The Winner Is…

The winner of the signed copy of SIMPLY LOVE offered in my last blog piece is Geraldine Wentzell. Congratulations to her and thank you to all who left comments. I really enjoy reading them and just wish I could give the prize to everyone!

I have to stop blogging for a while–perhaps two or three weeks. I just don’t have time for it. Why?

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Well, actually it is not Facebook that is the problem. I can keep up with that in short bursts several times a day. But finding the time and energy to write a blog piece is too difficult at the moment, especially the energy part. I am close to finishing a book and need to concentrate on it. So–I’ll finish first and then try the blogging again.

It is Book 5 of the Survivors’ Club series that I am working on–Ralph’s story, tentatively called THE BARGAIN. Book 3, THE ESCAPE (Ben’s story), will be out in July and Book 4, ONLY ENCHANTING (Flavian’s story) in November.

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  1. Mary,

    As much as I love this blog, your novels are so much more important and deserving of your time and energy. So you just keep plugging away! I’m hoping that when you start your blog again you will be giving away advanced copies of your next book (smile).

  2. To tell the truth I often wondered how you find the time to write, read the block and everything else… So keep on writing and skip the modern gadgets 😉

  3. Well, I’m off topic here, but I am going to brag a bit and tell you that I own all of your novels, mostly in paperback, except for the newer ones that have been released in hardback. I also own a good percentage of the books to which you contributed novellas. Just to say I’m a long and dedicated fan. But I’m getting older, and my eyes don’t work very well anymore and I’ve gotten dependent on audio books. I do wonder why so few of your books are available in audio format. I know it has to do with the publisher; I don’t know if you have any say in it at all, but I would dearly love to have your books to listen to. You have been writing a long time and have a huge number of books to your name. (I am actually as fond of your older works as I am of your newer ones, although you have definitely evolved as an author. Your plots were always great!)
    What I am hoping is that little nudges like this from a true follower might help convince your publishing house that there is a real market for the audio versions as well as the printed versions. And thank you for all the years of happy reading you’ve given me. Hope

    1. Thank you, Hope. And yes, you are right. I really have no say in the making of audiobooks for my older titles, though I know the demand is there for them. Maybe one day…

  4. I read your Facebook feed regularly, but I wasn’t aware of your blog until I visited your website to check on the publication dates for your upcoming novels. It is a treat to read your answers to readers questions!

    However, taking a break to finish a novel makes perfect sense to me, especially since I’m longing for the next one. When I need a “hit” of sensitivity and compassion, I re-read your existing novels while waiting for a new arrival. I feel as if I know the Pantheon of characters quite well by now!

    Looking forward to July’s release!


  5. So sorry to hear you have to take a break, but perfectly understand why. As has already been said, writing a novel should definitely take precedent over blogging. I don’t have a Facebook page as it is highly discouraged by my school system, so I can’t keep up with you there. In the past two years strict rules have been put in force regarding social media usage and consequences for teachers. However, I will be retiring in June, so a lot of possibilities will be open to me. I do so enjoy your blog. I have learned so much from your topics, insight, and communication from your other followers, and do hope you will feel able to continue the blog at a later date. Until then, I will enjoy reading. Best wishes for good health and the time to do all you must. Take care!

  6. Your friend, Jessica Eissfeldt, did a good job filling in for you. I liked her story. Many times I do just as she did and get lost in the book. I have read so many historical novels of the Regency era that when I went to London, I had to stop at all those places mentioned in the books. When I went to Athens Greece,at the place where Lord Byron stayed (now in ruins,of course) and where he wrote Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage. I sat on a bench, under a tree by it, and read his book Childe Harold. And I feel that same way with your books too. You are a wonderful writer, Mary. I am glad you are still writing.

  7. I am glad you are working/worked on the book. It is more important than the blog. Though I enjoy the blog.
    Re historical fiction: I just finished ” Unequal Affections” by Lara Ormiston. It is a retake on Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth in which she accepts him after his terrible first proposal. It sat on my table for 30 days while I read other books. I was leery of how it would be. I did not like the book Longboune because I did not want another picture of the family in Pride and Prejudice. I started and finished it today and it is lovely. I think others will like it too.
    I have visited places from books. That was one of the many thrills of my visit with my daughter to London. We were next to HYDE PARK!. We took a day trip to Bath. Seeing all the places we had been only in our minds was a highlight.
    So yes I like historical fiction and current fiction that takes me to either favorite places, England, or entirely new places like Botswana.

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