Summer Reading Spots

The winner of a copy of ONCE UPON A DREAM is Eudora. Congratulations to her and thanks to those of you who left a comment. Do not forget to download a free copy of one of JESSICA EISSFELDT’s novellas (see below for details).


                By Jessica Eissfeldt

As a romance novelist, I love to read. Especially in the summer when I can go outside with a favorite book. That way I get to enjoy the great weather and a good story! So here are a few of my favorite summer reading spots. Where is your favorite summer reading spot?

1. Barefoot under a tree: I love the feel of grass beneath my feet in the summer, and there’s something about leaning up against a tree with a book in hand that really evokes a sense of peace and joy for me. I even bring a cushion.

2. Lounging at the beach: I love the sound of the surf in the background as I’m enjoying a story. Sometimes I even pick up a story or two set on an island or by the ocean because in an instant, I’m right there, even when I’m not at the beach.

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3. Sitting in a novel setting: One of the reasons I love books and reading so much is because I get to imagine I’m inside the story. Sometimes I find hidden-away nooks that bring to mind a scene or setting from a book I’ve read or am reading, and sitting down in those places to read makes the experience all the more fun.
4. At the library: I love libraries, and sitting and reading a book while being surrounded by books brings me a sense of contentment. Not to mention the comfy chairs, quiet atmosphere and best of all, I can bring a snack or a drink. Plus, if I finish the current novel I’m reading, I can just pick up another one!

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5. Speaking of food…Sometimes I’ll pack a picnic and read a book while I’m at the park.
6. Going for a stroll with an audiobook: I’ve fallen in love with audiobooks and love how I can listen and do other things…like enjoying nature. (Might even see someone who happens to look like a character — that’s always fun!)

Jessica Eissfeldt is a romance novelist who loves antique stores, tea, cats and vintage dresses. You can download Dialing Dreams, the first book in her 1940s romance series, for FREE for a LIMITED TIME on all retailers — go to to get started.


And, as an extra bonus, one person who comments below before the end of Wednesday, May 11, will win a copy of ONCE UPON A DREAM, a duet of novels by Mary Balogh and Grace Burrowes. And that is Jessica Eissfeldt on the cover of DIALING DREAMS, by the way. There are more pictures in the book–she played the part of her heroine, a fun concept!