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There are a few other books scheduled after these four featured on Home Page: A Counterfeit Betrothal/The Notorious Rake, The Proposal, The Suitor, and The Arrangement.

In October and/or November, look for two republications of Christmas books. A Christmas Promise will be out again, the story of an impoverished nobleman who agrees to marry the daughter of a dying and enormously wealthy coal merchant. It is a marriage that begins with scorn and even hatred on both sides before it develops into something quite different over the Christmas season. And Under the Mistletoe will be out once more. It is an anthology of five of my Christmas novellas—”The Star of Bethlehem,” The Best Gift,” Playing House,” No Room at the Inn,” and “A Family Christmas.” I will give more detail about both books in my next web site update.

And early in 2014, though I do not know the exact month yet, The Affair, Book 3 of the Survivors’ Club series, will be published in paperback. It is Sir Benedict Harper’s story. Ben was severely wounded in the Napoleonic Wars and left with two deformed legs, on which he can walk slowly and with some pain with the aid of specially designed canes. He is unsettled, restless, and unhappy at the start of his book for he has just finally accepted the reality that he will never recover sufficiently to resume his life as a military officer. He does not know what else to do with the rest of his life but knows that he must stop drifting and decide upon something soon. While staying in the north of England with his sister, he meets Samantha McKay, a recent widow who is about to be turned out of her home by her in-laws, whom she has offended. She has no alternative but to make the long journey to the far corner of Wales in search of a home that may not even exist. Ben, being the gentleman he is, insists upon escorting her there.

I have made a start on Book 4, tentatively called The Pursuit, which will be Flavian Arnott, Viscount Ponsonby’s story. He is the Survivor who suffered head injuries during the wars and then frightened his family with his headaches and rages and stuttering. His fiancĂ©e left him and married his best friend. He was sent to Cornwall, where he spent three years at the home of the Duke of Stanbrook and the five others who eventually formed the Survivors’ Club. I have been looking forward to getting to this particular story.

There is still no news to share on my backlist! I am hoping that soon there will be. I know many of you want to get your hands on my older books, and I want it just as badly as you since I know some of them are very difficult to find and are exorbitantly expensive when they are available.

Happy reading for the rest of 2013!

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  1. I have almost all your books, but I look forward to the rest of the Survivor’s Club. Each of the characters are people who are interesting and generally people I would like to meet. And I enjoy the humor. Finding smiles and laughter in your books is just another reason I love them.

  2. I can hardly wait to go and pick these up…and I most certainly know what’s going to be one of my presents under the Christmas tree…if I can wait that long…maybe because I don’t eat candy I can treat myself to one for Halloween…LOL. I am on the last of the *Simply* collection…and I can say that they have all been SIMPLY WONDERFUL. I love that you included Claudia Martin, and have sent her a *Happily Ever After*…even though I haven’t finished it yet…I know the ending will be romantic and incredibly memorable…at least for me and from what I’ve seen on Facebook…a whole lot of others too.
    Thank you for being such a marvelous writer…with the best happy endings EVER!

    1. It’s always lovely to know that people are still reading and enjoying my older books, Lin. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Mary, I too have enjoyed reading your books. In looking at the covers of your future books with the male photos, what are your publishers thinking? Both books have similar covers. A bare chested male with the same facial expression and slightly different hair color. These covers certainly do not convey the story that will be told I am sure. How sad that your visions for your book covers are overruled by “corporate interest” and not your good sense and your readers requests. I buy your books regardless but for readers who are browsing books at the bookstore and are not familiar with your writing they are not inspiring.
    Thank you for so many hours of enjoyable reading.

    1. Thank you, Anita. No, these covers are not my choice. However, what appears between the covers is very much my own, and I hope I can keep the quality of my writing at a level readers expect of me. I hope you will love these books and the rest of the series.

  4. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wished to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  5. I’ve read almost all of your books — many of them more than once, so I want to thank you for seeing to it that your backlist is becoming available on Kindle.

    I’ve always enjoyed immersing myself in Bedwyn World, and it was great fun to see some of its inhabitants popping up in The Proposal. There were some moments when being familiar with them it added to the story. For example, after Jason tried to humiliate Hugo at the garden party, it was just so delicious that Wulfric stepped in to invite Hugo and Gwen to join him and the duchess for tea, because we know that nobody crosses the Duke of Bewcastle, and his imprimatur would have been a meaningful sign to the ton.

    Thank you for many hours of reading enjoyment!

    1. Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoy those little cameo appearances as much as I do! And I am hoping that my backlist will e appearing very soon in e-book format.

  6. I had never read COUNTERFEIT BETROTHAL/NOTORIOUS RAKE before. I have read the both of them in the last two days without hardly a break. Both were good–but mercy, did Lord Edmond work for his happy ending! Wonderful story. I can’t wait to see more of your backlist become available.

    1. I am delighted you enjoyed them, Elizabeth. A NOTORIOUS RAKE has always been one of my personal favorites!

  7. Mary, I would like to see “The Secret Pearl” in ebook format. As I get older, I depend on my Kindle more and more.

  8. Thank you, thank you for the reprint of The notorious rake. I can now own a copy of the original version. I do have an Italian translation, but that’s a totally different feel. I read the English version only once, but in a few days (I am waiting for my order to get sent) I will be able to read it as many times as I wish to.

  9. You are my favorite author!!!! I think I have all of your books except
    INDISCREET, and UNFORGIVEN. These are the ones I would like to see republished. My favorite is A MATTER OF CLASS.

    Love you, Judy

    1. Hello Mary

      Thank you for so many wonderful books. I am desperate to find your “Horseman” trilogy on Kindle but I keep looking in hope. I have nearly all your paperbacks for the “Simply” “Bedwyn” “Survivors” “Huxtable” “Mistress” “Web” and most of your newly released re-prints. Is there any possibility of bringing the “Horseman” into the kindle format?
      I would be look forward to reading them very much.

      Many thanks for all your wonderful plots and characters.

  10. Love, love, love your books! Please keep them coming. I love to re-read them as well, thanks for re-publishing some of them.
    OKC, OK

  11. I am a voracious reader & have bought, borrowed & rented all your books. Now awaiting latest releases.
    I love the Lost Lords & Survivor Club series & that is the one I have to read every title.

    Thank you for writing!

    Gina Tan

  12. I have read and enjoyed most of your books.Am looking forward to getting The Proposal. It is so good to see you on Facebook. A big family of lovely and caring people.
    Happy writing to you for many years to come.

  13. Just finished A Counterfeit Betrothal and The Notorious Rake, enjoyed both but the storyline in A Counterfeit Betrothal bothered me. It`s not that I`m not for second chances, rarely in life do we get them. I`ve found a lot of times art imitates life. It happens to me all the time-that a book I`m reading is just what I`m experiencing in my life. I sure that`s why the book bothered me so much. Recent events in my life mirrored it. Infidelity in marriage is not acceptable, even if the person promises it won`t happen again. Can you really be sure? Trust that person again? The tender heart of me would want to but the pragmatic would say no don`t do it. It makes for a wonderful love story but in reality wouldn`t be feasible. Too many times it fails and hearts a broken all over again.

  14. Hello Mary
    Please, please, please reissue your older books in PRINT form. I have been buying all your reissues as they come out in print, and would like to continue to do so. So if it’s possible, would be so grateful. Love all your books and look forward to the new series. Helen (Australia)

  15. Every week I check to see if my favorite Mary Balogh novel has been released in ebook form; this is the wonderful Indiscreet, with its powerful and moving story and fascinating characters. I hope this is on your list to be published soon because my paperback copy is falling to bits and replacing it won’t be easy.


  16. Will there be a paper copy in addition to the e-book for The Suitor? Is this a new trend that will see your future books only as e-books? I still enjoy the paperbacks and have not purchased the electronic media to access e-books.

  17. Of the 3 covers you show for ‘The Proposal’ I like the cropped portrait of the woman. And I think the book cover with a bare chested male is loathsome. Yes, there are authors I read inspite of the cover (usually because I have read their work previously without the toe-curlingly awful front cover photo), but I feel this kind of image doesn’t do justice to the author or the reader.
    I hope ‘The Counterfeit ..’ is available on kindle soon – I have lots of your paperbacks, but love the e-books as it means I always have something I can read whilst on the move…. I frequently dip back into my favourite bits of your books ( in between re-reads!)

  18. I’m looking forward to the continuation of the Survival Club series, I’ve so enjoyed The Arrangement. I also have to say that I’m thrilled at the release of Under the Mistletoe. That was the first book I ever read written by you and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is by far the most beautiful collection of Christmas romance stories I’ve ever read. Almost every Christmas I reread the entire book or a few of my favorites (my copy is getting pretty worn). Thanks for writing them.

  19. Hi mary,is it possible to see a list of your older books that are going to come out on kindle..I did write to the publisher who said they were in negotiations to have them available.I would love to have all your books on my kindle to read over and over again.At present I am reading the Huxtable series again for the 5th time FAB.

  20. I wanted to leave a comment about your books. I have read 12 of your books. The Simply Series and the Huxtable series. Love your books. A COUNTERFEIT BETROTHAL/THE NOTORIOUS RAKE sounds like it would be a great book also. agaylehart

  21. Hey Mary!!!

    I have read all the books of yours listed in wikipedia, don’t even know if it is the complete list.I have fallen in love with ur writing and cant just stop reading your books…TANGLED is one book of yours I can never forget…It had so much pain and love that I was just captured by your words…It made me cry and I felt that I was Rebecca..I hope to read more of your work. If you could only let me know if your complete book list is given in wikipedia, I could sleep peacefuly.

  22. just found The survivors Club books –am hooked — knowing how a man does not want to talk about war to someone he loves–even at that time in history– it was most real –thank you — looking forward to reading more of your books–

  23. I’ve read most of your books in paperback and enjoyed them immensely.
    We have recently downsized to a small apartment and just don’t have the shelf space
    necessary for all our books. I was obliged to consign all my paperbacks to a charity shop. I’m so pleased that many of your romances are being issued for the Kindle e-reader. It would be wonderful if all your books were available for the Kindle. Is this something to look forward to?
    I’ve bought all your currently available titles for this device. It is so convenient and it also allows me to read
    during nights when I cannot sleep. Further, being lazy, I’m able to stay in bed without disturbing my partner.

  24. Hi Ms. Balogh,
    I believe I have had my e-mail registered with your web site for some time, but I am not receiving your newsletters or any updates regarding your books. I’m not sure why. Hopefully I will start receiving any information that is new or old from your web site.

    I cannot get enough of reading your books. You by far are my favorite author, the way you make a person feel like they are the one that the story is about is so wonderful. I cry, laugh, feel excitement and so many other things that I have a hard time expressing them. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

    I can hardly wait for your books to come out. I hope you continue to publish your very first books so that I might be able to read them.

    Sincerely yours,

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