Eleanor Thompson, The Bedwyns, and Grace Burrowes!


When author Grace Burrowes asked me a while ago if I was interested in writing a novella to go with one she had written to form a shared anthology, I was swamped with work since I was still writing the Survivors’ Club series at the rate of two books a year. So of course I said yes! I read her novella, loved it, and thought I should write one that somehow complemented it. Hers was a love story in which the hero was a widower with young children. It was set at a country house party. Perhaps, I thought, I would use those same elements in my story. But–I needed a hero, a heroine, a plot, and a specific place at which to set the house party. This is always a part of the writing process that I love. And when the ideas come, I very rarely have any idea where they come from. During the years since the six books of the Bedwyn family series and the related four books of the Simply series, numerous readers have asked me to write a story for Eleanor Thompson, sister-in-law of Wulfric Bedwyn, Duke of Bewcastle, and owner and head teacher of a school in Bath. I have always said an adamant no. So–of course–she popped up in my mind as the heroine of this novella. Who was I to keep on saying no?


The Bedwyns have remained reader favorites among all the series I have written and characters I have created, especially the head of the family, the formidable Wulfric with his cold silver eyes and ever-present quizzing glass. As soon as I had decided that Eleanor would be the heroine, the setting of the house party was immediately obvious. Christine, the Duchess of Bewcastle and Eleanor’s sister, is organizing a summer party at Lindsey Hall for Wulfric’s birthday, despite his long-suffering protests. All the other Bedwyns will be there, as will Eleanor, who is on her way there from her school in Bath at the beginning of the story. She is delayed at a country inn by a thunderstorm, and there she meets the hero–and his two young children.


You can read more about Grace Burrowes’s story at her web site ( www.graceburrowes.com ). If you have not read her before, you have a treat in store, not only because her books are good, but also because there are so many of them. She is super-prolific! I am excited about this anthology, Once Upon a Dream, due out on April 12. It is an e-book, available all over the world. For those die-hard paper book readers among you, though, good news! The anthology will also be available as a print-on-demand edition from amazon.com. You won’t find it in bookstores, but you can order it on-line.

And to one person who makes a comment below before the end of Tuesday, April 12, I will send a paper copy of ONCE UPON A DREAM as soon as my own copies arrive.

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  1. I’m very excited to hear about a new Bedwyn story, and would love to get a copy of the novella and its companion by Grace Burrowes.

  2. I like Eleanor, and, oh, the story as summarized is a draw. And you can bet I’ll find out more about Grace Burrowes.

  3. Mary, you and Grace are among my favorite authors. My elderly mom also loves reading books by both of you, so between us, we have dupe copies of many of your/her books. Really looking forward to reading this one. So glad Eleanor will get her own HEA.

  4. Mary, I simply love all your books and Slightly Dangerous is one of my favourite, so much so… my firstborn son (born in 2013) is named Wulfric! He definitely lives up to that name with a strong and defiant personality. Looking forward to Eleanor’s story!

  5. I am always on the look out for new releases of your works, Mary, and I was so happy to see this novella come up on Amazon. I pre-ordered and am just waiting for the hour I get the email that it has been downloaded to my Kindle. The hard part will be trying not to sit up and read it since I have to get up and go to work the next morning. Will I give in to temptation or be a responsible adult? I’m not taking bets on my willpower. There’s always coffee! 🙂

  6. I too have preordered the kindle version, as I do all your older titles as they are issued. I still like the print reading experience better — and knowing that I own a copy that neither amazon nor the great EMP in the sky can ever take away from me — but I also love ebooks for being searchable! I can go straight to something that has been triggered in my memory. And I love that ebooks are bringing your brilliant older titles to a new audience. I know that because of ebooks you have many new fans experiencing the laughter, the soggy kleenex and the satisfied little smiles your books bring.

  7. I have read & love all your books. I especially liked the Bedwyn series. I prefer the print copies but order the ebooks I’d that is my only choice.

  8. Mary – I ordered Once Upon A Dream back in January and can’t wait to finally be able to read it! I usually buy your stories in “book” form but this time I knew that I had to read it the day it was released and it will “magically” appear on my Kindle on the April 12th so I can start reading it right away!

    PS: Thanks for all the wonderful hours of wonderful stories you’ve shared with all of us!

  9. I love your books, and I love even more when a mature couple found their happy end. Everyone deserves love in their lives! So, Eleanor, George and Dora stories are truly gifts from you that I can barely wait to read.

  10. I am so glad that Eleanor will have a story. It is always nice to visit with our old friends, the Bedwyns, and see how they are getting on. 🙂

  11. The story sounds so appealing and I love that Eleanor will finally have her very own love story! Can’t wait to read it! Thank you Mary!!

  12. I am so excited for the next book in the Bedwyn series. Such a fan of your books. Love series like this especially since Eleanor is getting a book. Love it even better cause a father and his children. These are the stories I fall in love with. Thanks for the chance.

  13. I too have already pre-ordered this book for my kindle, but I would love to have a paper copy. You have such a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  14. I Love the Bedwyn family,I own every book in this series and have read them all more than once, but I never win these things. I enter contests all the time, from several different Authors. Never hurts to try though. Thanks for the chance and good luck to everyone!

  15. Two favorite authors, more than a few favorite characters in supporting roles, and a 4hr long sit-still-be-quiet appointment on Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for hours and hours of entertainment, of comfort when those appointments go long and hard, and not for a chance to win.

  16. Mary Balogh and Grace Burrows!!! Two of my favorite authors in one book?! It’s like a dream come true! Today is my 60th birthday. Living 6 decades is an awesome accomplishment. I’ve never understood why people hate getting older… I’m proud to be 60 and being able to look back at all of the historical moments I’ve lived through! The good and the bad. I’m an avid eBook reader because I love being able to control the size of the print. That way I can read in bed and read without my glasses! But receiving a printed copy of “Once Upon a Dream” would be wonderful!!! A very special birthday present indeed! I love your stories, may you continue to share your wonderful characters with us for many years to come!

  17. How wonderful! Two of my favorite authors in one book, although I must admit, you have an edge because you were the first author I wrote to (after Wulfric’s book) and I was astounded to receive a reply from you. Wishing you years of ‘chronological enhancement’ so you can keep writing those books that mean so much to so many

  18. Oh my goodness, two Baloghs in less than a month! Pre-order clicks are what I’m doing. Can’t wait to read … and of course, I hope I win.

  19. I would love to read Eleanor’s story! It wasn’t enough just to through a morsel like she lost the man she loved ages ago and decided to never try her heart again! Her evident intelligence, good humor and quiet understanding demanded a more fulfilling ending! So, thanks! 🙂

  20. Since the entire Bedwyn family were people I loved, this is such a good bit of news for me. Eleanor has always been a supporter of Christine so I believe she absolutely deserves a story of her very own. My birthday is later this month, so I consider the publication of these two novellas to be special gifts for me.

  21. An irresistible combination, a duet of novellas with Bedwyns as background and Grace Burrowes telling us the other story! I’m in and ready to read it any way I can get it! Winning is great, but the gift will be the stories. Thank you, Mary Balogh!

  22. I always thought that Eleanor should have a story! Thank you for indulging us and writing it! Thank you also for introducing me to a new author, Grace Burrowes. I am looking forward to reading her works also.

  23. I am currently enjoying your four re-releases and waiting eagerly for Only Beloved! I’d delighted to learn of the publication of Once Upon a Dream.

  24. I adore Wulfic and Christine and we are going to see their second child as Christine was pregnant in Simply perfect. I have, too, pre-ordered via Amazon for my kindle Once upon a dream and I have also all your books. I bought a kindle last year and now I am used to it. Thanks to you and Grace whom I got 33 books on my kindle I’ll pass a good evening next tuesday

  25. How exciting to have 2 wonderful stories by favorite authors on the same day! I so look forward to Eleanor’s story. My Nook has over 400 books on it–pretty much all of them are Regency historicals. I would love to find Dorothy Mack’s books in e-book format.

  26. Thanks for stop saying no. Eleanor has intrigued me just like Gwendolyn and Agnes. I have preordered both new books for my Nook. I am on vacation next week so I will be reading all day Tuesday!

  27. Just finished re-reading the four horsemen yet again but this time on my kindle. FANTASTIC! I can’t wait to catch up with the Bedwyns again. Thank you for giving Eleanor a more perfect happier ending. Her lost love must have been something but she is alive and needs her own someone special. Thank you for your books that allow me to escape into another era and for making not so perfect unions perfect through acceptance and perseverance.

  28. It will be nice to meet the Bedwyns again. And I am absolutely certain that your story for Eleanor will match their stories.


  29. Every time I read Slightly Dangerous, I always wonder about Eleanor. I am very pleased that she will have her own story and can move forward from her past loss.

  30. Thanks for the story about Eleanor. I always enjoyed the way she successfully hides in corners and amuses herself watching the follies of others (which Christine was never able to).

  31. I’ve been reading my way through the various series. I hated reaching the end of the Bedwyn and Simply series. I really look forward to reading more about them. Reading some early works and enjoying them.

  32. Reading your books are what made me fall in love with reading!! They have definitely kept me up into the early hours of the morning just because I had to finish it!! I just love your books!!

  33. I’m reading the 3 novellas of Dukes in Disguise and enjoying them while I wait for yours and Grace’s next book, Once Upon A Dream. I read on a Kindle mostly these days, though I resisted ebooks at first. I still miss flipping the pages of a paper copy especially when I want to check a character’s name or other things. Looking forward to another story featuring Wulfric.

  34. I just can’t wait! I look forward to any and all your books. Your writing and character development is just so wonderful. I look forward to seeing the good, the bad and the ugly and of course the funny in all your characters. You make reading other authors very difficult. Very few compare. Thank you!

  35. I am so looking forward to reading Eleanor’s story. I have not yet read anything by Grace Burrowes, so I am also excited to get a copy of the book for that reason too!

  36. I have enjoyed all of your books, and do particularly like the Bedwyn family. It is great that they continue to turn up in new stories. I look forward to this one!

  37. Mary Balogh, you and Grace Burrowes are top among my go-to authors. I always know I’ll enjoy your books, so winning a signed copy would be fabulous! Thanks for a chance!

  38. Looking for forward to all your novels. Always enjoy your stories. Getting one signed book from you is an honor. Thank you.

  39. Wulfric is my favorite Bedwyn, can’t wait to see him again! The ones with the seemingly coldest hearts are the most rewarding to watch fall in love.

  40. I love that you give us the chance to win this. Thank you so much. It will be a wonderful addition to my library.

  41. I do hope we get to read more of Freyja and Joshua humorous clever dialogue in this novella!
    I did love Christine and Wulfric has an heroine/hero.
    The first time I read ” Slightly Dangerous” i remember having a quick thought for Eleonor thinking that it was sad she had given up on love, i am glad too see i was wrong. And i liked how Eleonor and Christine had a loving, kind, playful sisterly relationship in “Slightly Dangerous”. I hope it carries through this novella.
    Thank You so much for your stories Ms Balogh!

  42. Mary, so happy to have another book of yours to devour! Had not heard of Grace so I look forward to an introduction to her too! Please keep writing. Your characters are unforgettable, your language delicious!

  43. Another Bedwyn story – what a treat on a gloomy and rainy Tuesday! I would love a hard copy of the book, as I keep both digital and paper copies of books on my keeper shelves. I’m so glad Eleanor will find someone in this story.

  44. Have it pre=ordered but would love another copy, will give one to my sister, she loves your books as much as I do.

  45. My 96 yet old mother enjoys all of your books. I think she has almost all of them. She just told me “I can close my eyes and see her writing these books”. What she said she appreciates most is the quality of the writing. “She is quite a grammarian.” I love ordering the books for her and mailing them to her. She reads and re-reads each one. I am waiting at this moment for UPS to deliver one of your new books that I pre-ordered. Please keep the books coming!

  46. I just found out about this book after getting an email from bookbub. You are my all-time favorite historical romance author and grace burrowed is anclose.second! I haven’t been this excited about a historical in a while. Thank you so much for getting together on this!!

  47. I have just finished reading Another Dream, Eleanor’s story. I made myself wait 24 hours after my pre-ordered Kindle copy was downloaded. I wanted to be wide awake to enjoy it. I knew I wouldn’t be able to put it down once I started. Thank you, Mary. It was everything I hoped it would be. I smiled throughout. The children were delightful. I fell in love with Michael myself. 🙂 What a lovely story! I know I will enjoy it as I re-read it again…and again. Thank you!

  48. I absolutely loved Once Upon a Dream, and devoured it in one sitting. I’ll read more slowly the second time around. But now that you’ve given Eleanor her much deserved HEA, I beg you to write a story which takes place seven or eight years in the future from this one about Georgette! I loved her as much as any character you’ve created! I think she’d make a great heroine.

  49. I am not sure what my evenings would look like if I didn’t have a Mary Balogh book in my hands! I love the Bedwyns, I am about to start reading Slightly Dangerous and therefore very much looking forward to getting to know Eleanor.

  50. I loved both of these stories! I have been a fan of Grace Burrows since her first book! But this was my first Mary Balogh book and it won’t be my last!

  51. I have re-read the Bedwyn series and connected books many times, I always thought it sad that a lady like Eleanor, who stayed at home to take care of her mother, was alone. I love both families and The Duke is as gracious as Eleanor.

  52. Hi Mary
    Adore the Bedwyns and most especially Wolf….their glimpses in The Survivors have always brought a huge smile to my face..
    And I am really happy that Eleanor gets to have her happy ending too…glad to return to Lindsey Hall..where Ralf and Aidan scared Morgans govenrness with dungeons… 🙂
    Hope to see Wolf’s children….and the whole crew..thanks a lot

  53. Mary, I just discovered your books last year and now I’m obsessed!! I haven’t had the opportunity to read them all. I loved the Bedwyn series. I can wait for another story! Thanks for introducing me to a new world of romance, history and passion!

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