Slightly Scandalous by Mary Balogh
Slightly Scandalous
A Novel

Freyja's Story

Growing up with four powerful brothers has made Lady Freyja Bedwyn far bolder than most society ladies. From feisty manner to long, tumbling hair, Freyja is pure fire, a woman who seeks both adventure and freedom.

Adventure soon finds her on the way to Bath, when a handsome stranger bursts into her inn room in the middle of the night and entreats her to hide him. He is Joshua Moore, Marquess of Hallmere, a man with a hell-raising reputation of his own.

They meet again in Bath, where sparks fly as two strong wills clash and each tries to best the other. But when Joshua needs sudden rescue from the matchmaking schemes of his aunt, it is Freyja to whom he turns because he knows that only she is reckless enough to engage in a fake betrothal with him for the sheer fun of it.

And fun it is until the Duke of Bewcastle, Freyja's eldest brother, learns of the betrothal. And until passion blindsides them both. And until a danger more deadly than marriage threatens Joshua. While he tries desperately to preserve his freedom--in more ways than one--Freyja tries just as determinedly not to lose her heart--again.

But there is no doubt about the fact that it admirably suits both Freyja and Joshua to be caught up together in something very slightly scandalous...

Dell Paperback, ISBN 0-440-24111-1

Freyja is every inch a Bedwyn: strong-willed, independent, and stubborn, hiding her vulnerability beneath a haughty exterior... Joshua's easygoing personality is the perfect yin to Freyja's yang, and he's so charming you can't help but like him.
Old Book Barn Gazette

Balogh's Bedwyn family [saga continues] in fine style with this exceptionally entertaining Regency-era romance between bold Freyja Bedwyn and the mischievous Joshua Moore... Balogh's protagonists are complex and charismatic - the kind of people you hope to be sitting next to at a party. Secondary characters like Joshua's mentally handicapped cousin and a disgraced family employee also take on a life of their own. With its impeccable plotting and memorable characters, Balogh's book raises the bar for Regency romances.
Publishers Weekly

Slightly Scandalous is a captivating, charming, and utterly beguiling tale of two people who find love when they least expect it. Freyja and Josh are an unexpected, altogether delightful couple... In many ways, they are complete opposites, but at heart, where it matters most, they are perfectly matched... Master storyteller Mary Balogh has penned another wonderfully written tale of love and passion, with characters you'll remember long after the last page is turned. I highly recommend this wonderful book! It's the newest addition to my keeper shelf, sitting next to the earlier volumes in the series."
Susan Lantz, Romance Reviews Today