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Here is a question for you: I am currently–and finally–making plans to get my backlist out there on sale again, even if only in e-book format. It is a wealth of riches, at least 40 out-of-print books to which I hold the rights. But–which titles should I put back out there first?
Are there any particular books you would like to get your hands on? Help me make the decision, if you will. A MASKED DECEPTION was my first book, published in 1985, and the cover is still one of my favorites.

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  1. I would love to read the ungrateful governess. I love the stories that include a young lady taking care of someone’s children and finding love too! I have never read this book and would love to see it in ebook form.

  2. I have most of your books – so I would love to see the ones I do not have….. I would be happy with reissues of any books. But, some of the ones I have not seen – -The Double Wager, A Gift of Daisies, the Last Waltz, Courting Julia.

    But, as I said, any books would be good.

    1. I agree that I would like to see any of your older books in reprint. I have earnestly sought out your older books through countless phone calls to used book stores and even tried to find them through the interlibrary loans, but alas to no avail. I can not find my list of books so I would say that any you have not republished would be great by me. Thank you so much for all the hours of “Addiction” you have provided for me and others.

      1. I too have most of your books, but am missing some of the older out of print books, and as others have stated I’d enjoy re-issues of ANY (and all) of your OOP books. In addition to the ones mentioned above I’d love for you to re-issue: Indiscreet, A Christmas Belle, The Trysting Place, Dancing with Clara, Tempting Harriet, and Lady with a Black Umbrella. Any of your OOP books are next to impossible to find, and if they are, the price is exorbitant.

    2. I would like Tangled in an ebook. It is one of my favorites. All of your books are great reads and I enjoy the convenience and easy the access of carrying my books on a tablet.

  3. Masked Deception would be fine. I have all your books. I will buy them regardless just by seeing that they were written by you. Glad that they are coming out again.

  4. I do own all your books, including all the anthology stories. My favourites of these are The Substitute Guest, The Wrong Door and Precious Rogue. Two of my all time favourites on your backlist are The Ungrateful Governess and The Unacceptable Offer. I’ve read these two very often and it would be great if they were available in e-book form so I don’t have to hold the covers so gingerly (trying to keep them intact). I would also vote for Red Rose, Lady with a Black Umbrella and The Incurable Matchmaker.

  5. I would love to re-read and own “Red Rose”, “Snow Angel”, “A Certain Magic” and “Gentle Conquest”. I had at one time purchased the first three and then foolishly donated them to the library. I remembered how the characters and their stories really moved me and want to experience that again. As for the last title, I have never seen a copy of the book and the synopsis at the back has really piqued my interest to read the story.

    1. THE SECRET PEARL is back in print, Kishaba, and should be easily available. It does tend to be a reader favorite.

  6. Thanks for asking this question. I think its wonderful that you own the rights to many of your books.

    I’ve always wanted to read Dancing with Clara and never been able to find it so would be happy to see it in ebook.

    1. I’ve heard so many fantastic things about dancing with clara and have been desperate to get my hands on a copy, so it would be so amazing if it was reprinted. Similarly, Silent Melody is another book I’ve been eager to read. I love all your books to date, and I would be thrilled to read these two. Thanks so much!

  7. I have never read The Wood Nymph , I found a copy of A Chance Encounter at the library and have always wanted to know what happened to the other guy. I found a copy of it once in a used book store for $37 and I couldn’t pay that much for a used book (this was before e-readers).

  8. I would like to add The Obedient Bride to my list, please. Thank you Mary for all your wonderful books.

  9. Any and all Mary. I first discovered you with your slightly series, and when I tried to find more in my library I came up with a big blank, apart from Dancing with Clara, which has since disappeared. Ever since I have been searching for your back books but to no avail. Your books make me feel warm!

  10. Two of your books that I have read and reread and yes they are old and the pages are yellowed are: Deceived and Unforgiven. I have never read a story like Deceived with so much going on among all the players. It is a love story within a love story.

  11. Dancing With Clara is my immediate first choice. I will have to think about the rest of your backlist.

    I have all your books but I download every Mary Balogh ebook that comes out.

  12. Indiscreet, Unforgiven, Tangled, An Unsuitable Duchess, and A Gift if Daisies.

    I own all your books in print form, and these are the ones I most often put my Kindle down in order to reread.

  13. A Certain Magic, Snow Angel, An Unacceptable Offer, the Sullivan trilogy, maybe Lady with the Black Umbrella.
    If we’re also talking about the longer books – Longing. Definitely Longing. But it would be great if it came out in paperback as well as in ebook 🙂 (ok, I’d love for Beyond the Sunrise to be reprinted as well, but Longing is on the very top of my wishlist :))

  14. So many favorites! I would love to see Dancing with Clara and Tempting Harriet released together. And I second the call for Snow Angel. And one of my very favorites is A Certain Magic – love, love, love that one. I do have those four books and re-read them all the time!

  15. There are many books that are hard to get ahold of. I would love to see Unforgiven, Lady w/a Black Umbrella, Snow Angel, An Unacceptable Offer,Tempting Harriet, and Longing. Your books are wonderful!

  16. I would love to see The First Snow Drop, Chance Encounter and almost all the older regencies.
    I love to read them over and over – I now have a Kindle and I am collecting all the books I can.
    Thanks for some great reads.

  17. I would love to read The Trysting Place and The First Snowdrop to know the unhappy pre-endings for Edmund Waite and William Mainwaring. I would also like to read Masked Deception, A Chance Encounter, A Gift of Daisies, The Lady with the Black Umbrella, The Constant Heart, and Gentle Conquest. I think I own and have read all the others, and have read most of them more than once. Probably because I have to WAIT so long for the next book!! The Bedwyn series were my favorites, especially Slightly Dangerous. That one was PERFECT! And many thanks for giving Lady Muir a happy ending. I had always worried that something sinister had happened to her. I grew up reading Georgette Heyer, but Mary Balogh, you are my favorite author ever! Thank you.

  18. I would like my own copy of “Lady with a Black Umbrella.” I’ve just read it and loved it. I borrowed it from a friend and unfortunately, she wants it back.

  19. I would really like Red Rose. It is far too expensive in the 2nd hand shops and I have wanted to read it for ages, it is one of the few of your books I have never read.

  20. Hello Miss Mary,
    This is a loaded question for alot of us…LOL. When I bought Dancing with Clara,I paid a small fortune for it. I alway said if only you knew how much some people are getting for your books…you would be sad.You cannot buy them in old book stores for they know the value.
    This make it almost impossible for people like me to get them..I was so thrilled that you started booking older books back out there.I have been buying them,Thank you for that.
    I would love to have Xmas Belle
    Xmas Beau
    Red Rose
    The obedient Bride
    the wood nymph
    And believe me there is more. Everything you write I love…LOL
    sooo Chop Chop…get to it…LOL
    May God Bless,
    Marie Antionette

    1. Maria Antionette, CHRISTMAS BEAU is already available in a two-in-one edition with A CHRISTMAS BRIDE. That volume was out at the end of last year.

  21. Please,,please please have the Bedwyn series on Kindle they are available in other languages at Amazon in England.I wrote to the publisher who said thy were still.negotiations in train.

    1. I assume you are in England, Joan. I wish all my books were available everywhere in the world, but sometimes such decisions are out of my hands. I hope you will be able to get those books soon.

  22. I think the best wounded heros are the ones who have been betrayed and are wounded in “love.” Maybe it is because that is how I have felt. I love to see the come back and the belief that love can be real and not hurtful. I guess it is me believing in fairy tales again

  23. Ms. Mary, I would say anything that you have written in the past would be wonderful to put up in Kindle format. I enjoy your books, the play between characters and the inner search each character finds himself/herself involved in discovering the joy of life — love.

  24. Dear Mary,
    I have a lot of your books, but there are still a few I would love to read/own. Here is my list.


    I love your short stories too!


    I feel like I’m making out my Christmas list to Santa Claus. 🙂 Thanks, Mary, for asking. Love, Pam

  25. I have been wanting to read most of your back catalog, but many are too expensive to buy and even my great LA County Library system doesn’t have them. My top five would be:
    1) The Lady With the Black Umbrella
    2) An Unacceptable Offer
    3) The Ungrateful Governess
    4) A Gift of Daisies
    5) The Incurable Matchmaker

    Intriguing titles all.

  26. Hi,

    Like Marie Antionette said it cost’s a small fortune to buy your “vintage” books so many of them I have opted not to buy just because of the price. There is such a long list of books that I have yet to buy I think it easiest if you just started releasing them all in chronological order.

  27. I only got into reading Regency romance 3 years ago and became an instant addict. I have already reread the 10-15 (probably more) of your books several times, so anything you reprint would be greatly appreciated. Thank you x

  28. I love all your books Mary. Some of the books I have been having a hard time finding are Courting Julia, The Lady with the Black Unbrella, The Wood Nymph and Red Rose. These are just a few off the top of my head. I’m so glad to hear you’re going to be putting some of your older stories back on the market.

  29. Would love to see Heartless and Silent Melody together in one book ! I have been able to find one to purchase but the
    other (Silent Melody) when found is very expensive and hard to find. This would go along with the theme of wounded hero’s or heroines. I have not wanted to purchase one without the other so I will keep my fingers crossed that we will see these re-released soon. Thanks for all the wonderful stories –

  30. I want to read them all! Just finished Tthe Proposal”…fell in love with the book and your writing! Need more and would love to have a follow up for Gwen and Lord Tretham!

  31. Dancing with Clara has gotten such rave reviews on and since I have read Courting Julia, I would rally like Dancing reprinted. Your books remind me of Georgette Heyer, except sexier! You are a wonderful writer.

  32. This is such a great blog Mary! I love your writing. Thank you so much for writing wonderful books for us so that we can escape and dream. A few books that I would love to see reprinted are: Courting Julia, Heartless, Silent Melody, Lady With the Black Umbrella, The Ungrateful Governess, Secrets of the Heart, The Constant Heart, The Gilded Web, and The Red Rose. I have a few others that are really wonderful and would recommend that you release those if possible: Tempting Harriet, A Certain Magic, and Longing. These three delivered on all levels: sweetness and poignancy.

  33. Hello Mary ,

    I agree with most people here that your whole backlist should be available again in print and e-book format because you wrote them for everybody to enjoy and not just for the happy few who can afford them now !? Your older books are difficult to obtain in England / Amerika but allmost impossible to buy in a foreign country .
    You asked for favorites so … on top of my wishlist is Lady with a Black Umbrella .

    Greetings from the Netherlands , Monique

  34. I would love to get my hands on “Unforgiven”, “The Constant Heart”, “Deceived”, “A Gift of Daisies”, “Snow Angel”, “Longing”, “The First Snowdrop”, “Silent Melody”, and the “Wood Nymph”. Not to mention new copies of “Courting Julia”, “Dancing with Clara”, and “Tempting Harriet”. The pages are coming out of the binding. The hours of enjoyment I’ve gotten from her books and my mother, too! After I loaned my mother a couple of books, she called and asked for more!!! Please keep writing. You definitely have the gift!!! I would rather see them in paper format but either way I just want to be ableto read and re-read them. Thank you so much!

  35. I woul love to the older books printed. Courting Julia, Dancing with Clara and Tempting Harriette are my top three to read, but really, anything would be appreciated!

  36. Love all your books I’ve read but trying to get hold of the older titles is so expensive.
    Would really like to see following books re-printed;
    The Obedient Bride, An Unacceptable Offer, The First Snowdrop,
    Secrets of the Heart and The Ungrateful Governess.
    Thanks so much for so many hours of wonderful reading.

  37. I would like to see all your books available electronically. The ones I would like first are:
    Dancing with Clara
    The first snowdrop
    Silent melody
    Christmas belle

    I enjoy your books thanks for writing.

  38. My wishlist is topped with “The Woodland Nymph”. I found the first book, “A Chance Encounter” and really enjoyed that. The secondary market is too expensive so far for “Nymph”. I have a lot of the older books from those online auction splurges and especially loved “Lady With A Black Umbrella”. That would be one to share with everyone again.

    If anyone wants to contact me, I’d love to do some title swapping of the older catalog items if that’s possible to arrange.

  39. Dancing With Clara – my favorite story of yours. I’ve been wanting to read it again – but it is way too expensive for me to buy any of the copies that are out there now.

  40. As a fan of your books for many years, I thought I had heard of most of your titles and of course, tried to find copies of all of them, but I am delighted to find that there are still undiscovered treasures to be found. Yes, please put your earliest books into ebook format. A Masked Deception has been on my wishlist at for the last four years but I haven’t given up hope yet. Others that I would like to find would be The Lady With the Black Umbrella, An Unacceptable Offer, The Ungrateful Governess, A Gift of Daisies and The Incurable Matchmaker.
    Thank you for the gift of your incredible talent that you share with all of us who read romance.

  41. Please, please, if you are going to rerelease previous books, think of those of us that want a BOOK, not a ebook. There is something about holding a book and turning pages. I have spoken to so many people in book stores who do not like ebooks. They want a book to hold. It might be more economical for ebooks, but I for one would pay the cost.

    1. I totally agree! There is something special about reading a book in book form… And PLEASE release your old books ASAP.

  42. I have been collecting your books for years and years ago I suggested that you put those out of print on ebooks way back. So this is great news, I have them all except: A Chance Encounter, Red Rose, The Trysting Place, The Wood Nymph, The Constant, Gentle Conquest, A Gift of Daisies and A Certain Magic. You did a good job with your blog, I really like all the cartoons about reading.

  43. Dear Mary,

    I just love every one of your books! I have been taking them out of the library on a regular basis, and still do love the feel of an actual book in my hands, although I did recently purchase a tablet. But actual book form is my favorite.

    As I would love to read some of these earlier works, I heartily encourage you to proceed, perhaps in both formats for all. Just can’t get enough of your writing and buy them as gifts for friends.

    Much love and appreciation,
    Keep them coming…old and new!


  44. I’ve read all of your books! It took awhile to find all of them on ebay, but eventually I was able to purchase them and some of them were pretty pricey!! But it was well worth it. So since all of them are excellent reading I can’t pick any for reprint! Just keep the new ones coming!!!

  45. I have read every single book except can’t find these (or else they are outrageously expensive on Amazon):
    The last waltz
    Silent Melody
    Christmas Belle
    Tempting Harriet
    Dancing with Clara
    Courting Julia
    Snow Angel
    A certain magic
    An Unlikely duchess
    Lady with a black umbrella
    The obedient bride
    A gift of daisies
    Daring masquerade
    The ungrateful governess
    An unacceptable offer
    Secrets of the heart
    Gentle conquest
    The constant heart
    The wood nymph
    The first snowdrop
    The trysting place
    Red rose
    A chance encounter
    The double wager


  47. I think you should release them all at once. It only takes me 3 hours to finish a book and I hate having to wait for the next one, it always seems like forever.

  48. I am so excited about your previous titles being republished! I look forward to reading The Trysting Place & The Wood Nymph since other books in these series have already been republished or can still be found in my local library system. I also look forward to The Unlikely Duchess.
    And thank you for your list of characters from other authors that you like – it gave me some ideas of other authors to explore while I’m waiting for your next book!

  49. I would like to read the Trysting Place as it relates to Notorious Rake and Counterfeit Betrothal. Others I have had trouble finding are Wood Nymph, Double Wager, Constant Heart, Red Rose, Gentle Conquest, and Certain Magic.

  50. I really don’t like the covers with the half-naked men. If I didn’t know it was a Balogh novel I would never pick it up the book in the first place let alone read the jacket. I prefer non-portrait type covers or covers like the hard copy. Pictures of ladies demurely dressed are also acceptable, but when it comes to heroes, I like to use my imagination. The men on these covers look 21st century, not historical. Whoever made this decision should lose his/her job.

  51. I agree with Linda, the hard-cover design, such as the one for Simply Prefect, is so much more elegant and subtle. As for old books, what about Longing, I read some review and comment on Amazon, really want to see it gets republished.

  52. I truly love all things Balogh! I want all my Balogh books that now live on a shelf on my e reader, but would you please start with the ones that I need to read over and over? Indiscreet, The Unlikely Duchess (what a hoot!), Heartless, Silent Melody, Double Wager, The First Snowdrop. I better stop or I will list them all!
    Thanks for all the happy endings in a world that simply doesn’t provide enough for a romantic soul!

  53. Mary,
    There are few authors I obsess over and you are one of them I would love to see some of your older work republished in any format you chose I love ALL your novels.

  54. I have two all time favourite Mary Balogh books, one has already been republished, but the other was very hard to find in Australia.
    Both books moved me to tears. The Secret Pearl is a wonderful book but Secrets of the Heart is very moving as well. I have read both books many times and I am still effected every time by the raw emotion in each book. I would love to see Secrets of the Hearts been released with a new cover. The old cover screams – early eighties!!

  55. The books I have not been able to buy are
    A Certain Magic
    The Constant Heart
    The Double Wager
    The First Snowdrop
    Gentle Conquest
    A Gift of Daisies
    Lady with a Black Umbrella
    The Obedient Bride
    The Red Rose
    Snow Angel
    The Trysting Place
    An Unlikely Duchess
    The Wood Nymph

    I would love it if they could be reissued either in paper or e-book form.
    I have introduced some of my friends to your books and bought them as gifts. Everyone who reads Mary loves her stories. Thank you for so much enjoyment!

  56. I have most of your books with the exception of:

    A Certain Magic
    Genle Conquest
    The Constabt Heart
    The Trysting Place

    I hope that the above are issued as re-prints.

    You are my favaorite author!

    i look forward to the release of “The Arrangement!

  57. I have enjoyed your books for years but have recently purchased a Kindle and find some of my favorites unavailable. I particularly love the ones about Wales: Truly, Longing & Tangled. Would love the opportunity to add them to my Kindle. My hard copies are becoming threadbare.

  58. I’ve just had a look at your site, Mary, and realized that you’ve had a number of books come out over the last 18 months or so. I’ve been offline for a while, and a comment here might be “out of order.” I know I’ve read mos

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