Slighty Married by Mary Balogh
Slighty Married
A Novel

Aidan's Story

Like all the Bedwyn men, Colonel Lord Aidan Bedwyn has a reputation for cool arrogance. But he is also a man to whom honor is more important than any other personal attribute--and it is this fierce loyalty that has brought him to Ringwood Manor to keep his promise to a dying fellow officer. He has sworn to protect the man's sister no matter what--and it is a promise he intends to keep even when he finds that Miss Eve Morris wants no part of his protection and will not admit to even needing it.

Finally, when Eve is about to be turned out of her home with all her friends and dependents, Aidan makes her an offer she cannot refuse. It is intended to be a simple, straightforward business arrangement--a few days in each other's company and then a lifetime of happy independence apart. But they have reckoned without two powerful factors that conspire to wreck their plans--Aidan's elder brother, the Duke of Bewcastle, and their own unwilling attraction to each other.

And so days pass into weeks and take Aidan and Eve from Ringwood to London during the Season--and back again. Soon they begin to wonder if perhaps it will someday be possible to be more than just slightly married...

Dell Paperback, ISBN 0-440-24104-9

Slightly Married is a masterpiece! It is a tale of duty, honor, family, love, and passion, in which two lonely, independent people fall in love despite their best intentions... Mary Balogh has an unparalleled gift for creating complex, compelling characters who come alive on the pages and for conveying her characters' deepest emotions. This book is a particularly emotional one... A large but well-drawn cast of secondary characters, including Eve's family of "lame ducks" and the Bedwyn siblings, add depth and texture to this well-written, wonderfully romantic tale.... If you like marriage of convenience stories, or deeply emotional romances that tug at your heartstrings, with characters you will remember long after the last page is turned, I highly recommend Slightly Married.
Susan Lantz, Romance Reviews Today

I love a marriage of convenience story, and this is one of the best. Two people must become close to each other as their understanding and love grows--and all this takes place within an undownputtable story. Well-delineated characters, an engrossing story, and emotional resonance--Balogh provides them all in this book. I can't wait to read the others in the Bedwyn series.
Reader to Reader

Ms. Balogh has created a classic love story of honor and family loyalty. This novel will be a keeper for many readers. It's a lovely reading experience of the unexpected surprises life can sometimes bring you.
The Word on Romance

Mary Balogh's warm and emotional style of writing really makes Slightly Married shine! Her characters are wonderfully written, with a depth to them that makes a reader want to know more, even after turning the last page. Laced generously with emotionally charged scenes, Slightly Married will have you crying, laughing and sighing with dreamy delight.
Janean Nusz for Road to Romance

Mary Balogh begins her new six-book series on the Bedwyn Family with a Marriage of Convenience between two of the most self-sufficient characters I've ever read. Watching them find that they may actually need another person is a joy... These are wonderful, complete characters, who slowly and realistically move from strangers to lovers to friends to husband and wife. The glimpses of the other Bedwyn family members are intriguing.
Cheryl Sneed for Rakehell