Oh, goodness, I asked for it, didn’t I? I invited your questions in order to gather ideas for my blog posts and I got a whole lot of them, all of which I have been wanting to rush in to answer! Thank you so much for them all. And I was foolish enough to say I would give the signed book prize to the person whose question I answered first in my blog. That would seem to imply that one of the questions was going to be better than all the others. Not so! However, I have had to choose one, the one I most want to answer first. I will draw on the other questions for my blogs for many weeks to come, but in future the winner of the giveaway book will be randomly drawn from those who leave comments! So… The first question I am going to tackle is Laura Amundson‘s (congratulations to her) and this is it:

“I’m a little obsessed with the Bedwyns, in particular Wulfric and Christine. I’ve appreciated the glimpses we’ve had of them in your later books, and by my count they’ve started on their second child and appear happy. However, given that Christine is a free spirit and he isn’t, I wonder how they manage to get along on a daily basis. Would you ever think of tackling that bump in a later book?”


A few other people asked me how I can bear to leave characters behind at the end of a series. Some of you also made specific reference to the Bedwyns.

I really love writing series. I love building a group of characters through several books, writing the perfect (I hope) love story for each of them as I go, and building to a climax with the last book and character. I always keep the one I think of as the key character of the group for last–Wulfric in the Bedwyns, Claudia in the SIMPLYs, Constantine in the Huxtables, the Duke of Stanbrook in the Survivors’ Club. And while all the love stories in the series have to be as perfect as I can make it, the final one has to be outstanding. It is the one most readers have been waiting for, and it is the one that wraps up the whole series, that leaves the final, overall impression.

I love writing series, but there is a certain amount of tension involved in the process too. I don’t want there to be a weak book among them, and the final book is particularly stressful. Expectations are high for it. I felt that especially with Wufric. I was terrified when I came to his book and made a false start with quite the wrong heroine before I discovered Christine, who was so unsuitable for him that she had to be the right one. How do I feel at the end of a series? Relieved, drained, happy to have completed a body of work I can be proud of. I have been deeply involved with that group and I have done my best for them. I can believe in their future. I have set them up to be happy with their respective spouses, provided they work on their love relationship for the rest of their lives. Of course there will be problems. I want to give the illusion that these are real people involved in real living, and there is no such thing in real life as happily-ever-after. There are bound to be tensions between Wulfric and Christine. They are so very different in personality. However, they are also complementary and are deeply attached to each other. They will deal in all the bumps in the road ahead of them.

Will I ever revisit any of the relationships I have set up in any of my books, apart from a few cameo appearances in future books? No. Their love stories are complete, and that is what I write–love stories. I couldn’t possibly do anything like creating a conflict between any of my lovers sufficient to demand another book so that they can have a second chance. That would be horrible! That would mean I had failed the first time, that my endings could not be trusted, that they are negotiable.

Besides, once I have finished with a set of characters, I can relax and enjoy them in retropsect while I move on to something new. Revisiting them would mean having to think my way back into their lives, get a feel for them again. It would not be easy, and I would be coming at them from a different place in my own life. No, I choose to leave them as they are–most of the time! Of course, I did think my way back into the two MISTRESS books (MORE THAN A MISTRESS, NO MAN’S MISTRESS) in order to write THE SECRET MISTRESS a few years later. It was not easy or particularly comfortable!

So no. There may be future glimpses of the Duke of Bewcastle and the other Bedwyns, but they will never again figure centrally in any of my books.


I have a few copies left of SLIGHTLY WICKED, the second book of the Bedwyn series (Rannulf’s story). To one person who leaves a comment here before Friday, January 25, I will send a signed copy of the book. And next time I will tackle another of the questions you asked last week. You can still add to that list, by the way.



  1. Hi Mary!

    I love your books and have been following all the comments made (even if I didn’t make any myself) and agree that there were some wonderful ideas but loved the one you choose! I loved this series and even though I love when sometimes a former character sometimes reappears later in a book by some writers they are usually just a secondary character in that book while I’m still thinking of them as they were went their story ended.

    On the other hand I love being able to go to my bookshelf and re-read your books especially this time of year when the snow is falling because I know as I sit in front of the toasty fireplace that I can sit back, relax, and enjoy their good times and bad until I reach their happily ever after with joy!

    Thanks for all the wonderful hours of reading you’ve shared with me and all your readers. Until the next time and the next book good day and good night and if you see the light on it’s just me staying up late just to read one more chapter!

    1. I love the Bedwyn’s and the Slightly series. I would LOVE to have a signed copy. A got a late Mary B start and when I started I grabbed one midseries….GROAN….when you grab a book and find it is the third in a series. Half way through I was HOOKED. No bookstore in my small southern town. Next larger town at least she knew who Mary Balogh was but no books. I had to order and grabbed the whole series offline!!! I loved the interaction from book to book. They were already breeding so could we have a second generation series?

    2. I am so glad to hear your answer to this question! I, too, feel that when the book is done, the love story is complete. If I want to revisit it, I read the book again. Tome, each book is a perfect gem, a shining moment in time, that will always stay as bright and shiny as when it was made. In such a rapidly-changing world, we need these still moments. Thank you for every one of them!

    3. I find it interesting that you had one story-line in mind for Wulfric and then reworked the plot to involve Christine in his life. I still picture the scene with Christine spilling lemonade over the balcony and into Wulfric’s eye and I laugh. Thanks for so many great memories.

  2. I discovered Mary Balogh through the “Slightly’ series and read Slightly Dangerous first! It was, and still is, my favorite. I loved the characters, especially Wulfric, and the light banter that engage the two main characters! So wonderful, she writes! Thanks for the beautiful writing!

  3. Also discovered through slightly series and have now read most of your books. I like to keep pb or hb’s I have a few on my kindle, but would rather have a book in my hand. The covers on your books sure have been really pretty lately

  4. Hi Mary,

    I just want to say how much I adore this series! I did read it out of order, but was constantly fascinated with how you tied all the story lines in together! It must take an incredible amount of planning and dedication to ensure that such wonderful storylines are created. It is definitely a series to read and reread!

    1. No, Kelly. She was an older, more mature woman. It was all set to be an intense, angst book–until I decided that was not what Wulfric needed. Then Christine offered to take him on.

  5. Like some others here, I also discovered you through the Slightly books. Slightly Married was the first one I read, and Aiden remains my favourite. closely followed by Freya.

  6. I love getting to have glimpses into the future lives of the people in your books. It is seems like we are still part of their lives. Thank you for giving these moments to us. Have loved you since the regency book days.

  7. Dear Mary, I do not have a question, simply a THANK YOU! I adore every moment I spend with the wonderful people in you SLIGHTLY Series. Your books have been a godsend to me since the passing of me 13 yr old twin son. I find by immersing myself in your wonderful stories I am able to “forget” my heartache for that time. So again, just Thank You for your beautiful gift and sharing it with me & all your fans. <3 <3 <3

  8. The first book I remember reading by you was “Heartless” back in the 1990’s and absolutely fell in love with your writing and went on to read everything I could find by you! I had all your Simply, Slightly, Mistress and Huxtable books in hardcover, but now that I have my kindle, I have purchased them all in ebook format so I can re-read them again and again!! You make all your characters seems so real that I get drawn into each and every storyline and hate to have the story end! Thank you for giving me so much reading enjoyment!

  9. I have not been disappointed by any of your books. Love them all! At the end it is like missing family. Loved the Bedwyns, Huxtables, and Slightly series. The first Historical Romance I read was one yours that I borrowed from my sister. I was hooked, I actually printed out your book list and have read almost all. My husband and children not as thrilled. Can’t wait to read the new book. Also, glad you are on Facebook. It’s an easy way to keep up with new things.

  10. Absolutely love all your books! The Bedwyn and Huxtable series were my favorite. Your such a great author your the reason why I started reading historical romances. My first book was Then comes love Katherine’s story. Since then I’ve tried to read all your books πŸ™‚ would love a signed copy of slightly wicked!!!! πŸ™‚

  11. I loved the “Slightly _____” series, though sadly I didn’t get to read all of them. Wulfric was a character that I loved to hate and then was surprised when I understood his actual view point which came out later. I did get to read of Wulfric’s romance. I enjoyed when she threw his monocle up in the tree. πŸ™‚

  12. That makes sense to me that it would be very strange to revisit a pair in depth although it is nice to see glimpses of characters we enjoyed before. I too love all of your books. Thanks for your efforts!

  13. I LOVE the slightly series. This post reminds me that its been several years and I need to reread them again! I think I’ll put them on my ‘to read’ list.

  14. January 25th is my Birthday, but it’s on Saturday this year, not Friday. I think my most favorite series of yours is the Simply Series. The first book is my favorite.

  15. It is funny that the questioner brought up Christine and Wulfric. I think they are a lot like my my husband and I. I am a free spirit and fun loving like Christine and my husband is serious and duty driven. The thing is, he is very different in how he is seen in public (he holds a public office) and what he is like with just me.
    I think you have given us glimpses of Wulfric that make me think that this is true for him as well. The scene at the dovecote followed by the jump in the river show that there is more to Wulfric than his stoic exterior.
    I loved the glimpse of Wulfric and Christine in The Proposal. He shows the wonderful person he is when he sides with Hugo at the garden party.
    I have no doubt that the couples you have thrown together will overcome (and celebrate) their differences. The only couple I have wondered about is Aidan and Eve. I have wondered if they ever had any children together.
    I can’t wait to read more about the survivors. I am especially interested in Flavian. Keep writing!

  16. My local librarian suggested the Slightly Series to me years ago. I read all them then started on all your other books. I love happy endings, love wins. You are one of my favorite authors. Thank you so much.

  17. I would love to see you delve into the stories of the next generation of Bedwyns! Have you thought of starting a new series with their children as the protagonists?

  18. The Slightly series was my first glimpse into your writing… and I am so thankful I happened upon one of the books by chance. I have never looked back! I love all your books but this series will forever be my favourite! I would adore a signed copy for my collection. ps – Is SK getting the same crazy winter we are having here in AB??

  19. Hi Mary,
    First off I love the Bedwyns and I always love reading about their adventures! Also I love the fact that you bring characters from one series into another. I always get emotionally attracted to the characters in your novels and when they end I always wonder what happened next. I love opening a new book with new characters and seeing old faces. That gives me a glimpse into their lives. It makes the whole setting seem even more real. It let’s me see that they still have their happily ever after. I think you do a wonderful job introducing new characters and plots with some past characters.

  20. My favorite books are always the first in the series. Almost all of the characters are introduced, and I get to wonder in anticipation as to how you will write their story. I love that you write series. I love that I feel like I am apart of each character, that I can feel their pain, their joys, the triumph at the end. Thank you for their stories.

  21. I fell in love with the Bedwyns (and your books) through the Simply series and an Audible account. Since then, my “Slightly” paper books have been completely worn out, and I have read all of the books in which any of the Bedwyns appear. Love. Them. All. Encountering a cross-over character even in just in a few sentences in your books is like seeing an old friend. To recognize one and say ,”Hey! I know you! Good to see you!” makes me so happy. So far I am also loving the Survivor Series. I can hardly wait for the next one!

    Thank you for your work!

  22. Hello!

    I remember the exact moment when I fell in love with Wulfric. The line occurred in Rannulf’s story. He said, “I believe it was at our mother’s knee that I learned that two and two invariably added up to four.” That whole scene — where he knows how the villain has set-up Judith’s brother — it seared Wulfric forever into my heart. The sizzling intelligence in his character gets me every time. Of course, this scene was almost outdone when he uncovers Justin’s trickery against Christine. He deduces calmly, which is so thrilling. I melt every time I read anything that has to do with him. Truly a brilliant character.

  23. You know Mrs. Balogh, I have all your books that I could get my hands on but there are two that I still up to today haven’t been able to bring myself to read them; Slightly Scandalous and One Night for Love. All because these two books have, for heroes and heroines, people who have hurt and humiliated Lauren in A Summer to Remember. While Wulfric and Kid are my favourite heroes in the series, Lauren is my favourite heroine. And somehow I can’t imagine liking those people who have hurt her enough to root for them in another book. I know this is crazy, and I know somehow I might like them when I eventually read their stories, but not yet.

    1. I just have to say, I do so hope you read their stories, though I understand your reticence. Their stories provide a greater context for their actions and the ways they hurt Lauren, however unintentional, and I find that re-reading A Summer to Remember in close proximity to having read those others makes me feel that, though painful in the moment, those characters lent Lauren challenges that make her story a beautiful one of courage and remarkable identity development that she wouldn’t have otherwise had. They are excellent foils in my opinion.

      1. I agree. If you read One Night for Love, which comes before Summer to Remember in events, I don’t think you will feel that Lily hurt Lauren.

    2. I understand what you mean. I am reluctant to read Slightly Scandalous for this very reason, but I am doing so now. I am thankful to Ms. Balogh because she is able to show me that, like real people, characters in her books have different facets and have diifferent reasons for acting (or not acting) the way they do. She reminds me that forgiveness is part and parcel of every happy ending. It does not hurt either to see Lauren proceed to have a loving relationship with Lily in the later books. I read One Night for Love first so I am so glad that Lauren found her happy ending.

  24. Mary, I enjoyed this blog. I can understand how you feel about revisiting your characters after you’ve finished the series. I have read books where the author writes 20 years later and I didn’t really enjoy it. Love your books. You are one of the first authors I read, and I fell in love with your series.

  25. I understand and am not surprised with your answer. I’ll admit that I love the little cameos for Wulfric and others in your books. SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS was the 2nd of your books that I read and, after reading almost all of your others, it still remains my favorite. Looking forward to the Duke of Stanbrook’s story.

  26. I have especially enjoyed the Bedwyn and Huxtable books. I waited eagerly (okay, maybe I suffered) for both Wulfric and Constantine to get their HEA’s.

  27. I absolutely loved this series! Thank you for writing these stories. I got back and read it from time to time and re-live the magic. I thought Christine was just what he needed

  28. This series is one of my very favorite series of books ever. I love it so much I’ve got all of them in paperback and I am collecting them in hardback as well. And I have to agree that each of them is a complete love story in and of itself. I do like the little peeks we get at different ones of the Bedwyns in your other books and I wouldn’t mind if it happened again in future books. But I understand completely that once a series, a story is done, it is done. This family struck such a chord with everyone. It truly is an amazing, amazing feat of storytelling.

  29. Hello Mary!

    I wasn’t surprised to read that Wulfric was the key character for the Bedwyn stories. I happened upon Rannulf’s story first after which I bought all the other books and read them in the correct order lol. I was most anxious to read the Duke’s story. I, for one, am glad that you won’t be re-visiting them since I love to believe that their stories will always be happy ones.

  30. The Bedwyn books are some of my favorites. I reread Wulf’s book not too long ago, as well as Simply Love, as they are two of my all-time favorites. I know some readers don’t get excited by series, but I love knowing I have an entire world to lose myself in- especially if it’s a finished series and I have several books to catch up on! It feels like a jackpot πŸ™‚

  31. These books are the cornerstone of my collection (Which is way too large for my growing family) but refuse to part from any of them. I have all of them and have read them four or five times. Possibly more. So much so that the spine on a few if them have given out…Simply Wicked to name one. I was in love with the Duke from the vet first page of the first book. To put off the ending I reread the whole series before reading his story. Love them.

  32. Slightly Dangerous and A Summer to Remember are my two favorite books that you have written. I read the books in order and thought you did an amazing job of writing the perfect mate for Wulfric.

  33. I have been reading your books since the 1985 Signet Regency Romances. Your books and books by Edith Layton were some of my favorites. With the passing of time your books have evolved. It wasn’t possible for them to get better they have just gotten to be More, More Story, More Characters, and More Passion

  34. Hi Mary,
    I’m such a great fan of your books I have been purchasing them since I was 16. Also lately since I received a kindle I been getting the ebooks. Love your books πŸ˜‰

  35. I would like to say that, though it was not comfortable for you to go back into the Mistress series to write Secret Mistress, it does not show adversely in your writing. Sometimes a level of discomfort comes across with other writers, but not so with you. Secret Mistress was one of the most enchanting moments I had and it came through as a delightful re-acquaintance. I, for one, am so glad you revisited and took us along with you. Thank you, of course, for all of your wonderful books. I have been so enriched every time I am swept away by your stories.

  36. It is strange, isn’t it, how very deeply-felt writing an ending of a book or series can be? For me there’s a unique quality to the experience of being immersed in the world that you’re creating, but the rush of knowing what the ending is and pulling the threads together to get there is something else altogether. Once it’s done, the idea of prying back open that world and trying to get back there again is something that sounds like pulling the glass off a snowglobe without breaking it; daunting and perhaps impossible.
    Do you find writing endings to be like that at all? Do you ever feel an ending in your bones when you realize where you want it to end? Or is it a more gradual thing to you?
    I won’t deny my soft spot for your characters is rather large (after all, I named my cat after Freyja) and there’s a part of me that never wants the experience of visiting their world to end. But despite that, I’m so glad that you find your endings and stick to them. The degree of satisfaction and completion that I get from the endings of your books and series is unparalleled. It’s a rare gift and I thank you for sharing it with us.

  37. The Slightly and the Simply series are some of my FAVORITE books. love each and everyone! though Wulfric always had a place in my heart and could not wait for his HEA. Other fabvorites are Claudia but have to say MY all time favorite romance of yours and there are many is Anne and Syndnam in Simply Love. Listening to it YET again right now πŸ™‚ also LOVE your Christmas stories just read those agin for nth time too. but I gush πŸ™‚

  38. My entry to your universe of books was through the audio versions of the Mistress series. I then moved on the the Huxtables and have since acquired quite a few of your books. I loved the little vignette you put on the Mistress series with the little ‘Now A Bride’ collection. I can sympathise with the problem of getting back into a specific mindset a long time later for a continuation of a book series. When you have left them and moved on to other stories. But we readers do love to see how our favourite heroes and heroines are faring after the book ends.

  39. I understand your feelings about revisiting your characters after having finished the book then the series… but that doesn’t keep some of us from wishing for a Christmas novella about the family with some updates on the family’s members… including their children….

  40. I discovered your books with the Bedwyns series and fall in love particularly with the last book.
    Hope to read about them in other books soon!
    Kind regards from Italy!

  41. It is funny that this is the question I your blog this morning. I woke up just thinking of Wulfric and Christine, my 2 favorite characters of all time! You have such depth to your characters. When I finish reading your books, I feel that I truly know them. I often think of the dove cote sceen where Wulfric bares his soul.
    After I read the Bedwyn series, I was hooked. It took me 3 years to find and read your entire back list. I look forward to each new book..

  42. Thank you for all your books. I enjoyed reading your excellent response to the question re revisiting characters and totally agree with your system, I look forward to reading your next book!

  43. Hello, Mary! I have been a huge fan of yours for a long time now and admire your writing talents. I don’t know how you do it, but each book I’ve ever read of yours leaves me saying that it’s my favorite of all of them. I’ve read a lot of authors and can honestly say I don’t get that feeling often.

    Congratulations on your terrific success. Wishing you much happiness.

  44. I am a huge fan of the Bedwyns, especially Wulfric, and I’m sad that he won’t be playing more prominent parts later on, but I do understand why not. I still love reading his story. Thanks for creating him!

  45. Thank-you for all of your books, they are keepers. I loved the Bedwyns but have loved many of your characters. I know I am in for a wonderful time whichever I read.

  46. That’s a great question and a great, if somewhat disappointing, answer. I am in the process of re-reading Julie Anne Long’s Pennyroyal Green series and then I’m going to start on the Bedwyn’s again!

  47. I haven’t read all of the Bedwyn stories (yet) but I’m eagerly awaiting the next book in The Survivors’ Club series. I really liked Ben as a character.

  48. I have read the bedwyns series and it is my favourite of all, I remember staying up late at night putting all my work on hold just to finish a book. Also stopping myself to skip everything and just read wulfric’s story, as the question said sometimes it comes to my mind about how are they living. I have read a lot of reviews and comments about this book and a lot says that they can’t believe that christine and wulfric can’t live their life because of their difference. Though in my opinion I believe they can live a wonderful life and that what love stories are.:))) thank you for this wonderful series!! πŸ™‚

  49. I confess to having been a Mary Balogh fan since, oh, about 1986 and your first couple of books for Signet. Yep, I’ve been reading and re-reading them ever since! I love the simplicity and clarity of the early books as much as I love the complexity and intertwined story arcs of the later ones, especially the Bedwyns.

  50. Oh how we love the Bedwyns! Unlike most readers I did not read the series in order but read Wulfric and Christine’s story first. I have no regrets. I loved their story from the first. I have read this story so many times now because after reading each of the other Bedwyns story, I would go back and read Wulfric’s. I love this series and Slightly Dangerous is one of my all time favorites. Whenever I need a Bedwyn fix I read this story because all the Bedwyns including children and spouses are there!

  51. First I want to thank you for continuing your blog. I know it must be a real drain on your time and energy. I’m not a big blog person myself, but I truly do enjoy this one. Hope you got lots of good ideas from the questions.

    Like most of your readers I think you create characters that are so believeable that you feel like you know them. Despite that, I don’t think I would want you to write any further adventures of Christine and Wulfric with them as central characters. I’m not a fan of sequels. Most of them seem like mere shadows of the original. I do like the occasional epiloges that you write for some of your books and I enjoy seeing the characters (in cameo appearances) in new novels. It’s like running into old friends.

    I am so glad that you wrote Angeline’s story in THE SECRET MISTRESS. I appreciate it even more now that I realize how difficult it was to revisit a series you wrote years ago.

    I suffer from winter depression. January and February are the two most difficult months. I’ve found that the best medicine for when I feel really down is to lose myself in a good book. I was feeling especially low last week and despite the fact that I had at least six library books and five unread books on my kindle, I needed a SURE THING. So I grabed SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS from my book shelf. It did the trick! I’ve got SIMPLY LOVE, SIMPLY PERFECT, and all of the Huxtable series waiting to see me through to March (smile).

    Thank you for being a sure thing!

  52. Since I discovered you with the third book in the Huxtable series, I was able to read the Slightly series in order, and am so glad I did. Of course it’s always good to hear more about characters that one loves, but I understand your reason for not wanting to make them the center of another book. I, too, loved Aidan and his gallantry, and would love to hear more. Also, really loved Sydnam and Anne in Simply Love – but could say the same about so many of your books! Thanks agian for your books and this blog!

  53. A lot of times, I will buy a romance novel, read it and then give it away to someone else who I think would enjoy it. With the Bedwyn series, I have them all in my library still and love the wonderful stories they contain. Love re-reading them when the mood strikes too! Thank you for the gift of your writing! I enjoy all of your work.

  54. **When are the Bedwyn series books going to be in audio format?? When are ALL of your books going to be in audio?? One Nigh for Love I’ve always wanted to have an audio of.

    1. I don’t really have any say in the matter, Marianne. Audio companies have only been interested in acquiring my more recent books and have not yet shown any interest in my backlist.

  55. This is still one of my favorite series you have written πŸ™‚ I agree that creating conflict just to write another book wouldn’t really satisfy me as a reader, I’d feel cheated since the book was supposed to have a happily eve after ending, but I’d love a novella with all the siblings and their spouses and children… It could be set around a birthday or a christening or a Christmas πŸ˜€ It would be a great way to catch up with all of them

  56. Oh, how I wish your publisher would have the Bedwyn series made into audiobooks! They’d be wonderful. Also the rest of the “Simply” series and other old favorites such as “One Night for Love” and “Summer to Remember.” Audiobook sales have taken a leap the past few years and I can’t be the only one out here dying to listen to the “Slightly” series!

  57. I think revisiting an established couple is not always a bad idea. I think it can be done well and not destroy the charm of the original love story, especially if that love story was a whirlwind romance set in a very short period of time or something like that (think Ruthie Knox’s Making it Last, a sequel to How to Misbehave). That’s not to say I’d like to see it done for every other romance novel, but I do believe it’s not mission impossible.

    I definitely wouldn’t like to see sequels focusing just on the eternal happiness of a given couple… I’m not even a big fan of when too many former protagonists start crowding the later installments in a series. Sometimes it feels like this takes away from the story of the current couple- I mean, it’s not like books are getting longer these days…

  58. I absolutely love all your books. I have read the slightly series at least twice. And I think you did an awesome amazing job on wulfrics story. I always laugh and think about the lemonade in his eye! My question is after reading other books have you told Angelina Dudleys story? If so which book. I would love to read what makes her so flamboyant.

  59. Hi Mary,

    I’ve just started reading your books and they are so wonderful! You have a new fan in me. Right now, I am reading The Arrangement and really enjoying it. The humor, the poignancy of the stories – I do believe you are a modern day Jane Austen!

  60. The Slightly series is so good that I reread it from time to time. The first and the last books in the series are my favorites, but I love all of the Bedwyn books.

  61. I am a voracious reader of library books, but will buy books I love and know I will read over and over. When my kids were looking for a Christmas present for me, they saw your name at the bookstore and knew your books were on the “buy not just borrow” list–and of course they were 100% correct. May you continue prolific!

  62. I am glad you will not revisit stories to create problems. I do enjoy seeing characters in new stories, getting updates, but not ‘rewrite’ in a way their original story.

    Currently rereading The Secret Mistress again after having just finished the other two Mistress books. I think you did a fine job going back in time to get Angeline’s story.

  63. I am now officially addicted to your books. It seems to me that 2 a.m. is my bedtime now since I cannot stop reading a book of yours once I have started.

    I was just wondering how the physical attributes of your characters come about. Do characters come to your mind complete with physical, emotional and intellectual characteristics, or do you have to think what they might look like? I especially wondered about this after the very descriptive account of Judith’s looks in Slightly Wicked that I read last night. Thank you again for your sharing these wonderful stories with us!

  64. Hi Mary, I may be late for the contest but never too late to leave a comment. The Bedwyn’s were my first series of your books that I read in random order. I love all the family members and cannot say that I have a favourite anymore. I do read a lot and almost every story I read is dear to my heart. Therefore there are too many characters in my head and I begin to remember scenes and feelings rather than names and physical descriptions. So I do some re-read of your books once in a while. It is always nice to revisit loved characters.

  65. I loved this series, felt like i had come to know and care for the characters, i was so immersed in the books, was sad to finish them

  66. I very much enjoy your regency romance novels. I am obsessed with early English aristocracy.
    My favorite series is your Bedwyn Family, although, I have found that I cannot put down your books until I have finished each one. My favorite character is Wulfric, strong, handsome, the family patriarch, and when he fell in love, the playfulness came out which made him very sexy. I am looking forward to reading “The Escape”

  67. Will this series ever be available in audio book format… This is my all time favorite series by you. I had the very old version by books on tape but was lost in a move years a go. I would so love to revisit this series again.

  68. Hello Mary!

    I just wanted to say that I was looking for information on the Bedwyn siblings’ progeny (after finishing Freyja’s story) and came across your official site!

    You’re amazing. I’ve just read through all the comments here and agree with everything fantabulous said about you. With every one of your books I’ve read, there’s been intoxication and addiction and I – more often than not – have to stay up all night just to get to “my” happily ever after

    I love how you make us so vested in the characters that their happily ever after becomes ours…I feel as deeply in your happily ever afters as though I were the heroine of your story and my husband one of your heroes -wink-

    A woman can dream, can’t she?

    Thank you so much for writing and I hope you will write many, many, many books for many, many, many years to come

    You’re just magical

    God bless you and all your beloveds!

    Lots of love from Singapore

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