The Regency/Historical Question

Way back in prehistoric times, when I was first published (it will be 30 years in April of this year–ouch! See the cover of my first book below), my books were called Regency Romances, and though they were historical fiction in the sense that they were set in Regency England between the years 1811 and 1820, they were not known as historicals. Everything else was if it was set before World War II, but Regencies were in a category of their own. When anyone tried to explain why this was so, there were vague answers like the fact that Regencies were gentle comedies of manners–as though no other type of historical novel could be that. Actually they were fun to write and I wrote close to forty of them before deciding that it was time to try my hand at the larger market of the historical.


I immediately thought that the book needed to be different, larger, more action-driven, more obviously linked to some of the better known events of history. Eventually, a few years later, I was told by a new editor that no, no, I could and should write the sort of books that had made me known, though now they would be called historicals. I wrote MORE THAN A MISTRESS ย after I was told that and have been writing the old-style Regencies ever since, except that they are no longer small-market items. But, in the meantime I started writing historicals with BEYOND THE SUNRISE in 1992.


BEYOND THE SUNRISE is set during the Regency period, and it tells a love story as passionate as any I had written before or have written since. It is also perhaps the most action-packed of any of my books. It is set during the Napoleonic Wars. Although it begins in England, when the hero and heroine as still young teenagers enjoying a sweet but doomed romance, it soon moves ahead eleven years and to Portugal where the wars are raging. Robert Blake is now an infantry captain who is also an occasional spy for Wellington. Jeanne Morisette, now known as Joana da Fonte, the widowed Marquesa das Minas, with her French father, English mother, and Poeruguese late husband, is also a spy–but for whom? Robert Blake certainly does not know the answer. I am not a plotter, but I certainly had to plot that book! I also researched the whole of the Peninsula Wars in great detail even though I ended up using only a fraction of what I knew. I loved writing the story, and I still love it more than twenty years later.


BEYOND THE SUNRISE will be republished on February 3 in a lovely new trade paperback edition. You can preorder it through any of the buy links shown on Home Page of my web site, or purchase it outright after Feb. 3. BUT, in the meanwhile, you have a chance to win one of three copies of the book by leaving a comment below before the end of Thursday, January 29. Good luck!

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  1. Love all your books but I have been especially loving the Survivor’s Club books lately. Can’t wait for the next book in that series and have to say I don’t care whether you write regencies or historical’s as all of your book’s are great! For me it’s not so much the setting as it is the character’s. And I always seem to love the character’s that you come up with! Thank you for writing and giving me something to read and love!

  2. I am looking forward to this book as it is one that I have not read of yours. Congratulations on your 30 years and please don’t stop writing.

  3. I look forward to adding this book to my library . I am slowly catching up on the books that I am missing. We were thinking back to the day we found out that you were an author, and I had one of your books with me.

  4. More than a Mistress was the first book of yours that I read…years ago. And I’ve read it again and again. I love your books. Thank you for writing them.

  5. I love your books, Mary. It helps to have your books properly put in whatever historical era it falls in. You can blame CIP (cataloging in print)!

  6. Looking forward to this one. I have been on the lookout for it in a used version for awhile and it is like the white whale or a unicorn…heard of in legend but never seen in its natural habitat…looking forward to putting it on the shelf with the rest of my collection…

  7. I used to have all of your old Regencies until a flood took them. I am happy that this week I acquired a copy of A Masked Deception. Week after next I will have Beyond the Sunrise. I think I have only 3 more books and my MB library will be complete again! Love your books!

  8. Thanks for your novels; thanks for your blog and especially thanks for your active FaceBook postings. I love the libraries and punny cartoons!

  9. I have read as many of your novels as I can. I am gradually finding the older novels. Your characters are never perfect, never in a perfect situation and are always willing to work towards happiness. I have never had one of your novels fail to please. Looking forward to this new/ old novel.

  10. I have all your books and look forward to your next…they feel so perfect, so possibly real and familiar yet filled with time periods and events that are far from our reach. Each time I contemplate having my hubby read one but I don’t think he’s ready for historicals as he is just now starting to enjoy a few contemporaries. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for all your hard work!

  11. I’m looking forward to adding this book to my library. (One way or another). I think I’ve read most of your books. Loved the “Simply” books but am really enjoying the “Survivor” series too. And, it was very nice meeting you several years ago at our Archives Week event when you graciously agreed to be a reader. Any chance of a historic novel set in Saskatchewan?

  12. You are one of my top 5 favorite author. I can’t wait to add this to my collection. I do not trade my books in after reading them. They are cherished and read again many times. I love getting and adding to my library. I am so excited to read this new one. You are amazing. Thank you!!!

  13. I am really enjoying the Survivor’s Club Series…I enjoy series as it keeps the characters alive longer than for one novel as they often appear in the later books in the series…makes them seem more real to me…Thanks…

  14. I enjoy all your books, Mary. For me, I focus on the plot, and characters. Yours are amazing. I have my favorite authors, and read whatever they write. Even if you decided to write about vampires, I would still be a fan. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Wonderful cover! Many of your older books are on my to be read list and it always makes me happy to see them republished. ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t wait!

  16. I ADORED your regency books and have been a fan for 25 years. Lost touch with you and then found again under the historical category. Those old regencies were sweeter books and the longer historical books allow for a deeper character study and, well, the more sensual side of the relationship. I love to read all of your books and am surprised that I don’t think I have read this one. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us.

  17. When I read your blogs, I am reminded that these books are fiction and I do not in fact live as their neighbor or confidante. The Devil’s Web has me literally wanting to jump in and stop the madness. I think I am going to have to stay up all night to finish the book so I can sleep in peace! Thank you for enriching my life ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. My absolute favorite of your books is An Unlikely Duchess–I love the story and think it would be a great romantic comedy (I’d love to try writing a screenplay for it) because of the hilarious action. My favorite series is the Bedwyn family with Slightly Dangerous being my second favorite book. You are one of my favorite writers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I adore all your books and have an entire Mary Balough shelf on my bookcases. Your earlier ones are among my favorites of all my books. I appreciate that aspects of human nature that you explored in them and was hesitant to read those about the wars. Guess what? I loved them, too! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  20. I love your books and the wonderful characters you create.
    I thank you for the many hours of company and entertainment.

  21. Doesn’t matter to me if they’re classified as “regency” or “historical,” I love them!

    I’ve had a few people ask me why I enjoy reading historical romance novels because they just see an unrealistic romantic story. While I do greatly enjoy the romance story of the novels I also really enjoy learning little facts about history. So many people don’t realize the amount of time and effort the authors put in to learn/research the history to make their stories period accurate, to include real historical events, etc. Reading these novels is an enjoyable way of learning some history in addition to being a chance to relax and enjoy what I like to call “adult fairy tales.”

  22. I adore your writing. There isn’t anything I like more than snuggling up with a good book and yours never fail to please.

  23. thirty years, huh? Glad you stuck with it. I am always eager to see where you go with a new set of characters and I reread often since, as you have sometimes shared, it’s hard to give up the family that forms when you write about a group who are tied together. I wish I had your talent but I’m happy to sit back and let you do what you do best. Takes my mind away to a pleasant ending and another new bit of history. Cheers.

  24. Very interesting post. I did not know you’ve been published that long (congratulations!), nor did I know that Regencies were excluded from historical fiction. I have learned so much history from reading historicals and I have proved it while helping my son with homework! I enjoy your work and all the research you put into it. Best wishes!

  25. My first regencies were by Jeffrey Farnol and I have continued to love them over half a century later! I moved on to Georgette Heyer then on to Mary Balogh!

  26. I have always enjoyed your stories! So much do, that I have reread each I own, ten or more times. Though, I don’t have a big book fund, I scrounge up enough for one or two of your lovely books a year. Since, I have begun following your facebook thread, I have a greater appreciation for your work and find merriment in each of your postings. It makes you real and not just an author. Kind of like the difference between regency and historical. Regency almost elusive…historical, touchable. Thank you for bringing joy, laughter and tears to so many.

  27. I’m excited that these older books of yours are getting a fresh look and making their way back to the book stores. I’ve never read this story so I’m looking forward to it.

  28. I just recently discovered your books and I fell in love. My favorite novels have history, romance, and a mystery. I will continue reading your books. I have 30 years of books to read!

  29. yay! I love that some of your older works are getting reprinted! Now we just need audiobooks for all of them and the Slightly’s?

  30. I was reading Georgette Heyer in the 60’s, at this time she was my favourite author, but since dicovering your books she is now second fav. Love the Bedwyn family which were the first ones I found.

  31. I want to congratulate you on your upcoming anniversary. It is quite an accomplishment to hold the public’s affection and esteem for so long. I find it interesting that publishing people seem so set on what has “always been”. If there were a distinction between Regency books and Historical books, then that is the way it was. I do not fall in love with a book because of the time period in which it takes place. Personally, I think that what you write is interesting to me because of your character development. Each of them are so very human. Your plotting is always terrific because the action seems to be based on what people actually would do in a specific situation. Ma’am, you are a talented author whose books have become treasures for me. I have collected most of them. And I thank you.

  32. I am looking forward to this book. I have read many of your books but I don’t think I’ve read this one. I love all of your characters. They seem real to me! The Bedwyns were my favourites so far.

  33. to borrow a quote ” a rose by any other name…… ” (ect)
    call them regency or historical I’ve been reading your books almost a long as you have been writing. I always look for any new book that has MARY BALOGH on the cover.
    i’m looking forward to reading your next books.

  34. Mary! I know the chances of me being picked to win your signed book is very slim but I still want you to know that YOU really are the only “historical romance” author of all time. I love your Bedwyn family and your Huxtable family……..well I love all of your books that I HAVE read and my kindle has a long wish list with your name on it. Anyway, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to reading Beyond the Sunrise.

  35. I would never have guessed you weren’t a plotter, as the sheer pleasure of the ride is all I am aware of while I’m immersed in your words. Thank you.

  36. I started reading the Georgette Heyer regency romances in the 60’s. To me the romance in the regency romance is always more pronounced the historical setting.

  37. I hadn’t realized that this was a re- release but the story seemed so familiar. Sure enough, there it is on my bookshelf! I will pull it out for another read. It got me interested in the Penninsular War too and I spent many hours pre Internet in the local Library reading everything I could. I am a big fan of the Regency novel, having started with Georgette Heyer in my early teens. You do them better than anyone.

  38. Been a fan for a long time! Glad to see some of the older books re-released, but look forward to the next Survivor’s Club book, too.

  39. Thank you for your wonderful work ! I got Only Enchanting for Christmas and like all your other books i love it! Can’t wait for your next book!!

  40. I’d love a copy of this book. I’ve enjoyed all of yours that I’ve read but I’ve missed many of your earlier books. It’s wonderful that you’re re-releasing some of them.

  41. This book sounds really interesting! I can’t wait to read it! I also like hearing how things have changed in the literary world since you first started.

  42. You are my favorite! I have reread Christine and Wulfs story so many times my book is falling apart. Love all your books and was tickled to find a few of your signet books at a used booked store a few months ago.

  43. I have really enjoyed reading your books!!!!! I’m so thrilled to find out that there are some I didn’t even know existed. Thank you for writing exactly what I love reading.

  44. I truly enjoy your writing. I can escape in your books. Your blog post was interesting. Thank you for chance to win. Good luck to all

  45. Your books are the reason I fell back in love with reading. I’m able to be transported into another time which is such a luxury with 3 kids!

    Can’t wait to add this one to my collection!

  46. Adding this to my TBR list. The Peninsular wars are of great interest, and I’m always happy to read the history of that particular time.

  47. I can’t wait to read this one. I don’t pay much attention to genres within genres. I look for quality writing and a unique voice.

  48. Mary, you are truly an inspiration! 30 years of writing wonderful books, and now a chance to read one I have never read. Thank-you so much for your talent and hard work.

  49. Some of the older Regency Romances seemed to be more fluff than history and I get bored with them. Yours draw me into the story as if I am there and as if the people “could” have been real without getting bogged down in too much history. ๐Ÿ™‚ I also love the fact that, while you end one series and begin another, you may have one or more characters pop up from time to time, like Gwen from the pre-Bedwyn books showing up in her own story as the first of the Survivors Series or other characters turning up in the Teacher Series. OH! One other aspect I enjoy is that you don’t have all that “if he doesn’t know then I’m not going to tell him” drama in your books! If someone is angry at their partner, they spit it out and tell them so we can get on with the story. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. One of the things I love about reading your books, is how real the people in them seem. They make me laugh and sometimes cry and most of all wish they were real so I could meet them!

  51. Thirty years! Congratulations! I have read most of your work and have several of those slim little regencies on my keeper shelf. All I can say is keep them coming…whatever the label.

  52. I have been enjoying your books for almost as long as you have been writing. I remember when I found you. I have bought as many as I can, and due to libraries read even more. You have inspired me, comforted me and made me laugh often through the years. Thank you for your work, and I enjoy your Facebook page immensely.

  53. I always enjoyed the Regency romances as a teen because it was sweet and romantic without the sex…I will always encourage my children to start with those books as Tweens/teens! I enjoy the spicier books as an adult, but sweet and romantic is great, too!

  54. i’ve been reading your books since the mid-eighties, have watched you grow as an author and your characters grow in depth and complexity. You continue to provide reading pleasure to me and so many others – my only worry is that you will retire from writing as I have retired from libraries!

  55. I really enjoy reading your books. I really didn’t start reading regencies very much until recently, but I am enjoying catching up on them now. I am really interested in seeing the difference between your writing for regencies and your writing historicals. I am really enjoying your Survivor’s Club books. Thank you for writing so many wonderful books.

  56. It’s always fun to hear backstory to the writing design & approach. Particularly about projects which are challenging in one way or another–like the plotting element!

  57. I’ve always found it strange that Regencies are considered a separate category. In my mind, they employ all the same techniques for setting as any other historical, though the degree of careful historical research varies from author to author. Regardless, Beyond the Sunrise is one I haven’t read yet and I’m very interested in the story. I love “historicals” about spies and I love anything on the Peninsular Wars. I’m a historian and since I can’t read any historical fiction on my own time period (ancient Rome) without getting frustrated with historical errors, but I still love history and historical fiction, the early 19th century is my escape period. Whether we call it regency or 19th century historical fiction, it’s all still great to read!

  58. The first time that I read a Regency novel was “The Grand Sophy” by Georgette Heyer. I was hooked – I read every one of the books she wrote, and they’re all still here, filed away with my name inside, and the date when I read them. Things have changed a lot since then – but Regency romances are still one of my favourite genres. I have read and enjoyed many of your books, particularly the Wulfgar series. I have a ton of your writing, both hard copy books as well as many more on Kindle. Keep writing, and keep warm this winter!

  59. Congratulations on the 30 years. I am sure I read some of your Regency books but I loved your series concerning the Bedwyns. One of my favorite series. Thank you!

  60. To me, Regency is probably any time during the lifetime of Miss Jane Austen. (I tend to look more at her lifespan rather than that of Prinny.) I love this particular time frame for- yes- historical fiction. I understand the customs, mores, and language of the time. I am probably highly “prejudiced” about this period; and take a great deal of “pride” in my knowledge of the time. I think the Regency was a great time of societal upheaval, new invention and exploration, political turmoil on a global scale, rethinking of previous “givens,” and rather strict adherence to a code of conduct in England that is a fascinating confusion of how to gently treat a lady, while giving her virtually no freedom. I also like the Regency because I am an Anglophile. I love to read about the country I long to visit. Regency romance to me is the richest niche of historical romance. Historical romance, I think, encompasses everything from Mika Waltari’s The Egyptian to Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises. I love ancient history, so I enjoy any novel dealing with ancient Egypt, Greece, or Rome. I love Medieval England, so I love Anya Seton’s Katherine. I love the Renaissance and Vatican intrigue. I love Gone with the Wind. I love Outlander. Butโ€ฆ I keep returning to Regency era romances because they are just so incredibly lovely. I guess I’m just a sucker for a man in tight breeches, a waistcoat, and a cravat, with just a touch of Mr. Darcy’s swagger.

  61. I love all your books, especially the Bedwyn and Dark Angel series. Your books are definitely on my “keepers” shelf. Can’t wait for the next book to be published. Will be lovely to read one of your earlier publications.
    Congratulations on 30 years of writing.

  62. I know I owned A Masked Deception (probably still do somewhere). I’d love to win this new/old one for my mom and me to enjoy. Thanks!

  63. Time to pull out my slightly battered original Signet paperback for a reread. I am glad to see such a lovely cover on the reissue, and also glad that it’s coming out in trade paperback – you belong on the table with the more literate romances ๐Ÿ™‚

  64. I love all of your books, and own most of them, but this is one that I have never had a chance to get. I would love to have it

  65. Such a beautiful cover! I’m so glad you are slowly republishing your older books. They are soooo hard to find, but I just love them all!

  66. Enjoy reading your books; have loved some more than others, although my favorite to date is still “Simply Love”โ€ฆeminently swoon-worthy!

  67. Love the style of your writing! I’ve been collecting your books for years and keep a spreadsheet with all your books listed. I check each book off when I get it, and am always excited to find one I don’t have. I also list it’s condition, so if I come across a better copy, I get it also. I now have multiple copies of many of your books as I am loath to let go a prior copy even if it’s in bad shape. It sounds like you put a ton of work into writing Beyond the Sunrise. Look forward to getting a copy!

  68. Mary I love your books … and I have a lot of the older regencies that I collected in a fun way … I volunteer at our local library bookstore and met a lady with similar reading tastes. Told her I really liked your writing and she said she had boxes of books and she’d look for me … eventually met up again and I bought whatever she had of your out of print books. She did not have Beyond the Sunrise and I would love to have that one! Just finished reading The Last Waltz last night and will now go read my copy of A Masked Deception that I got from my library bookstore friend. Btw – I’m really looking forward to the rest of the Survivor’s Club as well – thanks for creating such interesting books/characters for us!

  69. I love historical fiction with characters so well-drawn they come to life on the page. My favorite books make me feel that I’ve been able to glimpse the way life once was – as close to time-travel as one can come. And if I can finish a wonderful story and then want to go learn more about those times and places, that’s a bonus! Your Survivor’s Club series has done that for me. I’ve been reading about the Peninsular War and the Napoleonic Wars with Britain in total. I had no idea they were so widespread geographically! Now Beyond the Sunrise will give yet another view into the Peninsular War and the Regency Period and I can’t wait to read it! At last!

  70. In the middle of reading a biography, or a book about Food History, or a Travel story that may even be a biographical tale of travel to another country with the specific intent to try a local dish of a particular culture…I have never failed to proceed without putting it aside to pick up and read a Mary Balogh book from my bookshelf, ipad, laptop..or a recent MB new book just purchased at the store. My Reading Default is a Mary Balogh book..really. Thank you for writing them.

  71. I have been reading your books since I was in my teens, so I guess that means I’ve been reading them almost as long as you’ve been writing them! But somehow I missed “Beyond the Sunrise”, so I am looking forward to reading that. Thanks for all the wonderful hours of reading you’ve given me!

  72. I actually have the paperback of A Masked Deception. In fact, I have so many of your paperbacks on my bookshelves. These days my bookshelves are electronic, useful but not quite as decorative.

  73. I just finished reading The Arrangement and I can’t wait to see what happens next! Although I was kind of secretly hoping Vincent would have an accidental blow to the head and have his sight restored. I love your books and I have read several of them more than once. Thanks for keeping us enthralled for 30 years!

  74. I would love to win….I love your books!! My sister’s 50th birthday is February 3rd……sounds providential! lol Thanks for the chance!!

  75. I must confess I much prefer the regency/historical romances without the addition of any kind of mystery or suspense plot. I’m very picky about the mysteries I will read and most of those that are in romances wouldn’t make the cut for me. I tend to skip those when I see that element in the description of the book – even with my favorite authors.

  76. hi Mary, I love the name of your book beyond the sunset but for different reason then it being a romance book. Although I have read and loved many of your books. My Mother got me started on your books as she is a huge fan. But there is also a gospel song withe title Beyond the sunset. Which happens to be the song my Mom loves and crys at everytime she hears it. It was sung at her Fathers funeral service in 1949, when my Mother was just 7 years old. He died of TB and they were dirt poor and own a very small farm in a place called pumpkin neck which is part of King George, Va. I don’t think she has read this book beyond the sunset but I know it would be a favorite of hers and have special meaning just for the title alone.

  77. I was too busy over Christmas to read as much as I wanted to, so now I’m reading your Christmas novels, while a blizzard is descending, and the grandkids have flu, and it’s a long wait for a beach-book. Love them, and it’s my way of keeping Christmas in my heart all year long! I would be ecstatic to gain a book of yours, no matter early or late!

  78. I have enjoyed all your books after discovering you about 10 years ago. It was a long time ago that I read “Beyond the Sunrise” but I am looking forward to reading it again. Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary – 30 years is a terrific accomplishment. I am especially looking forward to the next book in the Survivor series, the teaser for “Only a Promise” was very intriguing, I can’t wait for Ralph and Chloe’s story! I love all your books historical and regency alike.

  79. I read the masked deception and more than a mistress, both books were extremely good .I really like your style in writing- (you make my heart break and fix it again with a HEA)it’s such a wonderful thing to read your books. The way you make the story so dramatic and emotional without being overbearing . I would always reread those two books and every book I’ve read from you. I haven’t read beyond The sunrise but I am so excited because it’s going be a different theme from what I’ve used to. I hope you write more and the current survivor’s series is just simply beautiful. I am so in love with the characters and I can’t wait for more books coming from you. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  80. Plots. Twists. Romance. Thanks for the chance to escape and become another person between the pages of your imagination.

  81. When you first mentioned this book on facebook, I got the library to find a copy. Your books, the older ones, don’t last on library shelves forever as they are read until they fall apart. I would enjoy a copy. It was definitely in a more action packed mode. I have read all your books and own almost all of them, including the short story Christmas and Valentine ones. I have reread all, some many times. When I feel all bad I revisit Christine and Wulferic and instantly feel better. Thank you for 30 years of good reading.

  82. I posted on Facebook, but I will repeat myself. I moved to SC from NC and misplaced my copy of Beyond the Sunrise ( own practically everything you have written and those I do not have read all the stories in libraries that will allow interlibrary loans). While organizing books stashed under a bed in a spare room I found it. And sat down and read it right there. How wonderful it was. I loved the characters. You found the incredibly perfect way for them to be together and did they not belong together. Tears came to my eyes several times during my reading because your words moved me and for the hopelessness of their love. Thank you for resolving the issue without having seemed to be contrived. Again, wonderful story. Thank you.

  83. I love romance and I love history – so there you are! I occasionally read contemporary romance, but I much prefer an historical setting. My favorite historical time period is from 1890 through pre WWI, but I have not found too many books set in that time period. I’ve often wondered why the Regency time period is so popular with romance writers, but it really doesn’t matter because I love them anyway. And while I find the time period interesting, it is still the love story that matters most, and nobody writes a love story better than you do.

    I’m still waiting anxiously to find some of your older books available in ebook form. One thing I love about my kindle is that I have been finding some really good reads from back in the 70s, 80s, and 90s that just aren’t available anymore. Tell whoever the “powers that be” to get busy on that – ok? I’m joking.

    I love your stuff and look forward to your new release. Weather I win or not, I’ll be reading it soon.

  84. Mary, I Love any book with your name on it. You have never disappointed me. You Always take me away on an adventure with every new story!

    Thank you,

  85. Mary thank you for the hours of entertainment your writings have afforded me these many years. I look forward to reading more of your stories.

  86. I can still remember the first time I was recommended one of your books by my aunt and then I went to the library and started to get all of your books. In just love it when I find an author I can immerse myself in.

  87. I absolutely love anything you write, or have written! They are often rereads, & now moving to e-versions so I can have them with me. Thanks, also, for sharing your favorite reads on facebook – we think alike. Looking forward to news (new books & new shares) from you!

  88. Would live to get this new book. I love your writing. Didn’t ever know the difference between Regency and historical. Just finished your newest book. It was great.

  89. First, I have to say that I have read most of your books and I love your writing!! The only books I don’t have are the ones that are out of print, and I am so glad that these are being released now. Regarding the regency vs. historical question, I enjoy reading both. I don’t know why publishers needed separate categories. I am looking forward to reading ‘Beyond the Sunrise’ and adding it to my collection!

  90. One of the few I have not read – so looking forward to the release! Thank you Mary for being so active on Facebook, I truly enjoy your posts and shares.

  91. I first discovered you some 30 years ago because you wrote Regency romances. That has been my go to favorite genre since my mother introduced me to Georgette Heyer. Now I read all types of genres but there is something about the Regency period that continues to be a favorite. And when I try my hand at writing short stories I go to the dress, music, beliefs, characterization that make up the Regency period. I have just made a little list for my daughter of some books I would like for my birthday (Feb. 2) and that she will have to wait a day later to get me your book. But do keep writing in Regency besides any time you like because there is no one who writes love stories like you.

  92. What I always love about your novels is that they transcend the time and place of your setting and give the readers a poignant glimpse into the souls of your characters. I read them with a box of Kleenex!

  93. I’m excited, I don’t think I ever read this! Am currently on a quest to fill my Mary B. library with missing volumes – I find your books are some of the few I will reread!

  94. Thank you for clarifying the ‘difference’ between Regency and Historical. I have been reading your books almost as long as you have been published. You are one of the authors whose books I buy just because your name is on the book. I don’t even look to see what the plot summary on the back says.

  95. All of your books are wonderful to read. My daughter and I have read quite a few of them and didn’t joy each one. Thank you for writing such creative novels that make me feel like I am there with the character.

  96. I would love to have this book, it is one I have not read yet.. I love all the books you write Mary ๐Ÿ™‚ I just get lost in them .. sometimes I think I was born a century too late, I feel like I missed out .

  97. This is one of the very few of your books that I do not have, looking forward to it. There are certain writers that I read because I have never been disappointed. Your books, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jodi Thomas, the early Jayne Ann Krentz et al, Maggie Osborne, sorry when she retired, Elizabeth George’s early books, just discovered Tessa Dare, Grace Burroughs and Meredith Duran. I do enjoy Ed McBain, have most of his, JD McDonald, Dick Francis, his son,s do not quite measure up. When I am feeling nostalgic I read a Paul Gallico. I thought the Book Thief was wonderful, read it in one sitting, like the first two books of the Hunger Games, felt the third was rushed. My one daughter in law is an English teacher and had recommended both the Book Thief and The Hunger Games, she has given me a list which I am going to try, Could not get through Gone Girl, she has recommended The Fault in our Stars, Looking For Alaska both by John Green, The Silent Wife by Ash Hamson, The book of Lost Things by John Connolly, The Night Cries by Erin Morgenstern, and the Watch That Ends the Night by Alan Wolf. One of my favorite books was Water for Elephants, which was made into an awful movie! I have managed to find most of your early books by scouring used book stores and garage sales, the first book of yours I read was Longing so had to find and read the rest. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Wales. Jan

  98. Mary,
    I have worked in a hospital as a nurse for over 30 years, and have always read for pleasure, but never read a Regency historical novel until about 5 years ago.
    History is fascinating to me, and I think that I needed something to take my mind off my often stressful and sometimes sad job. I found your books well written , that they all have happy endings, with the possibility of meeting the characters again in a future book just what I needed. Please keep writing.
    Thank you, Lisa

  99. I always loved that Regencies were set apart from other historicals because in my mind the so-called Regency Period is out of time in a way. The period is a very short blip inside the Georgian Era and I suppose that’s why I always thought of it in its own little bubble.
    I’m not really into political history though but that fashion certainly changed. Dresses had a more slender silouhette before returning to “big” in the Victorian Era; maybe not the return to panniers but those bustles were something else too.
    My introduction to the Regency Period was through Georgette Heyer’s books which I discovered when I was about 12 and her prose was certainly lighter and more comedic that anything else I’d ever read so it made sense to me that all “Regencies” were different.

    Looking forward to the new-old release!

  100. Thanks for the insight into the difference in classification. I love the Recency era, but was surprised the first time I read a “Recency romance” that had sex in it. I was used to the witty banter and strict rules of conduct that I had grown accustomed to in Regencies and hadn’t realized that there was a new genre, as it were, that used the same time frame but was much bolder. Happy for the opportunity to comment for a chance to win some great reads.

  101. I sit most of the day living with my ALS, so I spend my time reading..especially historical romance novels. You are one of my favorite authors because of how there are imperfections in your characters where the stories still end happily. Everyone of your stories have messages that touch the heart and soul. Please continue what you do, it gives us so much joy and escapism. Thank you.

  102. I have been an avid reader since I was a child. I’ll read anything, down to the toothpaste tube. But I especially love romances. I tend to find an author whose stories speak to me a certain way and then rampage my way through anything I can find by them. Your books are in that list. I love how you write your characters. The way that I feel what they feel, and see what they see. Congratulations on releasing an old favorite. I cannot wait to read it myself. Please, please, continue to write. I will always be a fan!

  103. When I was younger, I read what I could get my hands on. As a young woman and mother, I read what I could finally buy. I loved Romance novels. Then, I had more children requiring my time, and went to college where I did much required reading. Romance novels were put aside. Now, as a grandmother (even great-grandmother), I find myself with more time on my hands and find myself being enticed back into reading. I have been out of the know for quite awhile, so I lost awareness of who was writing what. I came across your site through friend connection’s post. I can feel the excitement welling up in me. Yes! I want to go back to reading romance novels. I would be so excited to receive a copy of your book. But, I am also going for a hunt at Barnes and Nobles as soon as I can manage to get out. I live with my more elderly mother since my father died and don’t get out much, but this really gives me something to look forward to.

  104. I can’t believe you have been writing that long, since I think I have all of your regencies in my library. I love your books, and thank you for reissuing some of them, because my books are getting a little on the worn side.

  105. I’ve only recently started exploring historical romances. Finding that I enjoy the time period and character’s backgrounds I have started searching for author’s that have reached the “top 10” for must read in one’s lifetime! LOL Low and behold Mary Balogh’s books are right up there. So, here I go! A “have to read” to add to my bucket list! : )

  106. Love the cover for “A Masked Deception.” I have been reading your books since I was in high school! Your stories are always so touching and one of my favorite desert island books would be your book “A Secret Affair.” I have yet to win anything in a drawing, but this would be a treasure. Best wishes for a magnificent new year ahead!

  107. I Love all of your books and have been reading them since the beginning! I hope I win, but am pleased for whomever wins! Reading is my favorite past time!

  108. The first book I ever read written by you was “First comes marriage”. I had never read a romance novel until then, apart from Twilight I guess, because I preferred fantasy and wasnยดt too much into romance. After finishing that book, I took out my IPhone and played 1,2,3,4 by the Plain White Tยดs. It was the first song that came to my mind. I played it, reviewed the whole book in my head and I felt so happy while doing so, I did it three more times. Your books gave me happiness and made me believe in love. The story of Vanessa and Elliott made me so giddy and happy with bubbly feelings that I went on Amazon and got the whole Huxtable series. To this day, I have read almost all your books, except for the ones out of print and I am very happy they are being reprinted. I love them all and I am currently enjoying “Only Enchanting”. Your books may be romance, historical, regency, whatever people may want to call them. To me they are magic and one piece of my daily happiness . Canยดt wait for “Beyond the sunrise”!
    Thanks for being so active on Facebook by the way and responding to one of my comments recently. Another thing that made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚ All the best, Laura.

  109. Mary’s books are my escape for a few precious hours from all the stresses that occur in day-to-day life. I look forward to each release and every book is on my keeper shelf. Don’t ever stop writing…please.

  110. I look forward to reading this book, I always wonder what inspires your books and I enjoy trying to unravel the characters as I read and the passion that goes into them

  111. Historical or Regency, whichever they wish to call your books is up to them. All I know is that I love reading your books and have enjoyed them for many years.


  112. As an devoted follower and avid reader of your novels over the years, I would be completely thrilled to win a copy of your upcoming novel, “Beyond the Sunrise.” An early birthday present!

  113. I really don’t care about what the-powers-that-be call a book – historical or Regency – I only know that when I go to a bookstore, I walk up and down the isles and somehow a book will call to me. I pick it up and open it to the middle and read a couple of pages. That usually tells me if I will enjoy the story and like the characters. I am enjoying The Escape right now and am looking forward to the other Survivors books!

  114. The first book I read that you had written was “The Arrangement”. I was a little late joining your admiring fans but I certainly made up for it as I proceeded to search out and buy or borrow every book I could find that you had written. Over the course of months I enjoyed the Slightly series and a lot of older stories, even some of your Regencies. I don’t think I found or have read “Beyond the Sunrise”, but I love the historical period that you write in and am looking forward to reading this book when it comes out.

  115. I am glad that many of your early books are being released again. I have had to purchase them on ebay and other sites and although I was happy to get them, they were not always in the best shape. I keep all Mary Balogh books and reread them. I am also really enjoying The Survivors’ Club stories.

  116. Well, I have been waiting for this book to be re-released. It is one of the few of yours that I either don’t have or haven’t been able to find a copy somewhere to read. So I am really looking forward to this one.

  117. About a year ago I picked out a Regency novel without knowing anything about them…I instantly
    fell in love with the period and of course the timelessness of falling in love. When I found out
    that there was actually many more out there to read I was ecstatic and have not read anything else
    since. LOVE your books!

  118. What a great contest! I enjoy your books very much. I have some of the older books, or I did before a pipe broke and ruined many of my books. I don’t believe this was a book in my collection. I am looking forward to reading it.

  119. Mary, I am so happy you decided to go back to writing about the Regency Period…to me it was so elegant. You definitely are my favorite author and I have read all of your books to date!

  120. I have a handful of novels I carry with me all over the world (my husband’s work means our life is peripatetic). So many countries do not have libraries! I include your novels in my personal library and know I will always have something to read that is as enjoyable in the rereading as it was on the first read. Thank you!

  121. I prefer when a book is marked ‘Regency’ because most of the time it is code for ‘light on the sex’. I love romance. I skip the sex scenes. I love your books and can’t wait for the next story in the Survivor series.

  122. What I like about “Regency” is that I know exactly the time it’s set in. “Historical” could be anything. I never connected the label with the fact how steamy the love scenes are. I just put it down to the time when these stories were written.
    As your โ€œoldโ€ stories were not published in Germany I am looking forward to the republished editions of your stories.

  123. I still have quite a few “Signet Regency Romance” books by different authors including Barbara Cartland. I have a book by Joan Wolf that was her very first, “Counterfeit Marriage”. The pages are yellowing and the price on the preprinted cover is only $2.50. I was really poor back then so probably got it from a used bookstore, garage sale or a friend. I love this time period and that is why I have always been a big fan of yours. I really don’t enjoy a current time period that I live in. I can’t dream in today’s world. I would rather have an old book and dream that I was that Cinderella. Keep writing what you do, Mary, and I will continue to buy yours. You are GREAT!

  124. Forgot to tell you that I have 9 bookcases and if I were to look through them I am sure I have one of your Regency romances too!

  125. Can’t seem to get enough of your writing. Last night I stayed up ” merrily” rereading SIMPLY LOVE. I simply love those families. Your love and understanding of children always comes through.

  126. My 60th birthday is Feb. 6th and a new book is always great. Especially one of yours. I started reading Regency/ Historicals by Georgette Heyer when I was a teenager. I love the authors that follow in her footsteps with well developed characters and strong women.

  127. I look forward to your new works. I particularly like “The Heir”, “The Soldier”, series! The first of those made me impatient waiting for the others. Beautiful words! I also enjoy your photos of reading nooks and quotes. They bring a smile to my face cause others apparently feel just as I do!!!

  128. My Mom and I just finished reading the newest Survivor book Only Enchanting and we both loved it. I was thrilled when she asked to read some of your books that I have collected and I can say she has become a fan too. I have always been a Historical romance reader; especially the Regency period ever since I picked up my first copy of Pride and Prejudice. Of course, if the historical romance is set in the Highlands, thats not bad either. Thank you for giving us hours of reading pleasure. I do look forward to reading the newest Survivor book in the series.

  129. I started reading Regencies for any pale echo of Jane Austen. Still will start any Regency for that reason. Historicals would be anything in the past to me so I find it interesting that Regencies were not included in that market. By the way, I found authors, like you, to enjoy for thier writing not as a echo. Usually because they teach me something, reveal a perspective I never considered, or just make me laugh.

  130. I have not come across you as a novelist before but was directed onto your fb page from there to this blog. I found it interesting reading the blog about this book and a bit about the history of your writing. My mother was an avid reader as am I. It is regency novel’s borrowed from our local library that I most remember as a teenager 30 or so years ago . I loved reading them too much as I would have denied it then , not cool as a 16 year old in 1980 ! My mother passed away 12 years ago but instilled a great love of reading and encouraged exploring varied genre’s which is still one of my favourite things in life. What I enjoyed most about this blog was whisking me back to those sunny yet tempestuous teenage days of discovery that I actually did really enjoy reading the same historically based romantic novels my mother did and the places they whisked me off to in my imagination. Happy memories , mum and libraries ( which were warmer than our home ) , plus romance and history together in a novel.

  131. I have been reading Regency romances for years – and i find the difference between a Historical and a Regency to be more a matter of lightness and tone – for years the Regency Romances were just light almost comedy of errors type books – some had darker tones but most were driven only by the situations involving getting the main characters together happily in the end. The “Regency” part of the books was always about the backdrop of the politics and manners and morels of the time. Historical were always to me much more serious – and had much more serious plots – the politics and world events have much more impact to the action of the plot in a Historical. I have been reading Both- historical and Regency since 1972. And yes – somewhere in a box i am sure i have your first one!!

  132. I absolutely love your books and will be looking for this reprint as soon as it comes out…Would LOVE to win a copy! Thanks for all your stories! Annie

  133. I always thought Regencies were shorter than historicals and (usually) had either no sex scenes or very subtle ones. Of course, Mary became known for writing such lovely intimacy scenes in the shorter Regencies!

  134. I wrote a comment a few days ago but I can’t find it! So I’m doing one again because I really want to win this time, Mary! You know I’m one of your most devoted readers….among thousands of others!

  135. Hi Mary,
    My favorite book was ‘Slightly Dangerous’. I hope to meet you one day in person at a book signing in Virginia, USA, and I hope I will win these books.

  136. As I said before I started reading your books after seeing an ad -on line-about The Proposal coming out. I started with the newest series and have been reading everything of yours I can find.I doesn’t matter to me if they call them Regencies or Historicals…They still are my Happy Time escaping every day routine and a great read each time.

  137. I went through a period of Romance novel reading and I would love to read some of your books. My sister Carolyn probably has some of yours. I know when I get into a book I like I gobble it up, it’s fun.Now that I discovered your website, (I don’t even know how) I will follow your posts. I like the quotes about books. Oh, the Reading Woman calendar, that’s what drew my attention. I left a comment that I chose the same one and I would love to send MY calandar to you! Wish me luck! Back to Alma Love,my baby granddaughter awake from her “rest”……….

  138. I am relatively new to your books. I find them not only enjoyable but intelligently written and so true to the history of the era. It has given me an understanding of the times in which my English ancestors lived. I am starting to collect them all. Thanks for great stories.

  139. I just discovered your books and became an instant fan. I have read about 10 of them in the last week and a half that I found in my library. I think that it was fate to lead me to your blog on this last day to enter to win one of your books. Whoever wins will be very lucky indeed!

  140. I am a great fan of yours and keep ALL of your books. Your Christmas stories are taken out each Christmas and re- read to put me in the mood to enjoy Christmas.

  141. I have been enjoying regencies since Heyer, and once I tripped over your first Signets, I was hooked by your down-to-earth style and characters. Whenever my day needs a laugh, hauling out ‘Dangerous’ and picturing Bewcastle up the tree bickering makes me smile. Thanks for the years of reading pleasure.

  142. Masked Deception! It’s been such a LONG time since I picked that one up. I’m constantly rereading the Bedwyns, they’re always there for me. So Thank You for creating something so meaningful xxx

  143. I’ve just started reading your books, Mary, and I love them. I started with the Survivor series, but I will read them all…thank you for sharing your talent with us!

  144. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your books!!!
    I first stumbled across one of your books ‘Slightly Dangerous’ two years ago. I devoured it and then started the series from the beginning. I love the Bedwyns, the Huxtables, the Survivors………and on and on. Suffice it to say, I have pretty much read anything by you I can get my hands on. You are remarkable. How did I not know of you before? My favorite is ‘The Secret Pearl’. Keep writing.

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