A Word of Gratitude for Ebooks!

And yes, there really is something to be thankful for! I have no wish to open here the endless debate about which is better–the print book or the ebook. Some readers, I know, can get quite heated over the argument, as though there is only one right answer and those who disagree are just plain wrong! I merely rejoice in the fact that we have the choice. We can read either or both. However, I do want to draw attention to what I think is the single most amazingly wonderful contribution the ebook has made to my reading, and, I assume, to many other people’s too.


People of a certain age, like me (I won’t go into definitions here!), remember a time when there were only print books, and the only place to buy them was the bookstore. These people may remember too what it was like to discover a series in progress only to find that the earlier books in the series were not in the bookstores and, in many cases, could not even be ordered because they were out of print. I can remember discovering wonderful authors of an earlier time but finding it virtually impossible to get my hands on most of their out-of-print books. Patricia Wentworth (a contemporary of Agatha Christie with books similar to hers) would be an example. I can remember also old books of my mother’s and aunts’ that I lapped up as a girl but could never find again as an adult because they were long consigned to dust. I can remember a time, as an author, when my books were on bookshelves for a few weeks after they were published before being pulled and destroyed (after their covers were torn off) because stores could simply not find room for all the old books when new ones were constantly arriving. It did not take long for those books to go out of print, the assumption being that they would never be in print again. The window of opportunity for selling those books and bringing them to the attention of readers was quite small.


Those days are gone, and I am one happy reader! We very quickly adjust to a new reality, however, and for young people it is a reality that has always been here. With the advent of the ebook it has been possible to keep alive (or resuscitate) the earlier books of a series or of a particular author and to bring back old favorites of an older generation for them to read again and newer readers to discover. I can recall my delight a while ago when I idly searched for the books of Florence Barclay without any real hope that I would find them. But there they were in ebook format, and they were even free! I lapped them up all over again. I have been able to find all the old Nero Wolfe books, most of the old Regency romances that were being written while I was writing mine in the 1980s and 1990s, all the Ed McBain books, to mention just a few, In fact, it has got to the point at which I get quite indignant if there is a book I can’t find, either in print or ebook form. I have come to see it almost as a right that I should be able to have access to any book I want to read at a moment’s notice. What a blessed world we live in.

And now those long-ago, out of print books of mine are coming back, most of them being published in ebook form by Class Ebook Editions. Many readers have been asking for them. Many have been paying ridiculously high prices for the rare second-hand copies that find their way onto the market (the author gets no royalties on them, by the way). Many readers have discovered my books with more recent series, like the Bedwyn series or the Huxtable series or the still-ongoing Survivors’ Club series and would like to go back to read my earlier works. There are a lot of them! Well, now they are starting to be available again. There were two Christmas anthologies in late 2015, and in February, 2016 there are four novels–Red Rose, A Certain Magic, An Unlikely Duchess, and Lady with a Black Umbrella. And there will be more on the way.

So–I am not saying ebooks are better than print books. Neither am I saying the reverse. I am merely pointing out why this lady of a certain age is over the moon with delight at the wide world of reading that ebooks have opened up–and all just the click of a button away. Oh, that one-click!


Do enjoy the new ebooks. In the meanwhile, though, just to show I am not discriminating against print, I will be giving away two print copies of the newly republished INDISCREET to two people who comment below, as well as two print Advance Reading copies (with a plain cover) of ONLY BELOVED, the final book of the Survivors’ Club series, due out in May. Make your comment by the evening of Monday, February 8.


150 Replies to “A Word of Gratitude for Ebooks!”

  1. I am blessed to have your 4 books which are now available in e-book. I have searched and found nearly every book you have ever written. But, I agree, there are authors from the past whose books are only available in e-book format, unless I am lucky enough to find them in some used book store somewhere.

    As well as the writers from the past, the e-book offerings have introduced me to absolutely new authors I would never have found if not for my kindle.

    I personally like print books, but to be honest, you would faint if you knew how many books are loaded on my kindle right now. It is a wonder it does not weigh about 50 pounds. But, since I am addicted to books in whatever form, I am just glad I get to read.

    1. Mary, I think it’s wonderful to have both choices. However, I am old school and love to hold a real book in my hands while I am soaking up every word of each sentence of each paragraph of every page, all the way to the last period. It’s at that moment i find it hard to close the cover and put down a friend.

  2. How lucky are we that we have so many ways to enjoy books, whether ebooks, print, or audio. There is something for everyone.

  3. I would like a copy of your book. I don’t care which as I have neither Indiscreet or Only Beloved. I’ve already read all the Survivor books in print and e-book. I obviously don’t mind rereading a good book a time or two!
    BTW, I really love your work. It’s incredible. I see your characters carried from one book to another in a series, or another series. It’s awe inspiring how your characters stay in character.

    1. I love her books too and prefer getting mine at the library in large print.E-books are great when I travel I can take several with less room taken up and less weight.

  4. I am unbelievably grateful for ebooks. So much easier to read in bed without my glasses! And the ability to find anything, anytime is amazing.

  5. I grew up on books as well and I’m only 41. I started reading heavily at 31 but bought paperbacks. Someone loaned me a kindle in 2010 and now I have over 2000+ ebooks and around 300 paperbacks. So I love both options to choose from. Especially when I have KU and Prime with Amazon.

    Good luck ladies. 🙂

  6. I am grateful for ebooks because they allow me to have so many more books than my house could possibly hold. The unlimited adventures and journeys and experiences all at my fingertips.

  7. Looking forward to the Survivor book. I enjoyed the Christmas ebooks this past season. Thanks for the happy hours of reading!!

  8. I am forever in love with the smell of a new book. However, I am a voracious reader and ebooks are wonderful for when I can’t get too the book store. Also, i have discovered a lot of wonderful writers whose works are only available in ebook format. So, I totally agree with you.

  9. I was a hold out for ebooks for a long time. I love the feel and smell of a real book. I, also, live in a small town without a book store. It is a real treat to be able to discover a book online on a cold winter’s night without having to drive the 50 miles to the closest B&N! It’s great to be able to store book on my Kindles and Nooks, too. Books, whatever the form, are my passion!

  10. I remember the days of going to the bookstore to buy a book. Now I love the convenience of eBooks and Amazon.

    Although I love eBooks, I still have a bookcase full of the “old fashioned” print books and I am working my way through them. There was also something exciting about browsing the books in the bookstore and loading up on books.

  11. I am old enough to remember when LA had no chain bookstores. Department stores had a few books in a small section and there were one or two big old bookstores in downtown LA — a longish bus ride away — and my only sources for new books were the library (which wouldn’t buy suspect authors, or shelved them in the redlined adult section – fancy, Dorothy Sayers was there because Lord Peter and Harriet went on honeymoon :). When the chain bookstores exploded into the malls, I was in paradise. Books — new books! — everywhere! But they’ve imploded now, and my one local Barnes & Noble is a shabby shadow of its former glory. So I too welcome ebooks. My preference will always be for print, for the pleasure and convenience of handling them and putting them on my shelves and just looking at them as objects of beauty, but ebooks are genius, and I am so happy to see your oldest titles available again at a price anyone should be able to afford. Congratulations 🙂

  12. I’m excited to read the last of the Survivor Series. You’re one of my favorite authors and I too love finding older titles in ebook format. I just wish my local library system had a better ebook selection. Reading ebooks while traveling is so convenient.

  13. I love read, but to me it is not a hobby or an addiction, is more like eat food or drink water. It is a necessity. But not always can I access to my favorite books or to new ones, they are not sale in my country, they are sold out, there is not space in my bookshelf, etc. But, with ebook I always can have every book I want. So, I still love print books, but I’m very grateful for e reader.
    (I would really can finally read George and Dora’s story)

  14. Mary –
    I was thrilled when I found out that you were releasing some of your previous books in e-book form especially since I’ve been trying to buy them for several years! Some of them I read before in traditional book form but had passed on to my daughter-in-law who is a Hospice nurse. It was the one thing that after a hard day at work she could just sit back and relax even if only for a short time.

    Years ago a friend of mine was a manager of a Waldenbooks store and had several of her employees finished their studies at our local college and she was short handed. I was thrilled that she asked me to help out and it was a wonderful experience but since I also had another job a well I was thrilled when she was able to get a student to take over. My biggest problem when I worked there was that I spent more on new books then I was making!

    Unfortunately a few years later Waldenbooks closed our local store but the good news was that I found out about Kindle books and being able to order them on-line.

    I now am able to order books “real books” as well as e-books and while I enjoy both I must admit it is wonderful to be able to buy Kindle books that are otherwise unable to buy in “book” form. My love of books still remains but it’s also a blessing when those books that I had missed over the years are now being re-released in e-book form.

    I’m also thrilled to let you know that my grandchildren who are 5, 7 and 9 all have their own kindles and often have to be told that the have to put them down and go outside to play! I tribute they love of reading from their parents who love to read themselves. So many adults and children today unfortunately haven’t been fortunate enough to learn how wonderful reading can be. Because of that I try to have neighbors and friends join with me to get books to those who haven’t had the ability to buy them for themselves and their families.

    I’ve always believed that reading is one of the most important that we can not only enjoy but pass the love of reading to others.

  15. I love real paper books. I adore your writing! I own most of your books! Love especially the “Slightly” series! Your books are a very special joy to me.Andrea Greene

  16. You are so right Mary. Backlist is one of the great joys that ebooks have given us. Another one is print variability. I am increasingly more comfortable with larger print as I age (groan).

    It is a delight to have access to the regency novels of an earlier era, and I’m delighted there is incentive to preserve them and provide access to readers.

  17. I like both print and ebooks. I like ebooks for the reason I fine authors I never read before with free ebooks, I have enjoyed majority of them.

  18. I haven’t read ebooks. But I do love reading. A girlfriend of mine introduced me to your books about 10 years ago. I have been hooked ever since. Shared with my own sisters and they love Mary Balogh too! Would love to win a new novel. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  19. I prefer hard print books for things like long biographies or history books. I can read faster and I retain the material..or can deal with the highly complex material. But for my fun reading, I read on my phone. I love trying out new authors without a big search.
    I am so happy to read something from your back catalog!!!
    I spend a lot of time in waiting rooms..so it can be handy to have something on my phone.

  20. I thought I would never adapt to reading on an e-reader. I was wrong. I love the convenience of taking it everywhere with me to steal a few minutes reading whenever I get the chance. And not losing my place. Since I enjoy reading my favorites over again (and again) it’s easy to forget where I left off this time through. But, I still love print books. The feel of the paper and the aged smell of paper is very appealing to me. Nothing’s better than curling up with a book and your favorite characters unless it is discovering new favorites! I’m looking forward to Only Beloved!

  21. Who can have a problem with any source of publication that allows us the ability to read and expand our knowledge and imagination. Especially when it allows us access to out of print gems! I’m thankful for any type of book and for authors like Mary Balogh!

  22. I love your books and was thrilled to read Indiscreet earlier this week. I’m rereading the Survivor series now, looking forward to the last book. Although my house is filled to overflowing with books, I love my kindle and reading on it. It is easy on eyes to read in any kind of lighting and I always have all my books with me. Enjoying both mediums but loving book convenience. Love your books. Take care

  23. I bought a Kindle, thinking it would be easier to carry around, but it only lasted a year. I’ve gone back to reading hardback/paperback books. It’s easier to leave a bookmark and I still like the feel of the book in my hands. The above bookshelves look like mine!

  24. I would one of the books you are giving away. I have only read the first two of the Survivor’s Club. I love ebooks and print, each have their own pros and cons. xx

  25. I’m an avid fum of yours. I’d got alot of your books in hardcopies and in kindles. Thank you so much for the giveaways. Please don’t stop writing. Love all your stories. 🙂

  26. The technological availability of books grows larger each year. I am happy it does. Although I love to sit and turn a page, when I leave for a trip it’s easier to bring my iPad then a bag of books.

    I have to say I think my favorite series of yours is the Bedwyns. And my Favorite Bedwyn. Well that’s hard. Either Aiden or Wulf. It’s the quizzing glass ya know.

  27. Although I love physical books, I would be lost without my EReaders ( do say readers since I have multiple). I love being able to buy a book in a series and if I enjoy it, usually buy the rest of the series quickly. I read a book every day or two and quite frankly it would be too expensive to buy the physical copies all the time. And the small local library doesn’t have all the books I would like to read.

  28. I would love any of your books! I have read many of your titles, and enjoyed them immensely. I amfortunate enough to have a few of your books in original edition. I have purchased some of your newer titles on ebook, but none of those you are offering.

  29. I myself would prefer a paperback but, since I got/won a Kindle Fire, I have read more books on it as I only take paperbacks on the school bus to read while waiting to start my route. It is awesome of you to give away the 3 books. 🙂

  30. I by mostly e-books now because of the convenience and storage. I still have well over 300 print books. And I am slowly duplicating them in e-book format, not that I am getting rid of the print books. I love your work and I’ve hunted the used book stores to find your books. Now I am so happy they are available in e-books.

  31. I love the fact that my purse/backpack is so much lighter with an ebook reader. I used to carry around the 3-4 books that I was concurrently reading, now I have my entire library at my fingertips, and still have room for my wallet and keys. Plus, I have been able to archive my favorites that have just been worn out from being read over and over. My big worry is how I will charge my kindle in the zombie apocalypse (assuming I survive). LOL

  32. I am so struck by hearing that all of those lovely books of yours (and by other authors, I’m sure) were destroyed because there wasn’t space for them. I find that so heartbreaking. Why couldn’t they have been donated to a library, and to women’s shelters? Why just destroy books?

    Second of all, did you by any chance get your inspiration for Lady Barclay’s name from Florence Barclay? I just noticed that in this post.

    Third, good luck to all, and congrats to the winners. Also, thank you Mary for not only sharing your thoughts with us, but giving out free signed books.

    P.S. I guess I wasn’t done yet- I loved Indiscreet!!! I’m thrilled to finally get to read the 1st and 2nd book of the Horseman Trilogy. I can’t wait for Unforgiven to come out in July!

  33. I love all of your books. Of Course my all time favorite is the Survivors Series. I thank you for sharing your creative genius with us readers.

  34. I love books, but ebooks are great for traveling. I used to look for old books at used book stores. But I realized that with ebooks the author gets something. No so with used books. Glad ther is another way to get a whole series!

  35. I have loved your books for years. Making copies of the classics means that younger folks also get to enjoy them, adding an entire new circle of readers. Andy Kindle copies are no longer chew toys for growing puppies even eating the out the box to get to them.

  36. Thanks so much for these fun opportunities — it’s exciting to see people win books! I’m one of those people who enjoys having a book in hand–my daughter gave me a Nook for Mother’s Day a few years ago and I never set it up– I went to visit her in August and she wanted to add some books– I had to admit that I hadn’t used it– she understood and said if I left it with her she would get it set up…and muttered that she should just get me a Kindle because the Nook was probably outdated! Lol! She and I have had many chats about books and the pros and cons of series as opposed to the stand alones– when I mentioned how I loved the series she was not as wild for them and I asked her why– her answer made us both laugh– she didn’t want to read a series no matter how good the stories because they would eventually end… And she would miss the characters– I loved them because of the depth of the continuing stories– we decided that because I’m older, ” lived more life”, that I handled the end of a series better! One of her other complaints was after getting into a series a few times she found out that there were previous books and was devastated when she couldn’t find them– for whatever reason.. She is an avid reader, she was born loving books and stories– we still read together when we visit– we read to each other or listen to audiobooks– she’s in love with a great guy who shares her passion for books– he doesn’t think it’s weird when he comes home and finds us reading or coloring– I so love visiting them because it’s one of the times I get to engage with people who will in the middle of a discussion make reference to a passes in s book to illustrate a point — and then go pull that book from one of many bookshelves and offer to loan it– we are richly blessed to share the love of books– I cook when I go there( which they love!) and I , in return am fed by their intelligent conversations, full of ideas and philosophy– your dialogue up above made me think of how much books, stories, the characters — connect those of us who love to read.. It’s one very strong thread that bonded my daughter and I… You are one of my favorite authors Mary, I consider you to be one who takes the stories of the characters and gives them such relatable depth…I have to laugh because your books often leave me wishing they were drawing to a close– and yet I look forward always to the next one… Or one that I didn’t know about! ..annnd I’m not just saying that– I do enjoy your style and the way your writing has grown through the years… So please keep the stories coming– they are wonderful and interesting and so worth the dread when they are ending! Take care and thanks for the time you take to stay connected with your readers– you are definitely in tune with us!

  37. I often have to rely on Ebooks as I can rarely find your books at my local retail outlets. I also have some of yours as audio books so that I can listen while I work of garden. Thanks you for giving me hours of pleasure. ❤️

  38. I am so excited to have the opportunity to read some of your previous works. I remember when I first found you I immediately purchased everything I could find that you’d ever written. I was disappointed not to be able to find all. But it appears that will now change. Can’t wait!

  39. I have loved the Survivors’ Club series very much (and I do prefer the print copies.) Thank you for so many hours of memorable reading pleasure!

  40. I work in a library so actual hard copies of books are sacred to me – as an avid reader and to be able to keep my job (under threat more and more now with budget cuts!), but I have an original kindle which is never far from my side. As I am in a lucky position working in a library I can, more easily than most, get a series in its correct order. But as Mary has said, so many good series’ go out of print very quickly, also many authors now publish the inbetween novellas only on ebook, so I wouldn’t be without my kindle.

  41. When I had to downsize from a big house to a small flat, it was only my Kindle that enabled me to hang on to many of my treasured stories.
    Now I mostly buy ebooks, although there are some ‘real’ books I can’t resist!
    Thanks to your blog, I have also become re-acquainted with Florence Barclay. My Mum had many of her books when I was young.
    Can’t wait for ‘Only Beloved’.

  42. For years I have been saying I would never switch from print to e-books, but then I was robbed and lost my cell phone. I replaced it (for literally 1/6 the price of the old phone) and with it obtained an e-reader. The first thing I did was start my search for all of the missed books from my favorite authors. You are at the top of that list. And when I discovered all the free books I could get, that I no longer had to keep checking out of the library. I still intend to purchase print books, but I have definitely changed my mind about the value of an e-reader.

  43. I haven’t switched to e-books yet, but the release of the earlier books on e-book will change that. I have quite a stack of your paperbacks with a couple of hardbacks and am running out of space. My husband would probably appreciate the change. I am looking forward to the release of “Only Beloved”.

  44. Call me silly! I try to get as many of your books in print-all neatly lined up in my bookcase-but I am too impatient when a new book is being released – or even an old book- and I download them on my Kindle. I once read that Amazon can eliminate ebooks. I never want that to happen to my collection of Mary Balogh books.
    Mary, yours are the only hard copies I save. I do love my ebooks for 2 reasons. They are easy to take with me and I can read the in the middle of the night.

  45. How perfect! I am about to travel overseas and would absolutely love to download your ebooks onto my device so that I can read them on the plane, or anywhere else that I might be! No need to remember to carry the books with me, they’ll be on my phone with me wherever I go! 🙂

  46. I am soooooo happy that those books are finally out there. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I too, still prefer print books, but I have come to appreciate my kindle more and more each day. My main reason for getting a kindle in the first place was because ebook versions of books I once had, but had given away over the years, were only available in that form. Yes, I’m one of those ladies of a certain age (smile).

    I’m at a point where I am trying to rid myself of “things” I have acquired over the years. I don’t know where I would put all of the books I have on my kindle if I had them in print form. I also love the dictionary that is built into my kindle. So easy to tap the word and have the definition pop up.

    Even given all that, I still prefer print books and have many print books by my favorite authors. I have at least forty of yours. If these four books were available in print form I would buy them. But since they are not, I am so grateful they are available in ebook form.

  47. would love to win print copies,have all the other books in the series.i got a tablet once just to use for books couldn,t get the hang of working it,think i may have to try again because there has been a couple of books published only in e-form i wanted to read.BUT I STILL LIKE PRINT BEST,PROBALY BECAUSE OF AGE.thanks

  48. I completely agree. I will always love the sensual experience of holding a print book in my hand: smelling the heavenly odour of paper and ink, feeling the texture, hearing the rustle of turning pages. But when I travel, I love the fact that I don’t have to pack my suitcase half full of books, because I have hundreds on my ereader. When I get stuck in a long line at the supermarket, I can pull out my phone and read an ebook. And, as you point out, those older books by my favourite authors are available for a reasonable price. Wonderful.

  49. I am a firm and strict believer in that printed books are a million times better. For a true book lover (like me) it’s not just the story. There is something powerful about touching, feeling and even smelling a page in a book. But, Ias an avid and passionate reader, I recognize the ease of ebooks. I have over a thousand titles (not an exageration since Bookbub) in my tablet and phone and being able to go anywhere and finish a book while waiting for something and starting another one instantly, is something you can’t just get from printed books because it is not plausible to walk around on errands with teo or three books in your purse. However, I do adhere by one rule in this debate, and ghat is that if I start a book collection in print, I have to finish it in print. Same goes for ebooks. Having titles from the same series here and there drives me insane. Yours are ones I need in print because I had the first one in print. BTW, love your romances. I see myself as one of you lady leads had I been born in the Victorian era (which is really where I belong).

  50. Print or ebook? There is only one correct answer for me: yes, please! I understand why people might prefer one over the other but I’ll take them either way I can get them.

  51. Many things still appeal to me about print books, but there are special advantages to an e-books as well. For one thing, e-reader devices include an option to change text size. If the person who’s reading would feel more comfortable with its text being in larger characters, a few clicks makes that change seamlessly. Plus the fact that sometimes I have the impulse to reread a book, but that one is at one address but I’m elsewhere.

    Also, the single, smaller size keeps a whole library of choices at one’s fingertips, and the handy option to use the search function to jump instantly to a favorite passage simply by typing a phrase or even just a word or two of it which one remembers. That’s a lot quicker than paging through a print book seeking that gem which one wants to enjoy again.

  52. I like e-books because I don’t have to carry a bunch of books in my suitcase or purse when I go anywhere. I still like print books, but e-books are so convenient. I can carry a hundred+ books in my purse all the time.

  53. I have been a fan of yours since I first read Seducing an Angel (I made it partly through before realizing it was part of a series and had to get the others before it). That series is now a permanent fixture on my bookshelf. I have since bought your new books and reprints of ones I have yet to read. You are truly wonderful, and I am a fan forever!

  54. I love being able to download ebooks on my Kindle for all the reasons you listed above and so convenient for traveling.

  55. I love reading. I love to take a printed book on a trip so I don’t have to worry about battery life. I love eBooks at home so my closet shelves don’t sag. Mostly, I just love to read before I go to sleep. I find it so relaxing to slip into another world and forget all the stressors of my world. Some people take pills or drink. I read. Especially books by Mary Balogh.

  56. Hi. Love my Kindle, lots of books and easy to update when travelling/on holiday plus I don’t need a torch to read in the dark or on a late night bus. Love my hardcopy books for the feel of them and the ease of flipping back and forth.
    Have many of your books in both formats as I like them so much and really looking forward to reading the next Survivors book.

  57. I mostly use my Nook when I travel and to preorder books of my favorite authors. I have collected all of Mary’s books and those of other Regency romance authors in print. I do appreciate enlarging font size on my Nook as some of the older Regencies have very small print.

  58. Ebooks are so convenient to take with you anywhere. It is a joy when hard to find or out of print books become available as it helps to complete series or just my own collection. Love the idea to set my own print size as I have come to the age where small print is tiring on the eyes. Thanks for making more of your books available through this media.

  59. I am so happy that readers who did not have the opportunity to read your earlier Signet Regencies will be able to eventually read them. I am one who gradually collected all your older books, and it was not an easy job! But I loved your books so much, I had to try. Once I got a computer, and discovered that many used bookstores were online, I was able to start ordering them. It is so sad to hear that bookstores only kept the books on the shelves for a short time, and then discarded them! What a shame..So happy we will be able to find them soon…

  60. I admit I am a “person of a certain age”. The thing is I love ebooks, print books, and any other kind of books. I love e-books for ease when I travel. My son lives in Japan and I can read quite a lot on the flight over. My Kindle holds more books than I could ever pack and they are all right there–no fumbling in the overhead bin.
    I lost many of my old MB books in a flood and am excited that they are coming back out in e books. While I have rebuilt most of what I lost, Red Rose, A Certain Magic, and A Gift of Daisies are still missing. 2 of the 3 will be mine again soon!

  61. I have the survivor series in both ebook and hard cover. Love both formats. Have also been scooping up your earlier books as ebooks. So great to discover new treasures. And yes I reread a lot of your books.

  62. Forgot to mention. I read books on my iPad where I have a choice among formats — iBook, Kindle, and a few more. Most of all, iPad has the perfect page size for me — smaller and I’m turning pages too often and larger could get lost.

  63. I prefer to read printed books. Have many of your books in both formats as I tend to read my favorite authors over and over. Can’t wait to read ONLY BELOVED.

  64. I love ebooks. I am reading constantly, and with the kindle app on my iPad, I always have choices–plus something new when I finish a book. Having nothing to read is no longer a problem!

  65. I love your books and the format in which I read them doesn’t make any difference. Frequently, I will read one of your new books online through the Kansas library because that’s where I first find it. Then, as soon as I find it in stores, I buy my own copy…because I re-read your books two or three times. I cannot wait until Dora and George’s story appears. Thank you for the hours of entertainment you have provided in whatever venue the reader finds you.

  66. I love to read and, even though I prefer the tactile experience of reading an actual printed book, I will read in any format! The book’s the thing, not necessarily the delivery system of said book. I adore your books and The Survivors’ Club Series has been my favorite series so far! I can’t wait to read the next installment!

  67. I’m so happy to be able to read these oldies that were not available in print. I love reading Mary’s books and Ebooks are the best options for travelling and small places. Thank you so much!!!

  68. Your blogpost brought back old memories of working after school at the local Woolworth’s and helping rip covers off in the book section. I absolutely love ebooks and now can’t understand how I survived not being able to download a book at anytime. I am so excited for your upcoming releases, both old and new.

  69. A lot of things you say are true. But I find even the unlimited world of the internet is limited as far as ordering e-books goes. If you don’t live on the North American continent, more often than not, you need to order with the large company beginning with an A that only sells its own e-book format, which is a no go for me. And other online book sellers in my country don’t list the books from this editor. If I find another international online (e-)book seller I often experienced the fact that they don’t “deliver” the books to another country.
    Maybe that changed, I haven’t tried for a long time. For you books I’m willing to try again.

  70. Glad more of your books are becoming available – there are some I still haven’t been able to read yet! I read print books, and have some novellas on Nook on my computer. Would love to win a copy! And very much looking forward to reading George and Dora’s story – each last book of the series is great – Wulfric, Constantine, etc.

  71. Mary, I too love the opportunities that ebooks present to bring copies of older, unobtainable books out but I still love my print copies also. And I prefer the feel of a great book, able to sneak glimpses of pages ahead ( yes, I do admit to that) during a particularly suspenseful part of the book.

    However, my Kindle has also given me the capability, if I find a new author I like and I finish a book I really like, I can immediately browse and find another book by this author and not have to wait for paperback delivery.

  72. I LOVE ebooks! My Kindle weighs just the same no matter how big the book is. I can easily hold it in my hand sitting or lying down. I can read with or without a light on so I don’t disturb anyone else at night. I can take entire series with me wherever I go so when I finish one book I can start the next immediately. Many years and many moves means many books I once had are gone, but I can find them online, usually for less than I originally paid for them. My Facebook friends tell me about books and authors I missed along the way and I love finding them right away.

  73. I love all books so I still like to read in print, but I must admit the ability to have many books on hand in your hand bag – just waiting for the opportunity to continue to read is amazing. I find the e-reader is easier for older hands to manage and hold. I still enjoy having books in a book case to look at, but my e-books are mine and my pleasure. Love your books – thank you for the pleasure you bring to so many.

  74. I’m definitely a bit too fond of print books, my apt is overloaded with them, and I’m frequently borrowing from the library. But I’ve bought or borrowed ebooks of authors new to me or not easily available in print. Some books I have both in print and kindle.

  75. I do not have preferences: it’s print for my bag (bus rides, lines in the bank or at the doctors) and ebook to read on my PC at home or netbook on the travel. I read and write a lot on the PC at work, so I’m used to it.
    Concerning reprinting old issues, I had the same experience with the old Diana Palmer books I read as paperback when I was a girl. Some of them got lost in time (mostly lent to friends and never received back), until I started to find them as ebooks. Happy days!
    I’m glad you are releasing your old books as ebooks! Great idea!

  76. O brave new world that has ebooks in it. Speaking of very old dark tan paperbacks sold online at ridiculous prices, one year I resold several early Mary Balogh treasures to pay for seeing several Metropolitan Opera matinees on movie screens: Met Opera in HD. Sweet swap of one quality product for another entertaining experience. The Met simulcasts 10 Saturday matinees every season with an encore the following Wednesday night. Not the same as theater, but miles better than nothing at all! ** For readers searching books in print, try http://www.BookFinder.com and to research authors, series and sequence, go to http://www.fantasticfiction.co.uk/ ** Thank you, Mary, for championing great stories, your own and others. Eager for the next Survivor!!

  77. I love the ebooks, even as I treasure my old paperbacks and hardcover favorites. As sales happen and old books are reissued in eformat, I end up owning the truly beloved tales in both formats. One travels well, the other is best for long soaks in the tub.

  78. I still read print books, but find ebooks much easier on my eyes – large print and brighter (I need a lot of light when I read). I can’t wait to read these four older books as they are all new to me. I love all your books – particularly the Slightly and Simply series and I am anxiously awaiting George’s story. Thanks so much for providing so many hours of my favorite activity – reading.

  79. I love that e-books provide a longer shelf life for books, make previously out-of-print books available, and are so accessible, especially if you live in an area with limited access to bookstores. A lot of independents in my area carry a sparse selection in the romance genre (why?!). E-book readers also allow you to change the font size, which is nice as my eyes get tired, and okay, as I get older, lol. For me, though, the print book will always be my first love. I enjoy the stepbacks on my historical romances. I can read print books whenever and wherever–I never have to charge them. And they are easier for me to reference when I go back to read them. This was a great blog piece. I look forward to the last book in the Survivor’s Club. Best wishes on all your books.

  80. My children gave me a Nook when I retired. They knew I was planning on doing a lot of traveling. My daughter said that with an eReader I can take a dozen books without weighing down my suitcase. She was so right. I work part-time in a library, so books in the printed form are truly wonderful. However, I have to say that it doesn’t matter what format I use to read a book as long as I CAN read that book. Enjoying the story is what’s important –not the format.

  81. I usually prefer print books, but because I travel a lot and like to have a choice of reading material accompany me, I have embraced ebooks and happily carry my Kindle with me everywhere. Yes, the ‘one-click’ for aaall the Mary Balogh books I can get is a wonderful thing!!! Keep them coming, please! 🙂

  82. I Feel ebooks have given authors control and flexibility over their creative products. Even the most popular authors have been told that an idea they have had for a story wouldn’t sell enough copies to justify a print run. Being able to read the story is more important to me than the format. Thank you for making the stories available.

  83. I must say I have been slow to start using ebooks. There is no other feeling in the world like turning that last page after reading a book for days, nor is there another smell quite like an old book. However, I do enjoy being able to download new books in the comfort of my own home and to have them instantly. In college, I was required to buy a lot of books and I always found myself getting physical copies. I also own many of your books as well as other historical romance authors. I ended up having to switch to ebooks because I read so many historical romances, I don’t have space for them all! When people recommend donating them I just can’t seem to give them up because I enjoy reading them again and again!

    Overall, I’d say the advent of new technology only serves to enhance the reading experience, but I do think there is still a time and place for a plain old paperback.

  84. I tend to take my kindle when I go on trips. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be able to fit any clothes in my suitcase, but if I want to curl up in bed and read before sleep, I would rather have a physical book. Any way I can get them, your books are among my favorites.

  85. I’m definitively a fan of both. Sometimes, I cannot wait to read a book so with eBooks, I’m sure to begin my reading on the day the book is available. (I have to go to another city to buy novels written in English or order them online. (I’m grateful for Amazon, they recommended me in 2013 A Counterfeit Betrothal/The Notorious Rake which was the book that made me “discovered” you.) I can read on my phone now too so that’s even better. Also, some books never go in print, so I like that I’m able to read them anyway.

  86. Aye, my Kindle is a regular Hermione’s backpack as well! I am very grateful i am not carrying about multiple pounds of books anymore!

  87. There’s no doubt the internet has changed my life. I work from home now using the internet since being made redundant a couple of years ago, which could not have happened even just 10 years ago, I craft like a fiend now because of online classes from the most talented artists around the world as well as being able to buy the goods from overseas to do it, and I read so much more. I actually stopped reading for about 20 years because where I am we just didn’t get the good books. Mary, I never knew you existed until about 8 years ago when I first realised I could buy ebooks. Now I’m so glad your older books are coming out as ebooks so I can access them, and not only that I feel good knowing you get paid for them as my pre-internet reading was mainly done from secondhand shops where the authors never got paid for their stories. Such changes in one lifetime, it’s hard to fathom sometimes! Please don’t put me in the draw, I already won from you before! I am so looking forward to your next release in April with Grace Burrowes and then your final Survivors book. What a fantastic series it has been!

  88. I agree, the ability to choose how to read and to have such a big variety of choice is wonderful. For example I have the entire Huxtable series on ebook because the local bookstore whom I support doesn’t have them and it allows me to take over 150 books with me when I catch the train to and from work.

    There’s nothing to me like a paper book though, I am fortunate enough to have several signed books in my collection and there’s just something about curling up in bed with a novel you’ve read a thousand times, a little worn around the edges with a cup of tea and the rain outside to feel completely happy.

  89. As a librarian working with the military community Ebooks have enabled us to provide books to those who can’t get to a physical library. And being in an overseas location enables us to provide books for famines to take on their travels. Plus I still like to read a hard copy book, but when all you can take is your backpack the ereader means I don’t have to choose which book to bring, I get to bring all of them.

    1. Sorry suppose to be families not famines. Silly auto correct on my phone.
      I love your books. And they are always popular at the libraries I have worked at. Can’t wait to read the latest.

  90. I still love the smell and feel of a new book. But I do have a Kindle and it does seem to keep filling up. I try and put mainly novellas and short stories or anthologies on my Kindle. So, I guess I like and do both – print books and ebooks. Cheers, Mary. Would love to win Only Beloved. Such a GREAT series!

  91. I agree with every word you have written. And I love that authors such as yourself have embraced new technology to interact with readers and to market yourselves. I am an older, lifelong reader and, of course, enjoy the look and feel of a book. I am also starting to thin out my shelves and shelves of books. A book is only valuable if it is being read and so I am sending many off to fiund raisers and the neighbourhood “library” box. I do have very young grandchildren though and I maintain several shelves of my favourites for them as I am concerned with screen time issues for little ones.
    I thought I had read all of your books but I noted one in the column that was new to me. I shall go and “click” for it now.

  92. Personally, I greatly prefer paper books to ebooks, but will read an ebook I’m interested in if there is no other option available. I’ve been lucky in obtaining all of your older, out-of-print books in paper format at used book stores and from eBay, so I’ve been blissfully reading your entire backlist since discovering you as an author in 2008.

    The cover of the new edition of Indiscreet is FABULOUS, BTW.

  93. Yay for ebook reprints! I don’t really care whether my books are in print or ebooks (though I prefer ebooks) as long as I can get my hands on them :p

  94. I find that e-books are good for vacation reading; however, there is nothing like holding that printed version in your hands….being able to relax without having to put down a device that heats-up quickly – and no, I’m not talking about the content 🙂

  95. I love them both. But I think it’s great that I can take a phone or tablet on a trip with lots and lots of books and not much space used up.

  96. There isn’t a bookstore anymore in our town so I had to start buying my books online. I live in Finland and it can take some time to get the books you have ordered if they aren’t written in Finnish or Swedish. Then I discovered ebooks and found a whole new world. A lot of great books are not translated in Finnish (haven’t found any Mary Balogh’s books in Finnish!) so it’s really nice to be able to find something to read without over two hour trip to the closest bookshop that sells paperbacks in English. I also do like the fact that I’m able to get new books right when they are published.

  97. Hello MARY,
    I have just finished INDISCREET and I adore your parts above all off course Rex and Catherine. Grace Burrowes has announced a book written with you with two stories, yours with Eleonor Thompson a sequel of SIMPLY PERFECT. Fantastic. I love the serie of the family BEDWYN. I discovered the trilogy of the HORSEMEN and the first book is great. I haven’t been able to get your Christmas Books. They are unfortunately unavailable in France but I expect that the four books foreseen in february will arrive in France. I expect that from Amazon. First, I got your print books but since Christmas 2014 I bought a kindle. I expect your ebooks to be in my kindle.

  98. What a blessing in this age to access our favorite worlds in a variety of convenient ways. it is awesome to discover or rediscover reading that we had never dreamed possible before. Looking forward to all the releases, print and not! Thank you Mary.

  99. I discovered you through the ebook selection at my public library, but that doesn’t diminish my love of print books.

  100. So glad to have a chance to read your earlier books. Can’t wait for the final Survivors’ Club also. It’s a treat to have so many Mary Balogh books available.

  101. This such an exciting development for you, Mary, and for your readers! Congratulations!! I’ll be ordering on the 8th!

  102. The greatest thing about books is having the opportunity to read you out-of-print books! Looking forward to reading these treasures!

  103. When I was in school I truly disliked reading, maybe because it was a requirement and wasn’t for pleasure but it took many years for me to realize that I love to read.

    I have developed a true love for historical romance (I love contemporary too, but the historical is def my fav) and when I get a hand on one of your books I can’t put it down. It is almost like an obsession or something as necessary as breathing.

    On more than one occasion I have finished one of your novels in just one sitting, even when my eyes told me it was time for a break my heart kept willing me to read on.

    Reading your novels and those of one other author that I like have really taken me through some tough times. My father, grampa and dog all passed away within a year and it was an extremely difficult time. But I could always count on your novels to take me away to another world and feel better while I was reading them.

    I truly love holding a book in my hand and while I’ve been disappointed that I can’t physically get my hands on all of your novels, the fact that I can still have access to them is beyond wonderful. I have not yet purchased an ebook as I still need to buy a nook or other ebook compatible tablet but it is definitely something I will do soon.

    Indiscreet has already arrived at my front door but I am patiently waiting for Only Beloved!

    I cannot wait to continue reading your work and look forward to all future releases!

    Thank you for always giving me happiness through your writing and truly letting me escape into another world!

  104. I’m torn between so looking forward to the last Survivors’ Club book and the fact that it will be the LAST! I have loved this series–from the closeness of the survivors, to the strong and perfect mates that they end up with. That being said, I’m looking forward to the new Horsemen Trilogy (and will be sad when that ends, as well!).

    On another note, I’m torn between ebooks and real books. If you had asked me even a year ago which I would pick, I would tell you I’m a die-hard real book reader. But, I’ve slowly come to realize that ebooks have their benefits–as in reading older and/or out of print books at a more affordable price (yes, I’m one of the ones who have read several of your series and have been looking forward to reading your older books), for the follow-up on a series, as well as novellas. Not to mention I always have something to read on my phone while waiting to see a doctor or for my car to be serviced (that’s if I forget to bring a real book!).

    Thank you, Mary Balogh, for your wonderful books. Please keep them coming!

  105. I agree Mary! Though I prefer real paper when I’m really digging in and enjoying a book, I love ebooks because:
    – you can load up your device for traveling without lugging books
    – your beloved collection doesn’t need dusting
    – checking your e-library is better than an awesome garage sale – they are constantly adding older titles and e-novellas along with all the latest
    – you can borrow from the e-library without the adding to your to-do list (returning the book)

  106. Although I love real, hand-held books, I love having my favorite books in e-book form also. And anything that makes Mary’s wonderful stories available to more readers is terrific! I’m looking forward to collecting all her stories in e-book form so I may have them ALL at my side for reading no matter where I am.

    Thank you for writing your heart-warming, touching stories throughout these many years, Mary. You are and have always been my favorite author of Regencies and Historical Romances!

  107. Mary,
    I so agree with you. I’m one of those “bookworms” that can get lost in a story no matter which format or in what place I read.
    It would be awesome to get my “paws” on one of your ARC’s 😉

    Hugs from Chicago!


  108. Thank you, Mary Balogh, for creating novels so believably written, so touching, that I read them again and again. Your sentence structure and word choice always satisfies. My Ph.D. in Modern Letters bought me a ticket to teaching literary analysis at a university for over 4 decades, so I’ve had the luxury of being familiar with a wide range of authors. I’m in no way exaggerating when I say that you are my go-to author for comfort and delight–in the characters you create, and in your use of language. As a child I used to pack a favorite book when I was going away from home for a few nights, to make me feel safe because the book was an important part of my sense of home. As an adult, when I sink into one of your novels, I am again at home.

  109. Although I enjoy the traditional printed book, ebooks are wonderful when I travel.
    I also love the audio book that I may indulge in while cleaning house, walking, commuting to work or working out.

    Love your work!


  110. I have only discovered historical romance two years ago. I agree it’s hard to paperback published of your early works and I have resorted interlibrary loan. Unfortunately, I do not like listening to audio books, hard to connect with the characters. My favorite thus far is Thief of Dreams, old donated copy at the public library

  111. I’m a big fan of audio books, but seldom read an e-book. That’s not because I don’t like them, it’s more because I have lots of hardcovers and paperbacks that I’m trying to read first! I’ve never thought of e-books as a source for old, out-of-print books/authors. What a great discovery although it may be like opening Pandora’s Box. I’ve enjoyed your wonderful books for years and can’t wait to see if any of the ones I’ve missed are now available to me!

  112. I agree, I love that one-click. I have an e-reader and I love it for travel or for sitting in waiting rooms. It also saves us when one of my children tells me they need a particular book for school tomorrow, but it’s already so late that the libraries and bookstores are closed for the night. E-books to the rescue!

    However, I also remember the thrill of the hunt in tracking down out-of-print books by favorite authors that I desperately needed to read. Even before the internet I would locate used book stores in towns where we were vacationing and take time to visit them and prowl around the shelves. Your backlist was always top of my list, and yes, I’ve spent some big bucks on some of your older books, feeling guilty all the while that you weren’t getting any royalties from those purchases.

    It’s also impossible to get an autographed copy of the e-edition of a book–just sayin’. As much as I might enjoy the convenience and the content of an e-reader, I don’t treasure my kindle the way I treasure my physical books.

  113. Do you know that these four e-books are not available if you live in Poland? I’m so frustrated! I can see them on Amazon, I can see their prices, but I can’t buy them. I don’t think it’s fair.

    1. They became available! 🙂 I’m very happy. I’ve already bought one and I hope to finish reading all of them by the end of next week 🙂 Such a treat! 🙂

  114. I’m grateful for _all_ of your stories, and for the chance to win a print copy of Only Beloved.Thank you! I already own an older copy of Indiscreet and wouldn’t want to deprive anyone who hasn’t read it yet (or the other two books in the series). I think I many be jealous of e-reader owners, though, who get to read the earlier stories being reissued that I haven’t yet read.

  115. I love books! I love the feel of them, the smell, the weight in my hands, etc. Don’t even get me started on bookstores! Life has become hectic over the past few years with work and kids so if I want to read I need to do it at random moments. This is where ebooks have been a wonder for me. I’m able to carry this device, that is smaller and lighter than a book, wherever I go so that I can take advantage of any available moments. I still read books sometimes but I know that I’ll be reading Only Beloved on my ereader while I’m waiting for an appt or maybe even exercising.

  116. I never thought I’d love my Kindle as much as actual books, but I very quickly became an ebook convert, and though I still have a house full of books I adore, I wouldn’t be without my Kindle. I’m so pleased that you’re releasing your older titles in e-formats. Often it’s not that I don’t want to buy secondhand copies, it’s that they’re just not available. I would guess that many of your older Signet titles were never available (or not widely available) in the UK, so there are no old copies to make their way into the secondhand and charity shops, which are the principal outlets for used books over here – I don’t think there is a used bookshop within a 50 mile radius of where I live.

    So please keep them coming in digital formats.

    Oh, and as an avid audiobook listener, I’m also delighted that so many of your backlist titles are becoming available in audio, too – and with Rosalyn Landor, who is outstanding. Keep those coming, too!

  117. I always seem to miss the deadline and unfortuntely I won’t be the winner this time either! But I cannot wait for Only Beloved to come out. I do however feel a little sad that I will have to say Goodbye to my dear Survivors’ club! I loved the series so much!

  118. I love Mary’s books and am halfway through Lady with a Black Umbrella on Kindle and it is driving me mad. There are so many literals – it’s as if the print book was digitally scanned and not proofread by a human. Corner becomes comer, I becomes 1. Are there any plans to check and republish these four books for kindle?

  119. I am one of those fans of yours who searched out your books in local used book stores, online book stores and inter-library loans. It’s been great to start acquiring your books as ebooks.

    I would love it if you would list more previously out of print authors that you like whose books are now available as ebooks.

  120. Please could we have the Bedwyn and Simply books available for Kindle on Amazon. I love your books, especially the Survivors, which I have for Kindle and Audio. Many thanks.

  121. I prefer reading the printed material but home to try ebooks some day. Just finished The Temporary Wife and wish I had an epilogue where you tell us if Charity and Anthony had children. Love their story.

  122. I am very thankful that you have released a few of your older books recently in ebook format. And that almost every book in your series books is available. I have a neurological pain condition in both arms and have not been able to hold and read a paperback book in almost 20 years, so having the ebooks to read on my laptop is an answer to prayer. However, even though you most likely won’t see this comment, I can’t understand why your publisher is asking so much for each ebook? An ebook has to cost almost nothing to produce, in relation to an hardback cover or even a paperback. No cost for the printing, paper and labor, no cost for people to bind the books and pack them in boxes, no transportation costs, no labor costs to place them on shelves or ring up the sales… So why are we paying the same cost for your older books, re-released in the ebook format, as we pay for brand new books? I simply can’t afford to buy your series of the Bedwyn’s or your series of the Martin School for Girls or any other of your wonderful series books to place on my Kindle or laptop and enjoy reading them again, not at $7.99 or even $9.99 an ebook! Other authors who write romance/historical books have also been re-releasing their backlog of books on ebook, for much more reasonable prices and so I can afford to buy them and re-read their older books, and cherish reading these old friends. If you somehow read this comment, Mary Balogh, hopefully you can discuss charging lower prices for the ebooks with your publisher so more of your readers can again enjoy reading your beloved books. Or else explain why they must be priced at a cost that is prohibitive for many of your fans to purchase these ebooks… Thanks in advance.

  123. Not really related to the post — but I’m absolutely tickled pink that you referenced one of my favorite songs, “A Lady of A Certain Age” by the Divine Comedy!

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