Survival: it is somehow what life is all about, isn’t it? It is something we all do between the cradle and the grave, and sometimes it is not easy. There are all sorts of dangers along the way that might put an end to our existence. But survival is not just about staying alive. How we stay alive is equally important. Quality of life is important. And quality is not achieved simply by keeping our bodies alive. Survival involves our minds and emotions and spirits too. Most of us–indeed, all of us–get battered along the way. Even those people who seem to live charmed lives really do not do so. Living is a difficult, precarious business and it is easy to get discouraged, even to give up and become hopeless and embittered. But deep down we all long to survive and to do it well. We all want to triumph, to beat the odds, to retain our humanity and to hang on to love and hope and joy and serenity despite everything. We love hearing and reading about people who have overcome great challenges and hardships to live rich, meaningful lives. Such stories are inspirational.

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And such stories, even the fictitious ones, are a joy to write. I have always loved creating and developing wounded heroes and heroines, bringing them in the course of a book from the darkness of their woundedness into the light of wholeness and love. I am not sure where the idea came from to write a series of seven stories about a group of six men and one woman wounded in various ways by the Napoleonic Wars and forced to spend three years together recovering to a point at which they can live independently again. They call themselves the Survivors’ Club and get together for three weeks each year to renew their acquaintance. They are all healed to a certain degree, but none of them is yet whole. Each needs the space of a book and a love story to bring them to that point. And I am the lucky one who gets to write those seven stories!


Book 1, The Proposal, is Hugo Emes, Lord Trentham’s story. He was not physcially wounded, but he did go out of his mind, as he put it, after leading 300 men in a successful Forlorn Hope attack on a Spanish fortress and losing almost all of them. He was brought back to England in a straitjacket. Book 2, The Arrangement, is Vincent Hunt, Viscount Darleigh’s story. Vincent was blinded and deafened during his very first battle in Portugal at the age of 17. His hearing came back eventually but he is permanently blind. And then there is Book 3, The Escape, which is to be published in North America on July 1, 2014. It is Sir Benedict Harper’s story. Both of Ben’s legs were crushed in a cavalry charge. He refused amputation and vowed to walk and even dance again. But he was an athletic man and a cavalry officer who loved the military life. Facing the reality of what the future holds for him is not easy.


Book 4, Only Enchanting, is due out on October 28, 2014. It is Flavian Arnott, Viscount Ponsonby’s story. Flavian sustained bad head wounds during a cavalry battle and suffered  long-lasting brain damage. His abilty to think rationally and to speak coherently was greatly impaired, and he has huge memory gaps of which he is unaware. Frustration has made him prone to violent rages. Book 5, Only a Promise, is due out in May, 2014. It is Ralph Stockwood, Earl of Berwick’s story. Ralph was very severely wounded in battle, but worse than the physical wounds was the fact that he watched his three best friends  from school days blown to bits before his eyes–and he blames himself for the fact that they were there. Note that Books 4 and 5 (and probably 6 and 7) will have very different cover concepts than the other three and differently conceived titles too as I move to my new publisher, NAL.


Book 6, Only a Kiss (working title–it may change), on which I am currently working, is Imogen Hayes, Lady Barclay’s story. Imogen followed the drum and went to the Peninsula with her husband, a reconnaissance officer and a spy. They were captured together and he was tortured before being killed in her presence. She still suffers from the trauma of those events. And that leaves George Crabbe, Duke of Stanbrook, who brought the other Survivors together when he opened his home as a hospital for severely wounded officers. George was not in the military himself, but his young son was and was killed. His wife committed suicide a month or so later. He is as wounded as the others and must find his own way of surviving and triumphing. His story will be told last in Book 7, which will probably be called Only Beloved.


In these last few weeks leading up to the publication of THE ESCAPE I will give away to one person who leaves a comment below signed copies of the first three books of the series, though the winner will have to wait until I get some copies of the new book. Those books are THE PROPOSAL, THE ARRANGEMENT, and THE ESCAPE. Make your comment before the end of Monday, June 16. In the meanwhile, you may preorder the new book right at my web site if you wish. And you can order the other two books as well!




    1. I love ALL of your books. Your website says Only a Promise came out in May 2014 but I can’t find it anywhere!

    2. I love your books, the covers are excellent and what draws the eyes attention at first, then you are hooked. Thank you for sharing your talents.

      1. I have come to love all of your books. And am looking forward to reading about the next Survivor. I really like the British covers. Why is there a difference? Are the books written any different? Just curious. And if the books are written different, how would I know the difference by looking at the book, if it is British or North American? I know, lots of questions. LOL Story of my life. Have a great day and even more wonderful tomorrows.

    3. The covers of your books are fantastic. I enjoy getting lost in your stories. The Survivor series are so touching and real that I want to step into the pages of the books. Thanks for writing them.

    4. It’s a good thing you publish new books fairly often, though never as fast as I eagerly await them. I have to say, though, that I like the UK cover of Only Enchanting better than the US one 🙂

    5. I’ve always loved your books, but The Survivors Club books are the best ever!! You give your characters such depth that they feel very real. Thank you!!!

  1. I would love to have signed copies of these books! I’ve really enjoyed reading this series, as well as the Mistress books. I’ve mostly checked them out from the library and it would be great to own them so I can re-read.

  2. I loves the first two books AND I am super psyched together my hands on book 3. Your books are so romantična AND inspirational.

  3. I have it pre-ordered for my wife. I believe she has your entire collection. When it comes in the mail she will read it in one sitting.

  4. So far my favorite is The Arrangement. Can’t wait to see if you can beat it. Looking forward to all the rest of The Survivor’s tales.

  5. I love all of your books that I’ve read — still working my way through them! Today has been an emotionally difficult day (dealing with a teenage daughter overwhelmed with her own issues) and as a result the theme of survivors has resonated with me — in terms of emotional survival and scars when nothing shows physically.

  6. I can hardly wait to read all of these stories! I have been enjoying your books for several years now and keep trying to organize to red each series in order –

  7. Survival is not just living…it is knowing you can go on. I have loved the way this series started, and thoroughly look forward to each book in the series.

  8. I love your series books.. I am reading the simply series now. But am sure I will be reading your most recent soon..

  9. I am looking forward to this next book. I love all of your books but this series is extraordinary! Thank you.

  10. I love your books. Your books are awesome and I would like to say thank you for give us suchs amazing moments with your books.

  11. Love your books Mary and looking forward to the next survivor novel. They are so very romantic and a welcome getaway from our hectic lives. Thank you

  12. I am a LONG-time fan of your work, and have preordered all of the Survivors Club books. Would love to have the signed copies!

  13. All I can say is PICK ME! Survival is a theme that I can relate to. Survival is more than just surviving the event, its how you spend the rest of your time here on earth. Can’t wait to read the next installment and the others that follow

  14. I love your stories. I share them with my daughters..friends… husband even loves them! He’s a survivor of Desert Storm. He is in constant pain yet never complains and would put his life on the line again! He is my hero.

  15. I work fulltime as a nurse and have two small children and your books are my escape when I fall into bed at night. I love that you are highlighting the issues are soldiers are currently facing in your own unique writings. Thank you

  16. I am soooo happy to see the new titles and cover art! Much more worthy of your beautiful stories! I would love signed copies of your books, but I’ll be buying the newest ones as they are released anyway. I’m still hounding my used book store for your out-of-print books!

  17. This is such a wonderful series! I love the characters and I love the fact they are determined to survive. There have been times when I thought I was down for the count, but I have come to realize every day I get up, get out there and live my life is a victory. My record so far for getting back up after life knocks me down is 100% – a good percentage in any life! And part of my support system is your books. They always lift me up when I’m down and make me believe in the beauty of life and love.

  18. These are such good books and exciting and I can’t put them down when I start to read. Forget the house work, dishes, laundry and lunch and dinner are sandwiches or help yourself. Thank you.

  19. I absolutely love your Survivor Club series and look forward to each one. I love the books because I have been through a lot in my life and thanks to my parents, I have learned to pull myself up and start over a little step at a time. It can be hard, but you have to do it to face another day. Thank you for bringing these stories to your fans.

  20. I read your comments very carefully. I think one of the reasons I and all your other readers are so devoted to you is the way you create a story for us. It is not simple. These are not stories that are so shallow a mud puddle is deeper. You develop characters who seem real. They are similar to us, their lives are not perfect, but they end up in a good place. Finding happiness is not easy for your characters nor is it always perfect but it is similar to a life your readers can recognize.

    Thank you so very much for what you do for us.

  21. I love all your books. When I first began reading them, I couldn’t get enough. I even got my mother hooked! I can’t wait for the newest installment. And of course I would l love to win the signed copies! What a great edition to my book collection!

  22. I would love copies of any of your books. Right now I’m in survival mode, but aren’t we all at some time in our life. We just have to “survive”, right? Family and friends are the way.

    1. While I enjoy other authors, the depth of your characters cannot be matched anywhere in romantic fiction, in my opinion, Mary. I’ve been a steadfast fan for well over a decade and have re-read many of your books multiple times, finding something new and satisfying each time. To me, that’s real literature.

  23. I am loving the Survivor series and I am really looking forward to Benedict’s story! Yours are always the books I can’t put down until I am done! 🙂

  24. I really enjoy your writing, especially this series of books. Love stories where characters have issues to deal with and overcome.

  25. Emotionally scarred heroes are the BEST! Love following them through their healing process.

    Would love to win these books. I can’t always afford to buy everything I want to read so this would be awesome!

  26. I can’t wait for this book to be released. I have loved everyone of your books and own quite a few of them. They always draw me in and I don’t want to put them down until the end. And even then I reread them quite a bit.

  27. I am very partial to this series because it is about survivors. You’re right, there is a very real appeal to a survivor. It is a subject I am drawn to. Would love to get this prize!

    I rationalize my obsession with the gory show “The Walking Dead” by focusing on the fact that the main draw is the characters in their quest for survival.



  28. Thank you for this chance to win. I love you to read your books. I have purchased many of them however I am unable to purchase any new books at this time since my husband recently retired and we are still waiting on his first retirement check. So any chances that I have to win new books, I take the chance. Again, thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  29. You are my go-to author! I am officially waiting for your new books because I seem to have already read the rest. I love your writing style and appreciate the descriptions of your stories without being over bearing. I hope that you do not plan on retiring from writing any time soon since I have many years of reading left 🙂

  30. Glad to hear about the new book. I keep hoping all the really old ones will come out in ebooks or paperbacks; I only lack 11 and then my collection will be complete!

  31. I can’t wait to start this new series. Love your books, especially the series. And having “friended” you on Facebook, I always enjoy your little entries. You are delightful.

  32. I love your books the only problem is waiting for the next one to come out . So happy its only 3 weeks more for this one.

  33. I love AAAAAAAALLLLLLLL of your books and I can’t wait to be able to read about another in the Survivor Club.

  34. I have been really enjoying the Survivor’s Club. The characters have a depth that resonates. Looking forward to reading The Escape.

  35. I’ve read the first two of this series and loved them. I understand the injuries can be more than physical. I lost a son to suicide many years ago. Certain things “trigger” my mind and the pain all comes back. Reading can give me something else to think about and also make me realize how I’ve healed too.

  36. I love all your books. Loving the survivors club series in book and books on tape format. Looking forward for the next book!

  37. I love The Proposal and The Arrangement. Hey are awesome Escapes after a hard day at work. Working retail has good days and bad days and those bad days are the crazy ones. I have other Mary Balogh novels and loved those as well.

  38. I’m eagerly looking forward to the Escape’s publishing. I already have the the first 2 book in ebook.

  39. Your books are a delight to read. Would love to win your autographed copies of the series! Thanks, and keep writing!!! 🙂

  40. I have been a fan for a long time, but I found the newest series to be compelling, because they are survivor’s I think. I loved the story of Anne and Sydnam in Simply Love, partly because of the strength of the characters, each a survivor in their own right. So the Suvivor’s Club series was a welcome treat. Looking forward to book three ( and preordering 4 and 5)!

  41. Surviving is damn hard. And you make your point eloquently.Love your books! Can`t wait for the newest one!

  42. I’m looking forward to reading THE ESCAPE. This series is wonderful. You bring the characters to life. Signed copies would hold a place of honor in my book collection. Thank you, Mary.

  43. We all hope to survive our own lives, less dramatic and romantic than perhaps your stories, but maybe traumatic. I have been reading your books since the early days, and Simply get better.

  44. We all have survival stories of our own; they may not be of war but they may be traumatic nonetheless. This series is intriguing! Love to win it!

  45. Haven’t gotten to reading this series yet, but can’t wait too!! They sound really interesting. It will be interesting to see a historical take on mental illness like PTSD.

  46. As my favorite author, your books have a special place on my bookshelf and in my heart. Looking forward to all of these new novels!

  47. You create the most lovely characters – I fall in love with all of them and their stories – I am always bummed when the story comes to an end – which is why I love the series so much – I get snippets of those characters again!

  48. Love your books like all your other fans! Been reading your posts on Face Book for a while. Love it when you post pictures of libraries, too. So glad to see that you have new books coming out, having read ALL your previous books twice except for the Claudia Martin’s story (because she is my favorite character since I am a special educator)! Good day to you, Liz Quigley

  49. The Survivors’ Club has given the characters a chance to do more than survive. They grow and become strong. I like how they help each other in that growth and I’ve loved the first two stories of individuals as they venture out into the world. I look forward to the rest of the series.

  50. Hi Mary!

    I loved your post today and finding out how you’ve been adjusting to a different a publisher as well as working on books coming up this year as well as the additional books that will be released in your Survivors Club series.

    I’ve loved on your books but while reading this series I’ve felt a personal connection to the characters and their stories. I think all of us have had a time (or two) in our lives when survivial in different forms have been part of our own life and how it affected not only our lives but of those around us as well. I think that’s one of the things that has drawn me to this series in a different way then your other books have. After surviving surgery for cancer and then several years later having quadruple by-pass surgery as well the one thing that I found out about myself is that when hard times happen I find that that I have people to see and places to go and don’t have time to be sick or discouraged.

    I think that we can all identify to the characters in your Survivor Club books because all of us at one time or another have faced a situation that has made us question what’s going on in our lives and what the future will bring. It’s times like those that we realize how strong we really are and to always look forward to the future than to worry about the past.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful Survivor Club series with all of us and to make us all take a moment to sit back and think how fortunate and lucky we all are but that we also have survived our own hard times as well and to be able to look forward to the future that is waiting for us!

  51. Although your current series is named the “Survivors”, I think all your books are about survivors. That’s what makes them so appealing. We’ve all survived something whether it be a physical loss or an emotional one. We can all relate to something in the main characters. We can share a sense off empathy with them.

  52. I love all your books and am looking forward to reading the new ones. I’m a “survivor” also – 3 years cancer-free since being diagnosed with breast cancer & a mastectomy. I retired recently so I could take care of my 87-year-old mother & two grandchildren. I started a prayer quilt ministry at my church last year, and we have completed and given away 22 quilts to people in need of comfort. I stay busy, so reading is my escape. Love your Facebook posts!

  53. I am so excited. I love this group of survivors and the way each of them finds their own way forward with the help of friends and love.
    We need this series.

  54. The beginning of last year I had never read a Mary Balogh novel. Never even knew they existed. While walking down the isle in the library I saw these historical fiction books. Love, forgiveness, hardship, life, happiness all set beloved UK. I have been utterly taken away and invested in a place that is separate to call my own with all these amazing novels and the characters that I feel I know personally. Bravo! and can’t wait to read the next and next and next….

  55. When I read each book, I cheer the hero each step along the way. I love how each book shows how recovery from trauma can be possible. I think that for me, reading the stories of Imogene and the Duke will be the most emotionally difficult .

  56. I love all of your books. The Survivor’s Club is s group of men (and a lady) who are not the normal fit for historical romance novels. They are closer to us common people with issues and troubles of their own. I can’t wait for the next book. I would love to have signed copies too.

  57. I, too, am anxiously awaiting the release of “The Escape”. I have been so impressed with the concept of “non-perfect” characters who find love to change their lives so that the future will hold some promise for them. I attended college during the Vietnam War Era & some of my fellow students were veterans who returned to school under our USA GI Bill. Since I was majoring in accounting, a large number of the vets were in my business classes. (They were a bit older but very serious about taking courses that would lead to good job opportunities as many had families already). One student had lost both legs during the war & had artificial limbs. We were in a study group together & over coffee he shared how he was fortunate to have a wife & small children before he went to Vietnam. He felt blessed that he had the support of his family when he came home. Although he walked with a slight limp, he managed quite well around campus & I was proud when we were both part of the same graduating class. His dedication to his family & striving to do his best for his future career was an inspiration to many of us at a time when so many did not fully accept the returning veterans…Ev Bedard

  58. What a wonderful opportunity you are providing here and though I haven’t had a chance to enjoy this series yet, I am looking forward to it. I have enjoyed all your other books and since the goal for our library’s summer reading program is 30 books again this summer, this series guarantees I can read that which I know I will enjoy! Thank you!

  59. As soon as I read that the next survivor book is coming out, I started reading the Bedwyn series for the third time. I Love how there are so many of your books share characters! That give me enough to read until the next one is ready!!!!!

  60. I absolutely love reading all of your books! The arrangement was awesome and I couldn’t put it down. I had better read number two fast and get ready for the next one.

  61. I am so excited! I have read almost everything you’ve written and I can’t wait to get started on these! Good luck to everyone!

  62. I have the first two survival books, can hardly wait on the rest. Would love signed copies. I also have just about every book you have written. I am trying to complete and keep up with you. You are one of my favorites. Thank you for sharing your talents.

  63. I just read and reviewed Book 3. Of course I’ll want them all!
    I can always count on your books for wonderful reading.
    (I enjoy your facebook images too.) Thank you.

  64. I love all of your books. I have never once been disappointed; it is a joy to sit down with a new Mary Balogh book and know I am going to have a wonderful time. Eagerly awaiting the new release!

  65. I think it’s interesting how you can explore themes via historical fiction that seem too real when dealing with the same current topics, i.e. damages done to human lives during the Napoleonic Wars vs. present-day wars such as in Afghanistan.

    I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the Survivors’ Club books.

  66. I love your books, most especially the Bedwyn Saga and the Huxtables series. I’ve been waiting for this book to come out so that I could buy them and read them in a row. You’re definitely one of my favourite authors!

  67. I would love to win the giveaway. Apparently it is my loss for not hearing about your books earlier. I am looking forward to reading them. Thank you for this giveaway. Congratulations on your new book’s coming release. Melody

  68. If we can only stop and realize it, so many of the wonderful things in our lives happen as a result of trials we’ve gone through. Your books are, of course, perfect examples of this…if their traumatic war experiences had never happened, your characters would have missed out on their life-long best friends and the loves of their lives. That is what makes surviving trauma so special to me. Thank you once again for your beautiful books. ~Susan

  69. I love this series (so far) … you seem to bring to life the aspect of how the human spirit is fighting to adjust to hardships and overcome such tragedies and still find their happily ever after … very much looking forward to the rest of the set!

  70. I love reading your stories. I can never get enough of them or put them down till I’ve read the whole thing in one sitting. I can’t wait to read what you put out next.

  71. I was wondering when you will publish your book! I will have to wait longer though as I live in the Philippines and don’t know when it will be available in the bookstores. 🙁 I love your books and most of them I’ve read several times! 😉

  72. Great news about your book coming out! I am going to preorder it tonight as well as put in a request for our library here in Bend. I am still trying to locate all of your books and am slowly adding to my collection. I truly like the way your characters are so real and have issues, challenges and heartaches. Once I start reading one of your books the only problem I have is I do not want to put it down until I read clear through until the end which can be a problem since I am working two jobs and going to school full time. 🙂 Your books let me escape.

  73. I love to read your books, and would really like to own copies of them. I am a disabled veteran and rely on what I can find at the library or receive from friends to read

  74. I ADORE your books!! I have a stack on my bedside table now that I have read but do not want to part with. I love following you on Facebook as well.

  75. I love your books! The flow of the words keeps the pages turning and I never want to set the books down. I especially enjoyed the “Simply” series and am waiting to meet the characters from the “Survivor” series.

  76. It would be an absolute honor to own “signed” copies of your books. My favorite books are historical romances which my high school teacher used to spur my reading interest. Thanks so much for the beauty you create within each book.

  77. I had 3 uncles who served in WWII. One uncle lied about his age and enlisted at 16 (such things were possible in those days as, in his case, the courthouse with birth records burned down). He was storming Normandy before his 17th birthday. Another was at D-Day as a paratrooper, and the third arrived at Normandy, in the 2nd wave. These men all saw the horrors of war. They were none injured–physically. They none would talk about anything they went through. My aunt (the wife of the first uncle) told me once that surviving when others did not was sometimes a wound in itself (she herself was a survivor of the “liberation of Berlin” and raped by a group of the “liberators”).
    I like the characters in your books. They remind me of the quiet strength of my uncles. I also like how you show the surviving of everyday life–losing a child, a spouse, a father, feeling unloved and ugly. These survivors recognize a kindred spirit in the war survivors. I also love that you have included a follower of the drum. Sometimes the contributions women have made in wars is lost in history.
    I eagerly await Flavian’s story. He is a favorite of mine. He is a double survivor…he survived the war, only to have his heart broken upon his return. Nice to show that war not only wounds men on the battlefield.
    (p.s. I like the new cover.)

  78. I just love your books. Some raise my hopes only to crush them and then they mend my broken heart. The sadness that each survivor carries is overwhelming. But yet there is hope, even when they don’t see it themselves. Thank you for Sharing. It would be awesome to own signed copies of your books.

  79. So excited for the new book! How are you feeling about changing publishers? Is it kinda like changing actors or directors in the middle of a series of movies?

  80. Being a survivor in many ways, I can relate to the need to tell stories about us. There are unique stories for each survivor and I can’t think of any one better to tell them.

  81. An excellent series. Thank you for outlining all of the books, their protagonists and, for some, projected publication dates. Wonderful concept for the series.

  82. Those sound amazing! I always love the stories in which someone isn’t “complete” in a way. Maybe they have horrible parents so they can’t find out who they are. Maybe they are physically disabled. I always love reading about characters who overcome their issues because the one they love sees past it.

    To have signed copies or not to have signed copies, that is the question.


  83. “It is not how many times we fall down, but how many times we get back up that determines our success.”

    This has become the story of my life…surviving life’s challenges and continuing on. Usually it’s not the same path because of the alterations that life’s difficulties have thrown at me. Now I have to find a new path. But the challenge and the goal, is to continue to move forward…to strive, and not stagnate. And to bring joy and happiness to the people around me.

    This is why I like this series. Survivor’s Rock!!

  84. I can hardly wait for another MB book to wile the winter away. I also love that there is never a long wait for each one. Keep ’em coming Mary.

  85. Thank you for the opportunity. I love knowing that when I see your name on a book cover I don’t even have to wonder if it is going to be something I will like- I just automatically take it to the checkout.

  86. I am addicted to your books. Waiting for July 1st to come is a nightmare. If I still live till then, then I am a Survivor myself !!

  87. Mary, have been following your series from the beginning and it inspires me to move forward. We al go through tragic events but we have to find the will to continue or life will be meaningless. Thank you for being a part of my “happy place”

  88. Survival is living through the event and coming out on the other side changed but not beaten down.

    I have enjoyed all your books and look forward to the many more you will write!

  89. I love these stories of men and women overcoming life altering situations with amazing grace and humor. Can’t wait for July 1.

  90. Impatiently looking forward to reading each and every one. I have sevral of your series in hard cover. Wish these were available too.

  91. I really enjoy your books and story series! I especially like the strength in your characters and their resilience.

  92. I was introduced to the Survivors Club when I picked up the audiobook of The Proposal and am hooked! Looking forward to this release.

  93. I love all of your books. It is so hard to wait for the next book in a series. So glad to hear the next one in the survivors will be out soon.

  94. I love, love, love your books! I especially love the idea of a group of friends helping each other get over the toils of war. I am a military wife, and I know how much we depend on each other. Thank you so much for showing that all wounds of war aren’t physical!

  95. Watching the commemoration yesterday of D-Day brought home again all the horrors of war and makes your current series seem even more timely. I had four uncles who served in that war and two of them came home wounded. One lost his leg and the other was discharged with what was then called “shell shock”. There was quite a bit of stigma attached to such a diagnosis back then. Many thought that “real men” didn’t suffer such from such things. We know better now.

    Looking forward to the release of the rest of this series. Any further info on whether your older books will be released in ebook form? I’m finding more and more books by authors that I enjoyed “back in the day” in this form. Don’t enjoy my kindle as much as I do a real book – but I love it for that reason.

  96. I have read most of your novels and love them all. My favorite heroes are Hugo and Wulfric. I guess I am drawn to those big silent types. Cannot wait to read the other survivors’ stories.

  97. This series sounds enchanting!! I have returned to school after 20 years in nursing, so I haven’t browsed a bookstore in awhile. I shall start at book one asap!! Love your stories, and these sound amazing!!

  98. Can’t wait to read this book! Thank you for keeping us entertained all these years! You’re the best!

  99. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading this particular series by Mary, but the synopsis sounds positively beautiful. Mary Balogh has made me cry while reading some of her stories. I love her books!

  100. Dear Mary,

    I always love to read your FB post. you have been one of my favorite writers. I wish I could post you a picture of my bookcase with all your books + what i have bought via the kindle app 🙂
    Looking forward to your new release and hope you will reward me with a signed copy.

    kind regards,
    Karen Ampoorter

  101. I have enjoyed all of your books so far. The survivor series has been very poignant. I look forward to the next one!

    1. Ms Balogh, I think you are one of the finest writers, not just in the romance genre but a fine writer period. I have enjoyed all of your books from the small Signets into the present books, your books are in my permanent collection. If I have to move into assisted living, not yet, I will have to bring my books down to 150, so you, Dick Francis, and Jane Austin, all of your books, then Jane Eyre, The Light That Failed, Random Harvest and a few of Paul Gallicos will go with me, haven,t decided on the few spaces remaining. would love to have an autograph. Good stories are meant to be read and read again. Have a wonderful day. Jan

  102. I love the survivor series, I know the third story will be just as great as the first two, got my Mom hooked too.

  103. I love all your books!! and have been enjoying the FB postings. Excited about the Survivor series upcoming releases. Thank you for what you do, and pick me …. pick me!! :O)

  104. Can’t wait! Pre-ordered it months ago, along with your next one. Two in one year, feeling spoilt 🙂 Love all of your books Mary, and get something more from them at each re-read. Thank you.

  105. I read The Arrangement first and had to go back for The Proposal. Sometimes it’s easier to struggle along with your protagonists than it is to deal with real life – a much needed, much appreciated break – thank you! The next 2 are pre-ordered for my Kindle! I really enjoy your Facebook posts too! To you, Mary, Happy Writing. To me, squirming in my seat anticipation and, eventually, Happy Reading. Thanks again!

  106. I started reading your books when my mother was dying of ovarian cancer, and then shortly after when my husband was deployed. They provided me with the comfort and happy endings I needed at a time in my live when it would have been easy to give up. Thank you.

  107. I love your books, I think I’ve read them all now, and must wait (im)patiently for my next “fix”. I love the way your characters immediately steal my heart and I’m on a knife edge waiting to see how you heal them. I’ve never yet managed to make one last more than two days, they’re just too enthralling.

    I’m truly excited about the new Survivors Books – more! More!

  108. I love seeing how you weave characters together through a series. Can’t wait for the new books over the next couple years.

  109. I have anxiously awaited each book you have written. I have them all in paperback and am now collecting them on my Kindle. I enjoy reading and rereading them. They are truly my pleasure reading.

  110. I’ve read the first two in this series and enjoyed them very much.
    I wrote the following in my Goodreads review: I think one of the things that I love most about so many of Balogh’s stories, is that they are in many ways relatively uneventful. Here two people meet and fall in love despite the fact that they come from different backgrounds (hope this is not turning into a spoiler…?). There are no dramatic events (aside, perhaps for a wretched sprained ankle, a very annoying person or two and a flurry of reaction caused by an insult at a garden party). No abductions, or heroines held at gun-point (or given the era, knife-point)to move the story along and keep the reader turning pages. And yet the pages turn and turn. There is a wry humor, the characters are both simple and complex and very human. I find I care about what will become of them, and wish them well. I want to know whether Gwen can have children or not, I care about how the garden will look in a few years… This is truly the gift of a talented story teller, to draw us in so that we care about the fate of the characters. As much as I don’t much like reading books, however well written, with characters I would not like to spend time with in real life, I like spending time with Balogh’s characters.
    After The Arrangement I wrote that I felt bereft at the end, and had to plunge quickly into another book….
    Thank you for writing such lovely stories.

  111. Glad the third book is coming out.

    a *chuckle* – While breezing down the grocery aisle, I grabbed a second copy of The Arrangement without thinking. [Did enjoy reading it a second time.]

  112. This sounds like a very emotional series, and I am interest in seeing out you bring each hero/heroine to his or her satisfying HEA. Thanks for the chance to win!

  113. Love reading your books! Just finished the the “Slightly” series with the Bedwnys. Loved them all! Can’t wait to read more!

  114. I’m looking forward to Book 4, since the subject of traumatic brain injuries really interests me. Oh, and I’ve got an ARC of The Escape from NetGalley waiting for me to read. I’m just waiting until a little closer to the release date to enjoy it!

  115. Flavian’s story sounds very intense. Memory gaps and rages in a romantic hero? Very ambitious! I’m particularly looking forward to his book.

  116. Both styles of covers, while completely different, are appealing to me. Thanks for the opportunity and I await each new book with eagerness and excitement! Thank you, Ms Balogh, for all the enjoyment you’ve given me over the years, I treasure each and every book of yours I’ve read.

  117. I have been reading a lot of historical romances throughout my life. Yours are among the best romances published. I am a devoted fan forever.

  118. I love your books. The stories lines are great and the characters are wonderful. Looking forward to other books in this series!

  119. I came to romance novels late in life (10 years ago), being a staunch fan of detective stories – where one gets to know more about a character than their looks &/or their sex life! Okay, now I learned that those same depths can be found in romance. I enjoy reading several authors, but you’re my favorite! From the Bedwyns to the Huxtables to the Survivors Club, your stories present characters that are vunerable, yet find & give strength to others through the power of love & friendship. Can’t wait to read your next installment!

  120. I have read all your books and it is just now since the US entered the war with Afghanistan that I can relate to those men in your stories. I have friends who have come back with lost limbs who went through these same emotions that were in your stories. You’ve expressed them just the way my friends feel and are going through. Whether I get the signed copies or not, I wanted to say “Thank You” for helping me understand my friends feelings.

  121. You are my favorite romance writer. Your characters are so real.
    I am a survivor. I was born in 1953 at 27 weeks. I weighed 28 ounces. I’m NOT supposed to be here! But, here I am!I would love to win the books.

  122. I enjoy reading your books so very much. I would love to have copies of your latest series. When I get actual books, instead of Kindle books, I pass them around to my mother and my sisters. Sometimes as many as 9 people will read a book before I get it back. It is only the good ones that we pass around, and yours are beyond good. Keep writing. Thanks.

  123. I love all your books and impatiently wait for this next book! Thank you for writing great stories that stick with you long after the last page is read.

  124. Would truly appreciate one of your signed books. I have most, if not all, of your books and have thoroughly enjoyed them for many years. The Survivor series shows not only the horrors of war, but the inner strengths and determination of heroic men who have survived terrible events and come together to help themselves to continue to survive in their return to a civilian world. The romantic aspects show the profound love and dedication of women who also have survived often severe circumstances and ultimately find a lifetime love with one of these wounded Warriors. Eagerly waiting for the rest of this great series. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world.

  125. I am so looking forward to your new book. I am a survivor of sort 16 years Non-Hodgkin’s and 16 month Aplastic Anemia.

  126. I started reading your books last year. Every so often, I take a break and read other authors. When I resume your books, I realize how much I’ve missed you. For only yours can engross me to such extent that I forget my life’s worries. I do love the way you describe your character’s personal hardships and how at the end love heals their wounds. A love that surpasses and conquers all with an irresistible passion!

  127. I have not read any of your work. Mostly because there are none of your books in our small library. If I win there will be (after I read them of course). Thank you for your FB library pics, I enjoy them and fantasize over them.

  128. Thanks for listing what order you are writing the other stories in.I have been wondering what order you were going to write the remaining stories.Love your books.Can’t wait to read the rest of this series.Do you have any plans for your next series?

  129. I have enjoyed your other series, this looks very interesting and to have my own signed copies would be wonderful!

  130. Love the survivor series, even read the ebook short. I love that your books feature flawed characters. It makes them more relatable. Love all your books.

  131. Where do I begin…lol, First I must say what an impressive body of work you have.
    I think what I love most about your writing, is that there is that thread that runs throughout your work that reflects my own philosophy on life, that whatever your challenges are, where ever your journey takes you, if you keep the faith, it will all come right in the end. Quite often I recognize a character that is not of primary importance in the story and at the end wondered what is her story or his? I love that in your work, no one is inconsequential.

    My question is, how do you keep all these people separate in your mind? Your plots are deceptive, in their simplicity. Your characters are emotionally complex. I haven’t once been in the middle of one of your stories and thought ” this will happen next ” or ” I know where this story goes” Thank You! Has there ever been a character that you have created, that you just couldn’t get enough of male or female?

    Thanks again for many hours of enjoyment. Carole

    1. I have to be deeply attached to each of my main characters, Carole, before I can write a complete and convincing story for them. Sometimes it is difficult to achieve, but it has to be done even though it means going constantly back through my work as I write to incorporate the new understandings that keep surfacing as I write. I keep them straight in my mind because they become very real to me, and it is impossible to mix up two people one knows and cares about. Once their stories are finished, though, I am content to let them go. I have brought them to a happy place, and that is a good place to leave them.

  132. Well. You’ll have a time reading all of the replies this time, won’t you? Everyone will want to win. Thanks so much for hours of wonderful entertainment. Looking forward to July 1!

  133. I love your series. For this series each survivor has such different injuries and ways to overcome them that it makes it easy to read right away instead of waiting for another to come out to read together. I don’t feel like I lose any connection between books. And yet the connection between the characters is never lost, held together by their time spent pulling each other through. It looks like a typo on the due date of Only a Promise – maybe May 2015 instead of May 2014? I’d like to know if there’s a chance in the future that the covers of The Proposal and The Arrangement will be changed? Those were so out of character for your books, way too cheesy! The Escape if okay. I like a couple, such as the picture on your site from the Jon Paul Studies of the man in the maroon jacket and the lady in the purple dress leaning into him. That is what I consider a truly romantic cover. And why is it that male models all have to have shaven chests?! Yuck! THAT is not natural looking. Especially when a description in the book tells of her running her fingers through the wisps of hair on his chest – and there isn’t any! I’d rather see a shirt on him rather than the cover lie about his looks. I’m glad you’ve changed publishers if the previous one really thought those first two were good-looking covers.

  134. Love the Survivor series and can’t wait to read The Escape. I join many others in saying how wonderfully you present the flaws and healing – the characters are so believable.

    I especially agree with your comment that “survival involves our minds and emotions and spirits”. I am retiring this week after teaching 5th grade for 23 years in a Title I – ‘at risk’ school, and have seen first hand the “survival” many of my students have to go through daily. Out of the 53 students I have taught this year (at least 13 of them have relocated during the year – a survival in it’s own way), at least 3/4 of them are engaged in their own personal survival ranging from homelessness, parent custody issues, hunger (we have a backpack program for those identified to take home food for the weekend), abuse (two students have had name changes and must flee whenever they are located), single parent homes with a struggling parent, parents in jail, and parents who are in the military and are deployed – the list goes on. I am amazed at how these issues only increase each year, and also at the number of single fathers raising children. The struggle many of my students go through breaks my heart, and I keep thinking, “With all this, we expect them to pass state tests when they’re just trying to survive.” I was speaking to a parent at an end of the year party today who is about to embark on his 12th deployment to Afghanistan. Yet, most of these children come into school everyday with a smile on their face. They are learning to be survivors at a young age, and I worry so much about them.

    So, again, thank you Mary, for writing your survivor stories because I love to see the strength of character that develops through the struggle as you take them to “their happy place”.

  135. I love The Survivor Series as I do every book you have written. But this series touches a spot in my heart because whether it is a physical ailment or injury or an emotional one – one always needs someone’s help to get through it. I love your heroines who do such a good job helping. In my life, it was a librarian at my newly built library in 1963. She knew my story of losing my mother when I was 4 and that I spent time almost every day at the library escaping a step mother. She placed a Georgette Heyer book in my hands and told me I would love it. I did and there was born my love of historical romance and my love of Mary Balogh.

  136. Mary, I can’t wait to read this new series. You are a talented writer who makes every story interesting, romantic, and exciting. I always come back to you because you always keep the plots fresh. Thanks for providing such delightful escapes.

  137. I just finished listening to the audio book of the Arrangement. It was wonderful. Are there any plans for the slightly series to be on audio? Thanks

  138. I am looking forward to reading your upcoming books. I have read as many of your books as I could get my hands on and a few ebooks as well.

  139. I adore your books. Cannot wait to get my hands on the newest one, and am just tickled to learn the order for the rest of the series.

  140. I have enjoyed everything you have written, going back to Signet days. This series is definitely one of the best!

  141. I have been reading your books for quite some time and am waiting excitedly for the next one. The Survivors Series is great.

  142. I love your books! Have read several of your series and the first two in this one and can not wait for the third one to come out!

  143. I hope I would get a chance to win. I do not reside in Europe or America but it isn’t very wrong to wish for some good books?
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  144. I adore your books and the close attention you pay to historical accuracy and detailed characterisation. I especially enjoy how one series Intermingles with the next. The courage of your survivors kind of links seamlessly to the story of Anne Jewel. Can’t wait for book 3.

  145. Thanks Mary for the quality and depth of your writing. I just recently read The Arrangement and loved it. I have hoarded all your books and will always buy new ones unless I win them! 🙂

  146. Ms. Balogh,

    I reciently wrote to you about how your books helped me escape my reality living in a domestic violence shelter after my ex tried to kill me. How your books helped me rediscover my love of reading, and now I enjoy reading your books curled up next to my wonderful husband as he reads! And you emailed me back. I was so thrilled that you took the time! So this post strikes so very close to home for me. I am a survivor, in more ways than one! Thank you again for being such a lovely, amazing person!

  147. Thanks, Mary, for your discipline at writing books just for me. 🙂 I know that’s not true, of course. I’ve just reread “Slightly Dangerous” for the umpteenth time. I’m in a sad place with a dear friend with vascular dementia. She’s just been moved into a care home, is bewildered, angry, sad etc. She phoned me the other morning at 3 a.m. I jumped and who knows what, but wrenched my back. I’m healing, trying to support her, and stay sane while feeling so helpless. I turned to Bewcastle’s story. Thanks for providing a respite for a while. Best regards.

  148. I’ve only recently come across your books. Now I’ve added you to my list of authors to look for at the bookstore. I do have a question though, why two different covers for the British and US versions? I look forward to reading the next tale you weave on paper.

  149. I love your books and own and have read as many of them as I have been able to find. I have all of the more recent and re released ones. The internet has been a big help finding the others. Can’t wait for the next one to come out! Thanks for doing what you do!

  150. I can hardly wait for the new book. And, after seeing both covers, I have to say I prefer the British cover, but then I usually do. Cheers Mary! Have a great summer!

  151. I have been reading your books for many years. Your writing style and the way the words just seem to flow have made you one of my favorite authors. Looking forward to your next book!

  152. Mary, I love your books. I have read everything I can find that you’ve written and frequently reread them. Looking forward to find out who wins this contest.

  153. Mary, this is my second comment on this post, but just wanted to tell you how beautiful the British cover for ONLY ENCHANTING is, although I like the Ameican cover also. Like the cover for THE ESCAPE too.

    I’m not on Facebook (nor do I want to be) but I enjoy the pictures that you post there – especially the mama and baby animal pics.

  154. This series sounds delightful. I can’t wait to get my hands on the books so I can devour them. Thanks for all the amazing stories.

  155. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your books. I look forward to getting the new ones when they come out. Thank you!

  156. I love reading your books, with these I plan to buy them all at once so that I can read them in correct order! I am excited although I have a to be read box. lol I am a stay at home mom to 3 and reading is a great way to wind down for the night. sometimes though I dont sleep 🙂 Thank you for all the great work!
    Currently reading A Secret Affair. Love it. When my baby was in the NICU I would sit by her isolet and just read, and as long as I was near her I could make it through the day and reading was a great way to block out all the stuff around us.

  157. I am surprised at how much influence a book cover can have over the success of a book. I have fallen in love with authors that had been previously unknown to me, just because I picked up a book to read because the cover looked interesting or enticing.

  158. I believe that what draws people to your books are not only believable characters but also the fact that they are strong and resilient. I also love that not only enduring love is present in all your books but also forgiveness granted to others even to one’s self. After reading one of your books, I am constantly reminded that even as I am experiencing enduring love and joy in my life now, I will never be truly free of the past until I have fully forgiven the people who have caused me unspeakable pain…the words “fully forgiven” is still a struggle to me. If Sophia, Lady Darleigh, can forgive all those who have hurt and neglected her, there is hope for me. 🙂
    P.S. I keep trying to pick my favorite book written by you, but I guess doing that is akin to picking a favorite offspring. My favorites (right now) are The Arrangement, Simply Perfect and The Gilded Web.

  159. Looking forward to the next book in the Survivor series! Love your books! The scene that told about what Viscount Darleigh went through when he was both blind and deaf and how the Duke of Stanbrook had to sometimes just hold him was such an emotional scene it has stuck with me.

  160. I have enjoyed all your books and am anxiously waiting for the new ones to come out. I am curious why there are different covers for different country releases?

  161. I love this series! I have read The Proposal and The Arrangement several times. I can’t wait to revisit these characters in their yearly reunion! Can’t wait to read the next book!

  162. What I have enjoyed the most about the Survivor stories thus far is the uniqueness of the characters. Each has his/her own background and own strength, but the personalities are so varied. The band of survivors support each other whether they agree or not.

  163. The British Cover version of ‘Only Enchanting’

    So very ‘Downtown Abbey / Lady Chatterley’ British. I love it as I live in the beautiful British countryside 🙂

    Would love to win a signed copy & read it in my local park (in the sticks) with a fresh glass of Pink Lemonade!

    Tola x

  164. Thank you for writing books so your readers can enjoy ,get lost in them and always learn a lesson about life. I started readin your regency romances and have missed very few thru the years. I especially like your series because we get to know more of the characters, their lives, families, friends, etc. looking forward to finding out all these little things as the Surviors Club members heal thru love and companionship.

  165. I would love to have the first three books of the Survivors’ Club! I haven’t had a chance to read this series and I love all of your books, Mary!

    I love both covers of “Only Enchanted” but do like the British cover just a bit better.

  166. I have loved your writing for so many years and am fascinated with this group of books/stories. I think living through and surviving hardship is a way that people can be shaped into the best version of themselves that they can be. Also to be able to appreciate the good that they do have in their lives. (I am also intrigued by the 200 anniversary of waterloo next year and would love to travel there after reading so many romance stories set around it.)

  167. Your writing has helped me convert so many other people to loving historical romances. Thank you for all of your excellent books–you always amaze me with character development, historic detail, and emotional content. I can’t wait to read this new series.

  168. I’ve been reading your books for many years as you introduced me to Regency romances. I believe I’ve read The Arrangement but would to win this contest so I would have autographed copies of these books. I love a tortured hero or heroine.

  169. I’ve read and reread many of your books. Will reread the Survivor books I have to date before the newest one comes out. Thanks!

  170. In order to be able to read the newest books, I have to take money out of my food budget. Usually I just get the free books online, but a small sacrifice of food is worth it to be able to be able to read books in the series that I love. God bless you for taking the time to write, so the rest of us can be entertained.

  171. I find your stories truly engaging to the point that I make sure everything else I have to do is done. That way no one has to bother me when I’ve entered your world.

  172. I’m looking forward to the new book more than I can say. It’s been a while since I’ve read one of your books. The new book will be a welcome break from the thriller genre I’ve been into lately.
    I’d better go back and re read the first 2 books in the Survivor series if the next one is out July 1! 🙂

  173. I can’t wait to read all the books in this series. I am reading/reviewing Escape from NetGalley right now, and I’m loving it. A wonderful story.

  174. I am lucky enough to work in our local library, and I found your books a few years ago. I have been hooked ever since. I order whole series together so I can finish one book and pick up the next one straight away. With this series however I somehow read the second one first, and unfortunately our library funds are severely lacking, and the first title is unavailable. From the synopses (?) though I think this will be one of my favourite series, as the heroes are vulnerable, and yet strong, something we don’t see often enough in our romance fiction these days. Keep on writing Mary I am waiting on each and every new book. Also I have just start following you on facebook and the photos of the libraries and reading nooks are so wonderful, most of them are going in my ‘One Day’ folder! 🙂 xx

  175. I do not want to win signed copies of your books because at 62 years old I am working at getting rid of things not accumulating things. However I want to comment on how much I am enjoying the Survivor series. I work in a treatment center for people addicted to drugs. I get to know their stories in depth. Stories of survival are the most important stories that are told. Thank you for your stories that highlight the complexity of people and the strength they have to keep going. You are an inspiration and so are your characters.

  176. Hey Mary! I Love Your Style! When I pick up one of your books and tell myself “I’ll only read for x amount of time.” And before I know it I’m in your world of characters and situations. I find myself so empethetic that my mood is flowing with theirs. Oh my, Mary, you’ve never let me down. I do occasionally miss the 222 page novels though. Not to worry, I kept them so I can go trolling through my “Honey, if you throw these out you’re dead” boxes. So much FUN. Thank you!

  177. I used to reread al of ur books that I owned every summer. I especially loved the slightly series as a dedicated teacher and a reader. Last year I was in a serious car accident and was rendered unable to read, spending most of my days confused and blissfully unaware of how traumatic my brain injury was. Eventually I returned to teaching (reading to struggling high school students) and slowly regained function and memories. A former student, having passed the basic skills reading test was now in graphic design and wanted to create something that represented me. She asked me about my favorite author, knowing my love of reading, I said you. She created a lovely poster with pictures of your book covers, one I had not read. Even though I had not read a novel in 14 months I purchased it. I was terrorfied that I would be unable to comprehend or remember the plot, but I wanted to meet these characters, so I tried. It took several weeks but I fell for Robert and the Marquisa and sighed happily at their final negotiation. Your books are good friends, I am reacquainting myself with. Strong people who have overcome personal pain. Thank you.

  178. I love your books and I’m eagerly awaiting the release of The Escape. I just reread The Arrangement.

  179. I have been a Mary Balogh fan for many years. Love all the books I have read! Looking forward to the new series.

  180. I am a huge fan of historical romance. I purchased one of your books at the bookstore and became an instant fan.

  181. I have just re-read the Slightly series and the first two Survivor series books in anticipation of “The Escape.” July 1 can’t come fast enough!

  182. I enjoyed the first two books in this series & am looking forward to The Escape. I, too, am wondering why the differences between North American & British covers. I like both covers but for different reasons; I feel the American cover reflects my image of your uniquely elegant writing style, while I feel the British cover reminds me of my all-time favorite classic: Pride & Prejudice! I must tell you that the topic of your blog is especially meaningful to me today as I am currently struggling (emotionally) with reading Thirty Girls by (Susan?) Minot; survival beyond what I can personally comprehend 🙁 Love all of your books 🙂

  183. I thoroughly enjoy your books. I’m currently reading “The Lost Lords” series (I generally read a book a day, depending on the other things I have to get accomplished) and look forward to this new series.

  184. Dear Mary Balogh.
    I have once written to you in the past. I then thanked you for having written “The Proposal”, among other books. I was (and still am) going through the loss of my husband, and your work helped me, more than any therapy, to regain my courage, and again, to start to want to find the wish to live again.
    I wanted to write to you today, because, you say you are writing now about Imogen. I feel deep inside me that Imogen’s story will also be my story. For, the circumstance in which I have lost my husband reverberates with the way Imogen has lost hers. I have lost my husband due to a medical error and neglect.
    He was like a hostage, trapped in a warped, Kafka – like medical system.
    I felt myself as though I was even an accomplice to the entrapment, because I begged him to be compliant to the orders of the so-called experts, believing it would help to ameliorate our situation. I do not want to enter into details, but ultimately, we, my husband and I were wronged, and he lost his life, and I lost my soul.
    Longtime, I blamed myself, for I could not save him from the wrongdoing. I also lived in horrible regrets, for I was deprived of the opportunity to tell my husband how much I loved him. Since he died, it was as if I was left with a gaping wound that refused to heal. Unbeknownst to everyone around me, I kept mentally bleeding silently. I was screaming in agony silently, and nobody heard the sound. In order not to feel the pain, I have learnt to function as an automaton, in a state of deep soul – freeze, dead inside, efficient and smiling outward.
    Also, I had, for longtime, a recurrent nightmare, in which I found a bleeding, almost dead bird, pleading me to help him, silently screaming, gazing me with its eyes. In the dream, I could not do anything to help the creature. It was too damaged, beyond any saving. The gaze of the bird was so horribly haunting that I came to avoid sleeping altogether, and became an insomniac.
    I also was longtime haunted by the feeling of needing to find my husband, who, according to my irrational mind, was kidnapped somewhere, being tortured and waiting for me to free him. I struggled longtime against this constant and nagging impulse to run out of my house, and to search for him everywhere, even if in my rational mind I knew he was dead, and nowhere to be found.
    Now, I know that the dream bird had depicted not only my dying husband but also my state of mind since the death of him. And in my strange impulse of needing to find my missing husband, it was also myself who was lost, tortured and waiting to be found.

    You have depicted Imogen in “the Proposal” that she was like a marble statue, frozen.
    How I understand the feeling.
    I am going through a transformation, however.
    4 years after his death, I am experiencing now an epiphany.
    One recent morning, while watching little birds frolicking in my garden, suddenly, I had this conviction, in the depth of my bone, that I did not betray my husband, even if I could not save him; that he knew that I loved him, even if I could not say the words to him before he was taken away from me; that I fought for him like a veritable warrior; that with all my imperfection and my limitation, I fought for him, for his life and for his love.
    I see now that, the fact that he died despite our fight against the horrible circumstance, will not diminish the time that we had together, and will not invalidate my love for him.
    I am broken, and will carry the wound till the end of my days. In spite of this, or, because of the fact that I battled for him with all my being, even to the point of my near mental annihilation, I know now that I will be able to feel the beauty that surrounds me, again.
    I can say honestly that I choose life, and I choose to appreciate beauty, instead of giving up, closing my heart and slowly letting myself go.
    The dearest friend of Montaigne, Etienne de La Boetie, has written the following words: “Car le feu qui me brûle, c’est celui qui m’éclaire”: – The fire that burns you up is also the light that illuminates you. So true.
    I know now that I was, and am, a warrior of love.
    I know now that I have the courage to live with the pain, and still be open to all the resonances of life. I know now that I will be able, little by little, to not to hide in regret and oblivion.
    I am very much looking forward to read Imogen’s journey. Thank you very much for your work, Mary Balogh.
    from a reader who was deeply touched by your books.

  185. Mary, I can relate to your heroes in one form and/or another. And as always you’ll find me crying when reading your stories.

  186. Wow, the British cover is so beautiful! Looking forward to all the rest of the books in the series. Have loved all of your books, from day one.

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    I also like the British cover more, perhaps influenced by those gorgeous costumes in British dramas (especially the Colin Firth version of Pride and Prejudice!)

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    Looking forward to all of your upcoming books,
    Thanks for the lovely work you do (and the fantastic reading locations you post on FB).

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    I’m glad that you are back to your blog. I also hope things are going well with your new publisher.

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    And…(***SPOILER ALERT*** Don’t read farther if you haven’t read the second book of the series, “The Arrangement.” ***SPOILER ALERT***) I want to thank you for ending The Arrangement as you did. To leave Vincent Hunt, Viscount Darleigh, blind and not make some amazing recovery in the last chapter was so very refreshing–and realistic–I nearly cried! Thank you for not turning it into some fairy tale ending. Thank you for giving Vincent the guts to come to terms with his blindness and realize his life will still be fulfilling and wonderful. What a terrific message to send to people who have gone through trauma, and for the loved ones who must also learn to cope! For that, for writing a story full of love and hope, I truly thank you.

    Best regards,
    Wendy Rodriguez

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    This series sounds great too, I love a character with something to overcome, flawed in their own way, so I think I’ll really like it.

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      1. That being the case, I’d say you have an extraordinary imagination (not that that wasn’t obvious anyway 😉 )! Applause and admiration, laced with perhaps a touch of envy – Haha!

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    I stumbled over a very well read copy of slightly dangerous during my travels somewhere in New Zealand in a Backpacker in the middle of nowhere…and OH MY GOD! I had to get them all after returning…the prequels came after, then the Huxtables and the Simply Series and some of the one-shots.
    I always wondered what would happen to Gwen, as you really seemed to like her, but then I couldn´t find her in any of your other books. I am so happy now to see that you haven´t forgotten her! I am looking forward to that new series so very much, your books are all nicely arranged close to my bed. Thanks for writing SO MANY of them! I hope you´ll never stop 😉

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    Have loved them all & particularly look forward to Imogen’s story.

  208. Dear Mary, I started reading your books after my daughter’s funeral. It was a summer to remember… I was full of grief not allowing anybody, especially my husband, close enough to help. But slowly, I understood that the key to survival was to open-up and share with those you love and care about. With your writing you allowed me, and probably your readers, to find the right words to express those dark emotions to finally be FREE. The Bedwyn Saga was amazing, the Simply Quartet endearing, the Huxtable Quintet surprising but the Survivors’ Club is the real thing 🙂 Thanks again… you are an incredible storyteller and an inspiration. Marie-Noël, Québec City

  209. Mary,
    Just finished reading THE ESCAPE and felt compelled to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I don’t want a facebook account, so this seemed easier than writing a fan letter.

    This book is my favorite (so far) of this series. Lady, you have set the bar high with this one. (smile)

  210. I just finished The Escape and wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your books over the 12 or 15 years I’ve been reading them. You are one of my favorite writers of historical romance for the historical integrity, understanding of human nature, and compassion you bring to each story you write — and for the common theme of hope and healing that runs through them all. I have all of your books since One Night for Love, and have been collecting your earlier ones as I can find them – or as they are re-released. Thank you for brightening my life with your stories of love and commitment.

  211. Love this Survivor series. Who doesn’t enjoy a wounded hero who has suffered but is strong and is fighting to live a full happy life again? Really like the parts with the fellow survivors, very touching-give me a tissue. One more thing, I’m glad we only have to wait until October for the next story.

  212. I’m in love with the Survivors Club Series. I love all your books but these speak to me on a personal level after losing so many loved ones in such a short time, the most crushing being my 20 yr old daughter. These books helped me process my grief and feel not so alone in my sorrow. Thank you so much! You are the light in my tunnel.

  213. My favorite thing about your books us the character development. The characters are so real. You seem to have insite into the psychology of people .

  214. Love all your books! I borrowed a book of yours from my sister. It was my first Historical Romance and I was hooked. Thank you!

  215. After I gobbled up the recently published “The Escape,” I was inspired to reread “The Proposal” and The Arrangement.” Those, of course, led me to reread “One Night for Love” and “A Summer to Remember.” And then, I reread “Tangled,” the book that introduced me to your writing. Then I dove into the Bedwyn series (All since June.) “Heartless” is next, to be followed by the Huxtable series and the stories centering around Miss Martin’s school. As you can surmise from the amount of rereading I do, I cannot wait for each new book!

    Your books – all of them – lend themselves to rereading. With each reading, I discover nuances of character I might have missed in the past or deeper understanding of those characters that derives from familiarity. I love your characters. I laugh and cry with them, feel their pain, respect their dilemmas, hope for their happiness. My heart aches for them ad rejoices with them as they find love.

    You state on your blog that you FEEL your characters; therefore, your readers do, too. It’s that attention to character development that differentiates your books from the many, many Romance novels on the market.

    I can’t wait for the next one!

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  218. I join my voice to all the others; I buy everything you write and try to locate and obtain all of your back list. Your characters show such depth of feeling and emotion. The outside world disappears until I finish your story. The characters linger with me for weeks thereafter. Thank you and keep them coming.

  219. I really LOVE your books even though I have only read one;’Then comes seduction’. It was very interesting and captivating and from the posts I can see that the others will be even more exciting. Your books are really difficult to come by down here in Ghana.

  220. I have read all your books …. more than once,or even twice. The survivor series is amazing as the stories when read one after another show how life is always in motion as one love story is going on (Lady Muir) another is in progress (the mouse )lol. I find that your books not only allow the womens point of view but also the mans which is needed in a true love story. So I would be honored to receive signed copies and will probably read them so much your signature will rub off. Lol keep them coming Canada loves your books!!!

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