Mary, 2014


This year, 2015, is a busy one for me with the publication of a number of books both new and old—as you can see from Home Page.

In addition to the physical books, I am very much hoping there will be four e-book republications of some of my oldest books this year, the ones that have been long out of print and most in demand by you, the reader. As I write this, I can say only that these books are Coming Soon because, for unforeseeable but quite valid reasons, their publication has been delayed. I will let you know and provide more information as soon as I have a firm date. In the meantime, I can tell you that the four books will be Lady With a Black Umbrella, An Unlikely Duchess, Red Rose, and A Certain Magic and that they are going to be available pretty much worldwide, a fact I find particularly exciting! I hope many more of my older novels and novellas will be available in the not-too-distant future.

My publication schedule is set for 2016, though it should be noted that nothing is written in stone as far as publication dates are concerned. They are often changed. This is how it looks now: the trilogy of Indiscreet, Unforgiven, and Irresistible will be out again in new, matching packaging, in February, July, and December respectively. Only Beloved, Book 7 of the Survivors' Club series, George's story, will be out in May, 2016. It is the last of the series. As always, I feel sad when a series ends but also exhilarated at the prospect of thinking up a whole new one. And the first book of that new series (totally out in the ether at present) is scheduled for September of 2016. Whew!

I will be at the Romantic Times Convention in Dallas, Texas, from May 11-17. Do come and introduce yourselves to me if you are there. On Saturday, May 16, there is to be a Giant Book Fair from 11:00-2:00 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel Dallas. I will be signing books there. So will many other authors. Some dedicated readers bring pull-along suitcases with them to hold all their purchases!

Enjoy your reading for the rest of 2015!