I have always found Christmas stories a joy to write–and I have written a pile of them, both novels and novellas. In 1989 I was asked to contribute to the first A REGENCY CHRISTMAS, an anthology of novellas by five Regency authors. It was so popular that it started the tradition of publishing romance anthologies for all sorts of occasions, most notably Christmas. My novella in that anthology was “Star of Bethlehem” about a lost engagement ring that actually saved a marriage. I went on to write for the annual anthology for the next eight years, as well as contributing to the Topaz anthologyย ANGEL CHRISTMASย (with one of the silliest covers ever!) and the Harlequin anthology THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS.


The Harlequin story has been used in several anthologies since the first one. And there is one anthology, UNDER THE MISTLETOE,ย that contains five of my novellas, one, “A Family Christmas” written specifically for that book, and four taken from the older anthologies–“Star of Bethlehem” from 1989, “The Best Gift” from 1994, “Playing House” from 1990, and “No Room at the Inn” from 1993. It has proved a popular anthology and is to be republished at the beginning of December this year with a slightly different cover. I am hoping that soon the remaining novellas will be put together in a new anthology.


I have written a number of Christmas novels too, including A CHRISTMAS PROMISE, which is to be republished at the end of October with a new cover. Do take note of that fact–I always hate buying a book only to realize that I already have it under a different cover! It is the story of two people who marry each other reluctantly and for all the wrong reasons and dislike and despise each other as a result. It takes all the magic of Christmas to make them see beyond their preconceptions and to come to like and admire each other–and, of course, to fall deeply in love!

xmaspromisepbWhy have I written so many Christmas stories? And why would I love to write more? I have always seen Christmas as the absolute best possible setting for romance! Even apart from the religious significance of the festival, it is a holiday for family and togetherness and feasting and dancing and children and joy… I could go on and on. Let me sum up: it is an occasion for LOVE in all its many manifestations. Most of my Christmas novels and novellas ย  have a larger family beyond just the hero and heroine. Most have children. And most have a troubled relationship–a marriage that teeters on the brink of failure, a couple of lonely souls who have yet to discover each other, a former acquaintance that ended bitterly but needs rekindling, a marriage that has already fallen over the brink of failure.

And it is always Christmas that brings the lovers together and shows them that they belong together, that there is love and joy to be shared after the season is over and on through the rest of their lives. Christmas is never incidental to my stories. It is never just a background detail that could be changed without in any way affecting the outcome of the story. Christmas is a character in my stories–a central, benevolent force for love and joy. There is no lovelier time of year if one delves deeply enough to hear what at its heart it is saying about the meaning of it all–that love is always there and that love is all that matters.

To one randomly chosen person who leaves a comment below before the end of next Friday, November 1, I will send signed copies of the new edition of A CHRISTMAS PROMISE and of THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS. And it does not matter where in the world you live. If your name is drawn, I will send you the books!




  1. I am such a big fan of your books. I have quite a few of them. Such a fan of historicals and was recommend your books several years ago. I fell in love with Jane and the Duke. She was the best and funniest nurse ever. Then just devoured everything else. I also love the Huxtable series.
    I love Xmas stories and definitely like the looks of these books. I look forward to checking them out. Thanks for the blog and keeping up updated with the newest books.

  2. I love to read Christmas stories, and I agree very strongly with one thing you said. It’s important that Christmas be an integral part of the story, not just the time of year that the story happens.

  3. love how your books can be read seperately,not necessary to read as series just more enjoyable when you know who everyone is and how they are related.thanks for the hours of pleasure in reading your stories!

  4. i love all your books……i have read them more than once……looking forward to any new books…i have cried at the christmas ones…….thank you for writing them all

  5. I always love the Christmas stories, as christmas is my favorite time of year. I love to read about the decorating and balls, and love stories connected with this season. But I love all your books. Thanks you for being such an interesting author..

    1. I love romance. I like characters that draw me into their longing, awakening, and drama. Romance is not that easy to come by in the world we are living in these days. I want to be transported into that world of romance. Sex is great but that is everywhere these days. There is so little love involved in all the sex we are exposed to anymore. A love story needs to make me FEEL the love! We seem to have lost the ability to fall in love, and all we get in books these days is lust. That’s pretty much what we see on TV and movies as well. Give me a great escapist love story any day! Throw in a Christmas love story and I’m reaching for the tissue box every time. Tis the season after all!

  6. I love your books I always visit your website to see when the next one is coming out! I have read all your Christmas stories and probably will reread them in the future! Thank you for all your wonderful stories!

  7. I might just have to re-buy “Under the Misletoe.” It’s one of my favorites to pull down off the shelf for a quick, cozy winter read and the cover’s getting hammered.

  8. I remember being about three when I figured out that the year went from Christmas to Christmas, and it’s been my favorite holiday ever since. Christmas historical romances are an integral part of that, since everything is somehow deliciously “more” at Christmas, and we have the assurance that all will be well in the end.

  9. I love all your books! you are my favorite historical romance author. I have all your books and have re-read them over and over thank you for sharing your world.

  10. Hi Mary!

    I love reading Christmas stories and I start buying them every year as soon as they start being released and then save them up to start reading as a “Christmas gift” to myself on November 22nd which is my birthday!

    I love the Christmas season but there’s something about reading Christmas stories that really help me get into the true meaning of the Christmas season.

  11. Thank you for writing all those Christmas stories! Reading your Christmas stories and those from other authors has become a favourite, habitual activity before each Christmas. They are truly magical! Thanks for this chance!

  12. Love Christmas stories and thanks for your contribution to the sub-genre. Just finished THE ARRANGEMENT and while it’s not Christmas, it was a gift. Thanks, again!

  13. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading any of your Christmas stories, I would love to do sometime. I don’t have much fondness for the month of December since a lot of the worst experiences of my life seem to somehow end up happening around my birthday and/or Christmas, sadly they are only a couple of days apart. So for this year and in a effort of making Christmas just a little better I will read stories set around Christmas. So thank you for the recommendations. I will be a good tradition to add to the one where I watch Nightmare before Christmas and the Grinch back to back.

  14. I love all your books, and have most of them on my library shelves. Always checking for the new ones. Keep up the good work.

  15. I am a fan of your writing – and I have enjoyed all your books that I have been able to find. But, the favorite – A Christmas Promise. That story moved me so very much, and I thank you for writing it.

  16. Usually beginning in November I begin to read Christmas themed romance. For me that is the best way to get ready for the holidays. I love them!

  17. I too love Christmas and the stories that go with that beautiful time of year. Christ is born and is pure love so the two go together beautifully. Can’t wait to read this one (& I’m with you, it’s frustrating to buy a book and then find out it’s one I already have with a different cover.) I love your stories, so please don’t stop writing! ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. I hope someday all your short stories will be reprinted with just you and not all those other authors! I have them all but I’d gladly rebuy them. It makes no sense but I like to keep my authors separate, OCD I guess! You describe Christmas so perfectly and it is the best holiday of them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I am such a fan of your writing. I printed your list of books and am making my way through the list. I like Christmas stories and your stories are always so heartwarming.

  20. I love Regency Christmas stories! I always look forward to the new anthologies and novels each year. Reading new (and sometimes old) Christmas stories is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. Thank you for making Christmas more than just a minor background detail.

  21. I love reading Christmas/holiday romance stories as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰ There is the family, friends, happiness, sharing, love part of the season. But there is also the weather. Most holiday stories are written set in cold places. And that lends itself to snuggle. Of course, the other side of the coin is more clothes. haha I cant think of one I have read set in a warm place. Though I am sure they are out there.

  22. My favorite anthologies are the Christmas ones. I have bought at least one Regency Christmas anthology a year for many years. It helps me get into the spirit of the season. An additional bonus is that I usually find new authors at the same time. Thanks for all your stories throughout the years.

  23. I love the Christmas themed historicals and have always enjoyed yours! There something about the joy and hope of Christmas that makes everyone happy.

  24. I wish I could say that Christmas is my favorite time of year but it is not. Instead, combined with my birthday, it’s a time of being ignored and forgotten. However, I decorate a lot and read lots of Christmas themed books, especially historical Christmas themed books in order to brighten my days and bring some holiday spirit into them. I’ve read several of your books and have enjoyed them immensely so I’m sure I’d love any of your Christmas books too!

  25. I always enjoy the Christmas stories. I enjoy the families gathering, with a little heartache involved. Because I always know that during the Christmas season that miracles are to be born and everything will be okay. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  26. I collect Regency set Christmas novels and novellas. I usually pull them out around Thanksgiving and read and reread them all the way through Christmas. I work at our local Walmart and reading Regency Christmas stories keeps me from letting the atmosphere in retail during the holidays completely ruin my holiday season.

    I think it is the idea of a lovely, simple Christmas in a really Christmas-like setting with no modern technology or commercialism to make it anything less than what it is – a season of hope.

  27. My sister and I have a long-standing tradition of buying a handful of Christmas romance novels at Christmas time to read over the holiday. It is her yearly foray into the genre of romance, whereas romance is my genre of choice. Christmas is a time of year to celebrate and embrace happiness and love and caring and togetherness, something that most romance writers, including yourself, know how to capture and bring to life through words.

  28. Because you have written them, I want to read them Mary! Thanks, I now have a longer “to read” list – which is always a better thing! Cheers!

  29. I so much enjoy your books and have many copies including some older copies such as “An Unacceptable Offer”, “The Temporary Wife”, “Irresistable”, and “Truly”. I also have a large collection of Georgette Heyers work. Thank you for your continued work!

  30. Mary I love to read Christmas stories, especially yours. Many times I’ll see a Christmas anthology in the Goodwill I’m in or another store that sells second hand books and the only way I can tell whether or not I’ve read it is by reading the blurb about your story, those really stick to me. I love the reasons you give for writing them as I too think Christmas is the best way to show just what love is and how it can make for a “happily ever after” in a marriage or friendship that has fallen by the wayside. I would love to win these books but will continue to buy and read your books even if I don’t.

  31. I have quite a few of your Christmas books. I have enjoyed all of them
    . I love Christmas, it’s the happiest time of year for me. Especially after I became a Grandmother. Look forward to reading this Christmas book.

  32. I haven’t had the pleasure of reading your Christmas stories YET. I have read ALOT of your other books and have enjoyed every single one of them. I am a big fan of yours, and always anxious to read more. Reading takes me away from all of the problems we deal with everyday, and I hope that you choose my name to receive one of your new Christmas books. Looking forward to hearing from you….

  33. Star of Bethlehem was the first story of yours I ever read, followed quickly by A Christmas Promise. I’ve been reading your heart-wrenching stories ever since and am working my way through them all. To me, the perfect Christmas festivities are depicted in A Christmas Promise. It so captures the essence of the season!

  34. I love a Christmas story involving a winter storm and a struggling man or woman. I live in the desert and our winters are mild so the bad weather stories are the best to me — add Christmas and I’m good.

  35. Christmas is a time of miracles. It is also a time for people to see that people are people and that family is the most important thing in life. I love A Christmas Promise. It has an aristocrat who has never known the love of family and a “common” girl (anything but!) who has known the love of a family and is grieving a lost beloved father. When Randolph weds Ellie to save himself from the only thing his family gave him (debts) he feels he is marrying beneath him. But a Christmas with her raucous family shows his the gift of family and love and that he has a true jewel. They give each other they love they both crave. Such a lovely story. I also loved The Christmas Bride. A story of family and forgiveness. It is hard not to feel love at Christmas.

  36. So glad you’re back, as I look forward to this blog, and hope you had a wonderful visit. I started reading Christmas stories during the Christmas season about four years ago, and have made it a tradition each year between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to read only Christmas books. It really has made the season more special. I loved A Christmas Promise and look forward to the anthology. It would be such a treat to have a signed copy! Thanks as always.

  37. I am eagerly awaiting your Christmas anthology, since I haven’t read your older novellas. I hope more of your older work will be made available as the year progresses, along with your new novels.

  38. If I could I would make you a Christmas gift rendition like you do so often for your readers, sharing talent an writing sweet, delightful stories. Anyway I’m looking forward for the time of book releasing in the stores.โ™ก

  39. Christmas is not something to change out for another time. The Christmas Bride is a favorite because it transforms or rather lets us see in new light a previously despised person. I have reread many times. It also gives a few wonderful moments with Francis and other favorites from the previous books.

  40. I now know what I’m getting myself for Christmas: all your holiday stories in all your anthologies! You are one of my favorites – so much so that I put off reading some of your books, not wanting to come to the end of your booklist.

  41. I save up my Christmas stories for December. I only dilemma is whether to start reading them in November or wait until after Thanksgiving.

  42. I remember A CHRISTMAS PROMISE. I enjoyed watching the relationship change as experience challenged each person’s fixed ideas. It would be great to win that book. I have read at least on Christmas anthology but I don’t remember the name.

  43. I read your Christmas stories every year. They always get me in the holiday spirit. I hope all your short stories (not just the Christmas ones) will all be put together in an anthology…..any chance of that happening? All your short stories are wonderful, Mary!

  44. I love to read Christmas stories set in the Regency era. I have always enjoyed your stories, especially when there are two of them in one book. Reading these stories just puts me in the mood for the holidays. The best part is that they aren’t released until the holiday season which makes them even more special.

  45. Mary, while you find it a joy to write Christmas stories, I find it a joy to read them. My children are grown and have flown the “nest,” and I find I have more time during the holidays now to relax and do what I want. I start reading Christmas stories in November and don’t quit until late January. They bring a little extra joy to an already joyous season. I drink Chai tea while reading during the cold weather and sit before a fireplace with a cuddly lap robe on my lap…and my beloved Yorkie, Maggie, on top of that. Bliss! Thanks for the chance to win this book. I love your writing and have quite a collection of your stories on my keeper shelf. ๐Ÿ™‚

  46. I have read many Christmas romances and they always help me fall in love with the season all over again. Thank you for your talent.

  47. I love reading Christmas stories, especially while the tree is twinkling and the starlight is glistening on the snow outside. Each year I try to add to my collection of Christmas books and always make time to read “A Christmas Carol” while sipping on eggnog.

  48. I love to read Christmas stories and I love your books and have a lot of them. You have such attractive covers on your books. Thank you for a chance to win one of your books.

  49. I have to admit that “The Christmas Promise” is the only one book of yours that was quite hard for me to read. It was a good story though, only that I came to like the main characters quite late towards the end. Won’t mind reading it again with the new cover. Knowing how I’d liked them at the end I am sure this time I’ll enjoy reading it more.

  50. I start reading my Christmas stories around Thanksgiving but I have collected so many now I think I will have to start now to get them all read. I have all of the Regency Christmas anthologies.

  51. When my spirit is failing me at Christmas to get into the wonder of the season, a good Christmas romance is all it takes.. Love your books… thanks for a great giveaway.

  52. Love all of your books! I save every one. I have read all but one “Ungrateful Governess”. I am waiting for you to republish it in one of your doubles so I can read it before I am 80 (getting close). LOL!

  53. I love reading Christmas stories so much that it has become part of my Christmas tradition. I usually start reading about mid-November, but my collection has grown, so I’ve already started this year.
    And I love reading them for all the reasons you love writing them. I’m sure my Christmas wouldn’t be quite as special without them.

  54. You do write lovely Christmas stories, I have been fortunate to enjoy all your books since the mid eighties and have re-read many of them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. As my goal is to read all of your books, I have read several of your Christmas stories and enjoyed them. I’m so glad to know that you still enjoy writing Christmas stories and look forward to reading new ones. I would love to read a story with the Bedwyn Family and Christmas as the central characters. Anyone else for Slightly Christmas!

  56. Hi Mary,
    I love Christmas romances because the season is magical. What hadn’t happen the entire year, can happen at Christmas. Falling in love involves hope, giving of yourself, and believing in magic. Often fate chooses to dealing you a winning hand at the holiday season and you bump into the person you searched for forever. I met my husband right after Thanksgiving. I was in love by Christmas. Still am. <3

  57. Since I found your books on the Library shelf this past Spring, I’ve found my new pastime. I have read numerous of your books. Didn’t know you had such a large collection of Christmas, I’ve just read two. A Christmas Bride/ Christmas Beau. Well, now I know what to put on my Christmas wish list.
    Thank you for being in touch with your readers. You are exceptional !

  58. Thank you for all your Christmas stories, I love them all. I can’t even think of naming a favorite one.

    I love all your books, I am a very large Victorian romance fan.


  59. I love your books. I have all of your books in hard cover book club editions when I can find them. I love Christmas stories, because I still believe in the magic of Christmas. Keep writing.

  60. I enjoy everything you write…over and over again. The characters seem to step off the pages. I am warmed by the way Ellie’s family revels in celebrating the joy of Christmas.

  61. What I love about your books is that you don’t make everyone perfect!!! You help me escape! Thank you…and Christmas in my town is a HUGE event!! So staying home curled up with a good Christmas book is a true getaway when I can.

  62. Hi Mary
    I just got your newletter and I saw these are older books but with new covers, I don’t mind reading them as I have not read them so I am going to buy them.
    I just love the Christmas romances especially the Historical ones. I love your books!
    Have a great day!

  63. Oh, what a lovely blog post, Mary ~ I love your sentiments of Christmas and indeed, for me Christmas is always a special time of love, family, hope, faith, magic and miracles~ and of course romance. I think a Christmas wedding or proposal is most romantic. I’ve always loved Christmas and my children, now all adults, find it amusing when I’m singing Christmas carols year round~ and watching A Christmas Carol or some other beloved classic and those Hallmark Christmas movies throughout the year. And I so love reading Christmas stories, indeed, I’m reading one now~ and I Dearly LOVE reading yours~ they always touch my heart and fill me with hope and joy and the miracle of love! I Love the new covers and can’t wait to read them all. Under the Mistletoe~ oh, it has some of my favourites and A Christmas Promise sounds perfectly magical~ I don’t remember reading this one, so I’m thrilled with the reprint and the chance to read it and The Heart of Christmas~ I can’t remember this one either~ so yipee new Treasures for me from your pen! Thank you and blessings to you~ Cheers~ Elizabeth MacGregor

  64. You have such beautiful covers, artfully posed and with lovely colours and sumptuous dresses. Christmas is a very useful focal point because it brings families together or changes dynamics, it marks the end of one year and not-quite the beginning of the next.

  65. You are my favorite Romance author. I own almost all your books. I loved the Huxtable series and the Slightly Married, etc. series so much, I am reading them again. And I will read them again in the future. Your Christmas stories are also my favorites; because i love the Christmas season and your stories add to the season.

  66. I love all your books and your anthologies especially. I have found several new authors through you and these collaborations! Christmas is a time for hope and then new beginning so I think that is why I like to read romances set at this time.

  67. Mary, I enjoy all of your books and am looking forward to the new Survivors’ Club story about Sir Benedict Harper, in “The Escape”. When I read the excerpt at the end of “The Arrangement”, I thought the book title was to be “The Affair”. But I now see that I was wrong. I also don’t know how to get your e-novella about George, Duke of Stanbrook’s heir.
    Thank you for many hours of enjoyable reading.
    Sherry Snyder

    1. The upcoming book (THE ESCAPE) was wrongly named at the end of THE ARRANGEMENT, Sherry, and is causing no end of confusion. If you do not have an e-reader, you can download THE SUITOR right onto your computer. Or you can wait until next July and find it printed at the end of THE ESCAPE.

  68. I’ve always felt Christmas stories made the season even more special. I’ve especially enjoyed yours since discovering them!

  69. I love Christmas stories and enjoy getting in the spirit of the holidays by starting to read Christmas books early. It helps me remember that holidays and family togetherness is the most important. Reading this in a historical romance is a bonus and combination of many things that I love. I look forward to the rereleases as I have not had the pleasure of reading them yet.

  70. I love Christmas stories and start collecting them about August each year. This includes buying one or two which are out of print, just so I can catch up on my reading. I have managed to get most of your anthologies and I read them each Christmas. They make for a delightful Christmas. By the way, after your comment about the cover of Angel Christmas, I just had to check out my copy. See what you mean!!

  71. Your stories are wonderful. I have saved all the printed books and will reread them, which to me shows a great author. Keep them coming and thank you. Barbara

  72. I absolutely LOVE CHRISTMAS!! especially Christmas themed stories and books. Though a lot of times I kind of feel sad because there is no snow in my country. Nevertheless reading books about it makes me feel the cold snow ๐Ÿ™‚ Especially in your books about Christmas Miss Balogh! I really love the book A Christmas bride and when I was reading it IN THE MIDST OF SUMMER haha how I wished it was already Christmas!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. I love your books and am really enjoying The Survivor’s Club series. I’m eagerly awaiting Ben’s story.


  74. I faithfully read your e-newsletter for information on your upcoming releases. I know that I will never be disappointed in anything you write! After filling my shelves with your paperbacks, I am now recreating the library on my Kindle. Thank you for your wonderful stories.

  75. If I see you have published a book- I buy it. I have read all your books and am now re-reading them. Actually some I go back and have read a third time. I am amazed at what details I missed. I read to relax. I am a retired teacher and read only to keep up with my content area. I had little time or energy to read for pleasure. Sitting or even being slightly horizontal I would fall asleep after work and family obligations. Now I am never without a book or my nook. Thank you for writing such wonderful stories. My favorite stories are the “mistress” series and they were the first two books I read after my retirement. Jane and Jocelyn remain the standard for all other characters. Their backgrounds and the meshing of their lives still remains fresh in my mind after 13+years. Thank you for writing such beautiful, heartfelt and classy books.

  76. I am now reading the “Survivor” series. Please write faster!!! They are amazing and with all the men returning from our wars the content is really hitting home. We really have no idea how our soldiers are affected by this on-going conflict. The details of combat you are describing could be substituted for any war and surely will help others feel empathy for our service men and women.

  77. Ironically enough…
    In a previous reply, someone mentioned that they were trying to read all of your works. I have also had the same idea, and have been working on this since this past summer. In my case, as with many of the above replies, I am on a second or third reading of some of the books!

    My local library had an old copy of “Under the Mistletoe” – something I had missed over the years. My husband was laughing at me for reading a Christmas-themed book a few weeks before HALLOWEEN! A very quick read, definitely something to brighten your spirits. So glad you are republishing, and bringing new attention to these works. If I win, I’d love to donate a new copy of “Mistletoe” back to my library!

  78. I love ,love, love your Christmas stories! I re-read them all, in a binge pretty much every every year, and sometimes in July. I THINK I have all of them, in one form or another, but would love them all on my kindle. Do you have a comprehensive list of all of your Christmas stories as such?

    1. If you go to the Books link on my web site, Jill, you will find a complete list. All the Christmas novels have the word “Christmas” in the title except THE LAST WALTZ, which was not written specifically as a Christmas book. And all the novellas are listed together at the bottom, with the anthology in which they can be found.

  79. For the past several years I have made a practice of reading only Christmas stories in December, and yours are on my to be kept and re-read shelf.
    I also use anthologies to try new authors, but only if one of the authors is someone I already know and enjoy. That means I pick up every anthology I find with your name on it. A signed copy of any would be prized.

  80. A Christmas Promise is one of my favorites because it has a great example of one of the things I treasure in Mary’s books, which is the family dynamic. For most of us, the holidays mean family encounters, and seeing how they affect the romantic relationship at the core of your story or novel is one of my anticipations when I pick up a Balogh!

  81. The only trouble with Christmas stories is I feel like I have to read them “in season.” Luckily yours are always well-worth the wait. They’re my favorites in any anthology I read and I think this post has pinpointed why:
    “Christmas is never incidental to my stories. It is never just a background detail that could be changed without in any way affecting the outcome of the story.”
    Your Christmas stories are never stories-that-could-just-as-easily-happen-in-mid-January, which is why I’m always excited to see a Christmas anthology with your name on the cover.

  82. I had to find your blog after reading a comment on Goodreads about a bonus epilogue here, and got sucked into the first post. Must not forget to go search for the epilogue! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I love a good Christmas story, and will admit that it does NOT have to be near Christmas to get me to read one! While I love reading them during the season, I love reading them other times of the year and bringing the joy of Christmas to mind anytime! Will definitely be adding some of the above mentioned books and anthologies to my “want to read” list.

  83. I look forward to re-reading my favorite christmas romances every year. Its just enough time in between to make them fresh again, and not so far that I can’t manage to find new little details I might have missed.

  84. I am looking forward to this Christmas read. My favourite Mary Balogh Christmas story is “A Christmas Beau,” even on the second and third rereads it makes me weep.

    My favourite Mary Balogh overall is still “The Notorious Rake.” Still shocking, still heartrending, after all these years.

    I’m now waiting with bated breath for “The Escape”–I hope I don’t expire before next July!

  85. Have recently discovered your books and I love them. Can’t wait to read the Christmas stories. Have been getting your books at the local library. I hope they will have the Christmas books. I fell in love with Vincent in “The Arrangement.” You created Sophia to be such a beautiful heroine.

  86. I love your short story with a sci-fi twist in Bespelling Jane Austen. I’m looking forward to more short stories and Christmas is a great theme for stories!

  87. True story:
    Hubby: What are you doing?
    Me: Ordering my favorite author Mary Balogh’s re-issued books.
    Hubby: Why? don’t you already have all her books.
    Me: Yes, but these has new covers (lols)

  88. Dear Mary
    I saw the new cover of A Christmas Promise on your page and on Facebook and was looking for it on line and went to B&N today to buy it but couldn’t find it . Thank you for letting us is coming later. I can,t wait to read it.

  89. A Christmas Promise, was the first Christmas story I read this season. This was the third time I read it. Something about the Christmas festivities, really gave me holiday cheer! I immerse myself in the story such, I almost feel like I am a spectator in the presence of the novel’s characters.

  90. I do not read romance books with “his pulsating member”. Seriously!
    I enjoy a romantic story, a love interest, not just a sex interest. I find there is actually little to no sexual tension in the sexual romances…it is just a way to fill the page.
    Thank you Mary B for writing lovely warm stories which just happen to have romance and appropriate sex in them

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