank you so much!

Posted On 07-09-2010 8:47 PM
Name: Joyce
City/State or Province: Sioux Falls, SD
Country: USA
Comment: Ms Balogh,  I have enjoyed your books for quite a while.  In fact, I have many of them in my own "library".  I enjoy reading them, even though I have read them before.  Please keep writing such great books.  Thank you!!

Posted On 07-09-2010 2:02 PM
Name: Robyn Lee
City/State or Province: Ponteix, Sask.
Country: Canada
Comment: like your web site; came via Sarah's Blog of Fun

Posted On 07-09-2010 11:07 AM
Name: Erin
City/State or Province: New Bedford, MA
Country: United States
Comment: I have read every book that I can get my hands on and love them all.....I am having trouble finding some of the older ones though might you be able to suggest where they can be found......Particularly interested in Dancing with Clara....I would also say thank you for taking me along for  the many journeys with these great characters.....IT HAS BEEN A PLEASURE

Posted On 07-09-2010 8:40 AM
Name: Patricia Wells
City/State or Province: Caswell Beach, N.C.
Country: USA
Comment: In your book " Simply Perfect " you had a line that has been a great help to me and my eldest son in handling a problem with a new family member and it has given us the strength to carry on and I hope is my also do the same for others.

           " Future indifference is no consolation for present pain "

 We have found that the " indifference " which sometimes takes a while to manifest itself is a great help and brings peace to a fime of much pain. So thank you for giving this  idea to all your readers and I hope  others have found it . I have read many of your SUPER books and hope that you continue to bring such pleasure to this world.  Sincerely  Patricia Wells

Posted On 07-08-2010 8:02 PM
Name: Lisa
City/State or Province: Washington
Country: USA
Comment: I just read all the Huxtable family books.

I knew Constantine wasn't what his cousin thought him to be. I didn't know Jon wanted Ainsley Park but I knew Constantine did start it for his brother. I didn't know all the other people he included  in the park.

I think you did a fantastic job of telling Constantine's story .Your tying together of all the other stories was great too. I never got the feeling you were hurrying to finish. This book was probably the best and they were all good.

Thank you for 5 fantastic stories.

Posted On 07-07-2010 2:18 PM
Name: Bonnie Danielson
City/State or Province: Moorhead, MN
Country: USA
Comment: Just wanted to weigh in on A Matter of Class...very, very clever!  Even though I figured out the 'twist' rather early on, your books are as engaging as ever and I couldn't put it down.  I would love to see your stories on film.  Perhaps some day "The Romance Channel?" ;D

Posted On 07-06-2010 2:55 PM
Name: sue brandes
Comment: Hi Mary. Found you through Sarah's Blog of Fun. I really love your book covers. Am going to have to be adding some more books to my to read list.

Posted On 07-06-2010 2:38 PM
Name: felecia digsby
Comment: I 'm an avid reader and I love your books.

Posted On 07-06-2010 10:12 AM
Name: Pauline Perry
City/State or Province: Woodstock, Illinois
Country: USA
Comment: I found out about your books a month ago and can't put them down!! they are great, I have them all!

Posted On 07-05-2010 6:07 PM
Name: Carole Spring
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,  I love reading your books!  Thank you for writing so many great stories.

Posted On 07-03-2010 10:01 PM
Name: Ashley Hewell
City/State or Province: NC
Country: USA
Comment: Stopping by to say hi and that I love your work :)

Posted On 07-03-2010 5:32 PM
Name: Mary LaVaque
City/State or Province: Peoria AZ
Country: US
Comment: I am reading your series about the Huxtables and I had to write to tell you how much I love it. Your characters are so real I feel like I know them. As a matter of fact, I feel like they are all my friends and I'm sorry to have to leave them when the book ends. The Bedwyn family members also all became my friends as did the teachers at Miss Martin's School for Girls. Thanks for all the hours of reading enjoyment. Keep the books coming!!!!

Posted On 07-03-2010 3:57 PM
Name: Benita
City/State or Province: Bronx
Country: United States
Comment: Stopping by to say hello and to congratulate you on books well-written. I certainly enjoy reading them, as do so many others.

Posted On 07-03-2010 12:25 PM
Name: Rebecca Elswick
City/State or Province: Emerald Isle, NC
Comment: I am a long time fan and own all but four of your books.  For many titles, I own both a reading copy and a keep copy.  Some of  my favorites are A DARING MASQUERADE, THE INCURABLE MATCHMAKER, A CHRISTMAS BRIDE, MORE THAN A MISTRESS, SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS,  and AT LAST COMES LOVE.  I recently purchased LONGING; it is such a wonderful story.  Thank you for all your books; they have given me so much pleasure and helped me get through some bad times.

Posted On 07-02-2010 10:57 PM
Name: Ann
City/State or Province:
Comment: I enjoyed reading your latest series and wanted to thank you for hours of enjoyment.

Posted On 07-02-2010 2:04 AM
Name: Karen Collins
City/State or Province: Newfoundland
Country: Canada
Comment: Mary,


I absolutly LOVE all your books!!!!  Please... never stop writing!!!!!



Posted On 06-30-2010 8:00 PM
Name: Debbie Everett
City/State or Province: Huntington, WV
Country: USA
Comment: My cousin got me started reading your books and I am hooked!  I have all the Slightly and Simply series and all of the Huxtable books except Secret Affair; I am currently reading Seducing an Angel.  Anyway, LOVE your books!!!

Posted On 06-30-2010 10:20 AM
Name: Sabrina Stewart
City/State or Province: Conyers, GA
Country: USA
Comment: I am an avid reader of your novels and enjoy all your series. However, I wonder how you understand a time in history that was so many years ago? I long to understand more about the social structure and social dynamics of the time period where money, social class, and social etiquette are so important. Is there any way you can give us readers information on where or what you used in order to understand this time period? I enjoy all your characters and wish I could have had the opportunity to live or witness such a life that is so different from today's modern world. Oh, how one wishes for graceful dancing skills and an opportunity to perform in such an era. Anyway, I hope to hear from you. Sincerely,  remembering a time long gone, Sabrina Stewart

Posted On 06-27-2010 8:34 PM
Name: Bethany
City/State or Province: Iowa
Country: USA
Comment: I LOVE all of the Mary Balogh books and I recently finished the "Slightly" series. I couldn't put them down! After one I HAD to get the rest of them. I jumped right into "The Devil's Web" and have enjoyed it as well.

Posted On 06-22-2010 8:11 PM
Name: Nelda Dunlap
City/State or Province: Charleston, Illinois
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished A Secret Affair.


Posted On 06-21-2010 11:48 AM
Name: Denise Herron
City/State or Province: Hockessin, Delaware
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I have to tell you how very much I am enjoying your books.  I first discovered your books when I happened upon "A Summer to Remember" at the local library since the book cover looked enticing.  I absolutely loved the story, the way you developed your main characters, and the emotion your writing evoked from reading your beautifully depicted love scenes.  I believe that I even cried at one point.  Since then, I have gone on to read your "Slightly" series of books and loved them as well.  Right now, I am in the throes of reading the 2nd book in your lovely "Simply" series.  I have not been disappointed in the least since your writing is always consistent.  I hope to go on and read all your other books but just had to express how much I enjoy reading your books.  I honestly think that you are the best author of historical romances that I have ever read.  My sincere thanks for your continued writing in this genre since it's my favorite.  I wish you all the best!




Posted On 06-20-2010 4:20 PM
Name: kerri
Country: jamaica
Comment: i like all your books i must say. Slightly Married was my favorite but A Secret Affair has taken the cake. There was so much emotion. I creid and i laughed. i will be reading again. thank you. please write more stories like this one.

Posted On 06-19-2010 10:37 PM
Name: Kathy Lee
City/State or Province: Arnold, Missouri
Country: USA
Comment: I was so excited to read Secret Affair.  It was an extremely satisfying end to the Huxtable series.  I'm so glad that Constantine got the happiness he deserved!

I loved the Bedwyns.  I visit them often.  I could so relate to Wulric as I am the oldest in a large family.  I also loved how you intertwined them with the "Simply" series.  It was great to see how they were doing after the last Bedwyn book.

Thank you so much for many hours of pleasurable reading!



Posted On 06-16-2010 2:54 PM
Name: Binnie Syril Braunstein
City/State or Province: Baltimore,Maryland
Country: U. S.
Comment: I just finished A Secret Affair yesterday. I remember writing to you awhile ago and asking if you would be wriitng "Constantine's story." You assured me that there would indeed be such a story - and what a story it was! Exquiisite,wonderful, and enormously satisfyng. A friend was just asking me about the book the other day, and despairing that Con's story would ever resolved. i was able to reassure her - but provided her with absolutely no details. <g> She must read this fabulous book herself!

I look forward to be added to your mailing list.

Best -

Binnie Syril

Posted On 06-14-2010 3:13 PM
City/State or Province: Las Vegas, NV
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh:

I began reading A Matter of Class last night and could not put it down.  This is one of the most delightful and surprising romance stories I have ever read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I loved how you would go back, from time to time, and give us a glimpse into the past of these two main characters.  Even so, I was no ready for the surprising ending.  It was delicious.  I could not believe how clever it was and I absolutely loved it.

You are a delightful author.  One of the reasons I enjoy reading you is that I can almost see the streets you describe, the faces and expressions of your characters and the towns and cities they live in.  I am now a lifelong fan of yours and am in the process of tracking down and reading every book you have ever written.

Posted On 06-13-2010 2:43 AM
Name: Sophie
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,

The first of your books that I read was The Ideal Wife. I came across that book on a day I was feeling quite depressed and bought it on a whim. I loved it! I read it in one sitting. Besides the story of Miles and Abby, I also got caught up in the side plot about Gerald and Prissy. At the time I was reading the Ideal Wife, I assumed you must have written a second book about Gerald and Prissy and I promised myself I would look for it as soon as I could.

Imagine my delight when I returned to the bookshop and found A Precious Jewel! Reading the preface, I was surprise that you had ever had doubts about writing this book. I'm surprise after The Ideal Wife came out you did not receive tons of letters begging for Gerald and Prissy's story! Anyway, I loved A Precious Jewel as much as, if not more than, The Ideal Wife. I have also reread A Precious Jewel many times over. Even now, it still has the power to make me cry. It remains one of my favourite novels of all. So I would just like to thank you very much for writing such wonderful books and giving your fans so many hours of joy. There are many writers who write entertaining novels, but not many who write so well that you want to read and reread their books over and over again. I look forward to completing my 'Mary Balogh collection' and hope you will continue to thrill us with your heartfelt stories and fascinating characters.

Posted On 06-11-2010 1:03 PM
Name: kim estra
City/State or Province: nj
Comment: i have about 25 of your books im currently rereading the slightly series. i love all of your books, the detailing in all of them catches my attention every time. you are by far my favorite auther.

Posted On 06-11-2010 8:31 AM
Name: Marsha Bates
City/State or Province: Fresno, California
Country: USA
Comment: I just stayed up all night to read A Secret Affair and had to get on your website to write to you. This book is hands down, bar none, the best historical romance written by anyone to date.  Your beautiful, evocative prose truly sings (you say you enjoy music-your books are very musical to me, transporting me in time and space like great music can sometimes do). The arc of character development and the human search for love and human connectedness in your books move me very much.

I read 20-30 books a month and keep very few of the historicals. I have all of your books on a special "keeper shelf", however and reread them periodically. I am really pleased that your publisher is bringing out more of your backlist. What a treat for your fans!

Your website is lovely and I have enjoyed learning more about you (ie. how to pronounce your name!) and that you live in Saskatchewan. My 93 year old mother was born in Central Butte, Saskatchewan in 1916 (her parents had moved by covered wagon from Ohio during the prior decade to make a go of farming there). 20 years ago she returned to Central Butte for the first time since her family had moved for her mother's health in 1918 to the central valley of California. She found the stone foundation of the house her father had built and even found people in a nursing home who remembered her family. It was a very moving experience for her to go back to her roots.

Thank you for the joy you bring your readers. Yours is a rare talent that we all treasure.

P.S. The covers on the Huxtable series are beautiful. Your publisher has probably attracted many new readers to your books with covers that seem to relate to your content. I especially liked the cover of Seducing An Angel.

Posted On 06-09-2010 11:16 AM
Name: Christina
City/State or Province: Virginia
Country: USA
Comment: I read A Matter of Class yesterday & it was GREAT!!  I've read most of your books & this book was such a suprise!  It still gives me chills thinking of it!  It was deeply moving & funny at the same time.  The ending was so wonderful!!!  It always amazes me that all of these stories can come out of one person's brain!!!  You are an amazement to me!!  I've always wondered how all these characters fit in there & how you can get the stories on paper in such a way to make my heart wrench & laugh at the same time!!!  Thank you!


Posted On 06-07-2010 1:37 AM
Name: Noraizan Jamaludin
City/State or Province: Penang
Country: Malaysia
Comment: I have started reading your books by accident. I was stranded at the airport and went to the airport bookstore to look for a good book to pass my time. I bought "Seducing an Angel". And now I have just finished two other books in the Huxtable seris. Thanks for a very good story and interesting plot in all the books. I'm trying to get hold of "At last comes marriage" and "the secret affair"...

Posted On 06-06-2010 5:18 PM
Name: Michael
City/State or Province: hampstead nc
Country: usa
Comment: Loved   simply perfect , are you going to have a come out for little lizzie in a new book?

Posted On 06-05-2010 11:33 PM
Name: Doris Yuen
City/State or Province: Edmonton
Country: Canada
Comment: Mary,

I have been reading your books for many years.  I love the intensity of your characters - they tear at my heart and my mind.  Thank you for creating complicated and real stories that involve true conflicts of the heart and character.  As an aside, I grew up in Regina and am fascinated by the fact that my favorite author may have crossed paths with me at some point!

Posted On 06-01-2010 1:35 PM
Name: Lauren Pinnock
City/State or Province: New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I just wanted to tell you that you are one "THE BEST AUTHOR" for me. I have read all your books and my all time favorites are " The Bedwyns and The Huxtables". The other books that you've written are also on my list. I absolutely love your creatives on the books and cannot wait for your next books. I've read each and every book more that 2 times..... just cannot get enough of your books. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the books you've written over the years and to come.

Posted On 05-31-2010 4:10 PM
Name: Anita
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: What a wonderful read "A Secret Affair" was.  Thank you Mary Balogh for a very human story with characters that reflect the best and the imperfect nature of people.  I loved how you tied in all the members and extended family of the Huxtable family in this your final book in this series.  With gratitude for many enjoyable hours of reading..with a box of tissue at my side!!  I look forward, impatiently, for the your next book!

Posted On 05-29-2010 2:17 PM
Name: Wendy
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I have several of your books!  love the Huxtables,and the Bedwyns.  Somehow, I came across  "The Secret Pearl"  I honestly feel likeFleur- I cannot find the words to express my thoughts!! I just wanted you to appreciate and clearly understand how your,no," their" story touched me. You have set a new standard for my reading list. I laughed, I cried, but more significant, I asked for forgiveness, and I forgave.  I feel the desire to show more compassion, and tolerance, more love and strength.  This is a reverent story and I feel blessed to have been able to consume it.  Thank-you

Posted On 05-28-2010 9:34 PM
Name: Jennifer
City/State or Province: Jacksonville, Fl
Comment: I love reading your books.  I love it when different serials are attached with characters from others such as the Simply and Scandously series.  The only thing that made me sad was Portia Hunt being jilted twice in one series, yet I havn't seen any mention of her finding someone.  Is that something that we may hope for in the future?

Posted On 05-26-2010 9:57 AM
Name: Susan
City/State or Province: Durham, North Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

I have read every single one of your novels and I have always meant to write you a long appreciative letter about how your writing is important to me. I still mean to do this -- but I am so happy about A Secret Affair that I have to say something! I haven't even finished it yet--I stopped in the middle last night so I could get some sleep. I'm holding my breath in hopes that when I can return to it this evening, the second half will be as satisfying as the first.

I think this is the best of your books since the end of the Bedwyn series. It's clear to me that you wrote it with a great deal of care--the little details show this, like Constantine filling Hannah's teacup to the very brim. I love the friendship between Hannah and Barbara; I've noticed it's rare in romance novels for two women of the same age to have a relationship in which they support and love each other instead of being envious and competitive. You really show how Hannah and Barbara are there for each other, best friends despite their differences, and I'm really enjoying that.

I also love, love, love the Duke. He is one of my very favorite of your minor characters even though he passed away before the book even begins! I won't go into details here because I know people will read your guest list who haven't yet read A Secret Affair. I'll just say, firstly, that you've taken the kind of character whom many romance authors have made into a villain--a harmful cliche--and revealed him as a human being who is truly delightful to read about; and secondly that the meaning he impressed on Hannah's life is something that I wish more romance heroines had access to!

I believe that literature, no matter how much it is read for pleasure (or perhaps especially then), is something that both emerges from and contributes to the way people think about life and values and other people. I have found many romance novels that contain hurtful ideas about relationships between people, even when they are supposed to be about love. Your books, however, have inspired in me a great deal of trust. I trust you to touch your readers' hearts with healing ideas about love, not harmful ones. So far, A Secret Affair has confirmed this trust. And it's a great story! I can't wait to read the rest.

Posted On 05-25-2010 3:47 PM
Name: BooksOnBoard Marketing

Hey Mary,

Hope you’re doing well!

Congratulations are in order! We are writing to you because you’ve just made it to the BooksOnBoard Top 10 eBook list! You’re ranked 7th in bestselling eBooks and 3rd in the bestselling author category.

You can view the Bestseller list here -

You may be aware that BooksOnBoard has over 400,000 titles available to a sizeable customer base. If you would like a link on your website to for your fans to easily buy your ebooks, please contact us on We would be happy to assist you with this or anything else you may need.

We wish you continued success in your endevours.

Best Regards,


Posted On 05-25-2010 9:09 AM
Name: Paula Neese
City/State or Province: Colulmbia, MO
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Mary: I know you were a bit concerned about the high expectations your fans had for "A Secret Affair". Well, I read the book this weekend, and it could not have been better. Great characterization, dialogue, love story and you tied up all the loose ends so wonderfully, I loved Hannah and her relationship with Con, but I have to say I was most touched by the scene between Constantine and Elliott, when Con broke down on Elliot's shoulder. (If that is a spoiler, please delete that sentence!) You are such a gifted writer. I have all of your books, and the Huxtable series on CD because I travel in my car alot and if I wait few months, I can enjoy them all over again! I'm sure you get frustrated with us fans for how fast we want you to produce a new book... but we will be looking forward to your next work of art. Thanks again for the great work, Paula

Posted On 05-24-2010 12:40 PM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, MD
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary!

I just finised reading 'A secret Affair' it is your best book ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!Great love story! You didn't give away when they feel in love which was great! I had to re-read some of the paragraphs to find out when they started to fall in love! Your books remind me of Georgette Heyer's books.

I have read all your books so I am looking forward for your next new book which I hope is to be soon!

Mary you are the best! God bless you!


Posted On 05-24-2010 12:26 PM
Name: Jan Thomas
City/State or Province: North Carolina
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

I just finished Secret Affair, and it was well worth the wait.  One of your best, if not the best.  I'm just always sad to finish one of your books.  I will read this one again very soon.  For those looking for your other books, they can be found all over the internet.  Ebay, Amazon, Barnes and Noble  and many others.  Just search for Mary Balogh.   I hope your having a good time in Wales!!!



Posted On 05-23-2010 2:49 PM
Name: marsha
City/State or Province: Cleveland, OH
Country: USA
Comment: I just finishe A Secret Affair....and I loved it!  Such a set of characters.  Is this the end of the series?  If was a wonderful ending.  What are you doing next?  Can't wait for something new!

Thank you and keep up the great work.

Posted On 05-23-2010 2:26 PM
Name: michelle
City/State or Province: utah
Country: usa
Comment: Can anyone tell me what the "ton" means? I gathered that it meant all of the popular people in England?

Posted On 05-22-2010 8:04 PM
Name: cynde mitchell
City/State or Province: ash,nc
Country: USA
Comment: I just love all your books.I've been reading them since they first came out.And I've re-read them at least 3 times each.You are among my favorite writers.
Thank you for writing so long  and the talent you show.Sincerely Cynde Mitchell

Posted On 05-20-2010 8:08 PM
Name: Wendy
City/State or Province: Puyallup, Washington
Country: USA
Comment: My daughter bought me my first book, First Comes Marriage.

Since then I have read everything I have been able to get my hands on.

Recently I found Tangled, Great book !

I just picked up A Secret Affair, Can't wait to get started.

Thank you for finishing the story line.

Posted On 05-20-2010 11:01 AM
Name: Trish Wright
City/State or Province: Sexsmith, Alberta
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

I have been a "bookworm" for about 50 years and I love your books. I've read them and re-read them and own them in print and on my Kindle.  I just got off the phone talking to one of my five sisters and life has many hard moments for all of us right now - as most people go through from time to time.  I felt a bit low.  Then I picked up "A Matter of Class" and within moments was laughing about the conversation Reginal and Annabelle have about the state of "virginal".  It lifted me up and gave me such a good feeling about life that I was moved to find your website and write this to you.  Your talent is a gift to us all and helps many of us face the difficult passages of our lives.  I believe that world peace starts with inner peace and I nominate you for a Peace Prize.  Thank you so very much. 


P.S. One of my sisters is named Annabelle!

Posted On 05-19-2010 8:53 PM
Name: Char
City/State or Province: Saint Paul, MN
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,
I've been reading your books since the eighties.  My favorites are The First Snowdrop, The Double Wager, The Red Rose, and Slightly Dangerous.  I love Wulfric.  For some reason, I missed the Gilded Web trilogy and just finished Devil's Web last night.  This latter book was very good; I finished it at four in the morning and was tired all day today.  But I feel compelled to tell you that James and Madeline made me so sad.  I had a hard time forgiving James for his mistreatment of her.  Are there any other stories that have these characters in them?  I feel like I need to see a little of their happily every after, so I can set them aside.  Also, I recently bought and read A Matter of Class and loved loved, loved it.  It reminded me so much of your Signet Regencies, except it had such a surprising ending.  It is now on my Mary Balogh favorites list.  Finally, will any of my favorites listed above be reprinted anytime soon?  I had a house fire in 2003 and have never been able to replace your earlier books.
Thank you!

Posted On 05-19-2010 5:57 PM
Name: Courtney
City/State or Province: Troy, NY
Country: USA

Posted On 05-19-2010 2:13 PM
Name: Prity
City/State or Province: Montreal, Quebec
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

I love your books...I feel so much love and emotion in the all of the characters in the books that I have read.  Once I start reading your books, I cannot stop...They are Simply Breathtaking!!

I have read 3 of the 4 books in the Simply quartet,the book 'A Summer to Remember' and I am almost finished with 'Slightly Dangerous'... My favourites are 'Simply Unforgettable', 'A Summer to Remember', and 'Slightly Dangerous'.   I really love how each book is related to each other...Once I finish the Slightly Series...I will read them again but in the proper order.

It is a pleasure to read your books.  I cannot wait to read the rest of the series and of course your other books.

God Bless You and your Work


Posted On 05-18-2010 2:42 PM
Name: Sheena
City/State or Province: Pensacola, Fl
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading A Secret Affair last night ... and I absolutely love it.  Hannah is the perfect match for Con.  Thank you so much for your work ... I really enjoy reading them to the point where I don't want to do anything else until I have finished the story.  Now if I could just find all your other books to add to my collection (now known as my "wall of books"). 



Posted On 05-17-2010 8:42 PM
Name: Nancy Hummel
City/State or Province: Tucson, AZ
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading Simply Love. Its insightful and beautiful characterizations moved me tremendously. This is one book that will linger with me for a long time.

Posted On 05-17-2010 7:34 PM
Name: Cecilia Deocampo
City/State or Province: Yonkers, NY
Country: USA
Comment: I simply love your writing but I'm having a hard time getting ahold of some of your older books....any suggestions other than They are so expensive!!!

Posted On 05-17-2010 12:32 PM
Name: Ana
Country: Israel
Comment: Thank you, Ms. Balogh, for helping me believe in Love again.

Posted On 05-17-2010 8:27 AM
Name: Mary Frances
City/State or Province: Crossville, TN
Country: USA
Comment: is showing October 1, 2010 as the release date for the audio format of A Secret Affair.  Do you know why it is not being offered simultaneously with the hardcover edition?  Very disappointing.  I love listening to the british accents, but don't want to wait 4 1/2 months.

Posted On 05-10-2010 2:14 PM
Name: Summer-leigh
Country: USA
Comment: I have decided I must collect all in order to satisfy all the linked side stories. Of course, now is the challenge of getting all the cover art to match nicely in my library. I love the 'scroll' covers on Slightly and the 'pendants' on Web; Will Unforgiven and Indiscreet be re-printed as Irresistible seems to have done? The fun and challenge of a collection! Thanks for the rewarding mission, lol, Summer-leigh (I am on your mailing list. I am a fan that likes the married-ness of the Huxtable series.) I have kicked around the idea of a heroine unclaimed by family, widow to a sympathetic and indulgent elder Baron, who inherits a small country estate and takes in fallen women. For a protector of this household of women becomes obvious, she masquerades as a twin brother; challenging rakes to duels and witty public set downs as her girls try for respectability or recompense from men who have shamed or ruined them. The Baron's very stern and proper grand nephew meets Peter - the eccentric and private sullen 'twin' and realizes the property should be overseen with more restraint than the rash Peter or his sunny audacious sister seem to be managing. The widow and nephew power struggle over management of the house as Mr. Peter is rarely at home or inclined to the niceties. Staff are mostly taken in (therefore loyal) and a very few are in on Peter. The Butler, Groomer, and Steward are in, her maid and companion. It seems do-able and fun. I have had great fun imagining the scrapes and near misses of these imaginary twins. But writing like this is not my forte. I am not a student of history. I am not a serious dabbler in lit. but the story is outlined for me with no thoughts on filling it. So I thought I'd share the thought. It would be fun to see my fav romance writer inspired by the premise.

Posted On 05-10-2010 10:08 AM
Name: Mary Sitlington
City/State or Province: Cincinnati, OH
Country: USA
Comment: I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your books but do have one question that's been bugging me.

What is the family series where the two youngest daughters and their governess (Katharine Marks?) stayed in a hotel for their coming out?  I think Poppy married the owner of the hotel.  What was the series and what was the next book about Katharine and the girls' brother?  What were the books in the series?

Thanks so much.  I'd really appreciate the information.

Posted On 05-09-2010 2:11 PM
Name: April Thompson
City/State or Province: Liberty,OK
Country: USA
Comment: I really love your books,I find my self  waiten for the next one before its available. so keep up the good work you do a great job.

Posted On 05-07-2010 11:48 AM
Name: Jas
City/State or Province: Brighton
Country: UK
Comment: Dear Mary,

Several of your earlier novels are now downloaded on '' - this is great for all those readers who cannot get hold of your older novels but I suspect that it is in contravention of your copyright.

My favourite novels are 'Slightly Dangerous', 'Tempting Harriet' and 'The Ungrateful Governess'.  I would love it if Harriet and Archie were to appear in a new novel, as I am keen to know if they managed to produce the much-desired 'Heir and Spare' !  Perhaps they could be written into the new book about Gwen, Lady Muir.

Your characters are well-developed and always have interesting and detailed back stories.  This really enhances the reading experience for me and I eagerly await any new book that you publish.  Keep healthy and happy so that you can continue to write.  I own all but three of your novels so you can see that it is a real pleasure for me to read your novels.





Posted On 05-05-2010 8:11 PM
Name: Emi Luz Fuentecilla
City/State or Province: michigan
Country: US
Comment: All i can say is WOW!!!! i am so stunned with your plots. I have read "Then Comes Seduction" and "At last comes love," and i can not wait to read the rest of this series. These are marvelous books. I have never been the reader type, however, once i began your series, i haven't had the sense to stop.

Posted On 05-04-2010 1:32 PM
Name: Melissa Langan
City/State or Province: El Paso, Tx
Country: USA
Comment: I love reading your books. The plots, characters.  Everything feels so real.  It is not hard to imagine the people in your books.

Thank You

Posted On 04-29-2010 12:26 PM
Name: Jennifer Mounts
City/State or Province: Longwood FL
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you.  What more is there to say really?  Wonderful plots, beautiful imagery, page turners that become old friends... rainy day companions.   Please keep writing.

Posted On 04-28-2010 12:56 AM
Name: Nisha
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Mary Balogh,

Your writting & story telling ability is SIMPLY WONDERFUL. I enjoyed reading about lives of your characters from other books. Im proud to say I'm one of your biggest fan :-))

I can't get enough of your books and I'm still wait your old books to be published again. There's not much your books in Malaysia. I only managed to find Simply, Slightly & Huxtable series. The 1st book I've read was 'At Last Comes Love'. It's brilliant.

I just read 'A Precious Jewel'. It was something different from others authors. You make the characters alive and it's touching when read the last chapter. You had me in tears Mary. You are so GOOOOODDDDD! I was wondering about Lord Severn and wish you had his story. You have not disappointed me at all Mary. I've found his story in "The Ideal Wife".

All your books goes from pleasant to good and from good to very² GOOD!!! Love u Mary Balogh :-*


Posted On 04-27-2010 9:07 PM
Name: Raymona Kramer
City/State or Province: Tucson, AZ
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I have never written a fan letter before but could not pass up this opportunity to tell you how wonderful your books are.  Every character is unique, as are the plots; every book is spellbinding and every ending so satisfying.  While waiting anxiously for the story of Con, I'm having a delightful time reading again about his Huxtable cousins.  Thank you so much for sharing your remarkable talent with all of us.

Posted On 04-24-2010 7:26 AM
Name: Christian Eliab Ratnam
City/State or Province: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Comment: Ms Balough, what a pleasure it is to be able to write to you. I don't know if you actually read the guest book, but I'll write just in case you do. I love your books and that, Madam, is an understatement of monumental proportions. You are, I dare say, the modern day Jane Austen. It's a joy to read your books, they transport me time and time again to another world... I don't want to sound like an escapist, but your books take loads off my mind and are always entertaining. I rarely find authors who are skilful enough to have written a whole collection of boredom proof books. There hasn't come a time when I've not dreaded putting down one your books half-way through to attend to pressing errands. The wit, the style, the cunning observations of human behaviour through the eyes of the characters never fail to impress, startle and enlighten me. I just hope you never stop writing, I know it's selfish to ask that of you, but I just can't help it. =) May G-d bless you and your work. Cheers! =) And if ever you wish to visit Singapore, it would be an honour to show you around. My email add: Your Biggest Fan (If I may say so myself), Christian

Posted On 04-24-2010 6:27 AM
Name: Jacqueline McGovern
City/State or Province: Toms River,NJ
Country: USA
Comment: I loved reading all your books but "A Matter Of Class" was my favorite so far.I couldn't wait to finish it but hated for it to end.How about making it into a movie? I would love to see the SIMPLY or SLIGHTLY series on PBS Masterpiece Theatre.

Posted On 04-21-2010 3:58 PM
Name: Jeanie
City/State or Province: West Branch, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,
Thank you so much for writing such entertaining books. I look forward to reading the newest ones as well as the reprints. I started reading the Slightly series on Christmas Day and have re-read every one of your books that I can get my hands on. I find something I either overlooked or forgot each time I read the book again. I work in a rural ER and your books help me take my mind off the job when I am not there. You can't always count on happy endings in real life but to me, happy endings in books are the reason to read them. Thank you for making the whole story as enjoyable as the endings. It is a pleasure to read your work.
Sincerely, Jeanie

Posted On 04-21-2010 1:25 PM
Name: jay polson
City/State or Province: Marco Island, Florida
Country: U S A
Comment:     please share with me    just how it was that   in      A Matter of Class     the marriage would have caused Masons wealth to relieve Havercrofts    financial problems     ??   dowries   went in the other direction, eh?    thank you....

Posted On 04-18-2010 11:56 PM
Name: Dixie
City/State or Province: TX
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh: I recently picked up The Ideal Wife at my library. As soon as I finished it, I purchased your Dell Dark Angel and Lord Carew's Bride. Thanks so much for sharing your talents. I look forward to reading all the rest of your books. It is so easy to travel to another time and place through your books. In your note to Readers in the front of the Dell edition, you mention that you are not going to redeem Lionel, Lord Kersey. I wholeheartedly agree! There really are people like Lionel who are completely self-centered and love to manipulate and simply do not recognize that they are amoral. Since your other characters are so believable, to redeem Lionel would be totally unrealistic. Again, thanks so much for giving me the enjoyment (both tears and laughter) of reading your books.

Posted On 04-16-2010 3:56 AM
Name: brenda
Country: uganda
Comment: they are all beautiful

Posted On 04-14-2010 8:44 PM
Name: Tina
City/State or Province: Alma, Arkansas
Country: United States
Comment: Mary,

Your books are wonderful.  I feel I know the Bedwyns family and everyone of them. This what life is about "Family".

Your books have brought me great joy.  I lived in England for 3 years with the US Military and met my wonderful

husband.  He is a Englishman of my dreams and the love of my life.  Keep the books coming.

Thank you so much,



Posted On 04-12-2010 5:45 PM
Name: Joanne Bozik
City/State or Province: Lyndhurst New Jersey
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary, I have read all of your books and look forward to reading Stephens all your works!!!

Posted On 04-11-2010 7:19 PM
Name: Jane Holland
City/State or Province: Warwickshire
Country: England
Comment: I read 'Slightly Dangerous' today and must confirm what your previous commenter said about Wulfric Bedwyn. What a marvellous hero, and the book is delightful altogether. It had me in tears quite early on, then halfway through, then again towards the end. Completely unputdownable. Many congratulations, it's only the second of yours that I've read but I am now a confirmed Balogh fan. You've given me a lot of pleasure, Mary. I can't wait to read your other books!

Best, Jane

Posted On 04-10-2010 1:14 PM
Name: Peggy
City/State or Province: Scottsdale, AZ
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I just want thank you for writing the Bedwyn series. Each book was amazing. The characters, their stories had me hooked from the very first page to the very last. I also shed a few tears during the reading of them. They really touched my heart strings. My poor husband would just look at me and shake his head, and say, "Another touching moment I take it." I have to admit the one character that I really had a soft spot for, was Wulfric Bedwyn. He was so misunderstood... thought of as being cold, aloof, uncaring but just the opposite. I look forward to reading all of your books in the future. I want to wish you a happy, and healthy 2010. Do you ever travel to Arizona? I would love to be able to meet you some day. Thank you. Peggy

Posted On 04-05-2010 10:01 PM
Name: Amy Thomas
City/State or Province: Gaylord, MI
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary,

I just finished three of you books.  It began with finding "A Matter of Class" in the new books shelf at my local library.  After finishing that, I quickly went back to find Simply Perfect, which I believe is the last of that series.  :)  That's pretty typical of me, but it didn't take me long to start looking at copyright dates when I went back for the third, Simply Unforgetta ble.

I was refreshingly surprised to read one of your stories.  I've always loved Regency England and the Tudor period.  (If those are one in the same, bear with me, I'm still a newbie to England's history, lol! )  However, I've never really been a huge fan of romance.  My mother on the other hand, I swear there are less Harlequin romances out that she hasn't read than has read.  Oh the piles of books!!!!  But your stories touch into the physical aspects of romance without throwing it all over the cover or your readers, and for that, I'm quite gratefully and will continue reading your various series of books.

That is when I'm not writing myself.  I'm currently on my fourth chapter of a fictional piece loosely based on my experiences living and working in a very small town in the eastern end of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  I'm on my third day of writing, and it seems to coming along face enough to keep my brain working overtime.  I have come up with some of the greatest ideas as I'm lying in bed waiting to fall asleep. :)

I'm currently a part time bartender at a hotel lounge here in norther lower Michigan.   The bar business has been quite slow lately, which makes me available for some really great conversations with the hotel guests.  I've heard some really great stories from almost every single one of them, but I remember only a few that apparently my brain deemed worth retelling.  I've been itching to write a book for a number of years, I've always loved writing.  Well, maybe not so much while I was still in high school, but it certainly started to catch my interest by the time I finally rolled around to take my first college level English Composition course online.

Sorry to bore you, as I've realized I've rattled on for a bit too long.  Again, thank you for your creative writing!  I'll be sure to pass on your name and booklist when asked for a good book to read by a friend, well girl friend anyways...

Take care and I hope you are somewhere enjoying the wonderful spring weather!

Amy Thomas

Posted On 04-05-2010 5:23 PM
Name: chris
City/State or Province: Somerset
Country: U.K.
Comment: Very much enjoy your books, but a couple of things grate - one, repeatedly: Brits never talk about "Baron..." anyone, a baron is always referred to as Lord so-and-so. Once, to introduce him and explain his rank  - OK - but to refer continually to e.g. Baron Weston or Baron Montford  is wrong - and sounds wrong to British readers, who I guess are a significant group of your fans.

And - Brits have never been allowed to marry in a private house, as happens in "Simply Love." The law has always said that marriage had to be in a place open to the public - so that someone who had cause to object could come along and do it.

Posted On 04-02-2010 3:01 PM
Name: Jessica
City/State or Province: B.C
Country: Canada
Comment: Hey Mary!! I can't get enough of your books = ) You are a truly amazing writer and I can't wait for the next books to be out...

Posted On 04-02-2010 1:23 PM
Name: adina iuliana
City/State or Province: Sibiu
Country: Romania (Europe)
Comment: I want to tell you that your books are amazing. I stumbled on them in a library and I never put them down . Your books helped me through a really hard time and they provided a secure world where in the end always is a happy end . THANK YOU for writing. THANK YOU for your piece of soul that you poured into those books . THANK YOU for letting me reach that piece . THANK YOU. I hope you never stop writing . With love from Sibiu , Romania your faithful fan Adina .

Posted On 03-31-2010 12:18 PM
Name: Alfie
City/State or Province: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Comment: Greetings from Singapore! I came across your books at Borders and at that time, I despairingly fell out of love and was looking for a romance novel to read. I first picked up the book First comes Marriage. Ever since then, I've fallen in love with the Huxtable family. I couldn't cease to flip the pages to know what exactly was going on. Thanks to you, I've started writing already and might jolly well be taking it up as a career, though I know it isn't going to be easy. I have found a reason to fall in love again, and once again, I thank you for that!

Posted On 03-30-2010 10:17 PM
Name: Sarah
City/State or Province: St. Petersburg, Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Mary,

I've been one of your biggest fans for years. I adore the 'Mistress' series and lately, the Huxtable series. I buy all your books in paperback, but I've already put myself on the list at my library for 'Secret Affair' because I can't wait. I've been DYING to read Constantine's story since the very first mention of him in 'First Comes Marriage'. I just know he's a hero, and I hope Elliot and Vanessa have to eat their hats!

Thank you for continuing to write such beautiful, realistic Regency romances.


Posted On 03-29-2010 11:30 PM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Ma
Country: USA
Comment: I am currently reading the slightly series. I have a NOOK and have noticed that Slightly Sinful is not available in ebook format. Is this an oversite on Barnes and Nobles site? I would like to read them in order and if it isn't available, do you know when it will be?

Posted On 03-28-2010 6:22 AM
Name: Kenisha
City/State or Province: Longview,TX
Country: USA
Comment:       I have been reading your work for the past couple of years and am one of your biggest fans. My favorites are the "Slightly" and "Simply" series.

      I have been reading Dark Angel and Lord Carews Bride and wondered if the "Muir" lady mentioned in it is the same as "Lady Muir" in the "Slightly" series. I have not finished reading the story and may answer my own question but I was too excited when I crossed the name and had to try to find out instantaneously if possible. I am eagerly awaiting a happy ending for Lady Muir.

     I have also been awaiting a happy ending for Constantine so I am glad to see his story will be out in May. I just wish I could have it sooner. However, it is probably a good thing that I cannot because I am a student and I often slack off when I get my hands on one of your novels.

      Thanks for sharing your gift with us mere mortals.


Posted On 03-27-2010 3:54 AM
Name: Joan Jensen
City/State or Province: Coulee Dam, WA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary...I've been reading your books for about the last 20 years and enjoyed each one.  Yesterday I found THE PRECIOUS JEWEL at Safeway and brought home.  To me it is your best book ever.  I don't often cry over a book, though they do touch me but this one was so special.  The characters were so true to life.  It's hard to believe you wrote it in 2 weeks, it must have been in your heart crying to get out.  Thanks again for all the wonderful books you have written. With Love...Joan

Posted On 03-18-2010 11:18 PM
Name: Jeannine Pellerin
City/State or Province: Montréal, Québec
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary
I just finished reading both Dark Angel and Lord Carew's Bride which I bought last week when I was visiting my friend in Toronto. I started Dark Angel on the way back to Montreal on the train and I could not put it down. I had to because I was working the next day and had to get some sleep, somehow. How do you do it? Your stories are so great and the characters so real and lovable... well, not Lionel, for sure. I was so happy when Hartley gave him a good trashing. Now I must get A PRECIOUS JEWEL. I cannot wait to start reading it because I remember how much I loved THE IDEAL WIFE. Thank you for what you bring us - the readers.

Posted On 03-12-2010 11:55 AM
Name: Linda Entze
City/State or Province: Oregon city, Ore
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary, I have always been a reader, all my life, but never before have I relied on it as a way to endure.  This summer I was diagnosed with ALS.  I recently discovered your books.  Oh wow, they are so awesome.  When I get scared, I read, when I get sad, I read, your books take me AWAY.   I still somehow have to get through each day, raise my remaining 2 boys,(I have 10 children) and be positive and hopeful. Oh my gosh, so HARD. But I pick up one of your books and I escape and get happy and am able to keep going. Right now I have just lost my ability to speak and eat decently.  Lucky so far, but still Hard.  Thankyou soooo very much for sharing your incredible story telling with all of us!!

Posted On 03-11-2010 5:14 PM
Name: Betty Jacqueline Nicholson
City/State or Province: Freeport, New York
Country: USA
Comment: I discovered your wonderful books this winter,while snowbound in the house, here on Long Island, and I've read about twenty of them so far! I was amazed to find that we have so much in common. I was born in Cardiff, Wales in 1929, grew up  there during the war, went to school and college, and then taught elementary school in Cardiff for ten years.In 1956  I came to New York as an exchange teacher, met and married an American, raised threee daughters, and I've lived here ever since.Now I'm widowed and retired and living in a co-op, after selling my big house. I go into the big city often to the New York Philharmonic ( like all Welsh people I love music). I travel ,and go back to Wales every year, and attend the monthly services of our NY Welsh church. We will have our big St David's Day dinner this Sunday. We also have a Gymanfa Ganu every year too.I also go to the theater often , so you see, I keep very busy!

Best regards, Betty ( known to my friends as Jacquie .....and I hope you'll become one of them)

Posted On 03-11-2010 11:00 AM
Name: Tracy
City/State or Province: Johnson City, TN
Country: USA
Comment: Ms Balogh, I love your books! I have 52 of them and I plan to get them all. I never did like to read till I started reading your books. Thank you soooooo much.


Posted On 03-08-2010 8:00 PM
Name: Cathy
City/State or Province: Atlanta, GA
Country: USA
Comment: With the stress of everyday life , I have found a wonderful escape in your books.  At this very moment, my husband is at the bookstore with a list of yours that I haven't read.  Thank you.

Posted On 03-07-2010 7:12 PM
Name: Mary
City/State or Province: Des Moines, IA
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

I'm only 21 years old, but I've read many of your books. I've been an avid reader in general since I was sixteen, which always earned me odd looks from my classmates-who would never read for school, let alone for fun-but I've always loved the written word. I came across the "Simply" series and the "Huxtable" series and fell in love, I've been getting into the older ones, right now I'm reading "The Secret Pearl", but I'll be moving on to the "Slightly" Series next. Thanks for hours and hours of enjoyment, don't know what I'd do without authors like you!

Posted On 03-07-2010 3:03 PM
Name: Phyllis
City/State or Province: NYS
Country: USA
Comment: I have just finished A Matter of Class and enjoyed my break from worries and cares for a few hours so much that I had to let you know. Thank you. It was the most original regency I have ever read.

As a Librarian , I also want Kerri Hunter who has written in your guestbook to know that she should ask her librarian to buy more of your books or perhaps request them from other libraries through interlibrary loan. We take our patrons requests seriously and always enjoy learning what they want to read.. 

Posted On 03-06-2010 12:33 PM
Name: Vivian
City/State or Province: Wisconsin
Comment: Hi Mary,

A Matter of Class is a delightful story of love, between Annabelle and Reggie, two levels of class coming together. Their story with interpersed chapters of their growing up years gave a vivid background.The ending that was unexpected and an excellent conclusion. The parents were not aware of how they helped.

Changing personalities from cold to warm also made  the personalities develop into better people.
Thank you Mary for this gift to your readers. .

Posted On 03-05-2010 10:39 PM
Name: Murizah Mohamad
City/State or Province: Perlis
Country: Malaysia
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh,

I am an avid reader and order my novels through the internet. I found your book "Slightly Dangerous" and "Slightly Married" by chance  a fortnight ago (it was the cover and review of the books that made me order them) ......and now I'm hooked. Glad that I started reading the story of Lord Bewcastle and Christine . Just love their 'opposite'  characters, witty dialogues and the plot itself is just beautiful. Now I'm trying to order more of your books and I'm sure I'll not be dissappointed when I get them. (Thank God for the internet!)

May you be blessed with good health and continue to write even more beautiful books for us fans!



Posted On 03-02-2010 6:06 PM
Name: RJ
City/State or Province: Brookfield, WI
Country: USA
Comment: Mrs. Balogh...I wonder if there is anything in the future for re-releasing Heartless and Silent Melody?  I just recently read them from my local library and fell in love with the Luke and Ashley.  Your stories are fabulous...please keep charming us with you beautiful stories.

Posted On 03-02-2010 12:28 PM
Name: Sarah Morin
City/State or Province: Portland, Maine
Country: USA
Comment: Ms. Balogh:

It would be wonderful to see a story - even a novella - in which David Jewell and Lizzie Pickford are grown.  I see them each as artistic individuals; he with his painting and she with her writing.  They would fall in love, but of course she would resist thinking she would be a burden, etc..  I truly loved the Slightly series and have re-read them recently.

I have just finished Dark Angel/Bride of Lord Carew and look forward to Constantine's story.

Thank you for hours of enjoyment.

Posted On 03-01-2010 10:37 PM
Name: Tana Lewis
City/State or Province: Kirkwood, MO
Country: USA
Comment: Hello,
Just finished reading the new release book, Dark Angel and Lord Carew's Bride.
I am so glad that have released some of your older books as I missed reading so many of them.  You are a marvelous writer and I feel like I am apart of the book.  I am for lack of words swept to the far shores of England and entered a time where time moved at a different pace and was enjoyed to its fullest.
Thank you for sharing your talent through books.
Have a lovely day.

Posted On 03-01-2010 4:05 PM
Name: Joyce B.
City/State or Province: Liberty Twp
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh,

I am very happy that they are re-releasing some of your older books.  I found you several years ago in your Regency books and have always enjoyed your writing.  I especially like how  you connect the characters in the different stories so that we see how they are doing in later years.

Did you ever write a story for Elizabeth, Duchess of Portfrey, Lauren's Aunt in A Summer to Remember?

Posted On 03-01-2010 9:55 AM
Name: Jan Thomas
City/State or Province: Elizabethtown, NC
Country: USA
Comment: Hey Mary,  Since I read Precious Jewel about 2 months ago, I have purchased 25 of your books on ebay!  Most of them for a dollar.  Just finished Dark Angel and Lord Carew's Bride.  I always think the most recent one I read is my favortie!!   I get so involved with your characters, I feel sad when the book is finished!    Keep writing!



Posted On 02-28-2010 6:47 PM
Name: Candice Sprouse
City/State or Province: Florida
Country: USA
Comment: Hi there! I first found your unique writing style through the Slightly series, beginning of course with A Summer to Remember. I have been addicted ever since, and look forward to finding another one of your books as soon as I finish one. I love how you weave stories so intricately around your characters, the way you tell a story makes it seem so believable. I hope that you will write forevermore because you give me some delightful reprieve from my everyday hectic life. Thank you so so so much.

Posted On 02-27-2010 4:31 PM
Name: Sharon Pickering
City/State or Province: Texas
Country: U.S.A.

Posted On 02-27-2010 11:50 AM
Name: JudyRBL
Comment: RBL Romantica is pleased to inform you that "Seducing an Angel" has been nominated for a 2009 Hughie Award for Favorite English/Scottish Historical Romance.

For more information, go to and click on the Message Board icon.

Posted On 02-26-2010 3:01 PM
Name: catherine abernathy
City/State or Province: dolphin va
Country: usa
Comment: I am 72 yrs of age mother of 5 grandmother of 8 and have over 1000 books in my 3 to be read books shelves.   I finished A Precious Jewel about 10 minutes ago      Though it was not important I wish you had completed the story with the child having been born

I have all your books starting  with   Heartless   an  Silent Melody     but like  A Precious Jewel and The Ideal Wife    I want very much      to read    Lady with a Black Umbrella     I have found copies of it on the internet at  prices too high to buy     I do hope down the road it will be published again    I see many of your books are coming out the next yr or so  I saw one in the store while shopping on thurs will go back and get it tomorrow         we are in a very rural area so kno it will be there

ideal wife and precious jewel were two fabulous books and hard to put down      I simply had to know what and how it  was going to happen     thanks for 2  beyond excellent books   ca





Posted On 02-25-2010 12:44 PM
Name: Natalie
City/State or Province: Indiana
Country: USA
Comment: I just read the finalists for the  'It Happened One Season' contest.  Are you kidding me with number 3?  A man and woman hate each other, find themselves in a compromising position and must marry to avoid scandal?  Seriously?  Gee, I don't think I've ever read a romance with that plot before.  And I thought my entry might have been a little too much "been there, done that".  By the way, I love your books and I'm still waiting for Eleanor's story!


Posted On 02-25-2010 12:04 PM
Name: Melanie M
City/State or Province: Nevada
Country: USA
Comment: Well, I've just finished the Slightly Series and I so wish I'd read that before the Simply Series.  I'm sure I would've appreciated the mention of all the Bedwyn families so much more had I done.  But oh well.  I think my favorite was Wulf's story.  Such a hoot of a character with his silly quizzing glass. I laughed out loud when Chistine finally ripped it off his neck and threw it in the tree. 

I've dropped you a note before about the Huxtables, and once again with the Bedwyn's and the gals from Miss Martin's school, you've created such a lovely and enchanting (and enormously involved and tangled) group of  people.  Very much enjoyed it.

I also read recently A Matter of Class, and also enjoyed that very much.  The flashback perspectives were very interesting in how the showed the evolution of the ruse that the two main characters concocted.  Another fun read!

I'm looking forward to the release of Con Huxtable's story!

Posted On 02-25-2010 2:50 AM
Name: Anna Echols
City/State or Province: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Country: CANADA
Comment: I am sure that I have read our books in the past as I am a voracious reader. In your books' bio it only states that you live in Canada, so I had no idea that you were also a Prairie girl. I grew up in Regina, but now live in Winnipeg. Your books are amazing and I love how all the characters blend together. I just finished four books in the Simply series and have gone back to read Slightly Dangerous and Summer to Remember. I Love Them! Please keep writing.

Posted On 02-23-2010 11:09 PM
Name: Nancy Stein
City/State or Province: Chicago, IL
Country: USA
Comment: Please think of making the Slightly series into audiobooks. Although I have downloaded most of them to my Kindle, having the audio option is terrific, especially since I teach and am at the computer at least 6 hours a day. Also, Rosiland Landor is a fabulous reader. So is Ann Flossnik. It is interesting the networks that you have set up to frame each of the series. One of the tricks of creating character depth is to writer about each from multiple perspectives, both good and bad. And to see what motivates a person to carry through action with or without passion. Given that I am engaged in heavy academic research on early learning in science and also studies of conflict and cooperation, your books afford a VERY welcome change and a chance to immerse myself in worlds that have no deadlines or demands. Thanks for the good stories. I wish I could go to Wales with you! Nancy

Posted On 02-23-2010 10:17 PM
Name: Kerri Hunter
City/State or Province: Shasta
Country: United States
Comment: Ms. Balogh,

Thank you for your writing.  I enjoy your books when I can find them.  Once I start one of your books, I simply cannot put it down until I through.  I wish our local library carried more of your books.  Since I'm temporarily unemployed I cannot buy any books, much to my chagrin, however I'll keep haunting my library until they add more of your books.

Thanks again. 


Kerri Hunter

Posted On 02-23-2010 8:02 PM
Name: sheryl
City/State or Province: lebanon,mo
Country: usa
Comment: dear mrs balogh, just finished the huxtable series and trying to waite for the next two to come out. i would like to thank you for making your heroian so believable and for not making them so drop dead make them plain but pretty,realistic.thank you.

Posted On 02-15-2010 8:17 PM
Name: Bill
City/State or Province: Portland, OR
Country: USA
Comment: Mrs. Balogh, the first romance novel by a living author that I read was More Than a Mistress and it hooked me. Since then I have read 23 of your books and I am still searching them out and reading them. They are all keepers. I love the way you surprise me with unexpected plot turns and I love that you take on controversial characters: a crippled woman in Dancing with Clara, a courtesan in No Man's Mistress and a street prostitute in Secret Pearl. You write touching emotional stories that always move me. Thanks for your novels.

Posted On 02-15-2010 11:28 AM
Name: Michelle
City/State or Province: High Springs, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Mary,

I love your books! Never stop writing! I can't wait for the books that are coming out this year. I always get so into your books that I can't put them down.

Posted On 02-14-2010 4:39 PM
Name: Sherry Lynn
City/State or Province: Ft. Myers, FL
Country: United States
Comment: Dear Ms. Balogh, I can't tell you how many hours of enjoyment I have had reading your books.  They bring me great happiness and I think you are amazing.  All my best wishes to you.

Posted On 02-13-2010 3:26 PM
Name: Autumn
City/State or Province: clinton, mo
Country: usa
Comment: Thank you Thank you for writing series of books that mingle together from other series!!!!!! I am hooked on the Bedwyns :) I love the fact that they are in other books.....I have always tried to find someone who would write like this....I hate it when you find a very good book but at the simply thank you for smattering them here and really can transport you to somewhere unbelievable! I am sooooo glad to have found your books....I simply can't put them down :)

Posted On 02-12-2010 3:21 PM
Name: Kathleen Pfeiffer
City/State or Province: Albuquerque, N.M.
Country: U.S.A.
Comment: I love your well developed characters that ring true emotionally. You do both male and females wonderfully. Your bits of historical detail add that "light of life" to the complete picture making the background pop with reality. I tend to refer to my "light" reading as "mind candy" but some authors are simply too good for that appellation, you are among them. My favorites from adolescence were Jane Aiken-Hodge, Mary Stewart, and Victoria Holt. Of the "newer" writers I add your works, Barbara Metzgar, and Patricia Veryan. These are books that are not merely read, not simply read and savored but reread, kept and cherished. Thank you for the many hours of pleasure and the fine people you have created and brought into my life. Kathleen Pfeiffer

Posted On 02-12-2010 12:08 PM
Name: Monika Gonzalez
City/State or Province: Kingsville Tx
Comment: I have Read all the Huxtable Series and i have to say I LOVE this Series.  Now to find out that Con's story is going to be told i am more than ecstatic.  I can't wait to read the final book.  I let my sister borrow the books and she got hooked herself.  Can't wait till May. Yay!

Posted On 02-12-2010 9:51 AM
Name: Mary Choker
City/State or Province: MI
Country: USA
Comment: A Matter of Class is a wonderful novella. As in all of your novels, the characters, setting, and tone are a genuine reflection of the time you are writing about. The ability to do this in 200 pages is rare, and should be rewarded. You always create characters one cares about, and add twists and turns to the story that keep us reading and rereading. I truly wish I could buy all of your books in beautiful new hardcovers like this one to display right next to my Jane Austen collection. I will be buying all of the reissues as they come out, and only loaning them to friends who will treat them as gently as I will. Now it's on to A Precious Jewel.

Posted On 02-11-2010 10:05 PM
City/State or Province: BROOKLYN,NY,USA
Country: USA








Posted On 02-10-2010 5:37 PM
Name: Angela Harp
City/State or Province: Southern California
Country: USA
Comment: Mary-

I have to say that before 2009 I was not a fan of reading. But after reading my first Mary Balogh book, A Secret Pearl, I have been hooked. I have ALL of your books that are in print. I can not wait for your reprints. I now read an average of 3-4 books a week!! Because of your stories I have become so obsessed with English history and the time period you write in, it makes me want to go back and study English history in school!!! I am even planning a trip to England early 2011 where I plan on visiting all the famous locations you describe in your books. I have turned so many of my friends and co workers onto your books that I hope they in turn tell their friends. Has any production company or network ever pitched to you to make one of your series books into a miniseries on tv (i.e Showtime, HBO, BBC)??? I know it would be a hit!!! I am determined to keep spreading the word to the younger crowd ( I am 25) that MARY BALOGH's books ARE AMAZING and must reads!!! All us girls at the office can't wait for Constatine's story!!

Best Wishes-


Posted On 02-10-2010 12:06 PM
Name: Pamela
City/State or Province: St. Louis
Country: USA
Comment: I really love your books.  I'm not sure if I can convey how they effect me. I think they are beautiful stories.  The first book of yours that I read was A Chance Encounter.  I thought of it for days after I had finished it.  That is some writing when someone can feel what the characters are feeling. I have read several of your other books recently and have enjoyed them as well.  A Precious Jewel  was also a wonderful story. I absolutely fell in love with Gerald.  Thank you for your beautiful work. You have been given a wonderful talent. 

Posted On 02-09-2010 12:24 PM
Name: Rebecca
City/State or Province: Ozone Park, New York
Country: United States
Comment: I love all of your books.  I am currently reading the Princess and the Pea and its wonderful.  Thank you for all your wonderful stories.  They brighten my day and bring a smile to my face.  Thank you so very much.  Keep up the great work.

Posted On 02-09-2010 10:49 AM
Name: Carolina Veloso
City/State or Province: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brasil
Comment: Two years ago I found "Simply Love'' on my local bookstore and I confess, by that time , I had never heard of you before. I "simply loved"  the book, and since then, I have been trying to find other books of yours, but it is quite impossible here in Brasil. The only way was to order them . The idea that characters appear in different books is wonderful. So we can learn a little more about them. Historical romances are good for our souls. Thank you for such good moments when reading your books...

Posted On 02-07-2010 8:48 PM
Name: Johanna Francisco
City/State or Province: Lake in the Hills, IL
Country: USA
Comment: A Matter of Class is the first novel of Ms.Balogh's that I've read. I am hooked. I loved everything about it-- the style and manner that it changed from one POV to another, and the chronological arrangement was very impressive. It was well written and witty. I've been a huge fan of Georgette Heyer and Jane Austen since I was 13. I didn't think that anyone can come close to their level. But apparently I am mistaken.

Posted On 02-06-2010 7:36 PM
Name: Dina
Comment: I've recently started reading your books, love all of them, but am compelled to write after finishing AT LAST COMES LOVE. Thank you, thank you for such a lovely twist to the traditional romance. I love the respect and frankness between the two characters, the ponderings of fate and life's purpose, and the fact that like leads to love rather than lust (although love the lusty scenes, too!). Great work.

Posted On 02-05-2010 2:02 PM
Name: Sarah Coulsey
City/State or Province: Greenfield, MA
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished reading A Matter Of Class for the 4th time!!!!  It is such a great book.  I went to Barnes and Nobel two weeks ago to just grab a couple things, and for reasons unknown I was drawn to this book.  I am glad I was!!!!  I have even posted a review on my site.  I cant wait for the next couple books.




Posted On 02-02-2010 10:42 PM
Name: Tina Stem
City/State or Province: Tn
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books.  I guess you could say I am a series reader.  I have read almost all of yours and love every one of them.  I have just purchased  a kindled and intend on purchasing the ones I can on it so that I can always have them handy to reread anytime.  To me when you can actually feel what the characters are feeling that is when you know you have found a great writer and when I read your books that is what I feel.  Thank you.  Please keep writing.

Posted On 02-01-2010 7:09 PM
Name: Joy Rivers
City/State or Province: TN
Country: USA
Comment: I just finished one of your books that was reprinted called "Angel Rogue".  I enjoyed your characters so very much.  I have read many of your other books and have enjoyed them all.  Look forward to reading more of  your books.  Thanks for putting me on your mailing list.

A grateful fan,


Author Note: ANGEL ROGUE is by Mary Jo Putney but hey, I don't mind taking credit!

Posted On 01-30-2010 9:46 PM
Name: Meara
City/State or Province: Victoria, BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary,

thank you for countless hours of entertainment.  I've always enjoyed your books, and buy them whenever I can.  I'm a university student and quite poor, but I always have enough money to buy one of your books!  They always fill me with joy.

I just finished Then Comes Seduction - bravo!  I love a heroine and hero that are honest with themselves.

Posted On 01-30-2010 6:01 PM
Name: mojgan zare ehssani
City/State or Province: stone mountain, GA
Country: USA
Comment: i love your books.  they are so amazing and so mind capturing.  I am addicted to your books.  when i start i cant stop.  and i have to go on and read all the other characters that are involved in the following books.  but to be honest your books are more than just romance books to me.  I increased my knowledge of English through your books and for that i am so thankful to you.  please keep writing and never stop.  i love love love your books.

Posted On 01-30-2010 10:24 AM
Name: Linda Amidon
City/State or Province: Phillipston, MA
Country: US
Comment: I have read everyone of your books.  I own most of them.  They have always brought me joy.  I keep saying I'm  going to sell them but find I can not part with them.  Your are one of the few authors whose books I have re-read.  Looking forward to Con's book.  I have liked him from the first.

Posted On 01-29-2010 1:20 PM
Name: Laura
City/State or Province: Kirkland, WA
Country: US
Comment: "A Matter of Class"  was an absolutely charming read.  It was original, clever, entertaining -- just a perfect read.    I've been waiting forever for Gwen's and Angeline's story that everytime you had a new series to write I get a tad disappointed.  I forgive you!    "A Matter of Class"   is probably my all-time favorites of yours and I enjoyed (loved) many of your books.    Thank you for an enjoyable story. 

( I downloaded this onto my Kindle App on my itouch but I have to have the real thing with this book)  

Keep wrting!

Posted On 01-27-2010 7:12 PM
Name: Cherie
City/State or Province: Waterloo, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: Hi Mary, I last wrote after reading "The Ideal Wife".  I absolutely loved it.  Now I just finished reading "A Matter of Class" and again I want to write after enjoying the book so much.  Again, I can't get it out of my mind.  I have read many of your books and have never been disappointed.  Matter of Class goes on my list of absolute favorites along with A Summer to Remember, Simply Love, The Ideal Wife and A Precious Jewel.  Thanks so much for your unforgettable stories and characters.

Cherie Jensen

Posted On 01-26-2010 9:30 PM
Name: Holli
City/State or Province: Sonoma, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Just a quick thanks Mary for sending on the link for the Avon contest. I've put my plot lines in and will cross my fingers!

Posted On 01-25-2010 3:44 AM
Name: Tracy
City/State or Province: Hamilton
Country: New Zealand
Comment: Just  a quick note to say hi. I now have so many of your books I'm having to spreadsheet them to keep track of the various series and interrelationships and have spent the last half hour using your site to fill in the titles of the gaps in my collection... I'm looking forward to the reprints of the out of print books!

My favourite heroine so far is Freyja - I too have a 'handsome' family nose :o)

All the best.


Posted On 01-22-2010 8:47 PM
Name: Earle
City/State or Province: Berkeley Springs, WV
Country: USA
Comment: With the news so awful and the world seeming topsy-turvey, I was in the library and stumbled on your books.  What a joy!  They are so relaxing and take one away from all the troubles of the world and send one into a relaxing mode.  Not only are your books a joy to read, but you always have something to say that is very beneficial to life.  Thanks so much for giving me great joy.

Posted On 01-22-2010 4:07 PM
Name: Regina
City/State or Province: Milwaukee, WI
Country: USA
Comment: I absolutely love Precious Jewel!  Although, I love all your books, Gerald and Prissy's story stuck with me.  The fact that the main character is not the typical alpha male of all other stories just brings the story closer to ones heart.  I have read the Huxtable Series, The Bedwyn Series, The ideal Wife, Precious Jewel, A Summer to Remember, Simply Unforgettable and Web of Love...and I can not wait for Con's and Lady Muir's stories...they too deserve a happy ending! I intend to read all of your books...don't stop writting...pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.

Posted On 01-21-2010 3:24 AM
Name: wendy
Country: new zealand
Comment: A Secret Affair!


Where can I read a excerpt. or is it to soon?

Posted On 01-20-2010 6:53 PM
Name: Melissa DeWitt
City/State or Province: VA
Country: United States
Comment: I just have to know if Lily Doyle and Neville are ever able to conceive. I know she said that she believed herself to be barren, but I just can't accept it as truth. Are there any answers in "A Summer to Remember"? I love every one of your books I've read so far, but Lily and Neville's story was so heartbreaking-they loved each other, but were so star-crossed, and once I finished the book, I've been haunted by their characters. I cried when Neville announced to his family and friends that Lily refused him. I almost couldn't take it. Never have I felt such a strong desire to flip to the end of the book and find out what happened. I loved the side stories in the book too. Glad that Lily's father could finally find happiness and closure with Elizabeth. Thank you for continuing to delight my imagination. Sometimes when I finish reading a romance novel, I look at my husband and wonder why he can't be more romantic. But after your books, I just long to be near him. Thank you!

Posted On 01-20-2010 1:54 PM
Name: June Capasso
City/State or Province: Yardley, PA
Country: USA
Comment: Mary, I thoroughly enjoyed A Matter of Class.  Too short though....wished it went on for another 190 pages (at least).  Cannot wait for your next book. 

June Capasso

Posted On 01-20-2010 5:39 AM
Name: Laura Rennie
City/State or Province: Lawrence, MA.
Country: USA
Comment: It's been a few years since the last time I signed your guest book. But after reading A Matter Of Class, I just had to let you know that you've done it again. You've made me a fan of Regency Romance again. Of course just about everyone of your books has had that effect on me, but this one just got to me in that special way that makes me sorry that I had to read the last page, but it was definitely one of your BEST! Thank you so very much!

Posted On 01-18-2010 5:35 PM
Name: Jennifer Dunkle
City/State or Province: Fort Collins, CO
Country: USA
Comment: I really loved "A Matter of Class!"  What an imaginative and romantic plot.  I think it should be made into a movie!



Posted On 01-17-2010 11:38 AM
Name: Missy thompson
City/State or Province: Naples, FL
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mrs. Balogh,

   I absolutely love your stories. They are so captivating. This past summer my mom got sick and passed away with stomach cancer. It started in June and ended on Aug. 18th. She was 63 yrs young and was never ever sick before. I was very close to my mother and the baby of three girls. I love to read. During this time I ran across one of your books for the first time, "First Comes Marriage". Then I proceeded to read the other 2 in the series. "Seducing an Angel" had not come out yet. Your books were the only thing that got me thru the passing of my mother. I could read your book and disappear into another time. It was my only escape. Since, I have continued to seek out all your other books an I also requested the 4th book in the " Huxtable Series" for this past Christmas. I just finished " Simply Perfect" and I am going to order the others in that series.

I envy the fact that you can write the stories that you write. I wouldn't even know where to begin to write such wonerful stories. I guess I will just have to continue to be just the reader. May you have lots of blessings in your life, it seems that you have an I hope they continue.

Sincerly and Truly an admired fan,


Posted On 01-16-2010 7:14 PM
Name: Joan McArthur
City/State or Province: Owen Sound ON
Country: Canada
Comment: Dear Mary:

I have just closed the back cover of "A Matter of Class"   and it is my new "favourite" Mary Balogh story.   I loved the premise,  the plot,   and the resolution.   What lovely characters!   I fell in love (well,  at least strongly liked) with  Anna and Reggie. from the start to the finish.    Loved the flashbacks which moved the story along!   Thanks again for such a classy love story.   I can hardly wait to see what comes next!    jem.     

Posted On 01-16-2010 4:11 PM
Name: Ingrid Quitslund
City/State or Province: Eugene, OR
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished reading Slightly Tempted and tears came to my eyes when Morgan was told Alleyne was dead but when she told Wulfric I was crying so my vision was blurred. Even though I know the next book is Alleyne's the way you described her telling him and his reaction went straight to the heart. I've so enjoyed the Bedwyn family will be sorry to see them end after three more books, any chance there could be further books re this family especially as they'll all be married starting families of their own? I got hooked with the Regency period from reading Carola Dunn's books and am delighted that I discovered yours plus our library has so many of the books. May your fingers ever be nimble and the creative juices flow so that there will be many more books come from your keyboard, thanks for all the wonderful ones you've already written they're hard to put down once you begin reading.  Ingrid :-)

Posted On 01-15-2010 6:17 PM
Name: Allison
City/State or Province: Alabama
Country: USA
Comment: Thank you for your beautiful, vibrant complex characters and places. I am literally transported to destinations that I will never be able to see other than with my mind's eye. I have to thank you as well for bringing a little extra spark to my neverending romance with my husband. I love Syndam and Eve and Allyne and Miss Martin and all of the rogues that entertain me far too often these days. I especially love the series that are interlaced with details from earlier novels. I often miss the characters after I am finished with a book and love to hear updates about them. Your detailed descriptions of fashion, food and landscapes are truly a gift to me. Please don't retire anytime soon.

Posted On 01-15-2010 10:24 AM
Name: kimberly
City/State or Province: paterson,new jersey
Country: usa
Comment: i absolutly love your books. The way write your novels is so much better then alot of other authors. I cant get to the book store fast enough when the new ones come out. Thank you for writing such wonderful novels, they have saved me for many a boring nights!

Posted On 01-14-2010 10:17 AM
Name: Martha Andrews
City/State or Province: Allentown PA
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books and for several years whilst my mom lived with us (she had Dementia) no short term memory--your books were what saved my sanity ,read each new one as it came out, and meant a lot to me.

I guessed the ending of this last book from about the middle but what fun to watch it unfurl and bloom! What brilliant characters!  Your perfect English make the reading flow with no "blips" (grammar errors that causes the brain to stop--and "fix it")  Have read every book you've written and loved them all.   I consider Historical romance as a "mental vacation".

I ask every author I meet--what one element in each novel gives you a pause or problem?  I've had some interesting answers!

Posted On 01-13-2010 9:25 PM
Name: rosa j
City/State or Province: amarillo, TX
Country: usa
Comment: Hi Mary,

l Love your books!!! I just finished the huxtable books and I loved them. I was wonering though if you were going to write one about constantine huxtable. i hope you are because I am anxious to read it.

thank you

Posted On 01-13-2010 5:26 AM
Name: Jill Riffe
City/State or Province: Portland Oregon
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Mary,

Just read "A matter oof Class". it is utterly chaarming, delightful and sweet!

I can hardly wait for Constantine's story, but am thrilled about the re-issues. I actually have almost all of your books already, but want them for my Kindle devise so I can have all of them anywhere.

Thanks for all the happy reading----   Jill

Posted On 01-11-2010 4:37 PM
Name: Dave
Country: England
Comment: Hi

I really enjoy electronic versions of your books. Audible UK now has six audio books available. Downloading from fictionwise or other ebook companies is also  very convenient, but unfortunately geographic restrictions are becoming widespread, eg with Random House. It is very anoying not to be able to download your latest books here in the UK, especially as you are Swansea born and bread. If you should have any influence over accesibility, I would be very grateful if you could remember your UK fans.

May I also ask about locations in your books. I was wondering whether the sea side manor in 'Simply Love' is based on a real location on the Pembroke coast, perhaps the castle at Manorbier? It would be very interesting to know of locations based on real places. Living in the UK, it can be fun to visit places that crop up in memorable novels and can greatly enhance the enjoyment!

Thanks for many hours of listening/reading enjoyment.

Posted On 01-10-2010 11:33 PM
Name: Dianne "Vinnie" Stevens
City/State or Province: Oshawa, Ontario
Country: Canada
Comment: I have always been an avid reader of historical romance but until I retired 3 years ago, I did not have the time for reading that I wished.    I retired September of 1996 and immediately joined the local library and one day just happened to run across one of the Slightly novels.   Then I read the Simply and then the Web and on and on from there.   I love your vivid descriptions of the English country side, homes and customs.    I have even purchased about 25 of the novels for my home collection.    Thank you for the wonderful hours of entertainment.


Posted On 01-10-2010 4:30 PM
Name: Delanie
City/State or Province: BC
Country: Canada
Comment: Due to vision problems I cannot read regular books, but I was overjoyed to discover the audio section of my library a few months ago, and since then I have devoured every audio book you have produced, and a sincerely hope you will considered turning more of your wonderful stories into audiobooks.  I am looking forward to hearing the full story behind Con Huxtable and am keeping my fingers crossed that you will release it as an audiobook.  Thank you for your delightful stories, and the many enjoyable hours I have spent listening to them.  My grandmother used to read to me by the hour when I was very young, and the English accents of your narrators makes me feel like I am back sitting cuddled up to her listening to her read Chicken Little.  Thank you Mary!

Posted On 01-09-2010 8:06 PM
Name: Christine
City/State or Province: California
Country: USA
Comment: I love your books! The Bedwyn and related series in particular - wish I could get Slightly Dangerous as an audiobook on Happy New Year!

Posted On 01-09-2010 11:17 AM
Name: Linda F.
City/State or Province: Houston, Texas
Country: USA
Comment: Just finished A Touch of Class.  I started reading your books when you were only writing those little regencies.  I fell in love with your characters then and to this day, I believe you are the best regency writer ever.  This was just your writing at your best, with the smoothest, funniest, most brilliantly written story I have read.  Thank you for giving me a book I could savor, and one that ended all too quickly, but very satisfying.  I'm reading it again.

Posted On 01-08-2010 2:20 AM
Name: Khim Yang
City/State or Province: Pleasanton, CA
Country: USA
Comment: Dear Ms Balogh,

Thank you for writing all those beautiful, beautiful stories.  I am a mother of two young children and found you last summer when I needed an escape from my mundane world.  I have since read every one of your books in print.  I feel like I have been surprised, saddened, and had my faith restored by many of your books.  I love each of your heros and heroines, such brave if imperfect souls who feel and need love nevertheless.  I feel, in the end, that the reason I like your books so much is because they restore my belief in the goodness of humankind.  I have not been able to find another author who parallels your talent, and I'm so grateful to you for all the months of wonderful bliss.

Posted On 01-07-2010 1:10 PM
Name: selina
City/State or Province: london
Country: england
Comment: hi, i would just like to say that i think your books are great. i recently found your book at my local library and since i am a huge fan of regency romances i thought i would try yours. i believe i first read slightly wicked, bedwyn series. all i can say is i am HOOKED. so far my favaourite character has to be Wulfric, duke of Bewcastle. so, thank you for providing me with hours of enjoyment even if it distracted me from doing my work for my exams.

big fanx again xxx

Posted On 01-06-2010 12:49 PM
Name: Kathryn Mennella
City/State or Province: Long Island NY
Country: USA
Comment: I have read many of your books and loved everyone. You are by far the best, and my favorite author. I look forward to your work !

Posted On 01-05-2010 12:42 PM
Name: Anna Sarkissian
City/State or Province: Gaithersburg, Md
Country: USA
Comment: Hi Mary!

Just finished reading 'A Matter of Class' , what a beautiful love story! I just love it :) You are the best! I am impatiently waiting for Con's story!

All the best for the New Year! May God Bless you and your family!


Posted On 01-05-2010 1:31 AM
Name: Margareth Castillo
City/State or Province: Antipolo City
Country: Philippines
Comment: Happy New Year!

Hello Ms. Balogh,

I'm a fan of historical romance books and you're one of my favorite authors.  The first book of yours that I read was "Slightly Married" and I enjoyed it a lot.  Since then I started collecting several of your books already.  Aside from "Slightly Married" I now have the first 3 books of your Huxtable series, "The Ideal Wife", "The Devil's Web" & "Web of Love."  I am currently finishing "Simply Magic" and am very intruiged by your "Simply Perfect" book.  I've been searching all over the place for a copy but it seems it's not yet available here in my country.  I wonder how I could get a copy?

Thank you so much and may you continue to enchant us more in your future writings.  God bless!


Posted On 01-03-2010 8:29 PM
Name: Lori Stout
City/State or Province: Houston, Texas
Country: United States of Amercia
Comment: The Bedwyn Family is one of my most favorite and well read sets.  I have gotten really into the audio books (Unabridged CD's)on tape and have "read" several of yours.  It seems that there is no rythme or reason to what I can find.  The library or Audio stores don't have any of your full series recorded.  And I of course want Slightly Dangerous.  Has that series or just Bewcastles's been done?  I am not having any luck.

You have a great talent and I never tire of your stories.  Miss Martains School is also a treasure.  I wish you the best of luck and a wonderful continued career.



Posted On 01-03-2010 1:36 AM
Name: Bruce Barrett
City/State or Province: Duxbury, MA
Country: USA
Comment: Greetings, Mary --

Your work is delightful, outrageous, and delicious. You have reminded me of my love for Regency England and its American echo, with such folks as Andrew Jackson, Jefferson, and Duxbry's King Caesar (Ezra Weston II). Where else could the burning souls of women (and men) be laid bare? 

Bruce Barrett


January, 2010


Posted On 01-01-2010 9:22 PM
Name: orphee pierre
City/State or Province: quebec
Country: canada
Comment: Dear Mrs Balogh, you have brought so much joy and fantasy to a vast group of admirers that in this moment I just wish to take a few minutes to wish you the best for 2010 - health, love, artistry, whatever you desire!! you weave a beautiful tapestry of elegance and depht and intertwine memorable characters on the path of self discovery and love thank you for such a gift and the best is yet to come for you I am sure, Orphée

Posted On 01-01-2010 8:28 PM
Name: Ruth Atkinson
City/State or Province: Richmond, VA
Country: USA
Comment: Congratulations on A Matter of Class.  I read it today and have to tell you that it is one of the best books I have read in a long time.  Your style of writing, characterization and story lines are always wonderful but you outdid yourself this time.  Thanks so much for a great story.  Much success to you in the new year.