Slightly Tempted by Mary Balogh
Slightly Tempted
A Novel

Morgan's Story

"This is what a great Regency romance should be and what Balogh does best. A glorious romance and marvelous story that lifts your spirits."
Kathe Robin for Romantic Times

Lady Morgan Bedwyn is in Brussels soon after making her come-out in London. She is staying with friends in the busy, exciting, tension-filled days before the Battle of Waterloo. Half the fashionable world is there too as well as the massed armies. And Gervase Ashford, Earl of Rosthorn, has come there from Vienna after nine years of exile from Britain following a nasty scandal involving a woman who accused him of ravishing her, and a stolen heirloom.

Gervase's tastes do not usually run to very young women. But Lady Morgan, whom he first sees at a ball, is extraordinarily beautiful and holds his admiring attention for a minute or two. But it would have been only for a minute or two--if, that is, the friend with whom he has come to the ball had not mentioned her name. Bedwyn--it is like the proverbial red flag to the bull. It is a name Gervase has hated for nine long years, for he blames Wulfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle, for all his woes.

Now he is in the same room as the young sister of the Duke of Bewcastle, and he feels the distinct stirrings of a slight temptation to use her in order to wreak his revenge at long last on the icy, heartless duke.

Morgan, of course, is both young and innocent. But she is a Bedwyn to the very core, and in the course of the tumultuous relationship that develops between her and the Earl of Rosthorn, she soon makes it very clear that she is nobody's pawn.

Far from it!

As soon as she understands his intentions, she sets about turning the tables on the cynical, calculating earl. Two can play at the game of revenge--and Morgan has always played to win.

Dell Paperback, ISBN 0-440-24106-5

With her usual great skill and impeccable understanding of the era, Balogh takes what could be a typical plotline and turns it into a tale with great emotional depth and strong character development, then sets that love story against an exciting historical backdrop. This is what a great Regency romance should be and what Balogh does best. A glorious romance and marvelous story that lifts your spirits.
Kathe Robin, Romantic Times Book Club Magazine

Slightly Tempted, the fourth book in the Bedwyn family series is a fabulous and fascinating tale of betrayal and revenge, scandal and intrigue, love and war. Morgan and Gervase are likeable, engaging characters, with foibles and dreams, strengths and weaknesses, that make them wonderfully real. Their road to happily ever after is strewn with obstacles, but the journey, although difficult at times, is a rewarding one for both of them.

Master storyteller Mary Balogh has an unparalleled talent for creating complex, compelling characters who come alive on the pages and for conveying her characters' deepest emotions. With a subplot involving the presumed death of Morgan's brother, Alleyne, at Waterloo, this story is a particularly emotional one. A varied but well-drawn cast of secondary characters, including the members of Morgan's and Gervase's families, adds depth and texture to this well-wrought tale.
Susan Lantz, Romance Fiction Forum