And The Winner Is…

Last week’s winner was Katherine Zimmerman. Congratulations to her and thank you to everyone else who left a comment. I particularly enjoyed all the recommendations for various mystery writers. I am sorry that I have not had time to write a blog this week.

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  1. What is the title of the book that reveals where the Constantine’s jewels have been hidden in the bear ?Is it in the Huxtable series ? Am trying to remember the title but with no such luck.

  2. Although I enjoy your blog so much, and definitely miss one for this week, I hope you are not too overworked and are able to take some time with your family for this wonderful season. I finished A Christmas Bride over the weekend and have almost completed Christmas Beau (really love, love, love this book). Both are great stories of love and forgiveness. Just bought Under the Mistletoe on my way home today. Thank you for providing me with many hours of reading joy this holiday season!

  3. Thank you, Betty. That is very sweet of you. Yes, sometimes the demands of social media that writers are expected to involve themselves with these days can become overwhelming–though at the same time I do enjoy the interaction with readers. I try to keep my priorities straight, though, and want to have time to give to my family over the holiday. I hope to get back to the blogging after Christmas.

  4. I am looking forward to reading The Escape. I have enjoyed all the preceeding books about the Surviors and will be waiting to see what
    the follow stories up will be they are a very interesting and complex group of people.

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