And The Winners Are…

The two winners of signed Advance Reading copies of ONLY ENCHANTING offered in my blog on villainous villains are Menna Withington and Cristina Harvey. Congratulations to them and thanks to all of you who left a comment. I always enjoy reading those. Stay tuned–I will be giving away my final two copies toward the end of September, a month before the publication of the book!

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  1. A friend recently laughed at me for reading romance novels, she apparently considers herself more highbrow. I replied that she was missing some of the best character development and humor by shunning your books. Not only that, because the topic is love and the endings are happy, romances tend to lift the spirits and research has shown that they increase secretion of serotonin, the brain chemical that eases depression.
    Do you ever have to defend your choice of authoring romances?

    1. Yes. I always explain that I write LOVE stories and that love is the most powerful force in the universe, that I believe in love at all its many levels and practice it diligently with all my being.

    2. I buy first by my tried and true authors. Including YOU!! Then I buy by recommendations of friends, family, authors. Then I buy by going to the store and reading the back covers of books that the cover interests me. I read a LOT

    3. I choice my romance novels by the book cover and the writing on the back. I also read the first couple of pages and if they keep me interested i buy them.
      Also i keep track of my authors i have read in the past.

    4. It is always going to be different strokes for different folks. We all have different needs at different times in our lives. These books give me a lift to my spirits. When my girls were young, now 35 and 45, I thought they were wasting their time reading these stories now me at 65 cannot get enough. I must be reading 3-4 a week and saving them because i don’t want to give them up. They have become part of my life even though it was fiction. You are a wonderful storyteller Mrs. Balogh.

  2. Hi Mary I love all your books, some more than others. I am a chronic historical romance reader. Your books give me escape during troubled times, joy and hope at all other times in my life. I love the trouble, mystery and finally the solution for a happy loving ending. I have been reading since a young girl when I discovered Emilie Loring and Georgette Heyer. You rank right with them for me. I can’t wait to see what you do with Flavian and of course the last three of the survivors. My friends can’t believe that I love romantic regency period books? BUT I DO . Waiting for the next one! Chris

  3. Hi Mary, I’m so glad you’re going to re-publish Heartless as my own copy has become reaallly tattered. I can’t wait to read Only Enchanting and the rest of the Survivors’ Club Series. Thank you again for these hours of PURE ENCHANTMENT. Fao

  4. How I choose my books:
    1. I buy books from authors I love and follow them on social media sites. Most will discuss books they are currently reading and/or books/authors they like.
    2. I look at the marketing endorsements on the covers of new books, scanning for authors I know and like.
    3. I have both a Kindle (because some authors only publish in Kindle format) and Kobo (my preferred reading device – epub) so I get the Kindle Daily Deal and Bookperk emails everyday. I will check out reviews if the content sounds interesting.
    4. Friends and Family.

  5. Finally found the place to add my comments!!
    I grab books by how they grab me (and my mood at the time). Usually I look for favorite authors and then by the storyline. If I can’t find something by a favorite that I haven’t read then I start reading back covers and/or the first chapter. Because I read so much and so quickly, most of my friends ask for recommendations for good reads, I have to hope I never disappoint them!
    I have a Kindle and use Book Bub but will have to check in to some of the others that folks are listing here! Kindle is easy to take with me to doctor’s appointments but I really still love to take a ‘real book’ to bed and read myself to sleep!!

  6. I love a great romance. If it starts with action, you’ve got my attention! A little sassy vixen with attitude, a titled Gentleman with bedroom eyes, haughty countenance, with a twisted humor…yes, that would be good. (With a little integrity involved)

  7. I have read all of your other books and have been impatiently waiting for your next release . I go through about 2 books a week and was thrilled when I discovered you a few years ago .

  8. I love your books and don’t care if they are separate stories or a continuing story. They are all so well written. Thank you keep writing.

    1. Mary Balogh, i love all of your books I have read so far. You are right about making the series short but some of your characters are so unforgettable that i find I do not want to be at the end of the story. you have made us a part of the story and we want to continue with them as though we will always be part of their lives. you make them so real. I read all of Beatrice Small before and was just devasted at the endings when the death and all was part of the series. I am not even buying your books new, they are passed down to goodwill or resale shops but i find you are not a disappointment. I buy all with your name and my other favorites. I just started reading 2 years ago, never had time when I was younger but now they fill my needs, they help us sleep, be excited, laugh, romance etc. I also agree with the others whom have articulated better than I. I am happy that you have shared your gift as it has certainly brought excitement to my life. Thank-you for all your work and those that help you be the best you can.

  9. Did you mean “automatic-buy list”?

    “It is said that we ought not to judge a book by its cover, and that can be very true, but I do get attracted by certain covers and/or titles and stop to investigate. A few days ago it was Claire Cook’s The Wildwater Walking Club, which I thoroughly enjoyed, and yesterday it was Karen McQuestion’s Hello Love, which I am loving. Both authors have other books and will be added to my automoatic-buy list. And there are the quirky titles, like The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared (Jonas Jonasson) and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry (Rachel Joyce), both of which books are in my Kindle Favorites folder.”

    I look forward to your books. I just finished the most recent Survivor and am really looking forward to the rest of them. The end of the Bedwyns made me really sad–I was so wrapped up in the stories I was dreading the end of the series.

    Some of the really old books I have never read. There were books published before I started collecting that I never encountered. I really appreciate the republishing of some of the old ones–like the joint publication of “Dark Angel” and “Lord Carew’s Bride.” I would appreciate the series about the cousins–the woman (I think her name was Julia) and her dilemma of picking a husband from among her cousins, then the book about Frederick and Clara (“Dancing with Clara”) and then “Courting Harriet.” When I look back through the old books and see titles I’ve never encountered, I’m always hoping you’ll get the ones I missed into reprint. I have also wondered if the older titles are available by e-books. That would also make me happy. Thank you for all the joy your books bring. Please don’t ever retire.


  10. Thank you for your books. They have given me countless hours of pleasure. I would love to see some of the old ones that were published before I started collecting. Have they been published as e-books? I just finished the most recent Survivor–“Only Enchanting” and am looking forward to the rest of the series. I went into mourning after the last Bedwyn story–there just seemed to be nothing to look forward to. Please keep writing. Angela

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